Military Review

“The Legend of the Awakening of the Russian Spirit”

Great Russian seers predicted a mighty Transformation to our Fatherland

1. An ancient tradition brought to us the instructive news of the mortal fall of Cain, who killed his brother Abel out of envy for receiving grace from the Heavenly Father for the disinterestedness of his gifts, but not accepting the gifts of Cain, who also wanted to receive a reward as a percentage for his gifts, acting contrary to Education and the likeness of God, according to which his earthly father was created and to whom every man, if he from God considers himself born, should follow, bestowing his neighbors with the joy and fruits of his labors selflessly.

2. From that time on, the Cainovo tribe, with the imprint of charity, developed to the scale of all the earth, conquering other tribes and nations with its cunning, treachery and lending rates, capable of creative labor for the common good and as spiritual heirs to the non-commitment of Abel - the eternal witnesses of Cain's crime, to which From time immemorial, our people also belonged to our heavenly, Russian-called, but host to our nation many fraternal peoples and nationalities living on the earth of a single Eurasian and the word of God and the language of Russ they joined in the Russian civilization.

3. It happened during these times: the Son of God, Jesus Christ, appeared in the Holy Land and commanded the prayer to the Father in heaven: “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, as in Heaven, and on earth ...” in which he directly stated that His disciples need to build the Kingdom of God on earth, and not one at a time, but “where two or three are gathered in My name, there I am among them,” that is, conciliar, and at the heart of His Kingdom should be people created in the Image and Likeness , that is, from the tribe of non-possessors.

4. Many centuries have elapsed since then, and the end and edge of construction, like the erection of the Tower of Babel is more and more reminiscent, is not visible, but because the two, three, and the Kingdom of God are not waiting for heaven in the sky, submitting to foreign heresy and not knowing, that not all power on earth is from God, especially to the slavish humility of theirs, which has invoked and deliberately the truth about true knowledge and knowledge from people. But the Son of God said that she was not the authority, that she was not from God, but where was she from God - who knows?

5. And from time immemorial, the Russian man knew that the Kingdom of God on earth should be built, and the Grandsons of God built their Kingdom of Truth and lived according to Truth and Law, in unity of command and artel consent, and now, in the hardest time of disorder, in the life of the Fatherland again awaken in the souls of Russian people Love for the Creations of this World, Belief in the Will of Heaven, Hope for the Strength of the Russian Spirit, Maintaining the Universe Greatness of the People's Truth and Reliability of Religion on Mother-Earth native, promised by the ancestors, where there are two, three Non-yielding Men, Braz and likeness of created, gathered in His name for the Exaltation of the kingdom of God on earth as in heaven.

6. With the will of Heaven and the labors of the ancestors, over the centuries, the country transformed into a vast power from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean, with many fraternal peoples by Common Business united and since ancient times called Russia-Horde, the Great Tartary, the Russian Empire, and then the Soviet Union, embodied in the cycle of universal life The lands of the Russian Rulers and the spiritual Pillars of Holy Russia - Svyatoslav the Brave, Dmitry Donsky, Sergius of Radonezh, Alexander Nevsky, Ivan the Terrible, Minin and Pozharsky, Peter the First, Seraphim of Sarov, Alexander The second, by Joseph Stalin, by many other saints and heroes of the Fatherland, is the glorified and exalted, God-preserved, Great Russia as a distinctive Russian civilization.

7. And the basis of the Russian civilization as the sacred unity of Man, People, State and Heaven is hitherto unknown to the enemies of a mystery and deadly force for any invader, but from birth is inherent in each of our fellow tribesmen, to whatever ethnic group he belongs to, called the Russian Spirit, co-creating the beauty of the unity of Will Heaven and Will of Man as the circumstance of insuperable force for victories in battles, correction of human vices and dispensation of beauty - attire in the life pattern of the state.

8. Many troubles and hardships brought people of foreign invaders, dissenters crafty preachers, but most of all - hired traitors, induce our people to test bloody wars, domestic strife, the papal aggression, slave serfdom Nikonian split, Cutting through the window to Europe, Westernism, terrorism, revolutions , perestroika, the division of the Russian people, privatization, modernization, informational debilization of the people, profane reforms and other heresies that are contrary to the spirit of the Russian people which resulted in numerous casualties, attempts to distort the civilization code of the nation and the loss of a huge part of the national heritage.

