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Former main shock force

The Bundeswehr, the NATO strike force in the past, has undergone significant changes over the past decades. The unification of Germany, the reduction of military equipment, the abolition of universal military duty, an acute shortage of military personnel - all this drastically changed both the German army itself and the concept of it.

According to the deputy director of the Institute for Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Khramchikhin, the Germans were the vanguard of European corruption and pacifism. A significant role in the changes that occurred was played by powerful psychological pressure, which the German society underwent after the defeat of fascism.

Former main shock force

4 April 1949 USA, Washington Signing of the Washington Accords

One of the main goals of the creation in NATO’s 1949 of the year was to control Germany, at that time only Western. At the same time, the FRG turned out to be on a potential front line, moreover, on the main line, as well as the failed attack of the Warsaw Pact troops. Therefore, the Bundeswehr became the main striking force of NATO in Europe, in addition, powerful contingents of the USA, Great Britain, France, Canada, Holland and Belgium were deployed on German territory. These forces were combined into two groups of army armies and two air armies.

British military contingent leaves Germany

After the reunification of Germany in 1990, the Bundeswehr achieved enormous military power - 7 thousand. tanks, 8,9 thousand infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, 4,6 thousand guns, mortars and MLRS, 1 thousand combat aircraft. In addition, 5,9 thousand American tanks, 5,7 thousand infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, 2,6 thousand artillery systems, and more than 300 aircraft were in German territory. Even up to 1,5 tanks, the same number of infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, and at least 500 artillery systems had other NATO countries here.

All this is in the distant past. Army groups and air armies are disbanded. The French, the Dutch, the Belgians and the Canadians left Germany long ago. Through the 3, the British contingent will also leave it. This spring, the last American Abrams went home, now only two American brigades (without tanks) and one wing (approximately 100 aircraft) are left in Germany.

In 1999, the Bundeswehr (represented by the Luftwaffe) joined the battle for the first time since 1945 in the Balkans, during the NATO aggression against Serbia

The Bundeswehr itself has declined many times. First, he sold the equipment of the former GDR, and then - most of the West German, including and quite modern. The federal government put the most powerful German military industrial complex in a very difficult position, not only not providing it with a sufficient volume of domestic orders, but also creating competition for it in the external market by selling off quite modern weapons from the presence of the Bundeswehr.

At the same time, in the 1999 year, the Bundeswehr (represented by the Luftwaffe) joined the battle for the first time since 1945 in the Balkans, during the NATO aggression against Serbia. Then the German contingents were stationed in Kosovo, in Afghanistan, they also took a limited part in some peacekeeping operations in Tropical Africa. In the course of these wars, it became clear that the pacifist anti-fascist psychological pressure, which the German society underwent after the defeat of Nazi Germany, was not in vain. If from the mid-nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries. German soldiers were distinguished by exceptional courage and the highest level of combat training, but now it was the Germans who became the vanguard of European corruption and pacifism, described in the article "Three to One."

Bundeswehr complained of poor training of personnel

After the abolition of universal conscription in 2010, the Bundeswehr suffered an acute shortage of personnel. However, the abolition of the call was inevitable because at least two thirds of the draftees went to alternative service, and their share was constantly growing. Now Berlin is rapidly closing its presence in Afghanistan, Germany has not taken any part in the Libyan campaign of NATO and in every way impedes any military intervention in the Syrian civil war.

Today the composition of the Armed Forces of Germany is as follows.

All infantrymen in the German army are called rangers

Ground forces include 5 divisions and a number of other units. These are the 1-I tank division (Hannover) (it consists of two tank brigades: 9-I (Munster) and 21-I (Augustdorf)), 10-I tank division (Sigmaringen) (12-I tank (Amberg) and The 23 mine brigade (Bad Reichenhall) brigade, the 13 motorized infantry division (Leipzig) (37 i (Frankenberg) and the 41 i (Torgel) motorized brigade), airmobile division (Fitshhemme) chit chimes, and airmobile brigade (Fitshhemme) chit chimes, chitmas, chitmas, chisel, chit-chimes, motorized brigades -Mehanized brigade (Fritzlar), combat support brigade (Koblenz), 1 helicopter regiment) and MTR division (Regensburg) (3-I (Saarlius) and 26-I (Oldenburg) airborne santnye Brigade).

The main battle tank of Germany "Leopard-2А4"

The tank fleet includes 685 "Leoprad-2" and 173 "Leopard-1". The first ones are gradually sold out, the second ones are trimmed into metal and shot at the landfills.

Marder infantry fighting vehicle 1A3

The number of Marder BMPs was reduced to 1581, they should be replaced by the Puma BMP in the amount of approximately 400 (so far, however, there is not a single one).

