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Foreign Policy: US Cyber ​​Intelligence Hacks Servers Worldwide

American Foreign Policy magazine reported, citing sources at the National Security Agency (NSA), about the existence of a top-secret US cyber intelligence unit that hacks servers around the world.

According to Foreign Policy, in the structure of the NSA there is a special structure called "Office of Operations on Specialized Access" (Tailored Access Operations, TAO).

"TAO successfully invaded Chinese computer and telecommunication systems for almost 15 years, gaining the best and most reliable intelligence information about what is happening in China," writes the magazine.

According to him, the TAO office is hidden at the headquarters of the NSA in Fort Meade, Maryland, armed guards guard the steel entrance door, and you can get inside only after entering a six-digit password and scanning the visitor's retina.

"According to the former NSA employees, the mission of TAO is simple. TAO collects intelligence information on foreign targets, secretly hacking computers and telecommunications systems, deciphering passwords, penetrating computer security systems that protect the computer being attacked. Then it steals data stored on computer hard drives , and copies all messages and data traffic passing through the attacked systems of e-mail and text messages, "writes the magazine.

According to him, such information allows the United States to destroy or damage foreign computer systems using cyber attacks, if such an order is given by the president. For these attacks, the US Cyber ​​Command (Cybercom), which is headed by the director of the NSA, is responsible.

Officials in the US have not yet commented on the publication of the magazine, reports RIA News.

This is the third major leak about the country's special services over the past week. Earlier, Edward Snowden, a former CIA worker, gave the media data on the total verification of mobile phone calls in the United States, as well as access to the NSA's servers, email, chat rooms of such major IT companies as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook.
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  1. self-propelled
    self-propelled 13 June 2013 07: 40
    about existence top secret US cyber intelligence unit that breaks into servers around the world

    TAO office is hidden at NSA headquarters in Fort Mead, Maryland

    really top secret subdivision. it remains only to lay out access passwords and contact numbers laughing
    and with regards to cyber espionage - this is another way of obtaining intelligence. and, I think, there will be no discovery for anyone that many special services of the world are engaged in cyber espionage.
    1. Canep
      Canep 13 June 2013 10: 26
      If the computer is not connected to the Internet, it will not work to crack it.
      1. self-propelled
        self-propelled 13 June 2013 11: 10
        Quote: Canep
        If the computer is not connected to the Internet, it will not work to crack it

        smile it is logical
        1. alexng
          alexng 13 June 2013 11: 29
          Is not a fact. Bookmarks on chips on command from satellites disable the main chips on the motherboard. For this reason, there are no imported computers and components for them at strategic important military facilities. Moreover, to control these systems it is not necessary to keep powerful computers. As a rule, the processor speed in on-board computer controllers above 300 MHz is considered unnecessary redundancy.
          1. DeerIvanovich
            DeerIvanovich 13 June 2013 14: 03
            Moreover, data transfer bookmarks for the same satellites are also present in the same way, and they have enough power even from the battery in sleep mode
  2. Edward72
    Edward72 13 June 2013 07: 44
    We have a powerful mathematics school in Russia, ay hackers, bang the CIA servers so that they cannot be recovered.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 13 June 2013 08: 13
      Quote: Edward72
      We have a powerful mathematical school in Russia

      It seems the last super breakthrough was at Leningrad Grigory Perelman, this is already in our days
      1. DeerIvanovich
        DeerIvanovich 13 June 2013 14: 09
        The modern theory of probability and mathematical statistics has stepped far forward thanks exclusively to our mathematicians, such outstanding personalities as Kolmogorov, Markov ... one can say it moved forward exclusively on the shoulders of our people.
        Even mathematicians were able to develop an algorithm for adding simple poems based on Markov chains. and it really worked ...
        So no fact that there is nothing ours to answer. We still have very strong mathematical schools, because students of such personalities as Kolmogorov and others like him are still working for the good of the country!
        And in the media, only Jews are publicized ... minus only for the promoted Perelman.
        Well, at least there are promising developments by our mathematicians to translate the mathematical apparatus for describing the physical nature to another dimension, since many equations of the modern mathematical apparatus for describing the description of the three-dimensional world are sometimes two-dimensional.
  3. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 13 June 2013 07: 48
    from the Don.
    Debt by payment is red. I think our lads do not slurp too!
  4. 46bob46
    46bob46 13 June 2013 07: 56
    Yankers were foreseen for the umpteenth time. A good tendency, and so that they wouldn’t have enough toilet paper, neither plain nor green. wassat
  5. Muxauk
    Muxauk 13 June 2013 08: 10
    either ours are sleeping, or they are cunningly silent, I really hope for option 2
  6. individual
    individual 13 June 2013 08: 11
    On the principle of "thief's hat is on" there is a sophisticated web scattered across the United States to control not only intelligence around the world, but also the minds and thoughts of the elite of all states.
    Assange, with its Wikileaks, blew up the prim American intelligence services and its black diplomacy. They raised a howl of universal scale, accusing him of all mortal sins.
    Here it sounds:"What is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to the bull"
    Cyberwar is "the fifth area of ​​the war, after land, sea, air and space."
    Who owns the information, then owns the world.
  7. Captain Vrungel
    Captain Vrungel 13 June 2013 08: 22
    The Russian land is not poor for craftsmen and hackers. Throw a cry and gather the dashing heroes into the squad of the sovereign against the overseas foe and name it in the English word "Hakher" for you, cyber-intelligence are worthless. (Read the name by syllable. The moderator does not let it through).
    1. The comment was deleted.
  8. cartridge
    cartridge 13 June 2013 08: 31
    "TAO successfully invaded Chinese computer and telecommunication systems for almost 15 years, gaining the best and most reliable intelligence information about what is happening in China," writes the magazine.

