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Pioneer Camp Islamic Jihad

In the Gaza Strip, the period of summer holidays. Out-of-class work - training in “pioneer camps” has come to replace classes in schools. For more than ten years now, terrorist organizations have been offering their (no alternative) program of physical, psychological and military training for schoolchildren every summer. The current “Pioneer Leaders” themselves grew up in such camps. And some of the graduates even managed to become martyrs.

Thousands of Palestinian children and teenagers between the ages of six and 16 may attend the Hamas summer camp in the city of Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip.

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  1. ale-x
    ale-x 21 June 2013 09: 15
    Children are busy !!!
  2. Forward
    Forward 21 June 2013 09: 44
    Most of the followers of the prophet, especially those who consider themselves a holy shahid, destroying unfaithful kafirs, do not even understand the true meaning of the word "Jihad". Jihad has nothing to do with armed struggle. The armed struggle against the infidels is "ghazavat". And "jihad" is a spiritual struggle in oneself, against one's own shortcomings and weaknesses.
    1. Guun
      Guun 21 June 2013 11: 23
      All right! Are there really people who know what the word jihad means? Explain this to a radical, but they have brainwashed and no sense - I can kill. True Muslims are few, many sects are the answer. Whoever calls himself Muslim may not be it, it's like a Catholic praying to God but having fun with a boy at night, most of them are true believers are always few.
      1. Forward
        Forward 21 June 2013 11: 35
        Unfortunately, this has always been the case. In the Bible on this occasion it is very rightly said, - "Many are called but few are chosen."
  3. Kirgudum
    Kirgudum 21 June 2013 09: 53
    And if not for Israel, which had seized the Palestinian lands, none of this would have happened.
    1. Professor
      Professor 21 June 2013 10: 53
      Quote: Kirgudum
      And if not for Israel, which had seized the Palestinian lands, none of this would have happened.

      "Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. However, I'm not quite sure about the universe!" Albert Einstein ...

      The report was shot in Gaza, on the territory of which there has long been no Israeli soldier, and before 1967, there was none, but there was terror.

      Noteworthy photo of surrender

  4. Andrew 121
    Andrew 121 21 June 2013 10: 07
    War is provided by soldiers for several generations to come.
  5. dark_65
    dark_65 21 June 2013 10: 26
    And how to judge them, if you recall how Israel was created, and what did the Jews do with the local population?
    1. Pimply
      Pimply 21 June 2013 12: 51
      So you approve of the actions of terrorists in the Caucasus?
      1. felix1591
        felix1591 21 June 2013 19: 23
        but you don’t think that this is an incorrect comparison. Especially for civil rights, for example, residents of the Caucasus and residents of the Gaza Strip.
        1. Pimply
          Pimply 21 June 2013 20: 42
          Do the inhabitants of the Caucasus have less? The Gaza Strip has an independent political system, independent security forces, Israel provides the basic needs for water, electricity, food for free. The standard of living and its duration is higher than in Russia. Blockade? Excuse me, Egypt, for its part, is also holding a blockade, and for quite obvious reasons: they have been paid for the weakening of their lives by Egyptian soldiers. But this does not mean that Leningrad is there.

          What kind of civil rights do you mean?
  6. Nasty
    Nasty 21 June 2013 10: 46
    where are the suicide belts?
  7. Yeraz
    Yeraz 21 June 2013 11: 02
    Hmm, I didn’t know about these camps. Thanks to the author. hi
    In general, a cool thing is that children from childhood are taught the real thing, and not only poems are taught and drawings can be drawn.
    1. Guun
      Guun 21 June 2013 11: 25
      Where wars go there is always like that. Africa, for example, is also not sugar for children.
    2. Aaron Zawi
      Aaron Zawi 21 June 2013 16: 33
      Quote: Yeraz
      Hmm, I didn’t know about these camps. Thanks to the author. hi
      In general, a cool thing is that children from childhood are taught the real thing, and not only poems are taught and drawings can be drawn.

      Well, yes, and then these heroes grow up.

