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What's on the mind of planet earth?

Over the past 20 years in the world, the number of natural disasters of some species has increased in 4 times, and, at the same time in Russia, their number has increased by 30%. The figures are not indisputable, but still cause concern. And before that, the domestic nature of us did not always indulge, and now these percentages also.

But if you look at England, other sea and especially tropical countries, we just have peace and quiet. Experts say that the number of natural disasters will multiply increase.

Quite possible. But humanity has too little factual material to draw such conclusions. The earth lives by its own laws and cycles, it may have seasonal activity that will stop tomorrow, or not stop, or the parasites that breed on its body cause irritation. In any case, I propose to continue conducting a comprehensive study of the planet, and preliminary conclusions can be drawn somewhere in years through 1000, and we will receive completely reliable information somewhere in a million years.

For a week it was shaking all over the world: in Kamchatka, in Japan, Africa, California. Some seismologists say that we should wait for a new series of tremors across the planet, others reassure and argue that you can sleep peacefully, and someone blames one interesting object in Alaska. Nobody really knows anything. I repeat: we do not have enough factual data and statistics. We consider a volcano extinct if in historical there is no mention of his activity in the chronicles. Yeah, how much of it, human history, on the scale of geological history. Vesuvius was also probably considered extinct ...

One way or another, ancient civilizations died because of natural disasters: here is the Crete-Mycenaean civilization, the Hittites, the Proto-Indian civilization, the ancient Maya, not to mention the completely mythical Atlantes, Hyperboreans and other Lemurs. It is not known what contribution the Romanovs would have made to the history of the Romanovs if there had not been several lean years caused by incredible natural anomalies under Tsar Boris.

Someone builds states, creates coalitions, builds Napoleonic plans (makes God laugh), and here there is a flood, an earthquake, a locust ...

Somehow I had a dream (there is nothing impressionable people for the night news watch): an earthquake occurred in the Aegean region, as a result a small island appeared, potentially changing the border between the Greeks and the Turks. Around the island swarmed warships, airplanes. What is the matter I did not say - the alarm clock rang.

The terrestrial landscape may change as a result of some cataclysms and confuse all the maps of whole countries and peoples. The disputed island sank - the contested states finally reconciled, a new one will emerge - again a war. And if the border river changes significantly? Will it dry out? Antarctica will thaw, how will we divide it and how much blood do we spill? And how many intractable questions will raise the expected rise in world sea level? How will humankind, depending on whether global warming is going on now or cooling, will divide and redistribute warm things or sunblock?

Every kind of cataclysms on Earth are increasingly. The trend is that they will soon become commonplace and the climate will be as unstable as the feelings of the windy girl. Imagine the state of poker players. Here they sit, who has two pairs, who has a quarantine, and who has a royal flash in general, and a Russian guy with cards lately, somehow not very much. Suddenly, the croupier, for no reason, begins to change the cards of the players in an arbitrary order. There are no more combinations, the players' plans are crumbling, and the bets have already been made as evil. In this situation, those who have less cards will change are more likely to win, but you remember that for some players the probability of withdrawing a good card has increased by 4 times, and we have only that by 30%.
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  1. sys-1985
    sys-1985 3 June 2013 15: 36
    The earth lives its own life, and we are guests and we don’t have much choice. What will be offered, then we haw. crying
    1. baltika-18
      baltika-18 3 June 2013 15: 46
      Quote: sys-1985
      The earth lives its own life, and we are guests and we don’t have much choice.

      You’re right, in principle. I’ll just add that there are owners too.
      Depends on them how the development of civilization goes further.
      The state transition point has already passed, so ..... wait, sir ....
      1. Sirocco
        Sirocco 3 June 2013 16: 32
        You know Nikolai, I am more and more inclined to such a theory that we are on planet Earth, like bacteria in a Petri dish. So for some it is enough for someone to simply remove the nutrient medium in order to limit the growth of aggressive bacteria in the face of our beloved ones.
        1. NSG42
          NSG42 3 June 2013 20: 44
          We are not bacteria, we are scabies mites.
    2. Asgard
      Asgard 3 June 2013 16: 33
      Probably everyone will agree that We (people)) do not understand everything ...
      We are deceiving each other, although we know that a lie will definitely come up.
      The State and the media are lying to us. (History in textbooks looks like a prostitute)) What was previously considered bad is suddenly assigned - "Good" (pe * derastia, child sex, murders of People are shown on TV with comments like "wow")) )

