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Pistols of the Hungarian gunsmith Rudolf von Frommer (part I)

Accidentally found an image of a pistol with an unusual “squiggle” in the lower part of the handle and marked on the casing: “P. Mod 37. Kal 7,65 ”.

It was found out that this gun was in the 1941 - 1945 years in service with the Luftwaffe troops, it was produced in Hungary, at the plant Fémáru Fegyver és Gépgyár Rt, and this product evolved from earlier models of the Hungarian gunsmith Rudolf von Frommer (Rudolf von Frommer)

It turned out that Rudolf Frommer was not a one-day artisan, but rather a prolific and competent gunsmith: he developed a dozen models and modifications weapons, received more 100 patents in more than 20 European countries.

Rudolf von Frommer (1868-1935)In 1914, the emperor and king Franz Joseph brought him to the Hungarian nobility with the prefix to the surname “fegyverneki”: “squire” (later they began writing this prefix in German: “background”) for merit in the field of creating weapons for the Austro-Hungarian army. . In the same year, the king appointed Rudolph Frommer as director of the arms factory, where he worked in various positions. A year later, in 1918, Mr. Rudolf Frommer became the Hungarian Privy Counselor.
Но обо всем по порядку.

short biography
The future gunsmith, Rudolf von Frommer, was born 4 August 1868, in a locality that eventually became modern Budapest. After graduating from high school, young Rudolph studied at a college of commerce and the stock market, he studied foreign languages ​​in depth: French, English and German. After receiving technical education at the higher polytechnic courses in 1896, he entered the Budapest arms factory. There he worked, occupying various positions, including the post of director of the plant. Rudolf von Frommer passed away in 1935.

Frommer Model 1901
Frommer received his first patent for his own design pistol in the 1901 year, and a small batch was produced in 1903 and sent to the army under the marking Frommer Model 1901 for military tests. He did not like the Austro-Hungarian Armed Forces: after passing a series of tests for use in the army, he was rejected. In the same year 1903, the pistol M 1901 participated in a competition organized by the Swedish armed forces. Frommer's gun surpassed its competitors in many ways, but lost due to the one-piece shop. Competition won the Browning design pistol (M 1903).

Pistols of the Hungarian gunsmith Rudolf von Frommer (part I)

Automatic gun Frommer Model 1901 (base model) with a permanent magazine

Frommer M 1901 was notable for its memorable appearance: a long and thin barrel was placed inside the combined frame with a receiver, and an elongated casing (which was part of the receiver) - guided the course of the barrel during recoil. The muzzle of the barrel protruded from the front of the housing for about an inch of 1. For locking the barrel bore, a bolt with a rotary larva was used, driven by a long stroke of the barrel, and the primer was broken by an open trigger. Permanent 10-charging magazine charging magazine located in the handle and was equipped from above through the open gate: using the clip.

The device of the basic model of the gun Frommer (1901 g.)

Type: Automatic Pistol
Years: 1901-05
Caliber: 8mm Roth-Steyr, 7.65 Frommer, 9mm Frommer
Length: 180 mm
Barrel length: 100 mm
Weight unloaded: 650 g
Store capacity: 10 cartridges
Produced: 200 pcs

Serial number range: 1 - 200

Frommer Model 1906
Over time, the 1901 M model was refined and was proposed as Frommer Model 1906. The changes made to it were designed primarily to improve the reliability of the weapon and simplify the design.

Frommer's 1906 model of the year with an elongated barrel. In addition to the length of the barrel, different surface of the handle. You can not see the serial number or brand of the manufacturer. Quite possibly, this is a pre-production version. The arrow indicates the supposed fuse button.

Automatic pistol still functioned by recoil barrel with a long course. In the early designs, the store was made permanent, like the 1901 model of the year, but pretty soon it was replaced with a box-like interchangeable store. According to its design, it resembled the shop “Parabellum-a” with large wooden “buttons” for fingers in the bottom part and a stiffener on the side surface.

In 1907, the Frommer pistol M 1906 participated in the competition for equipping the Austro-Hungarian empire with the main short-barreled weapon.
Despite the fact that Frommer’s gun was more thoughtful and successful, the selection committee (for political reasons) opted for a Roth-Steyr M1907 pistol.

