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Erdogan: one against all

Three weeks in Turkey go anti-government demonstrations and protests. The press notes that at least 5 thousands of people suffered in them. The dead - four. Analysts are wondering: why are protests going so long? Some believe that Erdogan is to blame for everything, either having forgotten about democratic principles, or who has exchanged them for Islamist ones. Others write that the protests are the work of Washington, that is, a bunch of the State Department plus the CIA, who did not like the "gentleness" with which the Turkish prime minister acted against Syria. Now, if Erdogan had attacked Assad with all the Turkish military power, and not just called him a butcher and a murderer, then the Orange Revolution would not exist. Erdogan forgot, forgot that such an ally as the United States, when Obama is fighting only by proxy. By the way, Erdogan himself short-sightedly supported the viewpoint on the provocative actions of foreigners. Soon he will fall into the position of the president of Venezuela: you want to be friends with the United States, and you want to, and prick.

Suppression of protests in Turkey is quite autocratic, in the Brezhnev style. If the authorities seem little to the police, an army will be thrown into the streets. Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Bulent Arınch 17 of June said: the army can be sent to disperse the protests. This was reported "", referring to the newspaper "Hurriyet".

“We must stop illegal protests. If the police are not enough, the gendarmerie will take over. If this is not enough, we will engage the army. All these structures are completely legal, ”said Mr. Arinc.

A strange statement, very strange. Is this something that illegal structures are prepared and are waiting for their time? Bandits thugs, or what? Or did the deputy prime minister want to explain to his people that what the government is doing is completely legal, but what the people are doing is wrong and illegal?

Indeed, the official further explained that the police act within the framework of the law, and all complaints submitted to the actions of law enforcement agencies have no basis. The protests against the current authorities, the official refused to be considered legitimate. According to him, rallies in defense of Gezi Park turned into “criminal gatherings”.

The rhetoric is quite erdogan. Well, Erdoganov's ally.

If a week ago, Hussein Avni Mutlu, the governor of the province of Istanbul, apologized to the demonstrators for the unjustified cruelty of the police, who dispersed the protest actions, Erdogan only confirmed that he had followed his previous line.

As the "" with reference to the RIA "News", Hussein Avni Mutlu admitted on Twitter that the police often acted too hard, though he immediately blamed it on individual errors. Apologizing to the protesters, Mr. Mutlu noted that young people have the right to defend their interests, but urged her to do this through dialogue with the authorities. He further added that he was jealous of demonstrators who had occupied one of the last parks in the city center and who had the opportunity to listen to the birds singing and breathe fresh air. The governor wrote: "I would like to be among you."

It is quite another thing - Erdogan. Softness is not peculiar to him. According to Interfax, the prime minister called on his supporters to “teach” the protesters, by supporting him in the municipal elections scheduled for March next year. Moreover, Erdogan made a sharp criticism of the demonstrators, calling them vandals, anarchists and mean people: “They are so mean people that they insult the prime minister of their country.”

If on the night of June 14 the Istanbul governor met with the demonstrators in the park and tried to admonish them, then the Turkish Prime Minister unequivocally ordered to turn down the tent camp in Gezi and promised otherwise an assault.

The protesters did not intend to retreat peacefully. At night, thousands of Kurds joined those who consolidated in the park. “We want Erdogan to reconsider his decisions! - cite "Vesti" words of Kanan Kalaghan, participants in the Taksim Square protest movement. - All projects for the restructuring of the Park Gezi should be closed! Only then will all these disorders, which have been going on for a long time, end. And we also demand a ban on the use of tear gas by the police. ”

What did Erdogan answer to this? And here is what.

According to Natalya Zhuravleva (newspaper "Sight"), the protests moved to a new phase - after the police broke up a mass rally in Taksim Square and Gezi Park. Against the demonstrators just used tear gas and water cannons.

In fact, R. T. Erdogan himself provoked a new wave of protest with his uncompromising statement. It was after his statement about the “cleansing” of the Gezi Park that riots again swept the country. The storming of the tent camp in Gezi started late at night on June 16 and lasted some half an hour.

