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The Third World War is real, although no one needs it.

Do not expect it in the near future, but the prerequisites have already been established

Western-oriented politicians, experts and journalists like to frighten our fellow citizens with the fact that in the event of a restoration of state regulation of the economy, Russia will inevitably turn into North Korea. At the same time, Russian society itself already treats North Korea better than it does the United States.

According to Levadov's data, 5% are very good to America today and 43% is “very good” (together - 48%), although as early as November of 2011, these figures were respectively 4 and 58%. And in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, in aggregate, 49% of Russian citizens are well or very good. In general, the entire DPRK leadership is blamed for exacerbating the situation by only 18% of Russians, and even less are feeling negative feelings towards him in this regard - 13% of citizens.

Obviously, the more the US intervenes in regional conflicts, the worse they are in Russia. The more harshly certain small countries behave towards them, the more they sympathize with our citizens. Of course, it’s unproductive to live in the ecstasy of anti-Americanism, but more recently, Russian public opinion has been quite complimentary to the United States. That is, anti-Americanism gives rise not to the complexes attributed to him, but to the official policy of the United States itself.

In addition, it must be remembered that the Korean War was the first direct clash between the two superpowers after World War II, and it ended, in one way or another, by the US military defeat. Perhaps today it will seem implausible, but during the time from 1945 to 1985, everywhere and always, where and when the USA entered into an armed conflict with the USSR, they were defeated. History The Cold War is not only the history of “hot” local military conflicts, but also the history of the US defeats in the confrontation with the USSR: Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, Angola ... It is now accepted to say that the economy of the USSR was ineffective: and then it fed , rebuilt and armed half of humanity.

Against this background, only 26% of Russians are worried that the current conflict on the Korean Peninsula, which now seems to have waned, will turn into a new big global war. But it is important to remember that in 1914, everyone also said that no one wanted to fight, but the logic of current events, which had been imposed on conflict accumulated for decades, carried away everyone.

Actually, in 1914, the war could have been avoided: the world crawled into it just when Austria had already accepted the ultimatum of Russia about guarantees of Serbia’s national sovereignty.

War could have been avoided in 1950, if not for the first UN Secretary General, Trygve Lie, whose position in 1950-ies almost put the world on the brink of nuclear war. It was he who then involved the UN in the war against North Korea, China and the USSR. Under the patronage of Trygve Lie, the United Nations then sent a million-strong army against the approximately 130-thousandth army of the DPRK, as a result of its offensive on June 25, defeating the 1950-thousandth army of Seoul, armed by American weapons. As a result of the 28 offensive, Seoul was liberated on June, and by mid-August the North Korean army, with the support of the South Korean population, took control of the 90% of the latter’s territory. The question of uniting the country seemed resolved.

However, already on June 25, the UN Security Council at its meeting, held in the absence of a representative, adopted a US resolution implying United Nations intervention. About two dozen states entered the UN-created coalition and sent troops to the Korean peninsula. On September 15, the UN coalition began its offensive. In the area of ​​the Busan perimeter there were five South Korean and five American divisions, a brigade of the British army, about 500 tanks, over 1600 guns and mortars, 1120 aircraft. From the sea, the invading army was supported by a group of US Navy and allies - 230 ships. Opposed them 13 divisions of the DPRK army, with 40 tanks and 811 guns and almost no aviation.

In the rear of the North Korean army, troops from several divisions of the USA, Britain and South Korea were landed. A five-thousand landing force was later landed near Pyongyang. By mid-October, the remnants of the retreating army of the DPRK were pressed to its northern border: this time the UN forces took control of North Korea. On October 19, Chinese and Soviet volunteers entered the battle: Chinese troops launched a ground attack, while Soviet aviation provided cover for them, destroying US aircraft. It became clear that the Soviet MiG-15 was practically unable to resist American aircraft - neither the F-80, nor the more modern F-86.

