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War Child from Russia

War Child from RussiaSometimes the most incredible stories may be believable.

We are standing in front of a solid German house in Sulzbach, which is located in Baden-Württemberg and talking. My interlocutor is a person who speaks fluently in Swabian dialect. He looks very young, and I can't believe that he is already 80 years old, that at 12 summer age he was a dashing Russian village guy, and did not know a single German word. Now he hardly selects Russian expressions, when I ask him to speak with me in the language of my fellow countrymen. He asserts that until recently he did not speak Russian at all, and he had to take paid lessons for this. I can not believe that he is my compatriot. When I ask him to confirm it to me, then my interlocutor thinks about it and suddenly says that, most likely, he still feels like a German. This is confirmed by the German language, which became his mother tongue, and the Swabian mentality, which he accepted unconditionally. Moreover, he has a respectable German family: a hard-working wife, three grown children, seven grandchildren and already three great-grandchildren. What kind of belonging to Russia can we talk about now?

And yet he is Russian. And not only because everyone thinks so in Sulzbach. First of all, this is due to the fact that his name is Alex Vasilyev. So officially registered in the German passport, and so it is written in advertisements of his small company supplying plumbing equipment and repairing heating systems in homes.

Today Alex Vasilyev is also a writer. This circumstance led me to him. I wanted to get acquainted with a man who told an unbelievable life story incredibly loud, heading his book “The Child of War from Russia”. The book was published in Germany in 2009 at his own expense. In it, he describes how a twelve-year-old boy found himself in a Nazi occupation near Novgorod. He lived with his father and stepmother in the village of Old Brod near Demyansk. Relations with his father were difficult, he was extremely strict and fully focused on his new family. Alyosha, the boy was called so then, turned out to be essentially abandoned to the mercy of fate. In search of food, he lounged around the German field kitchen, sometimes performing small errands for a slice of bread or a plate of chowder. Apparently he was helpful, because the German soldiers noticed him and once offered him to live with them so that he could help them further. So gradually the Russian boy turned into the son of a German regiment. He was given warm clothes from a piece of good-quality matter, and then it was decided to take him officially for allowances. He received not only military uniforms, but also became a full-fledged soldier of the Wehrmacht. He was paid a salary of about 30 Reichsmarks per month, issued a soldier’s book and issued an identification tag. He even had a pneumatic pistol. But the boy did not forget his Russian family. He agreed with the German authorities to have his father also employed at the kitchen, he brought home and leftover food from the soldiers' cauldron. All this time, the German 123-Infantry Division, which included a medical company, sheltered Alex, fought in the so-called Demyansky boiler, leaving no attempt to get out of the encirclement of the Soviet troops and break through to the Old Russa. This was accomplished in the winter of the 1943 of the year, and German units reached across the Ramushevsky corridor. Together with them, the Russian boy in German uniform also set off. During the war years, he visited Ukraine, went on vacation to Germany with one of the German orderlies, then ended up in Denmark, where by that time the medical company was stationed - the only thing left of the defeated German division. The end of the war caught Alex's 14-year-old in the southwestern part of Germany, where a company with all its personnel surrendered to the Americans. By that time, he was already fluent in German, and his fellow soldiers suggested that he should choose a German name, so that he could become a full-fledged German and not complicate his future. In the turmoil of the first post-war days, it was not so difficult to do this, especially since the American occupation authorities believed on parole if there were no documents. But Alex Vasilyev decided to keep the Russian surname.

When I asked him if he was sorry about this, and if he had any further complications, he smiled and said that this was also written in the book. Indeed, there is an episode where Alex, already a nineteen-year-old boy, decided to master the profession of truck driver and began to drive cargo from Baden-Wuerttemberg to West Berlin through the Soviet occupation zone. He usually stayed at the border point in his truck, handed the documents to his partner and waited for all the necessary formalities to be settled. But once he was asked to leave the car and escorted to the room where the Soviet officers were sitting. I had to pretend to be a German, to pretend that he did not understand a word in Russian and to assert that he had inherited the name “Vasilyev” from his parents, who had already arrived in Germany before the revolution. They kept him under cross-examination for several hours and released him. But finally, one of the officers advised not to travel this route anymore, since other Soviet representatives may not believe him. So Alex settled for permanent residence in Sulzbach, retrained in the plumber, completed a course and became a master of his craft. Then he married a German woman, the children went, and gradually Russia and everything connected with it was forgotten.