In accordance with the trends noted in the “Wheel formula” article, the armored vehicles in the German army become the dominant class of armored vehicles. Today the Bundeswehr has their 430 TpZ-1 Fuchs, 51 Boxer, 359 Wiesel (it is, however, sometimes classified as BMD), 74 BV206S, 221 Fenech.

PzH 2000 abbreviation continues

Artillery includes the newest PzH173 2000 self-propelled guns, 129 XTUMELLA 120 self-propelled mortar and 100 MLRS MLRS.

Anti-aircraft missile complex "Ocelot"

Troops air defense systems include the 50 SAM “Ocelot”, also known as ASRAD (this is the Stinger 4 on the chassis of the Wiesel).

Attack helicopter "Tiger" UHT

As part of the army aviation there are 38 UHT Tiger attack helicopters (there will be about 20 more) and 118 VO-105, 93 heavy transport SN-53G, the same number of multi-purpose UH-1D, 39 EU-135, 77 latest NH-90 (some of them relate to Naval Aviation).

The German Air Force (Luftwaffe) includes the Operational Command and the Central Command (both are in Cologne).

The operational command of the three air divisions.
1-I Air Division includes 32-th fighter-bomber and 74-Fighter Squadron, 5-th squadron of missiles, 1-th group of special transportation, 61-yu and 62-th transport squadron, 1-th control and communications regiment tactical training command in Italy.
2-I Air Division: 31-I and 33-I fighter-bomber, 73-I fighter, 64-I transport squadron, 2-I squadron SAM, 3-th regiment of control and communication.
4-th Air Division: 71-I Fighter, 51-I reconnaissance, 63-I transport squadron, 1-I SUR squadron, 2-I and 4-I control and communications regiment, a separate regiment of Frisland Air Force objects.

In addition, the operational command includes an operational command, an air defense command center, an electronic warfare center, and a separate command and control regiment.

The Central Air Force Directorate includes Training Command, Weapons Systems Command, Flight Safety Service.

Eurofighter "Typhoon" multipurpose fighter

The basis of the combat power of the Luftwaffe are European (German-English-Spanish-Italian) Typhoon fighter-bombers. According to the initial plans of 1986, the German Air Force planned to acquire 250 "Typhoon", in 1998, this plan was reduced to 180 machines, in 2003, to 143. Today put 97 "Typhoon" (including 24 training and combat). The Tornado bomber and 144 F-40F fighter-bombers remain in service with 4, 9 and 3 of these machines, respectively, are in storage in Germany, Tornado 1 and Phantom 15 are stored in the USA at the Davis-Montt base, stored in the USA at the Davis-Montt base. . All “Phantoms” will be written off in the near future, “Tornado” is supposed to leave 85 units for the time being. Accordingly, after the delivery of the "Typhoon" in the Luftwaffe will be about 230 combat aircraft.

Transport aviation includes 2 A-319, 2 A-340, 6 A-310 (including 4 refueling machine), 73 С-160. The Luftwaffe training aviation does not have, pilots are trained in the United States on American aircraft.

Ground defense includes 18 batteries of the Patriot air defense missile system (8 PU in each, 4 SAM on PU).

Germany began construction of the most powerful frigate in the world

The German Navy (Bundesmarine) has fewer than 50 combat units. The submarine fleet includes the 4 Submarine Ave 212 (another 2 are under construction), which became the first submarine in the world with a VNEU (see the article “Invincible weapon of the weak”). In addition, 5 decommissioned submarine Ave 206 are sludge. Frigates today the Germans have 13 - 3 of the newest type "Sachsen", modern type "Brandenburg" 4 and old type "Bremen" 6 (another 2 of this type of ship was withdrawn from the Navy and may be sold, the rest " Bremen "). In addition, the Bundesmarine 5 includes corvettes of the Braunschweig type, 8 missile boats of the Gepard type (in the sediment still 2 Hepard and 2 of older Albatross) and 20 minesweepers (10 etc. 332, 5 etc. Ave. 333 pr. 5).

Naval aviation includes X-NUMX anti-submarine aircraft R-8 "Orion", 3 patrols Do-3, 228 helicopter (43 "Sea King", 21 "Super Links").

In general, having declined over the course of two decades by several times or even orders of magnitude in all classes of military equipment, the Bundeswehr remains one of the largest European armies, since the rest have declined almost as radically. However, the German army is no longer the main NATO strike force in Europe. This definition in relation to the current European armies is now inapplicable in principle.
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  1. Nuar
    Nuar 15 June 2013 09: 42
    However, the German army is no longer the main striking force of NATO in Europe. This definition in relation to the current European armies is now not applicable in principle.
    judging by the latest trends in Europe, the anecdote when in the history lesson the question was asked "- so there were pedics in the Macedonian army", "- no, it is Moiseev and the Pediki Trumpeter, but in Alexander's army there were real fighting fagots" will soon sparkle with new colors ...

    and the fact that there will not be so many of them in the Bundeswehr is not so bad hi
    1. cartridge
      cartridge 15 June 2013 10: 00
      The Bundeswehr remains one of the largest European armies, since the rest have declined almost as radically. However, the German army is no longer the main striking force of NATO in Europe.