Nevertheless, the demonstrators entrenched in the adjacent alleys. In the east of the city, several hundred people marched across the bridge over the Bosphorus Strait towards Taksim Square. The protesters shouted: "Tayip, go away!"

Demonstrators continue to build barricades, burning bonfires. They have stones and Molotov cocktails against the police. The tactics of the last days police are as follows: special cars with water cannons wash activists off the streets, and then law enforcement officers throw gas to the protesting area. Debris and barricades are cleared by the forces of technology. There are reports of the detention of activists. The governor of Istanbul has already said that some provocateurs are committing armed attacks on police.

The recently formed coalition of protesters, Solidarity Taksim, calls for continued protests.

As transmits "BBC", a strike in protest against the actions of the police during the dispersal of demonstrators was declared by Turkish trade unions.

The two largest organizations - the Confederation of Governmental Workers' Unions and the Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions - together with the three sectoral unions announced a one-day strike demanding an end to “police violence” in the country. The unions called for a march and rally in Istanbul.

"BBC" reports on the new and blatant details of the authorities' opposition to the people. The President of the Turkish Medical Association, Dr. Ozembil Aktan, told television and radio companies that five doctors and three nurses were missing after assisting the protesters.

Earlier, the Turkish Ministry of Health began to investigate the actions of health workers who voluntarily provided first aid to victims in improvised medical facilities. For what anger of the government turned to doctors? But the fact is that these people “acted without the permission of the ministry”.

In their defense was advocacy organization Amnesty International. She called it completely unacceptable that "that doctors could be threatened with criminal prosecution for providing medical assistance to those in need."

In another report "BBC" It tells about the individual protest of Erdem Gunduz. This man, an artist, for eight hours stood in Istanbul silently, looking at the portrait of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Erdem Gunduz was called “Standing Man”. His performance, which lasted from 18: 00 hours local time on Monday until two o'clock in the morning on Tuesday, gathered hundreds of people who joined him in Taksim Square and stayed there until the police dispersed them. Later, Gunduz said in an interview with the BBC that he wanted to symbolically express his attitude to what was happening.

Ten people who refused to leave the square were detained. “There are many, many young people on the streets,” comrade Gunduz told Bi-Bi-si.

“I am nothing ... The idea is important ... Why do people resist the government? The government does not want to understand, does not try to understand why people took to the streets. This is real silent resistance. I hope that people will stop and think: what happened? ”

Many people from a variety of political "camps" think the same as this artist.

Grigory Milenin ("Voice of Russia") rightly points out that Turkish society does not accept the Islamist policy of the Erdogan government. The author cites the opinion of the expert of the Center for Analytical Research Semen Bagdasarov, who is confident that the people of today's Turkey today can be divided into two camps, and both against Erdogan's Islamization. Of these, 15-20 of millions are Alawites who do not perceive Islamization. Another, significant part of the population is generally against Erdogan. The analyst recalls that 50% of the population voted for him in the elections. But there are other fifty percent - these people are also against the Islamization of the country.

There is also an opinion that foreign policy actors are involved in the case.

According to Vyacheslav Matuzov, Executive President of the Society for Business Cooperation with Arab countries, the current wave of turmoil in Turkey is a kind of warning for Erdogan from his Western partners:

“Here are the moments of internal struggle, but also some external factors that triggered this historical a mechanism with some other political goals. Erdogan did not go to the end about the cause of the United States and NATO regarding Syria. He was required to participate more actively in the Turkish army in the Syrian events, declare the north of Turkey a no-fly zone up to fifty kilometers deep into Syria and more actively use the Turkish Armed Forces in support of opposition paramilitary groups that were actively sent from Syria to Turkey. ”

Using Turkey as their Middle Eastern outpost of the global "spreading of democracy," comrade Matuzov notes, the Americans use the opportunity to once again "shoot" their political weapon on Turkish society. In Turkey, says the analyst, both military specialists and political consultants work. The latter interact with the Syrian opposition, which has taken refuge in Istanbul. The Americans' stay in Turkey allows them to use the tactics of the “orange revolutions” and the “Arab spring”. Thus, they affect the processes inside Turkey.

