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Features of power intelligence in the zone of military conflicts (Part I)

Features of power intelligence in the zone of military conflicts (Part I)

"In order for a soldier to fight well, he must first be clothed, shod, fed, trained, and only after sent to accomplish the task."

At first, I wrote the first version of the article: with calculations of kilocalories calculations, with detailed calculations and tables that contained the daily energy consumption of the human body. Specialists of food services, nutritionists, doctors and other okolovoenny people were involved as consultants. The article was written, reviewed and approved by the big authorities. I tried to read it and fell asleep at the first paragraph.
And if I fall asleep while reading, it means that I was forced to read something extremely uninteresting.

Therefore, I decided to write a new article: in the form of a story. In it, I decided to present both my personal observations and other military personnel, as well as our experience and impressions gained by us on business trips and training outlets.

When performing tasks of both reconnaissance and special nature, the intelligence officer operating as part of a special-purpose reconnaissance group, according to an extract from the order and the logistics plan, carried out activities, is supposed to have a dry ration for a period of such a day. What does this package include? And what is he all about?

I propose not to go into discussions of those times when Soviet industry supplied the troops with “mountain summer” and “mountain winter” rations, which included canned lard, cut into thin strips, or such an exotic product as “fruit soup”. I suggest to get acquainted with those products that their main consumers can count on: the army, the fleet, geologists, rescuers, tourists and others.

In 1995, the Russian Armed Forces, which operated in the zone of the counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus, appeared the so-called "green rations". While at the time serving as the company commander, I was fortunate enough to receive food specialists: two intelligent lieutenant colonels from Moscow. And it happened so.

Having received the "left" task for my company to unload the AH-12, as well as to meet and accommodate two officers from the food administration - I first wanted to start a crook that: "not our business, we are super-duper scouts; yesterday only for the little one, Basayev was not caught in a kebab at Louise's Chechen woman, but he, such a reptile, bought a pack of "LM" and a chocolate bar envied us and disappeared. " However, did not. The scent and aggravated instincts on any “freebie” prompted me not to whine, but to go to the airfield. I have not lost absolutely. Two men in brand new camouflages were lonely stuck near the open ramp and scared to watch the military rush past, the anti-aircraft complexes of the battalion guarding the airfield, and wrinkled from the screams of the pilots demanding to immediately release the board from the cargo. I asked them who they were. It turned out my "defendants."
-What kind of cargo?
- soldering!
-New !!
-For the experiment !!!
-Yes, we have these rations ... Yes, my uncle works at the rationing factory ... In general, we don’t have any rations, and they have never been born ...

Fifteen minutes later my valiant scouts flew up at KAMAZ. And after another two hours, a scout with a gun was trampling near the body, laced and sealed by mine and the seal of one of the Muscovites. At the request of the lieutenant colonels, several boxes were withdrawn from the body and delivered to me in the commander’s tent.

After the bath, I suggested to the capital guests to be treated to what God had sent. Eating a sturgeon shashlik and washing it down with Kizlyar cognac, my guests told what the essence of their business trip was. For the military, developed a new type of dry rations and the necessary to test it in the warring units. As the consumption of new rations, you need to record reviews, fill out questionnaires and go back with all this. When the observed deficiencies are eliminated - the production of new rations will start at full capacity.
That's it. Then these very “new rations” were demonstrated to me, which in time got the nickname “green”.
What were they like?
Plastic packaging with carrying handle and 3-hermetic compartments: for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Each branch was closed separately (like 3 jars of yogurt): opened the breakfast - lunch and dinner do not get enough sleep.
I want to note that the experimental batch of "green" rations (prior to their launch into mass production) was distinguished by a large variety of products.
The rations that came in during the second counter-terrorist operation were not the same ...

So, what was there:

- 2 square cans of meat and cereal canned food (with a soldered lid).
Basically - porridge with meat: buckwheat, rice or barley.
But there were also rations where, instead of porridge, there were potatoes with meat.
She was much tastier than any cereal.