In a series of offensive operations, the systematic destruction of demoralized UN troops began. MacArthur, who commanded the American army of the invasion, practically panicked, lost Seoul in chaotic actions, and began demanding that President Truman use nuclear weapons to save the remnants of his troops. After its displacement, the invading army managed to somewhat stabilize the situation, and in the end, the front line settled down roughly in the area of ​​the 38 parallel.

The war acquired a positional character, and after changing to the White House of Truman with Dwight Eisenhower, the United States recognized the territorial integrity of North Korea and July 27, 1953 of the year concluded a cease-fire agreement. By the way, South Korea refused to sign it. A little earlier, under the pressure of India and the USSR, the decision on a cease-fire was adopted by the UN, practically depriving the coalition of the invasion of its mandate. The old capital of Korea, Kaesong, was then ceded to the DPRK.

UN Secretary-General Trygve Lie, who played a sad role in unleashing a war, resigned early in November 1952, admitting de facto the bankruptcy of his political line and his blame for the UN intervention in the internal affairs of Korea. This is also important to remember against the background of excessive activity of the current Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in fomenting the Korean conflict and its apparent bias.

I repeat once again: from the point of view of observing the minimum political logic and objective objective interests of the leading countries of the world and the region, neither the Second Korean War nor the Third World War are needed by anyone. But, again, I repeat: it seemed so in the summer of 1914 of the year.

This time there will most likely not be a war. Unless, of course, it will not start again the UN. However, over the past decade, political conflicts have somehow often flared up in those regions where they have already turned into wars: the Balkans, Korea ... And in general, oddly enough, there is a pattern: as soon as the cold war ended, war began to flare up. hot.

In this regard, the current situation is reminiscent of about the 15-year period before the First World War, sometimes in one, then in another, as it was then, a minor region, small wars broke out. Just began the division of the world. His old order did not match the new balance of power and opened the way to the Great Imperialist War.

Today, too, the relatively stable order established in Yalta and Potsdam has long been violated. And also, there are forces that would like to divide the world in a new way, “pull teeth out of the Yalta predators”.

Although there will be no war yet.
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  1. Vadivak
    Vadivak 10 June 2013 07: 27
    This time, war will most likely not be. Unless, of course, the UN starts it again.

    The UN itself never starts anything, it does what the traders say to it.
    1. Tarpon
      Tarpon 10 June 2013 11: 42
      The UN is increasingly turning into a mouthpiece for "Western democracies."
      1. The comment was deleted.
    2. biznaw
      biznaw 10 June 2013 21: 06
      Yes, it has been going on for a long time, at 85m it began with sabotage on the railways, about a train loaded with grain crashed into a passenger train, two passenger trains burned on the stretch as a result of an alleged accident on a gas pipeline, and anti-alcohol boiling, Chernobyl ... but about unknown, not diagnosed infections have you heard anything? And in August 91 and October 93, they did not experience the oppressive feelings of fear and despair as a result of the action of psychotronics. Don't you remember? In vain. The generators did not go anywhere from orbit. They do not bomb us just because there are opportunities for manipulation. Our politicians are "in treason", their children and wives in America receive citizenship, fuck them the risks of the bombing, what if a caperang or major in annoyance "throws a felt boot on the remote control"
  2. Lech from ZATULINKI
    Lech from ZATULINKI 10 June 2013 07: 36
    pictured KILLED CIVIL after NATO air strike.

    No one thought that the Georgian army would attack the RUSSIAN SOLDIERS.
    No one thought that the no-fly zone in LIVIA would turn into NATO BOMBERS.
    no one thought that NATO would dare to bomb Belgrade.
    no one thought that the U.S. Army would burn the inhabitants of this city in EL-FALUJA PHOSPHORUS.
    And now it’s impossible to be naive that the USA, NATO and the UN, under the leadership of the US State Department, will fight according to humanitarian rules –– REVERSE, they will bomb us in the Stone Age together with our women and children.
    1. Cesar_Xnumx
      Cesar_Xnumx 10 June 2013 07: 51
      I agree. It is foolish to hope for the integrity of the United States and its chain dogs.
    2. sanych your division
      sanych your division 11 June 2013 00: 23
      You have forgotten the humane-democratic spraying of chemicals over the territory of Vietnam for the sake of freedom and justice for the local population. Who still rejoices at this when looking at mutilated children mutations ... that's really for the sake of great goals ...
  3. Vanek
    Vanek 10 June 2013 07: 43
    Quote: Lech s ZATULINKI
    pictured KILLED CIVIL after NATO air strike.

