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Kurginyan designed controlled world chaos into a five-H formula

Kurginyan designed controlled world chaos into a five-H formulaIn all the post-Soviet republics — Russia and so on — the anti-Soviet consensus of elites has been more or less formed. 27 was told about this in May by the Russian political analyst, The Matter of Time movement leader Sergei Kurginyan, in an Internet conference “Challenges to Armenia and Russia in the Context of Modern World Processes”, calling it a strategic problem. According to the expert, the elites who destroyed the Soviet Union were formed and developed precisely on the basis of anti-Sovietism.

"Further, this anti-Sovietism began to be divided into several varieties - liberal, centrist, nationalistic, ultra-radical, etc. As nowhere none of these forms led to the desired results, they all turned out to be shot down in similarity to the rocket stages. It seems to me that the main task in all post-Soviet countries - to break the anti-Soviet consensus, because if you do not do this, do not make your way towards a different memory of your past, everything will still happen in a very specific way. from one type of anti-Sovietism to another, even worse, then they will start to clash with each other, and there will be no good. In this sense, this task is also facing Russia, "he said.

Sergey Kurginyan is confident that the strategically important Soviet period in the life of the states of the former USSR that did not fit into his history, "breaks the back" of the nations. "We will not talk about how great our interest in rapprochement is, let the politicians decide, and here there may be different points of view. But our unconditional interest is that our national history is one. We cannot live with a torn national history because it is called “living with a broken ridge,” the political scientist expressed his opinion, stressing that the Soviet period “is certainly one of the most important.”

“It’s a long one, it’s impossible to jump over. Any comparison of communism and fascism is disgusting to me. I believe that communism defeated fascism and is its fundamental, metaphysical, existential antagonist. But even if for a moment, to take the view of such opponents, what is happening: the period lasted how many years 12, from 1933 to 1945, which means that the young guy already had a pre-fascist experience somewhere in the thirties, and in 45 was still a young man, he could start a life. Nevertheless, this crack in 12 years broke G What is to be said about a period longer than 70 years? If you take it and throw it away, what will remain of the people, of historical memory, of everything else? You can interpret this differently, every nation has the right to put it in its own history, but to ignore it from my point of view is not even just naivety, but something neurotic-suicidal. What is Latvia without Soviet Latvia? And where is Latvia? What is, by and large, Ukraine without Soviet Ukraine? And after all, no one calls to cancel all other periods, not to consider them at all. They must somehow be integrated into a single national soul, into a single movement of the nation, ”the leader of the movement“ The Essence of Time ”remarked, adding that without this integration, countries find themselves with broken ridges, and then with them” what happens with such countries. "In addition, Kurginyan said that the problem of identity is equally acute in all post-Soviet republics, which completely differently build their policies, differently determine their strategy.

The conference guest expressed confidence that the Soviet period was too long and too resonant to try to throw it out, while leaving the nation alive. The political scientist expressed confidence that this is impossible, and every nation will realize this sooner or later.

Sergey Kurginyan identified another strategic problem - the so-called European choice. "I have never been a Westerner myself, I always believed that my country, Russia, is the only one in the world that did not develop in the same way as the West, but developed, and this is the historical meaning. Within only this historical meaning can you understand Russian communism and everything else. But I respected the West, admired many things that were there, for example, I had a Western attitude to law, I always considered that the Western ideal is the highest, I idolize and idolize Thomas Mann and other European writers. Therefore, I cannot call myself an anti-Westerner either . But let's pic We look at what is happening now: are they fully aware that in the coming 3-4 of the year a number of European countries will pass a pioneer law to lift the ban on incest - copulation of father and daughter? Do you understand that this is so? This will happen in the coming years This will be a pioneering development, it is carried out so that sooner or later the same thing happens in Europe. Do you see millions of rallies on the streets of Paris? These are rallies of the French people, who say that they do not want same-sex marriages ... Europe on it spits, "said the speaker, adding that the meetings were attended by members of the movement “The Essence of Time” headed by him.

According to Kurginyan, Europe is becoming "Europe for same-sex marriage and Europe for lifting incest bans." “What's next, what is the next step?”, The expert asked, continuing to reflect on the topic of juvenile justice. Sergey Kurginyan expressed the opinion that against the background of juvenile law enforcement practice, the family in Europe is becoming criminalized and demonized. "This is not Europe modernity, not Europe great classical project that existed 500 years. This is something else. We want to enter it? We can influence what it will be? We know exactly what we want there so much? We understand What will be there in 10 years? We are ready to accept everything that it dictates? And this is her house! It has been built for centuries, and no one has the right to enter there and dictate its laws. If the house was built by the Pope, then he is the master ... We continue to talk about the European choice in the form in which it will exist in the coming years? And he is changing ... ", - he recalled.

