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Weather Scout ...

This day at the Center for Combat Use and Retraining of the Army aviation turned out to be really saturated ...
In terms of flights from morning to night, the flight time was scheduled per minute - the pilots worked out the elements of complex piloting, increased their skills in piloting the Mi-24, Ka-52, Mi-35 helicopters. In the designated areas, helicopter pilots had to perform training attacks on air targets, elements of air combat, and complex aerobatics as part of a pair. MI-8 was used for mining from the air. Also, the crews of the Mi-8 and Mi-26 helicopters practiced piloting when using the VSU-15 and the APU-5 water-discharge devices for extinguishing forest fires ...

But every day in the center, and, probably, at any airfield of the Air Force, always begins with one flight - with the flight of a weather intelligence officer.
It is about this flight today and will be discussed ...


As a weather scout, this handsome Mi-24P was identified.
At the appointed time, the vehicles began pre-flight preparation - there was very little time left before departure ...

Hatches are opened, systems are being checked and preparation for departure ...

Received "good" to start and taxi, technician closes the hatches ...

After warming up, we very quickly take up a starting position on the runway ...

Take off ...

Along the runway we are leaving for a set - a beautiful view of the lane runs into the memory ...

Scheduled flights always began and begin with weather intelligence. It is not performed for any exercise of the PCU. Flight is simply called "Weather Intelligence". It runs 1 or 1.5 hours before the start of flights with an estimated flight time, usually around 30-40 minutes. It is preceded by the decision of the regimental commander (part) to implement it, where the chiefs of various services, including meteorological, report the situation and proposals. Meteorologists report actual weather on their own (according to ground observation) and at alternate aerodromes, give weather forecasts for the period of weather reconnaissance and flight shift ...

While we are going along the route, I’m getting used to the situation, this is a real combat vehicle and there’s just enough space in the cockpit, if you just say that taking pictures is difficult means you don’t say anything ...

Weather reconnaissance is usually performed by car, the crew commander of which may be a pilot from a position not lower than the castle counter. The co-pilot is a pilot not lower than the flight commander. As a rule, these are the most experienced regiment pilots with flight skills with minimal weather. Weather reconnaissance is performed not only around the aerodrome, but also with access to the ground range, with piloting altitude in flight zones, routes, etc., in order to determine the possibility of performing flights to attack ground targets, perform pilotage, perform interceptions and air battles, including over the clouds, landings.
In addition, the behavior of the machine is determined by the degree of atmospheric turbulence, icing in the clouds, the drifts on the landing and combat courses, runway and run behavior, chassis runway adhesion, and many more flight parameters are calculated. In addition, the calculation of the land radar services of the plant for landing with conditionally failed flight-navigation instruments is conducted. Ornithological situation is estimated. All this is a continuous report on the air ...

After the estimated flight and a short landing at the control point, the flight mechanic reports that combat aerobatics will now begin, this means only one thing - to hold on tight))
To increase the speed and speed you realize that everything that happened before is just an easy walk ...

Unaccustomed to difficult to adequately assess the height of the flight, it seems that the turns almost touch the tops of the trees ... although I understand of course that everything is strictly according to plan - after all, the pilots are really high-class pilots ...

After this stage of the flight, the machine goes to a height.
Mechanic shows that the height of about 1500 meters ... around the beauty and the sky, a lot of sky ...

We lay down on the reverse course, on the way admiring the Tver spaces ...


I wanted to make this frame the title, but was never decided ...))

Go to the runway, the task is completed ...


Taxied to the parking lot.
The crew goes to the RP to report the results of the flight, but the day at the Combat Training Center has just begun ...

I express my gratitude to the press service of the Ministry of Defense, as well as to the entire composition of the 344 pulp and paper industry and PLC for the possibility of filming in the Center and in the air!

ps I, of course, could not resist and filmed a bit of movement, at once I will make a reservation, without any artistic value, just to complete the picture;)
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  1. a.hamster55
    a.hamster55 19 June 2013 10: 12
    It’s good that there are helicopters in Torzhok, and there are almost no roads in the city. Or maybe the other way around, because they don’t repair roads because there are helicopters? lol
    1. Crang
      Crang 19 June 2013 22: 39
      Then let them distribute them to citizens.
  2. chaushevski
    chaushevski 19 June 2013 10: 26
    cool guys always liked our combat helicopters
    1. Crang
      Crang 19 June 2013 23: 04
      And then. Everyone knows Torzhok. There are many factories and a huge airbase in size from half a city. But the roads back in 2007 were not at all. Now the former dibil (by the way a military pilot) was dismissed. A new mayor came and the roads improved significantly. So, our fellow helicopter pilots no longer need to inflict a fire safety system for the administration and insert a guided missile into the ass of his measure. Now you can live.
  3. Matt eversmann
    Matt eversmann 19 June 2013 10: 38
    Beautiful photo selection turned outwink.
  4. Argon
    Argon 19 June 2013 12: 07
    Thank you, the photo is always interesting, well, at least for me. I would like more photos of the interior, some kind of "fishechek" of this particular board, the modelers will say thank you later.
  5. smprofi
    smprofi 19 June 2013 14: 30
    and here is the video of this flight