He returned to the Russian theme, and then visited the places of his childhood after he came out on a well-deserved rest in 90-s, and like all Germans, he began to travel. But instead of the Canary Islands I decided to go to St. Petersburg, and from there, taking a taxi, went to Old Brod near Demyansk. During my first visit I did not find any of my relatives and friends. And Old Wade himself was gone: the village died after the war years. But the natural drive, in the end, led to success. In his third visit, Alex Vasilyev already hugged his sisters and stepbrothers. The next few years he provided them with material assistance. This continued, as he writes in his book until 2008, until his last sister was alive. Now he is left alone, and on the question of whether he binds him and now anything to Russia, he shakes his head sadly.

True, his younger son suddenly expressed a desire to learn Russian and decided to visit St. Petersburg soon. Alex hopes that this is not a passing whim of a son, but a serious intention. And then contacts with Russia will not only be renewed, but also filled with new content. And who knows, maybe the grandchildren of the Germanized Alyosha Vasilyev will stick their hearts to the homeland of their grandfather, and will give Russia to respectable heirs.
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  1. xetai9977
    xetai9977 21 June 2013 15: 33
    The ways of the Lord are inscrutable. How many such destinies.
    1. Hunghuz
      Hunghuz 21 June 2013 15: 51
      hi Well, at least in the shootings, I didn’t take part and thank God ........)))
      1. Nevsky
        Nevsky 21 June 2013 15: 59
        Military Review, 2021:

        "Vlasov - the unrecognized hero has found her own reward!"

        "Malchish Kibalchish - an instrument of propaganda of the USSR"

        My great-grandfather died, and I read this here ... am

        Together with them went on the road and the Russian boy in German uniform.
        1. Ruslan_F38
          Ruslan_F38 21 June 2013 16: 20
          Article minus. I don’t understand what the author pursued. Who might be interested in the story of this person?
          1. RDS-1
            RDS-1 22 June 2013 14: 34
            Article is a plus, but its "hero", indeed, - no bottom, no tires. Personally, she reminded me that a traitor always remains a traitor. No excuses.

            This, in my opinion, is the purpose of the article.
      2. smile
        smile 21 June 2013 16: 16
        Yeah, he would say ... wait.
        Generally. I admit a similar story ... but it turned out to be too sweet .. especially against the background of millions (without exaggeration) of killed Soviet children ... against the background of the fact that tens of thousands of children pumped out blood for good German soldiers. subjected them to experiments, starved to death, strangled in gas chambers, but just hunted for fun ...
        I understand that the author hints at reconciliation and the fact that people served in the Wehrmacht too ... forgetting that these people proved themselves to be the same butchers as the SS troops ... without any stretch ...
        I’m not sure, to put it mildly, that we need such tolerance now, when the Germans urge us to repent. and some rewrite history with might and main ...
  2. Nevsky
    Nevsky 21 June 2013 15: 34
    Apparently he was helpful, because the German soldiers noticed him and once offered him to settle with them, so that he would continue to help them. So gradually the Russian boy turned into the son of a German regiment.

    Went on .... it's a traitor !! Who places this here ?. Admins do you have a conscience? !!

    Why is this story here?
    1. Oleg14774
      Oleg14774 21 June 2013 16: 05
      Quote: Nevsky
      Went on .... it's a traitor !!

      Actually, this "traitor" was 14. And if he writes the truth, he had no reason to hate the Germans. Traitors are Yeltsin and Gorbi. And he was a child, so an unnecessarily harsh statement!
      1. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 21 June 2013 16: 19
        Quote: Oleg147741
        Actually, this "traitor" was 14.

        The article says 12.
      2. Tartary
        Tartary 21 June 2013 16: 50
        Quote: Oleg147741
        Quote: Nevsky
        Went on .... it's a traitor !!

        Actually, this "traitor" was 14. And if he writes the truth, he had no reason to hate the Germans. Traitors are Yeltsin and Gorbi. And he was a child, so an unnecessarily harsh statement!

        And for me it’s better for me to cross out as much as I can for any Gorbi and Borek, Chubais and Yavlinsky, but I will never forget my almost one-year-old scoundrel, who was spinning already in the mid-80s with a foreign tourist and exchanged badges and pioneer ties for chewing gum and any crap foreign ...
        Obviously apostle distributed "Sowing" and other literature of Western enemies ...