      and we feel that something is still wrong. Intuition, we are prompted by the unrighteousness of our actions, conscience torments our mind .... and the meaning of the environment always eludes, We can not understand, comprehend what is happening around us and is not subject to our will ....
      Midgard - Earth - it is also an organism, a non-protein form of lifeYou look at how the solar system is arranged, how the radii of the orbits, the location of the satellites, the frequency of circulation are proportional, everything is thought out, harmoniously and rationally ....
      It could not emerge from Chaos and organize itself. Behind it stands - let's call it "intelligence", although it is somewhat "different" ...
      The one thing that pleases us-people is the planet. Without us, it cannot exist. It's a good news...
      (Well, how to drive a bad one))needed, but not all))).So that change yourself, put things in order around you, otherwise all of this will be done for you (storms, typhoons, cataclysms)))
      1. Vladimir_61
        Vladimir_61 3 June 2013 17: 40
        Quote: Asgard
        So change yourself, put things in order around you, otherwise all of this will be done for you (storms, typhoons, cataclysms)))

        It is true that the greater the balance among mankind, the more often the blows of the elements follow. Direct connection.

        Article plus. Raises the most important issues, the solution of which is urgent. And sleep can be a form of insight. Let's wait in mid-October. We and the planet cannot exist without each other.
        1. mastodon
          mastodon 3 June 2013 17: 54
          And what should happen in mid-October?
          1. Vladimir_61
            Vladimir_61 3 June 2013 18: 00
            Quote: mastodont
            And what should happen in mid-October?

            It seems that the author’s dream may come true. Not necessarily at the indicated location.
          2. zvereok
            zvereok 3 June 2013 18: 03
            Quote: mastodont
            And what should happen in mid-October?

            The fiscal year in the USA will end.

            In general, the states, the very stinking state that did not sign the Kyoto Protocol and spoils everyone only because the fate of fate in his hands turned out to be a world printing press.
            1. Atlon
              Atlon 3 June 2013 21: 59
              Quote: zvereok
              In general, the states, the most stinking state
              1. Rustiger
                Rustiger 3 June 2013 22: 49
                Pavel, welcome!
                I will say as a "chronic, drunken summer resident" is a horsey shit (from the New York Mounted Police). Apparently the negligent policeman forgot to empty a special bag under the tail of the horse to collect it before going out on patrol.
                Vesch, the most valuable for its composition of trace elements, the speed of decomposition and the almost complete absence of specific "ambergris" in contrast to the pig / human.

                News on Newsland: In Japan, meat is made from human feces. Judging by ... Even making shit of candy can be done by the Japanese. What kind of people?

                Here are our scales. Our valuable strategic stock -
                1. Atlon
                  Atlon 5 June 2013 15: 20
                  Quote: Rustiger
                  Pavel, greetings! I will say as a "chronic, drunken summer resident" is a horsey shit (from the Mounted Police of New York). Apparently the negligent policeman forgot to empty a special bag under the tail of the horse to collect it before going out on patrol. Vesch is most valuable for its composition of trace elements, decomposition rate and almost complete absence of specific "ambergris" in contrast to the pig / human.

                  I know ... I just didn’t find a more delicious photo, but I was too lazy to photoshop ... smile
                2. Atlon
                  Atlon 5 June 2013 15: 22
                  Quote: Rustiger
                  In Japan, they make meat from human feces. Judging by ... Even making shit of candy can be done by the Japanese. What kind of people?

                  I think they themselves will not eat it ... Yes, they are somehow more accustomed to fish ... The main thing is that this "meat" is not in our supermarkets! am
          3. Valery-SPB
            Valery-SPB 3 June 2013 20: 51
            There, on the approach, regular meteorites and a comet, She say will be clearly visible.
      2. Black
        Black 3 June 2013 18: 16
        Quote: Asgard
        The one thing that pleases us-people is the planet. Without us, it cannot exist.

