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Four-inch sniper detection device

Four-inch sniper detection device
A device for detecting snipers as small as four inches is developed in Britain. British soldiers fighting in Afghanistan received a revolutionary device to test the exact position of enemy snipers at a distance of 1000 yards (900 m).

The tiny computerized sniper spotter was developed by scientists in a top-secret laboratory in Wiltshire and locates the shooter at the time of his shot, which allows British troops to return fire immediately and accurately. The device measures about four inches and weighs about 11 ounces (grams of 350), it includes a dial gauge on the wrist, a sensor on the fighter’s shoulder, and a headset that signals shelling.

"Boomerang Warrior-X" is the most advanced development on the market of anti-sniper devices, its creation takes into account the experience of hostilities in Iraq using similar systems of the US Army. Over a thousand of such detectors have been ordered for British troops in Afghanistan for about 10 thousand pounds apiece. With the successful application of the purchase device will be increased.

The product also allows you to transfer data to strike the enemy helicopters and army aircraft aviation. Sniper detection technology is kept secret, but the unique software allows you to monitor the sniper even if he fires constantly moving. Earlier in Afghanistan, a larger device was used, but now the progress of defense technology has allowed it to be reduced to a minimum size.
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  1. Dolgan39
    Dolgan39 9 January 2011 20: 03
    some kind of garbage that by sound takes a motion capture on the camera. And how will these fools shoot at the one they don’t see? Well, they know that the sniper is there, but they don’t see what
  2. Bururuz
    Bururuz 24 June 2011 18: 07
    Quote: Dolgan39
    some kind of garbage that by sound takes a motion capture on the camera. And how will these fools shoot at the one they don’t see? Well, they know that the sniper is there, but they don’t see

    I agree, the sniper sniffs at the turtle quickly, if they try to open return fire
    1. Krylovets2000 (HVVKU)
      Krylovets2000 (HVVKU) 29 July 2011 18: 24
      guys forgot thermobaric charges ?? From the analogue of the bumblebee, E * zeros and no sniper ...
      by the way, the thing can be real: a notch on the reflected light of the lens from laser illumination (in principle, a sight is sought).
    APASUS 29 July 2011 19: 08
    The article doesn’t say anything at all, it's just a cool thing. It’s not clear what it is and on what principle it works. It may turn out that a sniper fire simulator will cost tens of times cheaper! You can simply fill up the entire battlefield with these simulators .... ..................... In the struggle of fire and water, there are still no winners
    1. Superduck
      Superduck 29 July 2011 20: 02
      Taking into account the current challenges to the US army, it is certainly not worth expecting imitators from the Afghan Taliban. It is also not clear how in combat conditions he will distinguish a sniper from "friendly" shots.
  4. m8811
    m8811 11 October 2011 20: 15
    Quote: Dolgan39
    some kind of garbage that takes a motion capture sound
    the previous generation was shown by the dispatch it was a all-round microphone installed on the hamer with bullet firing; the screen shows the direction from which the shelling is being conducted relative to the position of the car; this causes less clutter in the crew, a faster and more accurate response. This is apparently a personal version of the same device. Due to the greater agility of the infantryman, an electronic compass, GPS, should be added there. If you combine at least 2 devices in a unit (via a bluetooth channel), the exact coordinates of the shooter are geometrically instantly calculated, its position is displayed on the interactive map of the battlefield, if the commander can choose and deliver an optimal strike to destroy it. Against this, savvy, electronic warfare and the destruction of the GPS satellite constellation will help.
    1. Sehiru san
      Sehiru san 31 May 2012 13: 39
      exact coordinates are instantly calculated arrow

      And if there are several shooters, he is slowly losing his mind ... laughing
    TROLLFACE 8 March 2013 00: 11
    And as always, we are behind the British and Americans.
    1. drilled
      drilled 16 February 2016 14: 42
      This means that the sniper will change position not after two, but after one shot. This raises the question of the cost of the "priceless life of a soldier", which is little appreciated in a big conflict. It can be dressed in ammunition costing like an airplane, and its cost is one bullet. I don't think this update will take root.