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Khabarovsk immortalized the memory of an officer who fell during the performance of military duty


By order of the government of the Khabarovsk Territory, the name of the chief of staff of the special purpose detachment "Typhoon" of the Eastern Regional Command of the Interior Forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Maslov was included in the list of those killed in local wars and military conflicts at the Khabarovsk Square Memorial Complex.

17 August 2011, Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Maslov, led the search for an armed gang in the Khasavyurt region of the Republic of Dagestan. After its discovery, a battle ensued, during which the bandits attempted to break through the special forces' combat formations. Lieutenant Colonel Maslov brought into reserve the reserve, which he headed personally. By making distracting maneuvers and firing at the militants, he allowed his subordinates to leave the flank attack, regroup and re-enter the battle from advantageous positions. Covering his comrades, he was seriously wounded, but continued to fire and control units. The wound was incompatible with life.

Thanks to the high professionalism and courage of the special forces officer, the death of military personnel was prevented, and the militants were neutralized.

By decree of the President of the Russian Federation on January 9 2012, for personal courage, bravery and heroism, shown in the performance of military duty in conditions associated with risk to life, the chief of staff of the special purpose unit "Typhoon" of the Eastern Regional Command of the Interior Forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Lieutenant Colonel Maslov Ivan Vladimirovich was awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation (posthumously).
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  1. Baron Wrangell
    Baron Wrangell 30 May 2013 10: 16
    good deal!
    Eternal memory to the Hero!
  2. Navy7981
    Navy7981 30 May 2013 10: 29
    I agree, this is a good thing. Remember! Let not by name, but do not forget the third toast! For those who are fully prepared to fulfill their duty, for our sake!
  3. Vtel
    Vtel 30 May 2013 10: 32
    Honor and Glory and Eternal Memory to the servant of God Ivan!
  4. smershspy
    smershspy 30 May 2013 11: 16
    Lord! There are people for whom the words: Honor, Duty, Homeland are not an empty phrase! Thanks for the living and eternal memory of the fallen heroes! The main thing is not to be forgotten about them! True heroes! I have the honor!
  5. LaGlobal
    LaGlobal 30 May 2013 12: 45
    ETERNAL MEMORY TO YOU IVAN VLADIMIROVICH !!! Perhaps the mothers and fathers of your squad will remember your merits! I bow my head before the hero! recourse

    I have the honor!
  6. Russ69
    Russ69 30 May 2013 13: 02
    It is true that monuments are being erected to the soldiers of our time. The main thing is that families should not be forgotten.
    And the fallen Eternal memory!
  7. Sinbad
    Sinbad 30 May 2013 14: 07
    Eternal memory to the Hero !!! To heroes !!!
    This is who you need to talk about from the screen, etc. What would people, children know. And then they found a "hero" for the media - a criminal authority. Not media, but a trash heap.
  8. Alikovo
    Alikovo 30 May 2013 15: 20
    such heroes must be remembered.
  9. 123tank
    123tank 30 May 2013 15: 35
    A worthy memory of the Hero.
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. Mr.M
    Mr.M 30 May 2013 22: 55
    Eternal memory to the Hero.

    It is very sad when such worthy people, true patriots of their country, pass away from life. It is hoped that their bold deeds will be able to awaken the right, patriotic feelings in the hearts of the people around.

    By the way, I think that instead of a stupid selection of series and shows on central television, such stories should be covered. The country must know and remember its heroes.