        But he started when he was 12-13 years old ... What kind of child he is - he is a kid, brought up in the USSR, and this German woman was brought up under Stalin ...
        How could he be loyal to Wehrmacht soldiers?

        Well then, so many, many teenagers of the Stalinist USSR did not do this ??

        And "Young Guard" then how !? How to compare this with the heroes of the country - the USSR?

        Article Bold MINUS!
        1. Avenger711
          Avenger711 21 June 2013 19: 10
          Do not judge those whom the Soviet court has already condemned. Adults often didn’t have a choice, but here’s a kid.
      3. Praetorian
        Praetorian 21 June 2013 16: 53
        How was this no reason? Are you out of your mind, comrade?
      4. cartridge
        cartridge 21 June 2013 17: 53
        The fate of the jackal does not bother me. Let this elderly Khivi be quickly put in a coffin along with it with the Wehrmacht soldier’s book.
        Article minus!negative
        1. cartridge
          cartridge 21 June 2013 17: 58
          But the same region - Novogrodskaya oblast and the same time. 1942-1943

          And now the real hero is the Hero of the Soviet Union.

          Lenya Golikov, born in 1926, brigade scout of the 67th detachment of the fourth Leningrad partisan brigade, operating in the territory of Novgorod and Pskov regions.
          Participated in 27 military operations. He was especially distinguished during the defeat of the German garrisons in the villages of Aprosovo, Sosnitsy, and the North.
          Total he destroyed: 78 Germans, 2 railway and 12 highway bridges, 2 food and feed depots and 10 vehicles with ammunition.
          He accompanied the convoy with food (250 supply) to the besieged Leningrad.
          For valor and courage, he was awarded the Order of Lenin, the Order of the Patriotic War of the 1st degree, the medal "For Courage" and the medal to the Partisan of the Patriotic War of the XNUMXnd degree.
          On August 13, 1942, returning from reconnaissance from the Luga-Pskov highway near the village of Varnitsa, Strugokrasnensky District, a passenger car was blown up with a grenade in which German major general of engineer troops Richard von Wirtz was located.
          The scout delivered a briefcase with documents to the brigade headquarters. These included drawings and descriptions of new samples of German mines, inspection reports to the higher command and other important military papers.
          Presented to the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.
          He died on January 24, 1943 in an unequal battle in the village of Ostray Luka, Pskov Region.
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. The comment was deleted.
            1. cartridge
              cartridge 21 June 2013 18: 11
              The youngest Hero of the Soviet Union is Valentin Kotik.
              February 11, 1930 - February 17, 1944
              Born into a peasant family, lived, fought and died in the Khmelnitsky region of Ukraine.

              By the beginning of the war, he had just moved to the sixth grade, but from the first days of the war he began to fight with the German invaders.
              In the fall of 1941, together with his comrades, he killed the head of the field gendarmerie near the city of Shepetivka, throwing a grenade into the car in which he was driving.
              Since 1942, he took an active part in the partisan movement in Ukraine. First he was a liaison to Shepetov’s underground organization, then he participated in battles. Since August 1943 - in the partisan detachment named after Karmelyuk under the command of I. A. Muzalyov, was wounded twice.
              In October 1943 he discovered an underground telephone cable, which was soon undermined, and the invaders' connection with Hitler’s headquarters in Warsaw ceased.
              Also contributed to the destruction of six railway levels and a warehouse.
              October 29, 1943, being on patrol, he noticed the punishers who were going to raid the squad. Killing the officer, he raised the alarm; thanks to his actions, the partisans managed to repulse the enemy.
              In the battle for the city of Izyaslav February 16, 1944 was mortally wounded and passed away the next day. He was buried in the center of Shepetovka park. In 1958, Valentine was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.
              He was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War of the 1st degree, the medal "Partisan of the Patriotic War" of the XNUMXnd degree.
              In 1958, he was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.
              1. cartridge
                cartridge 21 June 2013 18: 16
                A native of Leningrad, 15-year-old Zina Portnova left for school holidays in Belarus and was in the occupation there in the summer of 1941.
                Since 1942, a member of the Obolsky underground organization Young Avengers, whose leader was the future Hero of the Soviet Union, E. S. Zenkova, a member of the organization’s committee. Underground was adopted by the Komsomol.
                She participated in the distribution of leaflets among the population and sabotage against the invaders. Working in the canteen of retraining courses for German officers, as directed by the underground poisoned food (killed more than a hundred officers). During the proceedings, trying to prove to the Germans her innocence, she tried poisoned soup. Miraculously, she remained alive.
                Since August 1943, the scout of the partisan detachment named after K.E. Voroshilova. In December 1943, returning from a task to find out the reasons for the failure of the Young Avengers organization, she was captured in the village of Mostishche and identified by a certain Anna Khrapovitskaya. At one of the interrogations in the Gestapo of the village of Goryany (Belarus), grabbing the investigator’s gun from the table, shot him and two other Nazis, tried to escape, was captured. After torture she was shot.
                By the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of July 1, 1958, Zinaida Martynovna Portnova was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin.
                1. cartridge
                  cartridge 21 June 2013 18: 22
                  Alexander Chekalin (March 25, 1925 - November 6, 1941) - a young reconnaissance partisan during the Great Patriotic War, Hero of the Soviet Union.
                  A native of the Tula region.
                  In July 1941, Alexander Chekalin volunteered for the fighter squad, then in the partisan detachment "Advanced", led by DT Teterichev, where he became a scout.
                  He was engaged in intelligence gathering about the deployment and the number of German units, their weapons, routes of movement. He participated in ambushes on equal terms, mined roads, undermined communications and derailed trains.

