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Syria: scenes from life

In Syria, more than 2 years, since March 2011, the civil war continues between the authorities and the opposition. According to UN official data, more than 80 000 people died in the country during this time. Syrian authorities say they are opposed by well-armed and trained fighters arriving and financed from abroad. The number of refugees from the country in April exceeded 1 million people.

Today on the streets with weapons You can meet people of different ages. Here is a boy with an AK-47, Aleppo, 14 APR 2013. (Photo by Dimitar Dilkoff | AFP | Getty Images):

Syria: scenes from life

Ruins of ancient cities. This is the city of Aleppo today. (Photo by Dimitar Dilkoff | AFP | Getty Images):

The statue of Basil al-Assad, the elder brother of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, rolled up by the rebels, 25 APR 2013. (Photo by Reuters | Hamid Khatib):

Barricades in the middle of the street and Aleppo civilians, 12 APR 2013. (Photo by Dimitar Dilkoff | AFP | Getty Images):

Rebels-action movies with machine guns, 24 APRIL 2013. (Photo by Miguel Medina | AFP | Getty Images):

Extravagant Syrian Rebel Cannon, Idlib Province, April 17 2013. (Photo by Reuters | Mohamed Kaddoor | Shaam News Network):

Destroyed by the civil war, the ghost town of Deir ez-Zor in northeastern Syria, 4 April 2013. (Photo by Reuters | Khalil Ashawi):

A typical day in Aleppo, 20 May 2013. (Photo AP Photo | Aleppo Media Center):

Bread saleswoman in Deir ez-Zor, Syria, 9 in May 2013. (Photo by Reuters | Khalil Ashawi):

Palm trees and clouds of smoke from shelling, eastern Syria, 3 May 2013. (Photo by Reuters | Nour Fourat):

Brave Soldier, Aleppo, 14 APR 2013. (Photo by Dimitar Dilkoff | AFP | Getty Images):

Wrecked tank, in Dera'a province, Syria, 13 APR 2013. Looks like a war movie set. But this is all real. (Photo by Reuters | Mazen Abu Mahmoud | Shaam News Network):

More than 1 million people fled the country, others lost their jobs. Some are engaged in oil refining in order to somehow make money on food. Syria, 5 May 2013. (Photo by Reuters | Hamid Khatib):

Deserted streets of the destroyed city of Aleppo, 29 April 2013. (Photo by Reuters | George Ourfalian):

The rebels are preparing to launch a rocket on government troops. With levels, all by science. City of Deir ez-Zor, Syria, 18 May 2013. (Photo by Reuters | Khalil Ashawi):

The boy earns money by transporting people from shore to shore, the city of Deir-ez-Zor, Syria, 21, April 2013. (Photo by Reuters | Khalil Ashawi):

The United States and Russia have great differences over Syria. The US State Department considers the delivery of Russian C-300 air defense systems to Syrian authorities a mistake, and Russia is dissatisfied with the decision to allow the supply of weapons to the rebels and accuses the bloc of double standards, and also says that it harms the possibilities for a peaceful settlement and end the civil war.

On the photo: C-300 medium-range anti-aircraft missile systems. (Photo AP Photo):

Streets of Aleppo, April 8 2013. (Photo by Reuters | Malek Alshemali):

The colorful Syrian rebels, Aleppo, 22 May 2013. (Photo by Ricardo Garcia Vilanova | AFP | Getty Images):

And this is already the troops of Syrian President Bashar Assad, the city of Aleppo, 26 in May 2013. They look more decent insurgents, rebels, frankly. (Photo AP Photo | SANA):

City of Deir ez-Zor, Syria, 19 May 2013. (Photo by Reuters | Khalil Ashawi):

People in Syria are dying by the thousands. For example, only in March of this year 6 was killed 000 people. Cemetery in Damascus, 27 May 2013. (Photo by Reuters | Alaa Al-Marjani):

Do not take pictures of me! Damascus, 26 May 2013. In general, photographers in such places have a hard time, because they are in the center of military events. Read more about how photographers work in the article “What does a civil war look like?”. (Photo by Reuters | Alaa Al-Marjani):

Meanwhile, civil war continues in Syria. (Photo by Reuters | Khalil Ashawi):

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  1. bear
    bear 3 June 2013 08: 02
    war is a terrible “aunt”
    1. svp67
      svp67 3 June 2013 10: 15
      Quote: bear
      war is a terrible “aunt”

      Yes, probably - "to whom the war, and to whom the mother is dear ..."
  2. avant-garde
    avant-garde 3 June 2013 08: 11
    This is how "democracy" looks like in reality .... I feel sorry for the Syrians how to restore it all! request
    1. avt
      avt 3 June 2013 09: 25
      Quote: avant-garde
      This is how "democracy" looks like in reality ....

      I would specify - bringing to "democracy and universal human values" through the strict observance of human rights under the vigilant supervision of civilian non-governmental organizations.
      1. Gemar
        Gemar 3 June 2013 11: 15
        Quote: avant-garde
        how to restore all this!