- 1 square jar with stew (with a soldered lid).
Beef or pork - the stew is good both cold and hot.
But in the preheated beef is best: it has more tasty broth.
Pork is delicious cold.
She often met the label with the inscription "Spicy Pork".

- 1 small round jar with minced meat.
Basically - "Sausage" or with Liver pate.
Both pate are good when used in any form: both hot and cold.

- 1 small round jar with canned fish.
Here our opinions are already divided: someone “minted” and this, and someone left in reserve. Others used canned fish to make salads.
But this is in the LDPE.

- 1 is a small bag with ketchup, also called "Tomato Sauce".

- 1 bag with dry concentrated milk.

- 2 bag of instant coffee (something like a mixture of "Nescafe" and "Pele")
or instead of coffee - two bags of instant tea. (Very much sweet tea)
The taste of tea is barely noticeable and the taste of some drugs is felt.

- 1 bag of dry concentrated drink: "Lemon" or "Dolphin"
1 bag dissolved in a glass of boiled water 1.
(resembles something soluble pop: like in childhood)
It is possible in principle to drink it with hot water like tea: it will taste like very liquid jelly.
A "Dolphin" in a flask of vodka - a good tonic: checked.

- 1 bag of jam (usually apple).

- Sugar in paper bags (usually 2 portions on 15 gr.).

- 1 multivitamin in paper packaging (1 tablet).

There were rations with a couple of candies, usually stuck together melted and very sweet.

The crown of all variety is, of course, the briquette of yellowish-colored pea concentrate, sealed in transparent plastic, on which is written the instruction “Chew, drink with water”, which amazes with the complexity of execution.

At first the scouts tried to gnaw him gallantly - they did not like it. Then they began to just throw out. However, in the end, they found it to be used, but not according to the instructions. Pressed peas can be gently sliced ​​with a knife into warmed jars of porridge or stew.
You can crush a few tiles, only be sure to crush them qualitatively: otherwise, the peas do not swell or dissolve. Pour boiling water, stir, and add stews. It turns out quite edible pea porridge. Also good are these briquettes for a stand for any furniture or for heating furnaces.

Then there are such trifles as:
- 6 packs "army bread" - they are biscuits.
- dry and slightly bland cookies.
It often breaks and crumbles right in the packaging. Bread, of course, they will not replace, but in the field and it will come down. The fighters usually soaked a couple of biscuits in the broth from the stew or “roasted” them in an already empty jar: so they became much more tasty. Also, these biscuits burn well in the fire or in the stove: much better than peas.
- 1 small bag of raisins, among which comes across a lot of dry grape twigs.
- A very useful thing: canned food canner. There are plastic: such green things, in the form of an arrowhead with a pin. But to open them is a whole problem, better with a knife. The main thing is not to pierce a thin jar through. And there are metal openers that look like a small piece of zinc cutter. These are much more convenient and practical.
- 1 small plastic green spoon.
- A very necessary fixture: "portable heater" - it is a taganok. This is just a tin plate with slots. This plate is attached to the blister with the tablets of dry alcohol, which is included. After disconnecting from the packaging with tablets of dry alcohol and a round float, the tin was bent in a special way, forming something really similar to the taganok.
Sulfur is applied to the tablets along the edge: chirkai with a pill on the grate - put inside the taganka and warm up the stew or boil water. Very often, alcohol pills, despite the packaging, were raw and could be fired mainly with matches or a lighter.
The “portable heater” is good for everyone, but when you lie down somewhere in the ambush or during the day, when they tried to warm up food with it, dry alcohol very stupidly and smelled specifically, strongly unmasking the group.

There are still a few matches "hunting" sealed in cellophane, they burn well in the wind and rain, but also stink very badly. Well, and finally - 3 green paper napkins, and one wet: for wiping the face.

