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Bulgarian AK for USA

I think that no one will argue with the fact that the Kalashnikov assault rifle is the most common and massive sample of manual weapons for all history of humanity. Being known as a reliable and reliable weapon, AK has spread all over the globe, and it can be found where, it would seem, such a weapon should not exist at all. Strange as it may seem, the greatest interest in AK can be observed in the United States, despite the fact that the weapon is, like, a likely adversary, either the former, or the future, or the present. Naturally, the army and the police are not going to rearm Kalashnikov assault rifles, but the civilian population pays a lot of attention to this weapon.

Naturally, all this is not from scratch. The most favorable effect of the legislation of the country, allowing civilians to own AK, albeit in the "castrated" version without the possibility of automatic fire. You should not write off the reputation that AK has earned over the entire period of its existence, but it is considered to be by right a reliable, unpretentious and durable sample. Thus, people who have a choice when buying weapons choose the Kalashnikov assault rifle, and the choice of weapons in the USA is really very large.

In connection with such a proliferation of AKs, the question may arise as to why the weapon has not been developed and modernized recently, in order to become even better, or rather, it seems like there is a movement, but there is no progress. With such a mass distribution of a Kalashnikov assault rifle, money must flow like a river, and they should be enough to bring the weapon to the ideal in accordance with all modern requirements. Why are there AK development, if all the money from sales and production of AK-like samples were sent to one country, then this would be enough not only for the development of handguns, but also the maintenance of the army, even such as the Russian army. In other words, there is only one question - where is the money? And the money is deposited in other countries from other manufacturers, who, taking advantage of loopholes in legislation, produce their versions of the Kalashnikov assault rifle and do not even think to share the proceeds. And this is not only semi-underground production, but also quite well-known weapon companies.

Those who tried to do something similar to a Kalashnikov assault rifle for very little money and labor costs almost immediately flew out of the weapons market, since a very big competition forces you to do well and save on sensible things. If you select from those manufacturers that make weapons based on a Kalashnikov assault rifle really high, then, oddly enough, these are Bulgarians, namely the company Arsenal, which has established not only AK as a military weapon, but also boasts the widest range models for the civilian market. Especially Bulgarian self-loading devices based on the Kalashnikov assault rifle are valued in the USA, which can be read on almost any forum where they always recommend paying attention to this weapon during the selection of the AK-like civilian model.

Separately, it is worth noting such a remarkable moment, as the fact that Arsenal releases not only classic models, AK, AKM, AK74, but also relatively new devices, as they are called the hundredth series. Weapons are usually produced for 5,56x45 and 7,62x39 cartridges, but at the request of the customer and 5,45x39 is possible, of course, for a separate surcharge. I would like to list all the models of weapons produced by the Bulgarian company Arsenal, but there are really a lot of them, and they differ from each other only by the barrel length, additional seating places and used ammunition, so this is the very rare case when the numbers are superfluous.

Perhaps the only question that remains is whether “IzhMash” gets any money from this production, because the matter does not cost only old models of weapons, and the scale of production is quite large.
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  1. Rustam
    Rustam 6 June 2013 09: 30
    I wrote a post about this company earlier, instead of really updating the production at Izhmash and bringing it into a modern direction - we hear every year - you make fakes and because of this pay the sales tax - no one will ever pay you, so same as the Chinese who say that theirs Su-27 and Su-30 is a completely different product

     Rustam  August 16, 2012 15:32 p.m. ↑ ↓

    HOW to say the news is good, but let's take it in order

    Indeed, in 1 the Izhmash plant found a partner in the United States and they sell their sales under the banner of a real Kalashnikov only from Russia
    Although SAIGU was already supplied, it is an icon of the American market

    2-there is such a Bulgarian company Arsenal, which controls 90% of the US market for sales of versions of ak, they even have their own production in the USA
    direct competitor of our machines around the world and they are doing well
    they buy naked saiga from us and remake it to their standards
    3-and our grief managers brought Izhmash to bankruptcy and now new people from the state are trying to save him (according to Rogozin, they did not save him)-equipment and machine tools there of the Stone Age — that’s why even Shamanov said that such weapons, namely, SVD and SV-98 rifles, are not needed for them (the quality of the trunks is below all criticism) so English and Austrian rifles are bought
    pictured automatic bulgarian ak hundredth series

    because they have a production plant there together with an American company for 50 to 50, so they control almost the entire market, and the quality is much better than Izhmashevsky
    1. the47th
      the47th 6 June 2013 09: 47
      It is true that Colt does not take offense that AR-15 and M1911 are riveting everyone who is not lazy, because he has sales and he has profit, and Izhmash, who cannot sell his products, cries.
    2. Black Colonel
      Black Colonel 6 June 2013 13: 42
      pictured automatic bulgarian ak hundredth series
      I doubt very much that in this picture the AK hundredth series
  2. Seraph
    Seraph 6 June 2013 10: 32
    By the way, in today's article "Our grenade launchers have brought to naught ...." in the photo - a Bulgarian copy of the RPG-7. Brothers rivet our samples
  3. Uhe
    Uhe 6 June 2013 10: 38
    Personally, I am annoyed that when selling weapons or when its twins appear, the only thing our authorities or traders are interested in is whether and how much money they will get. They do not care at all whether this weapon will turn against us, how many Russian soldiers can be killed with this weapon. Why is that? After all, these same machines are supplied to our enemy, and the last words are still the same: "... the only question is whether" IzhMash "gets any money from this production ..."