Blogger El Murid in a note on ITAR-TASS writes that Erdogan hesitated too long, and therefore control over the situation was largely lost.

Erdogan hesitated with both the dispersal of the demonstrators and the “antimiting”. Only almost three weeks after the beginning of the protests, he gathered an impressive rally of his supporters, notes the blogger. However, the emergence of supporters of the prime minister in the arena of struggle can even lead to a slide into civil war. Then the intervention of the army will be inevitable.

And then the trade unions connected.

So what's the root?

A simple explanation is that the pro-pro-Islamist forces are protesting against Islamization in Turkey, the author calls completely wrong.

Erdogan the blogger declares a democrat. It is difficult to find a more democratic prime minister in the history of Turkey than him, El Murid said.

“... Having continued the path of his predecessors to European integration, Erdogan maximally combined Turkish legislation with European standards. Among the flags of the protesters in photographs and video plots there are very often rainbow flags of non-traditional minorities. Perhaps, it is impossible to meet the public in any Islamic country openly - and in Turkey there is no prosecution of them, although there is no European subordinate position to their demands. ”

Well, here we know what democracy is.

From the rainbow passage, El Murid turns to the fact that the European choice for Turkey turned out to be a fiction. Why? And Europe is not ready to accept Turkey. True, in Turkey lately a section of the population oriented to European values ​​has already been formed.

The collapsed project of “European integration” brought neo-otto-manism plans to life, the analyst writes, relying on traditionalism and the ideology of creating the Great Turan in its modernized form. And here are two Turkey: conditionally secular Europeanized and conditionally Islamic traditionalist.

“The paradox is that traditionalists look more tolerant. Secular youth one of the main requirements makes the termination of the “creeping Islamization” of the country, although it actually imposes hyper-free morals of the same Europeanized youth on the “other” side. The inability and unwillingness to hear others is, perhaps, one of the reasons that brought people to the street. And the fact that the traditionalists who came out on Sunday at the Istanbul Poklonnaya to support the prime minister do not go out on the street to beat the protesters is just evidence of their much greater tolerance and worldly wisdom. They do not want a civil war. ”

However, events are developing more rapidly, the analyst warns. It seems that the prime control thread is gradually losing. Erdogan's personal traits are not very conducive to diplomacy. He is a pretty tough person, believes El Murid, and "his human qualities can play a cruel joke with him."

About the strategy chosen by Erdogan, tells the channel "Euronews". The protesters banished from Gezi and Taksim are now simply standing on the streets and squares in silent protest (like Erdem Gunduzu, we add from ourselves). But arrests threaten them too. The government continues to call the performances "riots inspired from abroad."

“They call the protesters provocateurs, but I believe that the provocateurs are the government and the prime minister. They do not look at these people, they do not understand, they do not want to see what these people need, ”says an unnamed person.

The police are looking for provocateurs in all major cities. Anti-terrorism departments check one address after another.

Thus, the Turkish people, together with their prime minister, who was somewhere in the midst of democracy and authoritarianism, was stuck between neo-Ottomanism and European integration, between democracy and the slide to dictate. In the Western media, the topic of comparing Erdogan with comrade Putin is very popular, which in the West is not considered a democrat either. In previous reviews on the Turkish theme, we have already noted that tough actions to suppress popular protests were openly and directly condemned by the United States. Dissatisfied voices came from the EU (Catherine Ashton). However, it seems that the West began to teach Erdogan’s democracy too late: Europe’s time was up.

