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I promise everyone will come back ...

I promise everyone will come back ...Those who passed the mournful message to friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and those who received this striking information did not believe in his death either. He was always cheerful, filled with energy and light, it was impossible to imagine outside of life.

They did not believe until the last minute ...

In the late evening of December 11, a firefight broke out in the suburbs of Tyrnyauz on December 13th, when the driver of the Zhiguli stopped for inspection opened fire with a pistol and injured a policeman. After neutralization of the shooter and the conducted search operations, the employees of the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic managed to establish the house to which the car was allegedly sent.

In order to get inside the building, in the morning, the forces of the Special Forces police were pulled up to the place of the operation - units of the Special Forces of the Special Forces of the Altai Territory, Moscow and Ivanovo riot policemen who were on a business trip to the CBD. The assault group, which was to act directly in the house, was headed by the most experienced of the officers, police major Alexander Knyazev. For him, this business trip, which began in September, was already the tenth ...

He came to the internal affairs bodies in the ninety-fourth. And for the next eighteen years, his life was inextricably linked with law enforcement. Fourteen years in the riot police, where he went from an ordinary soldier to a platoon commander in the TsSN GU MVD in the city of Moscow, departmental and state awards, including the medal "For Courage" and "For the difference in the protection of public order", especially valued among those who serves the law. But most importantly, he had a mass of students, whom he trained and prepared for action in situations that are extreme even by special forces standards.

... After the courtyard, residential and outbuildings were blocked, an assault group of four people rushed into the house. The first, holding in front of him and his comrades an armored shield, was a police ensign Pavel Yakovlev, the second was Major Knyazev, followed by two more soldiers. Quickly inspected the hallway, kitchen, rooms on the right and left sides of the corridor. They were all empty.

The group stopped for a moment at the entrance to the annex. Alexander gave the command to open the door. Immediately behind it was a small room with darkening apertures in the right and left wall. You cannot imagine a worse situation: in whatever direction the group moves, one of the flanks will still remain undisguised! Knyazev gestured for Yakovlev to start moving into the right ridge, while he himself threw the barrel of his submachine gun to the left, insuring his comrades from the troubles threatening the left.

No sooner had the group taken two steps in the direction of the opening, how did an automatic barrel appear from there and gangster bullets rushed towards the riot police. Most of them hit armor plates, but two still managed to sting Paul and Alexander. Yakovlev, continuing to hold the shield, fired back. Action, struck by his accurate shots, fell.

Understanding that there may still be gangsters in the house, with whom the group having two wounded people will be hard to cope with, the major ordered them to leave. And at this time in the left aperture the second fighter appeared. He kept the machine gun in front of him, his finger on the trigger.

There was no time left for Alexander to give commands, only to act. The major turned to face the enemy, threw the machine up to chest level and took a step forward to completely block the shelling sector. They started shooting at the same time ...

Later it will be known that in the house on the outskirts of Tyrnyauz there was the headquarters of the so-called “north-western sector” of the bandit underground operating in Kabardino-Balkaria, and in the basement of the extension, which Major Knyazev did not reach with his assault team, there was a laboratory for improvised explosive devices. Militants killed by Moscow riot police will be involved in several high-profile crimes committed on the territory of the republic.

But all this, police major Knyazev will not know: without regaining consciousness, he will die from blood loss on the way to the hospital.

13 December 2012, the coffin with its body by special flight was delivered to the capital. The next day, all employees of the TsSN Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the city of Moscow, many other units of the Moscow police, Alexander's parents and friends came to say goodbye to their comrade.

Saying goodbye to the deceased comrade-in-arms, Major-General Vyacheslav Khaustov, who headed the Moscow police department for several years, recalled how in September, seeing his subordinates off on a regular business trip to the North Caucasus, he asked the unit commanders to do everything possible to prevent losses. The reply word then fell to keep Alexander Knyazev. “Do not worry, Comrade General, I promise you - everyone will return,” he said then.

During the farewell to the officer, many kind words were said about him. All of them were pronounced sincerely, at the behest of the soul. It makes no sense to repeat them all, trying to tell about this amazing person and express all the bitterness of the loss suffered. “He had an amazing ability to fall in love with the whole world” - this is a phrase uttered by one of his friends, which most accurately describes Alexander Knyazev. Prince, as his friends called him. And not only because it was consonant with his last name. But also because he always and honestly, in all things, acted nobly. He did this in the last moments of his life.
And the day before his death, 11 December 2012, he was thirty-eight.
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  1. Baron Wrangell
    Baron Wrangell 7 June 2013 08: 35
    I'm so sorry! Eternal memory to the Heroes!
    1. Captain Vrungel
      Captain Vrungel 7 June 2013 08: 50
      Eternal memory to the Hero. The real commandos. About this, even his machine says. Reliable, powerful AKMS 7.62.
    2. sancho
      sancho 7 June 2013 09: 51
      Sasha Knyazev (Prince)! Eternal memory to you!
      He was still a cool biker .... earth you rest in peace ...
      Who cares, you can see here -
  2. Dima190579
    Dima190579 7 June 2013 09: 06
    Eternal memory to the hero.
  3. svskor80
    svskor80 7 June 2013 09: 13
    Eternal memory to the hero. There are officers who will shut down subordinates.
    1. LaGlobal
      LaGlobal 7 June 2013 09: 25
      Quote: svskor80
      There are officers who will shut down subordinates.

