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Or scatter, or go to the Taliban

In the event of a large-scale conflict in Central Asia, rely on the Tajik army as a serious military force

28 May at the meeting of the presidents of Russia Vladimir Putin and Tajikistan Emomali Rakhmon in Bishkek at the informal summit of the CSTO discussed the issue of providing military assistance to the Tajik armed forces, taking into account the prospects for the development of the situation in Afghanistan after 2014. The head of the Tajik state expressed extreme concern over the security of the republic after the withdrawal of the collective NATO forces from Afghan territory. Earlier, the Russian leadership has already decided to allocate 200 millions of dollars for the modernization of air defense and the repair of military equipment in Tajikistan, as well as to put fuel on the same amount on favorable terms. Is the army of this Central Asian republic worth such an investment?

The army of Tajikistan was formed during the civil war of 1992 – 1997. Representatives of various regional clans fought in it: on the one hand, Kulyab and Gissar, on the other, Badakhshan, Kurgan-Tyube and Garm. The Leninabad (Khujand) clan occupied neutrality, but rather it was a Kulyab clan. With considerable military support from Russia and Uzbekistan, the Kulyabists and Gissar men, who created the Popular Front of Tajikistan and captured Dushanbe at the end of 1992, won. Their opponents formed the United Tajik Opposition, which included both Islamist and secular parties.

The civil war officially ended on 27 on June 1997 of the year when a peace agreement was signed in Moscow whereby opposition figures were integrated into government structures, receiving 30 percent of all government posts, and 4,5 thousands of opposition fighters into the government army. Opposition groups that did not recognize the agreement continued to resist. Some of them went to Afghanistan. Separate mountain areas are still not controlled by government troops (mountains occupy 93% of the territory of Tajikistan).

In total, during the civil war, according to various estimates, 100 – 150 killed thousands of people. Tajikistan left the vast majority of Russian-speaking citizens. In addition, almost all people from the north left the south, and people from the south left the north. Due to high unemployment, a significant part of the population leaves for work in Russia.

No combat experience

At present, there are almost no members of the civil war with combat experience in the army of Tajikistan.

Or scatter, or go to the Taliban23 is considered to be the birthday of her in February of 1993, when parts of the Popular Front marched through Dushanbe. In April, the creation of the Supreme Council of 1994 was formalized by a resolution of the Supreme Council of Tajikistan, and in 1995, the law “On Defense” was adopted. The supreme commander of the armed forces is the president of the country. The Ministry of Defense provides financial, technical and logistic support for the army and is responsible for its combat training. Operational leadership assigned to the General Staff.

The military doctrine of Tajikistan was adopted on October 3, 2005, by the Majlis oli (parliament) of the Republic of Tajikistan. It provides that no state is an enemy of Tajikistan and that it does not have territorial claims to any state. Military doctrine is defensive in nature and focuses on the collective efforts of the CSTO in repelling external and internal threats.

The army is recruited on the basis of universal conscription. The term of service on conscription - 24 month. Since 2000, contract recruitment has been stopped due to government fears that influence on the opposition’s armed forces will increase at their expense. As a result, the army has practically no corps of professional sergeants. Young people 18 – 27 are recruited for years. The number of males between the ages of 16 and 49 in 2010 is estimated to be 2013 thousand people, of which 1490 thousand are considered fit for military service. Every year, 76 reaches thousands of men of military age, of whom about 7 – 9 thousand people are called up for service.

Cases of draft evasion and desertion are common. Sharp contradictions remain between people from various clans (soldiers and officers), which sometimes leads to armed clashes. The level of discipline and fighting efficiency is low. The troops maintain a high level of corruption. Mostly poor rural people serve in the army, while the more affluent part of the population pays off from the service through bribes. The soldiers are badly fed. Uniforms for many of the old, still the Soviet model.

Republic of Armenia in numbers

The total number of armed forces of Tajikistan - 8,8 thousands of people. Military spending is about 1,5 percent of GDP. In 2012, they can be valued at 114 million dollars at the official exchange rate and at 266 million dollars at purchasing power parity.

In Tajikistan, in addition to the armed forces and other power structures, numerous irregular armed formations are maintained, mainly engaged in the protection of various industrial enterprises and subordinate to the leaders of local clans.

Tajikistan is a member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). Three battalions of mobile troops of the republic are included in the Collective Rapid Deployment Forces (KSBR) of the Central Asian collective security region operating within the framework of the CSTO.

