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Why am I not going to fall down-2. Why i didn't get laid

Why am I not going to fall down-2. Why i didn't get laidA year ago we already talked aboutwhy not need to leave. Now back to the topic - a practical example.

I wanted to tell about patriotism, not about its rational component, which is public and from the stands, but about instinct. Why do we love our homeland, but we cannot tell about it? I had circumstances so that I can tell you about it.

However, to the specifics. I was offered a dream job. A suburb of Paris, a branch of TNK dealing with igrostroi (and they do computer games well), moving with the whole family, housing, a ferroconcrete contract, even a translator for me personally, as for a welcome person in their press office. In the event of a spontaneous termination of the contract - that, on my part, that on the part of the company, it is the company that insures, compensates and takes all the losses. Up to employment with a similar salary and payment of monthly compensation for five years.

Your humble servant replied, "Go to the well ...". Polite, but instinctive. And then he thought about his behavior. Isn't it great to take off abroad and conquer it? Isn't it nice to be the Russian who will come there and teach all life? Or maybe I'm just afraid of changing places, being a notorious monster of the format "turnip"? Well, I’m like, already with money, and possibilities of pull-pull, but they cannot pull it out. In general, I started to reflect.

It is necessary to reflect alone up to a certain limit, and then it is useless. And I began to ask. He asked the staff at the department, asked his colleagues, asked his friends and acquaintances. And the answer is the same everywhere: “of course, drive, this is after all experience-adventure-a whole life-full success”.

But in the case of friends, acquaintances, colleagues, do you think these were liberals? Do you think these were “poravalitiki”? Do you think these were "agents of the State Department"? No, patriots and statesmen. In the scientific, journalistic, artistic and journalistic fields. They all said: "Stars!". This is Success, there is time. Agree, almost "beat", only with a certain pathos.

And now after the fifth or sixth conversation on the topic “drive, this is a chance”, I decided to write this text with some historical remarks, and some conclusions. To begin with, here:

My brother-great-great-grandfather also advised “go away, there’s nothing to do there”. He was advised by Anthony (Khrapovitsky), the future head of the ROCOR, who was his friend. My great-great-great uncle ignored this recommendation. Now you can 15 September go to the temple and hear in the service that St. Varsnonofy prays to God for you. This is actually it. He became holy because he did not leave. He was shot. And not his one. Tel still not found. So what about the consequences of "non-departure" I have a certain hereditary idea.

Further. Returning to the answers that I received about the "Paris proposal", I have to say the following: guys, if you think that we live in such shit that it is better to go to France, then consider whether your active position of statists is at least thirty silver coins? “Drive is a chance”, “Drive is an adventure”, “Drive - and there we will work together, you will write exclusives, just drive!”. Do you know what I did not hear? "Go - come back, here and talk." No one. Practically no one voiced the idea that it is possible “to return from there”.

... In general, I understood something. Why I will not dump to France, Argentina or even some kind of iridescent-exotic country. I have my country. She may be behaving like a stepmother, but she is a mother. Mothers do not choose. And it so happens that the children help the mother. They help to take mothers together, to socialize, to feel responsibility, to be not mother-in-law, but mother-motherland. Only for this you need to spin around Mamma's hem, and talk with your mother. And not to go to another mother who is an “experiment”, “experience”, “opportunity”, “chance”. And I tell you, I love too much what my homeland has given me. And I love the Motherland enough to give to her and only to her, everything, and even with interest. I will not give away my brains, which, as it turned out, are expensive in Paris. France is not a birthplace. TNK - even more so with the concept of "homeland" has nothing to do. Motherland is almost like a wife. This is love and responsibility. Well, imagine, you are told “oh, you have found an excellent prostitute, this is an experience, this is a chance, this is an opportunity to show yourself, and then return to your wife.” What normal married man will respond to such a proposal? That's right: "go to train ...".