The next strategic problem Kurginyan called new realities and unwillingness to recognize them. “The question is: where is the world going? For a long time, there were such illusions on this score that no one, seeing the new realities of the world movement, is willing to recognize them. We see what is happening in Syria or Egypt, but we are not ready yet admit. I attribute this not only to Russia, Armenia or Europe, but also to Israel, other countries of the world - no one, including the Chinese and Indians, are ready to admit what is happening. But it seems to me that the strategic-radical union of Sunni Islamism and the United States of America is absolutely obvious. Doyu territory, which we undertake to consider, traces of this union are merciless in the form of facts. The main force with which the Americans concluded an alliance in Syria is al-Qaida, in Libya, al-Qaida is literally so. Now in Afghanistan " The Taliban "is called a good movement. It is said that there is a" Taliban "peaceful and not peaceful ... Does anyone want to show me a peaceful Taliban? A peaceful Taliban is a dead Taliban. Now it is said that" Al Qaeda "is peaceful or not peaceful. A lot is being done under the dictation of the Gulf countries, the role of the countries of this region is completely new: Qatar is pursuing world politics ... What does this mean here? And the following: in the near future, the whole Shiite Islam will be formed in the form of the "axis of evil", and in the form of the "axis of good" - Sunni Islam. But Turkey, too, fits into the axis of Sunni Islamism? Turkey left the secular path, you can put a cross on Kemalist Turkey - it is no more. Very soon we will face the challenge of the caliphate or caliphate. How will these challenges be met by states with a great history, but a small territory and a small population? Does anyone believe that secular regimes opposing the caliphates will be supported by the West? Open your eyes! You can’t repeat the mistakes of Syrian President Bashar Assad, who believed, supposedly, “how is it that Al Qaeda would be preferred to me?”, Mubarak, who said that “would anyone really risk putting on the Muslim Brotherhood?” delivered the guest of the conference.

Kurginyan noted that among the advisers to US President Barack Obama are 10 Muslims, France is at the forefront of the anti-Assad coalition, and Israel, despite all its strategic interests, is beginning to support the invasion of Sunni Islam into Syria, knowing that this is death. “So this is the force of pressure of a superpower - the United States, which has shifted into a new policy paradigm. This paradigm is not called a“ new world order ”, but a“ new world disorder. ”It is declared,” he noted. The expert expressed the opinion that the "order of forces was not enough for the world order", since for this it was necessary to introduce 800 thousand troops into Iraq, 1,2 million into Iran, and also think about the need to introduce something to Pakistan .

Sergey Kurginyan described the actions of Washington as recognition of the collapse of the doctrine of the new world order. “But in the doctrine of the new world disorder, certain forces are beginning to play an extremely positive role, not to mention the fact that all this world chaos must apparently be sent to China. But through whose territory? How will this shaft roll through us? Before we are facing completely new problems of the survival of our countries, "the Russian political scientist concluded.

The fourth and unconditional problem Sergey Kurginyan considers the need to abandon the local-national states in favor of new empires. "What is, in fact, a new Europe, if not an empire? A single bank, a single currency, the constant demands of one president, a single election system - if it is not an empire, then I am against empires. But we understand that this empire is a supranational ideocratic state , and it is being created. What are the Americans doing? They again declare that they will have Amer - again an empire, integration is going on. What is a caliphate? This is certainly an empire. It turns out that in the 21st century all countries begin to concentrate not only economic but also geopolitical capital, it Obviously, geo-economic and geopolitical capital are uniting. It has already been said that power centers with a population of less than 500 million do not survive for geo-economic and geopolitical reasons. What is happening with China? For the first time, I read articles that say that China intends to put forward new world values "That is, it goes beyond its natural limits to a regional power, and this process will continue. We see a new world, but how do we position ourselves in it, how are we positioning ourselves in terms of the interests of our states?", said Kurg nyan next question.

The fifth and last question, according to Sergey Kurginyan, concerns the own, internal strategy of the states and sounds as follows: why did everything that was done happen? "It was constantly said that there is a certain dream that sooner or later people realize their high dreams, including dreams of their high advancement to development, that peoples have enormous potentials, that nations consist of intelligent people who are inclined to to math, to the other, to another ... That all this will receive some kind of higher concentration, nations will develop and show some new stage of development. Let's look back, see what happens: where is all this? Where is this non-material, non-flowering in the bourgeois level, and the highest achievements and breakthroughs and new horizons of cultures? These cultures are shrinking, and the place of these breakthroughs is taken by the philistine more or less comfortable existence. But this cannot be an ideal for the people? This cannot be a national dream. Years have passed, there was a time for the national dream to come true - and that with this dream? Where is the concentration of resources and opportunities, where is the focus of the elites not on the imperial, not on some other, but on their national dreams? ", the head of" Essence of Time "concluded.

