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Small-sized pistol MP-435

They have repeatedly said and argued that self-defense and small-caliber .22LR cartridge things are absolutely incompatible with each other. Nevertheless, for some reason each manufacturer tries to launch a small-sized pistol for a given ammunition, disregarding either common sense or specific examples of the very successful use of such weapons. What is most funny, even a shot in the head of the enemy will not always mean his death, since the kinetic energy of the bullet is very small and in certain circumstances it may not be enough to break through the skull of the enemy. But these nuances have already been mentioned many times, but I propose to get acquainted with such weapons of domestic production, and with a relatively new weapon. Briefly review the simplest sample under the name MP-435.

Small-sized pistol MP-435If someone is keen on gas pistols, then he probably noticed that the MP-435 pistol is very similar to the gas MP-76. In fact, the weapon is not just similar, but is even “related” to each other, since the MP-435 is an adaptation of the MP-76 gas pistol chambered for .22LR. In other words, they tried to make another from one means of self-defense, and I must say, it worked out. If we discard such moments as an ammunition that is absolutely unsuitable for self-defense, the gun turned out to be quite at the level of similar foreign models. The only weak point of the pistol can be a frame or a shutter-casing, since they are made of light alloys. It is clear that the weapon uses weak ammunition, is distinguished by compact dimensions and should have an appropriate weight, but so far there is no trust in domestic light alloys in the weapon - they did not deserve it.

The gun was built according to the automatics scheme with a free gate, which is not at all surprising, considering that the device is powered by rather weak cartridges. The appearance of the weapon is quite simple. On the left side of the pistol behind the pistol grip there is a fuse switch, which protrudes for convenient switching with the thumb of the holding hand, despite its small dimensions, the pistol has a slide delay when all ammunition is used up from the store. The weight of the weapon is only 0,5 kilogram. The total length is 135 millimeters with a barrel length 67 millimeters. The height of the gun is 100 millimeters, 25 millimeters thickness. In other words, the weapon, although compact, could be smaller.

Nevertheless, this pistol can easily fit in a jacket pocket and even more so in a woman's purse, so from this side the MP-435 pistol as a means of self-defense is quite good. If we talk in general about such weapons, then none of the samples chambered for .22LR, released in the late twentieth - early twenty-first century, did not enjoy success. Naturally, they bought weapons, sometimes they bought a lot, if the gun turned out to be convenient for entertaining shooting, but so that this would happen in large quantities and I don’t remember with noise. So, as it would not want to admit it, but the MP-435 is a single shot.
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  1. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 30 May 2013 09: 21
    "So, as if it would not be desirable to admit it, but the MP-435 is a blank shot."

    We must ask the attacker to stop and aim at the eye. wink
    1. scrabler
      30 May 2013 09: 39
      I do not understand why small-caliber not allow people. Of course you can kill, but the current traumatika is pounding with the same force, though it is a rubber bullet. For entertaining shooting it would be perfect, the cartridge is cheap, the bullet doesn’t go far ... I would take Margolin with great pleasure into my own possession, by the way, add him to the list of articles smile
      1. rereture
        rereture 30 May 2013 10: 01
        Quote: scrabler
        I don’t understand why small-caliber people aren’t allowed

        The most sensible decision) So that even at schools dashes were with small things)
        1. scrabler
          30 May 2013 10: 48
          We still have and hope to stay. smile Not all schools are true (
      2. avt
        avt 30 May 2013 11: 27
        Quote: scrabler
        Of course you can kill

        Especially when a bullet without a shell and traces of rifling does not leave and the sleeve remained in the barrel. winked
    2. alexey garbuz
      alexey garbuz 30 May 2013 23: 41
      The Korovin pistol is much better in its qualities and stopping action, because the caliber is 6,35. And it looks more presentable and entirely made of weapons steel. Was it worth the fence? There is nowhere to put money.
  2. avt
    avt 30 May 2013 09: 36
    Previously, like many ordinary people, I treated this weapon as a lady's, remember even in common parlance it was called “ladies' Browning.” But life brought me together with a couple of professionals and popularly explained what is possible and what is stupid to demand from this weapon with such a caliber. You can work great with him, but the preparation should be an order of magnitude higher, even if you shoot back from the dogs. laughing
  3. old rats
    old rats 30 May 2013 11: 50
    Why did the creators suffer? Why is this gun better than PSM?
    By the way, is it interesting that psmovskie cartridges are still being produced?
  4. Bongo
    Bongo 30 May 2013 13: 58
    I didn’t shoot at people from small ones, somehow it wasn’t enough, I hope they don’t have to, but there’s a lot of small game. As for the weak killer action, I can argue. The bullet usually penetrates the carcass at 10-12 cm., While the diameter of the soft lead bullet increases to 7 mm. Of course, shooting is from a rifle, with a longer barrel, but the distance is usually at least 50 meters.
    In addition, in the 22LR caliber there is a huge variety of ammunition, which differ significantly in their characteristics, including the initial speed of the bullet.
    1. bazilio
      bazilio 30 May 2013 15: 47
      Quote: Bongo
      Of course, firing from a rifle, with a longer barrel, but also the distance is usually not less than 50 meters.

