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Leonov voiced the true reason for the death of Gagarin

After 20 years of silence, the famous cosmonaut Alexei Leonov at a press conference in Star City declassified data about the true cause of the death of Yuri Gagarin.

Leonov voiced the true reason for the death of Gagarin

In the crash of an aircraft controlled by the crew of Seryogin-Gagarin, the Su-15 fighter is guilty, having unauthorizedly been in the flight zone and having made an unguarded maneuver, which introduced the Gagarin apparatus into a tailspin.

Leonov said that he was admitted to previously classified documents in a commission investigating the death of the first cosmonaut on Earth. He called nonsense official conclusion about the death of Gagarin.

“Actually everything was different: 27 March 1968 of the year while piloting the plane (with the crew of Seryogin-Gagarin) another plane was unauthorized in the same area: Su-15, flying from Zhukovsky airfield. The pilot violated the regime, descended to the height of 450 meters - and I know this, since I talked with witnesses - at the afterburner I went to my train and at a distance of 10-15 meters in the clouds, passing alongside Gagarin, turned his plane, driving it into a spin, or rather, into a deep spiral at a speed of 750 kilometers per hour. Airplane (Gagari a) committed half revolution and the withdrawal (of corkscrew) collided with the Earth, "- said Alexey Leonov. According to him, this is no longer a version, but the true cause of the death of the first cosmonaut of the planet.

Leonov noted that his reasoning is documented, it was very upset that the commission knew the truth, but pretended that it was not. He really wanted the Gagarin family to know the truth about his death.

Leonov refused to give the name of the pilot who was driving the Su-15 fighter, noting that keeping this secret was a condition for disclosing the true cause of the Gagarin plane crash.
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  1. psdf
    psdf 12 June 2013 08: 03
    I believe in the reliability of this message only if the interfax or ITAR-TASS will report the same.
    1. Gamdlislyam
      Gamdlislyam 12 June 2013 08: 33
      Leonov Alexey Arkhipovich voices this version for 30 years. From prescription, it did not pass from the category of version to a reliable fact. Despite the assertiveness and conviction, A. Leonov He did not provide any other documents or witnesses confirming his version.
      So this is just another printout of a long-voiced version of the death of Gagarin Yuri Alekseevich with instructor Seregin Vladimir Sergeyevich. Therefore, I completely agree with my colleague psdf.
      1. Zerstorer
        Zerstorer 12 June 2013 09: 42
        Leonov was not the only one to voice this version. In my opinion, even Belotserkovsky book (now I do not remember the name: Like "The death of Gagarin. Facts and speculations") wrote, where he proved this particular version.
    2. fero
      fero 12 June 2013 22: 22
      I saw the news in the program "Moment of Truth", where the presenter claimed that he himself had personally read a certain document (so far secret) where Leonov's version was confirmed. He said that while the culprit was alive, he would not voice his last name.
  2. esaul
    esaul 12 June 2013 08: 04
    Here is another confirmation that no one is 100% insured in this profession. The recent tragic incident with the former "Strizh" is another confirmation of this.
    1. xetai9977
      xetai9977 12 June 2013 08: 12
      At the end of the 80s Leonov in the journal "Science and Life" already spoke about this, calling one of the reasons for the crash "another plane" or a balloon-probe. This version was never ruled out.
  3. lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 12 June 2013 08: 10
    No wonder they say that safety rules are written in blood. And violation of even one of their many points can lead to disastrous consequences. Unfortunately, there are enough examples. From accidents on roads and fingers torn off by machine tools to Chernobyl.
  4. Edward72
    Edward72 12 June 2013 08: 26
    18 th
    Well, he was silent for so many years, he decided to earn extra money on coffins.
  5. uizik
    uizik 12 June 2013 08: 29
    Having voiced the real cause of the disaster, the people would have demanded the lynching of the guilty pilot and his relatives. So everything was done correctly.
    1. AK-47
      AK-47 12 June 2013 09: 13
      Quote: uizik
      So everything is done right.

      I respect Leonov. I believe that the reason he voiced for Gagarin’s death is real.
  6. pensioner
    pensioner 12 June 2013 08: 34
    The sky took Yura ...
  7. individual
    individual 12 June 2013 09: 16
    The death of the first cosmonaut of the planet Earth Yu.A. Gagarin was a tragedy for everyone.
    There have been many versions before.
    This is not the first time the cause of the death of the astronaut voiced by Leonov will be in the category of versions until an investigation is opened and the old conclusion on the tragedy is canceled.
    And the rest is words.
  8. waisson
    waisson 12 June 2013 09: 54
    I hear this version not the first time. there was a documentary where this version was considered as one of the possible
  9. crasever
    crasever 12 June 2013 10: 21
    There was also an open pressure relief valve in the cockpit ... And also good assumptions on the time interval between the real flight parameters and their display on the MIG-15 devices ...
  10. pamero
    pamero 12 June 2013 10: 45
    Well done, that I had it all. May God bless Aleksey Arkhipovich for many years to come.
  11. Anti
    Anti 12 June 2013 10: 48
    Dear astronaut Leonov also stubbornly proves the fact of the Americans visiting the moon.
    Surprise his words at the end of the video.

    1. shinobi
      shinobi 12 June 2013 11: 58
      Well, the Americans weren't on the moon. The question is, who then trampled so many tracks around the module that they can be clearly seen on Russian photographs of the moon? Answer like "this is a world conspiracy is not accepted" hi
      1. crasever
        crasever 12 June 2013 13: 48
        Sorry, but Russian photographs of the "remaining" parts of the American "lunar modules" on the Moon, as well as the "footprints of astronauts", do not exist due to the absence of these very lunar satellites of Russia, which would take such photographs ... ended in a scandal due to the fact that the pictures of the lunar surface "taken" by him, to the smallest detail, repeated the American 60-70s ... And what other "world conspiracy" is there, when now at a serious level (not a waving flag), investigated photographs American "expeditions" to the Moon, revealed their serious discrepancies in the relief and topography of our natural satellite with the data of many years of astronomical observations from Earth and data from unmanned vehicles ...
  12. shinobi
    shinobi 12 June 2013 12: 01
    Leonov was ordered to reveal part of the truth in order to stop speculation in the press. But the fact that this is only part of the truth will be in the hands of conspiracy theorists.
  13. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 12 June 2013 16: 38
    Su 15 - interceptor fighter. It had an airborne radar, intended to deal with enemy aircraft. The pilot of Su 15 could not see Spark Gagarin on his indicator. If Leonov’s version is correct, given the nature of the maneuver ... what, did the pilot Su 15 fly with his eyes shut? In short, then Gagarin was killed. No other conclusion can be drawn here ...
  14. Bosk
    Bosk 12 June 2013 22: 26
    Or maybe we’ll leave him alone? ... we all will leave, but he left at the helm ... but after all, to leave AT THE RUN is the departure of a real MAN and HERO! He was a hero and left a hero ... but the fact that they raised here ...