So I answered. My homeland is here. She needs me now. And most importantly, when you read the following words, feel them as personal, coming from your heart: “It is I who need her, she cannot do without me.”
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    MIKHAN 3 June 2013 16: 00 New
    Great written !!! They don’t choose their homeland like their parents .. and you cannot blame her .. She just needs to be loved in the shower. And that’s it.
    1. Nicholas C.
      Nicholas C. 3 June 2013 16: 09 New
      Here on their land is Freedom. There is no freedom. Suffered.
      1. Ghenxnumx
        Ghenxnumx 3 June 2013 17: 25 New
        Quote: Nikolai S.
        Here on their land is Freedom. There is no freedom. Suffered.

        Exactly! good
        Just the case when you do not need to eat, to make sure that this is it and his taste is der.movy! The author is well done ... but his friends-advisers on his pencil bully
      2. Army1
        Army1 3 June 2013 17: 56 New
        You can not love your state, but love the country, you can love both. But it’s impossible not to love YOUR Homeland, YOUR WORLD, WHERE THE FIRST TIME DROUGHT.
    2. Oleg14774
      Oleg14774 3 June 2013 16: 15 New
      100 +++ MIKHAN! It should not even be otherwise!
      1. Apostle
        Apostle 3 June 2013 17: 13 New
        Krasava ... after reading somewhere inside, something skipped a beat, that's how you need to love your country, Pure and Honest !!!!!
        1. strannik595
          strannik595 3 June 2013 17: 50 New
          Peter the Great (and many others), by the definition of Alexander, does not fall into the category of patriots, because he worked at the shipyards of Holland ............ the main intentions with which you do business ..... Metropolitan Anthony Khrapovitsky, which the author walked in passing, gathered his flock and asked: the voice of the people is the voice of God, give me an answer, leave me or stay and become a martyr? ..... people answered that he would save his life for the good of the Church (then he founded the ROCA and opened many churches and Orthodox educational institutions abroad) (источник "На рубеже двух эпох" митр.Антоний Федченко)... life does not need to be written only in black and white and collect praises and respect on one’s own head ...... obviously, it wasn’t all as rosy as Alexander describes ..... the darker truths are dearer to us, the deception extends us
          1. Mikhail3
            Mikhail3 3 June 2013 21: 02 New
            Who should I be - rich and happy or poor and sick people ?! About the characters who gather folk gatherings to answer such questions, only one thing can be said - no shame or conscience. Whatever they later founded there ... by the way, I advise you to stay away from what they founded. Nothing good will come of it ...
            1. Setrac
              Setrac 3 June 2013 23: 59 New
              Quote: Mikhail3
              Who should I be - rich and happy or poor and sick people ?! About the characters who gather folk gatherings to answer such questions, only one thing can be said - no shame or conscience. Whatever they later founded there ... by the way, I advise you to stay away from what they founded. Nothing good will come of it ...

              Well, in the West there are few rich people, mostly atheists.
          2. Atlon
            Atlon 3 June 2013 21: 52 New
            Quote: strannik595
            for he worked at the shipyards of Holland ...

            You confuse industrial espionage (about Peter), and the sale of brains for 30 pieces of silver. Different things, agree! wink
          3. Setrac
            Setrac 3 June 2013 23: 58 New
            Quote: strannik595
            Peter the Great (and many others), by the definition of Alexander, does not fall into the category of patriots, for he worked at the shipyards of Holland

            In how turned! Peter the Great studied at shipyards in Holland, and worked in Russia, do you feel the difference? Modern pseudo-patriots study in Russia, work abroad, and at the same time scold the country in which they received their education.
          4. kavkaz8888
            kavkaz8888 4 June 2013 00: 16 New
            -3 not in vain
            Parsley is a king, he is still a patriot. As he came from Europe, he began to patriot. God is his judge.
            The metropolitan, when he realized that a transdean was coming, gathered the flock, said a sermon and asked, like, decide. Che, the flock will say, stay, die !? They naturally said together live. the metropolitan faithfully fulfilled the wishes of the people, dumped for the cordon.
    3. ShturmKGB
      ShturmKGB 3 June 2013 18: 03 New
      Well done, you need to believe the good future of your homeland and work at home ...
    4. Civil
      Civil 3 June 2013 18: 45 New
      the author is handsome, well done, he decided everything for himself, I propose to aggravate and go to the losing population of Magadan, you need to be consistent, I myself am waiting for the state to be announced. resettlement program
    5. GreatRussia
      GreatRussia 3 June 2013 20: 10 New
      Quote: MIKHAN
      Great written !!! They don’t choose their homeland like their parents .. and you cannot blame her .. She just needs to be loved in the shower. And that’s it.

