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Unclassified materials. Theory of everything

This is the final article from the cycle “Unclassified materials”, the three previous articles “Truth is somewhere nearby”, “The secret of the investigation” and “The dead do not lie” were devoted to the analysis of individual moments of events fifty years ago on the Dyatlov Pass. It is time to summarize.

Hypothetical weapon

In previous articles of the cycle, it was assumed that all tourists were killed with high-speed miniature bullets. While this is a hypothesis.
The hypothesis was born on the basis of the analysis of posthumous poses of bodies and the nature of injuries on the bodies of tourists. Specific injuries of tourists' bodies correspond to the signs of a shock called “water hammer” among professionals, which is by its physical nature a shock wave inside the human body. This is a rather exotic type of injury, they are caused by the defeat of the body by high-speed small-caliber bullets.

An additional characteristic sign of the killing of tourists by high-speed miniature bullets is the stopping of a mechanical wristwatch at the time of the impact of the body by a shock wave. The clock stops from the banal "shake", and this effect is well known.

We can speak about the miniature size of high-speed bullets on the basis of the absence of visible injuries on the bodies, real-life bullets with a diameter of about a millimeter at a speed of 1,5km / sec leave subtle punctures on the body.

Only the exit channel can become visible, provided the bullet decelerates and loses stability in the body. This is documented in the photo of the body Dubinina:

A photo from the investigation materials, this injury on the back is also recorded in the protocol of the body inspection at the place of detection, but is silent about it in the autopsy report.

While the talk was about “wound ballistics”, but the flight in the atmosphere of a high-speed bullet also has specific features, the main one of which is the occurrence of an air shock wave. Usually, speaking of a shock wave, an explosion is implied, but the passage of high-speed objects through the atmosphere also creates shock waves.

Here is a photograph of the motion of a ball with a diameter of 5mm with a speed of 3km / s, it clearly shows the structure of the shock wave from the span of a high-speed object:

A recent good example of this type of shock wave was the Chelyabinsk meteorite, which flew at an altitude of about 20 km and at a speed of 30km / sec. Numerous destruction of buildings and injuries to people from a shock wave were recorded along the entire span route, an explosion was not observed.
When moving in the air, miniature bullets also create a shock wave, but, of course, not of such a global scale, the traces of this shock wave are fixed at the scene:

Unclassified materials. Theory of everything

A series of breaches in the crust cannot be traces of the feet of a person or an animal, their elongation is oriented across the path of movement and there is no “checker” order of tracks that occurs when the right-left leg is interchanged.

These traces can give an estimated speed of miniature bullets, assuming that the breach in the crust is caused by the impact of a shock wave. A rough calculation shows that a pointed bullet with a diameter of one millimeter should move at a speed of about 15-20 km / s. so that the shock wave from its movement could break the crust on an area of ​​800 square centimeters.

This speed is exactly ten times greater than that of the most advanced of the well-known modern rifle systems, and at the muzzle, and not at the point of hitting the target. There are no such shooting systems now, especially they were not in 50 ...

Bullets at such speeds, in addition to the main damaging factor, also have a side, non-lethal effect of damage. Flying in close proximity to a person, such a bullet can cause injuries by means of an air shock wave that occurs throughout the entire length of the passage of the bullet. This damaging factor has a special name among specialists - “barotrauma”.

Unlike explosive barotrauma, such specific barotrauma has a unique feature, they are not audible. The human ear does not perceive sounds with a duration of less than 0,1 seconds, no matter what frequency or intensity this sound is. And the bullet has a span time of less than 0,1 seconds of its entire shot distance. In fact, a person will not hear anything, but will receive a barotrauma.

Now about the energy (destructive power) of such a bullet. With a diameter of one millimeter and 1 sweep to 30, it turns out that the weight of the bullet will be about one gram, if we assume that it is made of steel. At a speed of 20 km / s, this will roughly correspond to the energy of the 22 projectile with a millimeter-speed gun. Her shells are tearing the human body into pieces, but in our case there are not even visual marks ...

But this seeming discrepancy, it is known from wound ballistics that small-diameter pointed bullets (4,5mm) “pierce” the human body through losing no more than 1 / 10 of its energy, and when the diameter of the bullet decreases, the energy loss in the human body is even smaller and proportional to the square cross-sectional area of ​​such a bullet.

So the damage on the bodies of the dead tourists correspond to the energy of the shot, and in the case of complete absorption of the energy of the shot, there will be something like this:

This is a snapshot of a cedar, from which the tourists watched the top of the height 1079, the two extreme branches are broken in the middle, the other three at the very base. So the impact of a bullet that completely transferred energy to the barrel fell somewhere in the center of symmetry, in the middle.

By the way, this cedar was never seen again, 1079 was opened for visiting in the 1963 year, and the expedition to the place of the tragedy did not find this cedar, it was sawed down. There are many pictures of cedar trees similar to this ill-fated cedar, but they are just alike. In reality, there is not a single later snapshot of cedar with such a characteristic break of the branches on the north side.

So, if we assume that the hypothesis of using high-speed miniature bullets is correct, then we must immediately take into account that neither the USSR nor the United States, at that time, and even now, do not possess such a perfect weapon.

So, it was used by some third force.

Third Force

We have to switch to a conspiracy theme, and for objective reasons, the facts themselves, and not speculation, are pushing for these arguments.
In addition to the hypothesis of the use of an unknown type of weapon, the facts preceding the campaign, the facts of events during a search operation and the materials of the investigation indirectly but eloquently speak eloquently about the participation in the events of the “third force”.

At first, about the organization of the campaign, everything was simple and ordinary there, until at the last stage of preparation for the campaign one very remarkable person, Semen Zolotaryov, asked to call him “just Sasha” when meeting him.

It is remarkable, in this connection, that the investigation materials constantly use the phrase “group of amateur tourists”, it appeared there not by chance. Zolotarev, officially, was an instructor in tourism, his professional activity was accompanying tourist groups. But he went on this trip as a private person, having already quit the camp site on which he worked. So the campaign formally had no official status.

Zolotarev neither by age, nor by life experience, nor by the circle of acquaintances in this group could not by chance be found. Judging by his front-line and post-war biography, he was a KGB officer working undercover. At the time of his last campaign, Zolotarev spent less than a year in the Urals, and after going with Dyatlov's group, he had to return to his native Krasnodar region again.

If Zolotarev was really from the KGB, then sending an employee to another region of the country, working on the ground under the perfect cover (tourism instructor), overgrown with “contacts”, is an extraordinary event.

Taking into account the situation at this moment in the Krasnodar Territory, when the process of mass return of Chechens and Ingushs took place there, such a move is possible only when planning an event, as previously mentioned, “Union-wide”.

So there is good reason to believe that this campaign of “amateur tourists” was a planned event with a very high level of importance.

If this is true, then the group of tourists went with a clear goal, it is clear that only Zolotarev knew about this goal in the group, the rest of the tourists were just extras and were used what is called “dark”. It is more than likely that the tourists were secretly accompanied by a group of KGB officers with special training.

What was this event is unknown, but apparently a meeting with the "Factor" in this scenario was planned. It is unlikely that this contact according to the plans should have ended so sadly, something went wrong as planned, and the tourists died.

And here is the most interesting, the state "washed hands." The type of event has nothing to do with it, that this is a “demolition” between the “group of amateur tourists” and the “Factor”.

In the versions of events on the Dyatlov Pass, the term “dramatization” often flashes, yes it was, but the dramatization was not in the events themselves, but as a result, the state staged its complete non-participation in the events. Although during the search operation and the investigation there were a lot of facts indicating the unspoken participation of the state in the events themselves and the parallel investigation, the second article of the cycle was devoted to this, so I will not repeat.

This can be only in one case, “Factor” also did not leave 1079 alive, and he could not tell anything to his owners. But this is what is called a crazy hypothesis, it could be all quite wrong ...

But back to the facts, it is time to reconstruct events on the Dyatlov Pass, the main thing in the reconstruction will be the binding of the clock to the time of the death of tourists and taking into account the specifics of using high-speed miniature bullets.

Eh search engines .., search engines

The beginning of the events on the pass is hard to recover, the cause is trivial, the events developed near the tent, but there are no documentary materials about the initial state of the scene. There, first managed (in the truest sense of the word) search engines. The investigation had to record the circumstances significantly distorted by the actions of search engines and to record them in many ways contradictory testimony. In the subsequent memories of search engines even more confused the picture of what happened.

For example, the search engines found a snow-covered tent, only the edge of the tent on the intact rack was peeking out of the snow, but, here’s the tent as recorded by the result:

This is not at all what the search engines from the Slobtsov group, who discovered it first, saw. This can be asserted with absolute certainty for one reason, in the materials of the investigation there is an inventory of things from the tent that the search engines transmitted to the investigation, this inventory:

The following shall be attached to the protocol:
1. "Vigilant" photo camera with a tripod and a broken light filter. Camera number 488797. Filmed 34 frame.
2. Camera "Sharp" number 486963. Filmed 27 frames. On the case of deep scratches. The belt is torn off.
3. Camera "Sharp" number 55149239. Filmed 27 frames.
4. Wrist compass.
5. Train and bus tickets.
6. Field bag.
7. Electric torch.
8. Two iron cans with thread, etc.
9. Money Notebook Slobodina money and the letter of the trade union in the city department.
10. Money in the amount of nine hundred and seventy five rubles.
11. Kolmogorov's diary. Last recorded date for 30 is January.
12. Protocol of the route commission.
13. Letter addressed to Dyatlov.
14. Tripbook number 5 in the amount of three copies.
15. The can is sealed. In it 10 films, a roll of film and money in the amount of seven hundred rubles.
16 Business trip to the name Dyatlova.
17. 9 cards, tracing paper and photocopies
18. Hike project
19. Covering letter from the trade union institute.
12. Passport in the name of Dyatlov

Prosecutor Mr Ivdel Jr. Counselor of Justice Tempalov (signed)
The head of the search party E. Maslennikov - signature / Maslennikov /

Imagine how much it was necessary to stir up the tent to get all this out of its depths. It remains to believe only the words of the search engines, and they are cunning, it is obvious. Here is an example associated with drinking alcohol from an abandoned tent.

One of the search engines, Slobtsov, recalls that in the evening after finding the tent, they drank a flask of alcohol taken from the tent. But in the transferred things there is no mention of the flask, but in the act of inspecting the tent the consequence is a record of the flask with the "smell of alcohol" ...

I think the comments are superfluous, they not only distorted the state of the scene, but also falsified the actual picture of the events ... ..

But that's fine, later figured out that the tourists were sober at the time of the tragedy. But the discrepancies in the testimony on the account of a pair of skis are of a fundamental nature, here one has to guess, as they say “on the coffee grounds”.