                  In early November, he caught a cold and came to his home to rest. Noticing smoke from the chimney, the headman reported this to the German military commandant's office. Arriving German units surrounded the house and invited Sasha to surrender. In response, Sasha opened fire, and when the cartridges ran out, he threw a grenade, but it did not explode. He was captured and delivered to the military commandant’s office. He was tortured for several days trying to get the necessary information from him. But having achieved nothing, they staged an indicative execution in the town square: was hanged on November 6, 1941.
                  Posthumously February 4, 1942 awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.
                  1. cartridge
                    cartridge 21 June 2013 18: 24
                    For military merits, tens of thousands of children and pioneers were awarded orders and medals:
                    Orders of Lenin were awarded - Tolya Shumov, Vitya Korobkov, Volodya Kaznacheev, Alexander Chekalin;
                    Order of the Battle Red Banner - Volodya Dubinin, Julius Kantemirov, Andrey Makarihin, Kravchuk Kostya;
                    Order of the Patriotic War of the 1st degree - Petya Klypa, Valery Volkov, Sasha Kovalev;
                    Orders of the Red Star - Volodya Samorukha, Shura Efremov, Vanya Andrianov, Vitya Kovalenko, Lenya Ankinovich.
                    Hundreds of pioneers were awarded the medal "Partisan of the Great Patriotic War",
                    over 15 - with the medal "For the Defense of Leningrad",
                    over 20 medal "For the Defense of Moscow".
                    Five pioneer heroes were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union: Lenya Golikov, Marat Kazei, Valya Kotik, Zina Portnova, Alexander Chekalin.
                    To Lena Golikova and Sasha Chekalin the title of Hero of the Soviet Union was awarded directly during the war, the rest at the end of the war.
                    Many young war veterans died in battle or were executed by the Germans.
                    1. smile
                      smile 22 June 2013 03: 17
                      Ivan ... thanks! I listened to all this even in Pioneer, but even then we paid tribute to the guys, although we did not understand what they had done .... thought that it should be so ... when I became older, I appreciated it more adequately ... and when he sniffed a little powder, it was just oh ... eaten! ... one Golikov with his 7 dozen Germans would be enough for the actions of our entire group for 3 months ... everyone understands the difference, where and when ... but nonetheless ....
                      1. cartridge
                        cartridge 22 June 2013 06: 42
                        I share your thoughts! Listening to or reading about the actions of these guys in the 70s, I also did not really understand with the mind the scope of their exploits.
                        Only over the years, already through your personal experience, do you realize what is behind each award received at that time. And it is doubly valuable that then there were thousands of children, about whom they now write "participated on equal terms in ambushes, mined roads, undermined communications and derailed trains."
                        I would like to believe that our grandchildren will be able to deserve their peers-heroes of that war.
      5. Ustian
        Ustian 21 June 2013 20: 21
        Quote: Oleg147741
        Actually, this "traitor" was 14.

