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"Smoker": Grenade Launcher and Magnetosphere

"Smoker": Grenade Launcher and Magnetosphere

A hand-held grenade launcher with an electronic sighting system will make it possible for half a kilometer to hit targets with charges that explode a meter from it. it weapon should be particularly effective in the fight against the enemy entrenched in buildings, shelters or even in a prepared trench. For effective operation of the projectile, it uses ... the global magnetic field of the planet.

According to the calculations of the US military, the new self-loading hand-held grenade launcher XM25 should significantly complement the fire capabilities of the infantry squad and save the soldiers from the need to cause artillery or air support whenever they encounter an enemy who cannot be “got” with direct fire.

The current prototype XM25 grenade launcher was first tested in 2005.

The electronic sighting system includes a laser range finder, a compass, day and night channels, and a ballistic computer that allows you to accurately calculate the distance to the target, say, to the window, behind which the enemy is hidden. The next step - the task of the soldier himself - to decide, a little further or a little closer (within 3 m) to blow up the ammunition, and indicate this to the grenade launcher.

Strengthened trenches cease to be reliable protection

As soon as the 25-millimeter charge is fired, the grenade launcher transmits a short radio signal to the integrated microchip in the projectile, accurately telling it the distance to the target. The shell itself, by the way, is pretty tricky. The rifled barrel spiral causes it to rotate quickly, while the built-in magnetic transducer, rotating in the Earth’s magnetic field, generates an electric current and allows accurate counting of the number of revolutions, and thus the current flight distance.

A new weapon will give soldiers the advantage in the fight against the enemy in the shelter

The technology, which must be implemented in XM25, will significantly improve the accuracy of fire, which is extremely important in the conduct of modern wars, especially - within the city building. In addition, this will reduce the cost of hitting the target: if, say, to cause support, which usually uses the portable anti-tank complex Javelin, a shot will cost 70 thousand dollars, whereas a shot from XM25 will cost only 25 dollars. Despite the cunning technology, the shells are relatively cheap.

There are also plans to equip such grenade launchers with non-lethal weapons, which will not kill opponents hiding in the building, but, say, stun them. It is impossible not to notice how useful such a technique would be for Russian special forces, who now and then have to “smoke out” the terrorists who sat in a house in some North Caucasian city.

Soon XM25 should be sent to Iraq and Afghanistan for field tests, and if everything goes well, the grenade launcher will begin to enter service with the 2012 g. However, Russian designers in this field will also have something to brag about. Our country is a developer and manufacturer of many models of grenade launchers, considered the most popular and best in the world. It is enough to call the “classics of the genre”, the Soviet RPG-7 and its modern descendant, the perfect RPG-30.

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  1. dred
    dred 19 December 2011 15: 01
    35 thousand dollars is not sickly.
  2. Honory
    Honory 30 June 2012 20: 31
    Well, RPG-30 is a bit from another opera. The most perfect Russian grenade launcher GP-30. But he does not know how.
  3. Sanches
    Sanches 17 August 2013 17: 56
    what does the gutter have to do with it? it's about a hand grenade launcher. an old RG-6 just from this opera, also a 6-shot by the way.
  4. cat Rusich
    cat Rusich 20 January 2019 21: 32
    Caliber 25mm - not enough. The accuracy is 1-3 meters, a small shock wave, not many fragments, in the open area - not much use. Weight 6,35kg + weight BC. For special forces, you can try. For each infantry squad - bust. Better turret design - simpler. soldier