Ground forces consist of three motorized rifle brigades, an artillery brigade and an air assault brigade. They are armed with 30 tanks T-72, seven T-62 tanks, eight BMP-1, 15 BMP-2, 23 BTR-60, BTR-70 or BTR-80.

Artillery is represented by ten X-NUMX-mm howitzers D-122, three MLRS BM-30 "Grad", ten 21-mm mortars PM-120.

The 1-I motorized rifle brigade is deployed in Kurgan-Tube, the 3 I motorized rifle brigade in Khujand, and the mountain-rifle brigade in Dushanbe. The 7-I air assault brigade (a special purpose brigade) and the 12-I artillery brigade are also located in Dushanbe. 7-I airborne assault brigade is the basis of mobile forces.

The Military Institute of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Military Lyceum of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Tajikistan named after Major General Toshmukhamadov (an analogue of the Suvorov School or the cadet corps) function in the country. In a year the lyceum graduates 100 people, the term of study is two years. Graduates of the Lyceum are enrolled in the Military Institute or in foreign military schools. Military personnel of Tajikistan study at universities in Russia, Ukraine, China and India.

Air Force troops count 1500 people. They consist of one helicopter regiment and are armed with one Tu-134, four combat helicopters Mi-24 and 12 of transport helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-17. The country's air defense forces are currently unavailable, their functions are practically performed by the air defense of the ground forces, although they are organizationally united with the Air Force. The armament of the air defense regiment consists of 20 ZRK C-75 “Dvina” and 17 C-125 “Pechora”. In addition, there is an unidentified number of US FIM-92 Stinger MANPADS and 574 MANUAL 9K32 “Strela-2” MANPADS, a significant part of which is in conservation.

Other power structures

The number of internal troops of the Interior Ministry - 3800 people. They consist of one separate brigade, one special-purpose operational brigade, and two special detachments (mountain rangers and skiers). They are armed with ten T-72, 14 BMP-2, 22 BTR-80 tanks, ten howitzers, six sets of anti-aircraft guns, one 120-mm mortar battery, three Grad rocket launchers, two Mi-8.

Border troops have 1500 men in two brigades. They have two Mi-8 helicopters and two Mi-24. Suspected of active involvement in drug trafficking from Afghanistan. At the same time, 80% of all drugs seized in Central Asia account for Tajikistan, which ranks third in the world in the number of seized opiate drugs, mainly due to Afghan heroin. Nevertheless, most of the local and Afghan drugs are shipped to Russia and, to a lesser extent, to Western Europe. Tajikistan is also a major consumer of opiate drugs, mainly cheap hashish.

The National Guard, reporting directly to the president, has 1200 men in three battalions. She is responsible for guarding the president and other senior government officials.

The Ministry of Security has a special-purpose squad "Alpha" (at least 100 people).

The Ministry of Emergency Situations has a militia of up to 2,5 numbering thousands of people who actually perform the functions of protecting the borders with Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, while the border troops are fully focused on protecting the Afghan border.

Negotiations on border delimitation and removal of minefields are continuing between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. With Kyrgyzstan, there is a territorial dispute over the ownership of the territory in the region of the Isfara Valley, which does not allow for delimitation of the border.

Safety rates

The 201-I Russian military base in Tajikistan, created on the basis of the 201-th motorized rifle division, has six thousand people, of whom at least 15 percent are residents of Tajikistan who have Russian citizenship. It is deployed in the state of a motorized rifle brigade with three motorized rifle battalions - one battalion each in Kulyab, Kurgan-Tyube and Dushanbe. In service are T-54 72, 300-2 armored infantry fighting vehicles, BTR-80 and MT-LB, 100 2S1 artillery installations 2S3, 2S12 and multiple rocket launchers 9P140 "Hurricane" plants, five Su-25 and four Mi-8.

In October 2012, an agreement was reached to extend the presence of the 201 military base in Tajikistan to 2042. However, its ratification by Dushanbe conditions the receipt of funds from Moscow for the development of the energy sector and the modernization of the national armed forces. Base rent is practically not charged, but in exchange for this, Russia does not interfere with labor migration from Tajikistan. According to some estimates, the annual Russian transfers from Tajiks to their homeland amount to about three billion dollars. Starting in January 2013, labor migrants were able to register not for a week, as it was before, but for 15 days, and a work permit was issued for a period of up to three years.