All this magnificence was called IRP: Individual Diet.
They went under the indices (B): Combat and (P): Casual.
Later such rations were met almost everywhere and in all divisions of the second Chechen company. But meat and vegetable canned food with potatoes met very little, if not met at all. Such rations now in daily activities provide almost all parts. For example, let me give you an insert from the soldering unit IRP-P used in the territory of the Siberian Military District.

Composition :
1. Army Bread: 6 / 50
2. Canned meat: 1 / 250 g.
3. Canned minced meat: 1 / 100
4. Canned meat: 2 / 250 g.
5. Fruit Jam: 2 / 45
6. Concentrate for drink: 1 / 25 g.
7. Instant tea with sugar: 2 / 16
8. Sugar: 2 / 15.
9. Multivitamins: 1pcs.
10. Preheater: 1 set.
11. Paper napkins: 3 pcs.
12. Can opener: 1pcs.

Well, this is the composition of the IRP-B "Chechen option." IRP-B is completed in accordance with the requirements of TU 9104-367-004605473-99

1. Bread "Army" 1 / 50
2. Canned meat 1 / 250 g.
3. Dry milk drink 1 / 30 g.
4. Instant coffee 1 / 2
5. 1 / 15 Sugar
6. Lollipop 2 pcs.
7. Caramel "Siberian" 1 pcs.
8. Multivitamins 1 pcs.
9. Preheater 1 pcs.
10. Paper napkins 1 pcs.
11. Hygienic napkins 1 pcs.
12. Matches 6 pcs.
13. Spoon plastic 1 pcs.
14. Opener (for canned food) 1 pcs.
15. Akvatabs 1 pcs.

1. Bread "Army" 2 / 50
2. Canned meat 1 / 100 g.
3. Canned meat and vegetable 1 / 250
4. 1 / 60 Tomato Sauce
5. Dried fruits 1 / 20 g.
6. Concentrate for drink 1 / 25
7. 3 / 15 Sugar
8. Paper napkins 1 pcs.
9. Hygienic napkins 1 pcs.
10. Akvatabs 1 pcs.

1. Bread "Army" 1 / 50
2. Canned fish 1 / 100
3. Concentrate food bricketed 1 / 60
4. Jam 1 / 45 g.
5. Tea with 1 / 16 sugar
6. Paper napkins 1 pcs.
7. Hygienic napkins 1 pcs.
8. Akvatabs 1 pcs.

The nutritional value:
proteins - 115,
Fat - 147 g.
carbohydrates - 353
Energy value: 3191 kcal
Agree that the IRP-P is not the same: in comparison with the IRP-B, there is not even a wonderful pea briquette.

I allocated to the food workers one BTR, a team of five people for guarding and escorting, I appointed the brave foreman-conscript senior to the castle platoon. Let's go "green" rations to master the soldiers' stomachs throughout the conflict zone.
My scouts, accustomed to eat as "chic" as possible, received rations hid for "just in case", and cooked themselves soups on a blowtorch, frying potatoes and meat, shamelessly changing the "diesel" for food, normal tea, sausage, cheese and cigarettes.

After moving to the 324 area of ​​the motorized rifle regiment, the “food workers” were very surprised to observe the behavior of my soldiers.
- Imagine, commander! I had to spend the night on the block, so your fighters didn’t open our rations - one of the “Muscovites” said.
- We see that their home supplies are over - so they went on the road with the “veveshnikami” - and let's collect the tribute from the cars.
Is it possible?
Why they do not eat our rations?

I had to explain the truths that have become clear and clear only here, in the war.
If the unit performs the task on the equipment, then they, despite the presence of "fashionable" packages with a hitherto unseen ration, the fighters will still eat the way they used to. There is a real opportunity to get out of stock or simply stole, barter, buy normal products: meat, vegetables, bread, cereals, pasta.
Water can be gained much more than when performing the task on foot.
A normal BTR driver, or a BMP driver, always has a blowtorch with a special tripod, which is hidden in the airborne landing, with a special tripod for fast preparation and heating.