      There are unfortunately such individuals.
      Not much, but there is.

      True, they cry in the end with bitter tears.

      Walter Litvinenko: Motherland, forgive me, for God's sake

      1. sys-1985
        sys-1985 4 June 2013 12: 52 New
        Video in the topic! Sorry for the old man.
    6. Atlon
      Atlon 3 June 2013 21: 50 New
      Quote: MIKHAN
      Great written !!!

      Pathos, but true! That's when they ask me: Why? Approximately the same way (pathos) I answer ... They don’t believe only ... They think I’m painting ... That’s the option they say, you’ll immediately fall! So everyone can use the language, but offer you a bucks mulen and you’ll leave! But I won’t leave ... wassat
    7. Felix2012
      Felix2012 3 June 2013 22: 11 New
      My grandfather was German. His brother left for Germany in 1969, they were Baptists, and through Latvia they left there. Well settled, 4 children, all in chocolate. My grandfather’s brother called me to Germany, but he didn’t want to. In general, his whole family quarreled with him because he married a Russian, my grandmother (I’ll make a reservation, he didn’t fight on the side of the Nazis, he worked for the good of the Motherland in Kazakhstan). So, everyone always told me, what are you doing here? Go to Germany, you can arrange it. My grandfather found me in Germany, and also calls. To be honest, I never wanted to go there, my homeland is Russia, if not us, then who. I once said to my 6-year-old son: son, and you know, there are Germans in our blood and we can go to Germany ... So ... my 6-year-old son got up and said (I didn’t teach him) : I AM RUSSIAN!! and although my surname is German, but I am RUSSIAN. I will live in Russia, I want to become a pilot of a Russian military fighter, and if I don’t pass on health, I want to become a designer of Russian aircraft, the best in the world ... That's it ...
      1. soaring
        soaring 3 June 2013 23: 40 New
        You have a great son !!!! More to such !!!! good hi
      2. rauffg
        rauffg 4 June 2013 11: 37 New
        I am a Tatar, and my son-in-law is German and also does not want to leave Russia. He says that many of his acquaintances left, so then a part returned. They say they could not live there.
    8. Genady1976
      Genady1976 3 June 2013 23: 30 New
      In the morning the sun rises
      Calling us to the street.
      I leave the house:
      - Hello, my street!

      I sing and in silence
      The birds sing along to me.
      Grasses whisper to me along the way:
      - You hurry, my friend, to grow!

      I answer the herbs,
      I answer the wind
      I answer the sun:
      - Hello, my motherland!
      (V. Orlov)
    9. Explosiver
      Explosiver 3 June 2013 23: 51 New
      A bold article. Once again, I conclude for myself that there is no need to leave anywhere. And if everyone will try to do what is needed and what should, for the Motherland, then there will be much less reasons to blame for the Motherland itself. Homeland - it is in each of us, if we try to make ourselves better for the Homeland, then she herself will become better for us soldier
      P.S Извиняюсь, если мои "речи" показались слишком пафосными.
    10. 76rtbr
      76rtbr 4 June 2013 00: 25 New
      and protect !!!!
    11. dmitrich
      dmitrich 4 June 2013 05: 27 New
      You're right, you just need to love your homeland
  2. domokl
    domokl 3 June 2013 16: 03 New
    It is chaotic, from the heart, but probably true. It also seems to me that a person should have roots, have a soul connected with the souls of ancestors, have a land ... Everything that we call Homeland.
    Radicalism (I can only be Russian in Russia) seems a bit overwhelming to me. In my opinion, you need to speak and think not ONLY IN RUSSIA, but ONLY FOR RUSSIA. I put a plus for the spirit of the article
  3. fisherman
    fisherman 3 June 2013 16: 10 New
    I don’t understand the author’s logic. In any country, you can learn something useful, having lived and worked there, and then come back and put it into practice here. By doing this, you will do 100 times more good for your country than sitting in one place and condemning what kind of patriot you are and all the other fools.
    1. aviamed90
      aviamed90 3 June 2013 16: 24 New
      I don’t get it either.
      His citizenship is not forced to change?
      Well, work, gain experience, and return to your homeland! Who is bothering? And even if you do not find yourself in any profession right now, the time will come and you will be in demand. Does he believe in his country? So what's the matter?