The Indian Air Force has an advanced operational air base in Farhad at Aini airfield, 25 kilometers south-west of Dushanbe, modernized by India, and the cost of modernization was about 70 million dollars. According to some reports, the squadron of Mi-17 helicopters, training aircraft "Kiran" and MiG-29 fighters are stationed here.

One Tajik OSCE observer is in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In terms of combat readiness, the army of Tajikistan in the region exceeds only the army of Kyrgyzstan. It is unable to independently repel any serious external or internal threat. In repelling these threats, the Government of Tajikistan relies mainly on Russian troops. The withdrawal of the 201 base from Tajikistan is threatened by the resumption of civil war, in which groups from adjacent areas of Afghanistan may also be involved.

It can be assumed that after the reduction of the international military presence in Afghanistan, the significance of the Russian bases in the region will only increase. Already heard the talk that the militants - people from the Central Asian and North Caucasian republics, fighting on the side of the Taliban, began to concentrate along the Tajik border. However, many are confident that the prospects for the Afghan invasion of Central Asia are no more than a myth, the spread of which suits both the Tajik and the Russian side: the first is counting on another batch of support, the second gets further justification for its presence in the region.
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  1. Nevsky
    Nevsky 5 June 2013 18: 21
    Here, of course, shock drones at the border would be useful ... angry

    Enough for Russian soldiers to scatter in such difficult areas.
    1. Interface
      Interface 5 June 2013 22: 01
      It would be better if the Iskanders were installed, as in Armenia, they have already been transported there, for example, 25-30 pieces, then the Taliban will close themselves in their gadyushnik and eat their drugs, we have less problems.
      1. Semen Semyonitch
        Semen Semyonitch 5 June 2013 22: 36
        Iskanders against whom? From guns on sparrows?
        1. Interface
          Interface 5 June 2013 23: 00
          Against the Taliban. Their location today is much easier to calculate using satellites. Today is not the 79 year when we marched into the mountains with divisions.

          By your logic, maybe we can remove these 30 planes too, maybe we won’t place the equipment at all? Well, let the old planes stand there.
          "Bombs" on the sparrows "is synonymous.
          1. Yeraz
            Yeraz 6 June 2013 13: 37
            Quote: Interface

            By your logic, maybe we can remove these 30 planes too, maybe we won’t place the equipment at all? Well, let the old planes stand there.
            "Bombs" on the sparrows "is synonymous.

            Well, one thing the plane flew and hit the Taliban squad. Another thing to beat Iskander with a small squad is stupid. The Taliban are partisans. They do not move in thousandth columns, accompanied by brotekhnika.
      2. Pilot200809
        Pilot200809 5 June 2013 23: 49
        Ordinary old, proven "GRAD" s, as in Tamansky
        1. Aljavad
          Aljavad 6 June 2013 02: 11
          Quote: Pilot200809
          Ordinary old, proven "GRAD" s, as in Tamansky

          "... and 9P140 Uragan multiple launch rocket launchers, five Su-25 and four Mi-8 ..." is quite adequate.
        2. dark_65
          dark_65 6 June 2013 10: 01
          Namely, and not only by them, there are other models.
          Central Asia, as a set of states, in my opinion, simply does not exist.
          A set of gangs, clans, anyone and anything, but not states, united by ideology, nationalism, power, at worst.
          So the set is biological.
      3. Aljavad
        Aljavad 6 June 2013 02: 09
        Najibullah fired Scuds at them. What's the use? They are essentially partisans. Rockets are more expensive.
      4. old man54
        old man54 6 June 2013 02: 11
        why not P-36 right away? Why trifles then :)
      5. Maks111
        Maks111 6 June 2013 06: 29
        then the Taliban will close themselves in their gadyushnik and take their drugs
        The Taliban did not allow drugs to develop before the US invasion of Afghanistan, and with the advent of the USA, the situation changed and Afghan drugs flowed into other states, in particular ours.
    2. Mujahiddin777
      Mujahiddin777 6 June 2013 03: 30
      The article is good of course, but the author clearly does not have information that in 2009, 4 Su-25 attack aircraft were hijacked from Dushanbe airport. They headed approximately to Manas airport, which everyone knows belongs to the United States ... The head of the airport was dismissed with a pontoon, and this after the Russian Federation made a remark to the president about frivolity and poor security ...
  2. orff
    orff 5 June 2013 18: 22
    Cases of draft evasion and desertion are commonplace. There are sharp contradictions between people from different clans (soldiers and officers), which sometimes leads to armed clashes.

