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President Obama is not allowed to close Guantanamo


The Republican House of Representatives controlled by Republicans delivered a sensitive blow to the image of President Obama, voting for the continued operation of the terrorist prison at the Guantanamo military base, which the head of the White House promised to close.

The 2014 fiscal year bill on defense spending sponsored by lawmakers, put forward by one of the leaders of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, Howard McCone, prohibits transferring Guantanamo prisoners to other prisons located in the US countries.

Adoption of the bill means that one of the main election promises of Barack Obama to close the infamous prison, given to them during the first election campaign of the year 2008, remains unfulfilled.

For the last time, Barack Obama announced his intention to close Guantanamo prison in late May this year in his speech on the fight against terrorism. The president called the operation of Guantanamo too costly and inefficient. However, Republicans fear that, after leaving Guantanamo, the terrorists will be able to go free and resume the war with America and its allies.
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  1. Nevsky
    Nevsky 6 June 2013 13: 30
    The game of cat and mouse in front of the public. And this is in a country with Presidential power.
    1. tixon444
      tixon444 6 June 2013 14: 06
      Quote: Nevsky
      The game of cat and mouse in front of the public. And this is in a country with Presidential power.

      There is no president there. Both parliament and democracy. And there are no free elections there. And there is a farce being played out in front of the whole world. There are puppets - puppets that carry out the commands of the world government.
      The immediate task of the United States and its henchmen is to destroy the so-called "Axis of Evil": Libya, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, Belarus. Recently, China and Russia have been added to the Axis.
      All the deeds of "mattress" over the past 13 years, when they blew up their towers, testify to this.
      The Axis must admit that it really is the "Axis", unite and inflict evil on them up to the very tomatoes. And one by one they will destroy everyone. The war is going on in earnest.
      1. Very old
        Very old 6 June 2013 15: 16
        They all live on the same street - and parliament, and the president, and Mrs. Democracy - on the narrowest and most monetary, it is she who runs the show
      2. MG42
        MG42 6 June 2013 20: 46
        The "axis of evil" in your commentary turned out to be too large in different directions to the Far East and South America, the navel of the United States will be untied if they contact all the listed countries, George W. Bush, when he said "the axis of evil" in 2002. meant only Iraq, Iran and North Korea .. They started with Iraq, because George Bush senior promised to deal with Hussein .. Afghan was also on this vector of aggression ..
      3. vlad767
        vlad767 6 June 2013 23: 57
        You forgot about Ecuador.
    2. APASUS
      APASUS 6 June 2013 19: 20
      Quote: Nevsky
      And this is in a country with Presidential power.

      There is a president in America, but he has no power!
      The power belongs to the military-industrial complex, hence the military coercive democracy !!!
      1. Ruslan_F38
        Ruslan_F38 6 June 2013 21: 25
        As if Obama wants to close this prison and he cares about it and the prisoners who languish in it.
  2. Yozhas
    Yozhas 6 June 2013 13: 38
    Dermocracy. Why would the president need Amer if the country is ruled by parliament and the Pentagon. am
  3. Vtel
    Vtel 6 June 2013 13: 44
    Republic of Shkid. Even Obama from Barack would have promised not to supply weapons to terrorists. Painfully "funny" this dark-red guy, he is just a "zombie doll" in the hands of the Zionists and nothing more.
  4. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin 6 June 2013 13: 45
    We need to rename it to Auschwitz and it will be closed today.
  5. sergo0000
    sergo0000 6 June 2013 13: 47
    Well, right. That was to be expected. Who will let the puppet make decisions !? smile
  6. Ezhaak
    Ezhaak 6 June 2013 13: 54
    However, Republicans fear that, after leaving Guantanamo, the terrorists will be able to go free and resume the war with America and its allies.

    However, they are not afraid of accusations of anti-democracy and keeping people without charges in prison for very long magpies. Where is their vaunted democracy ??? And do these people dare to open their mouths crying out for Russia?
    1. Petrospek
      Petrospek 6 June 2013 16: 44
      And according to their logic, Guantanamo is outside the United States (in Cuba), so their pens are clean. request

      The funny thing is that this base is located on the territory of CUBA, that is, that country with which America does not communicate at all and is not going to do it!
      1. Che
        Che 6 June 2013 19: 31
        Amers need not only to close the slammer, but also to liquidate the base, and return the occupied territories to Cuba.
  7. SmacXnumx
    SmacXnumx 6 June 2013 13: 57
    Who would doubt that.
  8. Darkheir
    Darkheir 6 June 2013 14: 29
    Quote: Hedgehog
    However, they are not afraid of accusations of anti-democracy and keeping people without charges in prison for very long magpies.

    If such a "institution" were in Russia, they made the whole world demand that we close the prison. WHY can't we demand the same ???
    1. Petrospek
      Petrospek 6 June 2013 16: 44
      Guantanamo is not in America, but in Cuba
  9. Alekseir162
    Alekseir162 6 June 2013 15: 01
    Quote: Smac111
    Who would doubt that.