    USA and NATO must cease to exist!
  4. shamil
    shamil 10 June 2013 07: 47
    There the exercises in Jordan began near the border with Syria, after which they left aircraft and other equipment there, and then some politician Amerovsky waved a mana croup bubble in the United Nations
    such as chemical weapons and Syria. there are Libya and Iran Amer NATO, Russia has ships in the Middle East. China will row Taiwan under the guise of a. and island controversial with Japan. amers on the floor of the world is not enough
    And begin the redivision of the world
    1. The comment was deleted.
  5. cartridge
    cartridge 10 June 2013 07: 50
    If you want peace, get ready for war. To train personnel, to raise industry, to create weapons, to strengthen the army - that is the guarantee of a peaceful future for our country.
    1. vdenisov56
      vdenisov56 11 June 2013 00: 58
      And you need a clear understanding of the methods, scope and goals of achievement in a future war. In other words, a military concept of the state is needed. While there is no this concept, one can only prepare for past wars. What weapons to crush America or China is more or less clear to us. And smashing Israel with a long loaf is too much for the allies in Syria. And if you prepare for all sorts of war scenarios, then we will destroy the remnants of the economy.
      Conclusion: we must either avoid a big war, or prepare it ourselves in the right way. This is what the USA is doing!
  6. vitek1233
    vitek1233 10 June 2013 07: 52
    the third world will begin. when someone believes in their impunity
    1. AK-47
      AK-47 10 June 2013 09: 20
      Quote: vitek1233
      the third world will begin. when someone believes in their impunity

      Wisely. +++++
      1. il grand casino
        il grand casino 10 June 2013 11: 39
        Quote: AK-47
        the third world will begin. when someone believes in their impunity

        Or when everyone believes in the peaceful intentions of the neighbors
  7. ded10041948
    ded10041948 10 June 2013 07: 53
    Unfortunately, the current leadership of the DPRK continues the policy of its predecessor and thereby provokes the surrounding states. Just some kind of Krylovskaya "pug" syndrome.
    1. alexng
      alexng 10 June 2013 10: 16
      But the US does not provoke? USkala is the largest provocateurs in the world. So it is not yet known who is more cautious on this issue of the United States or DPRK.
  8. OlegYugan
    OlegYugan 10 June 2013 08: 15
    The UN itself is needed and this is a fact, but it should not exist in the United States, but in another country.
    1. teodorh
      teodorh 10 June 2013 20: 24
      Stalin at one time refused to accept the UN headquarters in Moscow.
  9. lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 10 June 2013 08: 17
    Nobody needs the third world war, but everything goes to that. If you draw historical parallels, you can see a huge number of coincidences. The US gigantic debt, the ongoing bouts of the economic crisis, a large number of local conflicts in which the largest world powers are directly or indirectly involved. impotence of the UN, uncontrolled migration, and much more. All this accumulates and can blaze at the most unexpected moment. It is not for nothing that our leadership everywhere and regularly conducts combat readiness checks and large-scale exercises. Gigantic sums are allocated for rearmament. It would be even better to squeeze corrupt officials and pro-American liberalism, which only shouts about corruption. And try to plant someone, they immediately squeal about tyranny and the bloody regime. A good example is Khodorkovsky. They made a victim of the regime out of a thief. Putin said that now is not the 37th year. But the analogy is visible. Stalin then did not hesitate to tame this gang-watering can of the Trotsky-Zinovievsky (read Navalno-Udaltsovsky and others like them) block. The Chinese at one time did not hesitate to restore order in the square Tiananmen Yes, many civilians suffered. But in the end, China’s rapid development in recent years, not burdened by snotty cries of liberalism. The United States also does not hesitate to clean up with a stiff hand and, in which case, spits on its entire democracy. An example is the movement Take Wall Street
    Today is troubled in the world. Therefore, one must be prepared for everything.
    1. lewerlin53rus
      lewerlin53rus 10 June 2013 09: 51
      AK-47, what does not agree with?
      1. AK-47
        AK-47 10 June 2013 10: 34
        Quote: lewerlin53rus
        AK-47, what does not agree with?

