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Multipurpose fighter market will retain absolute leadership among all categories of military AT

Multipurpose fighter market will retain absolute leadership among all categories of military AT

For the anniversary 50-th International Air Show Paris Air Show 2013, which will be held at Le Bourget from the 17 23 on June TSAMTO publishes statistics of the global export market of new multi-role fighters for the period of 2009-2016 years.

In the coming 4-year period (2013-2016 years.) Sales of new multi-role fighters will be 529 units. amounting to 41,4 billion dollars in the case of performing the delivery schedules for current contracts, the stated intention of the tender and (delivery scheduled for the period from 2017 onwards in calculating not taken into account).

Thus, the market of new multi-role fighters will maintain absolute leadership among all categories of military aviation techniques.


Military transport aircraft (seat 2)

In 2013-2016 sales of new medium and strategic military transport aircraft (military-technical cooperation) will be 242 units. worth 24,406 billion dollars

Refueling aircraft (seat 3)

In 2013-2016 sales of new tanker aircraft will be 42 units. worth 10,810 billion dollars

Reactive UBS (place 4)

In 2013-2016 sales of new jet combat training aircraft (UBS) will 292 units. worth 7,964 billion dollars

BPA aircraft (seat 5)

In 2013-2016 sales of new anti-submarine and maritime patrol aircraft will be 86 machines amounting to US $ 6,496 billion.

Turboprop TCB (place 6)

In 2013-2016 sales of new turboprop training aircraft (TCB) will 531 units. worth 5,273 billion dollars

DRLOI aircraft (seat 7)

In 2013-2016 sales of new long-range radar detection and control airplanes (AEWS) will be 9 machines worth 3,617 billion dollars.

Market of new multi-role fighters

In the past 4-year period (2009-2012) the world has been exported or manufactured under license from 559 new aircraft in the amount of 32,5 billion dollars.

2009-2012 total 735 fighters were exported worth 33,5 billion dollars. The volume of sales of new aircraft was 76,05% of the total number or 97,22% of the value of global supply.

In percentage terms, the reduction in the supply of new fighters in 2013-2016. compared to 2009-2012. amount to 5,67% in quantitative terms with a simultaneous increase in exports in value terms by 27,36%.

Some decline in exports is related primarily to the transfer delivery schedule to customers fighter F-35 «Lightning-2» and delays in the signing of several contracts have already conducted or ongoing long-term tenders.

In 2009-2012 average demand for new multi-role fighter on the international market was 140 units. in year. In 2013-2016 annual demand will be reduced to 132 machines.

According to the TSAMTO method, the “new” category includes deliveries of new fighters, licensed programs, and also deliveries of aircraft from the Armed Forces of exporting countries upgraded to the level of practically new vehicles with an extended service life, the price of which at the time of delivery is over 50% of the cost The new fighter of the same type for the same period of time, but not less than 20 million dollars.

When calculating the market of new fighters for a period of 2013-2016 years. taken into account the supply of new machines for existing contracts, licensing programs, as well as the planned delivery of the stated programs, negotiations on which are at an advanced stage of discussion (ie, those programs for which it is already possible to calculate the approximate delivery schedule). The calculation of all international fighters exporters included only export orders (licensed programs), the supply of the domestic market are not taken into account. It does not also take into account the delivery of the aircraft of the Armed Forces of exporting countries and the export of the modernization program, if they are not included in the price of the cost of the above categories.

More detailed material is published in the public domain in the “Arms Exhibition” section.

The full report on the world market of fighters for the period 2009-2016, as well as the world market of military transport aircraft, refueling aircraft, airborne combat aircraft, aircraft of basic patrol aircraft, jet UBS and turboprop TCB will be published in the journal World Trade weapons»No.6.
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  1. fisherman
    fisherman 17 June 2013 11: 21
    The most important "Market" for new multirole fighters is the Russian Air Force.
  2. shamil
    shamil 17 June 2013 11: 26
    they sell it at all more expensive than they buy for themselves
  3. alexng
    alexng 17 June 2013 11: 36
    If only the money earned on export went to the development and full restoration of aircraft manufacturing in Russia.
  4. Airman
    Airman 17 June 2013 14: 31
    The increase in aircraft sales immediately pulls up another component - the sale of air defense systems. And selling both of them to China, we ourselves are drastically reducing our export potential. Already burned on sales of the SU-27 and S-300, and now we sell the SU-35. How much can you step on a rake? Short-term benefits are more expensive than long-term prospects? Or are they afraid that in the future they will not get anything, and need to snatch now?
    1. agbykov
      agbykov 17 June 2013 16: 32
      Myself to supply PAK FA, and for export - SU-35? Like F22 and F35.
  5. cartridge
    cartridge 17 June 2013 14: 48
    I am sure that the Su-35 will capture most of the front-line fighter sales market.
  6. sys-1985
    sys-1985 17 June 2013 14: 56
    Now the market is "like") And according to its rules, everything that has been produced needs to be implemented. God forbid at least the T-50 will first clog our airfields (hangars), and not the Chinese ...
  7. ded
    ded 17 June 2013 16: 30
    Unfortunately, a good airplane does not mean that it will sell well. Australia is pissing with boiling water from the Su-30 Su-35, but it will still have to buy the FU-35. You understand politics!
  8. viktoxz
    viktoxz 17 June 2013 16: 47
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    1. nemec55
      nemec55 17 June 2013 21: 23
      At you like with body 2 kicked out and with pay.