      And do not confuse deliberate emigration with a temporary work contract.
      1. washi
        washi 4 June 2013 10: 51 New
        They invite mainly experienced ones in order to learn from them.
    2. 11Goor11
      11Goor11 3 June 2013 17: 26 New
      Так не бывает, если уж поехал, то поехал. Пока "наберёшся опыта", пройдёт лет 10, это уже почти половина рабочей жизни.
      During this time, children will grow up in that environment. Carrying them back and forth is just cruel. As long as they adapt to that culture, they will feel like strangers, and have just begun to master, do you pull them back, or invite them to stay there when you return to your homeland?
      And the good question is, will that specific foreign experience be in demand here in the homeland?
      Или у нас до сих пор живёт уверенность что "великолепный запад" и всё, что с ним связано в том числе опыт работы, это лучшее, что только может быть?
      1. Arthur Garipov
        Arthur Garipov 3 June 2013 22: 20 New
        Согласен. Уехал, там своя школа, здесь потерял связи. За десять лет, кто остался здесь набрались опыта наработали свою школу, свои подходы к решению вопросов. Ты вернулся, оркерстор не встречает, на работе тебя не кто не ждет. Наши великие ученые, конструкторы в это время "набивали" свои руки, вокруг них появлялись единомышленики -друзья и они творили чудеса. А то кто уехал будет творить для страны (Франции, и для всего запада) для которой слабая Россия как мана небесная
    3. Pilat2009
      Pilat2009 3 June 2013 19: 56 New
      Quote: fisherman
      and putting it into practice here

      If they give
      Or if not given over the head
    4. dmitrich
      dmitrich 4 June 2013 05: 31 New
      if you didn’t understand right away, then you probably won’t understand.
  4. waisson
    waisson 3 June 2013 16: 11 New
    MOTHERLAND can be only one. soldier soldier soldier but how much she needs us is shown by life - where life is your active patriotic way of life for the good of your HOMELAND.
    1. horoh
      horoh 3 June 2013 16: 32 New
      The Motherland needs us in the same way as we need it, therefore we live here, give birth here and do not go anywhere !!!!! But with the State, especially with its individual representatives such as the Prime Minister, certain ministers somehow sad We have the BEST MOTHERLAND !!!!
    2. FC SKIF
      FC SKIF 3 June 2013 19: 37 New
      DDT has a gorgeous song on this topic, completely agree with the author.
      1. horoh
        horoh 3 June 2013 20: 10 New
        Не только у ДДТ, Алиса-"РОДИНА" good
    3. Arthur Garipov
      Arthur Garipov 3 June 2013 22: 22 New
      You always need your homeland, but officials, especially modern, are an obstacle to sawing the budget and breaking up society
  5. master_rem
    master_rem 3 June 2013 16: 19 New
    The author of 1985? White envy of his achievements repeat . I started thinking - what have I done in 30 years laughing ? I thought, well, it seems like there are a lot of 2 children, a wife (a mortgage is a vague achievement)) Well, the rest is commendable that the candidates of sciences remain at home. And it is also significant that he was born somewhere in Navoi, considering Russia a Homeland!
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. Vtel
    Vtel 3 June 2013 16: 31 New
    I have my country. She may be, and behaves like a stepmotherbut she is the mother. Mothers are not chosen. And it so happens that children help their mother.