    Happen a mess at the border, again, the Russians to bail out all.
    1. MAG
      MAG 5 June 2013 19: 30
      There will be no trouble on the border until all of Central Asia in the Arab spring burns, but as it burns, there will be no sense in 201 and she will have to go home with battles
      1. ale-x
        ale-x 5 June 2013 20: 54
        I agree. As if the Russian guys themselves would not be trapped ...
    2. Aljavad
      Aljavad 6 June 2013 02: 13
      first of all - yourself. it’s better to beat the enemy on an ALIEN earth.
  3. Lech from ZATULINKI
    Lech from ZATULINKI 5 June 2013 18: 29
    The Tajik leadership hehe he took an example from the KREMLIN GUIDE giving part of its territory to the CHINESE.
    I think that RAKHMONOV and other Tajik clans are not able to show serious resistance to both the Taliban and the Chinese.
    All the more surprising is the behavior of Rakhmonov in relation to RUSSIA.
    The endless presentations of RUSSIA, corruption, pressure on their own people make this state unviable.
    1. sergaivenski
      sergaivenski 5 June 2013 20: 48
      I have served with many nationalities living in the North Caucasus and Central Asia.
      The Russian guys called them Basmachi. Strange as it may seem, they didn’t mind. Count on
      they are just stupid now. The Taliban will beckon dollars, run to them like scalded.
    2. Aljavad
      Aljavad 6 June 2013 02: 18
      they are such. clans are not even people. And by the way, they did not want to leave the USSR. They knew that it would be worse. And now the choice is simple - as in Afghanistan it’s not hotstsa, let the Russians protect us, but they don’t interfere with making money.
  4. Rattenfanger
    Rattenfanger 5 June 2013 18: 33
    Or run away, or go to the Taliban

    In the north of Afghanistan, there are ethnic Tajiks, Hazaras, etc. So they will not “go to the Taliban,” but “go to their relatives.” Even in Soviet times, family ties between the Tajiks-residents of the DRA and the Union were maintained, regardless of the state border.
    It is a pity that the Taliban managed to kill Ahmad Shah Masoud.
    1. Andrey57
      Andrey57 5 June 2013 20: 59
      Yeah, Sher Pansher normally held in the hands of everyone in his region, and Tajiks, and Hazaras and Uzbeks ...
      1. Black Colonel
        Black Colonel 6 June 2013 09: 23
        It’s interesting, but how is General Dostum alive, a smoking-room or not? Also not the last person was in Afghanistan.
  5. Russ69
    Russ69 5 June 2013 18: 38
    The Americans will leave; according to anyone, sooner or later, some sort of mess will begin in Tajikistan.
    For me, let NATO sit in Afghanistan, and they are actively wetting each other with the Taliban, neither of us are friends.
    1. Aljavad
      Aljavad 6 June 2013 02: 20
      and poppy crops will expand further.
  6. andrei332809
    andrei332809 5 June 2013 18: 43
    here on the hell out of Moscow everyone ran away. all the same, they’ll turn to Moscow for money, then weapons
    1. old man54
      old man54 6 June 2013 02: 14
      for this and scattered, what would "give-give"! But now they are already distributing this money, and not only this money (in their pockets)! That's all the motivation.
    2. Aljavad
      Aljavad 6 June 2013 02: 22
      They just did not run away. In 1991, Central Asia was confronted with the fact: the USSR is no more.
  7. Hudo
    Hudo 5 June 2013 18: 47
    One Tajik OSCE observer located in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    No other than Rakhmonov’s relatives.
  8. Semurg
    Semurg 5 June 2013 18: 51
    Two options to stay or leave. If you leave, Middle Asia is lost, if you stay in case of aggression or fight on your own or raise the level of local warriors and their mate-tech level. Another option is to try to agree with the Islamists about your interests. Amers in Afghanistan agree with Taliban and provide local warriors, well, they’ll try to consolidate the bases. Here it seems to me that you choose the whole set of local layouts, or maybe some other option will appear over time. the middle option is what the Russian leadership is doing mat-tech supplying local warriors and in case of emergency base in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, I think you need to add working contacts with the opposition in Afghanistan.
    1. Corsair
      Corsair 5 June 2013 19: 08
      Quote: Semurg
      Two options to stay or leave.