The fact is that one pair of skis was not laid under the floor of the tent, this was not accidental, they were used by tourists as racks of the central stretch of a long tent (the picture is further in the text). But we do not know in what condition these skis were at the moment of detection. Two search engines, the first to find the tent give conflicting testimony. Slobtsov says that they were in the same form as in the snapshot of the investigation file, and Sharavin claims that they were lying in the snow in front of the tent entrance (its diagram is lower in the text). So figure it out, and this is a crucial moment in the reconstruction of events.

So there are few indisputable facts, but we already have an understanding of what and how they were killed, we will proceed from the assumption that they drove the same unknown weapon out of the tent.

How it all started

First, about the well-known facts that for us is indisputable:

- The tent is not installed to the end, without a central stretch of skis, otherwise a long four-meter tent will hang in the middle. A pair of skis for these stretch marks was prepared, but it remained to lie on the snow in front of the tent entrance (according to the search engines, but in the photo from the investigation file above, they are stuck in the snow). Here’s what this tent should look like:

This is a snapshot from another hike, but the names on it are this unfortunate tent, set according to all the rules.

To prevent the tent from sagging, a support was made from the ski pole, cutting it off at the handle. This trimmed ski stick was found by search engines inside the tent. They did not have spare ski poles .... So, all the same, they were returning to the labazu, there was a spare set of skis, only in this case it was possible to sacrifice a ski pole, without which you could not walk away across the snow-covered mountains.

- Two people at the time of flight from the tent were fully dressed, one of them had a camera and a compass with him (Zolotarev).

- At the initial stage of leaving the tent, two pairs of tracks did not start from the tent, but a little to the side, only later, through 40-80 meters, their tracks converged with the others. Apparently, at the time of flight from the tent of the main group, two people were on the mountainside, outside the tent.

- Immediately before leaving the tent, the tourists reloaded the camera, the film found near the tent speaks about it, the rest of the films were in a tin or were in cameras.

- One film is clearly not enough in the materials of the investigation, there are only individual frames from it, and they are characterized as the last, the investigation in the decision to dismiss refers to one of its frames (clearing the place under the tent). This way, another problem in the investigation, the removal of documents from the case in this case is obvious.

- There were no pictures taken from the camera found on Zolotarev’s body, he was lying in running water, this camera is not even mentioned in the investigation materials. But investigator Ivanov refused to return this camera to the relatives of Nikolai Tibo, to whom he belonged, referring in conversation to his strong radioactive contamination. Is it really unknown?

- For undressed tourists, the exit from the tent was unexpected, they did not manage to take anything with them, jumped out in what they were in the tent. Of the things there was only a Finnish knife and two flashlights.

- At the time of leaving the tent, it was already littered with snow and was approximately in the same condition that the search engines found. This is evidenced by a lantern found on the slope of the tent, on top of a layer of snow. The lantern was off.

- "Factor" began to operate in the 10-11 hours, before dinner, judging by the cut but not eaten brisket. Part of the blankets was not yet decomposed (according to search engine memories).

These are facts known to all, but this is what emerged from the analysis of known circumstances of events:
- “Factor” appeared at a distance of more than a kilometer from the tent on the line of sight in the region of the northern, flatter peak.
- Tourists left the tent in the direction of the nearest shelter from direct sight from the northern summit (into the ravine).
- “Factor” used to kill people with high-speed kinetic weapons of unknown origin.
- “Factor” at the initial stages did not seek to kill tourists, only frightened away from the place of its location with warning shots over their heads.
- Even after killing two tourists trying to return to the slope, he allowed the rest of the tourists to approach the stricken (immobilized) and pick him up.
- Further movement up the slope after crossing the clear boundary of what was permitted in 150-180 meters was also stopped by the use of a weapon, perhaps before it was given a warning shot overhead.
- With the defeat of the body by high-speed bullets, in addition to the instantaneous death from a “water hammer”, a person stopped a wrist watch.
- In addition to the unusual damaging factor when it hit the body, the high-speed bullet created a blast wave when moving, not heard by the ear due to the short duration, but also having a striking factor in the form of “barotrauma”.

Now you can put forward the "theory of everything", in which we will enter all the available facts and clarified circumstances.

Theory of everything

Let's start this sad history. Tired tourists walked, they were really tired, the forest was less than a kilometer away, but no one went for firewood, respectively, they did not install a stove for the night.

The tent itself was also not fully set up, instead of central delays from already prepared skis, an internal support was used, for the manufacture of which they spoiled the ski pole. I admit that it was not fatigue, perhaps the tourists were afraid of something and did not want to give out their location with smoke from the stove and upright skis.

Having set up a tent, they laid out their things, ate snacks with breadcrumbs, whiled away the time in conversations before the 10-11 hours. Then they began to get ready for bed, but before that they cut the last remaining loin, to have a snack for satiety before a cold night (no more loin was found in the tent). They did not have time to eat it, something happened in the distance, more than a kilometer from the tent, on a flat top to the north.

The visual and sound effect of this unidentified phenomenon was such that no one wanted to get out of the tent, or Zolotarev ordered not to stick out. The tent buried in the snow seemed to them a safe shelter, and in any case it was safer there than on a bare slope.

Tourists watched this unidentified phenomenon from the tent, making cuts in the slope facing the top. Two of them, Zolotarev and Tibo, began to prepare to leave the tent in order to get closer to this object.

They got dressed, took a compass for orientation in the dark and limited visibility. We reloaded the camera with a new film and took it with us; when recharging from the can, one of the films fell out and the search engines subsequently found it. The camera and compass were found by search engines on Zolotaryov’s body.

The two left the tent, their goal was to get close to an unidentified object and take a picture of it. The remaining tourists felt safe, did not even try to get dressed, apparently the very thought of going out into the open space did not inspire them, but in the tent they felt protected.

How much time was gone was unknown, but events began to develop when they were in 20-40 meters from the tent. The factor used the weapon, the shooting was carried out not on people, but on top of their heads, in order to drive them down the slope. Whether by accident, or intentionally, the shots fell into the snow above the slope, above the tent.

Shots with high-speed bullets created shock waves of a very short duration that could not be seen by the human ear as sound. But these shock waves, falling into the snow, caused a snow slide on the slope at the tent site. The layer of snow clipped during installation of the tent moved and brought down the tent. In the above image, there is a characteristic sign of snow shift, the tent posture stand from the ski pole bent down, and apparently broke inside, so even search engines could not pull it out, after dismantling the tent, here's a picture:

In the picture, she sticks out of the snow to the right of the pile of things in the center of the frame, the fact that no one tried to pull it out is incredible;

After the tent collapsed, the tourists started to get out from under the snow, cutting through the side of the tent, one of them grabbed a flashlight, but, getting out of the tent, put it on the slope covered with a layer of snow, so the search engines found it.

The shots drove the group down the slope, Zolotarev and Tibo joined them and ran the whole group together to the nearest shelter. Apparently, Zolotarev, on a front-line habit, sought shelter in the lowland in order to withdraw from the direct shot.
Here is a diagram of their departure, drawn by one of the search engines:

On the diagram, the author (Sharavin) emphasizes that the departure of tourists was carried out not in the direction of the cedar, but to the left, directly to the ravine gate. He also shows the location of the skis in front of the tent entrance. Along the way, tourists lost another flashlight, it was found by search engines at a distance of about four meters from the tent, and they no longer had the opportunity to pick it up. The flashlight was on.

Apparently they shot over their heads, but the bullets, flying near the person, with his shock wave inflicted serious injuries in the form of pain in the area of ​​the eyes and ears, concussion of the brain. Blood could flow from the ears and nose, there could be disturbances with coordination of movements, hearing and vision.

The shelling stopped only after people left the line of sight in a ravine, the tourists still ran three hundred meters by inertia and stopped, stumbling on a convenient place to hide.

It is possible that four: Zolotarev, Thibault, Kolevatov, Dubinin received superficial damage in the form of a light contusion and relatively entire tourists built a shelter for them with a flooring, where they lay down. The rest of the tourists chose a cedar to observe the behavior of the “factor” from its trunk.

By the way, this may explain the strange division of the group, the obvious leader in such a situation - Zolotarev was disabled for a while and the rest of the tourists acted on their own. Recumbent 3-4 hours, he could not fix anything from the fact that by the time the tourists did under the command of Dyatlov.

Reconstruction of events after the departure of tourists in the ravine

We fix the initial conditions that have developed by 5 in the morning:
- There was a thaw, the temperature of the air at night could not be lower than -10 degrees, this is evidenced by characteristic traces in the form of columns, which could appear only from squeezing "sticky" snow.
- Accordingly, for such warm weather it was overcast, the moon in 1 / 3 with its full luminosity rose around 5 in the morning, the predawn twilight would come only in 8 in the morning.
“Tourists were well-equipped for such warm weather, he could spend the night under such weather conditions guaranteed, and with a fire and flooring even comfortable, no worse than in an unheated tent on the windswept mountainside.
- The group consists of two fully dressed and shod man. They could provide a guaranteed retreat of the entire group to a warehouse, less than two kilometers away, or they could return to the tent. But these attempts have been made.
- The group retreated to the ravine in full strength, since the 6 bodies were found there, and three bodies on the slope followed a single straight track, the beginning of which was near a fire near the cedar. In addition, the clothes of Kolmogorova closest to the summit showed traces of cedar needles, which indicates its presence near the fire.
- All the tourists at the time of retreat to the ravine were without injuries, this is indicated by the fact that the injured tourists were left in the complete set of their clothes. According to the conclusion of doctors with such injuries, you can live no more than 15 minutes, then death is inevitable. But after the death of their comrades near the fire, the remaining tourists immediately cut off the clothes from the dead, fragments of these clothes were found near the injured tourists in the stream bed. So they definitely died last.
- The group was divided, the almost impossible happened, young tourists refused to obey Zolotarev, the oldest in status in this extreme situation, a professional instructor, a war veteran.
- Igor Dyatlov definitely became the leader of the youth. A group of young tourists chose cedar as an observation post at the top and was based near it.
- More cautious tourists, led by Zolotarev, set up a shelter, more like a secret partisan caches. The distance between these points is no more than one hundred meters.
- And yet, the principal position of the author, - Dyatlov's group has completely exhausted the limit of coincidences and coincidences at the moment of collision with the “Factor” unknown to us. There was a unique case, then there were only laws and cause-effect chains of events.

Chronicle of events from 5 to 8.14

Only when the area was lit up a little by the rising moon (it happened at about 5 in the morning), Woodpeckers decided to return to the slope, did he go alone, the other young tourists stayed near the cedar.

From the cedar, it passes four hundred meters, 250 of them through a ravine, and the last 150 meters are already directly along the slope, in direct view from the northern top of the mountain, after which it falls into the snow and dies from the use of an unknown weapon, show xnumx.