      On 22 of April 1979 of the year, Samir Kuntar, with three other PFL militants, sailed from Lebanon in a boat and landed near the Israeli city of Nahariya to take hostages. On the way, they met a policeman whom they shot and broke into the apartment of the Haran family. 28-year-old Dani Haran and his four-year-old daughter Einat were brought to the seashore. Smadar Haran with a two-year-old daughter managed to hide.
      Kuntar shot Dani Haran in front of his daughter and then killed her, smashing her head with a rifle butt. Two-year-old Yael Haran suffocated as her mother covered her mouth so the terrorists would not hear them. In a shootout between Kuntar and the police, another police officer was killed. Two of Kuntar's accomplices were killed, he and Ahmed Abarras were captured. Both were sentenced to life in prison for the murders. Ahmed Abarras was released from prison as part of the "Jibril deal" in 1985.
      During his time in prison, Kuntar received his first degree in social sciences and humanities from the Israeli Open University. He never expressed remorse for what he had done. In 2008, Samir Kuntar was released from an Israeli prison as ransom for the return of the bodies of IDF soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, abducted by Hezbollah.
      After his release, he spoke at a Hezbollah event in the Bekaa district of eastern Lebanon. Kuntar, accepted by the participants of the event as a national hero, said that he intends to return to the armed struggle against Israel. Kuntar said from the stage that he considers it his duty to fulfill the will of the former Hezbollah General Secretary Sheikh Abbas Masawi, liquidated by Mossad agents in 1992, who, according to Kuntar, "dreamed of a Palestine without Jews."
      In 2010, the President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, received a goal from Kuntar. Samir Kuntar gave him an autobiographical book, My Story, written during his time in an Israeli prison. "
    3. Letterksi
      Letterksi 22 June 2013 23: 40
      I agree completely. If you want peace, prepare for war. This is how "cadres" for Toleban are being forged in Pakistan now. The current generation of our schoolchildren no longer knows about CWP. Although the NVP was a miserable breed. What can we oppose to this now? - rhymes for world peace? If we add normal patriotic training in the right direction to such “pioneer camps”, then there will be only one benefit and no harm. It is with such camps that respect for the country can be forged.
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. misham
    misham 21 June 2013 12: 01
    Palestinian Zarnitsa. It certainly is a fun kid to feel like an adult. Run with a real AK-47 and shoot from it. Only this cannabis meat cultivar. Children are brainwashed to be sent to death.
    It’s better to learn rhymes, fool around in computers and gadgets, play football or glue girls than study mine explosive and sniper affairs, political classes on the topic of how good it is in PARADISE and how to get there faster. Interestingly, the leaders of Khamaz sent their children to the same camp for the summer or somewhere like Artek.
  10. Tyunik
    Tyunik 21 June 2013 13: 59
    One military training, without the CORRECT spiritual development, at the exit will give soulless, blind killers.
  11. Ishtan
    Ishtan 21 June 2013 14: 11
    We would have such camps ... Not Hamas, of course. Our Russian army would organize such camps. From the boys there would be no end, I think, would not be. + military-patriotic education. And then it would be possible to have some advantages when drafting into the army (not to the construction battalion, but somewhere better) and to the VVU
  12. DZ_98_B
    DZ_98_B 21 June 2013 16: 52
    Islam is the most peaceful religion in the world, I will kill and eat everyone who does not agree with this !!! surrender training is just class !!!!!!!!!! It is very unpleasant that all this happens.
  13. Savva30
    Savva30 21 June 2013 17: 41
    My opinion. We look at the "problem" from our own bell tower, they are from theirs. This is their life, they don’t know the other. If we remove the words Islamic jihad and cover the faces of the heroes, then most of us would most likely welcome an article and a photo from the warrior training camp.
    It is better to ask why we do not have such camps ??? In the afternoon, in the evening, at the campfire in the evening. Better than a cheap swill, drugs, suicides, begging, computer shooters, and other infection distracting from reality ...
  14. Swetliy
    Swetliy 24 August 2014 13: 06
    Hitler Youth!