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Sniper М16 from Philippines

It is no secret that the most common constructions generate a mass of "clones", as well as samples weaponswhich are made in their image and likeness with minor changes. It often happens that a sample of a weapon that is made on the basis of another sample generally belongs to a different class. It is this development that we will try to make out in this article. It will be about the sniper M16, originally from the Philippines, known as MSSR.

This rifle is a conventional М16А1, deprived of the possibility of automatic fire, endowed with a higher-quality barrel of greater length. Practically everything else in the weapon was left unchanged, except for the carrying handle, it was removed later, although it was present on the first samples. In this regard, the rifle, in its final version, does not have open sights, which, in my opinion, is not the most reasonable solution, given that the weapon is used at medium distances. The Philippine designers in general brought the weapon to the required characteristics, so the accuracy of the rifle is equal to 1 angular minutes, which fully meets the requirements of the military.

The sniper M16 4,55 kilogram weighs, its length is 1073 millimeter with the length of the barrel 610 millimeters. It feeds from shops with a capacity of 20 or 30 cartridges. At distances over 600 meters it becomes almost useless, as it uses all the same ammunition 5,56x45.
Automatic weapons are also completely similar to the M16, that is, built on the basis of the removal of powder gases from the barrel bore directly into the receiver. The layout of the main controls is the same as the “antipode” of the Kalashnikov assault rifle. The modified forearm of the weapon has a mount in its lower part for the installation of folding unregulated bipods. For transportation there are uncaps for which the belt clings.

Sniper М16 from PhilippinesIt is difficult to evaluate such weapons, seemingly as the MSSR is a sniper rifle, but on the other hand it’s still the same M16 with a new barrel and minor modifications. After all, if, for example, put an optical sight on a Kalashnikov assault rifle, then it would not occur to anyone to call it a sniper rifle. However, it is far from always necessary for a sniper to shoot at long distances, very often targets are at distances accessible to such weapons, so that on the whole the creation of such a sample is fully justified. Given the fact that the Filipinos are counting on the use of weapons on their own territory, it is not surprising that they do not need a large number of sniper rifles with an effective range of more than a thousand meters. Naturally, large-caliber sniper rifles are in service, but since most of the tasks can be performed by the MSSR, it is the main sniper rifle.

On the basis of this weapon, a silent version was later developed in the same caliber. This weapon differs only in an integrated device for silent shooting with large volume and a night sight included in the set. What ammunition is used in weapons, unfortunately it is not known, but the fastest full-fledged 5,56х45 is the fastest.
Based on all the above, we can conclude that the MSSR sniper rifle has a right to life, even though it is a slightly modified M16. Well, the problems that were inherent in the M16А1, in this weapon are absent due to the fact that the rifle is unable to conduct automatic fire, which greatly increases its reliability.
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  1. report4
    report4 5 June 2013 09: 31
    Apparently a long barrel on this rifle has some sacred meaning. All the same, bullets of this caliber have a very steep trajectory, and shooting further than two hundred meters is possible only for good luck. Although for internal conflicts of low intensity, such a weapon has the right to life.
    1. Peacemaker
      Peacemaker 5 June 2013 12: 03
      On the contrary, 5,56 has a more flat trajectory than 7,62
      1. Basarev
        Basarev 19 January 2014 14: 48
        An analogue of our SVD.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. vanaheym
      vanaheym 22 July 2013 01: 26
      Of the AR-15 / M-16 with a match barrel in .223Rem and heavy bullets, people successfully participate in the United States in the National Match Competition at distances up to 1000 yards.
      And at 300 meters you can shoot from a similar rifle like this (shooting a member of the CMS-UA hansa):
  2. jandjella
    jandjella 5 June 2013 10: 02
    The Americans already have a rifle. The SR-25 rifle was developed by Eugene Stoner (co-creator of the Ar-15 / M16 rifle) in the early 1990s when he collaborated with the American company Knight's Armaments Co. The SR-25 (Stoner Rifle model 25) rifle is based on the Ar-15 rifle design, modified for the 7.62x51 cartridge. The SR-25 rifle turned out to be quite successful, it provided high accuracy and therefore became popular among both civilian shooters in the United States and among police snipers. In the nineties, a variant of this rifle complete with an optical sight and a quick-detachable silencer of the same company was adopted by the US Navy Special Operations Forces under the designation Mark 11 Model 0 (Mk.11 Mod.0) sniper rifle. Later, under the same designation, rifles began to enter service with US Marine Corps snipers. In 2005, as a result of competitive testing of the XM110, a slightly modified version of the Mk.11 Mod.0 rifle was adopted by the US Army snipers under the designation XM110 / M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle (M110 SASR). The XM110 rifles should eventually replace the M24 magazine sniper rifles in service. The main purpose of the Mk.11 Mod.0 and XM110 rifles is aimed fire at enemy personnel at ranges up to 800 meters. From a tactical point of view, these rifles are analogous to the SVD Dragunov sniper rifle,
    1. report4
      report4 5 June 2013 11: 20
      The caliber is different.
  3. bazilio
    bazilio 5 June 2013 12: 26
    This rifle does not stand out with anything special. The rifle is not for the sniper, but rather for the Marxman. In addition, the Philippines is mainly the jungle, and you will not find particularly long distances there. So it's quite normal for the Philippines
  4. sterx20072
    sterx20072 5 June 2013 12: 48
    Sniper rifle "SAM-R / SDM-R"
    The experimental model (SAM-R prototype) was created on the basis of the M16A2 rifle, equipped with a heavy stainless steel match barrel, a forearm with the Picatini universal mount, and the USM from the M16A1 assault rifle (M16A1 trigger assembly), which provides two fire modes - single (semi-automatic) and fully automatic.
  5. the47th
    the47th 5 June 2013 12: 58
    "The penetration results obtained by the NSMATCC with the
    5.56mm SS109 cartridge are impressive. The SS109 can penetrate
    the 3.45mm standard NATO steel plate to 640 meters, while the
    7.62mm ball can only penetrate it to 620 meters. The us steel
    helmet penetration results are even more impressive as the SS109
    can penetrate it up to 1,300 meters, while the 7.62mm ball cannot
    penetrate it beyond 800 meters. "
    Taken from here:
    The bottom line is this: a shelled 7,62x51 bullet penetrates a 3,45 mm thick armor plate from 620 m, and a 5,56x45 SS109 bullet penetrates from 640 meters. So 5,56 taxis.
    1. Timeout
      Timeout 5 June 2013 14: 23
      It should only be noted that test firing was carried out by different types of ammunition! SS109 - this cartridge has a bullet with a steel core, and the standard 7,62x51 has a bullet with a lead core.
      1. the47th
        the47th 5 June 2013 17: 05
        Quote: Timeout
        It should only be noted that test firing was carried out by different types of ammunition! SS109 - this cartridge has a bullet with a steel core, and the standard 7,62x51 has a bullet with a lead core.