9. But the ancestors bequeathed to us the Common Business not to betray foreign enemies, especially with the Cain press, not to allow our Common Cause, and if anyone thinks of resisting, then the silushki do not regret for eradicating evil nonhumans and evil filth on the Russian land, and remember that not even the most beautiful ideology or plan for the life of the righteous can become acceptable to our people, if you trust someone who, by foolishness or malicious intent, executes them to money-givers, traitors or crafty people.

10. But here again - the Fatherland is in danger! - and it is time to be enchanted by the sweet foreign sounds of krahda to all Russian people to wake up from their sleep and call upon to serve their people and the Great Great to incorruptible sons of their faithful, those who did not succumb to the foreign modification of their spirit and did not become a traitor to the people, basely acquiring personal delight the wealth of many generations who preserved the memory of their ancestors about the inevitability of a fierce battle for the Truth and the Right in the coming joy of the grace of Heaven for the victors of the enemies of the human race, and precisely to these Knights of the Spirit for the return of the viability lities Russian civilization now faces look our children and grandchildren, as well as our hope of salvation God stored Fatherland and our souls.

11. And the current president, Vladimir Vladimirovich, it seems, by the very force of the circumstances of the awakening of the Russian spirit, opened his eyes to the essence of what is happening with us, but told honestly honest people about the tasks facing the state, began to accomplish many good things, and readiness to act decisive for cleaning the country from spiritual decay and foreign vices, but after some hard times there were no forces left and there was no one to rely on. His former associates have been modified with swindles, and they do not get rid of this foreigner ailment, and the people expect him to punish just traitors, thieves and crooks, and the common good even during the lifetime of our generation.

12. So where should one start, good people? And it is clear from the people that it is necessary to begin with restoring moral sovereignty and ethical upheaval in the life of the state, when the principles of “five higher” become obligatory for all: the spiritual is higher than the material, the general is higher than the personal, justice is higher than the law, service is higher than ownership, power is higher than property and, most importantly, with the eradication of the Russian, alien to human nature, open indulgence by the authorities to the slavery of a lending rate, acquisitiveness and human defects, and getting rid of the primacy of the flesh in the living Russian state, called liberalism, and it is up to the people to entrust this business, trust in people exposed and the mandate of the supreme power endowed with the oprichnina previously called, and now - the people's control. The president in his message called it as it was in Soviet times.

13. And it should start with the solution of the three primary tasks of restoring order, firstly, the de-commercialization of the election system into power, which is still called popular by the old habit, but arranging election campaigns for unrighteous, not popular money, for which they immediately get rid of hired people. whom we trustlessly trust in the elections, and they, being often chosen by us as hostile employers, are forced to worship them all their lives. And it is unlikely that the interests of the people will come to such elects, except that they will create the appearance of utility, and they will promise them with three boxes for the elections, but they will fulfill it without strict demand, and they will forget about someone to ask.

14. Secondly, we must not forget that without the departization of state power we cannot cope with these ailments: after all, the party is only a part that is not mentioned by the Constitution, and should not be there, but has cunningly adapted itself to solve its interests at the expense of everything the people’s struggle, and the interparty struggle of these parts turned into a battle for a place at the budget trough, all of which are similar to masks, letting go of lawlessness and not openly seeing trillions, and, according to the guarantors of the Constitution themselves, irretrievable losses from our bins in the pockets of crooks and thieves.

15. And thirdly, of course, the return of the inherent Russian way of life of direct democracy, implemented at different times under the names "People's Veche", "Zemsky Sobor" and "Councils of People's Deputies". This is when wise rulers, incorruptible and selected from the people of the best and efficient people, but not crafty selling elections, but in honor and dignity, the power of governing, and the people as a sovereign and source of power - the conciliar power of opinion expressed in orders, execution which is always under the vigilant control of the people's councils, who call for the careless managers and traitors of national interests.

16. And what kind of ideology is this in the Image of the future of Our Russia as the Kingdom of God on earth, built according to the Project of Christ, in which Man is acting in his life according to the Image and Image of God, that is, non-tyrant and creator; and the people as two, three in the name of his congregation and where he is among them for the common cause of building the kingdom of God on earth; and the State - as a one-man (in Heaven, he is a single chief) congregational organization for the dormitory of the Nations, who collectively participate in construction and live according to the laws of justice? Yes, all this should be called not an ideology, but rather a new ethical system - the culture of Truth and the Rights of Free Workers.