        Quote: lewerlin53rus
        They made a victim of the regime out of a thief.

        There are half a country of such "thieves", and Stalin's methods of like-mindedness are not to my liking. hi
        1. lewerlin53rus
          lewerlin53rus 10 June 2013 12: 16
          Quote: AK-47
          There are half of the country such "thieves"

          So that's what the conversation is about. Only one planted, immediately the victim. And as they begin to plant all in a row, immediately tyranny. And that would be according to all laws, compliance with procedural rules, then try to ambush them. So much money has been stolen from them that platoons are hired by platoons. And they dig to any comma. Moreover, this moronic jury, before which the lawyer spills the nightingale, will present an angel.
          Quote: AK-47
          Stalinist methods of unanimity

          In your opinion in America, the Stalinist methods? They are a beacon of democracy and champions of human rights. And since they can, then why can’t we?
  10. shurup
    shurup 10 June 2013 08: 22
    Thank you, reassured that there will be no third, although God loves the trinity. But he does not - love and in a nickle.
    Russians have a better relationship with the DPRK than with the United States because of their inborn pity for the wise and poor. And not to the leader, but to the population because of his starvation and poverty. In such cases, the United States changes its leader and destroys part of the population. To themselves, if necessary, they are ready to apply the same measures.
    Coffins are already prepared and not for the third world war.
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 10 June 2013 08: 34
      The third world war has already been going on since the 1991 year. When the United States began against Iraq, a desert storm.
      By 2013, war is already underway in Africa, the Near and Middle East.
  11. erased
    erased 10 June 2013 08: 33
    States have always bent their line, and this is understandable - they have their own interests and concerns. But while the USSR was, the States were forced to look back at it and take into account the opinion of the eastern giant. And now the USSR is gone and the States are doing what they want. They want a lot and everywhere. Because hegemony and how it goes. And it always comes out lousy.
  12. Strashila
    Strashila 10 June 2013 08: 40
    The Third World War has been going on since June 1945, from the moment the West began to erect the Berlin Wall. The form and form, the place and the intensity of the fighting are changing ... that's all.
    1. Vasily T.
      Vasily T. 10 June 2013 11: 33
      I agree, the American leadership will not go to an open war. Now they will act quietly, from the sly. To do this, they have Israel, the terrorist organizations they created, colorful revolutions, and government-controlled ones. And it remains for us to arm ourselves and cooperate with India and China.
  13. fenix57
    fenix57 10 June 2013 08: 43
    "... Although there will be no war yet ..."- somehow the question arose on the site: either Syria or North Korea (the wick is lit ... or ..). I said that the wick smolders in Syria.
    Quote: OlegYugan
    The UN itself is needed and this is a fact, but it should not exist in the United States, but in another country.