For example: in my commander’s armored personnel carrier, there is a small tile with a gas cylinder, which is not difficult to exchange for gas filled in Chechnya.
Yes, there is, of course, the danger of a bomb exploding during shelling or exploding. But what is the danger, if you think soberly? Balloon in armor, in a special box. If the armored personnel carrier pierces with a cumulative jet of a grenade launcher, then there will be no time for the balloon.
All armored vehicles have additional water tanks, canisters, plastic barrels, RDV rubber tanks for water. So if there is an opportunity to prepare normal food, which favorably differs from the canteen “balanda” - then why not?
In each group, platoon or crew - behind the scenes, the cook chooses the most common decision: the most intelligent and adapted to cooking scout. In my company, for example, I had to deserve this position: young people were never allowed to such a “delicate” business. The most experienced and well-deserved "authorities" of the senior soldiers were engaged in cooking. They also engaged in "blanks" before exits. Agree that it is better to eat hot and nourishing shurpy with potatoes, onions, spices and pieces of young lamb, than to eat stew from a jar. Even the same porridge from general rations of simple standards will be much more tasty if it is roasted in a large cauldron and seasoned with onions and spices. The foodstufflers agreed with my arguments and asked: what would we like to see in rations? For such cases.
And then I suffered ...
But my wishes were carefully recorded.
Then, on trips around the republic, the “Muscovites” listened to a bunch of the same wishes. Maybe due to my inflamed imagination, or maybe collective delirium, or maybe even due to some factors, but soon a new type of ration appeared in the Russian Armed Forces:
RP MK (Diet of small teams).
RP MK was more diverse in terms of product range.

Soon, several tasks for conducting searches and ambushes came to the company.
It was then in full and I had to run in new rations.
At the outputs revealed several features in the application of rations.

It is better not to open the canned meat and meat and cereal, but to warm it up with the lid closed. There will be nothing for them: the lid is sealed so that the vapors of the heated food themselves open it when its contents are warmed up properly. An unopened tin can needs to be heated on the fire evenly, on both sides, as if you are frying cutlets: put it to warm upside down, warm it up - turned the jar over to the other side. This is done so that the porridge or meat is not burnt.

But if you are going to add to the canned any delicacies such as onions or garlic - then of course the bank will have to open. Plastic openers for canned food is absolutely unsuitable thing, the metal version is much stronger and more functional. A pair of simple recipes for the preparation of delicious dishes from the diet of military food was developed. According to the second Chechen, they will be in vogue under the names "Mu-hrya Meat" and "Mu-hrya Sweet."

Recipe "Mu-hrya meat":
Take a pound of steamed pork, olive oil, capers, one pineapple and lettuce leaves. What, no? Then we proceed easier. We release one branch of the "green rations": the one that is equipped with lunch. Cut this "plastic trough" out of the package. It will be a container for cooking. We heat up all the meat and meat-and-cereal canned goods and dump them in tara. There, we also dump the minced meat, preferably Sausage, crumble back half the pea briquette concentrate and pour all of this with ketchup. Stir well. Here is a meal at one meal for three scouts. It is recommended to eat hot. However, it does not have time to cool down (as practice has shown). It is recommended to use a spoon (more scoop). If there is no spoon, eat everything that comes handy: a can lid, a fork, a knife, a sprig, a muzzle brake compensator). It is not recommended to eat with your hands: they can push it.

Recipe "Mu-hrya sweet":
Here the recipe of cooking is much more complicated. In the same way as described above, plastic dishes are prepared, but already from the compartment in which breakfast is packed. Take 3-4 packs of biscuits, and crumble furiously (preferably to a flour-like state). Splashed biscuits poured into dishes and poured hot water. All this is thoroughly mixed. During the mixing process, a bag of powdered milk and sugar are added. To add color, you can add a bag of instant tea or coffee. The whole mass is brought to a uniform state and set aside to swell. While the first dish is being consumed - “Moo-hrya sweet” cools down, and crumbled biscuits swell. It turns out something like a cake that can be decorated on top with funny drawings from a bag of jam. Fun and tasty! It is recommended to drink tea or coffee. At worst, you can drink and concentrated drink.