    That's for sure, there is no need to doubt it because no matter how puffed up the "amers" with their democracy, all this is bullshit. For moneybags always rule, and the president (even a popularly elected one) is just a puppet.
    “Puppets are pulled by the strings: They have smiles on their faces, and a clown plays the trumpet. And in the process of presentation, it seems that the dolls dance on their own. ”
  10. aepocmam
    aepocmam 6 June 2013 15: 03
    When Obama ran for president, he said that he would close Guantanamo. Most Americans voted for Obama, and thus spoke in favor of closing the base. Now it turns out that Congress spits on the will of the people, and the president of the country cannot defend the interests of the people. And where is the most perfect American democracy in the world?
  11. Darkheir
    Darkheir 6 June 2013 15: 09
    American democracy is best called monarchy. How many decades they have one ideology. One gets the feeling that only people are changing in their congress, and their brains are using old
  12. Vladomir
    Vladomir 6 June 2013 15: 12
    It's time for Russia and everyone who is rubbing in the sky "human rights", "democracy" .... to adopt their own laws "On the observance of democracy and human rights in the United States", "On the illegality of the content of the Guantanamo concentration camp", "On granting independence to the declared States of America "," On the enslaved peoples of the United States "," On the bloody crimes of the United States in Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan .......................... .......................................... It's time to switch to an information attack on all words and the actions of the US leadership and their compliance with international regulations.
  13. knn54
    knn54 6 June 2013 15: 13
    And where to put them?
    To transfer them to the USA - the authorities of the states and cities where they were planning to transfer were categorically opposed, and it is not clear how to judge them there. Transferring them to third countries - most of the countries did not want to accept them at all, and those that did - were prevented from transferring them there by American legislation that prevents people from being expelled to where they can expect death without any guarantees of justice. For example, Jordan was quite ready to receive "its" terrorists from Guantanamo. Only terrorists wrote complaints demanding not to transfer them there, since death awaited them there according to the laws of Jordan. And when it turned out that some of the prisoners transferred to third countries suffered / died as a result of the actions of the authorities of the respective countries or, on the contrary, were completely released and returned to armed terrorist activities, a temporary ban was imposed on the transfer to third countries.
    PS AMERICAN DEMOCRACY- A US citizen may demand respect for human rights in Russia, China, Syria ... This applies to the whole West.
    We just have sovereign democracy, and in the USA it is selective.
    SPIRITofFREEDOM 6 June 2013 16: 22
    Assad must pass them !!!
    1. Petrospek
      Petrospek 6 June 2013 16: 47
      Assad has his fighters in bulk, why do he need these?
  15. individual
    individual 6 June 2013 17: 06
    Guantanamo and Human Rights are created by the United States for the outside user.
    In the internal life of the United States they do not adhere.
  16. DmitriRazumov
    DmitriRazumov 6 June 2013 17: 51
    Strange this is President Obama. During the reign, he did not fulfill a single major promise:
    1. Did not resolve the issue with medical insurance companies. health protection people turned into a profitable business, which led to the fact that the average Americans are forced to solve them in the UK (health care is free), in Canada (health care is free) and even in the country of the Axis of Evil - in Cuba (health care is free) when serious and not very health problems arise )
    2. Again, he cannot transfer the prison from Guantanamo, although it would seem, well, which is simpler, an administrative order and a politician are enough. the will.
    3. He did not introduce a ban or even restrictions on the free sale of automatic firearms, although it is obvious that it is the main source of monstrous tragedies that constantly occur in the United States. Against the arms lobby, the US president is nothing.

    T.O. the president in the USA is not a source of power, but serves only as the screen for that oligarchic cynical system of government. it has developed there.
  17. waisson
    waisson 6 June 2013 19: 15
    he just doesn’t want to, and so what kind of president is he having no right to veta. here, if you wanted to, we privatized the treasures of the people natural resources, cultural monuments subjugated the mass media
  18. MG42
    MG42 6 June 2013 20: 02
    The Republican-controlled House of Representatives of the US Congress dealt a sensitive blow to the image of President Obama

    Nothing surprising, the Republicans hit the Democrats with their eternal rivals, recalls how they bargained to raise the level of public debt until the last day, they almost announced a default. As for campaign promises = promising does not mean getting married, not one is so unique ..
  19. luka095
    luka095 6 June 2013 20: 44
    The detention of prisoners in Guantanamo is illegal. They are sitting there without trial. When they were captured, something was not remembered about human rights. Obama does not even talk about the legality of their being there, he talks about inefficiency and cost ...
    1. Petrospek
      Petrospek 7 June 2013 07: 13
      Well here to live with wolves, howl like a wolf.
      So these militants do not recognize any rights at all except Sharia, what if amers behave differently with them?