    As for this "organisms ...", the UN has turned from a "peace stabilizer" into a "catalyst for wars."
  14. Prophetic
    Prophetic 10 June 2013 08: 44
    Pilots periodically undergo internships in foreign countries.
    Azerbaijan, in full accordance with the US plan for the "Greater Middle East", is preparing to fulfill its role assigned to it by "Big Brother". They hope to grab a fat piece at the expense of Iran. Here's my question: What are the numerous organizations and communities of a potential enemy doing in Moscow?
    1. ded10041948
      ded10041948 10 June 2013 23: 17
      Completing the "fifth column" and waiting for the command.
  15. svp67
    svp67 10 June 2013 08: 49
    The Third World War is real, although no one needs it.
    Not only is she real - she is already coming ...
  16. deman73
    deman73 10 June 2013 08: 50
    Whether there will be a war or not is not the essence of the issue, but whether we are ready for it or not ready, Russia has only two faithful allies - this is its army and navy.
  17. shamil
    shamil 10 June 2013 08: 54
    When will all the predictions about the collapse of this deprivation on the planet of the United States come true? Parasites of the planet
  18. Uzoliv
    Uzoliv 10 June 2013 09: 01
    In the history of the Korean war, I do not understand the position of the Soviet Union. On the one hand, Moscow gives the go-ahead to Kim Il Sung for the unification of Korea by force. Moreover, this good was not received immediately, the initial proposal of the North Korean comrades was rejected. However, then Moscow changed its mind. And when the UN decides to send troops to Korea, the Soviet representative is simply not present at the Security Council. As you know, the USSR had a veto power and could block this decision. And this is neither clear nor logical.
    I believe that all Americans would have entered Korea early, but they could not have done it under the UN flag - and that’s a big difference.
  19. vyd1956
    vyd1956 10 June 2013 09: 15
    "in case of restoration of state regulation of the economy"
    But name a country where there is no state regulation of the economy? I don't know such people. Only here they were led to a divorce about the "invisible hand of the market".
  20. fisherman
    fisherman 10 June 2013 09: 41
    no need to scare people. the third world war will not be nuclear, not nuclear. and will be conducted by conventional weapons. military operations map: Siberia, southern Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, the Caucasus (Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia), Armenia, northern Iraq, northwest Iran, Saudi Arabia (civil war), Indian territory (civil war), Morocco territory (civil war ), some countries of the north of Africa, where the armed groups of pro-Saudi Muslim Wahhabi militants, which will be supported by Soviet Russia and the Central Committee of the Communist Party, are clearly represented. the war will start in 2018 (the catalyst will be the presidential elections in Russia, in which the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Zyuganov or someone close to him: maybe stepashin) will win mass unrest will swept western Russia and Siberia. in Siberia and the Russian Caucasus, popular protests will develop into full-fledged military actions. by 2025, the war will come to naught. By this time, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Syria, Israel, Azerbaijan will become EU members (a military conflict with Armenia and Russia is also possible).
    1. shamil
      shamil 10 June 2013 09: 52
      But you yourself do not frighten. Where did you read it - "Armenia is at war with Russia, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation will win the elections" or a predictor on the forum?
    2. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka 10 June 2013 20: 09
      Quote: fisherman
      any of his close associates: maybe stepashin)

      Wow, firstly, since when is Stepashin one of Zyuganov’s closest associates? And secondly, did you try to calculate how many years Zyuganov will be in 2018? ... And in general, where did you get such nonsense from? OBS Agency?
    3. ded10041948
      ded10041948 10 June 2013 23: 21
      Have you eaten such a nightmare?
  21. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 10 June 2013 09: 50
    American influence in the world is like a herd of sheep that now and then scatter in different directions, they have a dog in the form of NATO that runs around the herd and does not allow it to scatter, there used to be an ideological corral in the form of confrontation with the Internal Affairs Directorate, they said, look, "good "Americans will come" bad "Russians, and the Euro hamsters shook in horror and resignedly followed the USA. Now the" corral "has disappeared, there is no ideology, the old blind and toothless dog is no longer able to follow the sheep, and now one or the other disappears from I already once said that the Americans either need to throw off their innocent sheep's skin and appear before the "surprising" world as a hardened wolf whose whole face is covered in blood and thereby admit the correctness of Soviet ideologists or crawl away from business into their hole and quietly die. Most likely they will choose the first option.
    1. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka 10 June 2013 20: 17
      Quote: Standard Oil
      Most likely they will choose the first option.