The scouts still dissolved the dry milk powder in the mineral water bottle and added the crushed vitamin. Drink learned quite high-calorie and invigorating. The next peculiarity of rations is their inconvenience and sufficient dimensions. To stuff such an ration into the old RD-54 is problematic. You can cram a raid backpack, but it will take up quite a lot of space.
There are several solutions to the emerging "problem." The first option is to "otkatronit" rations completely. Just take out all the contents and scatter in the pockets of the backpack: the place in this state rations takes much less. But there is one drawback: throwing plastic packaging, we lose disposable utensils. The second option is to cut the packaging along the seams, but without disassembling the contents of the compartments. Space will occupy less, plus remains "dishes". The third option is to hang the packs in the package directly on the backpack: on the straps and straps. True, if there are several of these rations - a scout, kicking a "raid" on his shoulders resembles a tree, hung with very non-standard toys. Well, and the inconvenience that immediately arises after this: when landing, when passing through thickets and dense forest - all this clings to the branches and tries to break off. One plus: with each day spent at the exit - the number of rations gradually decreases, and it becomes easier and easier to haul cargo.

That's basically all I can say about the "green" ration. Of course, how many people - so many opinions. Indeed, in addition to this ration, later his other standards and additions appeared.

In the 2002 year, high-energy rations (combat) rations began to arrive in units and units of the special forces of the UGA. Almost everything is the same, only smaller packings in size:
the size of the package of the whole ration is equal to the "lunch" section of the ordinary "green" ration.
Galette is much smaller there, and there are no cans of fish and pea briquette at all.
But there is:
- condensed milk in a tube like toothpaste;
- briquette with high-calorie dry fruit mass (nuts, raisins and prunes: dried and compressed);
- a bag of M & M's type chocolates.

Appeared and various additives to the soldering. One of them very much introduced the whole rank-and-file composition to the "lyrical" mood. In transparent plastic bags like hot-water bottles with a straw - a concentrated drink with some herbs extracts and vitamins. It tasted like divorced pomegranate or cranberry juice. When drinking this drink, it seemed to everyone that there was a certain amount of alcohol in it. Therefore, he was absorbed by the fighters with constant enthusiasm.

There was also one supplement in the form of the same briquettes from the series “chew, drink with water”: only not peas, but semolina and rice. They tasted exactly the same.

In addition, mineral water was provided for each scout as part of the rations allowance allowance. Water was part of the dry ration and was issued with it. The ration for one day was 2 bottles of 1,5 each. Mineral was from different manufacturers. I will describe only two.
"Mercury" was basically nothing, but so far cold. But as soon as it became warm, a rotten and unpleasant taste appeared. "Hot key" was good in any way. Typically, the group turned out a few boxes, which are sorted by scouts on backpacks. Usually, the water packages received after storage were torn, and the bottles themselves were dirty and flown away with labels. But for us, not the form, but the content was always more important.

Green Dog 28.2.2008, 11: 51
Lucky for you, the food is edible, and ours (Ukrainian rations), you eat for two or three days, and that's it, until gastritis is at least a short distance away, and they are small ...

RUSIVAN 28.2.2008, 20: 49
Russian suhpay - the most delicious suhpay!
Join the Russian Army, and you are guaranteed tasty and high-calorie food, walks in the fresh air, communication with interesting, highly educated people, as well as training in extreme sports ...