At the time of death, he did not move, the position of his legs testifies to this, he either stood to his full height, or, more likely, was kneeling, secretly (as it seemed to him) watching the top. The striking factor of an unknown weapon knocks Dyatlov in the snow and he no longer moves.
The use of this weapon was unnoticeable for tourists only four hundred meters away. Dyatlov's body was in direct view of the cedar, used by tourists as an observation point, but visibility in the conditions of the night did not allow him to make out at that time.

Young tourists with the departure of Dyatlov lost their leader, and their activity immediately decreased. Practically for three hours of waiting, they only ventured to make a signal fire, apparently believing that Dyatlov got lost in the dark.

In the predawn twilight, which came about eight o'clock in the morning, young tourists saw Dyatlov's body on the slope. Further on the events “they rule” emotions, Kolmogorov becomes the leader of a group of young people, for whom Igor Dyatlov is not just the leader of the hike, but a loved one.
Kolmogorov together with Slobodin go up the hill, following Dyatlov's tracks, reach his body, turn him on his back, trying to determine whether he was alive and what happened to him.

Dyatlov's death was a shock for them, all the more so imposed on all previous extreme events. In this state, the feeling of fear recedes, people try to overcome the situation in any way, remember the mental attacks of “white” officers, sailors in vests, these are all manifestations of the same state.

On the slope, near the body of Dyatlov, this psychological mechanism was launched, Slobodin stubbornly went up again, towards “Factor”, apparently telling Dubinina to come back and warn the others. He goes forward another 150-170 meters to the same goal as Woodpeckers, and he is stopped, using the same weapon to defeat. He falls and freezes in the pose of a man walking in deep snow.

He does not die, but simply immobilized. Such a conclusion follows from the materials of the case in which the "death box" was fixed, the frozen snow directly under the body. This suggests that a person lay motionless for a long time and melted snow with body heat.

Kolmogorov, in whose eyes her comrade falls, instead of returning, goes towards his death. She is allowed to reach Slobodin’s body, she tries to turn the body over, it can be seen in the picture that Slobodin’s left arm is unnaturally turned up in the shoulder, but he did not show signs of life, he has a strong contusion.

Kolmogorov, believing that Slobodin, like Dyatlov, is already dead, goes further towards the unknown to us “Factor” but through 150-170 meters from Slobodin’s body, the weapon is used specifically for destruction.

The kidney stroke was immediately fatal (a shingled bruise 30 in size on 6 centimeters on the right side is indicated in the autopsy report), even blood traces are indicated in the body detection inspection report. Kolmogorov froze in a dynamic pose.

Kolmogorov’s decision not to return to the remaining tourists, but to go further, forward, is the “point of no return” for the whole group. Scared, she turned back, and most likely the group would have survived, but Kolmogorova went ahead.

Kolmogorov's death is a certain frontier, after which “Factor” changed its behavior, if earlier the use of weapons was connected with the task of preventing tourists from approaching the top of the mountain, the purpose of using weapons against Kolmogorova and the rest, still living tourists was killing them.

“Factor”, having used an unknown weapon to kill against Kolmogorova, immediately changed his eyes on the two tourists who remained near the fire and killed them. He could kill them only if they were on the line of sight from the northern top of the mountain, so apparently they were on the cedar at the time of death, where they had climbed to watch the slope, only this point could have been hit by a bullet. The watch on the arm of one of these tourists stopped at 8.14.

Two by the fire

You can’t say much about the tourists who died at the campfire; their bodies were moved by the remaining tourists, they were stripped of their clothes.

When Kolmogorov and Slobodin went to the slope, the rest of them followed them, climbing a cedar, under a direct shot of an unknown weapon.
At a distance of four hundred meters it is quite possible to overlap, to increase the range, usually hands are folded with a “mouthpiece”, putting it to the mouth.
The bit off the skin from the middle finger behind the cheek at Krivonischenko is explained by just such a posture of hands at the moment of death. The involuntary closing of the teeth occurred at the moment of being hit by an unknown weapon.

This again indicates a dynamic impact, in addition, the breaking of the branches at a height of up to 5 meters on the cedar also indicates the dynamic nature of the damaging effects of the weapon. It is possible that the shot hit the trunk of the cedar, and the tourists were in the zone of its impact.
Both tourists simultaneously fell from the cedar straight into the fire, divorced at its foot, Krivonischenko's left leg was burned. Doroshenko, the second tourist, also fell near the fire, this can be said with confidence, since the hair on the head is burned, and a half-burned balaclava was found nearby.

They were not immediately dragged away from the fire, which means that at that time there were no capable tourists around with them. Tourists from the floor came through 2-3 minutes after they fell into the fire and dragged the bodies to the side.

This conclusion follows from minor damage from the fire on the body of Krivonischenko. It means that their death was immediately noticed by tourists from the flooring, most likely they heard the characteristic sound of a high-speed bullet hitting the trunk of the cedar, which they clearly interpreted as a reason to approach the cedar immediately.

To summarize, intermediate course

While four deaths and one alive, but immobilized tourist, consistently fit into the previously described properties of the impact of an unknown weapon. The timing of events to the clocks and natural time parameters (moonrise and sunrise) also, without stretch, fit into the reconstruction. Another proof of the fidelity of the reconstruction is the fact of turning Dyatlov’s already stiff body, which requires at least two hours from the moment of death.

Now about the weapon:
The weapon had a variable power of lethal effect., Slobodina, it did not even kill, but only immobilized, on tourists on the cedar it was applied with maximum power, such that the sound attracted the attention of tourists from the flooring.
The weapon acted only within the line of sight and was applied from the same place., followed by tourists, climbing the cedar. This is clearly indicated by the coincidence of the place of hitting the cedar (at a height of five meters) and the places from which the tourists watched the slope.
Dyatlov was killed only four hundred meters from the rest of the tourists, which means that the sound from the use of these weapons was either not heard by tourists, or was not identified with a threat to Dyatlov, otherwise they would have immediately followed his tracks to help.

It can be argued that the use of an unknown weapon was not accompanied by clearly discernible sound effects.

Chronicle of the last minutes from 8.14 to 8.45

Hearing unusual sounds, tourists from the flooring approach the fire, find two dead comrades there and begin to undress them. So, it was decided to urgently leave this place and go into the taiga, and there every rag is worth its weight in gold. It was already dawn, Zolotarev had a compass for orienteering on the ground, it was a very real task, to hide in the forest, just the tourists didn’t have enough time for it.

Tourists from the flooring, near the fire appeared quickly, this is evidenced by the fact of a slight burning of clothes and charring of the skin on Krivonischenko’s leg.
Not all the tourists from the flooring set off to the fire, Zolotarev apparently went what is called "in reconnaissance", and someone else from the men. This conclusion follows from the fact that some of the things from the dead were found on the floor, and these are the upper things of the tourists who were killed near the fire, which were shot and cut off in the first place.
The inner layers of clothing were also cut, but they were not brought to the floor, they were lost along the entire path from the fire to the floor.
Apparently Zolotarev remained to cut the inner layers of clothing, and another scout returned to the flooring with things already removed and cut off.
Returning scout led to the fire of all other living tourists. The inner clothing cut off by the time around the fire was handed over to Zolotarev, who came up from the flooring to the tourists.

You can imagine the bewilderment of the tourists, who found the still warm bodies of their comrades who died without any damage. Clearly, before cutting off clothes, they were first examined, trying to understand the cause of death.
They did not find anything except from what stopped the clocks and tried to save them as evidence of the cause of death.
Thibault took the watch from Krivonischenko’s hand and put it on next to his watch. Krivonischenko's left hand, from which the watch was shot, remained raised and bent in the forearm (seen in the body image at the place of detection). Of course, it is possible that he acted in a twilight state, but it was painfully similar to a sober calculation, like that of Zolotarev, who did not part with the camera until his death.

At this point, “Factor” has changed its behavior, now its goal is to kill everyone. But it was impossible to get the remaining tourists in the ravine with the help of the weapons already used; it acted only on the straight line. To complete the elimination was used mobile and less powerful version of the same weapon.
Its use began immediately, as soon as the remaining four tourists got into the zone of its direct visibility. Tourists at this time were near the fire, dressing and finishing clothes. Given the terrain, this could be at a distance of 250-300 meters, on the opposite slope of the ravine.

The shot hit Kolevatov, but he didn’t have enough destructive power from such a distance; as stated in the previous article, he was “undermined”, he lost his ability to move and Zolotarev carried him on his back.
Tourists in a hurry began to retreat to the bed of the stream, hoping to hide behind its slopes. They returned to the creek on their trampled path, so faster. Along the way, in a hurry, they lost the things they had just cut from the dead, which is recorded in the investigation materials. Another fact confirming the hasty movement from the fire is the half of the jacket lost on the road, the other half of this jacket Dubinin used as a winding on his leg, and she was found with him. Apparently, on the other leg, she simply lost such a winding while fleeing from a fire.
Reaching the stream, we descended into the mainstream, but only 6-10 meters passed from our flooring.
These were the last meters, the weapon was used against three out of four tourists, and they used it from close range, from the steep bank of the stream. Death came on the right, from the side of the fire (for all injuries to the right side of the body), Tibo and Zolotarev did not even have time to turn on the shots. Thibault's own watch stopped at 8.39.

Only Dubinina managed to turn around to meet her arms and received a shot right in the chest. This can be judged by the location of her body.

Kolevatov did not receive injuries similar to those of other tourists in the stream bed, most likely was already dead and the use of weapons against him was meaningless.

By this time only Slobodin remained alive, he lay in the snow without moving for about an hour, maybe a little less, during which time a “deathbed” could have been formed.
After they finished with four tourists in a ravine, after 6 minutes the same weapon was used against him to finish off, his skull cracked and the clock stopped. The clock on his hand showed 8.45 ..

Time, speed, distance

That's the whole reconstruction, it gives chronology, except for this event tied to specific points on the ground. Let's check this reconstruction with the simplest calculations.
Let's start with an objective value that is not related to the readings of the clock and see if the same value will coincide, but already calculated from the readings of the clock.

So, according to the reconstruction, Kolevatov was shot from a distance of 250-300 meters, it is clear that the tourists immediately tried to hide in the stream bed, to which 100 meters. There they were killed almost point blank.
So, during the time that the tourists spent moving to 100 meters, the weapon moved to 300 meters, from this we conclude that it moved at a speed three times faster than tourists. The speed of tourists is maximum 2km / h, which means the speed of movement of the weapon is about 6 km / h.

Now let's see what the speed of movement of weapons according to the clock.

Slobodina watches stopped 6 minutes after the tourists stopped in the ravine. Between these points (the body of Slobodin and the bodies of tourists in the stream) about 600 meters. It turns out, from the ravine, to the body of Slobodina the weapon moved at a speed of the same 6km / h.

