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Alfred Rosenberg Diaries

Alfred Rosenberg Diaries

The diaries of Hitler's ideologue Alfred Rosenberg were allegedly discovered in the USA. It is believed that American military prosecutor Robert Kempner stole them from defeated Germany. Part of the diaries promise to publish, but the excitement around them is strange: excerpts from them have already been published earlier.

In the past two days, the world media was overwhelmed by a sensation: the personal diary of Alfred Rosenberg, a member of the political leadership of fascist Germany, declared by the Nuremberg Tribunal to be one of the main war criminals and sentenced to death in 1946, was discovered in the USA.

This diary allegedly contains entries from 1936 to 1944 - about plans to attack the Soviet Union, disagreements within the Hitler regime, philosophical reflections of Rosenberg.

“The diary will serve as an important source of information for historians, which will complement and partly contradict already well-known documents,” the scientific conclusion of the Washington Museum staff says stories The Holocaust, where diaries and delivered.

“From the very beginning, suspicions arose that this did not happen without the participation of Robert Kempner, the American representative at the Nuremberg Trials, who could take them to the United States,” the Holocaust Museum officially says.

About Robert Kempner in these reports almost nothing is said. And because it is worth more to dwell on this figure.

Kempner was born in Germany in 1899 to a Jewish family. In Weimar Germany, he cursed his work as a lawyer, and in the 1933 year, after the Nazis came to power, he was forced to leave the country. He settled in the United States, where he continued his legal practice as a military prosecutor. In 1945, he returned to Germany to work as an assistant to the US attorney Robert Jackson, who was the prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials. Jackson later recalled that Kempner was forced upon him from above, and he himself was categorically against the Jews, "in order to avoid revenge overshadowing his eyes against the Nazis on their part."

Kempner showed himself as a master of backstage. He “forcefully” forced the witness Friedrich Gauss to talk about the authenticity of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact - with the threat of being deported to the USSR, to the Gulag. He "forcefully" worked on Field Marshal Erhard Milch, knocking out the necessary readings from him. Finally, the service was directly accused of faking film and photographic materials.

Kempner was accused of trying to conceal one of the most important documents of the Nazi era — the "final solution of the Jewish question."

Robert Kempner, however, was turned out of the US military prosecutor’s office; for some time he worked as a lawyer in Germany, and then returned to the USA, where he also worked as a lawyer. Already in 1960, suspicions appeared that he had stolen 4 thousands of documents of the Nazi era — from bank papers (among which are the main ones about the interaction of Germans and Swiss bankers) to intelligence files.

From time to time, some documents surfaced, and among them - part of the diaries of Alfred Rosenberg. Already at the end of 1970-x, several sheets from this diary were exhibited at closed antique auctions (at a price of 15-20 thousand dollars per sheet). Here, for example, is one of these pages.

In 1993, Kempner died, and his house, along with the property, was put at the disposal of Philadelphia broker Martin Walt. Kempner papers began to appear more frequently in the light.

In 2001, the documents he stole from Germany were inventoried - the FBI simply raided the former Kempner house and seized the papers.

What then became of these documents is not known to anyone. Whether they were checked for authenticity, systematized, in which repositories they arrived, how they were stored, etc. - nobody knows.

More interesting than the other, why only after 12 years the FBI decided to transfer part of the Kempner papers to the Holocaust Museum? And what is this wording - “papers will be studied”? Twelve years was not enough to study them? It is clear that we, as always, will never know the whole truth about the Kempner archive. In the meantime, here’s some of the Kempner diaries from the end of 1970’s:

4 February 1939 year. Take the whole story with a Jewish pogrom. Goebbels also caused enormous damage to the state. The order of the Fuhrer was of a rather general character, but Goebbels ordered that the action be held on his behalf. Goering’s counter-order came too late. As a result, the total damage to the national commons was 100 millions.

We came to a common opinion in assessing both the situation and the individual. Dr. Goebbels does not enjoy any prestige in the party and causes only universal contempt. Even 12 years ago, I saw his true nature, and his current behavior confirms my conclusions. None of his associates have a companionship, they are entirely or his henchmen, or people who only a sense of duty keeps them from leaving the post.

21 May 1939 years. Yesterday two hours talking with Goering. I gave him my views on the influence of the mentality of the nation on foreign policy. In 1914, the fighting in Belgium would not be so fierce if we immediately declared the independence of the Flemish and other peoples oppressed by England and France. In Czechoslovakia, no one knew anything about the true moods of the residents of Transcarpathian Ukraine. The demarcation of the borders (Ribbentrop) was carried out in such a way that the railway lines leading to Romania penetrated the lands recently joined to Hungary. Result: the Hungarians blocked them, depriving Transcarpathian Ukraine of supplies from Romania. After we had to sacrifice Transcarpathian Ukraine, we turned out to be deceivers, because representatives of the OUN gave out themselves as our representatives and made promises on our behalf. In addition, they were actively supported by the Vienna Radio. Now everyone is against us. In response, I ordered to lay all the blame on the OUN in one of the publications, since this group acted without regard for anything.