      You see, this is not a matter of distance. Here the matter is in the cartridge and barrel length. For each cartridge there is an optimal barrel length. At the time of the shot, powder gases push the bullet along the barrel, giving it speed. But the volume of powder gases is not unlimited. The optimal barrel length will be the length that forms the volume from the chamber to the muzzle end slightly less than the volume of powder gases. Why should the barrel bore volume (conditionally) be smaller than the gas volume? - because part of the gases erupts in the direction of the bullet, and part of the gas energy is spent on overcoming the friction forces of the bullet and the barrel (barrel rifling). If you make the barrel too short, the gases will not tell the bullet all their energy, because leaving the trunk, the gases dissipate and do not push the bullet, if the barrel is too long, the bullet may not leave the barrel (exaggerated, but imagine for a small barrel a meter long 3 -4)
      1. Bongo
        Bongo 30 May 2013 15: 54
        As much as I am not completely stupid and understand everything, I also understand what, say, for shooting from a sports Margolin, completely different ammunition is optimal than from a rifle. As I already wrote, the range of release cartridges of this caliber is very wide. In the west, there are several types of "silent" pistols for this paron. The Ruger 22/45 pistol is considered one of the most effective.
        1. bazilio
          bazilio 30 May 2013 18: 11
          Quote: Bongo
          No matter how stupid I am, I understand everything

          Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you! And I agree with you that 22 LR can work well on "live" targets and I agree that the range of 22 LR ammunition is quite wide. I meant that the terminal effect of a bullet of a 22LR cartridge fired from a rifle at a distance of 50 meters or more will not be the same as the terminal effect of a bullet of the same 22LR fired from a pistol at a distance of 5-10 meters, although the cartridge is the same. For example, I will give my personal experience. During my school years I was engaged in shooting. One day my friend was shooting prone from the Urals, it seems 5-1, at 50m in a closed shooting range, and I was sitting 2m behind and slightly to the left of him near the wall on the bench. A comrade shot "Sport-Hunt". I hit the shield, the bullet ricocheted, flew 50m back and, 20 centimeters from my ear, hit the wall (perforated metal sheets for sound insulation). Judging by the sound and the dent, this bullet could have ripped my ear. Some time later, when we once again asked the pistols with our saved "sport-hunting" to shuffle 25 m from the margolin, we also observed ricochets, but the bullets that ricocheted further than 10-12 m in the opposite direction did not fly off. How to explain this phenomenon?
          1. Kars
            Kars 30 May 2013 18: 14
            Also when he was a schoolboy, he visited the bullet shooting section. Just from margolin. I have never seen a rebound. From lead bullets.
            1. bazilio
              bazilio 30 May 2013 19: 25
              I know it sounds doubtful, but it does. You probably just hit the target, and there the bullet catcher stands behind it, at an angle. But if you don’t get into the target and into the shield, then ricochets happen
              1. Kars
                Kars 30 May 2013 21: 55
                Quote: bazilio
                You probably just hit the target,

                You flatter me. The back wall is concrete. Although I admit that anything can happen. But for 1.5 years 2 times a week. I have never seen it.
                1. bazilio
                  bazilio 31 May 2013 12: 13
                  Quote: Kars
                  Concrete back wall

                  I'm sorry, I'm talking about something else. We had target installations - an iron box, in the front wall (shield) there is a square window for the target, inside the box there is a roll target and an electric drive for rewinding, behind the target an inclined steel plate. So, if you shoot at such a setup and hit the shield, then a rebound is quite possible, even with pneumatics (although pneumatics is more likely a strong rebound)
                  1. bazilio
                    bazilio 31 May 2013 12: 14
                    for some reason, the pictures are not attached
                    here is the link
                    : en-US: official & tbm = isch & tbnid = DWs9iwuoIKwa5M: & imgrefurl = http: //
                    = 1220 & bih = 826
  5. uzer 13
    uzer 13 30 May 2013 19: 54
    At the beginning of the 20th century, quite a lot of pistols and revolvers were produced for such a cartridge. Due to the low-power cartridge, they were called weapons for suicides. They were bought, apparently as a weapon of last chance, because. the small size made it possible to disguise the weapon in clothes or in a bag. At the same time, the "velodog" revolvers began to be produced and became more widespread, made for a more powerful elongated cartridge, but at the same time remained quite compact. , was already quite suitable for self-defense, and therefore gained well-deserved popularity. A compact pistol, superior in combat qualities to the PSM, is unlikely to be created in the near future. But as one of the options one could recall a 7mm cartridge for a hunting carbine. They were released not many and only for a limited (Kremlin) contingent of hunters. Nevertheless, such a cartridge existed, which does not exclude the possibility of its use in self-defense weapons.
  6. Tao
    Tao 31 May 2013 09: 44
    Hah, under no circumstances will our government give weapons to citizens, because they know that the shooting of government officials will begin.
  7. Leader
    Leader 2 June 2013 11: 00
    With a fairly extensive modern range of .22LR caliber ammunition, such a pistol could well be a self-defense weapon for the Russians. Better than nothing at all. And there would be more sense from such a weapon than from any gas, "rubber" and other "barrelless" ones.
  8. Witold
    Witold 28 June 2013 21: 49
    Mossad officers used Beretta 0.22LR to destroy the Munich terrorist group