        So I want to exclaim, this is why !!! ???
        Great cost!
        There is a wonderful documentary about the Chernobyl zone.
        The man is gone, life is in full swing !!!!
    3. Apostle
      Apostle 3 June 2013 17: 17
      And I liked the dream most smile !
      1. Igarr
        Igarr 3 June 2013 19: 45
        And most of all about October.
        Every year in America, the fiscal year ends. In September, the truth.
        And here is OCTOBER ..... Ohhhhhhh ...
        "Once a year,
        the flowers are blooming.
        Once a year...."
        1. yak69
          yak69 3 June 2013 22: 52
          Our Earth is the Logos. The creature is incomprehensible (for us) of the highest level of development. Earth for us is everything-home, food, pleasure, hope, MOTHER, FATHER, Everything, everything EVERYTHING !! Only we pay it with hatred, malice, black ingratitude. It is worth Mother remove for only one hour the protection in the form of layers of the atmosphere and the rays of the Cosmos will turn us into nothing, not even ash will remain!
          And we shit it. Fatal waste in rivers and seas, nuclear explosions in the sea, in the bowels of the air. And just take from her, take, take! Metals, ores, coal, gas, minerals, we process them and produce products and sell them, sell them. We trade on our own Earth! As if this is our property. Who are we ?! Who do we imagine ourselves to be ?!
          Man is the king of nature! But is a wise king so brutally, with wild hatred, destroying his own kingdom ?!
          No, we are not kings, we are pathogenic bacteria devouring each other! We are a cancerous tumor on the body of a paradise planet! And very soon the DOCTOR will come and free the planet Earth from the parasitic growth.

          It all starts with each of us. In the morning I’m running for exercise in the park (Sokolniki). In the morning, mountains of garbage, beer bottles, cigarettes, scraps, bags. I am walking with my grandson at the playground, young mothers are sitting on benches, whipping beer from the neck and smoking one by one! All this is thrown nearby ... The desire to take a whip and whip every b * poison until the skin peels off! But these are our fellow citizens. What will they teach their children if they behave like rednecks ?!

          There is such a site "Space News", there is a page where the sounds of space are laid out. Various vibrations converted into sound. I was shocked to the core when I heard the voice of the Sun and the Earth! The voice of the Earth is as disturbing as before disaster. Listen to yourself. Here's a link:

          1. Vladimir_61
            Vladimir_61 3 June 2013 23: 11
            Quote: yak69
            Only we pay it with hatred, malice, black ingratitude.

            The enmity of what is only worth. Thought is energy. Not only the physical world is clogged.
          2. kavkaz8888
            kavkaz8888 4 June 2013 00: 28
            Ignoramus !!!
            The earth is flat and stands on three elephants that stand on a turtle!
            That's it.
  2. svp67
    svp67 3 June 2013 15: 36
    What's on the mind of planet earth?
    Yes, we are tired of her with our activity, we constantly bother her and do not care, so she decided to rein in us, but she will "clean up"
    1. smile
      smile 3 June 2013 16: 20
      Right! :)))
      Once I watched a video of some American humorist ... he said about the following to the “greens”: yes, calm down, everything is fine with the Earth ... THIS IS US P..dets! :))))
      1. baltika-18
        baltika-18 3 June 2013 16: 47
        Quote: smile
        everything is normal with the Earth ... THIS IS US P..dec! :))

        Pretty original conclusion.
        1. does it
          does it 3 June 2013 21: 55
          Quote: baltika-18
          Quote: smile with the Earth everything is fine ... IT'S US P..dec! :)) Pretty original conclusion.

          There is something to ponder. In the photo: iki stones.
  3. fenix57
    fenix57 3 June 2013 15: 38
    Yes, the EARTH is tired of insects like homo sapiens with their fuss. We, i.e. humans are like "scabies" mites, we all climb into the depths ... Hence the reaction .. peculiar. hi As I could say. Here.
    1. FC SKIF
      3 June 2013 17: 59
      I forgot to write in the article that people in the most densely populated areas are at greatest risk. Well, if you want to treat a large area with colorants with chemicals, then you start from the places most affected by the pest with their maximum concentration. And here, for some reason, Hindustan and especially Bangladesh come to my mind.
      1. DeerIvanovich
        DeerIvanovich 3 June 2013 20: 38
        I think the link to the topic: there are also statistics on karst subsidence of land in China.
      2. Rustiger
        Rustiger 3 June 2013 21: 06
        Quote: FC Skif
        And here, for some reason, Hindustan and especially Bangladesh come to my mind.