17. Well, it remains to determine the priority actions for the benefit of the Fatherland, without which we can see neither a bright future, nor a good present too, but which can only be realized by prophecy if the Supreme Ruler becomes among these blessed two, three in His Name By the will of Heaven and our intent collected. So: the general mobilization of the natural aristocracy as carriers of the spirit of non-possession, the complete dismantling of the corrupt state government - kleptocracy, the restoration of the sovereignty of the people as a source of power - direct democracy, the de-commercialization of the entire electoral system, the departization of state power by the media, the return of the educational system the tasks of reproducing the values ​​and meanings of the Russian civilization, the restoration of the unjustly seized from nation of national wealth, the massacre in justice with the enemies and traitors of the nation.

18. The victory of the people’s movement towards a moral revolution - the upcoming Transfiguration of Russia - should be led, with the assistance of the president, from the Council of the World as the organizing committee for the preparation of the People’s Assembly (Zemsky Sobor) of Russia, created on a civil initiative with branches in most regions of the country, and reasonable from the people have already developed a draft National Strategy of Russia as historical Constitution of the people. It begins a public discussion of popular assemblies in the regions with the participation of like-minded political parties, social movements and the best representatives of the national elite. At these meetings, plenipotentiary deputies from the lands are selected to participate in the work of the Council of All the Earth.

19. And, of course, the People, as a good sign of a turn toward righteous life, are awaiting from their president as the Supreme Ruler - “To be this way!” And conciliarly support his decisive actions in the “dictatorship of decent people” to restore the vitality of civilization and the health of the nation, to purify the authorities from the deadly disease of acquisitiveness, the assertion in the life arrangement of the state of the laws of Truth and the priority of the Law, ensuring exclusively the national interests of the Fatherland and the realization of the aspirations of the peoples of fraternal countries, whose ancestors and the dawn of Russian civilization, united in the great empire Rus-Orda, the spiritual and majestic reunification of the Eurasian Union of peoples and states.

20. "The Spirit of Truth speaks through the prophets", and the great Russian seers predicted a powerful Transfiguration for our Fatherland, and not revolution or evolution, not modernization or innovation, not even revival, but Transformation, when Russia at the turn of epoch will become for the outside world an example of the harmonious life of the authorities and the people. In the myths and fairy tales of the peoples of Russia this time is called the "Kingdom of Truth", and, according to the rational management of the people, this crucial time of the coming Victory of the Russian spirit has already arrived!
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  1. UFO
    UFO 5 June 2013 15: 35
    Only the national idea of ​​the revival of Russia on the principles of socialism with clear rules of justice in EVERYTHING and a good portion of healthy nationalism of the state-forming people is capable of "bringing us back to life", awakening national identity and identity, stopping the degradation and imitation of trends from the West, stopping the penetration of Geuropean " values ​​"! hi
    1. Civil
      Civil 5 June 2013 16: 30
      Often hiding behind such sayings, the Russian people are just powdered, offering to show the spirit, etc., and laughing stupidly they make grandmothers and take them abroad ... that is, someone needs to carry the cross, and someone is doing their business under the guise, and so on Often
      1. Vadivak
        Vadivak 5 June 2013 16: 44
        Quote: Civil
        someone needs to carry the cross, and someone is doing his thing under the guise of

        And when was it different? Even He had to.
    2. PatriotRusi
      PatriotRusi 5 June 2013 17: 05
      We need a strong ruler, whose hand does not flinch to shoot traitors!
      Only then will Russia again become a country capable of resisting liberalism.
  2. baltika-18
    baltika-18 5 June 2013 15: 36
    I started reading, came to the phrase about "heirs of the spirit of non-acquisitiveness" and realized that somewhere I had already heard this.
    I immediately looked at whose work and realized that I was not mistaken. Well, of course, he is a "natural aristocrat" and "non-possessor" Misha Lermontov (not a great poet), although he claims to be a relative. Put a minus, because I consider him a swindler.
    1. Atlon
      Atlon 5 June 2013 15: 50
      Quote: baltika-18
      Put a minus, because I consider him a swindler

      I read to the end. Ornate, it’s written, but everything about the case, whatever you say ... I don’t know if it’s a crook or not, but the dreamer is for sure. And without a dream, and there are no victories! Article plus.
      1. baltika-18
        baltika-18 5 June 2013 15: 54
        Quote: Atlon
        I read to the end

        So I read it to the end. And there are many other articles of his and about him and the same, who stand up for "natural aristocracy."
      2. baltika-18
        baltika-18 5 June 2013 16: 20
        Quote: Atlon
        I don’t know if it’s a crook or not, but a dreamer for sure.