      Not most likely, but this is the only possible option for them. The very geographic location will force them to choose this alignment. When you are equally far from either side of the globe, there is a great temptation to arrange a big byaka for the world. Amers cannot cope with such a temptation. Last year, I think Henry Kissinger said, "Only the absolutely deaf does not hear the drums of war." So it remains to wait and see (who will be lucky).
  22. runway
    runway 10 June 2013 09: 52
    The war did not stop. Economic, informational ... In any form, it is constantly present, sometimes flaring up, then dying out .... Being fed by the problems that exist between countries. With the existence of a socialist camp, there was a danger that with the outbreak of hostilities between separate countries of the opposite camp, the war could develop into a world war (when all, or most of the countries of our planet, would be drawn into the war).
    Today, when there is no socialist camp, war cannot become "world war." The NATO countries will solve their problems by taking turns removing opponents they dislike. I want to warn those who disagree right away: China, no matter what its leadership says, will not be part of the blocs aimed against the United States (economic interest). The CSTO and other paper blocks today are not an obstacle for NATO countries in achieving their intended goals.
  23. alexdol
    alexdol 10 June 2013 10: 24
    "The third world war is quite real, although no one needs it"
    I want to argue with the author. The third world war has already passed, with the collapse of the USSR! Today wars can be completely "peaceful" in nature, but a hot phase is not excluded at all! The USSR was completely destroyed "peacefully", and the consequences, according to various experts, are equal to THREE WWII! So now we can talk about at least a "fourth" world war. Now about "nobody needs it." Again, disagree with the author, how is it unnecessary? Have you forgotten about the "golden" billion? I recently listened to a speech by Andrei Fursov, by the way, I recommend everyone to get to know him, as he said that “Mr.” Chubais had already voiced this idea about “the need to reduce the number of people”! And you say war is not needed, the world government really NEEDS it, like those that were before ...
  24. sys-1985
    sys-1985 10 June 2013 10: 51
    She will come when no one is waiting for her!
  25. Russ69
    Russ69 10 June 2013 11: 57
    I am more and more inclined to believe that the third world will be all, against all, with foci around the world.
  26. DimYang
    DimYang 10 June 2013 12: 27
    In my opinion, the world tendencies can be characterized as follows: "The Third World War, it would sooner be gone."
  27. survivor
    survivor 10 June 2013 13: 01
    Comrades, wake up! Stop not letting your mind that the third world has not yet begun. analyze it carefully and compare the facts. Did the Second World War begin when the USSR entered the war? no, it started earlier. Doesn’t the USA now repeat Germany’s path of the 40s? do they repeat. Does the UN not make the same mistakes as the League of Nations? it’s just that every world war is accompanied by a series of local, but no less bloody, wars. The purpose of these wars - the initial accumulation of resources and an attempt to bring its territory closer to the territory of a potential adversary. so there was no need to take risks and leaving behind non-conquered countries, having a constant lack of provisions and ammunition due to the whims of an un-conquered country, transfer it to the army standing on a limited contingent it would be interesting to film if Germany, without conquering Poland, tried to attack the USSR. When, an hour before the invasion, the Polish side ... for whatever thread, simply did not allow its airspace to fly Luftwaffe aircraft, for example. or didn’t allow the use of the railway for the transportation of ammunition. it sounds crazy, doesn't it? that's why Poland was conquered by Germany. what is happening now? Syria, Iran? Yes, it's just a buffer zone in front of the borders of Russia. capture them and, together with countries, allies, it will not be difficult to start aggression. all of Europe fought against the USSR; it did not help. Now there’s more appetite and more thorough preparation. they want to put the whole world against Russia !!! they’ll say that we will throw their caps over, I won’t, it would be just stupid. it’s not necessary to remind how much the bloody price the peoples of the USSR paid for the victory over Europe? Russia has less resources, both human and natural, than it had from the USSR. Again, Visarionych was able to destroy the beginnings of the fifth column in his rear. Now, they are proud of their membership in this fifth column. So, when Russia is drawn into this long-running war, it will not be easy to win! To put it bluntly, it is not possible !!! One personal courage and bayonet, this the war cannot be won, and patriotism, unfortunately, has left the majority of the inhabitants of this country ... were CITIZENS, became an ELECTORATE !!!
    1. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka 10 June 2013 20: 29
      Quote: survivor
      most of the inhabitants of this country ... were CITIZENS, became an ELECTORATE !!!