Type: Automatic Pistol
Years: 1906-09
Caliber: 7.65mm Roth, 7.65mm Frommer
Length: 180 mm
Barrel length: 100 mm
Weight unloaded: 650 g
Magazine Capacity: Early models are a permanent magazine on 10 cartridges,
later - box-type removable magazine for 8 cartridges
Produced: less than 1000 pcs

Serial number range: 201 - 1000

By 1910, the update package for this model was ready.
An improved version of the M1906 model was called Frommer M1910 Pistol.

Frommer Pistol Model 1910 The Frommer M Pistol 1910 M completed the evolution of the 1901 model of the year and became the most popular of the entire family. The M 1910 differed from the 1906 model of the year with a more “licked” design, was slightly larger and slightly lighter. In addition, Frommer's pistol was equipped with an automatic fuse on the back of the handle, although some batches were produced without it. Most of all M 1910 was prevalent in the Hungarian gendarmerie.

The gun Frommer M 1910. Judging by the serial number, produced in 1910 year. That year, the range of serials began with 1000 and ended with 3000.

Marking M 1910. Manufacturing plant, country and patent holder

The gun Frommer M 1910. View from the other side.

An ad for those years. They promise high accuracy, simplicity and safety in use, as well as excellent quality.

Trigger mechanism M 1910.
The serial number is stamped on the plate and on the housing of the receiver-casing.

Complete disassembly M 1910. Consists of 20 parts.

Type: Automatic Pistol
Years: 1910-14
Caliber: 7.65mm Roth, 7.65 Frommer, 9mm Short
Length: 186 mm
Barrel length: 100 mm
Weight unloaded: 635 g
Magazine capacity: 8 box-replaceable magazine for cartridges
Produced: 10,000 pcs

Serial number range:
1910: 1001 3000
1911: 3000 6000
1912: 6000 10000

Preparing for publication: Pistols of the Hungarian gunsmith Rudolf von Frommer: Frommer Stop (M 12), M 17, Frommer Stop Baby, Frommer Liliput, Frommer 29 M, Frommer 37 M, Frommer P37.

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  1. avt
    avt 1 June 2013 09: 57
    good With detailing. Good article ! I was very pleased with the illustrations, a generally balanced article, I can do everything. Plus definitely.
  2. omsbon
    omsbon 1 June 2013 10: 20
    Interesting article (+)
    Personally, this gun didn’t look to me, it’s somehow curious!
    1. taseka
      taseka 1 June 2013 21: 04
      Quote: omsbon
      he is some kind of turkish!

      Me too, but I would like to shoot from it and then the opinion will be more complete!
  3. Aleks21
    Aleks21 1 June 2013 12: 05
    How ugly he is! I think 80% of his lack of competitiveness in the market is design.
    1. Argon
      Argon 1 June 2013 14: 42
      The article, without conditionally, can be considered a standard for presenting information in the format "For a wide circle of readers interested in small arms." As for the pistol itself, an extremely interesting sample from the point of view of history, extremely original. , but under the middle finger. I think it was not an easy thing to shoot with it, the barrel axis is very high relative to the handle. But at the expense of the design, there are no comrades in taste and color. No.
      1. bazilio
        bazilio 1 June 2013 15: 01
        Quote: Argon
        It even seems to me that the trigger is located not under the index, but under the middle finger.

        I guess you didn’t mean the trigger but the trigger
        1. Argon
          Argon 1 June 2013 23: 25
          Yes, of course, thanks for correcting.
    2. Andrey77
      Andrey77 3 June 2013 12: 51
      But Browning did not lose time. Here is his classmate from the USA. Colt M. 1911. 1912 issue.
  4. Mister X
    1 June 2013 14: 32
    Thank you for evaluating my work!
    For some reason, "Related video" displays only a link and not everyone will notice it.
    Re-upload the video review of M 1910 (in English).