But Erdogan’s time has also gone: now he is one against all, and all against him. In this state of affairs, he does not even dream of a presidential chair, for the sake of which he was going to reshape the constitution. The presidential election in Turkey must be held in 2014.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Nevsky
    Nevsky 20 June 2013 07: 40
    Turkey's future is vague and dark ... Honestly, as the author of many publications here on the advent of liberalism and LGBT "culture", I was surprised at how quickly Turkey is falling under the onslaught of Western values. In Istanbul, in a column with football fans, (just think about it !!!) people with rainbow flags went to protest, - LGBTshniki. Those. posuti Turkey, the first Muslim country where LGBT people made open flags with liberals. Yes, they will argue that Istanbul is a Europeanized city, but anyway. Fact is fact. It turns out moderate Islam can not stop this infection? But we will not discuss the radical, there is cannibalism. Okay, wait and see. Let me remind you that on May 25, 2013 for the first time in Ukraine, in Kiev, a gay parade was held under the guise of riot police !!!! This is unthinkable. Usually he was dispersed, but here blue and lesbians were buried !! Yes, this is Yanukovych’s policy to please the EU, but fact is a fact. The virus is getting closer to the borders of Russia. The Russians, brothers, are you next. crying
    1. alexkross83
      alexkross83 20 June 2013 11: 56
      We have nowhere to retreat .. we’ll lie down with our capacities, but Moscow and Russia will be scolded by a fid ... we won’t give it up !!! I look at these shaitans, there’s no difference what to do ... whether it’s the heart of the defeated enemy to eat .. whether it’s to be beaten in the ass .... if only American geyocracy triumphed in the world ....
      1. mansur
        mansur 20 June 2013 15: 36
        Quote: alexkross83
        We have nowhere to retreat .. we’ll lie down with our capacities, but Moscow and Russia will be scolded by a fid ... we won’t give it up !!!

        There was a program on RTR, about a rally against same-sex marriage in Paris which brought together 150 thousand people and it turns out that every day people go out to express their protest, it’s not all happy.
        But it was interesting to see that when the protesters found out that the journalists from Russia surrounded them, they started screaming like Viva Russia, type
        Long live Russia,

        they explained that they think
        Russia is the last bastion against all this muck
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. Che
          Che 20 June 2013 21: 43
          If the blue hordes come to Russia, the country is kirdyk. There will be no one to fight the West.
        3. Varnaga
          Varnaga 21 June 2013 07: 37
          Hollande hopes through the support of homosexuals in the future to create some kind of counterbalance to Muslims in the country, I remind you that the Koran sodomy is punishable by death (in at least 7 countries).
          The article itself was about nothing, especially made laugh about the support of Erdogan by the army, who wanted to pull him in one place. Well, the reference to El Murida, who repeatedly signed for her incompetence, also pleased.
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. andrejwz
      andrejwz 20 June 2013 13: 15
      Quote: Nevsky
      . Let me remind you that on May 25, 2013 for the first time in Ukraine, in Kiev, a gay parade was held under the guise of riot police !!!!

      And how does Kiev riot police treat blue ones?
      1. self-propelled
        self-propelled 20 June 2013 21: 51
        Quote: andrejwz
        And how does Kiev riot police treat blue ones?

        with respect. they can even throw a stick (or rather a stick) laughing
    3. Scoun
      Scoun 20 June 2013 14: 09
      Quote: Nevsky
      The Russians, brothers, are you next.

      Nope ... figs ... if it comes to us, I myself will go out to protests .. yes I think I'm not alone ...
      Erdogan himself short-sightedly supported. Soon he will fall into the position of President of Venezuela: I want to be friends with the United States and it’s prickling.

      As we say - "eat the fish and hand over the bones" but it turns out that after eating the fish he can sit on ... on a count.
      The cunning of excessive transcendence of the rational becomes impudence banal .. and for it you can get a hat.
      1. bazilio
        bazilio 20 June 2013 17: 31
        Quote: Scoun
        Nope ... figs ... if it comes to us, I myself will go out to protests .. yes I think I'm not alone ...

        I don’t understand anything else. Until the 2000s, there was not much to hear about homosexuals, and about gay parades, like that, it also did not slip into the news. But then it started. It's okay about gay parades, but same-sex marriage and the right to adoption began after the 2000s. It seems that someone has started playing the "blue" trump card precisely for political purposes. It seems to me that the "blue chip" in the future will become an additional reason for the democratization of this or that country, otherwise freedom of speech and human rights are already boring, and so the scheme will be simple "you (the state) oppress homosexuals, then we go to you." If so, then the first on the list will be Islamic states.
        To be honest, I don’t care who is who or where, this is a private matter. But here is a public demonstration of their orientation, same-sex marriage, and even more so the promotion of homosexuality among minors is a complete mess.
        Fortunately, even in Uzbekistan, homosexuality is an angularly punishable act, up to 3 years in prison.
        1. Ruslan_F38
          Ruslan_F38 20 June 2013 18: 29
          Yes, Erdogan himself is full of holes along the way)). But seriously, this mustachioed, bloodthirsty creature should be hanged publicly in the center of Istanbul for war crimes and crimes against its people.
  2. Ustas
    Ustas 20 June 2013 07: 45
    Others write that the protests are the work of Washington, that is, a bunch of the State Department plus the CIA, which did not like the “softness” with which the Turkish prime minister acted against Syria.

