Was the contact of fascist Germany with extraterrestrial intelligence. (A look through the prism of the military-technical achievements of the Third Reich)

We have become accustomed to the fact that the future and the distant past, for example, the era of ancient Egypt or pre-Columbian America, are full of secrets. Events current and recent seem almost obvious. Nonetheless, something is amiss going on in the near past, only a few decades away from us. The attention of all sorts of mystics and "anomalists", among other things, is particularly attracted by the mysterious take-off of military scientific and technical thought in Nazi Germany. There is something mysterious in the snatch that German designers made during the years of the World War, the consequences of which became especially noticeable by the end of the war. The Luftwaffe was armed with fighter jets, guided bombs and Faustpatrony anti-ship missiles for infantry off the conveyors hundreds of thousands a month. Guided anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles were tested, and cruise V-1 and ballistic V-2 / A-4 were fired at a number of dozens around the UK. In the laboratories, something indescribable and incomprehensible was going on at all; experiments were conducted to create almost a radial weapons and psychotronic generators, studied the aerodynamic properties of aircraft for speeds 2 and even 3 Mach (Mach number is equal to the speed of sound), and if you believe some sources, even "flying saucers" were tested.

All this gave a number of researchers a reason to put forward the hypothesis that some people in Germany had contact with Extraterrestrial Mind, receiving from him, among other things, information about armaments and equipment. The contactee groups allegedly operated within the framework of the Vril secret society and the Anenerbe Institute. Skeptics rightly object that all this wonder-weapon did not save fascism from destruction. They say that the reasons for the German achievement can be found on Earth. Let's try to look at this problem without prejudice. Looking closely, we must pay attention to the strange inconsistency of super-advanced ideas with their sometimes quite ordinary technical embodiment. In design developments, often progressive concepts and explicit anachronisms coexist.

Let's start with aviation. The Germans were well aware of the merits of the swept and triangular wings, as well as the wings with reverse sweep. An arrow-shaped wing was installed on the Me-262 serial fighter jet, but it had a non-laminar profile, which was not very suitable for flying at high speed at high altitude, where this interceptor fought against American "flying fortresses". One gets the impression that the Germans for a long time either openly neglected the laminar profile, or were not familiar with its merits. This led to the fact that at maximum speeds the jet "Messers" pulled into an uncontrollable peak, and they crashed into the ground. Use the Germans on the Me-262 laminar profile, such troubles could have been avoided. At the end of the war, German designers paid tribute to this profile. They began to actively introduce it on promising aircraft, but the Americans introduced it on their piston Mustangs at the beginning of the war.

The Soviet designers were well aware of the strengths of the laminar profile. They did not use it only for the reason that Soviet aircraft were designed for fighting at relatively low altitudes, where this profile is not so good.

Even more strange is the look of the designers of the Third Reich at the end of the war to the wing with a backward sweep. Even a group of “captured” designers who worked after the war, by inertia, tried to introduce a wing with a backward sweep on new aircraft. However, this wing configuration in those years had no advantages, and over time, it seemed, it completely lost its prospects. However, relatively recently, in our time, American experts, exploring the prospects for the creation and development of the super-maneuvering fighter, concluded that a great future has just a wing with a backward sweep. It is likely to allow the most optimal combination of high airspeed with the ability to perform the most incredible "somersaults." Soviet experts came to the same conclusions. In the nineties, the super-maneuverable C-37 “Berkut” aircraft with a backward-swept wing was created in the design office named after P. Sukhoi, later named Su-47. Was the predilection of German designers an intuitive foresight, or was something else different?

In the Third Reich, the brothers Walter and Rainer Horten were invisible to radars. They created the Bomber No-229, barely noticeable to radars, capable of delivering 2 tons of bombs to distances up to 1600 kilometers. The plane had a wooden frame, sheathed in two layers of plywood, between which there was a mixture of charcoal powder, sawdust and glue 12 millimeters thick, perfectly absorbing the radiation of active air defense radars. The aircraft was built according to the “flying wing” scheme, had two jet engines and externally was strikingly similar to the modern American B-2.

The most powerful aircraft jet engines during the war years managed to create the British, who used centrifugal compressors. Their motors reached thrust 1200 and 2200 kgf. The Germans used axial compressors, their best engines gave thrust equal to 900 kgf. Nevertheless, in the future, engines with an axial compressor proved to be more promising. Nowadays, they allow us to give traction in excess of 20 and even 30 tons.

