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Homs: "In a ruined storm of life"

Homs: "In a ruined storm of life"

The border between war and peace is sometimes transparent and ghostly. Before this house there are peaceful quarters in which life goes on as usual, and then several meters away, and already the war shows its formidable face. In the Syrian Homs, this is clearly visible - the storm of “democratization” did not hurt the pink high-rise building, and the next dark gray house already felt the consequences of pseudo-revolution. Although in it, burned, with partially broken windows, people continue to live.

On the border between war and peace, there is a traffic light that has become one-eyed. His red light is preserved, and the green is knocked out And this is correct, since there is not and cannot be a road to the monstrous plans that the West and its puppets are trying to impose on Syria, causing incalculable suffering to cities and villages.

On the border between peace and war, life goes on. Women continue to raise children, no matter what. Because life, ultimately, must win over death.

... Bab As-Sbaa quarter. For several weeks he was under the rule (or rather, chaos) of terrorists. The army expelled them from there. Civilians left it, and their once peaceful houses are riddled with bullets and shrapnel. And just like their own destinies, the once-cozy balconies are crippled, on which they liked to drink strong Arabic coffee in the morning.

Downstairs, on the first floors of the buildings, there were shops, where residents of the wounded quarters bought food and various trifles. Now, after “democracy” and “revolution” have crushed the streets with an iron heel, it will not be long before you can go to the store for bread.

The shoe store was also closed for a long time, its walls and blinds pierced by bullets, the fate of the seller is unknown. And only shoes and shoes that have not found their customers, which no one will wear, are lying on the threshold in complete chaos. Is it not such a chaos trying to implant the West, led by the United States in the whole Middle East?

Children's toys, strollers, dishes, various household utensils lie in complete chaos around dilapidated houses. Pink baby bunnies mingled children's palms. One of them buried his face down, the other looks with plastic eyes at the sky, as if asking what such a fate befell the house of his little owner.
... I am reminded of the books about our, the Great Patriotic War. About the cities that have been under the occupation of the Germans, about how soon normal life returned there. Now fascism has put on another mask and is called “democracy”, crippling everything in its path.

On the ball thrown among the ruins is the number 2010. The last cloudless year of Syria, when no one ever thought that in a few months Syria, among many other Arab countries, would be under the gun of globalization, which would break in and ruin the peaceful life of millions of people. And now, "when the sea surface is boiling, the ship is in a deplorable state." The ball has no choice but to recall the times when he flew among the Homs boys playing merrily.

Among the broken glass fragments is an abandoned photograph of a small child, and it is unknown what became of him, was he able to escape from a horde of armed terrorists-mercenaries, so beloved by the United States and the European Union?

The militants trampling a normal human life, whom many world mass media call “revolutionaries”, hide behind various slogans. Not only democratic. Mostly religious. “Alawites in the coffin, Christians in Beirut,” was the slogan of “jihadists” from the very beginning. It is not surprising that the bandits desecrated Christian churches in many Syrian cities, and Homs is no exception.

In Christian neighborhoods in the apartments of the inhabitants - the same defeat, as in many others. Icons hang on the smoked walls, books with the Virgin on the cover are scattered in the general chaos, next to the statue of the Holy Virgin - a hole from a mortar shell.

But the so-called "jihadists" only hide behind the slogans of Islam. In fact, they do not even respect their own religion, which they use as a screen. If they were respected, they would not have treated Muslim shrines in this way.
One of the largest mosques of Homs ... Its minaret is half-ruined, inside is complete chaos. Militants used the building as they please, but not for their intended purpose. The headquarters of the militants was in the mosque, the abducted people were brought here and killed. In the huge hall, terrorists kept stolen property, in particular, television sets stolen from ruined stores.
That's what remains after the triumph of "democracy" - trampled books and family photos, shot through walls, burnt houses, where people hoped to live happily a couple of years ago ...

But in this burnt quarter life will win. The army has already freed them from terrorists. So, everything will be restored. People will return ... Under the clear Syrian sky, children will rush again, chasing the ball.
People are already returning. Start all over again. Grow flowers. The wounds of the destroyed house seeks to cover the young climbing plant. So "Under the tabernacle of the renewed canopy" life continues. A life that triumphs over death carried by the West and its satellites.