      You can’t leave more than one ex-USSR republic where there is at least some Russian military or other presence. Care is fraught with the emergence of global problems for Russia.
  9. Rattenfanger
    Rattenfanger 5 June 2013 19: 00
    Quote: Semurg
    If you leave, get lost Middle Asia

    There, not only Central Asia is lost, but a lot of things. At least for several years, a full-scale war breaks out throughout the North Caucasus.
    1. old man54
      old man54 6 June 2013 02: 16
      Quote: Rattenfanger
      At least for several years, a full-scale war breaks out throughout the North Caucasus.

      Well, not a fact, but very likely.
  10. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 5 June 2013 19: 08
    I remembered something now: after the withdrawal of our troops from Afgan (euphoria in the media all around), the lieutenant's interview and his answer to the question "Why so many of our guys died ...) and his answer" They died for Russia ... and these (spirits) they will follow us ..) something like this answered .. just turned out to be right .. alas .. eternal memory to the guys who died in Afghanistan ..
    HAIFISCH 5 June 2013 19: 12
    And what's the point in their warrior’s money swelling, one hell will run away, we will have to repulse the attack again, and Rakhmon Macrosy will soon leave nothing from Tajikistan, the Chinese will give half of the territory for subsidies, and half to the rest when the war is over there ?, and for the people nihkhera not done, everything here we hang out.
  12. waisson
    waisson 5 June 2013 19: 25
    the title of the article said everything that I wanted to say hi
  13. Avenger711
    Avenger711 5 June 2013 19: 28
    A country that can neither provide its security nor peace to its neighbors cannot and should not be independent.
  14. Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov 5 June 2013 19: 31
    Is it possible to cover the border with drones?
    After all, Rogozin promised to establish a release.
    Here let them hurry up and by the year 14 at least 2000 pieces are riveted.
    1. ale-x
      ale-x 5 June 2013 20: 58
      That's right, because somehow the law was adopted, that the Russian Federation reserves the right to deliver preventive strikes outside the Russian Federation. Otherwise, why do we need tactical missiles and aviation?
    2. Avenger711
      Avenger711 6 June 2013 01: 11
      This will not abolish the need for hundreds of operators for them at a rather considerable cost and a stupid review.
    3. Aljavad
      Aljavad 6 June 2013 02: 25
      here by 2020 m.
  15. Warrawar
    Warrawar 5 June 2013 19: 31
    With such "friends" as Tajikistan, there is no need for enemies. It is necessary to introduce a visa regime and close the border with a lock (require Kazakhstan to control the borders, and if they cannot or do not want to introduce a visa regime with Kazakhstan itself). Also, expel the nomadic horde, illegal migrant Tajiks, from the territory of Russia or send them to serve a long prison sentence in labor camps.
    1. sergaivenski
      sergaivenski 5 June 2013 21: 06
      From history, I know that at the end of World War II in Europe, little Switzerland
      closed its borders on the castle. Why feed the extra mouths? The same thing needs to be done now
      Russia.Do not go to a fortuneteller: the population of Afghanistan has long lost the habit of engaging in rural
      zyaystvo; to grow drugs has become much more profitable !!! And where drugs, there are huge
      "dirty" money, clashes of interests of various mafia clans !!!
      drugs? To Russia, naturally. A huge market !!!
      1. kavkaz8888
        kavkaz8888 6 June 2013 01: 13
        In LITTLE Switzerland there is a LARGE pile of Jewish banks (dough). Therefore, they can afford it.
      2. Aljavad
        Aljavad 6 June 2013 02: 29
        sorry, but we are not "little Switzerland". And a dozen mountain passes are not ours with the Kazakhs, the Great Steppe.
    2. Marek Rozny
      Marek Rozny 5 June 2013 23: 59
      Quote: Warrawar
      It is necessary to introduce a visa regime and close the border with a lock (require Kazakhstan to control the borders, and if they cannot or do not want to introduce a visa regime with Kazakhstan itself).