Finally, Sergey Kurginyan brought together all the issues voiced by him, which, in his opinion, are extremely acute and are the most pressing challenges of our time.

What happens to identity?

What is happening with Europe?

What happens to the USA?

What happens to the concentration of potentials?

What happens to the dream?
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  1. Vanek
    Vanek 31 May 2013 06: 33
    Well, no article. Interesting.

    What is happening with Europe?

    Due to same-sex marriages - will die out.

    What happens to the USA?

    ... Damn ... Yes, the hat is going on there.
    1. Vasya Ivanov
      Vasya Ivanov 31 May 2013 08: 43
      Yes, the United States and the Islamists merged in ecstasy.
      1. yak69
        yak69 31 May 2013 10: 16
        Quote: Vasya Ivanov
        Kurginyan is accused of trying to create the USSR 2.

        Strange statement of the question! What does it mean to blame and who are the prosecutors ?!
        S. Kurginyan really heads the Essence of Time movement, whose goal is to re-create the renewed USSR. And it is right!
        Quote: Vasya Ivanov
        I do not exclude the possibility that some rulers may adopt such rhetoric, but things will not go further, because these ideas will quickly lead to a change of elites

        This is no longer rhetoric, but a guide to action, and Putin has already confirmed this with his visit to a meeting of the first all-Russian congress "Essence of Time" in February this year.
        In addition, as a person born and raised in the USSR and living in modern Russia, I can judge where and who lived better, what prospects the citizens had then and now (the fate of Western slaves). So, everyone who stands for the restoration of the former greatness of our country and a return to a normal human, dignified life, now has a real opportunity to personally take part in the construction of their Power!
        I know Sergei Ervandovich personally and I know him as a decent, open, sincere person, outstanding in his intellect, encyclopedic outlook and tremendous energy. In addition, it is always open for personal meetings and discussions - you can see for yourself: go to the website of the "Central Committee of Kurginyan", you can visit its theatrical performances, where admission is free, for everyone.
    2. Egoza
      Egoza 31 May 2013 11: 26
      Quote: Vanek
      What is happening with Europe?

      And here it is very interesting to note the following:

      "European Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger sharply criticized the European Union for urgent measures for the rehabilitation of the region.
      "Europe needs a major overhaul," - Interfax quotes his speech at the German-Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

      According to the European Commissioner, too many people believe that "everything will be fine" in the EU. Brussels is still not fully aware of how bad the situation is. Rather than grappling with the economic and debt crisis, the EU is trying to play the role of "educator" for the rest of the world, he said.

      Ettinger called Bulgaria, Romania and Italy are states "in principle almost uncontrollable." Of particular concern are the intensified movements in many countries, uniting EU critics, especially in the UK. As for France, according to the European Commissioner, she is absolutely not prepared for the imminent changes.

      He is also in very sharply criticized Germany. The European Commissioner believes that the country has reached the limit of its economic development and will not become stronger, as the country in recent years has focused on minor issues instead of increasing competitiveness.
      For once, I can applaud the European Commissioner!
      1. Andrey78
        Andrey78 2 June 2013 23: 30
        What to do, "when there is no agreement among the comrades ..." is happening in the EU. Everyone pulls a blanket over themselves, and the European Government helps them with this
  2. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF 31 May 2013 06: 53
    Kurginyan's ideas are quite interesting. Only who will promote them in practice. I do not even exclude the possibility that some rulers may adopt such rhetoric, but things will not go further, because these ideas will quickly lead to a change of elites. It turns out that bees are against honey.
    1. MilaPhone
      MilaPhone 31 May 2013 07: 07
      Kurginyan is accused of trying to create the USSR 2.
  3. fisherman
    fisherman 31 May 2013 07: 02
    The 4th and 5th points, it seems, are the antagonists ...
    1. MilaPhone
      MilaPhone 31 May 2013 07: 11
      I would also add the 6th point on the "H" or a postscript:
      "What started that !!!"
  4. krasin
    krasin 31 May 2013 07: 09
    We cannot live with a torn national history, because this is called "living with a broken spine"

    Reasoning correctly, this is our story, we should live with it and we should not be allowed to dirty it and turn it inside out!
  5. fenix57
    fenix57 31 May 2013 07: 25
    What happens to Europe? What happens to the USA?- biological species as a rational person-homo sapiens disappears! And IT appears ...
    1. Andrey78
      Andrey78 2 June 2013 23: 37
      photo is not the topic, THIS appears
  6. OTAKE
    OTAKE 31 May 2013 07: 26
    15 th
    is Purginyan really a fan of drooling on mints on the left and right, someone takes seriously?
    1. sincman
      sincman 31 May 2013 10: 59
      Quote: OTAKE
      is Purginyan really a fan of drooling on mints on the left and right, someone takes seriously?