    The State Department took offense at Erdogan, who decided to snoop back and forth through the Bosphorus to our BDK. wink
    1. cartridge
      cartridge 20 June 2013 10: 27
      Erdogan gives me conflicting feelings. On the one hand, he is impressed by his harshness in the history of the "flotilla of peace", and on the other hand, he does not like his addiction to the Islamization of Turkish society and the support of Syrian militants.
      Therefore, if he has to leave, then for Russia it will not be a loss. He fulfilled his main mission for us by giving permission to lay the South Stream along the Turkish bottom of the Black Sea.
      If it remains, it’s also not bad, because balancing in his chair under the growth of human rights criticism of the West and trying to save face in front of his supporters, he will be forced to seek Putin’s support.
      In general, any option for the development of Erdogan’s fate suits Russia.
    2. _Forgiven_
      _Forgiven_ 20 June 2013 20: 16
      I agree with you entirely! Just so the riots would not have arisen, a park in the center of Istanbul is just an excuse. And the Islamization of the country is also not the boiling point of the Turkish people. Just the guys from the CIA know their stuff and work out their daily bread
  3. Follow us
    Follow us 20 June 2013 09: 03
    The main office must be urgently taken into circulation, while it is lukewarm, while it looks dumbfounded at how yesterday's western "friends" threw it, and lured into the Customs Union.
    1. lexe
      lexe 20 June 2013 22: 38
      Glavturk laughing bound by a NATO treaty. Erdogan will turn to Glavmer to resolve revolutionary attempts. And he will help according to the treaty!laughing
  4. demon ada
    demon ada 20 June 2013 09: 10
    urgently introduce a no-fly zone over Turkey
    to help the opposition with non-lethal weapons ak-47 and rpg-7, bassoon and man-gun
    introduce representatives of the Kurdish party to the Turkish government
    and all the same spirit. - I’m ironic.
  5. newnutella
    newnutella 20 June 2013 09: 31
    Dude with MAGAGPULLENoy m7a1 all this on pathos)
    why don’t the same people go near Assad?
    (again a little irony)
  6. albanec
    albanec 20 June 2013 10: 22
    Instead of meeting with the protesters, finding out their demands and finding a compromise, Edrogan stupidly forbids demonstrations and protests. belay
    1. Alexey Prikazchikov
      Alexey Prikazchikov 20 June 2013 11: 19
      There are demonstrators onalog of our white tape worms, though even worse. How can you talk to a bunch of junkies and whores led by the local "intelligentsia"?
  7. pinecone
    pinecone 20 June 2013 11: 01
    It is noteworthy that among the initiators of the riots, Erdogan mentioned Turkish bankers, whom he called "interest-holders".
  8. Tarpon
    Tarpon 20 June 2013 11: 07
    Erdogan's rat scuffle against Syria still comes around.
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 21 June 2013 16: 29
      And it will backfire on many. First of all ... SGA. A wonderful illustration turned out for the rest of the allies. A step to the right, a step to the left is an attempt to escape, a jump in place is a provocation! I became friends with the SGA - always walk with your pants down, at the sight of an "ally" immediately take a comfortable knee-elbow position. And then with a planned rape it will be very painful ...
  9. smersh70
    smersh70 20 June 2013 11: 48
    this and the generals reminded him that they had not yet left the political arena .... Yes, he has put everyone in their place now ..... and here at the forum everyone was shouting almost about the new Turkish revolution .... But he will all come around in the elections ... at least he will not win the majority in the parliamentary elections .... hi
    1. ayyildiz
      ayyildiz 20 June 2013 14: 20
      The fact is that Erdogan has a higher rating!
  10. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 20 June 2013 12: 28
    And Erdogan in the photo on the right or left? In any case, the stern Janissary in the photo as if hints to the crowd.
  11. elenagromova
    elenagromova 20 June 2013 13: 17
    Erdogashka is one of the most ardent supporters of the war in Syria and the most active accomplice of the bandits. What kind of softness can you say about Syria? The comparison with the president of Venezuela, Maduro, is a muzhik, and this one is ..... a cloud in pants.