        After the end of the war (I hope for the victory of the people, read Assad), China will immediately begin to act according to the principle that they apply in Africa. You give us resources for a pittance, we build / restore your infrastructure. Assad is unlikely to accept dollars, which are in abundance in the PRC, only if he himself starts selling something to the United States / European Union. And the Chinese in this way (by doing work, not money) create the illusion of "real" assistance to a "friendly" (read, having useful resources) country. The money will be spent over time, and the infrastructure will remain, as a reminder of who helped rebuild Syria.
    2. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 3 June 2013 16: 34
      Quote: avant-garde
      This is how "democracy" looks like in reality .... I feel sorry for the Syrians how to restore it all! request

      Elementary - pens. In general, probably it will be better to build new than to restore.
  3. Prometheus
    Prometheus 3 June 2013 08: 19
    In the photo where the rocket is launched, a man with a level is clearly not an Arab, rather a European.
    1. Argon
      Argon 3 June 2013 15: 01
      After numerous launch attempts (see videos on the Internet), the victims of which were mainly the launchers, they called the shaman, he explains, "the range depends on the vertical angle of installation" - and the one next to the face of the "intellectual" - "So what if it's on one side Can I shoot around the corner? "
  4. Alexey Prikazchikov
    Alexey Prikazchikov 3 June 2013 08: 37
    In the last photo bronik interesting.
    1. datur
      datur 3 June 2013 09: 06
      Apparently American!
      1. Alexey Prikazchikov
        Alexey Prikazchikov 3 June 2013 09: 37
        Yeah, I saw such marines. And it’s some kind of very light bronik.
  5. omsbon
    omsbon 3 June 2013 09: 05
    Victory to you, the Syrian people!
  6. Pit
    Pit 3 June 2013 09: 20
    If Syria collapses, then we should prepare for war. In less than five years, the democrats will visit us with all the "blessings"
  7. demon ada
    demon ada 3 June 2013 09: 21
    it's time to put things in order.
    bring peacekeepers
    enough to tear the country apart.
    Pacify the neighbors.
    1. Pit
      Pit 3 June 2013 10: 00
      Quote: demon ada
      it's time to put things in order. bring peacekeepers

      This is the problem. Geyropa together with the USAcali want to bring in a "peacekeeping" contingent. And if they succeed, then the situation will only worsen.
      But then oil will flow like a river, the pipeline from Qatar will pierce and a direct road will open to Iran, and for one, to us.
      So if foreign troops are also brought in there, it’s definitely not NATO troops.
    2. Gari
      Gari 3 June 2013 10: 19
      From the Syrian media:
      Syrian Information Minister Omran Az-Zoubi advised Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to seek political asylum from Qatar, resign and leave the country. According to the chief ideologist of the Syrian Arab Republic, Qatar may well accept Erdogan.
      It should be noted that in recent days, the Syrian state-owned media has been actively covering the riots that have already covered 67 cities in Turkey, including Ankara and Istanbul.
  8. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 3 June 2013 10: 18
    from the Don.
    Looking at these shots, I feel sorry for the ordinary Syrians to tears! What was the country turned into? And this ice rink is rolling inevitably on us! It's not sweet, soon, we will have to, oh, not sweet!
  9. Dejavu
    Dejavu 3 June 2013 10: 20
    "Colorful Syrian Rebels"
    Monkeys fuck ...
    1. JonnyT
      JonnyT 3 June 2013 17: 17
      and drug addicts!
  10. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 3 June 2013 10: 27
    Solid photos. Unvarnished, thanks.

    And what kind of new helmets do Syrian soldiers have? Hour not our newfangles? I didn’t wear new ones, so I’m lost in conjecture. wink
  11. ed65b
    ed65b 3 June 2013 10: 37
    Something I do not burn the desire to observe inspired bearded Hari in my Caucasus and Volga. Fight until victory Syrian friends for themselves and for us.
    Yesterday I watched half a day reporting from Syria and that a comparison is not in favor of the Israeli army. Jews will not take out urban wars against the Syrians, these are completely different soldiers.
  12. Ermek
    Ermek 3 June 2013 10: 49
    Mujahideen’s faces are clearly not disfigured by intellect, and are still evil. But how calm and confident the soldiers, including the girl.
  13. Kirgudum
    Kirgudum 3 June 2013 10: 52
    Nevertheless, the rats lose - the Syrian army slowly but surely squeezes them out of all the cities occupied by them. The purge of Quseir, Homs is coming to an end, and Allepo will be taken soon.
  14. Nomad
    Nomad 3 June 2013 11: 50
    For that one girl lying on a tombstone and mourning someone close to her, the arsonists of this war will burn in hell! Amen.
    1. PN
      PN 3 June 2013 12: 27
      This photo was the most touched. There are many children there that have remained orphans.
    2. sq
      sq 3 June 2013 12: 53
      Remember this when praying.
      GOD is alone, although we pray to him in different ways.
    3. Ram chandra
      Ram chandra 3 June 2013 13: 32
      There is no hell. Well - perhaps they are trying to make it in Syria.
    4. stroporez
      stroporez 3 June 2013 16: 33
      If you have a weapon in your hands, ---- Shoto means something wrong with this world .............. let those who have allowed this to die in agony ......... ...
  15. salah
    salah 3 June 2013 13: 28
    How terrible are those people who sponsor death for the sake of power and their interests. You can’t put up with this, they must be found and punished!
  16. Kovrovsky
    Kovrovsky 3 June 2013 13: 40
    Interestingly, the boy in the first photo for whom is fighting? I hope for Assad!
  17. sys-1985
    sys-1985 3 June 2013 14: 26
    It’s a pity the child, those who started all this to burn in hell!
  18. Hemi cuda
    Hemi cuda 3 June 2013 14: 52
    I screwed it up plus, one can almost watch real-time Syria at anna-news every day almost in real time, the shot from the shoulder from the recoilless device was added to my favorites epic.
  19. KononAV
    KononAV 3 June 2013 15: 34
    With a tank lined photo cool
    1. Aleks tv
      Aleks tv 3 June 2013 16: 02
      Quote: KononAV
      With a tank lined photo cool