To be continued
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  1. a.hamster55
    a.hamster55 17 June 2013 08: 20
    I didn’t use the greens very much, but you definitely survive. He experimented with plenty of old ones. I liked the recipe: - you sort the jars of porridge in the same way; - you open one per person and
    into the boiler; - add 0,5 cups of water and cover with a "lid" on top; - after 30 minutes, the porridge is steamed and the water boils away; - add a can of stew to enhance the taste; - you eat it with pleasure!
  2. fartfraer
    fartfraer 17 June 2013 09: 24
    Suhpai we have excellent .. only this concentrate (pea) is a terrible thing))
    1. StolzSS
      StolzSS 19 June 2013 02: 19
      I agree this pea square is just tin ...., but what is surprising is that my dog ​​eats and does not complain)))
  3. leonardo_1971
    leonardo_1971 17 June 2013 09: 46
    there was still a drink YOUNG. sour. we brewed it and added alcohol! it turned out almost mulled wine! He warmed it well during the night in the mountains. Green we received until about 2008 then in a cardboard box. Green IRPI was tastier.
  4. laurbalaur
    laurbalaur 17 June 2013 09: 47
    These briquettes are also good for a stand for some furniture or for furnace furnaces.
    laughing Respect to the author! Plus a sense of humor on top!
  5. Hleb
    Hleb 17 June 2013 10: 13
    - condensed milk in a tube like toothpaste;
    - briquette with high-calorie dry fruit mass (nuts, raisins and prunes: dried and compressed);
    - a bag of M & M's type chocolates.

    still dark chocolate and cognac.
    and green mountains of used ice cream all over Chechnya
    1. Mister X
      17 June 2013 14: 44
      Quote: Gleb
      still dark chocolate and cognac.

      I heard about cognac in the IRP.
      I think that this is in special rations for the highest command staff.

      And let ordinary soldiers not forget to constantly use the "officer's lemon":
      onion. And the garlic.
      They contain a bunch of vitamins and are used to prevent many diseases.

      For example, I do not cut onions, but squeeze.
      I put the whole onion in one palm, and with the other palm I press.
      Onions exfoliate, start up juice and become sweeter.

      The onion is also suitable for treating wounds and bites.
      Gruel from grated onion draws pus and contributes to the rapid healing of wounds.
      Burns, of course, scary.
      But it helps ...
      1. Hleb
        Hleb 17 June 2013 17: 41
        there is not so much of it (brandy) to be hooked. and such rare rations were given to groups operating high in the mountains. You will definitely not find the gentleman of the "high command" there
        1. Mister X
          17 June 2013 19: 45
          As for the command staff, I suggested.
          And the bottles are probably tiny (you can hide them in the palm of your hand): for one sip.
          Like those that are offered on airplanes.
  6. Akim
    Akim 17 June 2013 10: 32
    And who knows what dry land in Kazakhstan?
    1. Hleb
      Hleb 17 June 2013 10: 54
      dried horse meat, kurt, ayran, feather grass - all wrapped in a nightmare
      1. Akim
        Akim 17 June 2013 11: 13
        Quote: Gleb
        dried horse meat

        But seriously? Just recently, here, the Kazakh boasted that they were fed much more satisfying than the Americans.
        Green Dog 28.2.2008, 11: 51
        Lucky for you, edible food in dry tea, and ours (Ukrainian rations), you eat for two or three days, and that’s all, at least a stone's throw from gastritis, and they are small ..