    Ha ha ha Answer me one question: how and how did this information help the Americans?
    Despite the efforts of the American cyber army, over the past 15 years, China has outstripped a host of countries in terms of economic development, including Germany and Japan, and has become the world's number two economic power.
    In another 15-20 years, the Chinese will overtake the United States economically.
    The faith of the Americans in the omnipotence of claudia does not cancel stagnation and recession in the development of the American economy, the growth of impoverishment of the population and the growth of numerous contradictions in American society.
    The United States is already having difficulty completing its army at the expense of any stray for the war against illiterate partisans in Afghanistan. And if someone tells me that in the event of an American war with nuclear missile China, the Americans suddenly reborn and Obama himself comes under the gun, then I will never believe it.
    The decay of America, and not so much economic as moral, will inevitably lead to the fact that even during our lifetime it will be overthrown from the podium of the arbiter of the destinies of the world.
    1. Sleptsoff
      Sleptsoff 13 June 2013 09: 23
      To talk about the moral and economic decay of a country, you need to at least live there, and not stupidly believe everything that Katya broadcasts from the first channel. In the United States, at least they don’t have dances in churches.
      1. Ezhaak
        Ezhaak 13 June 2013 10: 07
        Quote: Sleptsoff
        To talk about the moral and economic decay of a country, you need to at least live there

        And this also does not need to be believed, although these are not Katya's tales, but articles in the original language.
        1. cartridge
          cartridge 13 June 2013 11: 14
          To talk about the moral and economic decay of a country, you need to at least live there

          As an answer to you, Sleptsov. Below is a quote from a man who lived there from an article by the British "The Guardian" (published today) about the surveillance of US cyber services on its citizens.

          "I have lived in the United States for 12 years. The abuse of government power is completely contrary to my idea of ​​a civilized society, and I am shocked that American citizens allowed this to happen."
          1. Sleptsoff
            Sleptsoff 13 June 2013 14: 24
            This article was written by a man who is hiding from state justice, so it can be called knowingly biased to the same, which has nothing to do with the economic and moral corruption of the United States. This is just a security issue in which the states have gone too far. In addition, we probably have something similar, at least we are striving for this.
      2. cartridge
        cartridge 13 June 2013 10: 59
        In essence, you, Sleptsov, have nothing to object to me, so you are trying to divert the conversation on extraneous topics. But with me you will not succeed.
        By the way, you have a very successful nickname, Sleptsov. It is fully consistent with your intelligence and horizons.
        1. Sleptsoff
          Sleptsoff 13 June 2013 14: 29
          1. Sleptsov is my last name, I’m not hiding behind nicknames. 2. The withdrawal from the topic began with you, I just objected that apparently you were very angry. 3. And what about intelligence, as you have already demonstrated yours, once again making hasty conclusions, in this case, about me, without even knowing me.
  9. Ezhaak
    Ezhaak 13 June 2013 10: 02
    US officials have not yet commented on the publication of the magazine, RIA Novosti reports.

    And what is there to comment. It's easier to blame everything on the Chinese themselves. Jewish things are there. All around are to blame, except for themselves.
  10. Vtel
    Vtel 13 June 2013 10: 12
    Sly kosher climb to everyone through the keyhole, and they themselves scold everyone in this, so as not to think that they are smart and also can.
  11. Grigorich 1962
    Grigorich 1962 13 June 2013 10: 48
    This has been known for many years .... it is not in vain that American software is being pushed into us .... these are the eyes and ears of the American special services .... however, ours too
  12. fisherman
    fisherman 13 June 2013 10: 50
    Also news to me! And who doesn’t climb those servers that they can climb into? States may fumble in order to protect themselves from terrorist attacks, but China has long been doing the same thing, only in much bigger mashabs - with the goal of industrial espionage. Those. steals business secrets. Note filed so this is a great discovery.
  13. fisherman
    fisherman 13 June 2013 10: 55
    it is advisable to keep all the necessary information in your head in great secret
  14. silver_roman
    silver_roman 13 June 2013 11: 41
    cool. I suggest everyone who owns accounts on various American portals to write something like the following: "Obama, Majahid, bomb, September 11, Islam, Fahabism, terrorist act, Uranium, Alah and his prophet Muhammad" - something like that. Of course, any imagination of this kind is only welcome.
    In the guys they go nuts what kind of evil Russians are, if only at least 10 percent wrote that)))). Paranoia is provided))). And there they will probably start arming themselves, they will finally finish off their economy. Ah, dreams dreams, where is your sweetness!
    1. DeerIvanovich
      DeerIvanovich 13 June 2013 14: 20
      if you write, then only if abroad, no, no, because you’ll be caught in some Honduras and in the Gantanum ... guantanum laughing will send
      1. Ezhaak
        Ezhaak 13 June 2013 18: 56
        Quote: DeerIvanovich
        and to Gantanum ... guantanum sent

        At the same time, check how right those who praise Amer prisoners and tell us if we live to see your release. Or to our grandchildren. laughing
  15. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 13 June 2013 11: 46
    Perhaps the NSA is probably interested in rummaging through someone else's porn.
  16. WIN969
    WIN969 13 June 2013 13: 08
    Yeah, and after that, these clowns accuse Russia and China of cyber espionage?