  12. elenagromova
    elenagromova 20 June 2013 13: 24
    He didn’t answer for the plane with the Russian citizens, but he had to - he violated all conceivable and inconceivable laws.
    He forbade airplanes to fly to Syria via Turkey, now people suffer terrible inconveniences - flight time, price, transplants are increased ...
    Although civil aviation, in theory, should be out of it all.
  13. Odysseus
    Odysseus 20 June 2013 13: 27
    Turkey is the US outpost in the region. The main bridgehead against Syria. So the protests there are wonderful.
    Moreover, they are protesting against Islamization and under social slogans, that is, processes are happening there that are exactly the opposite of what happened in Syria. It is not surprising that the United States allows Erdogan to use force against protesters without restrictions.
  14. pinecone
    pinecone 20 June 2013 13: 32
    According to Turkish law, the Prime Minister has the right to perform his office for only three terms of four years each. Erdogan has already exhausted his limit, therefore, for the next parliamentary elections in 2014. the leadership of the ruling party, following the example of the Russian Federation, started castling. It is assumed that in case of victory in the election campaign, the current Prime Minister Abdullah Gul should become Prime Minister, and Erdogan will take his place. After that, they are going to change the constitution and turn Turkey into a presidential republic like France.
    The positions of the ruling party are very strong in the province, especially in the Turkish village, which is still alive, so the option of returning Erdogan to power after the next election should not be ruled out.
  15. Apollo
    Apollo 20 June 2013 13: 46
    On the site, Arguments and Facts, I found a curious info regarding the events taking place in Turkey. I quote an article Expert: Russia does not protect Syria, but its place in the worldwith small reductions. Why the powers were never destined to come to a consensus, and also how Turkey’s dissatisfaction with Erdogan’s policies would turn out, we talked with the President of the Middle East Institute, Evgeny Satanovsky. - Who do you think is the customer of the events taking place in Turkey?
    Evgeny Satanovsky: - In Turkey there is no customer of what is happening, neither external nor internal. All those words that were uttered by Erdogan, that it is inspired from the outside, that there is an American or European trace, are ordinary nonsense, which is called to tell that it was not he who split the country with his actions, but that someone outside was trying to overthrow him .
    Erdogan simply, with his soft Islamization, his authoritarianism, and his constant conflicts with everyone, seriously took out the country, at least half the population. The final Rubicon was the decision to demolish the Ataturk memorial in Gezi Park, the same memorial that is a symbol of secular Turkey. - Is the present continuous chaos in the Middle East beneficial for Israel?
    Evgeny Satanovsky: - Israel is not at all profitable for Turkish riots, it does not interest him at all. Thousands of trucks go to Israel in the Persian Gulf paradoxically through Israel, because Erdogan managed to spoil relations with Israel, bringing them almost to a political zero, everything stopped just before the severance of diplomatic relations. And then it turned out that with his policy towards Syria he cut off his path to Turkish export to the Gulf countries, and this is a huge amount of export, because he supports anti-Assad forces - How will events in Turkey develop further?
    Evgeny Satanovsky: - Most likely, events will develop on an increasing, pulsating basis. Then everything depends on whether or not there will be a large number of victims. At one time, few people doubted the Iranian Shah. He commanded the country and kept it under control. Then there was a demonstration, there were two killed. At the wake of another shot, and then it came to the April Revolution. If there are casualties, the situation will be the same. And this, of course, is not an “Arab spring.” The “Arab Spring” is Islamization through the overthrow of military regimes, and here is a protest against the Islamization of the secular population, plus protests against restrictions on the sale of alcohol, plus much more.

