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Advantage of Sukhoi fighters recognized abroad

Advantage of Sukhoi fighters recognized abroad

The Ministry of Defense of Taiwan is concerned about air superiority from the Chinese Air Force. This is reported by Russian and foreign news agencies with reference to the Taiwanese press. According to the press service of Sukhoi, in order to remedy the situation and influence decision-makers, the Taiwanese military organized a leak of information from the secret report of the island’s Ministry of Defense to the local Liberty Times newspaper with estimates of the combat chances of the Taiwanese air force in China’s aces. .

According to Taiwan’s military experts, Taiwanese Mirage 2000 and IDF fighters (Indigenous Defense Fighters, a joint production of the Taiwanese corporation Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation and the American Lockheed Martin) “are not able to withstand” the Chinese Air Force equipped with Russian Su-27CM, Su-30MKK and Su -30MK2. According to the calculations of military specialists in Taiwan, the Russian Su-30MK type fighter jets outnumber the French Mirage 2,8 by a factor of 2000 and the Taiwanese IDF by a factor of 1,7.

These estimates are another confirmation of the high positions of the national school of aviation and the Sukhoi Design Bureau. Earlier, the Sukhoi combat aircraft were also highly appreciated by the Americans and their allies (the British, French and Australians).

February 2004 - during aerial training battles between Indian heavy fighters Su-30MKI and heavy American F-15C / D Eagle at the US Air Force base in Elmendorf (Alaska) Russian planes won in three cases out of four.

Summer 2004 - Cope India – 2004 exercises, Indian Su-30МКИ showed good results in training battles against F-15C fighters, incl. on maneuverability, onboard equipment and systems weapons.

2005 - according to the Indian newspaper The Times of India, Su-30MK Indian Air Force won the Singapore Air Force F-16C fighters at a two-week Sindex-Ankush joint exercises over Gwalior Air Base in India. According to Indian sources, the Su-30K Indian Air Force won 8 from 10 fights with American F-15 fighters, and Su-30KI planes are all 10 fights with light multipurpose Singapore F-16 Fighting Falcons.

Summer 2005 - at the Indian-French joint exercises in France, Indian pilots at Su-30K were confronted by new modifications of the Mirage 2000С and Mirage 2000D fighters (with RDI radar). The French side highly appreciated the professionalism of the Indian pilots, the rapid adaptation to the NATO system and the maneuverability of the Su-30 aircraft, despite its size. According to the Indian media, one of the French pilots said that "in the melee, the Mirage seems more" nervous "than the Su-30. The decision on the attack must be made immediately, otherwise the Su-30 will quickly overwhelm you with its power and maneuverability." .

2006 and 2007 - on joint Exercise Indradhanush maneuvers, Indian pilots at Su-30MKI performed well in air combat training against British fighters Tornado F3, Hawks and new European Eurofighter Typhoon.

In 2006 - during the Cope India-2006 exercise, Indian pilots successfully confronted F-16 planes in the training battles of the United States pilots.

In 2008, the war games of the USA and Australia took place at Hickam airbase (Hawaii), where representatives of the Australian Air Force were invited in connection with the intention to purchase the latest American fighters for a total amount of $ 16 billion. As the Australian newspapers The Australian and The West Australian later reported, referring to a secret report by local military, following simulated air battles between the latest American 5 fighter of the F-35 generation (Joint Strike Fighter) and the Su-made aircraft, the latter have "torn off" Americans "as a hot-water bottle", or in Australian, "beaten like babies of seals".

Earlier, foreign media reported that the choice of Malaysia for the Russian Su-30MKM aircraft to equip its air force was largely determined by the comparative data of the Su-30MK and American aircraft acquired by Boeing during its simulation in its technical center in St. Louis.
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