        Nadya Bogdanova - when she became a scout in the partisan detachment of "Uncle Vanya" Dyachkov, she was not even ten years old ... Valya Kotik - was born on February 11, 1930, On his account - six enemy trains, blown up on the way to the front .. .Marat Kazei - was born on October 10, 1929, ... He fought to the last bullet, and when he had only one grenade left, he let the enemies get closer and blew them up ... and himself! .. (http: //war-psu.ucoz .ru / publ / deti_geroi_velikoj_otechestvennoj_vojny /
        0-4) And how many unknowns?
    2. smile
      smile 21 June 2013 16: 26
      And I think - let it be here ... at least as a litmus test of public opinion.
      Moreover, this is increasingly appearing in the media space. Moreover, no one writes devastating comments there. :))) And here, after reading the opinions of the parties, young people, who, apparently, are quite a lot here, will draw the right conclusions.
      Moreover, I am inclined to read that isolated cases like the one stated above did exist.
      But the author should be reminded of those tens of thousands of children, of Aryan appearance, taken from their parents and given to the Nazis for adoption (I didn’t make a reservation - they gave only ideologically correct comrades, true Aryans) .. if only the article could have caused such fury ...
    3. Hleb
      Hleb 21 June 2013 16: 28
      Why is this story here?

      I can recommend another story
    4. Black Colonel
      Black Colonel 21 June 2013 16: 44
      It is not known how you would behave in that situation.
    5. Uhalus
      Uhalus 21 June 2013 23: 05
      And such stories are needed. Anything has happened.
      The boy went to the Germans? Maybe you had to survive? Or whoever strokes is the owner? Although he is an exception (which confirms the rule), other Germans of the same kind were beaten, and not only the official "pioneer-heroes" There was such a 12-year-old boy - a sniper, he shot more than a hundred fascists.
      And about this ... What the hell is Russian now? And what do we care about him now? It’s possible to publish, but I don’t think it’s very interesting.
  3. Nevsky
    Nevsky 21 June 2013 15: 37
    Quote: xetai9977
    The ways of the Lord are inscrutable. How many such destinies.

    Such an answer is appropriate if he had been hijacked to work in Nazi Germany !!! Although the old generation even considered it a betrayal ... Damn liberalism already in VO. am

    Will you serve Americans for chocolate if democracy comes to Baku? Conscience say that fate!
    1. xetai9977
      xetai9977 21 June 2013 15: 42
      And you took into account that the little guy was?. It's easy for you, sitting at the computer, drinking beer. Traitor, traitor, let’s leave the adults, there’s nothing to replace the children in this.
      1. Nevsky
        Nevsky 21 June 2013 15: 52
        Quote: xetai9977
        And you took into account that the little guy was?. It's easy for you, sitting at the computer, drinking beer. Traitor, traitor, let’s leave the adults, there’s nothing to replace the children in this.

        Once again, I will repeat to the representative of the people, who made a great contribution to the victory over the Nazis and also lost many !!! There is a difference between stolen people at work and those who were spinning with the Germans. Why was he given a bun? Did he sing songs in the evenings? Or betrayed the location of your grandfather and his twin brothers? Yes, the time was hard ... but why so liberal? Damn, I’m surely going to catch the time when they say that the USSR attacked Hitler in 1941. crying
        1. xetai9977
          xetai9977 21 June 2013 16: 02
          First, read carefully what I wrote, where did I justify the betrayal? Secondly, I repeat, children do not need to be judged by adult standards. Thirdly, 2 grandfather's brothers, aunt's husband and grandmother's brother were killed in World War II. I myself went through the war and I know perfectly well that there is a betrayal. It was necessary for you to shoot German children as well when they begged for bread from our soldiers (my grandfather told me). There is a limit to everything.
          1. velikoros-xnumx
            velikoros-xnumx 21 June 2013 17: 06
            German children begged for bread from liberators who didn’t attack treacherously, who didn’t shoot or burn civilians, who didn’t rape their mothers (we won’t take quite rare cases of rape of German women by Soviet soldiers who were cruelly punished by a military field court). Therefore, these situations are fundamentally different!
  4. omsbon
    omsbon 21 June 2013 15: 44
    We have thousands of stories about our boys who did not betray their homeland for a sweet bun.
    So, this Alex Vasiliev went to all known addresses!
  5. Lech from ZATULINKI
    Lech from ZATULINKI 21 June 2013 15: 46
    You will never know how the FATE OF YOU CARDS decomposes cards, to each his own.
  6. Nevsky
    Nevsky 21 June 2013 15: 54
    Quote: Hunghouse
    hi Well, at least in the shootings, I didn’t take part and thank God ........)))