When the United States publicly began to advertise its PIO program, critical articles appeared in the Soviet press. One of them said that a very effective "antidote" against combat lasers with the aim of increasing the survivability of intercontinental ballistic missiles could be their layout like a German A-4 rocket during the war. If you read this fact on the contrary, it turns out that the V-2 rocket (V-2) had a layout that is optimal for use in countering conditions with the use of a laser (beam) weapon. And this at a time when only science fiction writers allowed themselves to speak and write about “hyperboloids” and “luchemets”. What is happening here - coincidence, intuitive foresight, or something else?

In general, when considering the facts presented, it is suspected that the Germans could receive some information from the outside, containing data on a number of fundamental concepts and solutions, for the implementation of which fascist Germany did not often have appropriate technologies and industrial base. Information was received, suppose, by a certain group of contactees, whose advice and instructions were handed over to designers under the guise of the development of certain research institutes, and they implemented them as they could and were able to.

Of course, all the stated facts and conjectures are a very, very flimsy design. Every single fact is true, but all together, along with conjecture, is very illusory. These facts do not necessarily have to be in contact with aliens, we can deal with a certain mental phenomenon, because the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition made a major breakthrough in military technology and design during the war years, not to mention the tremendous rise of the spirit of freedom and struggle against evil .

Academician Paton developed automatic welding technology in the Soviet Union tank armored steel under a layer of flux, which allowed the production of over 100 thousand tanks. In the United States, Chance-Vout developed the XF-5 piston fighter with piston engines, which reached a record speed of 811 kilometers per hour for that time. Among the test pilots, he had the nickname "flying pan." The United States itself has achieved a large separation from all countries, including Germany, in the field of aviation radars. Is it worth mentioning the experiments with the destroyer Eldridge invisibility, which had such a sad end for the crew of the ship? Extreme wartime demanded new and unexpected solutions from designers and scientists, which they were. Nevertheless, the “intellectual breakthrough” in Germany looks the most profound, but ambiguous, and therefore mysterious. In a word, the following conclusion suggests itself: the contact of fascist Germany with Extraterrestrial Intelligence could take place. But did he?
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    16 2014 June
    In polemics, one technique is very often used: a question is posed, then a seemingly negative answer is given to it, and then again everything returns to the antithesis. This allows us to introduce the necessary conclusion into the consciousness of a vis-a-vis, not by logical calculations, but "from the back entrance." In this case, we are dealing with such a trick.

    First, Germany did not make any such technological breakthroughs during WWII. Absolutely all technical solutions used by German designers were known earlier. The pulsating jet engine ("tarahtelka" used on the V-1 projectiles) was invented independently in the 60s by Charles de Louvrier (France) and Nikolai Afanasyevich Teleshov (Russia). The choice of just such a power plant was determined not by its high efficiency (it was higher for piston engines), but by the simplicity of its design, which made it possible to make a large amount at low cost - a quality that is simply irreplaceable for disposable equipment.
    The basics of the jet movement were also not a secret behind seven seals (we will recall the Chinese). The theory of jet propulsion in general was created by K.E. Tsiolkovsky (by the way, the Germans didn’t supplement it with anything), and the large (at times) efficiency of a liquid-propellant rocket engine in comparison with a turbojet engine was also known from the 20-s (Soviet GDL and GIRD for solid fuel the missiles weren’t even exchanged). The fact that Germany, due to its rather successful territorial acquisitions, was able to spend quite a lot of effort, money and money on lengthy and costly experiments in the missile field is the result of quite earthly efforts, and not at all revelations from above.
    Aerodynamic works have been used since the second half of the 19th century and the wings of a wide variety of profiles have been investigated in some detail. Just as the cumulative effect of the explosion was predicted in the 1792 year, and practically implemented in the 1888-m. What extragalactic knowledge is here - I can’t imagine.

    Secondly, if such ideas arrived (let's go along the author’s path), then it is not clear why everything worked out, I’m sorry, like from the anus. In any case, just unfinished. Fau-1 - a primitive from the children's circle of technical creativity: uncontrollable, passively tuned to range (a propeller set to a certain number of revolutions, which was adjusted ... according to London radio. And only later did agents who the British intelligence caught without much labor), brought down by anti-aircraft artillery and interceptors (as in the exercises - there is no opposition). Fau-2 - not much better: the accuracy of 20 km - with such weapons only at bast shoes like London to shoot, and even missed. As for the layout according to SDI standards - and what is so unique about it. And the effectiveness of the SDI remained unproven, and consequently, the effectiveness of the layout, too.

    The Germans fell under the magic of jet propulsion, seeing in it a new step. They were not mistaken in this, but the technical capabilities of that time simply did not allow getting the most out of it. That is why other leading countries of the world did not spend so much time on its development in wartime, focusing on albeit less effective, but time-tested and massively mastered models. And everything else was left for the post-war period.
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    December 14 2016
    And they also built a base for the 4 Reich in Antarctica laughing

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