      I just can't agree with you. Our patriotism has not gone anywhere. There is no need to tear the vest on the chest, well, everyone is quiet for themselves. You, too, do not walk around neighbors with an ax and do not say to them, "Look at me, if anything .. . "? But if they touch your loved ones, you will surely take action, right? So the people ... Why should you yell in vain? We'll have to do it. But for now, don't .... Remember, even at Lermontov's" Borodino "there were lines -" Yes, there were people in our time, not like the current tribe. Bogatyrs, not you! "Well, how many times after that did our people show patriotism and courage? You can lose count. We were, are and we will always be patriots of our land, but we don't like shouting about it.
  28. Vtel
    Vtel 10 June 2013 13: 18
    “It is also appropriate here to cite an excerpt from the article“ T. Blair sent troops into Iraq under the pressure of the Freemasons, ”published on September 16, 2005 in the newspaper“ Russkiy Vestnik ”, in which the following was reported:“ Adviser to the head of the British government, a member of the Muslim Bar Association Ahmad Thomson said that the Jews and Freemasons (in a word - Zhidomason. - Priest A. G.) forced Tony Blair's troops into Iraq - they put pressure on the politician, persuading him to support the war. "Mr. Blair was the last in a long line of politicians on whom influenced by a group of Masons, for whom the overthrow of Saddam Hussein is a direct way to establish control over the countries of the Middle East, "the British Daily Telegraph quotes A. Thomson. According to the adviser, pressure on T. Blair was exerted even before the invasion of Iraq . "It was part of a Zionist plan to shape certain events," he said. Ahmad Thomson ... wrote a book in 1994 which states that the Maso us and the Jews control the governments of Europe and America. In his publication, he also claims that the deaths of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust is a "big lie." In addition, A. Thomson writes in his book that Jews have no right to live in the Holy Land, since they are not a "pure race" and, therefore, are not true biblical Israelites. - Press service of IA Novorossiya / United Fatherland, 13.09.05 "."

    "All this suggests that the servants of evil are making considerable efforts today to arrange a large-scale war in the Middle East. They first need to organize another world war, and then they want to subordinate the whole world to the power of their" king "-" mashiach ", In the oppressive atmosphere of bloody world anarchy, the false messiah-Antichrist will come as a “genius politician”, “noble peacemaker”, “unifier and savior” of dying humanity. The transfer of world power to a single “world government” headed by a single world leader will be appear to be a natural, necessary condition for the survival of humanity. " - Priest Andrey Gorbunov

    The Experience of Uncovering the Prophecies of the Apocalypse
    about the third world war
  29. Komodo
    Komodo 10 June 2013 14: 06
    The world began to forget what a WAR is. And more and more often he confuses it with cold, then with currency, then with informational. Although this is so-so, "confrontation of minds and opportunities."
    But WAR is DEATH. A generation has grown up in the world that does not remember this, for whom the deliberate fluctuation of exchange rates relative to each other is already, b..b: "WAR !!!".
  30. Black
    Black 10 June 2013 14: 33
    This time, war will most likely not be. Unless, of course, ....

    "War is not poker. It cannot be declared whenever you like." The preconditions for war were and always will be, such is the nature of human communities, and the most profitable business.
    But it’s not worth frightening the war, the war is not poker, and in the West they perfectly understand what its outcome will be. There are no fools. Scoundrels in bulk ...
  31. Avenger711
    Avenger711 10 June 2013 15: 18
    And in general, oddly enough, there is a pattern: as soon as the Cold War ended, the “hot” wars began to flare up more actively.