      Too shy to ask, are you talking about ... WHAT?
    2. svp67
      svp67 3 June 2013 16: 08
      Quote: KononAV
      With a tank lined photo cool

      One of the 200 modernized by Ukraine ТNNUMXМВ of one of the mechanized divisions of the Syrian army ... Unlucky men ...
      1. AndreyAB
        AndreyAB 3 June 2013 17: 47
        Yes, even sandbags overlay, then fine.
      2. garik404
        garik404 4 June 2013 01: 38
        It is difficult to say unequivocally whose modernization was ...

        In 1997, the South African government approved a $ 641 million sale of weapons to the Syrian Arab Republic. It was about the modernization of artillery systems and 4200 Syrian tanks. (


        One of the latest T-55 upgrades was carried out in Slovenia by STO RAVNE with the participation of engineers from the Israeli company Elbit. Slovenia has modernized 30 T-55s that are in service with the army of this country; the last converted T-55S1 was handed over to the customer in May 1999. The tank is equipped with a 105-mm English cannon with a heat-shielding casing, armor is significantly enhanced by hanging on the hull and turret of dynamic protection units developed by the Israeli company Rafael. The undercarriage is covered by screens, a new track with rubber-metal hinges is used on the tanks. The deal amounted to $ 200 million. (,
    3. _denn
      _denn 4 June 2013 02: 12
      With a tank lined photo cool
      This tank is not apparently destroyed, but completely destroyed.
  20. Beloborodov
    Beloborodov 3 June 2013 16: 38
    Is the S-300 photo also from Syria?
  21. AndreyAB
    AndreyAB 3 June 2013 17: 46
    Yes, the democratic changes in places of concentration of militants are simply amazing, flourishing cities in ruins - if this is what the Western democrats are calling for, then they are not covered by reptiles. Dee and the inscribed walls are also an indicator of intelligence and general education and the elementary education of bandits.
  22. APASUS
    APASUS 3 June 2013 18: 59
    Democracy is a scary word; it has two use cases.
    Democracy for the Americans ........... and democracy for the Syrians.
  23. old rats
    old rats 3 June 2013 19: 20
    Quote: Prometheus
    In the photo where the rocket is launched, a man with a level is clearly not an Arab, rather a European.

    is not a fact.
    I saw many Chechens who looked more like Russians than myself.
  24. sprut
    sprut 3 June 2013 19: 49
    This is a war against Russia.
  25. bublic82009
    bublic82009 4 June 2013 00: 10
    like all poorly educated Arabs, they are ready to exchange a bad world for tales of a Muslim caliphate. only there there will be new buy-ins that everyone will clean up for themselves, and they will not shoot the acceptable ones according to Sharia law. but no one knows them.
  26. Cossack23
    Cossack23 4 June 2013 00: 12
    it is necessary to prepare for war, sadly, but a fact
  27. garik404
    garik404 4 June 2013 00: 53
    What are they nah .. "rebels, rebels", "rebels"?
    They are real terrorists !!!
    In Hell, they burn - scum.
    And this is not a "civil war" !!!
    This is a counter-terrorist operation of legitimate government forces against various jackals and critters !!!
  28. The comment was deleted.
  29. Megatron
    Megatron 4 June 2013 20: 47
    All these words: rebels, rebels, opposition, jihadists, etc., from the dictionary of liberal-shit-democrats! DO NOT use them!
  30. Matt eversmann
    Matt eversmann 4 June 2013 22: 31
    The civil war has done invaluable damage to Syria and its people. All hope for Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian troops. They are able to end this massacre, only they need our help.
  31. Light source
    Light source 4 June 2013 23: 28
    I looked at the photographs, and remembered Lenin-bastard comrades.
  32. Kazanok
    Kazanok 4 June 2013 23: 46
    Asad is an ordinary dictator ... his place is undoubtedly on stake ... but he is friends with us .. that's why they support him ... and frantic muslims fight him .... everywhere you throw a wedge .. everything is against the people of Syria .. they will not be at ease in any situation ...