      1) Tajiks legally enter the territory of Russia. They work illegally. We (Kazakhstan) do not have the right to not let them through in transit - they have all the documents in order. On the basis of what should we not let them into Russia?
      2) If you enter a visa with them, then this is unlikely to change anything. Will they get visas. They’ll break into a cake, but they will. The only ones who benefit from this are unscrupulous employees of the Russian consulate in Dushanbe.
      3) Well, a hypothetical entry of the visa regime for Kazakhstanis is like a hedgehog scaring a naked booty. Ethnic Kazakhs rarely come to Russia, and even then usually only for short-term business and study (after which they usually do not stay in Russia). Kazakhs do not go to Russia as guest workers or tourists. But their ethnic Russians from Kazakhstan, who often go to Russia to visit relatives, complicate such a stupid undertaking. And the main railway line from the Far East and Siberia passes through the territory of Kazakhstan. We will then demand Kazakhstan transit visas from Russians who are going to rest from Moscow to Baikal.
      In short, sometimes it’s better to think than to scare something.
      1. kavkaz8888
        kavkaz8888 6 June 2013 01: 18
        You say it right. Only probably you should always think so that you don’t talk stupid things.
        In general, it’s time to get together again. For the Caspian without Russia it’s shitty.
      2. Aljavad
        Aljavad 6 June 2013 02: 33
        Well done! Well said.
    3. kavkaz8888
      kavkaz8888 6 June 2013 01: 09
      There will be a present in the Americans! They will be taken from happiness if the Basmachi and I quarrel.
  16. omsbon
    omsbon 5 June 2013 19: 34
    Believe the Jamshutam and Ravshanam is NOT ANYTHING!
    To proceed only from our own interests, but you can count solely on your own strength! Remember that our Russian guys will have to fight.
    1. shamil
      shamil 5 June 2013 21: 42
      No, we don’t have to fight. Our instructors need to go there.
      1. Marconi41
        Marconi41 6 June 2013 00: 51
        And who to instruct? Conscript year-old? Or a bribe officer?
        At one time, their borders were protected by the Russian Federation - there was much more order, but there were also clashes!
  17. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 5 June 2013 19: 35
    orff RU
    Happen a mess at the border, again, the Russians to bail out all.

    antogonism RU
    How else?

    And for me - let them sort it out among themselves! How many Russian guys have already laid down their lives for the quiet life of these "hot bloods" ... I don't even know what to call it ... I know, but they won't be allowed to pass.
    In terms of combat readiness, the army of Tajikistan in the region surpasses only the army of Kyrgyzstan.

    They know how to "fight" only from around the corner or, as in Bishkek, with a crowd of unarmed people.
    1. sergaivenski
      sergaivenski 5 June 2013 21: 31
      I agree with you !!! Click on them harder, they will run, only the heels will sparkle !!! We had a warrant officer Steparzhinsky, the head of the guardhouse and the head of the regimental dining room.
      He took a stick and drove Tajik cooks. Once, the cooks persuaded their fellow countrymen,
      civilians, beat Steparzhinsky. It was not known to them that the ensign Steparzhinsky
      engaged in boxing and wrestling. The fight took place at the entrance of a residential building in which
      Val Ensign Steparzhinsky. The result for the Tajiks was very sad: one was in the hospital with a double fracture of the jaw, a concussion, the second, managed
      in his pants, fainted, the third just ran away !!! After that, not one Asian on a friend
      the ensign Steparzhinsky did not look askance !!! And the court fully acquitted him !!!
      1. ale-x
        ale-x 5 June 2013 22: 18
        Star !!! Warrant Officer Steparzhinsky !!!!
      2. Marek Rozny
        Marek Rozny 6 June 2013 19: 58
        Well, Tajiks have never been fighters in history. Well, they have a different character. It is the Kyrgyz who, without the instinct of self-preservation, climb on machine guns, while the Tajik and the Sart (the bulk of the Uzbeks) do not differ at all in their belligerence. They have a different "profile". They are excellent executive workers, many of whom quickly become masters in their field. Not armies should be recruited from them, but factories and enterprises. These are builders, cooks, artisans. We don't harness the lamb into the plow, and we are not going to milk the chickens.