22 August 1939 year. About twelve yesterday a message was received about the upcoming signing of a non-aggression pact between Germany and Soviet Russia.

First of all: recognize the improvement in our foreign policy situation, the disappearance of the threat from the Russian air fleet in the event of a conflict between Germany and Poland, lifting the blockade of the Baltic Sea, supplying raw materials, etc.

But if we take into account our twenty-year struggle, our party congresses, and finally, Spain, then our minister’s visit to Moscow morally humiliates us. The requests of the British and the French are not so terrible, since they never identified the Soviet government with the Third International, which we have represented throughout the 20 years as the work of the Jewish criminals. Four years ago, the Führer, in my presence, told a foreigner: “He can’t cooperate with Moscow, because he has no right to forbid the German people to steal and at the same time make friends with thieves.” Ribbentrop hardly feels anything, because his political views are reduced to a long-standing hatred of England.

According to rumors, the Soviets have already proposed to send their delegation to the party congress in Nuremberg.

After receiving instructions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our press behaved very unworthily. She should have been motivated by the sudden establishment of peaceful relations between the two states by the benefits of economic cooperation - she also glorifies the primordial friendship between the German and Russian peoples. As if our struggle with Moscow was just a misunderstanding and the Bolsheviks, with all the Soviet Jews at the head, were truly Russian people! Such creepy is more than unpleasant.

25 August 1939 year. England’s hopes of delaying the negotiations, fortunately, did not come true: the treaty with Moscow was immediately signed. The consequences of this decision are impossible to predict. Recall the story: just as Sparta and Athens alternately called for help from the Persians, England and Germany now turn to the Soviets for the same. Undoubtedly, it was the British who first attempted to incite the Soviets; In the current situation, the Führer had no choice but to thwart their plans by a sudden change in political course. As I just learned, it happened like this: the Führer sent a message to Stalin with an appropriate proposal and received a very kind answer.

29 September 1939 years. Today the Führer summoned me to the Reich Chancellery to discuss de Roop’s proposal. First he described the Polish campaign for an hour. The current army cannot even be compared with the one that fought in 1914. Quite a different relationship between the command and the troops: the generals not only eat together with the rank and file of the same boiler, but also fight at the forefront. When he looked at the battalions marching past him along the Sanaa bank, he understood that there would be no more such people.

Poles: on top of a thin Germanic layer, at the bottom of a completely awful material. In general, nothing more terrible than the Jews can not be imagined. City streets are completely covered in mud. During these weeks, he understood a lot. First of all: if the Poles had ruled over the primordially German imperial provinces for a few more decades, everything would have rotted and decayed; here you can only rule with a firm, confident hand. He intends to divide the conquered territory into three parts: 1. The strip between the Vistula and the Bug, where all Jews and any suspicious elements will be relocated from the Reich. On the banks of the Vistula will rise impregnable East shaft. 2. On the old border is a wide belt of germanization and colonization. Here, all the people have to fulfill a great task - the creation of a breadbasket for Germany, the strengthening of the peasantry, the resettlement of respectable Germans from around the world. 3. Between them - the Polish "state". The future will show whether it is possible to push the belt-forming settlements forward.

Relations with Moscow - he thought a lot about this topic. He would not have been able to prevent a whole series of violent actions (the seizure of Estonian ports) if Stalin had agreed with England. He chose the lesser evil and thereby achieved a tremendous strategic advantage. Now about the Russian military leaders. A general sent to him would have commanded a battery. Stalin exterminated the entire top commanders, because he was very much afraid of war. Both in case of defeat and in case of victory, his own army inspired fear in him. Nevertheless: the infantry in the mass can still be dangerous, on the sea the Russians can not be afraid.

November 1 1939 years. I just had a long conversation with the Führer. I told him that Roop’s visit to Berlin would not make any sense now and that if the situation changes, he would write to me: “Here everything is all the way down to the coast covered with snow. I hope the weather will improve soon. ” The Fuhrer repeatedly stressed that “he always sought to achieve mutual understanding between Germany and England, without which both countries have no future. However, after the 30-year war, the British were accustomed to looking down on the Germans and using them for their own selfish interests. We have done literally everything, but, alas, a minority headed by Jews rules in England. Chamberlain is a weak-willed old man, and, probably, the British will come to their senses only after a crushing defeat.