But many more dead blocks ... People hoped to live happily ever after. The hostesses embroidered tablecloths and napkins, lovingly decorated balconies ... Now everything lies among the trash. Among the lifeless balconies, bearing the traces of bullets, where no one else drinks coffee, no-no and a cozy curtain flashes, recalling the past life that was here before the pseudo-revolution.

The hostesses, leaving the quarters to which the terrorists were moving, left the undressed linen. Perhaps they hoped to return home with their children. Someone returned soon enough, but many are now far from their Homsov apartments - even in the quarters cleaned up by the army, it is not always safe - terrorists subject them to shelling.

Soldiers do not allow even the most desperate journalists to some streets and alleys, because everything is shot by snipers there. The army team themselves monitor the situation through a mirror, which impartially reflects the chaos reigning in the streets. Sometimes, according to the military, a sniper of the “opposition” can be seen in such a mirror. Of course, there is no question of returning there and to the nearby streets of residents.

On those streets that are tightly controlled by the army, the soldiers are setting up a place to live for themselves, trying to decorate these lifeless streets. They pull indoor flowers out of the houses that would otherwise be doomed to death, care for them. Create their own oases among the ruined stone.

On several occasions at roadblocks in Homs, it happened to see jolly canaries in cages rescued by soldiers from abandoned houses. Despite the severity of front-line life, these guys find the strength to rescue the weak and defenseless creatures. At one of the roadblocks in Homs, Syrian army soldiers look after pigeons, which were thrown in panic by their masters.

The war for pseudo-democracy left its mark on the schools of Syria, because it is not profitable for rebel fighters to receive knowledge from children. And the largest school in Homs was turned into headquarters. Now its walls are in holes through which bandits climbed. There are no children playing ball in the sports field.

The injured school board still keeps memories of those times when there was no sinister “Arab spring”, and schoolchildren could quietly and peacefully study.

Not only education, but also culture evokes wild hatred in rebel savages. Therefore, they were shelled and the House of Culture in the city of Homs.

There are checkpoints in Homs dividing the peaceful life as it was before the pseudo-revolution, and neighborhoods where the storm of the “Arab spring” and the “struggle for democracy” turned everything upside down.

On the other side of these barrels, painted in the colors of the Syrian flag - part of Homs, not affected by the storm. There is absolutely normal life. Fake “freedom” did not get there.

Blinds covering many shops are painted in the colors of the Syrian national flag. This was done because there was a time when, at each closed store, specially paid-for people went with cans of paint and wrote “Strike.” The store could close for various reasons, but the “opposition” tried to wrap everything in its favor. Then the shop owners began to draw the national flag to show that they had nothing to do with the “oppositionists”.

Just as in the city of Homs, the province also divided life into war and peace, into villages that were in the hands of bandits, and those where they could not enter.

But even the most peaceful villages were not spared by the monstrous “battle for freedom”.
Almost in every village, every village you can see portraits of fallen martyrs.

For some families, the events that took place forever broke their lives. So, not far from Homs once lived the family of the Syrian Gassan Suleiman and his wife, the Ukrainian woman of Hope, peacefully and happily. They raised two children - a girl and a boy.
Grief came to the family unexpectedly. When Gassan and his wife were returning from the guests, - their car ended up on the sniper's line of fire.

Hope was killed on the spot. The bullet hit the heart. Two children were left without a mother.
More than a year has passed since that black day, but Gassan cannot forget his wife. “I still cry in the morning,” he says. Children are currently in Ukraine. They dream of returning to Syria, but this is not yet possible - the situation is alarming. They are waiting for the end of the Syrian crisis. And it can end only when the United States and the West stop pumping. weapons bad people, rebels, who so ruined the peaceful life in the Syrian cities and towns.
In the village of Naim - grief and mourning salute in the air. Residents bury a young officer who had both legs torn off in a battle with terrorists, and he died from blood loss.

On the road between Homs and Al-Kseir - a lot of destroyed peasant dwellings.

And only poppies bloom sorrowfully on the earth burned by the sun and the struggle, like drops of blood "those who did not come from these battles."