The speeds calculated by different, independent of each other indicators coincide.

There is another interval in 25 minutes since the death of tourists near the fire and the death of tourists in the creek. This distance will be calculated on the assumption that after the use of high-powered stationary weapons for tourists near the fire, the mobile weapons installation immediately began to approach the victims.

For 25 minutes at a speed of 6km / h, the weapon has moved to 2.700 meters. This distance corresponds exactly to the distance from the floor to the far, lower and flat top of the mountain.

It was to this peak, taking the right of the tent, to the right from the tent, led by tourists on the slope.
The investigation materials confirm this conclusion, look at the diagram from the case:

In order to justify the movement to the tent, the arrow in the figure had to bend, but if it was not bent, but continued in a straight line, then it would point exactly to the northern, flat top of the mountain.

Instead of a conclusion

I don’t know if all this sounds convincing to readers, but I’m pretty sure that this is how things were going.

But this is not even important, it is important that there are compelling facts indicating the use of high-tech weapons in the events of more than fifty years ago. Even close analogues of such weapons are still unknown, moreover, it is impossible to create such weapons on the basis of traditional cannon technologies.

Who applied it in principle, in principle, is different, it was used in the distant 1959 year, it can be applied now.

It will not find it ...
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  1. sys-1985
    sys-1985 4 June 2013 08: 49
    I read and cry! People do you smoke, and ???
    1. T-100
      T-100 4 June 2013 09: 22
      If such a weapon really was in those days, it’s scary to imagine what types of weapons we don’t know yet))))
      1. Peter Ivanov
        Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 21: 13
        Not about any! What was squandered ...
    2. d_trader
      d_trader 4 June 2013 09: 25
      Do you have your own version?
      1. aquatic
        aquatic 5 June 2013 17: 23
        which versions, all people in the subject and interested have long known the cause of the accident, why fence a garden with lunatics and high-precision weapons, sucked nonsense from a finger .. at least from a finger
    3. smart ass
      smart ass 4 June 2013 11: 23
      That's for sure))) I remember the first article, so intriguing !! and at the end of the micropools .. and then the interest is lost ... what kind of nonsense ??? Why kill students with micropools ??? shorter nonsense comrades nonsense!
      1. Sirocco
        Sirocco 4 June 2013 13: 05
        All these versions are from the realm of science fiction, or more simply, all the facts are far-fetched. The microplugs were mixed with a vacuum zone and other nonsense. Any bullet can deliver a dynamic blow, passing along a tangent, or more near the body. A 12.7 caliber bullet knocks out the elbow joint while flying near the arm. Calm down gentlemen, no one knows what was there, no witnesses, no evidence. I recall the first articles, and programs with Malakhov, I noticed that at first they made noise about torn eyes, and tongues, lips. Then they took on the color of the skin. Then, after receiving a reasonable answer to these facts, we switched to the Fantasy area. My opinion is such a banal booze, with dry fly agaric. How else to explain the fact that in the cold, sitting naked in a tent, and they quickly forgot about the flask of alcohol.
      2. Peter Ivanov
        Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 21: 16
        And here is no nonsense !!!
        Citizen "version" on the verge of common sense moves, and why? In order to be invited to the TV. And there ... advertising, wide publicity - fame in Russian ... Well, contracts and mani, mani, mani, mani ...... Many, many - manEi !!!
    4. Shawnee
      Shawnee 4 June 2013 23: 02
      Quote: sys-1985
      People do you smoke, and ???

      Mystery of the Dyatlov Pass 2013 full movie online - Another nonsense of Amirekosov. They built the base of the USSR and still brought in their ship! And stick pictures of our guys in the snow? Was they generally given a license? And permission from relatives? The whole movie laughed. Especially when these holums ran up the walls! It’s good that they didn’t give the name of the only survivor! And then Yudin could easily sue.
      1. Cormorants
        Cormorants 22 March 2018 13: 10
        I advise you to read the book - "Death Following the Trail."
  2. sashka
    sashka 4 June 2013 09: 08
    That would be to add a nuclear bomb here. The UFO was already there, in the supernatural too, in bulk. An unseen weapon of which there is not any number. What else to come up with? Some time ago, there was a link to an article in which everything was laid out on shelves. More convincingly.
    1. Peter Ivanov
      Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 21: 19
      This version .... others move! Funny if it wouldn’t be so sad! Young people, most of them innocent, were killed! I grieve!
  3. scliss
    scliss 4 June 2013 09: 11
    delirium, complete delirium
  4. waisson
    waisson 4 June 2013 09: 15
    I understand different views. New versions. Well, how much you can turn over the dead in a system of ridiculous guesses.
  5. dizelniy
    dizelniy 4 June 2013 09: 22
    How to find a trace of the "bloody gebny". In the USSR, behind every tourist, a detachment of werewolves in pagons and prosecutor's offices moved invisibly to cover up the traces of what had been done. God forbid, photos of the natural beauty of the Motherland will float abroad. Can I put a filter on the site?
  6. someone
    someone 4 June 2013 09: 34
    Quote: dizelniy
    Can I put a filter on the site?

    Can you put your own personal filter, and not read what is not for your old-fashioned mind?

    I do not understand people who criticize with foam at the mouth the works of other people who made efforts, compared the facts, and presented them. You have done the maximum, read it, and left your useless comments.
    I did not like the first article, so why read the rest? Pass by, no one will be offended.

    Z.Y. And about who smokes what, already beaten to the pain! Smoke yourself, maybe you'll like it!
    I personally read all the articles of the author with great interest. His point of view is logical and justified by facts. Any opinion has a right to exist.
    Articles of the author, to all, without exception, definitely +. And thanks for the work!
    Regards to the author!
    1. sys-1985
      sys-1985 4 June 2013 09: 45
      I apologize if I offended anyone! But most of everything that is written on this topic is nonsense! Have you been to the mountains on a winter's night?
      1. someone
        someone 4 June 2013 10: 50
        It’s not in the mountains, I didn’t go hiking, for certain reasons. That's why I am not writing such articles. It’s hard for me to judge things that are far from my understanding from my bell tower.
      2. Firstvanguard
        Firstvanguard 5 June 2013 09: 09
        Dear, do not get excited. I spent the night in the mountains and spent the night in the taiga, at much lower temperatures. Nevertheless, I completely agree with someone. A few hours at -10, even without outerwear an experienced person will not be killed. And in an extreme situation, with a fair amount of adrenaline in the blood is not a problem at all.

        The author my respect for the work done. Great analytical work hi
        1. aquatic
          aquatic 5 June 2013 17: 27
          Yes, not minus ten there ... and 30-35 and the wind is more than 8 m / s at least, and this is a big problem
        2. Peter Ivanov
          Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 21: 33
          You are just lucky! You did not encounter, like these guys, professional saboteurs, former Abwehr agents and UPA militants who underwent special training and survived while committing sabotage and reconnaissance actions in the rear of the Red Army! This does not need a knife, They will do everything with hands and feet! Only once the knife was applied! Komsomol girl cut out her tongue! Something very evil, as Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya told them!
      3. Peter Ivanov
        Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 21: 26
        Exactly! Especially after a ski transition in January / February in the wild desert of the Urals / Siberia / Taiga ...
    2. huut
      huut 4 June 2013 12: 51
      Quote: someone
      Articles of the author, to all, without exception, definitely +. And thanks for the work!
      Regards to the author!

      I support, especially for work. The author clearly got into the details of the case head over heels, it inspires.

      As for the fears that this could be applied now, then ... It doesn't look very much like a planned genocide in the end, it looks more like an emergency with a complete misunderstanding of each other's actions by the parties to the conflict. This is if we take the "inhuman" variation of the "factor".
      And if "human" ... it does not fit)

      Maybe it was the same notorious attempt at Contact. I sat down, with a breakdown, on the mountain some "not our" equipment. Our team moved there to see. Further - see articles.

      Just don’t say that aliens are fairy tales. Such a bunch of planets in the universe and we are only lucky? It can’t be) And parallel universes, but different time flows? If we do not know this yet does not mean that this is not at all.
      1. Fregate
        Fregate 4 June 2013 23: 50
        I agree with someone and huut. What is written in the article has a right to exist, like other versions, and maybe even more. I personally have never seen a UFO, much less an alien itself, but the very fact of our existence gives the right to think that there is someone else and maybe even closer than we think.
        1. Peter Ivanov
          Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 21: 24
          Major! Are you this !!!!! ?????
      2. Peter Ivanov
        Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 21: 35
        Either you rave, or you are from this "Flying Saucer"! Then to you at the Serbian Institute!
        ALO! There they killed our guys !!!!
    3. Peter Ivanov
      Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 21: 23
      This happens! Especially daily sitting on the toilet with MS in the hands and in the head!
      Maybe at school, nevertheless, they still teach science-based programs, mathematics with algebra, physics ... And for you, the Sun, apparently circling the Earth !!!
  7. sys-1985
    sys-1985 4 June 2013 09: 35
    Fortune telling on coffee grounds !!!!!
  8. Parabelum
    Parabelum 4 June 2013 09: 38
    Again .... again conspiracy theories, "Don't look for a black cat in a dark room, especially if it's not there."
  9. spd2001
    spd2001 4 June 2013 09: 54
    The next issue of "X-Files". Mauder and Scali nervously smoke on the sidelines. The point of view has a right to exist, albeit delusional. After reading this - ".... something happened in the distance, more than a kilometer from the tent, on a flat top to the north.