        Following your logic, far from it. Just to clarify. Cities with the largest number of inhabitants.
        ! Shanghai. As of January 2011 - 19 people; pl. 284 km600; and the population density is 6 340 people per sq. km.
        2. Karachi. For 2009, the population of this city is 18, an area of ​​140 km625, a population density of 3. per sq. km.
        3. Istanbul. In general, Istanbul, with a length of 150 km and a width of 50 km, has an approximate area of ​​7 km. But no one knows its true borders, it is about to merge with the city of Izmit in the east. With continuous migration from villages (up to 500 per year), the population is growing rapidly. Every year, 500 new streets appear in the city, and new residential areas are built up on the west-east axis. The population is constantly increasing by 000% per year, i.e. every 1 years is doubled. Every 000 Turkish residents live in Istanbul. The number of tourists visiting this marvelous city reaches 5 million. The population itself is not exactly known to anyone, officially, according to the latest census, 12 million people lived in the city, although now this figure has increased to 5 million, and some say that 1,5 million people live in Istanbul.
        4. Tokyo. Area - 2 km187 The population is 15 570 000 people. The population density is 5 people / km740
        5. Mumbai. in 2009, the city's population was 13 people. Together with satellite towns, it forms the fifth largest urban agglomeration of the world with a population of 922 million people. The area occupied by Greater Mumbai is 125 square meters. km.b] Area - 21,3 km603,4 The population is 2 187 15 people. The population density is 570 people / km000
        Etc . . .

        The largest population growth / absolute / is observed in Lagos (Nigeria). Annual growth of 6.5%. But in terms of existing density it is inferior to some other cities. The number of inhabitants in 2010 is estimated to be over 14 million. According to some estimates, the population of Lagos by 2030. will be at least 33 million people.

        In China per 1 square. Kilometer lives on average 139,6 people. The fact is that the problem of overpopulation is caused not by a large number of residents, but by the fact that they are unevenly distributed throughout the state. The most densely populated areas of China are eastern, coastal, but the population density in the high western regions tends to zero.
        The number of inhabitants in neighboring India is inferior to China, although it also exceeds 1 billion. But the area of ​​India is three times smaller than the area of ​​China, and the average population density is much higher - 357 people per 1 sq. Km. kilometer. However, India is not the leader of the list - it occupies only 19th place among the countries with the highest population density.
        The Principality of Monaco is the most populous country in the world. On 2 square kilometers, 4 cities were able to fit here: Monte Carlo, Monaco, Fontvieille and La Condamine, and 30 586 people live in them. So the population density is 15 people per 293 sq. Km. kilometer. It’s hard to imagine how 1 banks, almost 50 international companies and embassies of 800 countries of the world are located on this piece of land.

        I'm not going to argue about what was said in the article. Just numbers, i.e. "for general information". ... ... hi
        1. Vadivak
          Vadivak 3 June 2013 21: 20
          Quote: Rustiger
          Cities with the largest number of inhabitants.

          Hello, Moscow is not a gift either, no one knows for sure how many people there are according to rough estimates) - about 15-17 million people, including about 4.000.000 foreigners who are subject to deportation
          1. Rustiger
            Rustiger 3 June 2013 22: 33
            Quote: Vadivak
            Hello, Moscow is not a gift either, no one really knows how many people are there

            Greetings. namesake! Of course, such calculations are very muddy in all metropolitan areas. Moscow, with the recently added areas, has "slipped" far down the list in terms of density. And according to the total (registered) number of residents somewhere, as far as I know, at the end of 2 dozen cities after Delhi, Buenos Aires, Beijing, New York, etc.
            Cleansing, read deratization measures, is subject immediately, as well as other cities of Russia!

            Quote: FC Skif
            .And Istanbul, Shanghai, especially Monaco with infrastructure, general hygiene is better.

            So, if we assume that megacities with the largest number of residents are most susceptible to more severe consequences, then termite mounds with a developed structure will get smut more than those where slops are poured directly in front of clay huts.
            "Savages", accustomed to their unsanitary conditions, will flee to the surrounding villages, to their relatives, and urbanized "Muscovites" / for example / will drown in their own sewerage system without electricity and central water supply.
            So who will be "easier", the question is not easy. ... ...
        2. FC SKIF
          3 June 2013 21: 33
          Thank. Capacitive and informative. And in my report I talked about my assumptions. And Istanbul, Shanghai, especially monaco with infrastructure, general hygiene are better.
      3. Atash
        Atash 4 June 2013 05: 41
        "Lord, Bangladesh didn't please him in any way!" smile
  4. optimist
    optimist 3 June 2013 15: 39
    The author, apparently, suffers from graphomania and draws from empty to empty. As the saying goes: there will be war, there will be a telegram. We will solve problems as they become available. especially. that today mankind is not able to predict and prevent natural disasters.
    1. DEfindER
      DEfindER 3 June 2013 16: 11
      Quote: optimist
      today, humanity is not able to predict and prevent natural disasters.