        He is not a dreamer, he is a very practical person. The main message of this organization under the slogan of national prosperity is to come to power, because in their opinion, "natural aristocrats" should rule the country. So, a lot of useless foam has endured in our time.
        1. Vadivak
          Vadivak 5 June 2013 16: 37
          Quote: baltika-18
          He is not a dreamer, he is a very practical person

          Here I was hooked too, I do not want to offend the author, but some kind of shopkeeping hope for the Ruler. How many worthy non-possessors were in the entire history of Russia? Here comes the master, the master will judge us
    2. Vadivak
      Vadivak 5 June 2013 16: 24
      Quote: ....
      Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, as in Heaven, so on earth ... ”, which directly indicated that His disciples need to build the Kingdom of God on earth,

      There is a misconception of the author. The social and moral structure of the civil order in Prayer is just not provided. Your kingdom is “The kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21). The Lord teaches a person adopted by God to ask that the Kingdom of God descend into his soul.
      And what the author calls for relates to Protestant trends, they believe that they have already been saved by the blood of Christ and the only thing left for them is to build a paradise on earth, with all its milk rivers and jelly banks, and then we ask them and wonder how in your European paradise with morality?

  3. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 5 June 2013 16: 08
    how many predictions were made about the future of Russia almost everywhere it is said about a new unifying faith, then this is not Orthodoxy, What? Well, the time will come.
    1. Melchakov
      Melchakov 5 June 2013 16: 10
      Quote: vladsolo56
      almost everywhere it says a new unifying faith

      Where is it?
      1. vladsolo56
        vladsolo56 5 June 2013 16: 20
        take an interest. can find, a person should seek, and not accept what is under his nose.
        1. Vadivak
          Vadivak 5 June 2013 16: 27
          Quote: vladsolo56
          how many predictions were made about the future of Russia almost everywhere it is said about a new unifying faith, then this is not Orthodoxy, What? Well, the time will come, see. Take an interest. can find, a person must seek,

          Good address almost everywherebetter yet go woooin there
      2. baltika-18
        baltika-18 5 June 2013 19: 28
        Quote: Melchakov
        Where is it?

        At Theophan of Poltava, Archbishop of Poltava and Pereyaslav.
        "Orthodoxy will be revived and triumphant. But the Orthodoxy that was before will no longer be. God himself will put a strong tsar on the throne." (1930).
    2. Skiff-2
      Skiff-2 5 June 2013 17: 13
      Quote: vladsolo56
      how many predictions were made about the future of Russia almost everywhere it is said about a new unifying faith, then this is not Orthodoxy, What? Well, the time will come.

      If you are about the prophecies about the future of Russia, then it’s about the revival of the Orthodox Faith, as the conditions for the revival and greatness of Russia. The author of the article is not known to me, but the syllable is similar to Nikolai Kozlov (a pseudonym), maybe a copycat, or a successor, maybe a dreamer, but dreams are true.
  4. Vtel
    Vtel 5 June 2013 16: 13
    With the assistance of the president, the Council of the whole Earth, as the organizing committee for the preparation of the People’s Assembly (Zemsky Sobor) of Russia, should lead the victorious popular movement towards a moral revolution - the upcoming Transfiguration of Russia.

    Shaw, it is still a little trusted in the entomotor movement - the top will hand over their homes, but you won’t be able to tear them away from the feeder. Isho the time did not fit - all the will of God. Although much to the topic.
    1. Skiff-2
      Skiff-2 5 June 2013 17: 27
      Quote: Vtel
      Shaw, it is still a little trusted in the entomotor movement - the top will hand over their homes, but you won’t be able to tear them away from the feeder. Isho the time did not fit - all the will of God. Although much to the topic.