      our officers will always be and have been! For in another way in a difficult situation ...
  4. LaGlobal
    LaGlobal 7 June 2013 09: 20

    Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten!
  5. Bort radist
    Bort radist 7 June 2013 09: 26
    Oh, Alexander. It hurts to read. But no other way. It’s even more painful to see friends whom you did not manage to cover. Another Hero has gone the warrior's way to the end!
  6. MilaPhone
    MilaPhone 7 June 2013 09: 34
    Real Soldier, Officer, Commander.
    Rest in peace.
  7. goody
    goody 7 June 2013 09: 59
    Eternal memory to the hero !!! The real warrior is a man!
  8. George
    George 7 June 2013 10: 43
    For such officers, soldiers are ready for fire and water.
    Everlasting memory .
  9. deman73
    deman73 7 June 2013 10: 43
    Eternal memory and Glory to the Heroes !!!
  10. fzr1000
    fzr1000 7 June 2013 10: 57
    38 years in total. What a pity.
  11. Russ69
    Russ69 7 June 2013 11: 04
    Memory to all who give their lives today, protecting us.
    Unfortunately, there are not a few of them ...
  12. Vtel
    Vtel 7 June 2013 11: 20
    The kingdom of heaven is the servant of God Alexander!
    1. Slavs69
      Slavs69 8 June 2013 08: 04
      Yes, no he is not a slave! He is a WARRIOR !!!!
  13. gych
    gych 7 June 2013 11: 39
    but he couldn’t do otherwise, any of his squad would do the same without behaving himself! which cop worked and works on the ground will understand me! when working in a team of words, you don’t need to understand each other, you’ll understand one at a time! guys who gave their lives for the sake of others haven’t gone anywhere, they take up a post with us every day, run out on an alarm, protect the peace of citizens! For real cops, this is not a job, but a way of life! Honor and respect to you sasha!
  14. ed65b
    ed65b 7 June 2013 11: 48
    Condolences to family and friends. Everlasting memory.
  15. Tyunik
    Tyunik 7 June 2013 13: 02
    Everlasting memory! And eternal glory to the Real Officer!
  16. krez-74
    krez-74 7 June 2013 13: 23
    It’s a pity for the guys who die from the inaction and incompetence of the authorities!
  17. Zerkalo
    Zerkalo 7 June 2013 13: 24
    A little off topic, but like me with spears these losses. Each time during the storming of the house where the militants are sitting, we have losses. After all, these are living people, BUT explain, maybe I don’t understand what, after they blocked the house and the surroundings, what prevents it from fitting, for example, a flamethrower tank and frying everyone inside?
    What is stopping this house from being blown up, and by local action, is nothing to help (and the fact that they help everyone clearly) bandits. Do not want to stay homeless, stay tuned in both ...

    Until tough measures are taken up there, in the Caucasus such people will perish and perish.
    1. mark7
      mark7 8 June 2013 01: 00
      this is what our guys differ from amers, therefore igeroi. eternal memory.
  18. Blackwing
    Blackwing 7 June 2013 13: 53
    It is a pity that we learn about the heroes only after they leave for a better world.
  19. Sochi
    Sochi 7 June 2013 14: 36
    Low bow and eternal memory !!! These are, little-known to us guys grunting Russia and us. These guys are the ELITE of our society.
  20. Fregate
    Fregate 7 June 2013 17: 38
    Eternal memory to Alexander Knyazev !! The question arises, do we really have no means for such situations as a stun grenade or something else? It’s sad to lose human lives, and still so valuable.
  21. Savva30
    Savva30 7 June 2013 18: 37
    Eternal memory to the Hero !!!
  22. Navy7981
    Navy7981 7 June 2013 18: 39
    blessed be he who does not spare his stomach for the sake of his own ... and remember remember remember!!! Only in this way can we tell them, at least thanks, to the heroes that they silently go into eternal life!
  23. Maj.
    Maj. 7 June 2013 20: 14
    Eternal memory to the hero !!!
  24. Proud.
    Proud. 7 June 2013 20: 52
    To be Russian is providence and right,
    Not fearing either a bullet or a knife,
    Stubbing stubbornly and rough,
    Not inferior to the mates of the line ...
  25. sedoj
    sedoj 7 June 2013 21: 33
    The best of the best are leaving. Eternal memory to them.
  26. warkop
    warkop 8 June 2013 01: 33
    Eternal memory to the officer - the hero. It is unfortunate that on earth they do not pay attention, seeing in a form called garbage, cop. Unfortunately, only in this way they prove to everyone who they really are. We remove the hat, we are equal to you.
  27. ALEX74
    ALEX74 8 June 2013 06: 44
    A real man!!! Eternal memory to him!
  28. K9_SWAT
    K9_SWAT 8 June 2013 23: 42
    Everlasting memory! At that time I worked at the riot police ... And until the fighters die, and then walk with outstretched hands: hand over 100 (200) rubles? So it was, God forbid, it seems like in 2010 ... In the Stavropol region, the OMON group combed the forest and suffered losses and we were read out a telegram saying that help the families of the victims. So that our state appreciates us ... And the death under the Khimki dog trainer Sergei Tolstikov? He has a disabled daughter, and I don’t know what is happening to her now. We paid a few salaries and walk on your own. Divorced a bunch of employee assistance funds where is their help?