        Russian rations are really better, but Ukrainian is not small either. In addition, the fighters, in addition, in the winter, were given boiled lard. (utter muck - for an amateur). But it is very satisfying.
        1. Hleb
          Hleb 17 June 2013 11: 24
          I don’t know what rations are there right now. And the Kazakhs like to brag here. according to them they have a better mark on moles than in Russia.
          and the fact that our rations were the best, a fact recognized by the NATO members. but it was before. Recently, on the train I tried with demobilization out of curiosity.
          1. Uhe
            Uhe 17 June 2013 15: 54
            The fact is that earlier, that is, during the times of the USSR and in the first 10 years of the Russian Federation, several institutes dealt with this problem, the main of which was the Scientific Research Institute of Software and Technology and all this production was carried out on a BEZ. Of course, scientists didn’t just eat their bread, but developed truly advanced products for both the military and outer space. Since state. order is an extremely profitable business, then for the theme itself it was not a comic battle that flared up, but for the plant - and in fact a battle in the literal sense of the word. As a result, almost all of the development and manufacture went into firms controlled by officials, and the former pillar of our military food industry is living out its life in extremely flawed form. Hence the wretchedness of the current diet compared with the old - neither science nor technology was left, but the money is being cut heavily.
      2. Mairos
        Mairos 17 June 2013 14: 44
        I put + for a sense of humor. )) And nasvay or hash is not included in the Kazakh dry land? ))))
        Although rather it is in Uzbek. )))
        1. Hleb
          Hleb 17 June 2013 17: 37
          it is also enough in Kazakhstan. a bottle of 0.5 in the market is worth one hundred tenge)
  7. a.hamster55
    a.hamster55 17 June 2013 11: 12
    I myself wrote a cooking recipe and now I'm sitting swallowing saliva. And could write closer to dinner!
    1. ded10041948
      ded10041948 17 June 2013 21: 40
      Safety precautions must be observed!
  8. leon-iv
    leon-iv 17 June 2013 13: 35
    By the way, he sent out new rations.
    1 standard bowler
    2 cans of potatoes with meat
    1 Tinned
    kicks off is poured with water heats up with appetite.
    1. ded10041948
      ded10041948 17 June 2013 21: 41
      Can’t you burst past the seam from such dosages?
  9. leon-iv
    leon-iv 17 June 2013 13: 37
    By the way, the author thanks a lot for the recipe for lard with spices and tea concentrate fighters you are grateful.
  10. Gato
    Gato 17 June 2013 14: 45
    A "Dolphin" in a flask of vodka - a good tonic: checked.

    And without "Dolphin" - nothing too. If without fanaticism drinks laughing
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. pamero
    pamero 17 June 2013 15: 44
    6 month old he ate a wonderful brew!
    1. Akim
      Akim 17 June 2013 15: 48
      Quote: pamero
      6 months ate it

      Sorry. And what were the problems with normal food?
    2. Hleb
      Hleb 17 June 2013 17: 50
      by the way, it’s supposedly impossible to eat for more than three days in a row.
  13. SIT
    SIT 17 June 2013 15: 50
    Too much for waste exploration. Even if you dig in, they will still find so much plastic. And why is aquatabs only in one kind of rations? There is never too much aquatabs if there are not mountain rivers around, but "green hell". Well, although ours are not fighting there yet, thank God. Yes, in the jungle, a meal will not help. From it, the sweat has such a smell that all the local animals will squeal so that it will be clear who is walking from kilometers away. So until you find fault with the pasture from the base, it is better not to leave.
    1. Rider
      Rider 17 June 2013 15: 55
      Quote: SIT
      Too much waste for exploration.

      the nutritional characteristics of raiders, the author left for sweets.
      in the second part, this will be discussed.
    2. Hleb
      Hleb 17 June 2013 17: 46
      no one took the IRP from us in the packaging for the exit. He basically described what it takes and is inconvenient to carry. But he also wrote about using it as disposable tableware, why ??? there are very convenient packages with meat and porridge made of foil. you put it on a cauldron and how swollen, take off (indicator)) and eat directly from it.
      and aquababs is in all green IRPs
  14. Rider
    Rider 17 June 2013 15: 52
    I ask all readers to pay attention to the author.

    A. Zagortsev is a special forces officer who went through both Chechen companies and is an excellent writer in the genre of a humorous action movie.