    The visual and sound effect of this unidentified phenomenon was such that no one wanted to get out of the tent, or Zolotarev ordered not to stick out. The tent buried in the snow seemed to them a safe shelter, and in any case it was safer there than on a bare slope.
    Tourists watched this unidentified phenomenon from the tent, making cuts in the slope facing the top. Two of them, Zolotarev and Tibo, began to prepare to leave the tent in order to get closer to this object.
    They dressed and took a compass for orientation in the dark and limited visibility. We reloaded the camera with a new film and took it with us; when reloading from the can, one of the films fell out and later searchers found it. Search engines found the camera and compass on Zolotarev's body, "I realized that I wasted my time. Cutting the tent. To look and stay in the future without any shelter in the winter in the mountainous terrain ?! How long does it take to reload the camera with a new film (who did he knows the photo, the old one still needs to be twisted into the return line, they were preparing to fix "something unidentified." Dressed up, took a compass ........ For fans of this I will recommend the Amerov film "The Secret of the Mountain of the Dead", in my opinion this year or 2012 - blatant nonsense in their style .. The KGB and some other crap are to blame for everything.
    1. Firstvanguard
      Firstvanguard 5 June 2013 09: 12
      Do you have a more convincing and reasonably well-reasoned version ??
      1. brutal true
        brutal true 5 June 2013 09: 29
        Check out the version of Alexei Rakitin: I bow to this version or its possible modification.
        1. Firstvanguard
          Firstvanguard 7 June 2013 16: 10
          Mnogabukaf wassat
          I got acquainted, thanks brutal true for the link, a very well-developed and reasoned version. good
          Didn't know about her repeat
        2. Peter Ivanov
          Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 21: 47
          Naive amateurism, no more!
  10. biglow
    biglow 4 June 2013 10: 30
    lol FANTASY lol
  11. selbrat
    selbrat 4 June 2013 10: 37
    "Even close analogs of such weapons are still unknown." How then does the author know about this weapon? Did he come into contact with the "green men", together with Ilyumzhinov? laughing
    1. Peter Ivanov
      Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 21: 48
      Verily no sloff! am
  12. Matematos
    Matematos 4 June 2013 10: 49
    For all those who have stated their opinion (except someone)).
    Suggest your versions. Explore available materials. Compare them, draw conclusions, etc.
    It’s easy to guess, to provide your more or less believable version is much more difficult. Ready in advance for the minuses from ardent opponents of the opinion of the author of this series of articles (and my opinion too).
    1. spd2001
      spd2001 4 June 2013 12: 04
      Personally, I do not have my own version. I do not intend to produce nonsense. There is a version that I support; I wrote about it in the first part of this opus. Gave a link. I was not going to cheat anyone, but before putting forward any versions, I need to study the material part, and it consists not only in knowing (or inventing) some kind of weapon and some materials of the case, but also in physiology, psychology, criminology, criminalistics, ARD , psychiatry, so as not to look like a laughing stock. The article is a solid minus and I'll put it in the evening too.
    2. Sirocco
      Sirocco 4 June 2013 17: 53
      Quote: Matematos
      Suggest your versions. Explore available materials.

      And what to study, I will tell you about personal experience, Firstly, on winter fishing, we are always dressed in a tent, with a burning stove. Secondly, he was a member of a grand drinking party (corporate party) as a result of which, some abusers ran undressing and swollen in the snow, all the while striving for something, and showing something, and said one that he urgently needed somewhere, in short, caught and dragged back. Another comrade grabbed a stool, lifted it over his head and looked for someone to hit. All people are different, characters are different, everything behaves differently, especially when drunk. I think there were many witnesses of similar scenes. Moreover, the fly agarics could complicate the situation, the Dyatlovtsy could drink tea from them, and as a result, they put alcohol on the fly agarics. This is my version. Based on personal observations.
      1. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 4 June 2013 20: 48
        You just do not understand what mountain tourism is. You come, God forbid, walk a couple of hundred meters and put up tents. Then sit down to thump ...
        Mountaineering is a tough athletic exercise conducted by fans to melt the trunk. That is, tourists walk, synchronizing the pace of the group as much as possible (which, to put it mildly, is not easy for people who are not trained in a specialty), as long as they can. At the same time, a lot of factors are also taken into account ... the main goal is to check and build up the body's resource, as in any serious sport. Tourists have specific ways to have fun (let's say the same "mountain football"), but this is the fun of trained athletes, keeping on the route as close to peak form.
        People who went on a mountain route to drink there ?! A meteorite falling with green men on horseback is much more likely. Of course, a flask of alcohol is always taken as part of the medicine. But to drink from it ... Believe me, this is completely impossible. I won’t even talk about fly agaric, yes, prisoners used mushrooms extensively. But the students ...
        And yes, they always undress in the tent. The fact is that any clothing greatly reduces the ability to fully relax. For an athlete who burns the body's resources close to the limit, this is extremely important. We have to look for a balance between cold and relaxation for the heart ... Explain for a long time, you can try something like that - go to bed in socks. And the next night, at about the same level of fatigue without them. It will be clearer ...
        1. Sirocco
          Sirocco 5 June 2013 01: 57
          Quote: Mikhail3
          . Explain for a long time, you can try how to

          ))))) I have extensive experience in winter nights both in a tent and in the winter quarters. So, never in a tent in the winter, none of us in our right mind, undressed for sleep, or gatherings. Take my word for it, hunting in the winter (pawn) is not nearly easier than what the Dyatlovtsy did, however, we always have vodka, not for medicine. And inappropriately draw modern experience to 60 years.
          Quote: Mikhail3
          ! A meteorite falling with green men on horseback is much more likely. Of course, a flask of alcohol is always taken as part of the medicine.

          I assume that you are an adult, do you really believe in a UFO attack? In those years, as they drank alcohol, they smoked a plan, and the students did the same.
          I want to emphasize that this is my personal version, and I also have the right to it, based on my experience and knowledge.
          And since a hundred people - - a hundred opinions I'm not going to prove anything with foam at my mouth. And I won’t attract facts by the ears either. I watched a series of programs about this topic, the rescuers themselves spoke, I have more faith in them than similar speculations from the topic of Fantasy. (My opinion.) You have the right to think differently.
          1. aquatic
            aquatic 5 June 2013 17: 38
            no one found alcohol in the blood, and his trace remains in conditions where they lay for up to 4 months, the latter were found for 3 months. The guys were not drunk and could not be drunk by definition, they didn’t go there to drink. It is foolish to compare the peculiarities of Russian hunting and a 16-day hike when all that they will eat and drink all this time rushes on its back. The goal is another joke other it is not for hunting on UAZ to come to the hut with a box of vodka to pour in and cheers, do not compare)
            at that time, the investigators had very little experience in such matters, now all experts will definitely tell you - an avalanche (more precisely, a landslide shift), google every year there are similar cases and there are a lot of dead people, and everyone’s postures are active and injuries are one-on-one, they just find it earlier clearly shows that the avalanche, Okama's razor
      2. Letterksi
        Letterksi 4 June 2013 22: 17
        In my opinion, everyone has such a personal experience. And following this experience, usually 100% of the participants survive, and not vice versa.
      3. Firstvanguard
        Firstvanguard 5 June 2013 09: 21
        It is a pity that you have only such an experience in tourism. In my memory there is only one case of busting with alcohol and then at the time of returning to shishig. Nobody ran with naked jo ** th, they didn’t throw stools (by the way, they didn’t carry stools with them), slept in the kung, in the sleeping bags (without upper clothes), they froze in the morning, no one drowned the stove. That was all over.
        PySy Have you met fly agarics in the mountains in winter ??
    3. Peter Ivanov
      Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 21: 50
      There is nothing to "parch"!
      A citizen wishes fame and a day!
  13. Wolland
    Wolland 4 June 2013 11: 07
    The author plus only purely for the writings, because he tried, there can’t simply be no hypothesis or theory of such things, the topic is already beaten up, I’m getting closer to the topic, tourists were killed physically without the use of firearms, while the Americans or the British threw people there to search secret bases for the nuclear industry or something like that .....

    And another question to everyone, how do you think will coagulation of muscle tissue into protein, the principle of boiling an egg, when passing through some part of the body of a fast object .....?
    1. Prometey
      Prometey 4 June 2013 11: 50
      Quote: Wolland
      I’m getting closer to the topic, tourists were killed purely physically without the use of firearms

      2-3 brave English or American commandos in the Ural hole crumble skulls and ribs with their bare hands and feet to not very weak men, simultaneously extruding their eyes and tearing out their tongues. And while never using a firearm.
    2. Peter Ivanov
      Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 21: 51
      It was just about that!
  14. Prometey
    Prometey 4 June 2013 11: 24
    Finally I waited for the end of the series of articles on the topic. In general, the author put a plus for the work done and the analytics. Whatever conclusions may be, you can accept or reject them, but this version of death has every right to exist, at least the author calls things by their proper names - it’s not a tragic death, but the physical elimination of tourists, at least three of them (By the way, what about Dubinina’s eyes and tongue?)
    In the documentary "The Secret of the Dyatlov Pass" the 10th member of the group, Yudin, who left them at the beginning of the campaign, gave an interview. When he then in 1959 asked the investigator who was investigating the case, so what killed them, the investigator answered him (if you believe Yudin) - forget about it, they were all doomed from the beginning, consider yourself lucky.
    The only thing I disagree with the author: Even close analogues of such weapons are still unknown, moreover, based on traditional barrel technologies, such weapons cannot be created.