    In ancient times, Russia was under the Mongol-Tatar yoke. Russia is still under the yoke, but kosher. Therefore, it is not Russia that behaves like a stepmother, but the enti rulemen of Zion torment her, and it seems to us that we are abandoned. With God's help, I hope soon we will throw off We-Russians is a kosher burden, only we need to unite and help this.
  9. Gorinich
    Gorinich 3 June 2013 16: 32 New
    More such people and less thieves .... Life was clearly easier.
  10. Suhov
    Suhov 3 June 2013 16: 52 New
    State - this is an organizationthat privatized my homeland.
    1. zart_arn
      zart_arn 3 June 2013 17: 51 New
      Quote: Sukhov
      The state is an organization that has privatized my homeland.

      Все верно, я бы немного поправил - "прихватизировавшая".
  11. pahom54
    pahom54 3 June 2013 16: 54 New
    When many of us think like the author of the article, we will consider our Motherland a mother, and she will no longer be, as they say, under the kosher and Mongol-Tatar yoke, because with such an attitude towards the Motherland we will we will cleanse and revive her, and we will be proud of her.
    1. Suhov
      Suhov 3 June 2013 18: 56 New
      How would we live if officials "сразу думали о Родине, а потом - о себе..."?
  12. individual
    individual 3 June 2013 16: 56 New
    Here I read the comments and before me Gorinich writes:

    "Побольше бы таких людей и по меньше бы ворья.... Жилось явно легче"
    А его минусуют, значит "минусовщик" сорвался бы из Родины-Родины без обсуждения.
    Alexander Chausov writes with pain for the country, Gorinich supports.
    And to both of them great advantage.
    1. domokl
      domokl 4 June 2013 06: 01 New
      Quote: individ
      А его минусуют, значит "минусовщик" сорвался бы из Родины-Родины без обсуждения.
      I seldom put minuses, as well as pluses. Just because I don’t think type comments are Russia ahead. something worthy of it. But here I have to argue.
      Where I was born, it came in handy. Of course, the correct proverb. But what about those who perform tasks outside the country? Exactly, but FOR? Probably they are no less patriots than those who sit at home and try to invent a bicycle that has long been invented in other countries.
  13. Bigriver
    Bigriver 3 June 2013 17: 02 New
    Monologue of Russian people. That says it all.
  14. MIKHAN
    MIKHAN 3 June 2013 17: 04 New
    Once again, I remembered a friend (a Russian German), I wrote like that .. studied together in the dashing 90s I left for Germany .. (everything is fine with him) and Motherland is the same .. he stayed here, he grew up studying (misses me very much) ... (I I don’t blame him) but his children definitely won’t fight against Russia .. !!
  15. Andrew 121
    Andrew 121 3 June 2013 17: 17 New
    Nobody needs me there, here is My house and My parents, here My childhood and love, this is My Motherland.
  16. Tambov we ...
    Tambov we ... 3 June 2013 17: 28 New
    Homeland, the place where he was born, grew up, live. You can leave, but for a little bit - on vacation somewhere. And to leave for good, personally for me, I can’t even imagine, and I didn’t think about it.
  17. Mizhgan
    Mizhgan 3 June 2013 17: 42 New
    Автору зачет... Я еще это в интерьвю своему местному каналу в универе сказал (студентом), кратко, : " Кто нас там ждет (за границей)????, Для кого мы будем авторитетны???? " . Увы - репортер просто заткнулся... Но я прогремел в то время на весь город... )))). УДИВЛЯЮСЬ, КАК ПОКАЗАЛИ ВООБЩЕ НАШ ДИАЛОГ????... Это было 1996 году (октябрь).
  18. yurypetrunin
    yurypetrunin 3 June 2013 18: 00 New
    Most pleased with the age of the author! And these young people for whom Russia-Motherland
    - synonyms, more and more, their voice is louder!
    Swamp evil spirits will not pass. Yuri Petrunin. 68 years old, Veteran of the USSR Armed Forces.
  19. aleks12345
    aleks12345 3 June 2013 18: 01 New
    all right, let our scientists work at home for the good of the homeland, it is necessary for the homeland.
  20. mushtuc
    mushtuc 3 June 2013 18: 03 New
    I feel respect and pride that such a wonderful person as Alexander Chausov lives in Russia.
  21. Black
    Black 3 June 2013 18: 07 New
    У нормального человека вопрос "почему это я не валю!??" и возникать не должен.
    А у кого он возникает, тому- "Бог и порог". Пусть валят. Это пена. О чем жалеть?!
  22. Black
    Black 3 June 2013 18: 08 New
    У нормального человека вопрос "почему это я не валю!??" и возникать не должен.
    А у кого он возникает, тому- "Бог и порог". Пусть валят. Это пена. О чем жалеть?!
  23. MIKHAN
    MIKHAN 3 June 2013 18: 16 New
    I’m looking at the photo below Berezovsky ... he sold his homeland !! and it’s not in vain that they hide the cause of death .. his conscience tortured him .. And remember from this gop = company Father Litvinenko repented for himself and for his son in front of Russia .. God is their judge ...
  24. Enot-poloskun
    Enot-poloskun 3 June 2013 18: 19 New
    The correct article! In fact, we all need here in Russia. Only we will make it better.