      Humanity is still too young, but we should already take care of our planet, because we may simply not live to see the time when we can colonize other worlds ..

      The old song of the group Earthlings, but as if they wrote now:
  5. omsbon
    omsbon 3 June 2013 15: 40
    What to guess, all the same you will not guess! But one thing I know for sure, the higher the benefits of civilization in a country, the less likely it is to survive a cataclysm.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 3 June 2013 21: 21
      Quote: omsbon
      But one thing I know for sure, the higher the benefits of civilization in a country, the less likely it is to survive a cataclysm.

      All is correct. Woe from mind
  6. Victor Vldimvch
    Victor Vldimvch 3 June 2013 15: 56
    but I don’t feel sorry for humanity at all, they deserve it, yes there are all kinds of animals
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. fisherman
    fisherman 3 June 2013 15: 59
    get rid of us like fleas. We got it already. we pick it. we dig it. And in return what ??????
    1. mastodon
      mastodon 3 June 2013 18: 09
      We don't even pick how much, but how many "phonim" ... At the level of some physical fields, we are too active.
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. waisson
    waisson 3 June 2013 16: 14
    the more we intervene in the natural balance, upsetting its natural balance, the more surprises we get from it
  11. domokl
    domokl 3 June 2013 16: 33
    It laughed at me ... Especially the author’s conclusion ... I put a plus for the mood and the original choice of topic.
    But in general, I have about the same thoughts periodically arise. As soon as the situation becomes vile in some place in the world, there will be some kind of natural bukh. The feeling is that we are microbes and as soon as we begin to kill each other on the Earth’s body, then. ..Gnoymnk breaks through and nature is cleansed of our dirt ...
  12. Vtel
    Vtel 3 June 2013 16: 39
    But if you look at England, other maritime and especially tropical countries, we just have quietness and smoothness.

    Who knows, and maybe once in a dam, or under water, or heating from the Gulf Stream will be turned off for all their tricks. The Lord said to his disciples:
    "Luke 21: 9. But when you hear about wars and confusion, do not be dismayed, for this ought to be before, but not immediately the end.
    Luke 21: 10. Then said to them; the people will rise against the people, and the kingdom against the kingdom;
    Luke 21:11. there will be large earthquakes in places, and famines, and pestilences, and terrible phenomena, and great signs from heaven. "
    Only with Faith in God will we be saved!
  13. srha
    srha 3 June 2013 17: 24
    Well yes...
    Tashkent 1966 - M = 5,2 - all adobe houses were destroyed - cardboard is stronger.
    Tuva December 27.12.2011, 6,6. M = 60. There are no victims and destruction. The thickness of the walls of brick and concrete is more than XNUMX mm. True and the distance to the epicenter is larger.
    2012 - Flooding in Krymsk - 171, 34 thousand victims were killed.
    2010 - Mongolia - Arnold Tulokhonov was awarded the highest award of Mongolia - the Order of the Polar Star, as I understand it, for the work 20 years ago to eliminate floods in the Mongolian foothills through planting forest belts - "Based on a scientific assessment of the structural and functional organization of transboundary and borderland landscapes territories, he determined the features of nature management, the degree of transformation of natural complexes, changes in the structure of nature management in the border regions of Russia and the aimags of Mongolia, proposed new tools and mechanisms for transboundary interactions "
    2004 - Tsunami Southeast Asia 2004 - according to various estimates, from 200 thousand to 300 thousand people died. There was no warning system and civil defense.
    2005 - tsunamis on the islands of Izu and Miyake (Japan) with a wave height of 30 to 50 m. Due to timely warning, the population was evacuated in advance from dangerous areas.