    And who will check?
    1. Lech from ZATULINKI
      Lech from ZATULINKI 21 June 2013 16: 17
      Well, the Germans are unlikely to trust the shooting of this kid, I do not know such cases.
      But our girls, the former KOMSOMOLKI (in the service of Hitler), used to be different; there was one such shot several hundred CITIZENS of the USSR, and I did not experience CONSCIENCE at the same time.
  7. FunkschNNX
    FunkschNNX 21 June 2013 15: 57
    However, there are severe forum users here, the child had nothing to eat, and let them yell - a traitor, a traitor.
    1. Praetorian
      Praetorian 21 June 2013 16: 56
      And if there is nothing to eat, then it is necessary to go to the enemies to run errands? Who is he, if not a traitor who helped the Nazis?
      1. FunkschNNX
        FunkschNNX 21 June 2013 17: 21
        He is a child and does not understand adult war games.
      2. broker
        broker 21 June 2013 20: 23
        Why didn’t they go hungry to the partisans?
        1. FunkschNNX
          FunkschNNX 22 June 2013 11: 28
          ... What are you talking about? What partisans? Why the hell did they need it when they themselves needed to hide from the Germans and think what to eat?
  8. Nevsky
    Nevsky 21 June 2013 16: 02
    Quote: Фкенщь13
    However, there are severe forum users here, the child had nothing to eat, and let them yell - a traitor, a traitor.

    For this you need to wear a German uniform? am And here is the severity? Remember the lost ancestors !!!
    1. FunkschNNX
      FunkschNNX 21 June 2013 17: 26
      Well then shoot. Would you shoot a child from hunger begging at the enemy? 12 years!!! Did you think a lot in your 12 years?
      1. broker
        broker 21 June 2013 20: 24
        I had to beg from the partisans and serve them !!!
  9. agbykov
    agbykov 21 June 2013 16: 03
    Do not judge and you will not be judged.
  10. Nevsky
    Nevsky 21 June 2013 16: 12
    Quote: xetai9977
    For you and the German children it was necessary to shoot when they begged for bread from our soldiers (grandfather told) .There is a limit.

    Whom to shoot, what are you talking about?

    For starters, do not post these topics on this resource. Some things and skeletons must be forever buried in war. Further ... I consider this publication from the standpoint of technology and manipulation of consciousness ... Like there were such facts, we have the right to know that they say betrayal can be questioned in view of age. Although from the age of 5 I knew what the Red Army (SA) is or to interpret it as a forced one, and in general, under certain circumstances, there is nothing wrong with this (betrayal). The right to life, for example, is more important than the rights of the country, the Motherland and other boys who were burned in some village at that time !? And you're talking about executions. At the age of 12, his head was already figuring out who where who ...
  11. Kortik
    Kortik 21 June 2013 16: 21
    You can feel sorry for him, but sympathy, and even more semblance of respect - certainly he will not wait. Children, even at a much younger age, hated the Germans and everything German and were not sold for leftovers, but died in partisan detachments with weapons. And he also decided to show off and fired up a book, how flawed and poor, beggar he is (his own toilet company, truly, the type of activity characterizes the true insides). And then, when it’s already chuvyrlo on a well-deserved rest and you can relax, it remembered its homeland, it remembered that it was Russian, although it immediately waves its mane, which is NOT, I don’t feel like that. In my old age, I wanted fame, sympathy and new sensations. This "hivi" just wanted something exotic.

    Heavi (German: Hilfswilliger, who wants to help; Ost-Hilfswilligen, eastern volunteers) - the so-called "voluntary assistants" of the Wehrmacht, recruited (including those mobilized by force) from the local population in the occupied territories of the USSR and Soviet prisoners of war. Initially, they served in auxiliary units as drivers, orderlies, sappers, cooks, etc. Later, the Heavis began to be involved in direct participation in hostilities, operations against partisans and to punitive actions.
  12. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 21 June 2013 16: 23
    Here, most likely the family is to blame. Firstly, they themselves treated the boy severely, and secondly, if the father went to work with the Germans, it means that the family did not consider the Germans to be enemies, fascists. Life determines consciousness! And if the boy’s father fought against the Nazis, then this boy, as a rule, was saturated with hatred of the Nazis.
  13. Nevsky
    Nevsky 21 June 2013 16: 26
    Where does the homeland begin?