      Again, a supporter of NATO and an adversary of China, the liberal propagandist Mr. Khramchikhin with his material about nothing.
      Talking about the Bundeswehr, he cites well-known data, including from Wiki. As always, there is no original information and thoughts ...
      And now the Bundeswehr seems to them almost like a children's health address.
      For some reason, Mr. Khramchikhin forgot to mention only that Patriot complexes belonging to the Bundeswehr and serviced by the Bundeswehr calculations have been deployed in Turkey.
      And Khramchikhin also slyly kept silent about the fact that these "Patriots" were directed not so much against Syria as against the Russian aviation and Russian "Iskander" in Armenia.
      The author of the article, Alexander Khramchikhin, who never served as a representative of the "Pepsi generation", was a supporter and servant of the Yeltsin gang from an early age, who later positioned and realized himself as a conductor of right-wing liberal pro-American ideas and theories in the Russian media.
      The idea of ​​fixing all the published materials of Khramchikhin is a Chinese threat to us and NATO led by the United States as the savior of Russia from China. Look in the network for its publication and in almost every red thread there is either the topic of the Chinese military threat or worship of NATO.
      This subject sees the present and future of Russia, its army, economy and society exclusively through the darkest glasses.
      According to Khramchikhin, only the USA can save us from imminent death. But this salvation, in his conviction, we must earn or beg the Americans at the cost of unprecedented concessions both in the foreign policy arena and by changing the internal structure of Russia according to the scenario proposed by the White House.
      This material does not stand out and does not differ from the usual pro-American and pro-NATO propaganda of the temple.
  2. omsbon
    omsbon 15 June 2013 09: 45
    For some reason, it seems to me that Germany, if necessary, will be able to quickly revive both military power and the Teutonic spirit. So you can’t relax.
    1. pensioner
      pensioner 15 June 2013 10: 00
      I think so. Still, military affairs in their blood and genes.
    2. Orik
      Orik 15 June 2013 11: 47
      Power yes, spirit is more complicated. If before the cancellation of the call 2/3 went to an alternative service, this is already an indicator.
      1. Constantine
        Constantine 16 June 2013 19: 14
        The Germans, each year, are more and more diluted with Turks and other migrants, and in combination with the new-fangled pro-homo-course, the Germans can very soon, by historical standards, degenerate as an independent nation.
    3. Pancho
      Pancho 16 June 2013 16: 50
      Quote: omsbon
      For some reason, it seems to me that Germany, if necessary, will be able to quickly revive both military power and the Teutonic spirit. So you can’t relax.