        Tajiks and Sarts are more hardworking than Kazakhs or even Russians. This is their national trait. Each of our nation has its pros, cons. They must be used. Together, we complement each other well, taking into account national features. If we recall the history of Central Asia and Kazakhstan, we can give an example when one of the Chinese diplomats of the early Middle Ages described to his emperor the reasons why the Chinese armies could not conquer this region.
        He wrote that Sogdians (and other Iranian-speaking element) live here, who are weak as soldiers, but very skilled in diplomacy and trade. The Turks also live here - they are the military power of the region, but because of their naivety they can be easily quarreled and fooled. Separately, the Chinese could theoretically defeat both those and others, but when the Sogdians and Turks are together, no Chinese armies are afraid of them: the Sogdians reveal Chinese intrigues and prevent the Chinese from cheating on the nomads, and the nomads do not give the Chinese the opportunity to conquer the Sogdians.
        It was written over a thousand years ago. During this time, other nations are brewing in our common pot. Slavs, Caucasians, Turks, Tajiks, Finno-Ugric separately, - easy prey for everyone. Together, we make up for each other's national minuses with our advantages. Fortunately, the main nations - Slavs and Turks - easily get along with each other. No need to make any monsters from the Tajiks. They have never been. It is a nation of artisans, cooks and merchants.
  18. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 5 June 2013 19: 52
    The best method at the moment is "Buy, Deploy, Remove" and arm yourself with modern precision weapons and tracking systems. (If we have time)
  19. Wild_grey_wolf
    Wild_grey_wolf 5 June 2013 19: 59
    need determination and a firm hand, with solid beliefs
    1. sergaivenski
      sergaivenski 5 June 2013 21: 36
      I agree with you: the state of Israel does just that !!! And money for destruction
      He does not spare his enemies, and strengthens his defenses !!!
  20. Abakanets
    Abakanets 5 June 2013 20: 11
    Close the border tightly, send ALL Central Asians, withdraw Russian troops from Central Asia, in case of a mess send refugees in three cheerful letters.
    1. zxz71
      zxz71 5 June 2013 22: 34
      Your stupidity surprises !!! Russia's presence in tajikistan is the control of most of central asia look at the map !!
    2. kavkaz8888
      kavkaz8888 6 June 2013 01: 22
      And get the state bases on the border with the Kazakhs !!!!!!!!!
    3. Aljavad
      Aljavad 6 June 2013 02: 38
      And also, cover yourself with a blanket and say that everything is in order.
  21. zvereok
    zvereok 5 June 2013 20: 30
    Ah, the cunning Americans, left in Afghanistan bags of money in the form of poppy fields and their bases, as a guarantee of their safety. As a result, the Muslims will have enough money to arm themselves.
  22. Xmypp
    Xmypp 5 June 2013 20: 54
    For 8 million people, 8 thousand in the army. It’s ridiculous. Again we all help out, protect, etc. Not tired?
    1. Aljavad
      Aljavad 6 June 2013 02: 40
      as always - the burden of the white man. Read Kipling. Clever man. It was.
  23. arkgrz
    arkgrz 5 June 2013 20: 56
    it is still unknown what will happen after the departure of the yang .. they’ll mess up there most of all .. under the Taliban they didn’t do much drugs .. maybe it’ll become calmer .. when the main provocateurs get out of there
    1. Black Colonel
      Black Colonel 6 June 2013 09: 40
      So maybe Russia should be muddied with the Taliban to limit drug trafficking? Feed and use them to your advantage?
  24. individual
    individual 5 June 2013 20: 57
    Ten significant cities.
    1. Alibekulu
      Alibekulu 5 June 2013 21: 57
      And, here's another - I think it’s interesting to be:
      1. Avenger711
        Avenger711 6 June 2013 01: 12
        Only a picture needs more.
      2. kavkaz8888
        kavkaz8888 6 June 2013 01: 24
        You can't see a damn thing
  25. Grigorich 1962
    Grigorich 1962 5 June 2013 21: 14
    The author of the article is right .... Tajiks cannot cope alone .... and even our weather base will not do it. A complete surgical operation is needed here, namely political reconstruction. Tajikistan to make the Russian region or the Tajik region ..... with the corresponding reconstruction of local authorities. Otherwise, this mountainous piece of land will always be for us a source of danger of a military attack, terrorism and drug trafficking .... but do we need it ?? .... it is better to take land with a little blood under the Russian protectorate and basta !!!
    1. Aljavad
      Aljavad 6 June 2013 02: 42
      sorry now is not 1813 and not even 1913. Then it was possible.
  26. sigizmund472
    sigizmund472 5 June 2013 21: 33
    Quote: Corsair
    Two options to stay or leave