    Many forum users with asterisks on shoulder straps surprised me today !!!
    Not even a TROLL.

    Maybe someone forgot? I remember:

    And for those who do not remember and do not know:

    1. Lech from ZATULINKI
      Lech from ZATULINKI 21 June 2013 16: 35
      This is my favorite tune, like the SHIELD AND SWORD movie. Here the Yankees and the girl are out of place here.
      After all, if it weren’t for his habit of establishing democracy wherever he wants, the girl wouldn’t have to humiliate herself like that — drink from the hands of the Occupant. (Although she still does not understand anything)
  14. Kortik
    Kortik 21 June 2013 16: 35
    PS: Having the example of their grandfathers and grandmothers, who, being orphans, spent about 2 years in the occupied territory and never shouted or complained about their fate, and even did not submit documents for benefits in the category of "children of war", and they earned their benefits through hard work. Grandmother is a labor veteran, grandfather is a veteran of military service (32 years of service, border guard). And I know a lot of people who suffered during the war years, but did not scream about it at every corner.
  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. velikoros-xnumx
    velikoros-xnumx 21 June 2013 16: 59
    "I can’t believe that he is my compatriot... When I ask him to confirm this to me, my interlocutor ponders and suddenly says that, most likely, he still feels like a German. "
    And don't you believe "Russian" is not an ethnic concept, but rather a mental one. If you want easier this state of mind. You can be Russian without being born in Russia and not being an ethnic Russian, and maybe vice versa. Judging by the content of this article, there is nothing "RUSSIAN" in this person. An ordinary small-town traitor-jackal. War, hunger and want are not an excuse for such, during the war years it was hard for everyone, but few people went for this. History keeps many surnames of pioneer heroes, contemporaries of this "Russian", who without hesitation gave their lives for their people, for their homeland. If it were my will, I would forbid such people and their descendants up to the third generation to visit our country. They made their choice ...
  17. Manager
    Manager 21 June 2013 17: 14
    Double opinion. So of course yes, he is a traitor. For a piece of bread sold ...
    And let's take a look from the other side. Nothing is said about the mother at all. Perhaps she drank, but maybe not at all. Father abandoned him. There were no friends along the way. Forever cold and hungry. The Germans gave him food and sheltered. Question. Where were ours? Where were his neighbors, etc.? Do not forget, he was only 12 years old. And he didn’t see anything except his father’s betrayal at 12.
    Therefore, all the same, I think it’s not for us to condemn him. Let's just forget this story. God be his judge.
  18. slaventi
    slaventi 21 June 2013 17: 23
    He received a salary of about 30 Reichsmarks a month, issued a soldier's book and issued an identification badge. He even had a pneumatic pistol.

    It would have been more years, there would have been no pneumatic pestle, but a Mauser rifle.
    Why did it come right away, the bad boy.
  19. Commissar of the NKVD
    Commissar of the NKVD 21 June 2013 17: 41
    I did not understand something at all, to hell with this article? During that war, more confused fates and, it must be said, even more heroic ones met.
  20. Oksana
    Oksana 21 June 2013 17: 46
    Quote: ia-ai00
    Here, most likely the family is to blame. Firstly, they themselves treated the boy severely, and secondly, if the father went to work with the Germans, it means that the family did not consider the Germans to be enemies, fascists. Life determines consciousness! And if the boy’s father fought against the Nazis, then this boy, as a rule, was saturated with hatred of the Nazis.

    I totally agree! Maybe this kid with the ochim was "paralleled", but ochim could "absorb him an imfa" about 37g. Yesterday the TOPIC was discussed, about 28 Panfilovs and there are "gramates"! They tried to prove that 28 Panfilovs are MYTH! stormed (the allies) ", then that the USSR attacked Germany! Why is this all ?! After such" DESA "and similar articles -Like this! -Our children have zero patriotism and the opinion will be formed! -When the Motherland, it's hard, where it's warmer and don't give a shit! Then I'll come back (like a prodigal son)!
  21. Kortik
    Kortik 21 June 2013 17: 57
    Quote: Oksana
    Tomorrow they will say that Kinetsberg was "stormed (by the allies)"

    What did they storm?
    1. Oksana
      Oksana 21 June 2013 18: 05
      Königsberg repeat
      1. redwar6
        redwar6 21 June 2013 18: 22
        Now this city is called Kaliningrad. Not from the sky, it fell to us.
  22. MG42
    MG42 21 June 2013 18: 16
    Guard private Ivan Frolovich Kamyshev, 14 years old <bottom photo>.