He does not understand what they actually need. Even if England won, one way or another, the United States, Japan and Russia will win. He even believes that many Americans, with all their sympathy for the British, joyfully rub their hands when reporting their current losses. ” “I:“ Verily, the United States wants to become their successors and establish dominance over all of South America. Otherwise, in my opinion, the official speeches should take into account the psychological factor: you can not assure that everything was done to achieve the desired friendship with the British, and then put them as murderers, hypocrites and destroyers of nations. It should be emphasized in every way that there are two England, and if one is a very significant phenomenon contributing to the development of culture and preservation of security on the European continent, the other is ruled by Jews who know neither shame nor conscience. And it is not our fault that the second one defeated the first. ” - Fuhrer: "Here you are absolutely right."

Then I discussed with the Führer the situation in Afghanistan. Amanullah sent his German friend to me: he was going to make a coup in Kabul, and then with the help of the Russians to invade the north-western part of India. I also reported that, to my knowledge, Canaris is also developing a similar operation. Fuhrer: "Very well, discuss this problem with him." - I: “It’s not for me to judge how successful such an operation can be. We have trained police leaders and a lot of road construction specialists for Afghanistan, as well as armed an entire division. Therefore, I will invite Admiral Canaris to me. ”

January 27 1940 years. Hess told the Führer about the captain of a German merchant ship, who visited Odessa for the second time with a break of several years. In contrast to previous times, he did not see a single Jew in state institutions. Everyone immediately began to argue about whether genuine changes occurred in Russia. I said that if this is so, then we must expect the cruelest Jewish pogrom. The Fuhrer said: “Perhaps then the frightened Europe will beg him to achieve a humane attitude towards the Jews in the eastern lands ...” Everyone laughed. Fuhrer: "And Rosenberg will have to become secretary of the congress I convened in support of the humane treatment of Jews."

Then we learned that in Russia a film was released that interprets Polish-Russian relations in a completely different way. I: “I also heard that the original plans of the Vatican were exposed in it.” - The Fuhrer: “Is it possible to somehow show this film with us?” - I (anxiously): “If there really is a question of the Vatican, then no.” Laughter and jokes again. With laughter, Borman pushed me to the side with his elbow: "This can be seen so far only in Russia - unfortunately."
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  1. Lech from ZATULINKI
    Lech from ZATULINKI 20 June 2013 07: 07
    interesting - maybe new facts and photos come up about which we do not know anything.
    1. Very old
      Very old 20 June 2013 08: 38
      Alexey, you can't deceive the old aunt KLIO. Every time, facts and information come up that the "scribes" of history would like to hide for a long time. About the "iron curtain" in particular
  2. Renat
    Renat 20 June 2013 08: 10
    Including for such purposes, a second front was opened. No way to help the Union. The Yankees managed to grab a lot of good. In all areas (technology, specialists, various kinds of documentation, and, of course, European).
  3. Very old
    Very old 20 June 2013 08: 33
    I read the diaries of Dr. Goebbels. He mentioned the "Iron Curtain" eight (!) Times. So W. Churchill is a plagiarist. Anti-fascist Churchill stole "Zh.Z." from a Nazi. It turns out that one passed the baton to the other. (Publishing group "Progress", 1993. J. Goebbels. Latest entries)
    1. cartridge
      cartridge 20 June 2013 13: 03
      In the United States, allegedly diaries of Hitler's ideologist Alfred Rosenberg were discovered. It is believed that stole them from defeated Germany American military procurator Robert Kempner.

      Here he is an American way of life in action! Our prosecutors are just children compared to their American counterparts!
  4. tixon444
    tixon444 20 June 2013 08: 42
    It is clear that we, as always, will never know the whole truth about the Kempner archive.

    And we don’t know much yet, for example, we will never know the protocols of the interrogation of Rudolf Hess.
    1. Very old
      Very old 20 June 2013 08: 49
      D. PASHA, well, if somewhere in the attic (in the basement) is gathering dust and waiting for the opening ... Or the British Snowden decides to ease his conscience. Everything maybe don't despair
  5. AK-47
    AK-47 20 June 2013 09: 15
    ... the second time I visited Odessa. Unlike in earlier times, he did not see a single Jew in state institutions.