    You can’t leave. Having left, we will leave a void, and this void will be filled with something else.
  27. shamil
    shamil 5 June 2013 21: 37
    take everything under control there, a lot of money will go away! will have to equip the army with second-hand armaments. send military instructors there. And ...... about the Russian government and keep them in the black mitts.
  28. AntonR7
    AntonR7 5 June 2013 21: 39
    No, all the same I wonder how they want to live independently, but without Russians they don’t, howl howl save help, why disconnected then.
    1. Aljavad
      Aljavad 6 June 2013 02: 51
      one should at least be interested in HISTORY. They did not separate. !!!
      Separated Transcaucasia, the Baltic states and Moldova.
  29. Shturmovik
    Shturmovik 5 June 2013 21: 56
    I left the article unrated, as it is interesting on the one hand and not accurate enough on the other! First: in addition to helicopters, there are L-29 and L-39 trainers based in Kurgan-Tube; secondly, the Su-25 aircraft have not been in the 201st aircraft since 2008, with great difficulty they were just able to be stolen from the air. Dushanbe by the forces of Buturlinovka pilots. The Tajiks did not want to give them away.
  30. Rattenfanger
    Rattenfanger 5 June 2013 22: 19
    Quote: sergaivenski
    at the end of World War II in Europe, little Switzerland closed its borders on the castle. Why feed extra mouths?

    The reason for the closure of the borders (with the Third Reich) was not a reluctance to "feed extra mouths", but in an attempt to avoid unnecessary hemorrhoids with the aftermath of the pursuit by allies of the Nazis who fled to Switzerland. positions by foreign intelligence services and agents of influence that would take place in the course of the activities.
  31. Vladomir
    Vladomir 5 June 2013 22: 33
    We need to learn to fight with the wrong hands, (and do not want to help, so that there is no other way out) with drones, artillery, missiles, and the Air Force.
  32. minimum
    minimum 5 June 2013 22: 48
    I am amazed by gifts in the form of hundreds of millions of dollars to Tajiks, Bangladesh, etc. They will sell and forget, they will still be accused of expansion and imperialism, without any gratitude. It was not just once, but again we throw hundreds of millions of dollars to some dubious friends on dubious grounds. Has the history of the 90s taught nothing, what are all these friendly feelings worth?
  33. Semyon Albertovich
    Semyon Albertovich 5 June 2013 23: 20
    Let the Tajiks think for themselves, it’s better to seriously equip the border with Kazakhstan
    1. brr7710
      brr7710 6 June 2013 06: 20
      Quote: Semen Albertovich
      Let the Tajiks think for themselves, it’s better to seriously equip the border with Kazakhstan

      if you don’t get to sit out, the drug traffic is very large through them, and if they alone remain then it will increase even more
  34. Marconi41
    Marconi41 6 June 2013 00: 57
    Closing borders with Tajikistan will not give anything positive! The country will be filled with Taliban and all sorts of rabble that fit close to the border of the Russian Federation. Tajikistan today is a buffer zone where, unfortunately, we will have to fight for our own homeland! Otherwise, you’ll have to fight in your own territory.
  35. anarh
    anarh 6 June 2013 02: 02
    Quote: sergaivenski
    the court fully acquitted him !!!

    Good judgment. Correct.
  36. brr7710
    brr7710 6 June 2013 06: 10
    Quote: Lech from ZATULINKI
    The Tajik leadership hehe he took an example from the KREMLIN GUIDE giving part of its territory to the CHINESE.
    I think that RAKHMONOV and other Tajik clans are not able to show serious resistance to both the Taliban and the Chinese.
    All the more surprising is the behavior of Rakhmonov in relation to RUSSIA.
    The endless presentations of RUSSIA, corruption, pressure on their own people make this state unviable.

    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  37. Yozhas
    Yozhas 6 June 2013 06: 20
    What do they really want our border guards to leave from there? It’s right to live on drugs in transit.
    Now the Taliban got scared crawled out to ask for help, diesel fuel on their benefits, give equipment, etc.
  38. shamil
    shamil 6 June 2013 06: 57
    and there is! the very strength of the Taliban is not enough to compete with
  39. Semurg
    Semurg 6 June 2013 09: 35
    Judging by the comments, the majority of visitors understand that it’s not possible to leave yet, it remains to strengthen the Tajik Armed Forces and maintain the combat readiness of the troops at the bases. I think it’s enough by the number of troops because two or three mountains and roads, and in winter kirdyk passes are not passable. Once we decided to stay here it follows - the Gastes are allowed to work in Russia so that they have an income, if they are sent back, a full paragraph will start and even there may not be enough troops at the bases. This is how it seems to me and the problem of Gastes and security at the borders are connected.