    Who used it not fundamentally, fundamentally different

    That's just the point - who ruined the group?
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 4 June 2013 21: 18
      And there is no answer. Weapon testing? On their own? And Africa hadn't been discovered by that time yet? The idea of ​​killing a tourist group in the process of testing another contraption gives off a complete shizo. We sailed to the "Black Continent" and ours and not ours, comfortably carried out full-fledged test programs ... for any, the victims were several times less than the African traditional sport - somewhere once a couple of months to gather and wave a cold tribe against a tribe. Here we brought down the whole tradition with automatic weapons ... but that was only later.
      Did you see "what is not necessary"? And "what is not necessary" nobody guarded? It also does not roll at all, there was a lot of chaos in the USSR, but in this matter ... the tour group does not set itself the task of being invisible. A healthy camp, they are walking loudly ... they would have turned on the distant approaches and nothing more. The investigator told Yudin, translated into simple language - leave me alone. Since not every person is capable of saying “I don’t know”, especially an investigator, and I wanted to stop the flow of questions.
      There is no answer to the question - why? Why did someone kill (if killed) people. No ultra-fast bullets (it’s simply impossible to believe in the picture of the defeats allegedly inflicted by them) explain anything.
    2. Peter Ivanov
      Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 21: 56
      "That's just the point - who ruined the group?"
      CIA Temporary Department For the production of Soviet secrets in the nuclear industry of the USSR together with CIA saboteurs (from traitors to the USSR, traitors from Vlasov and / or UPA saboteurs) against PSU KGB of the USSR under the USSR Council of Ministers.
  15. flint71
    flint71 4 June 2013 11: 43
    I’m ready to believe in anything, if they clearly explain why it was necessary to make everything public. They went missing and that's all. In those days, they didn’t even have to explain anything to anyone.
    And it is logical to assume that in an event organized by special services, at least the senior should be an employee of these special services in order to exclude a maximum of situations that could interfere with the task.
    1. z-exit
      z-exit 4 June 2013 15: 56
      And what are these "such" times? At that time, too, not everything could be so bad with the rights of people. If in our time we live in a more open society, then this should not be entirely attributed to the merits of the same government. It's just that the time is different now, information is spreading to the masses with lightning speed - cellular, Internet. It is more and more difficult to conceal information by concealment, it is better to resort to misinformation. Perhaps, for some reason, with the Dyatlov group, they came to the conclusion that it is better to distort the facts and misinform than to hide. Most likely, this decision was made due to the fact that the time for concealment was missed and a resonance in society had already occurred, and possibly other reasons, well, for example, due to the fact that initially employees of third-party departments (police, civilians) were already involved in the search , and there is already information leakage, you understand, cannot be avoided.
      1. Peter Ivanov
        Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 22: 03
        So it was! And further!!! Guys - a group, strenuously looking! In every possible way: and search groups from camps with dogs and helicopters and Mansi hunters ... In Our Union, the authorities treated people wisely and with understanding! I think (I know), the reagash from Khrushchev was brutal! Itself checked, all three generals of the Central Office of the KGB "left"! What happened to the performers of the operation in which the innocent students lay down, I'm afraid to imagine ...
  16. goody
    goody 4 June 2013 11: 45
    The article is excellent, of course from the realm of fiction. But such circumstances of what happened. It is human nature to speculate, think out, sometimes replaying. Who has a developed imagination. The fact that some authors scold - I think is wrong, because reasoning and analysis at a high level, let the conclusions be fantastic ...
    To the author plus ...
    1. Cormorants
      Cormorants 27 August 2013 13: 23
      I completely agree with the comment, the authors plus.
      1. Ehanatone
        Ehanatone April 23 2017 17: 59
        Just shovel and compare everything, and even with the knowledge of the anatomy !!! ...
        I completely agree with the comment, the authors plus.
    2. Peter Ivanov
      Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 22: 05
      Do not abuse!
      On the blood business citizen wants to do! Clearer than clear. And this is not in Russian, not humanly!
  17. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 4 June 2013 11: 56
    Indeed, critics, create your own version. It’s not believable to you, but it’s believable that trained tourists left everything and half-naked ran in the cold, huh? The only thing about the bullet exit holes is not mentioned anywhere, but as always in our country, and even more so in the USSR they could have hidden it, and I would also suggest the version that the weapon could be acoustic or ultrasonic, with a clear reduction of the wave into a limited space, which and caused such injuries. And by the way, the version of the spies, if they would destroy tourists with publicly available means of destruction, then the traces would be universally recognized, and we do not see them in the photo, and even these deaths would be attributed to the runaway prisoner or soldier in the Union.
    1. spd2001
      spd2001 4 June 2013 12: 13
      Criticism must be present, this is not shameful, but rather correct. For in a dispute truth is born. But, I repeat, one needs to be a comprehensively educated person in order to put forward whiter or less believable versions, and unfortunately not everyone possesses such qualities. It is possible to breed artistic speculation on the bones of the dead children, but sacrilegiously, for what ?! For the pluses ?! Then please.
      1. Peter Ivanov
        Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 22: 07
        I agree with you! Our Soviet people perished!
    2. aquatic
      aquatic 5 June 2013 17: 46
      they didn’t just run naked ... they slept, a meter landslide came down, the tent was squeezed by a meter of pressed snow, it’s a lot of it, it’s injuries to anyone who has got an edge of a snow plate, severe injuries.
      climbed out of the tent, notice everything .. they didn’t leave anyone in spite of broken ribs and broken heads, mountain -35 wind clothes are light, the tent is under a meter of snow, experienced tourists know what kind of landslide it might be, they stood and thought it was outside. . and went down to where they had in less than 2 km a cache on the way back with food and chopped firewood, there is no wind warmer there, you can live and smile until the morning, only in the dark we missed a bit on the wrong slope and didn’t by a stream, no firewood, no food, -35 the wind alone is most likely dead at that moment, 3 a little alive, they tried to save as a result, everyone froze.
      would throw the wounded would most likely survive, here it is the moral of the Russian student 59, and no need for weapons about alcohol, etc. they died as heroes rescuing wounded friends.
      1. Peter Ivanov
        Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 22: 12
        If we went to the storehouse, we would have reached ... not so far, 1,5 kilometers. But the bonfire and bed-day are not easy!
        And those who drove out sat in a tent and watched through the slots when the students died frozen! Seeing the fire ... went down and finished off those who were not cold ...
  18. Wolland
    Wolland 4 June 2013 12: 22
    Quote: Prometey
    Quote: Wolland
    I’m getting closer to the topic, tourists were killed purely physically without the use of firearms

    2-3 brave English or American commandos in the Ural hole crumble skulls and ribs with their bare hands and feet to not very weak men, simultaneously extruding their eyes and tearing out their tongues. And while never using a firearm.

    Read and do not cry that I am tired of running through the letters with my eyes ....

    Prometheus, I'm glad you have such a naive fantasy .....
    1. Prometey
      Prometey 4 June 2013 12: 56
      I exaggerate, but this is the meaning of the so-called version of controlled delivery, and not my imagination.
    2. Peter Ivanov
      Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 22: 17
      You Wolland, just did not come across a group of gopniks in a dark corner! But with 2 or 3 saboteurs who passed the bloody World War II or WWII, on the side of the Nazis, I would not recommend you to meet at all, even if you are twenty!
      Eternal memory to the fallen innocent students!
  19. Begemot
    Begemot 4 June 2013 12: 32
    If we replace the notion of "factor" with cold, gusty wind, shift of the snow cornice and do not even mention weapons - then, in principle, everything falls into place. And so it turns out that the clothes must be cut off from the newly killed comrades, and why not take them off, they should not have frozen in 2 minutes, again, if the massacre has already begun, then why drag out until the morning, soaked everyone at once and the trick is in the bag , or the factor first had a trial, a sentence and only then execution. And with the clock, not everything is logical: the clock was mechanical and had a body temperature (almost), after death it froze in 2-3 hours and stopped. On the other hand, the clock could stop for a trivial reason - the winding ended. It is now a mechanical watch that runs for several days, but then the winding was enough for 36-40 hours. Taking into account that the time on the hike is a serious thing, most likely, winding up and checking the ball clock with a morning or evening ritual, and everyone had about the same winding level.
    As a person who twice participated in the search and examination of the place of death of frozen people, I believe that there were no otherworldly or unknown factors on the Dyatlov Pass. Snow crushes the tent, injures part of the people inside it, tourists panic away from it in the direction of least resistance - down, try to settle in order to spend the night, but weather conditions do not allow this. Overcooling begins, actions become inadequate, someone seeks to get to a tent or a lobaza, but in the dark and in a gale of wind it loses orientation and freezes, those who follow it follow the trail and repeat its fate, those remaining at the campfire fall asleep, they are awakened by the cry of someone who fell into a fire in a dream and a comrade who was burned at the stake, the fire goes out, anyone who can go try to hide from the wind, move towards the forest, no one has the strength to break thick cedar branches. In the end, those remaining also lose their last strength and freeze. I do not pretend to be the ultimate truth, but: In this version there are much fewer flaws than in any other.
    1. Wawan
      Wawan 4 June 2013 12: 56
      Most likely it was.
      1. Black
        Black 4 June 2013 16: 01
        Quote: wawan
        Most likely it was.

        Yes, and maybe the guys drank ....
        But the article is definitely a plus. Good job and interesting version.
        1. Begemot
          Begemot 4 June 2013 16: 28
          The author is well done, no doubt, he worked hard and this deserves respect, but I can’t support his version, I don’t believe in miracles for a long time.
    2. Ehanatone
      Ehanatone April 23 2017 18: 48
      The author cites a photo with convex traces on, and claims that this happens with a slight minus and wind ...
      - 35 doesn't look like a little - ...
      Either the author juggles the facts, or - 35, a slight exaggeration ...
      The author also talks about another tourist group nearby, which also saw the light in the direction of the same peak, but does not mention anything about - 35 ...
      By the way, genuine admiration is given to people who, on the go, without preoccupying themselves with unnecessary trifles, and without even bothering to just read what someone has already found and imagined, chop:
      All nonsense, heed - the river is TRUE!? ...
  20. Prometey
    Prometey 4 June 2013 12: 54
    Quote: Begemot
    The snow crushes the tent, injures part of the people who are in it, tourists in a panic run away from it in the direction of least resistance - down, try to settle down in order to spend the night,

    And the wounded also run - with a broken skull and broken ribs? And once again I ask a question - the layer has come down, to run to hell, and not to dig out clothes?
    1. Parabelum
      Parabelum 4 June 2013 13: 12
      They carried a wounded man with a fractured skull, but with broken ribs it is possible to walk, hard, but possible. The seam has melted, it is happening at night, it is snowing (nothing is visible), the wind is blowing, people are getting out half-naked from the tent, the likelihood of a second avalanche is very high, so the slope is "weakened". What will you do if you find yourself in the cold in front of a tent covered with snow (nothing is visible, due to snow charges), having one seriously injured person and two early ones in your arms, taking into account the possibility of a repeated avalanche?
      1. Prometey
        Prometey 4 June 2013 13: 26
        Quote: Parabelum
        A wounded man with a broken skull was carried, but with broken ribs you can walk, hard, but you can.

        So it seems that in different versions they came to the conclusion that everything on their feet left the tent. You can go with a broken rib, but not 5, and even less so in deep snow. And there is no evidence that there was a blizzard that night, not a calm.
      2. 11 black
        11 black 5 June 2013 07: 49
        Quote: Parabelum
        What will you do when you are in the cold in front of a tent covered with snow

        Given that in the tent food and clothing, the most logical thing would be to dig out the tent ...
      3. konstant-danil
        konstant-danil 6 June 2013 08: 48
        Have your ribs been broken? I am in the winter in the city, on the New Year, broke two ribs. So 50 meters to the house I somehow dragged. And this is in normal weather on a packed road and with a lot of pain-relieving alcohol inside. And with such fractures of the ribs as the guys alive they would not be dragged to such a distance. Break the ribs then understand !!!
        1. aquatic
          aquatic 6 June 2013 17: 13
          I’m embarrassed to ask, have you read a story about a real person?

          I sympathize with you, this only confirms that the people are getting smaller, you would not be dragged ... but they came by themselves, type in Google, I spoke with broken ribs
          here to you vskidku



          there was a case when a climber cut into the abyss got out from under a meter-long snowdrift and with a fracture of ribs, and if I am not mistaken, an open hip fracture crawled to his two days ... and imagine
      4. Firstvanguard
        Firstvanguard 7 June 2013 16: 20
        Have you seen a photo of Zolotarev in the morgue? I am sure that no, otherwise they did not write that you can walk with such fractures. Moreover, with such fractures, even momentary surgical care in a hospital does not guarantee survival request
        1. aquatic
          aquatic 8 June 2013 10: 30
          where did you get it? I saw, I know, and therefore I am writing
          all injuries are known and fixed, the most dangerous are fractures of five ribs, fracture of ribs in itself is not the cause of death, I give a link from the forum of forensic medical experts of Russia, the issue is discussed not related to this particular case, but with an ordinary case that occurs annually ..