        Nothing unusual - these are standard army ammunition.
        1. Timeout
          Timeout 5 June 2013 19: 05
          At this time, 7,62x51 LPCs have been replaced by enhanced penetration ammunition. Also with steel or carbide core. Which freely at 700 meters flashes 6 mm. steel!
  6. SIT
    SIT 5 June 2013 12: 58
    Here's a silencer for a supersonic cartridge is probably a meaningless thing. Yes, such as in the picture. What energy will this little bullet have? How far is it enough to defeat even a person who is not protected by body armor?
  7. Timeout
    Timeout 5 June 2013 14: 04
    but the fastest full 5,56x45
    No, this rifle uses sabsonics with a weighted bullet. The trunk in my subjective opinion is a complete HS. Disgusting balance and huge dispersion for a sniper rifle.
  8. jandjella
    jandjella 5 June 2013 16: 44
    In addition to the SR-25 rifle, the Amers also have an Armalite AR-10 sniper rifle. At one time, the Armalite AR-10 (T) sniper rifle participated in the competition for a new self-loading sniper rifle for the US Army, but lost in much the same SR-25 rifle. The Armalite AR-10 (T) rifle was developed by the famous American company Armalite Inc. based on the assault rifle AR-10, which in turn is a development of the original AR-10 rifles of 7.62 mm caliber)))) But there is a modification for a different cartridge. Since the end of 2003, the Armalite AR-10 (T) Ultra Mag rifle was launched under the .300RSUM cartridge (.300 Remington Short Action Ultra Mag) developed by the well-known American arms company Remington Arms Company, Inc.In connection with the introduction of the new caliber, individual design elements changed. Modification Armalite AR-10 (T) “Ultra Mag” has an upgraded system for removing gases from the barrel, providing optimal rifle action when using .300RSUM cartridges. The changes also affected the cartridge feeding system. The barrel of the rifle was specially designed for the standard .300RSUM cartridges and is not a modification of the barrel for NATO caliber 7,62x51 mm.

    In addition, the AR-10 SuperSASS sniper rifle was developed on the basis of AR-10 (T), the design of which took into account the requirements of the military when implementing the program for creating a new self-loading sniper system (SASS).

    The AR-10 SuperSASS differs from the AR-10 (T) in the possibility of installing a silencer, an adjustable exhaust system (to optimize the automation when installing a silencer), Armalite proprietary AFRL (ArmaLite Floating Rail System) with M1913 rail guides and protective pads for hands. The rifle also has a permanent butt of a new design.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  9. jandjella
    jandjella 5 June 2013 16: 52
    AR-10 SuperSASS But it is 7.62x51 caliber
    1. Timeout
      Timeout 5 June 2013 19: 27
      SuperSASS is so afraid of moisture that it was called a dropper. Compared to the M4 with a silencer, there is no advantage. Together with SR-25, these are such shelters from weapons from which army shooters are denied in favor of the same M-14 (M21)! Just to understand this you need to communicate with these weapons. There is nothing super-original in it. The automation circuit itself is obviously vicious. But again, for those actions that the US Army is leading, it is suitable. Note that in Europe or Asia, it simply did not take root, even though it pushed into the arms market with all the capitalist zeal ....
      1. vanaheym
        vanaheym 22 July 2013 01: 40
        Do not read the books of Andrei Cruise at night. SuperSASS, like the SR-25, is afraid of moisture just like almost any Stoner rifle. Personally, I shot enough from the clones of AR-10 / AR-15 (Zbroyar Z-10 / Z-15) to have an impression of their tenderness with respect to moisture. And it is for rifles assembled from high-quality mil-spec parts, although not the same as the first original AKs, but something like this:
        1. Timeout
          Timeout 2 August 2013 08: 07
          Read Cruise? Dear, only from your post I found out about such an author! He deliberately esteemed that it’s not a fountain for me ... Shoot, it doesn’t mean to own, was the owner of three species of Arok, and he studied all the flaws not only in the shooting range or at the shooting range. This is the last one.
  10. _Forgiven_
    _Forgiven_ 6 June 2013 16: 09
    No M16 compares with the good old Kalash. If you want to do a dirty trick on an enemy with M16, call a sandstorm to help you and you will be happy. American rifles are so tiny gaps between the parts that their jewelry accuracy costs them sideways. How many cases were there during the conflicts in Iraq and so on, where American soldiers gladly changed their emki to a Kalashnikov assault rifle.