    more details
  16. pinecone
    pinecone 20 June 2013 14: 11
    Comment from the Turkish forum. 19.06.2013.

    "What a lot of ungrateful responses. Erdogan wants to change the regime in Syria for YOU! After the regime change, Turkey will be able to get Syria to transfer all its natural resources to us and it will buy only our goods. Our contractors will rebuild Syria and make a lot of money. All this is good for YOU! Why don't you support your prime minister? "
    1. Alexey Prikazchikov
      Alexey Prikazchikov 20 June 2013 17: 07
      Well, what the fuck ... would he write?
    2. ayyildiz
      ayyildiz 20 June 2013 17: 14
      Quote: pinecone
      Comment from the Turkish forum. 19.06.2013.

      What forum can I find out from?
  17. Zeus
    Zeus 20 June 2013 14: 37
    About the park is especially funny. In this park there are ten trees and a small fountain in the middle, and the area is less than three times smaller than a football field. None of the sane people will make such noise because of this piece of land, already repeatedly reduced for new buildings, to show off.
  18. pinecone
    pinecone 20 June 2013 18: 00
    Quote: ayyildiz
    Quote: pinecone
    Comment from the Turkish forum. 19.06.2013.

    What forum can I find out from?

    Reviews on yesterday's article in the Hurriyet Daily News
  19. Fedych
    Fedych 20 June 2013 18: 19
    Let’s not forget that today's Turkey is the territory of the former Byzantine Empire, that the blood of the so-called many veins of the Turks flows so-called. Janissaries, ancestors of the children of the Slavs of Christians. And this is not just zero and nothing from yesterday. We, the Orthodox, even by custom, inherited Grace on a chosen people, not according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit. So remember this. Erdogan has largely abolished what we are fighting with: rainbow and rainbow-colored, permissible alcohol and abortion, secular emptiness from the darkness of lusts and the same. What does the Orthodox object to this? - the Bolsheviks, without firing a shot and having millions of victims, who surrendered Russia and Russia, are not interested in me, they are kind of followers of the Roman fights of gladiators, and as it should be, crazy and corresponding reactions. They, they are not laid. They themselves- agree- from the earth, and, back- to manure, to feed for worms. That’s why it is in a hurry to pull away, for there is nothing else to do, for as butterflies are one-day from the earth and into it, it is not important Alferov or some of the trained and programmed ones, just to not reflect.
  20. knn54
    knn54 20 June 2013 18: 41
    - Suppression of protests in Turkey is quite autocratic, in the Brezhnev style.
    Erdogan is practically trapped. If Turkey does not begin aggression against Syria, the West will arrange a “Turkish summer”, since Erdogan, in their opinion, has become too independent, that is, uncontrollable.
    If the Turks start a war, Iran will intervene, which warned Turkey that aggression against Syria would be perceived as aggression against itself. And the tough stance of Russia and China is dangerous to neglect.
    Even if it helps to finish off Syria, then:
    -Gets bandits at the borders of the state;
    - All the same, the West will send him into political oblivion - the USA and Co. do not need a PROSPERING Turkey.
    That is, the war with Syria will be a collapse for Erdogan and even for Turkey with ANY outcome
    Exit: Turn to face Moscow and everything will be in "chocolate", well, to restrain its "hawks".
    PS I won’t be surprised if Fethullah Gulen is already packing his bags ...
  21. jjj
    jjj 20 June 2013 21: 28
    Everything goes according to the plan of destabilization of the situation on the borders with Russia. Turkey follows after Syria. But Syria did not fall. And in Turkey, attitudes towards events in Syria may change. In any case, opportunities are opening up for our dialogue with Erdogan. All this venture, which began in the Maghreb countries, flowing into the Middle East and preparing to pour out into Central Asia, as one would expect, is changing the global balance of power. Russia will get new allies.
  22. datur
    datur 20 June 2013 23: 05
    MDA wanted to go there with its own, now I and she, no-no !!! wink to hell with them, not our money !!!! yes