    Kolya Lyubichev. Partisan.
    Khromnoye village
  23. MG42
    MG42 21 June 2013 18: 20
    Son of the Regiment.
    April 1942 of
    Location: 1 Belorussian Front
    Photographer: Kapustyansky G.

    The son of a regiment. 1944
  24. redwar6
    redwar6 21 June 2013 18: 21
    No matter what, he put the article in a plus. This is the fate of the same person as we all. Yes, he is a traitor. Yes, in his place I would suffocate, but I did not go. But this is informative. For example, I did not know that It happened so. I found out. I have no doubt that people served in the Wehrmacht, but I believe the numbers. I admire the military skill and courage of the Germans, but I do not forget what they did. More precisely, I will just respect. I’ll write to show my final position so: my family paid its price for this victory, as well as the families of all those present here. I do not want to share the position of this elderly person and I will not, but this is his choice. Although, as I already wrote, I would suffocate, but would not go. Although, it would be more productive to leave for your own people. Just leave.
  25. Ymokanu
    Ymokanu 21 June 2013 18: 27
    I would advise the author to check the information! The villages named in the article are not so lost and destroyed! And Old Broad, and New Broad, and Sunset, and Kostkovo stand, people live !!! Was personally!
  26. uzer 13
    uzer 13 21 June 2013 18: 34
    Some strange boy. My mother was the same age and under the same circumstances, not hanging around German kitchens. They were hiding with their grandmother in the cellar, because they had been kicked out of the hut. Their most terrible memories of the war were like junkers bombed refugee columns when they the first time they left the enemy. Then these villages were again repulsed, and they returned home. And then the enemies captured them again and remained in occupation until the battle on the Kursk arch. After liberation, the father cleared the fields and then managed to take part in the Japanese campaign. There are no such words that could convey the hatred that they and the villagers felt towards the invaders.
  27. Kowalsky
    Kowalsky 21 June 2013 18: 38
    Well, what can I say ... My grandfather, at age 12, also hung around the German kitchen like that, and then he stole a rifle from a gaping cook and shot at the soldiers passing by. Fortunately, either a misfire, or did something wrong, the shot did not happen. Otherwise, it is clear what would have been done to him and to the whole village.
    And this, *****, a hero ... You can become a traitor in childhood.
  28. Marek Rozny
    Marek Rozny 21 June 2013 19: 57
    I remembered the joke:
    Post-war years. School. Children in a history lesson tell their real stories of who did what in the past war years.
    Masha: And I worked at the hospital during the war. Bandaged the wounded, mixed potions ...
    Vasya: And I worked at the plant for 14 hours. Shells for our valiant army did ...
    Little Johnny: Bullshit is everything. I was at the forefront. He brought these very shells to soldiers under enemy fire ...
    Kids: Wow! Little Johnny, here you are a hero! But the soldiers did not swear that you were still a child, but already at the front? What did the soldiers tell you?
    Little Johnny: Her. They did not swear, but rather praised. So they said: "Sehr gut, Woldemar, sehr gut ..."
  29. G_sl
    G_sl 21 June 2013 21: 43
    But what about: PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE - a provision enshrined in law that the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty according to the procedure established by law !!!

    Do not judge, but you will not be judged (Matt. 7 1); Do not condemn, but you will not be condemned (Luke ... And if you cursed your fellow man, know, man, that you cursed yourself ... for it was said to you: "Judge not, that ye be not judged."
  30. individual
    individual 21 June 2013 21: 57
    If my grandfathers and parents would read this publication? The reaction to the boy who passed to the enemy Germans was sharply negative.
    Time smooths out the wounds of war.
    Here in the comments they write a strange boy.
    From the position of a fighter in the Soviet army, the boy became an enemy.
    From a position of survival and possible starvation - God be his judge.
    There is such a hypothesis - "Heroes are not born, they become heroes!"
    But this "boy" is not the hero of my novel.
  31. broker
    broker 22 June 2013 03: 59
    Judge not judge ?! He was condemned by Soviet soldiers, saying once again that you will come across an obscene ... es to you !!!
  32. Kurtshaar
    Kurtshaar 23 June 2013 08: 58
    This elderly bad man must be buried in a cattle cemetery, because he is not worthy to be called a man.