    What is on your mind, people of planet Earth? Money or security?
  14. Tambov we ...
    Tambov we ... 3 June 2013 17: 35
    Everything was fine until the end of the XNUMXth century, until they began to dirban oil. And oil, most likely, is a substance necessary for the Earth, like human blood. But this is IMHO.
    1. FC SKIF
      3 June 2013 18: 02
      I agree. Oil is not only the blood of the economy, but also the blood of the Earth. It turns out interesting: we feed on the blood of our native planet in ever greater volumes. Bedbugs, damn it.
      1. zvereok
        zvereok 3 June 2013 18: 08
        Quote: FC Skif
        I agree. Oil is not only the blood of the economy, but also the blood of the Earth. It turns out interesting: we feed on the blood of our native planet in ever greater volumes. Bedbugs, damn it.

        Or a baby in the womb, ready to be born into the universe and grow up, grow old and die ... But then the mlyn and the miscarriage may get shaken.
      2. Volkhov
        Volkhov 3 June 2013 18: 29
        Earth is not a planet - to determine this, a compass and the coat of arms of Russia are enough.
        The compass shows the presence of a magnetic field, and the coat of arms (or "Mayan calendar") shows a diagram of the internal structure with the field lines of force.
        The stars are pulsating, you will notice it.
        More information at the site is now working, then hacked - demons ...
      3. Vadivak
        Vadivak 3 June 2013 21: 37
        Quote: FC Skif
        Oil is not only the blood of the economy, but also the blood of the Earth.

        The most widely known electrolysis-based decomposer of water into hydrogen and oxygen is designed by American inventor Stanley Mayr. Dr. J. Gruber from Germany mentions the S. Meyer engine with water as a fuel, patented in the USA in 1992 (US Patent No. 5149507). This engine was televised on Channel 4 of London Television on December 17, 1995.

        Ohio state court finds him guilty of “blatant fraud”
        Stanley Meyer died suddenly on March 21, 1998 after lunch at a restaurant. A man with very good health, suddenly dies, after eating, before he reaches 60 years of age.
        1. muks
          muks 4 June 2013 01: 41
          Meyer? Patented motor based on electrolysis of water? Unfortunately, they closed the submarine project. There was one instance - a worker ... And it was before the Meyer, in the UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS, they were tested in Lake Rybinsk.
  15. individual
    individual 3 June 2013 17: 40
    The author of the publication FC Skif wonders of being.
    Take open the Bible and its derivative Gospel, Quran, Torah, Hindu Vedas, Buddhist Dharma or Lamrim, Jae Tsongkhapa ...
    All great religions turn to of eternity.
    They cannot find an exhaustive answer.
    Man too weak to open up to him true.
    Modern science does not even know if there is intelligent life outside the planet Earth.
    By and large, man has not yet known himself.
  16. Suhov
    Suhov 3 June 2013 17: 44
    Mammoths are extinct
    and bugs still live ...
  17. Egoza
    Egoza 3 June 2013 18: 20
    Imagine a large round table littered with fruits, vegetables, all kinds of products .... this is our Earth. And around this table - there are people, many people, all nations - children of the Earth. And now all these people, stretch their hands to the table and say: give! GIVE! GIVE!!!
    Man! What did YOU do for the earth?
    - Threw huge spaces with garbage - and there is NOTHING growing there!
    - He put chemical waste into the rivers - and all the fish surfaced upside down!
    - Gnawed into the bowels of the Earth - you pull oil, gas, coal from there!
    Man has done a lot! And who will tolerate him SUCH? Of course, one can hope for God, but the Earth is a living organism! (And a woman !!!) endures, endures, and then - "face about the table!"
    Itself will figure out who needs to be "kicked out of the classroom", and who else to leave, because still someone is trying to do something for HER! And then - don't ask "For what?" For all the good!!!! So think about it, and before it's too late, let's do something good for the Earth.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 3 June 2013 21: 46
      Quote: Egoza
      He dumped chemical waste into the rivers - and all the fish surfaced upside down!

      Lena is still my father-in-law, the kingdom of heaven to him after the war went to the Volga across the water, but about the fish in general I am silent with it and whole villages fed on mushrooms
      1. Apollo
        Apollo 3 June 2013 21: 48
        Quote: Vadivak
        Lena is still my father-in-law kingdom to him.