          "AHF: blunt chest trauma - closed fractures of the sternum, ribs 3-8 on the left and 7-8 on the right. OSF: acute fibrinous - purulent pleuropneumonia. General venous congestion and degenerative changes in internal organs. Edema of the lungs and brain. Question 1: Can you please tell me if it is possible for a person with such injuries and without a place of residence, without medical assistance to move independently for more than 7 days at subzero temperatures? Question 2: Is it possible that his death came from a fracture of the ribs and chest or from complicated by fibrinous - purulent pleuropneumonia? Question 3: Can you please tell me how long it is possible to move independently with such injuries without medical assistance? "

          counted how many ribs are broken? and Zolotarev’s was broken 5.

          and the answer
          "Hours, days, weeks, months."

          here is a link for those who want to check)

      5. Peter Ivanov
        Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 22: 27
        I have experience and significant:
        I can imagine what an avalanche or snow landslide is!
        But how?
        1. Quickly and leave the tent;
        2. The two most hardy to throw clothes and boots and down!
        It was! It was! It was!
        And there in the tent: all boots, someone dumped in a heap at the entrance to the tent, and exactly all things ???
        If anyone went in the winter and summer, then he knows! Having risen base, 1. cook and eat; 2. change into clothes for relaxation, and everything and uniform and shoes to dry! Dries in the night !!!! They did so ... And they kicked them out - FREEZE!
  21. Letterksi
    Letterksi 4 June 2013 12: 56
    Against shock waves and calculations of distances and speeds, no arguing. Very competent and justified! Even if the events on the pass developed differently, the author did a great job! To analyze justify and consistently simulate events, it takes a lot of time and effort. I really liked the series of articles on the topic of the pass. Frankly speaking, when the first link appeared, in the middle of the series on high-speed bullets, I did not want to read further. And here so competently everything came together! The author is just fine!
  22. roial
    roial 4 June 2013 14: 02
    another attempt to tailor facts to the next version
    1. Humpty
      Humpty 4 June 2013 17: 00
      Quote: roial
      another attempt to tailor facts to the next version

      "If the facts don't fit the theory, so much the worse for the facts."
    2. Peter Ivanov
      Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 22: 29
      And the facts and PSEUDO FACTS!
  23. Volkhov
    Volkhov 4 June 2013 14: 07
    Recently, a mammoth with liquid blood was found in the Lyakhovsky Islands in the lower part of the body and the upper one destroyed - also one of the effects of a comet explosion. These tourists climbed into the stream, because they burned their skin - the nonsense about snipers was somewhat delayed.
    It is necessary to teach physics.
    1. Firstvanguard
      Firstvanguard 7 June 2013 16: 25
      You must be more modest!
      So the skin burned, even the ribs broke.
      He left to study physics, chemistry and anatomy ..
  24. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 4 June 2013 14: 28
    Yes, you can’t argue with the skeptics, I don’t know how it was, but it could be as the author writes, only our people are stubborn, until you don’t believe in anything with their nose, it’s easier for them to think because the gray mass, in due time the gray mass was burned at the stake for someone saying that the earth was round. People, here someone suggested writing their believable version, write, we will debate, otherwise all your arguments are that it simply cannot be.
    1. spd2001
      spd2001 4 June 2013 15: 34
      The gray mass, as you put it, is just interested in similar and other fantastic hypotheses, sucked from the thumb. Such a product is bought and sold, it is interesting. The prose of life is not so interesting because it is free and is experienced by everyone and every day, it is gray and not interesting (prose). But these "pies with kittens" are sold out at one, two, three. It's easier to blame everything on little green men than on the laws of nature and the elementary physics of everything that happens. And they burned just on the basis of invented stories about witches, sorcerers, and also because someone tried to explain the laws of nature (Copernicus). And they burned the mighty of this world - representatives of the church and leaders of states. When the materials, not a criminal case, but an operational one on this fact, are declassified, then you will have the truth. And now, for the most part, they are making money and dancing on the bones of the dead guys.
    2. Peter Ivanov
      Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 22: 34
      Sorry citizen ensign! I am from the Gray Mass. What do we think ???
      I here, from the Gray Mass, I believe that there are no unprecedented crimes! So Gray Mass Gleb Zheglov said! And the fact that the guys were killed is an obvious fact for the Gray Mass. Otherwise, why did the authorities need to skillfully hide the ends in the water? After all, the prosecutor himself said that the guys were doomed from the very beginning when they started this campaign !!!
  25. tverskoi77
    tverskoi77 4 June 2013 17: 07
    spd2001 - completely agree.
    The tragic death of people turned into a PR campaign! They write nonsense unthinkable and scoff at the dead.
    PS There are a lot of materials on this tragedy, if 90% of the nonsense is cut off and you put yourself in the place of these guys, then everything becomes extremely clear.
    PSS but the brand "The Mysterious Death of the Dyatlov Expedition" has already been formed.
    1. Peter Ivanov
      Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 22: 36
      You're right!
      And now in Russia - capitalism! And some want to cut money on the blood of our Soviet guys!
  26. Diviz
    Diviz 4 June 2013 17: 19
    People must be given credit. And you with your bullets. Then let's add a meteor shower. At least he would explain the presence of radiation.
  27. Jurkovs
    Jurkovs 4 June 2013 17: 21
    On the sites devoted to this tragedy there are a bunch of hypotheses that completely satisfy all the facts. But after the Malakhov TV show, one hypothesis appears more delusional than the other. Soon no one can figure it out in this heap.
  28. d_trader
    d_trader 4 June 2013 19: 03
    Quote: Sirocco
    Dyatlovtsy, well, and as a result, they put alcohol on mushrooms. This is my version. Based on personal observations.

    And then they killed each other with invented stools!
  29. fero
    fero 4 June 2013 19: 45
    Author, I recommend you write scripts for Hollywood ... I guarantee success lol
    1. Peter Ivanov
      Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 22: 37
      Not funny!!!
  30. anip
    anip 4 June 2013 20: 09
    Here is a good version of what happened to Dyatlov’s group.
  31. Tamplier
    Tamplier 4 June 2013 21: 03
    I read it. I asked the author: why are you hiding under a pseudonym? After all, it will not be easy for the Nobel Committee to find you in order to present a prize for such an EXTRAORDINARY unraveling of what happened. Yes, and it would be interesting for us to get to know you closer.))))
  32. sanych your division
    sanych your division 4 June 2013 21: 28
    maybe this will seem like nonsense like atomic weapons and flights into space. but ... in those places, according to some reports, there was a shelter of the remnants of civilization that existed until the last icing. those. some kind of catastrophe that happened about 50 years ago. so there were speculations that the remnants of civilization were hiding there with their secrets, that is, achievements. and these secrets were very well guarded. which is very logical from the survivors. but protected by something or by someone. maybe some kind of machine or system. or maybe something else. this explains the desire of the authorities to get to these secrets. tourists worked in the dark. framed under protection. or maybe they sacrificed. everything can be. but got access there. I hope at least someone understands that the spasmodic development of mankind, especially recently, is not accidental? gained access to ancient knowledge. now they’ve even ceased to be amazed at achievements in all areas. maybe I'm wrong. but again, remember that at the beginning of the last century, people did not even think about computers and space flights. and certainly considered nonsense, tell someone about it. with respect.
  33. Captain45
    Captain45 4 June 2013 21: 43
    "There are many strange things in the world, Horatio, which our wise men never dreamed of." W. Shakespeare "Hamlet, Prince of Denmark"
  34. shinobi
    shinobi 4 June 2013 21: 44
    In the 50s of the last century, at the request of Korolev, our physicists designed a unit the size of a large kitchen table accelerating a 5mm 3 gram ball to a speed of 4 km sec. In a vacuum chamber up to 7-15 km sec. Korolev needed this to check the materials that went on the rockets . He asked a reasonable question to this day, which is a headache for rocket scientists. Meteor danger. That is, the device is compact enough to cram, well, let's say the BTR’s turret. But !!! But the capacitors are drives, the situation has not changed by the way, and now, they occupied a separate not a small room. For this very reason, the military regularly, after playing a little, refuse this idea. Everywhere. I spoke about this device because the barrel powder acceleration has a limit of something at Mach 5, otherwise the barrel bursts. Or a missile cannon burn. there is even if we accept the idea of ​​the author, it is obvious that this is not a firearm. The author is trying to explain one riddle with the help of another. Criticism is not withstands, and the truth is most likely simple, banal and somewhere really nearby. Apparently the author loves science fiction. And I can even say something like that. Something like the Mass Effect of comrade D. Karpishin. A kind of device from heaven falls, for some kind of hell it starts to scare Aboriginal people grumbling from kinetic accelerators. And when they hide they release the drone in pursuit. Kina in general.

    PS: A fresh film "Oblivion" with Tom Cruise was released, there is just a similar drone shown and options for its combat use. And not the fact that the filmmakers sucked it out of a pencil in thought.
    1. Volkhov
      Volkhov 5 June 2013 00: 19
      All Mars, Alaska, and partly Siberia are thrown with steel balls that flew about 2 km / sec, but this is a natural phenomenon, although complex. The mammoth vertebra bone pierces by 2 ... 3 cm. Balls do not rust for 10 years.
      In Russian folklore - perun hot. People were not usually killed, the effect of small pellets.
  35. SlavaP
    SlavaP 4 June 2013 22: 26
    Colleagues, do not humiliate the dead. Yes, and think how much it takes to carry alcohol (even in combination with fly agaric) to dry off ten young and healthy tourists, and even in good frost - a box? two?
    For my part, I support the theory of "wandering" ball lightning, I read it about 40 years ago, it seems in "Science and Life" and it is in relation to the death of a group of tourists (no names were given)
  36. Diviz
    Diviz 4 June 2013 22: 51
    the last pictures show some kind of light. this picture proves that something fiery was moving in their direction. and moved at high speed so they quickly ran out of the tent. But where did such injuries come from?
  37. sanych your division
    sanych your division 4 June 2013 23: 31
    the most interesting thing is that if it worked, the warriors and or the gbshniki would have left no such tracks. no man and no problem. the feeling that they themselves did not expect such an outcome. it means the guys worked something outside of our perception. but that does not mean the perceptions of those in power. not without them.
  38. georg737577
    georg737577 5 June 2013 00: 11
    One gets the impression that the "miracle - weapon" presented by the author of the article was specially invented to explain the tragedy of the Dyatlov group. And for nothing else ...
  39. projdoha
    projdoha 5 June 2013 00: 24
    The article is good, at least the best on this topic that I read. The best because well-reasoned. For some reason, the author was shy to indicate the implied type of weapon - an electromagnetic accelerator. Already at the beginning of the 20th century there were guns capable of dispersing a projectile with an electromagnetic pulse. To create such a gun is not a problem, the problem is to give it enough energy in the shortest period of time.
    The hypothesis of ball lightning disappears due to the inconsistency of the actions of Slobodin and Dubinina.
    Ball lightning is a priori a dangerous object and approaching it (especially after the death of Dyatlov) is beyond madness. In the same article, there remains a field for maneuver, because it is not known what was on the slope.
    The weak point of the article is the cedar, the projectile that fell into the trunk should break off the branches equally in the radius of the sound wave of a large seal. If the broken branches are turned towards the slope, then the question is why the branches on the right are not broken, they were closer to the center of the probable projectile hit.
    If there is a mystery, then an attempt to solve it is commendable.
    Everyone can criticize, but you need to criticize reasonably, pointing out the author's weaknesses. Or write an article proving your point.
  40. Mr. Truth
    Mr. Truth 5 June 2013 01: 31
    They were killed by the underground inhabitants.
  41. anip
    anip 5 June 2013 06: 31
    In general, after reading the article, many questions arise. Well, at least, for example, these:
    Why, if Slobodin was not killed, but simply immobilized, then he “freezes in the pose of a walking man,” especially since the snow melted under him? Why exactly in the "position of a walking person", because if a person is immobilized, he will simply fall into any, the most unnatural and (or) relaxed position, but will not remain in a "walking form". Why, due to the fact that the snow has melted, is it concluded that Slobodin was not fished, but immobilized? If you kill a person, then the snow under the corpse can melt completely, the body does not immediately cool down.
    And, finally, if there was some kind of "third" force and, if we assume that the KGB knew about this force and deliberately drove KGB agents there with cover from tourists, it means that this "third" force was permanently located there, and long time. Actually the question is, what prevented that "third" force from subsequently interrupting all the search engines and rescuers? What prevented the KGB with the search engines and rescuers (or after) to send their agent for, after all, investigating the location of the "third" force and establishing contacts with it (or why did they send, as it is believed, Zolotarev there)? Where suddenly this "third" force disappeared?
    1. Peter Ivanov
      Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 22: 43
      More such questions! Maybe the Russians for life will begin to think!
  42. 11 black
    11 black 5 June 2013 07: 58
    Quote: anip
    Why, if Slobodin was not killed, but simply immobilized, then he “freezes in the pose of a walking man,” especially since the snow melted under him?