    You need to travel abroad to receive information, share experience. But - be sure to come back.

    Needed where was born!

    PS Look what is happening in Western Europe! Homosexuals, Islamist loafers, almost everything - in the bondage of banks. We have so far - strategically better!
  25. ed65b
    ed65b 3 June 2013 18: 32 New
    Dude expressed his position. He thinks so and lives like that. God forbid many live and think so. I respect you.
  26. Sirius-2
    Sirius-2 3 June 2013 19: 03 New
    I read an article by Maxim Kalashnikov five minutes ago. Left ambiguous feelings.
    I read the article by Chausov - pride, joy. As long as there are such men — Russia will rise from its knees. No matter what the Kalashnikovs broadcast.
  27. Sergey47
    Sergey47 3 June 2013 19: 11 New
    These are the guys during the Second World War rushed to the embrasure. I believe most of our guys think the same way. In peaceful life, ordinary guys are not noticeable than anything, but touch the trouble, without hesitation, they will give their lives for their homeland. They will not ask: what did the Motherland give me, but on the contrary, what can I do for her. The swamp creative and cross-eyed henchmen in Russia have no chance how many silver coins their foreign owners did not pay them.
  28. wovulja
    wovulja 3 June 2013 19: 24 New
    Such people cause sincere respect. The best wishes to Alexander Chausov.
  29. omsbon
    omsbon 3 June 2013 19: 24 New
    Mind does not understand Russia,
    Arshin common not to measure,
    She has a special place,
    You can only believe in Russia!
  30. rexby63
    rexby63 3 June 2013 19: 27 New
    This is POSITION. A plus
  31. Titanium02
    Titanium02 3 June 2013 19: 36 New
    Alexander can be understood or not, I have no doubt that many, having read this, really, a bit messy article, will turn a finger at the temple ... But you must admit how the Soul of a person is felt, for which Mother Russia is not an empty phrase ... I respect !!!
  32. Patriot2012
    Patriot2012 3 June 2013 19: 43 New
    If the holy war cry:
    “Throw you Russia, live in paradise!”
    I will say: "Do not paradise
    Give my homeland. "
  33. kind
    kind 3 June 2013 19: 43 New
    A patriot is therefore called a patriot because he is always with his homeland, both in his heyday and in a dashing year. Many confuse the political system and the homeland.
    It's funny to hear how Gorbachev (who lives in Germany) or Solzhenitsyn called themselves patriots.
  34. biglow
    biglow 3 June 2013 19: 48 New
    how everyone simply does not choose their homeland ..
  35. snik57
    snik57 3 June 2013 20: 42 New
    The article is super. Well done man, with such our country will not be lost.
  36. The comment was deleted.
  37. nickname 1 and 2
    nickname 1 and 2 3 June 2013 21: 02 New
    FULLY SHARE THE AUTHOR. And not a few living examples have already happened.
    It’s rare that someone managed to settle down in a foreign land and not suffer does not linger - back home!