        1. Vadivak
          Vadivak 3 June 2013 22: 05
          Quote: Apollon

          There was a real man /, in the 60s he commanded a regiment of the Tanzanian army with the rank of lieutenant, became famous for the fact that during the savannah fire organized by the opposition tribes, he put the soldiers in armored personnel carriers and drove through the fire and went straight to unsuspecting kontriks who were waiting for the government troops to turn into their dinner, and then machine guns were used, but the most interesting thing is that, as it turned out, our military was not there .....
          1. Apollo
            Apollo 3 June 2013 22: 10
            Quote: Vadivak
            There was a real man

            Although I did not know him, I feel that this is indeed so. Why, because I would not give my daughter to such a person as you, Vadim.
            1. Vadivak
              Vadivak 3 June 2013 22: 18
              Quote: Apollon
              I would not give my daughter

              Thanks dear, by the way she was born there. on the island of Zanzibar, how much cognac I won, no one really believed that I had an African wife
  18. Black
    Black 3 June 2013 18: 21
    "in the beginning was the word."
    And we replaced it with a well.
  19. Illyria
    Illyria 3 June 2013 18: 33
    summer ... we had snow yesterday yesterday.
  20. Semurg
    Semurg 3 June 2013 19: 07
    Calm only calm, winter will not be laughing
  21. ivanovbg
    ivanovbg 3 June 2013 19: 09
    Two planets fly and talk:
    - It seems to me that a reasonable life has started up for me - one complains. All the time, these creatures drill something, dig, explode. Itching everywhere, I can’t stand it anymore.
    “Well, that’s nothing,” the other reassures her, “it will pass by itself, they will destroy each other.” Unless your temperature rises at the very end, when they begin to use nuclear processes.
  22. Strashila
    Strashila 3 June 2013 19: 33
    In fact, there is nothing surprising in what is happening ... this is just the beginning. Back in the 60s of the last century, Soviet scientists described climate change from the darkening of the atmosphere. This became especially noticeable and relevant after the events of 9/11 ... when for several days over the territory of the United States planes did not fly ... it would seem a trifle contrail and combustion products, but their absence led to a temperature change of several degrees plus ... which corresponds to about a century in nature. "Over the past 20 years, the number of natural disasters of some types increased by 4 times, and during the same time in Russia their number increased by 30%. "... this does not remind you of anything ... 20 years ago the Soviet Union ceased to exist ... Americans rushed to destroy the infrastructure and industry of the ideological enemy, the air in Russia has become clearly cleaner ... to please their dough, they invested in the development of the Chinese economy, the air there became clearly dirtier ... as a result, they got a climatic catastrophe ofu on the territory of americosia, that is, they made a mess of themselves. Well, but Russia feels the struggle for the environment in Europe ... there, after all, there is not much left of production capacity. Everything in this world is interconnected.
  23. Bosk
    Bosk 3 June 2013 19: 41
    There are some misunderstandings with these statistics ..., I remember when I was in school, frost hit under forty (which is rare in our region), well, heating flew at school, so we rested for a week ..., and here last year frost hit at night at 35 .... so on all channels they screamed for a week that there had been no such frosts for 50 years ... Old people also say that statistics are strange.
  24. MAG
    MAG 3 June 2013 19: 46
    They said on TV that the Urals and the Trans-Urals are the most peaceful place in the world (from earthquakes) so I'm calm, I am where I need to)))))
  25. FC SKIF
    3 June 2013 19: 51
    I agree. In our Urals, if it seriously shakes, then there is no one to shake in other places.
  26. Igarr
    Igarr 3 June 2013 19: 55
    IMHO, IMHO ....
    Well, our venerable AUTHOR said the same - .. by the standards of the universe .. "
    And then he contradicts himself.
    Yes, all these ... "cataclysms-pessimisms" .. for the planet Earth - how to wipe off a person after sneezing.
    Here, to get sick on the planet - pneumonia, for example. To be bitten by an "encephalitis tick". This is already significant.
    And, God forbid, there really is a cosmic cataclysm - the "Big Extinguisher", an asteroid with a linear size of 10 km, arrives and ... sailed.
    Moreover - the solar system is sneezing.
    What then to speak about the Crab Nebula?
    And who is afraid of death ... stock up on KCN.
    Or NaCN.
    Five to ten seconds ... you can tolerate.
  27. KBPC50
    KBPC50 3 June 2013 20: 16
    My opinion is: Why the hell do we need all this? Problems with sales, trade, and ESPECIALLY with the MILITARY. ON a fig? The planet needs them !? The ball is already round !!! And what for ???? destroy this planet? Yankee come to your senses! You though, but your brain seems to be in your head, not in ....
  28. alexkross83
    alexkross83 3 June 2013 20: 18
    And what would you do with parasites on your body, in my opinion, a regular process is periodic disinfection :-)
  29. dimon-media
    dimon-media 3 June 2013 20: 23
    Two planets in space are talking:
    -I have people wound up on the body, something is drilled, drilled,
    itchy all.
    - I also had people. Gone.
    1. v53993
      v53993 3 June 2013 20: 49
      The cancerous tumor planet originated where the Levites lived, i.e. in Egypt. Then the infection spread to Asia, then to Europe, then metastases reached North America, where they progressed. The main foci of a cancerous tumor on the Earth’s body today are England, the USA and Israel. There the cancer has already reached its extreme stage. Chemotherapy will not help, only surgery.
      1. ustin
        ustin 4 June 2013 07: 01
        All the abomination goes on the earth from these satanic three countries and that is what the name says in the translation Israel-the God of God.
  30. v53993
    v53993 3 June 2013 20: 30
    We consider a volcano extinct if there is no mention of its activity in historical chronicles