    There is one more inconsistency - for a second, suppose that everything written in the article is true (just suppose), then it turns out that Slobodin was immobilized with the main weapon, then he was unable to move and always remained in his coverage area - this is the time.
    which means the question is, when did the factor start stripping - why didn’t he kill Slobodin with the same weapon, let's say the first shots were at people at the cedar as for more priority purposes, but then, why was there to wait until the mobile weapon No. 2 would deal with the survivors and then emphasis to shoot him - isn’t it easier immediately, after firing at the cedar, to finish him out of gun No. 1? Illogical ... but to the author + at least for the analysis
    1. brutal true
      brutal true 5 June 2013 12: 23
      Slobodin has a craniocerebral trauma, his face is broken, his knuckles have characteristic abrasions, as after a fight. What kind of weapon can we talk about here? He lost consciousness as a result of a head injury and froze, as indicated by the "dead man's bed" - the melted snow under his body. It was not at the cedar.
  43. Diviz
    Diviz 5 June 2013 12: 16
    in principle, we can assume the following include this version ... let's say a luminous object was moving on them and an explosion of this object occurred ... they began to run out of the tent ... but the explosion occurred in the air and their blast wave threw it away, maybe even threw it up. by the way about bullets, it could be any stones. then this can explain everything, someone landed softly and someone didn’t.
    1. z-exit
      z-exit 5 June 2013 19: 40
      Quote: DiViZ
      but the explosion occurred in the air and their blast threw

      Not no, your version is not suitable, there traces are clearly traced from the tent down the hill. Traces are clear, even the pace of movement is set (running) and what were shod with. And the blast wave, due to its specificity, could not have a selective effect only on people, it would have moved both the tent and the snow masses away from the epicenter of the explosion. And how to link the explosion with the stop of the clock at different times? It turns out already that there were several explosions, again acting selectively on the participants of the campaign ... one of them blew up the other .... in short, everything else confuses this assumption ...

      I personally liked the article. In general, the very death of people from bullets from depleted uranium shot at supersonic speeds does not look so fantastic. Much more common for example the same UFO or something else. A good version, has the right to be published as an option. Put +.
  44. old rats
    old rats 5 June 2013 20: 43
    Those brain damage that Slobodin had are possible without the use of weapons? may be the result of a fall, given that the skull is practically intact.
    Do you have doctors on the site?
    1. aquatic
      aquatic 6 June 2013 17: 47
      Slobodin brain damage due to hypothermia, they are posthumous, including a crack in the skull
      here is the opinion of a forensic expert
      Based on the signs described in the act of sme, as well as photographs of detection, we can say that the most likely conclusion is that death from hypothermia occurs. This is evidenced by the presence of Vishnevsky spots, the corpse pose, the presence of abrasions on the back of the hands, as well as the absence of significant lifetime injuries. The fracture of the frontal bone described in the act, effusion into the pleural cavities, the presence of fluid under the dura mater and in the pericardial sac are post-mortem injuries. Injuries to the skin of the face occurred in a near-death and post-mortem state.

      there is completely if anyone is interested
    2. Peter Ivanov
      Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 22: 52
      Left-handed glove, the killer was left-handed! In the temporal region (the right side of the head is Slobodin!). In the Nazi death camps, such "tricks" of saboteurs from former Soviet citizens and the UPA were taught.
      Result: Fracture of the temporal bones and death! He is Slobodin and he died the very first, having fallen on the snow from a hemorrhage in the brain! And then, from the bonfire, the Woodpeckers and Zina went to look for him, and they froze ... Eternal memory to them!
      1. Ян Северов
        Ян Северов 13 January 2021 22: 01
        Поддерживаю вашу версию о "засланных казачках", удивительно, что народ со скептицизмом относится к этому,очень даже распостранённому методу ведения разведки и диверсий в те времена.Мой отец служил в 1961 году на Южном Урале и был ранен, как раз при таких обстоятельствах.Так что версия диверсантов очень правдоподобна.А вот версия Ракитина о контролируемой поставке считаю абсолютно несостоятельной.Использовать кого-либо для прикрытия на собственной территории не имеет смысла или же надо признать, что Золотарёв-предатель, что не имеет под собой никаких оснований.Да и с заданием отправляться без рации...это абсолютнейший бред.Тем более, что в походы рации часто тогда брали и это бы не вызвало никакого удивления.Однако,рации у них не было.Конечно, были сигнальные ракеты, но это далеко не самый надёжный способ связи в принципе.То, что встреченная ребятами группа обладала навыками спец.диверсантов - нет сомнения.
  45. Oidsoldier
    Oidsoldier 5 June 2013 22: 27
    The author put forward his own version of what happened and gave a rationale for it. There are two points on which the author relies in his reasoning as the truth. The first is the presence of a secret and hitherto unseen weapon. And second, the behavior of the victims had a logical rationale. On the first point, there is no particular point in conducting a conversation, since such weapons do not exist in nature today (in any case, there is no reliable data about it or its use). Second, if a person with normal logic and a balanced mental state acts like those who died at the Dyatlov Pass, then the author has the right to his theory. And if we assume that people have panic fear, or insanity, the author's conclusions are simply untenable. In this situation, the impact of infrasound most likely occurred. It was not for nothing that the scene was considered "bad". What is infrasound and how dangerous it is: in the area of ​​the pass, natural conditions are created for the occurrence of a strong infrasound, the consequences of which are: mental and emotional disorders, damage to internal organs and death. Natural phenomenon...
  46. The comment was deleted.
  47. Diviz
    Diviz 6 June 2013 06: 36
    Quote: z-exit
    Not not not, your version does not fit, there are traces

    it is possible that those who were closer to the exit went out of the tent to look at the bright light and were blown away by those who remained in the tent left footprints in the snow.
    1. z-exit
      z-exit 10 June 2013 16: 14
      In this case, traces of the "flight" would be noticeable, well, that is, there are traces going and then they disappeared, traces of falling bodies would be found, if people didn’t vryatli they would immediately get to their feet and continue moving - then there should be traces of crawling. And this has not been recorded. On the contrary, everyone ran away quite usually, except in a hurry who was wearing what. Your blast version is fine if you can throw back the moment of being thrown by the blast. Well, that is, it turns out that something scared them and they ran.
      But then the question arises, why was it the luminous object that scared them, and not Dzhigurda, for example =))
    2. Peter Ivanov
      Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 22: 54
      The tent entrance was laced up! And before him - the entrance, inside, lay a mountain of felt boots! So the search teams found.
  48. Sanamana
    Sanamana 6 June 2013 09: 48
    high-speed miniature bullshit bullets-bullshit
    1. Ehanatone
      Ehanatone April 23 2017 19: 04
      But the analysis of the event, the analysis of behavior, the sequence of actions for determining nonsense is clearly too big!
      By the way, I am also far from a fan of the Ural Federal District ....
  49. ISN
    ISN 1 November 2017 07: 58
    The Ural keeps the stories of darkness, which beckons with secrets.
    There is a secret of the pass about that guys trip.
    There are those who degenerate this topic into income.
    Who facts juggles and burns, and burns, and burns.

    Either an avalanche board gathering, then fugitives in stockings,
    Either itti, then aliens, then hares in the clouds,
    That NATO track fulfilled the order,
    Transparently hinting that this is our special forces.

    That evil missile, like a ninja from the night.
    Tear tongues and eyes as if executioners.
    Either an airplane with heptyl, or an infrasound pipe.
    Poison shamans and zombies in a crowd.

    Perhaps miraculous and lacking in James?
    Crayons, crayons Emeyushka, boil the brains of the plebs.
    Flare exotic, more bullshit
    And now the facts and traces are already overwritten.

    And now it’s been forgotten that in a cold night dark
    Guys with heavy loads go on a hike
    Going with a bad tent on the wrong route
    Out of place, time doesn’t come.
    1. Peter Ivanov
      Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 22: 56
      Eternal memory to them!
  50. Peter Ivanov
    Peter Ivanov 26 March 2018 21: 11
    You are Fantastic Fantastic Monsieur !!!
    "Theory", with Marxist terms and strange logical fabrications! With a frank pull "by the ears" of facts to pseudo facts ... Further, I will not be likened!
    In general: the author decided to go on the big screen with his "theory" !!!
    It reminds me of a Soviet school joke: "Pupil 6" B "of our school's class, Petr Ivanov, saw an Unseen Bird! According to him, an Unseen Bird, just like Vidan, no one sees it!"
    And in conclusion: "There are no unpredictable crimes!" Gleb Zheglov. And the fact that this is a man-made crime is, for a specialist, clearer than clear! And judging by the fact that even under capitalism in the Russian Federation, the Kremlin is silent, it (this Case) still has ace prospects in poker with the theme of the USA! Cruel and impudent reprisals - the elimination of innocent Soviet citizens - peaceful students! In the USSR! From the hands of US CIA saboteurs !!!! This is akin to a declaration of war! For this - you need to answer!