    When traders are in power, there will be no happiness for the people. They will sell their mother, if only to get a profit from it.
  4. Geisenberg
    Geisenberg 6 June 2013 11: 32
    Article minus. Infa almost none. Oh, oh ours do not control the issue of AK, oh oh, the Bulgarians have occupied the US market ... and?
  5. valken
    valken 6 June 2013 12: 20
    at this petty little girl he doesn’t even bounce, high.
    1. Argon
      Argon 6 June 2013 22: 43
      This is a Japanese woman who is at least 22 years old, judging by the costumes, some sort of men's magazine turned to weapons-related topics.
    2. dustycat
      dustycat 23 June 2013 13: 47
      table height 0,8m. we have a girl’s height -165-170.
      Cartridge gauge (in relation to finger thickness to cartridges) 7,62 mm
      I would not say that she is a petite girl. Especially for a Japanese woman.
  6. Pimply
    Pimply 6 June 2013 12: 26
    That's bullshit. Patent terms expired already a hundred years in the afternoon. The usual situation is when the technical solution at the expiration of the term begins to use. And nonsense, when about the fact that you can’t work normally, while others work normally, you start to cry - oh, we are so unhappy, give us money.

    Alteration for the caliber does not mean that they use AK hundredth series. Ak hundredth series has its own patent solutions for a number of nodes. Now, if these nodes are used, this is a question. And so ... You just need to make high-quality weapons on high-quality disclosure. And not like Izhmash.
    1. yanus
      yanus 7 June 2013 15: 58
      Quote: Pimply
      That's bullshit. Patent terms expired already a hundred years in the afternoon ...

      Do brands / brands also have deadlines? ..
      Also, the appearance is not related to patents. Vaughn Apple and Samsung have repeatedly butted in the courts on themes in style - "and on their tablet the icons have the same rounding as ours - unfair competition" and so on and so on.
      Izhmashevites need to splurge on good lawyers, remember that we are entering the WTO and put pressure on everyone. Do you want to make machines on the principle of gas venting? Yes, do, just do not call your handicrafts "AK" and do not copy the brand-recognizable external elements (the same gas pipe, etc.).
      In general, it’s not a sin for the state to pull up resources. The brand is recognizable and significant for the Russian Federation.
      1. dustycat
        dustycat 23 June 2013 13: 49
        You need to know western patent law better.
        After 15 years, claims for patent infringement are not accepted.
        In addition, it is enough to attach one letter to the name and you can sell it.
  7. Marconi41
    Marconi41 6 June 2013 15: 54
    The strongest wins in business. And if the Bulgarians are ahead of Izhmash, then the managers of the latter need to be surpassed. In addition, AK can be outwardly modified and modernized, but we have little to do with it.
    1. mirag2
      mirag2 7 June 2013 01: 03
      Izhmash to t
      such a thing has come that it needs to be fucked shut, a lock should be hung on the gate, and an excellent AEK should be put into service.
    2. dustycat
      dustycat 23 June 2013 13: 56
      Who will drive their children out into the street?
      The former 357 plant, through the efforts of the children of the last Soviet director and owner, prosralized all weapons licenses and most of the technological equipment for mining equipment.
      And they also cry that this equipment is now produced by three more semi-artisan workshops in our city.
      And try to order something from them that is feasible for their equipment - both the price will be bent and the quality will not be provided (and who will work well for free), and the deadlines will be disrupted.
      So now, at this enterprise, you’ll think about placing an order if nobody takes it in Novosibirsk or Tomsk. Which is unlikely.
  8. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 6 June 2013 15: 56
    let the patents get paid .....
  9. Andrey77
    Andrey77 6 June 2013 16: 55
    The quality of IZHMASH is now on par with Chinese. It’s time to sound the alarm.
  10. georg737577
    georg737577 6 June 2013 22: 44
    With such a case, I would not be surprised if in the future Russia will have to purchase AK from foreign manufacturers ... It is sad, of course.
    1. the47th
      the47th 7 June 2013 07: 19
      Or score on AK and go to AEK-971.
  11. baboon
    baboon 6 June 2013 23: 09
    loot chase fiends
  12. mirag2
    mirag2 7 June 2013 01: 01
    I have long been convinced that IZHMASH is in complete shit.
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 10 June 2013 14: 06
      Already not one article was. Work vocational schools and women on equipment from the time of Leonid Ilyich. While the USSR checked out on luggage, but as someone here said, the Chinese clone is now more reliable! :( And in Afghanistan, now the most expensive AK is trophy, made in the USSR. Then it’s Chinese. Then it’s modern Russian production (hundredth series). Then it's own production.
  13. Slavik VV
    Slavik VV 23 June 2013 23: 43
    The last photo is probably not Bulgarian but Russian AK of the hundredth series of AK-101