    Well written. BRAVO! ANYWHERE!
  38. rapid1934
    rapid1934 3 June 2013 21: 12 New
    The author is well done. It’s only a shame that the state treats us as stepsons.
    It is visible and indeed the country and the state are different concepts. hi
  39. Raphael_83
    Raphael_83 3 June 2013 21: 18 New
    Sorry, a little off topic. The TNK company that would make the games never existed, but THQ was. The very THQ, which has published many truly high-quality, multifaceted, adult, smart game projects on our national PeKa platform. They were the ones who published the post-apocalyptic action Metro-2033 and the legendary STALKER (created by the Slavic brothers in Ukraine), and they also started financing the Metro: Ray of Hope, and the Company of Heroes 2 preparing for the release, in which the central theme of the narrative is devoted to the contribution of the USSR to the war and actions on the Eastern Front (and with a minimum degree of stereotypical idiocy). Alas, the most legendary THQ no longer exists (it went bankrupt this year) crying .
    As for the author, it’s nice that the candidate so valuable to Western business leaders has remained in his homeland. God forbid, his talents are still useful here and he himself will be worthily rewarded.
    Best regards hi
    1. Ddima
      Ddima 4 June 2013 03: 51 New
      Quote: Raphael_83
      Sorry, a little off topic. The TNK company that would make the games never existed, but THQ was. Alas, the most legendary THQ no longer exists (it went bankrupt this year) crying .
      As for the author, it’s nice that the candidate so valuable to Western business leaders has remained in his homeland.

      Позволю усомниться в реальности предложения от которого отказался автор. Ничем сей автор не прославлен, кроме ПГМа, с чего ему будут предлагать столь сладкие коврижки? Не верю. Это уже помимо того, что крупные западные компании опасаются брать ПГМнутых, т.к. от них может быть большой ущерб для репутации. Кто хоть сталкивался с достаточно крупными западными компаниями, никто страховки работы на 5 лет не предлагает, если уж очень ценный кадр, то можно получить золотой парашют, а уж никак не гарантию трудоустройства на 5 лет (в других компаниях что ли?). Значит автор не только сочинитель, но и сказочник, для людей неискушенных и далеких от индустрии. Зачем профессионалу гарантии трудоустройства? Он и так востребован, максимум стрясти хорошую компенсацию за нарушение контракта. А если не востребован, то мечта ламера именно то, что у нашего уважаемого сочинителя. У востребованных профессионалов отрасли дискуссия о других вещах: сколько первый контракт 100 или 120 тыс. в год (150000 или 200000 если сильно в теме), ежегодная прибавка, медицинская страховка семьи на усё, ну и парашют. А у товарища всё кроме разговоров по существу, хотя может с ним кто-то из мелких клерков этого банкрота "по-душам" разговаривал, зачем-то пробивал поляну, если это не чистая фантазия.

      By the way, it’s funny at all, a personal translator for an employee in the press service is generally a laugh, write press releases without language? About the fight against sects? In Paris? With a personal translator ... But pathos, pathos - and all ears were hung.
      1. tracer
        tracer 4 June 2013 04: 12 New
        Мда ..Написано красиво конечно, и пафосно. Но скорее соглашусь с вами. Потому как живя в заокеанской от Росси стране, у нас имеется более полноценное представление о том ,что на рынке труда бывает ,а чего нет и быть не может. Бредом про "работу мечты " попахивает. Идея статьи хороша, но вот, как то, не вяжется что то.
    2. Seraph
      Seraph 4 June 2013 04: 05 New
      "Филиал ТНК" -это о ТрансНациональной Корпорации, коим имя Легион. Автор не указывал конкретное название
  40. romuchik
    romuchik 3 June 2013 21: 20 New
    Unfortunately, neither the madhouse government nor the moron or the oligophrenarchs love our Motherland. It’s hard for Putin to defend his homeland when there are so many traitors.
  41. iulai
    iulai 3 June 2013 21: 24 New
    On such citizens, and not on officials and oligarchs, our Motherland rests!
  42. Lynx
    Lynx 3 June 2013 22: 05 New
    I do not blame those who leave. In the end, everyone has the right to choose. I condemn those who, having left their homeland, humiliate and bully their former compatriots from behind the hill and purposefully insult their former country. This sight is so flawed that at the time to think about those who sheltered them - whom they warmed on their chest. Although it often happens that a wailing person knows what he is doing, and the citizens of that country hang their ears, listen to it all and believe in this nonsense.
    So, for example, one lady at the Italian forum of former Russians, under the photo of the Bolshoi Theater in the woods, wrote that this theater was demolished, and everyone believed her.