... Entering the city of Homs. Here, Ankhar and I last saw Yaru Abbas, a young journalist who fell at the hands of terrorists. It happened two days before her heroic death.

Homs is covered in dry grasses, smoke from fires and tears of mothers and wives, and the environs of the city, bearing the imprint of this strange, undeclared war, is a living testimony to the terrible consequences of what the West is capable of in its colonial politics.

The West, arming and inspiring terrorists - in Kosovo, and in Afghanistan, and in Libya, and in Syria. The West, which only says one thing, that the legitimate government should go away, and therefore, want every corner in Syria to look like the ruined quarters of Homs.

And, when you look at the "ruined by the storm life" of people who are going to live happily ever after, the Yesenin's question sounds all the more terrible: "Where does the rock of events bring us?"
Photos used:
Elena Gromova
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  1. Yarbay
    Yarbay 6 June 2013 08: 47
    A heavy photo experience!
    Once upon a time, peaceful life turned into hell for the locals!
    all Wahhabis must be destroyed in the bud!
    1. Gecko
      Gecko 6 June 2013 09: 24
      Quote: Yarbay
      all Wahhabis must be destroyed in the bud!

      And first of all, you need to destroy their "owners".
      1. Ross
        Ross 6 June 2013 10: 44
        Madness swept the top of the Anglo-Saxons .... It's time to call psychiatrists and straitjackets.
        1. Vovka levka
          Vovka levka 6 June 2013 14: 49
          Quote: Ross
          Madness swept the top of the Anglo-Saxons .... It's time to call psychiatrists and straitjackets.

          Here you are mistaken, the wind is blowing from a completely different direction. And the trouble is that we do not want to understand this.
          The era of stable dictatorships in the East is ending and the era of Islamic radicalism is beginning. And what to do with this we must already think about Russia, America and Europe. These problems are already slowly turning into a state of great danger for all of the above.
    2. Petrix
      Petrix 6 June 2013 10: 50
      Quote: Yarbay
      all Wahhabis must be destroyed in the bud!

      The embryo is the malevolent system of the structure of life of the current civilization. You can’t destroy her. It can only be changed. KNOWLEDGE what to build and TIME. If not for suffering, did we have a desire to fix something?
      1. Vovka levka
        Vovka levka 6 June 2013 15: 26
        Quote: Petrix
        Quote: Yarbay
        all Wahhabis must be destroyed in the bud!

        The embryo is the malevolent system of the structure of life of the current civilization. You can’t destroy her. It can only be changed. KNOWLEDGE what to build and TIME. If not for suffering, did we have a desire to fix something?

        Countries that live from the sale of fossils are doomed to turmoil. For the rulers of these countries, the people are not needed, they are only interested in the price of raw materials.
    3. Vovka levka
      Vovka levka 6 June 2013 14: 51
      Quote: Yarbay
      A heavy photo experience!
      Once upon a time, peaceful life turned into hell for the locals!
      all Wahhabis must be destroyed in the bud!

      Gentlemen and politicians howl, and ordinary people suffer. The trouble is, what else to say.
  2. Dima190579
    Dima190579 6 June 2013 09: 18
    Walls can be rebuilt. DO NOT RETURN PEOPLE.
    1. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 6 June 2013 11: 41
      Quote: Dima190579
      Walls can be rebuilt. DO NOT RETURN PEOPLE.

      Whining inappropriately. People will rebuild the walls.
  3. ale-x
    ale-x 6 June 2013 09: 19
    Damn the war!
  4. Vrungel78
    Vrungel78 6 June 2013 09: 29
    Fearfully. You realize this even more when you realize that the stories of my grandfather are painfully similar to what is happening. God will give patience to the Syrian people. Thank you very much Elena. God bless you.
  5. avt
    avt 6 June 2013 09: 40
    I already wrote and will repeat - the war is not a computer shooter with a beer in an apartment with a warm toilet. The worst thing is when people get used to it and it becomes an everyday reality. Then, as in Abkhazia, the appearance on the rusty tracks of the old Soviet train is perceived as a UFO flight.
    1. Petrix
      Petrix 6 June 2013 10: 55
      Quote: avt
      The worst thing is when people get used to it and it becomes everyday reality