    Well, it’s logical, when the balance of forces is violated, disassemblies begin where before that the strong could simply cycle.
    And the war is apparently already underway, albeit not yet in the strongest territories. These are, so to speak, small operations for arranging figures.
  32. Egen
    Egen 10 June 2013 15: 26
    "And there are also forces that would like to remake the world in a new way."
    - only now the war is not for territory, but for resources and markets, although by and large it’s all the same - for money ...
  33. optimist
    optimist 10 June 2013 17: 29
    The war will begin for one simple reason: there are too many problems that cannot be resolved peacefully. War is like the air the US needs. As it was in 1914 and 1941. The war, in fact, is already underway: it simply has not yet reached global scale and scope. And Russia, unfortunately, will not be allowed to stay on the sidelines. The authorities understand this and are preparing for war. The whole question: will it be in time? Or as always?
    PS Anecdote to the topic: Pissimist, it can't be worse ... Optimist: No, it can !!!! laughing
  34. teodorh
    teodorh 10 June 2013 20: 42
    What could be the catalyst for the outbreak of war. In the 20th century, they fought for oil. Now they will fight for water. A simple layman can live without oil products, but without water in any way.
    Ethiopia has begun building a hydroelectric station that will draw water from the Nile. Egypt and Sudan have already opposed this project.
    Exactly this situation exists in our region. Tajikistan is building the Rogun hydroelectric station, which infringes on the rights of Uzbekistan.
    I feel this will not end in good.
  35. escobar
    escobar 10 June 2013 21: 08
    IS THIRD WORLD ALREADY NOT IN A HOT PHASE ??? Or am I missing something?
    1. survivor
      survivor 11 June 2013 00: 08
      here I am about the same .... well, I just can’t explain the simple people like the world, the truth, THE WAR IS ALREADY GOING! and not some kind of local intercourse, namely the THIRD WORLD! just the main goal has not yet been achieved. Russia is not yet embroiled in conflict!
  36. shamil
    shamil 10 June 2013 21: 23
    Yes! maybe it has already begun a long time ago, not in the sense in which we represent it by comparing it with the first and second world
  37. Gecko
    Gecko 10 June 2013 21: 29
    While the bull (USA) is pressing in turn the weakest, next to the faithful suckers, the rest huddled in the corners, out of principle - until my hut from the edge touches me.
  38. Tot-enot
    Tot-enot 10 June 2013 23: 14
    The balance of power in the world is gradually changing, contradictions are aggravating and more and more often they want to solve them by force .....
    In 10-15 years, the problem of lack of natural resources will become aggravated, and then a big war will break out. Maybe the rearmament program was launched right now, not by accident ....?
  39. Tolik.Skiff.
    Tolik.Skiff. 11 June 2013 00: 19
    Yugoslavia! Balkans ... How is this all familiar? Wouldn’t have passed them then, everything would have been different ... We could have radically changed the situation. At a critical moment, they called Yeltsin, he was drunk ... After Iraq, Libya , Syria, Iran, Russia. We simply had no choice to surrender or not surrender Syria or Iran. It doesn’t matter whether this or that ruler is nice to us. But the war has already begun ... hi
    1. Setrac
      Setrac 11 June 2013 01: 45
      Quote: Tolik.Skiff.
      Yugoslavia! Balkans ... How is this all familiar? Wouldn’t have passed them then, everything would have been different ...

      I would go to participate in the salvation of Yugoslavia! Well, did you turn in your bros?
  40. sanych your division
    sanych your division 11 June 2013 00: 38
    interesting but can we live without wars? or we won’t even know this by killing each other in yet another bucket of a brewed handful of people such as the Masons, or anyone else who seeks world domination? Lord Well, are we doing this? We want to see our children in the trenches ?! then we all went crazy just ...
  41. Marconi41
    Marconi41 11 June 2013 03: 57
    The big war is unlikely to happen now. Everything repeats in the world and in the "Karab crisis" there was no less smell of gunpowder. At the moment, there are no prerequisites for a big war, just as there is no difference in the social system between states. As for the future, as Islamization (I mean militant Islamization), opposition is quite possible. And it may even happen that Russia, China, the United States with NATO and Israel will be allies in this war!