      Yes, imagine! With all the emotionality, his point of view is very impressive to many thinking people who are not indifferent to what is happening in the post-Soviet space. The main thing is to be able to separate the grain from the chaff! Well, his detractors only have to spray saliva!

      ps I’ll tell you a secret. Mantras and Chernoslovie no longer affect the masses. If you want to distract attention from someone, offer your idea. The masses will consider it and determine your proper place in history!
    2. smersh70
      smersh70 1 June 2013 01: 20
      and no one, he served the Communists all his life. Then he served Yeltsin. I remember how he praised his policies with foam at the mouth of ORT, and now he has gone over to Putin like Purginyan.))))
  7. Grbear
    Grbear 31 May 2013 07: 39
    I dare say that Kurginyan (a literate man) was never satisfied with the politics of modern Russia. He is an outspoken pro-Westerner. What happened to him? Asks questions, each of which cuts abscesses of "developed and humane capitalism". Is this ideological suicide? An analogue of a shot in Notre Dame? Even the most devoted apologists for "Western values" have sensed trouble. Sixth question: - Is it too late?
    1. Gari
      Gari 31 May 2013 10: 01
      Quote: GrBear
      He is an outspoken pro-Westerner. What happened to him?

      And if Anatoly Wasserman became a staunch Stalinist.

      Quote: GrBear
      Is it too late?

      Better late than never
    2. smersh70
      smersh70 1 June 2013 01: 21
      Purginyan is a natural con man and careerist .....
  8. fenix57
    fenix57 31 May 2013 07: 51
    Quote: GrBear
    Sixth question: - Is it too late?

    That, as they say, is better late than never.
    Quote: Milafon
    Kurginyan is accused of trying to create the USSR 2.

    A good idea.That's just who blames the liberotolerant apparently ...
    1. Gari
      Gari 31 May 2013 10: 01
      Quote: fenix57
      Good idea. That's just who blames the liberotolerant apparently ...

      Well, who else should blame
  9. shurup
    shurup 31 May 2013 08: 12
    Kurginyan piled another bunch of ... questions. A journalist should be able to ask questions, but besides time, which has no essence, there is a real space with resources, which is called vital for political geographers.
    Well, let Kurginyan answer his own questions from this point of view.
  10. Grigorich 1962
    Grigorich 1962 31 May 2013 08: 49
    Questions are posed accurately and in a timely manner! .... Many things are spelled. It would be necessary for these questions to reach the minds of our top politicians. It's time to finally set the priorities of Russian international politics .... with whom we are and where we are!
  11. individual
    individual 31 May 2013 09: 20
    Russia lives with a torn dream.
    Not really believing in a bright future-Communism, Soviet society for the most part adhered to the postulates of the "Moral Code of the Builder of Communism."
    A solid family, love for mom and dad, and genuine respect for elders were taken as the basis. Honoring the history of the peoples of the USSR.
    1991 tore it all apart and the newly minted messiahs began to call for "universal human values", and simply by the motto - make money.
    The spiritual development of man has been replaced by material.
    The idea of ​​cosmopolitan triumphed. All sought to become millionaires.
    In one of the novels, Ray Bradbury wrote interesting words that frankly convey the thought of the powers that be about the rest of humanity. "A person does not tolerate what goes beyond the ordinary" ... But the Soviet man was forced to believe in false Western values ​​and he fell for it.
    The Yeltsin-Gaidar region has opened the eyes of Russia to many things and we are starting to get out of the quagmire of lies and betrayal of Russia's interests.
    Spiritual life takes precedence over the material dependence of the golden calf. And as the poet said:
  12. Vtel
    Vtel 31 May 2013 10: 20
    Sergey Yervandovich Kurginyan is a very smart and very muddy comrade, but the show will show. Glory to God over us is always God.
  13. USNik
    USNik 31 May 2013 12: 09
    Not, Kurginyan, of course he’s the head, but he loves to express his ideas abstruse syllable of thought. Yes, and very nervous when talking on TV, with all sorts of Democrats and other carriers of condoms on her chest. Grandfather must be calm, age is not the same to rush to the embrasure of non-polite.
    1. dropout
      dropout 31 May 2013 14: 50
      Quote: USNik
      Kurginyan, of course, is the head, but he loves to express his thoughts by an abstruse syllable of thought

      You are right, it’s difficult to listen to Ervandovich, for he speaks too emotionally and most importantly for too long. But if you isolate the ESSENCE, then his thoughts correspond to the aspirations of the majority of the people.
      And it's expensive.
  14. DeerIvanovich
    DeerIvanovich 31 May 2013 14: 05
    that Kurginyan, that ONF-operate exclusively under the clear leadership of the Kremlin.
    the question is, why?
    perhaps, analyzing the previous projects of the Kremlin, they want to assure us that we are going to the point that we are drinking tea, but actually not, or maybe we thought better of it.