    What would Odessa be and not a single Jew, this could not be.
    The diaries are undoubtedly false. negative
    1. Mr. Gambu4aS
      Mr. Gambu4aS 20 June 2013 09: 47
      Well, here he compares the situation of the 40th year and the situation before the Stalin purges, they just kicked them out of the state institution by the will of Stalin, because the Jews were then cleaned for sure, so now they are crying about the 37th
  6. valokordin
    valokordin 20 June 2013 09: 30
    In general, there is no anti-Semitism in the diaries of Rosenberg, an Estonian fellow countryman, we are only talking about the attitude towards the Jews who have seized economic and political power, and here there is no measure of hatred for these people.
  7. Yura
    Yura 20 June 2013 10: 01
    I think my friends, that soon the whole world, under the trademark of Alfred Rosenberg's diaries, interspersed with true excerpts from them, will read the next perverted facts and insinuations denigrating the USSR and Russia, there was a test shot, Germany is already trying to demand repentance from us for the crimes of the "Soviet regime" and tries to lay the blame for the outbreak of the Second World War on the USSR. The West and the United States are looking for and want to substantiate a reason for revising the results of the Second World War, and, accordingly, the Helsinki agreements on the inviolability of the borders established after its end. They are preparing the moral basis for the redistribution of the world, but already Russia and the countries that were part of the USSR fall directly into the zone of this redistribution. That is, it seems to me that the processing of the consciousness of their peoples and the peoples of the world begins in order to justify goals that are in principle understandable.
  8. Valery-SPB
    Valery-SPB 20 June 2013 10: 12
    Stalin exterminated the entire top command, because he is very feared war. And in case of defeat, and in case of victory, his own army inspired fear in him. Nevertheless: the infantry, for the most part, can still be dangerous, but at the same sea, you can’t be afraid of Russians.

    It is impossible to draw a conclusion about the authenticity of the diary because of the scantiness of the material for analysis.

    I don't know, maybe there is a translation defect ... but ... in the past tense ... "was afraid"? If an indication of the current state of the leader of a potential adversary should be "he is afraid ... the army instills fear in him."

    If Stalin feared and took appropriate measures because of fear, then, at present, he is no longer afraid and the army does not inspire fear with him?
    Consequently, the further content of the diary should indicate the growing fears of the author on the part of the "unpredictable Stalin." But ..., this is not visible.
  9. Aryan
    Aryan 20 June 2013 12: 21
    Then we learned that in Russia a film was released that interprets Polish-Russian relations in a completely different way. I: “I also heard that the original plans of the Vatican were exposed in it.” - The Fuhrer: “Is it possible to somehow show this film with us?” - I (anxiously): “If there really is a question of the Vatican, then no.” Laughter and jokes again. With laughter, Borman pushed me to the side with his elbow: "This can be seen so far only in Russia - unfortunately."

    At first I thought it was about Eisenstein's film "Alexander Nevsky", but he is against the Germans and 1938 ...
    Then I climbed through the film archives of those times and I think that we are talking about the film "Minin and Pozharsky" premiere: November 3, 1939
    Genre: Historical film
    A historical film about the creation of a militia by Minin and Pozharsky during the Polish invasion of the territory of Russia (1611).
    found here
    1. Aryan
      Aryan 20 June 2013 12: 28
      here is a frame from the movie
      1. Aryan
        Aryan 21 June 2013 12: 13
        So, it seems like such a trifle, but still confirms the authenticity of these diaries
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. Vtel
    Vtel 20 June 2013 13: 37
    The requests of the British and French are not so terrible, because they never identified the Soviet government with the Third International, which we have presented for 20 years as the work of Jewish criminals.
    We did literally everything, but, alas, in England the minority led by the Jews rules.

    Alas, of course.
  12. knn54
    knn54 20 June 2013 16: 33
    “The diary will serve as an important source of information for historians, which will supplement and partially contradict well-known documents,” says the scientific conclusion of the staff of the Washington Holocaust Museum, where the diaries were handed over.
    Rosenberg was Stalin's personal agent (since Bormann didn’t work out). And Beria was personally engaged in the development of the Holocaust, and Rosenberg, on the instructions of Stalin, slipped this idea to the “white and fluffy” Hitler ...
    Well, I do not believe that “this” is just being pulled out from under the cloth today.
  13. Black
    Black 20 June 2013 16: 52
    Poles: there is a thin German layer on top, and absolutely terrible material below.

    And this "material" sees Russia as a source of evil. fool
  14. pensioner
    pensioner 20 June 2013 17: 06
    Yes, these diaries will not give anything new. I don't remember anymore, but 1 of the high-ranking Germans spent all the post-war time trying to prove that he was not at the SS meeting in 42 in Warsaw, when Himler uttered his phrase about the "final solution of the Jewish question." Didn't convince anyone ...
  15. mithridate
    mithridate 20 June 2013 17: 33
    we will never get to the bottom of the truth. Too Great Opposition
  16. APASUS
    APASUS 20 June 2013 21: 30
    personal diary of fascist Germany’s political leader Alfred Rosenberg discovered by the Nuremberg Tribunal as one of the main war criminals and sentenced to death was discovered in the United States

    No wonder.
    The United States itself is now on the verge between military democracy and fascism.
    It’s worth learning some lessons!