    I strongly recommend everyone to read his story "A Special Group" (or an officer's group), I guarantee wild neighing and reflex convulsions from laughter under the table.
    1. ded10041948
      ded10041948 18 June 2013 21: 28
      I read it with great pleasure. It’s good that the day is working and the whole population who is at work, who is in kindergarten, who is in the school camp. Otherwise I would have scared me with my laughter. The cat, the poor fellow, escaped to the toilet and hid behind the toilet. Barely lured from there (I had to unwind on a whole raw rotan, otherwise I did not get out.
  15. Patriot KK98
    Patriot KK98 17 June 2013 17: 09
    And now such expired rations are wanted by contracting officers at permanent locations
    stick in. I agree that servicemen in permanent conflict places need such a ration (he would have eaten himself, only three years are left, although they will still find what is better and exchange). On the following questions that arise:
    1. I would not have inflated such a comment on this subject if I had not known about it.
    2. I tried the "green" ration myself.
    If you will put the minuses, please explain (in our army shit (in the form of separate officers, nits) a lot of which you can talk about)))
    The author’s site was found here link:
    Now I will read stories in turn.
  16. Landwarrior
    Landwarrior 17 June 2013 18: 21
    An IRP couple lives in a car in the event of a quarrel with his wife. laughing
    True burner is uncomfortable No.
    1. ded10041948
      ded10041948 17 June 2013 21: 53
      "A soldier is always a soldier!"
      1. Landwarrior
        Landwarrior 17 June 2013 23: 58
        Not without it laughing Habit is second nature wink
  17. MAG
    MAG 17 June 2013 19: 07
    We had such, but we called them "officers", but we also expropriated them from the officers))) and so the road and the food warehouse were bombed. For the road, a blue cop uniform was in store (like everything is legal) and they went to the warehouse worse than ambushes))) once we met at the warehouse, intelligence, baht and azdn threw lots to whom we were not lucky to open the warehouse. The officers knew about our specialties, and they ate from one pot, but there was a rule "don't sleep")))
    1. folds
      folds 18 June 2013 17: 44
      "For not for the reward that he did - but for what he fell for!" :)))
  18. EvilDentist
    EvilDentist 17 June 2013 20: 03
    I ate a student’s IRPB in a hostel for more than 1 days (I’ve eaten money and I’ve run out of money; it’s already inconvenient to go to the hostel for girls), after several days of eating flour-water-salt flat cakes with unsweetened tea - well, it’s sooo good for me seemed useful and nutritious good fellow
  19. Net
    Net 17 June 2013 22: 54
    Something I did not understand the difficulties with soldering heating, unmasking factors and so on. All this has long been decided. If you remember the peasants, not so long ago they spread the info here about self-heating canned goods. The invention of the Russian engineer in the First World
    1. Hleb
      Hleb 18 June 2013 06: 26
      But there are no problems with heating. Alcohol burns without smoke. Heats up quickly
      (these rations will probably haunt me all my life))
  20. SlavaP
    SlavaP 17 June 2013 23: 54
    Thanks to the author - both informative and entertaining ...
    At first I remembered the "shrapnel" with canned sprat, then I felt the fat fold on my belly and became sad ... I still need to find something like that and read it. drinks
  21. kind
    kind 18 June 2013 16: 37
    And we added onions and greens to the stew, made a semblance of minced meat, and made dumplings, but this was when the time was.
  22. tomaz99
    tomaz99 18 June 2013 20: 32
    One `Iron portayka` in the Bundeswehr has 3.300 kcal. Net weight of products is 1600 gr. With napkins, chewing gum, etc. If you save on a soldier, then you are worth a penny.
  23. mithridate
    mithridate 20 June 2013 19: 53
    we also improvised with these "masterpieces" of domestic developers
  24. karal
    karal 24 June 2013 11: 58
    lamb shish kebab tastier than any rations)))
  25. dEADj
    dEADj 1 July 2014 23: 21
    In 91, humanitarian aid was thrown off to Russia, in the form of the remaining rations from the war in Iraq (or to hell with Iran, you’ll take them apart, all for one bearded face). I liked porridge there, it looked like a semolina, tasty infection. There were also sunglasses and toothpaste, which they quickly pulled away and then they hucked hucksters into the market.