    Over time, the most unlikely event becomes more and more likely. In my opinion, probability theory describes what is inexplicable by science so far.
  31. nod739
    nod739 3 June 2013 23: 13
    "... in 20 years the number of disasters has increased ..." - and the world's population increased by more than 1,5 times

    for 30 (or how many) years the average temperature has increased by half a degree, - from physics we know the temperature is rising, so the pressure too))) it looks like it’s getting worse.

    but seriously, geologists show us traces of ancient cataclysms that are much more destructive than in the foreseeable history we can remember. The planet boils, boils, and it was before, and when the boiling ends - it will turn into a "moon", not noisy, calm, dead

    do not make noise about this, open your eyes - these are normal phenomena, there were more than once in the past, and so that there are no disasters - you need to live in harmony with the environment, and not constantly remodel it for yourself in all directions

    a person always seeks to live at the junction of the elements, - the junction of energies, coast-sea, river-estuary, field-forest, does not live especially in an open field or in the middle of a forest or only in the sea. desert, the junction of the elements - the junction of energies, so it’s better for him to live - more opportunities for existence and functioning, for energy extraction ... and therefore sometimes comes under distribution under landslides, floods, etc.

    PS show on TV Prague - there wouldn’t be a river there, there wouldn’t be such a flood - the lowland river, and the water rushes down, but if there weren’t a river, there wouldn’t be Prague, in the best case a small village, the river is a junction of elements , a junction of energies, a river, a fish, a forest near a field means a crop is a tree, - build materials in one word, here is a person and changes the nature there are more opportunities, go into the desert - will you configure a lot there?
  32. muks
    muks 4 June 2013 01: 33
    If the time interval for the existence of planet Earth is taken as 1 day (24 hours), then humanity exists 4 (four) seconds. Two thousand years ago, the biped was given the rules of a hostel - the Bible. Bipeds even parasitized on this, having bred various creeds, killing and burning their own kind! If there are citizens who think that homosexuality is a perversion, then this is not so. This planet decides in this way the size of the population that kills, arms, hates. This is neither good nor bad - it is just a process. For a single biped, preoccupied with consuming TOTAL !!! will pass unnoticed ...
  33. mosgeo1
    mosgeo1 4 June 2013 01: 45
    You have to be a perestroika moron to understand nothing! Ecology of the wretched will lead to that. Energy, from the Sun, stored as natural reserves. The rich and the beggar consume it! We drown ourselves a bathhouse! Nature, freeing itself from the dermis, is taking retaliatory measures!
  34. Atash
    Atash 4 June 2013 04: 03
    These are all predicted in the scriptures signs of the impending End of the World. The number of murders, for example, how these cases have become more frequent, when someone takes the trunk and begins to "whisper". In Russia, this has not happened before, and this misfortune has already reached Russia. What struck me most was that among the signs of the End, the appearance of a thousand names of alcoholic beverages. Indeed, this has never happened. And an argument like that there were no statistics on natural disasters before, in my opinion, is also not true. Events on the scale of the 2004 tsunami or the Haitian earthquake remained in history, for example Vesuvius, but there are only a few of them. And in the first 10 years of this century, a million people died from natural disasters.
  35. Egor-dis
    Egor-dis 4 July 2013 14: 13
    I recommend everyone to read the book by Alexander Nikonov "Riding a Bomb. The Fate of Planet Earth and Its Inhabitants" The person quite competently and in an accessible form explains what is happening now.