      It is a pity that in 1945 they did not wipe Germany off the face of the earth, now no one would have called for repentance for the "crimes" of the Red Army.
  3. avt
    avt 15 June 2013 10: 05
    ,, now in Germany there are only two American brigades (without tanks) and one air wing (about 100 aircraft). "------ However, they hold complete control and, at least weakened, but the occupation contingent! So that they know who is in their house And if you take into account how they unfolded in Kosovo, then the picture is still not so complacent, their presence is quite adequate to the pursued policy of controlled chaos, quite well developed in the countries of the Levant. at least under the banner of pure Islam.
  4. Ermek
    Ermek 15 June 2013 11: 05
    Yes, good Germans ended. Sorry. They killed all the good ones in the 45th. No more blond beasties. There were only homosexuals like Westerwelle. Yes, and the woman steers them. I have nothing against her, just where are the men then?
  5. Ljubomir
    Ljubomir 15 June 2013 12: 10
    Old Man with 4 divisions looks like a "thunderstorm of eastern Europe". angry
  6. leonardo_1971
    leonardo_1971 15 June 2013 13: 04
    I see a cross on a tank and I want to avenge the dead grandfather.
  7. Zomanus
    Zomanus 15 June 2013 13: 11
    Hmm. Taking into account how the Jews milk Germany under the guise of the Holocaust, it will take a long time for them to get better with patriotism. And with weapons too.
  8. misham
    misham 15 June 2013 13: 33
    It seems like the enemy, but it’s sad there’s no one to look up to now. The Red (Soviet) army adopted all the best from the Wehrmacht. And the Bundeswehr is now kind of like a kindergarten. On our site, in the Bundeswehr tales section, the article is interesting.
  9. Russ69
    Russ69 15 June 2013 13: 43
    Germany, by and large, does not need a large army. There are no neighbors militants, the Geyropa itself is no longer necessary to occupy, German banks successfully did it ... At NATO, all expenses were shoved onto mattress covers ...
    Well, the fact that the Teutonic spirit was a little blown away, so these problems exist everywhere.
  10. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 15 June 2013 14: 08
    from the Don.
    In my opinion, both in history, in Europe, and in the world, the coolest warriors are Russians and Germans. And this has been traced more than once. So, it’s too early to bury the Bundeswehr. Genes are still there!
  11. Totenkopff
    Totenkopff 15 June 2013 17: 53
    After the war, the Germans lost their spirit, it was spirit, promoted toleranism, and most importantly they didn’t deal with their problems of the population, but let the Turks and the like =)) Once the powerful Wehrmacht simply lost its power, and now they have no army, but something army self-defense that can not provide serious resistance ..
  12. Totenkopff
    Totenkopff 15 June 2013 17: 55
    Now the German people are dying out as a tribe, they let the black ones in, they don’t give birth to children ... after 100 years there will be no indigenous peoples in Europe.
  13. pinecone
    pinecone 15 June 2013 18: 31
    In essence, the disappearance of the National People's Army of the GDR meant the onset of a period of decline in the German armed forces of a unified Germany. In the absence of propaganda of patriotism, with the replacement of the flabby ideology of defense of general democratic, liberal "values", the morale of the Bundeswehr personnel, as well as the prestige of military service, are at a very low level. A similar situation is typical for other European countries. The time is not far off when, following the example of ancient Rome, they will have to recruit their legions with mercenaries from alien barbarians.
    1. VDV 80-82
      VDV 80-82 15 June 2013 19: 52
      Well, who is to blame for this? if in Afghanistan a gang of bandits disperses a company of German soldiers fully armed and with equipment ... and they all run after abandoning ... they only dishonor the white nation and Europeans.
  14. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 16 June 2013 10: 49
    NATO is a paper tiger. With grief in half, they are still capable of chasing shepherds in the mountains, but no more.
  15. Anastasios
    Anastasios 16 June 2013 11: 44
    Quote: retired
    I think so. Still, military affairs in their blood and genes.

    about 50% of Russian-speaking people (Russian Germans) serve in the German Army. The Germans are reluctant to join the army; for the most part they are pacifists (alternative service). The Turks and other German citizenship do not want to take, so they can’t serve. And where is that Bundeswehr?
  16. faraon
    faraon 16 June 2013 12: 25
    Why should Germany have an army? The times of blitzkriegs have passed, economically Germany has knocked down the whole European Union, She decides who should not be given the tranche. A competent economic policy helped her to win without spending her human resources, as a result, almost the entire European Union pays indemnity 3 Reich -It is not a victory. As for the military-industrial complex of Germany. That the author is not right. The German military-industrial complex works as before, but not for its army in the armies of other countries. And zakzas arrive constantly. For example, Israel orders its entire fleet at German shipyards. As for the army, why it is Germany, it is in NATO. There is a collective defense agreement. According to which it has a certain minimum of military personnel, a certain minimum park, which accordingly leads to a minimum maintenance of the army.
    Above in the posts it was written that 50% of the army is occupied by Russian Germans, I fully agree with these arguments, this is one of the ways to integrate into German society, therefore the Russians are there. This gives them a huge advantage over the rest of the population as you become several steps higher in the social ladder naturally and having lost more social benefits.
    Well, the last, if God forbid, Germany will have to get under arms, then there will be many fighters to defend Germany and you should not consider Germany a weak adversary
    1. Orty
      Orty 16 June 2013 22: 22
      I’ll buy everything, I said gold, I’ll take everything, I said damask
  17. Kovrovsky
    Kovrovsky 16 June 2013 17: 57
    The caption for the third photo is incorrect: the F-15 was never armed with the Luftwaffe (unlike, for example, the MiG-29).
  18. Watchman
    Watchman 16 June 2013 18: 35
    Germany has no one to defend against! Around friends, there are no separatist sentiments, the American contingent guarantees NATO (American) protection, so there is no point in spending money on the army.
    1. Orty
      Orty 16 June 2013 21: 53
      Yes Yes Yes! Of course! It’s better to give this money for benefits to illegal migrants and LGBT activists! They just want to be loved, well, or they loved, in general, someone should love someone somewhere, and get benefits for this!
  19. Motors1991
    Motors1991 16 June 2013 20: 14
    If you read the story where the formidable Swedes have gone, the Germans are going in the same direction. The degeneration of the people, the degeneration of the army.
  20. Orty
    Orty 16 June 2013 21: 51
    It seems to me that such a radical weakening of the Bundeswehr is caused by the fact that EU leaders hope for collective security. Like yes, the Bundes have a small army, but it is worth adding to them paddling, pasta and limes, and this is a formidable force! Although in my opinion it’s the same as comparing a punch with a punch, but I don’t think that any of the EU * leaders fought at least at school, so they don’t understand.