    Сейчас общаюсь с поляком. Он говорит, что польская молодежь тоже в массовом порядке уезжает в Германию и он сам хочет уехать. Так что, не только из "рашки" валят.Но только "рашку" задирают, видимо, чтобы бросив Родину, не так ущербно выглядеть. Мол, она сама виновата.
  43. Fofan
    Fofan 3 June 2013 22: 19 New
    it is a pity that neither Chubais nor Berezovsky nor all such liberal personalities of their own left at one time. Drive, conquer the world! you have nothing to do in this swamp!
  44. Seaman
    Seaman 3 June 2013 22: 36 New
    Takes the soul! Saucer man! Honor and praise!
    1. sashka
      sashka 4 June 2013 05: 16 New
      Quote: Seaman
      Takes the soul! Saucer man! Honor and praise!

      So from what country does he write. From Russia or Uzbekistan?
  45. The comment was deleted.
  46. Aava
    Aava 3 June 2013 23: 10 New
    Guys, what kind of Freedom are you talking about in relation to Europe?
    There, ALL FREE is prohibited!
    Там даже нельзя выйти на ПРИРОДУ без согласования с"кем-то",
    what is the conversation, compared with RUSSIA!
  47. Genady1976
    Genady1976 3 June 2013 23: 32 New
    Where does the homeland begin?
    Words by M. Matusovsky

    What does the homeland begin with?

    From the picture in your primer.

    With good and faithful comrades,

    Living in a neighboring yard.

    Or maybe it starts

    From the song that our mother sang to us,

    Since in any tests

    We do not take anyone away.

    What does the homeland begin with?

    From the cherished bench at the gate,

    From the very birch in the field

    Bending under the wind, growing.

    Or maybe it starts

    From the spring partying starling.

    And from this country road

    Which you can not see the end.

    What does the homeland begin with?

    From the windows burning far away.

    From the old paternal budenovki,

    That somewhere in the closet we found.

    Or maybe it starts

    From the knocking of wagon wheels.

    And with an oath, which in his youth

    You brought her in your heart.
  48. baku1999
    baku1999 4 June 2013 00: 31 New
  49. Tao
    Tao 4 June 2013 02: 37 New
    Эта статья конечно прикольна, но говорится то по сути о другом, что пора бы из страны "мачехи", делать страну "Мать". И что к стеночке ставить продажных генералов, и пгавительство. И отстаивать интересы Русских и развивать страну. А то по жизни будет вам не Родина, а мачеха
  50. mihasik
    mihasik 4 June 2013 02: 39 New
    Полностью согласен с Автором, но хочу добавить. А что такое Родина? Это все мы, кто на этой земле родился,живет и что то для нее делает. Так вот как мы ее построим, так и будем жить. И Мачеху из Матери сделали именно мы. Меня иногда просто "кроет" когда народ обращается к Манне Небесной в лице ВВП и ждет,ждет и ждет когда он приедет и всех спасет. А вот если он не приехал или единомоментно всех не спас, вот тут тогда-везде г.вно и все ко.лы ! Как же, меня любимого вниманием и любовью обделили! Может стоить посмотреть в зеркало и спросить, что ты сделал для того чтобы не только тебе, а всем стало лучше жить на этой самой Родине?