      Well, under Ivan Vasilievich, the boyar elite also did not concede the feeder, and plundered the treasury, and plundered people, and entered into a conspiracy with the enemies of the fatherland ... Oprichnina was also established - to eradicate sedition, a selected part of the best Russian people, otherwise No way, the embezzlers themselves do not fight with themselves. And the Tsar elected.
  5. arkady149
    arkady149 5 June 2013 16: 14
    Quote: Atlon
    Ornate, it’s written, but everything about the case, whatever you say ... I don’t know if it’s a crook or not, but the dreamer is for sure. And without a dream, and there are no victories! Article plus.
    Any, even the most remarkable Idea, can be denigrated by expounding "floridly" or with excessive severity. Thoughts are wonderful, but for some reason after reading there was a smack of mockery with a pathological bias towards religiosity. And something obsequious is slipping through. Rather minus than plus. IMHO.
  6. Valery-SPB
    Valery-SPB 5 June 2013 17: 02
    Is that all about?
    Reread Genesis. The Lord decided to eat man the fruits of the earth. Cain, who considers himself to be law-abiding in the eyes of society and orthodoxly believes in the justice of the Lord's decrees, shared some of his hard-to-get food.
    Why did you raise sheep? Probably only because of the skins, because the bible clearly shows that meat and not everything was allowed to a person later, with limited food resources due to disasters. Yes, and agree, the earth is under water. Where to plant plants? I suspect that Noah didn’t have only a couple of animals.
    But Abel, who brought a meat gift, consisting of what he himself did not need.
    I asked people interpreting the Bible, what is the catch?
    They answer me that Abel has his gift from the heart, but Cain does not.
    Maybe it's all different. It is not just that the Lord forbade touching Cain under pain of the most severe punishment.
    He must be a very wise God and something in his divine mind had in mind!
    It was not necessary about the Russian spirit to start such an article with this conspiracy theological version.
    1. tixon444
      tixon444 5 June 2013 19: 51
      Quote: Valery-SPB
      Maybe it's all different. It is not just that the Lord forbade touching Cain under pain of the most severe punishment.
      He must be a very wise God and something in his divine mind had in mind!

      The Jewish lady was an accomplice of Cain, and therefore forbade him to touch. After all, what is not being done on Earth is all with his knowledge ...
  7. regsSSSR
    regsSSSR 5 June 2013 17: 41
    As for me, tyk is better than the first option! probably on tamu that I grew up there! all the same could be stated in a different language and I don’t like it when they hide behind even from a good purpose by the names of the great Russian writers; all this looks very pompous, although it sounds very patriotic! one must come to God himself, faith cannot be imposed, much less put into it with sticks!
    1. regsSSSR
      regsSSSR 5 June 2013 18: 11
      if only how it happened to unite these ideologies of current, everyone would do his own thing, that would be strength!
  8. Borat
    Borat 5 June 2013 17: 42
    In my opinion, M. Lermontov is Jehovah's Witness ?!
  9. tixon444
    tixon444 5 June 2013 19: 00
    It is unlikely that the ROC CJSC headed by Kirill Gundyaev is capable of becoming the force that is predicted for it. At least Gundyaev shouldn't have kissed Benedict XVI's hand at his inauguration. Our "POP-stars", mired in luxury, will not be able to play the role of the new Sergievs of Radonezh.
    Here is a letter from Leo Tolstoy to teacher A.I. Nobleman of December 13
    1899, which today sounds very modern:
  10. pamero
    pamero 5 June 2013 19: 12
    People have no work and they do. Two types of people in Russia now, those who sell and those who buy and who buy money take on credit because they want now and all at once!
  11. habalog
    habalog 6 June 2013 22: 57
    This article has something in common with the book "Project Russia".
    Dreams are good, of course. Dreaming high is doubly good :)

    I propose starting not with everything at once, but with a promise, to our loot:

    Saturating your womb
    You decided to devour the whole World.
    Not knowing fear, punishment,
    You have done many troubles.

    From the birth of many, having taken out souls,
    You made a huge feast.
    And now, slimming carcasses
    You encroached on My World.

    I broke the shackles of darkness
    That Will was clenched in her chest.
    I kindled the Soul from the dust
    And awakened his Dreams.

    In me, a many-voiced choir
    Trumpet of Courage, Honor, Path:
    Like you in one fell swoop
    Plunging into the darkness of nothingness.

    And do not leave you from rock,
    Come into reality
    When from a hungry spirit
    My Home - Earth will be cleansed.

    And I, the People of the Midday Light,
    I command: "Tremble!
    There is no saving in the world from Bulat!
    You, mammon, do not leave! "

    Let's get Mamon down? smile