      God gave people reason. Getting used to circumstances is not scary, as opposed to getting used to not thinking about circumstances.
      1. gigiperfetto
        gigiperfetto 6 June 2013 18: 22
        Sometimes I try to show a photo. and video to familiar Italians. First, they warp, then they begin to bustle and twist. It can be seen that their thick-skinned conscience has not yet broken.
  6. revnagan
    revnagan 6 June 2013 10: 49
    Two-faced creature West. Send murderers and bandits to the country and plant there an unnecessary "democracy" in order to then suck resources from this country with impunity. Let the government troops of Syria destroy as many bearded "democratizers" as possible, and the people will again live a normal life ...
    1. Petrix
      Petrix 6 June 2013 11: 02
      Quote: revnagan
      Let the Syrian government troops destroy as many bearded "democratizers" as possible

      There are other mercenaries. The reason is the poverty of their homeland and zombies from infancy. Their countries need to eradicate poverty and develop education. Only the community of states can do this.
      1. Ivan Mechanic
        Ivan Mechanic 7 June 2013 09: 29
        Libya was one of the most educated countries among its neighbors! A lot of benefits were GUARANTEED to people and not just guaranteed, but also provided. Egypt - Over the past 20 years, much progress has been made in terms of education. I wrote about countries before the arrival of Western terrorists! And now?
        1. Petrix
          Petrix 7 June 2013 12: 02
          Quote: Ivan Mechanic
          Libya was one of the most educated countries among its neighbors!

          I mean education in the sense of understanding cause-effect relationships. In Libya and Egypt, people are deceived. Libya is thoroughly destroyed, and Egypt comes to an understanding and is already fighting against the revolutionaries. There is a disagreement in any society. The wisdom of the people in the ability to foresee the consequences of acts.
  7. Geisenberg
    Geisenberg 6 June 2013 11: 43
    At about the third photo I thought that Gromov. So it turned out. As always, a lot of eioci and little information.
    1. Corsair
      Corsair 6 June 2013 14: 04
      Quote: Geisenberg
      At about the third photo I thought that Gromov. So it turned out. As always, a lot of eioci and little information.

      It is difficult to see this "live" without emotion.
    2. Pimply
      Pimply 6 June 2013 20: 11
      There, from the first lines, it’s literally clear. 8)
  8. George
    George 6 June 2013 13: 10
    Thank you for the excellent photo selection.
  9. UzRus
    UzRus 6 June 2013 13: 59
    This is where you need to bring correspondents from Europe and the United States to show your viewers all this. Although ... Bastards, they will turn everything upside down and say that this is the work of the army, which disproportionately used force to destroy the "fighters" for freedom and democracy ...
  10. AndreyAB
    AndreyAB 6 June 2013 15: 53
    As it’s already familiar, no matter how monstrous it sounds, the image of democracy in the Middle East, blood and devastation, there is no such democracy against these pickers, the whole world must fight, otherwise humanity will not see the near future.
  11. Alexandr0id
    Alexandr0id 6 June 2013 18: 43
    the same photos, but with oppositely different comments, are probably on American sites or British or French.
    1. Ivan Mechanic
      Ivan Mechanic 7 June 2013 09: 33
      No wonder this. Once the European media screamed about a concocted concentration camp in Kosovo for Kosovars by putting on the front page a photo of SERBES. Yes, even remember about the events in South Ossetia when all the news agencies of the West showed Georgian working Grads saying that Russia is (from these Grads with the hands of the Georgian army) bombing night Tskhinval.
    2. elenagromova
      7 June 2013 15: 00
      Oh sure. They blame the army for everything. But to understand who is to blame, it is enough to compare what happened before the "Arab spring" and what happened AFTER. There was a flourishing country ... under the same Assad. What changed? A pseudo-revolution has begun, after which much lies in ruins.
  12. elenagromova
    7 June 2013 14: 58
    Quote: Geisenberg
    At about the third photo I thought that Gromov. So it turned out. As always, a lot of eioci and little information.

    In your comments, too, not very much information. In my report, everything just shows what the pseudo-revolution has done to the city.