  5. builder
    builder 1 June 2013 17: 13
    Designers have something to work on. The pistol looks somewhat like a "liberator".
    Excellent article "+" good
    1. Mister X
      1 June 2013 18: 48
      Thanks for the rare photo.
      I have never seen a FP-45 Liberator with a long barrel: only with a short one.

      In my opinion, comparing M 1910 and the Librator is not entirely correct.
      Rudolf Frommer created this model in 1901: for the regular army,
      A “Guide Lamp Corporation of GMC” at 1942: for partisan units.
      The difference in 40 years and in their purpose.

      M 1910 was positioned as a personal weapon “every day”,
      Liberator - for secretly attacking the enemy and receiving his weapons as a trophy.

      Frommer’s pistol looks even more “branded”:
      After all, the machine is multi-charged, has a rifled barrel,
      fuse, removable magazine.
      Solid cases, turned on machines from steel bars and
      there were even such "excesses" as the wooden cheeks of the handle.

      And the Liberator is a disposable crossbow, which consists of
      steel tube and stamped parts, easy to manufacture.
      They were connected by welding, studs and bolts.
      This is a primitive and crudely made weapon
      but it could be produced in large quantities.

      In general, the gun from the store "Everything for 5 cents."

      As for the external similarity due to the long thin trunk -
      and Luger P08 with Mauser C96 also looked:
      such a design concept was then.

      By the way, the Librator consists of 23 parts, and Frommer 1910 consists of 20.
      1. builder
        builder 1 June 2013 19: 53
        I compared only the appearance (design). The very first impression. wink Seriously comparing a gun for making it took 7.5 seconds (by the way, it took much longer to reload a weapon) with a cost of $ 1.72 with a gun M 1910 certainly not correct.
        I've never seen the FP-45 Liberator with a long barrel: only with a short
        The FP-45 Liberator with a silencer for silent shooting was also produced.
        1. Mister X
          1 June 2013 19: 58
          Quote: stroitel
          The FP-45 Liberator with a silencer for silent shooting was also produced.

          Perhaps wretchedness is still.
          Just a dream plumber assistant.
          The plumber himself was running with the Wall. wink
          1. Mister X
            1 June 2013 22: 36
            Just read on the bourgeois forum:
            During WWII, the FP-45 Liberator cost $ 2.40

            The Liberator’s current price in good condition is $ 1200
            if there is original packaging + $ 500
            Gun kit + packaging + rare instruction manual = $ 2000.

            Very rare, however ...
  6. Sour
    Sour 1 June 2013 18: 02
    More or less familiar with the weapons of another Hungarian - Kirali. He specialized in automatic weapons for infantry. His last samples have already been made in Latin America.
    But in general, he always considered Frommer Austrian or German. He was born in Austria-Hungary, and his native language is German. Germans used to live in Germany before, and by the way, during World War II they mainly served in the Wehrmacht, and not in the Hungarian army. But Frommer's pistols were made in Budapest, so he must be a Hungarian gunsmith.
  7. Sour
    Sour 1 June 2013 19: 21
    By the way, it says here about the Luftwaffe. As far as I know, the main personal weapon in the Luftwaffe was a Mauser pistol, caliber 7,65 mm, with a free slide, self-cocking and an open trigger. Our PSM looks very similar to this pistol. This "Mauser" also entered the Kriegsmarine, as a personal weapon of officers, as well as in the Reich criminal police. It was not used in the Wehrmacht and SS. Some of them were chambered for the 9mm Browning Short cartridge (it differed from the 9mm Browning Long in a shorter sleeve).
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 3 June 2013 13: 10
      The full truth. Design (and not only) PSM were copied. Here is the original Mauser HSc 7.65 Look for 10 differences :)
      1. Mister X
        3 June 2013 15: 44
        Design (and not only) PSM were copied.
        Here is the original Mauser HSc 7.65 Look for 10 differences :)

        I found 10 main differences and stopped there.
        These differences are only on the one hand. Expand them and find more differences.
        And these are only external differences (design).

        1. Mister X
          3 June 2013 16: 10
          Construction Mauser HSc

          1. Mister X
            3 June 2013 16: 15
            PSM design

  8. Mister X
    1 June 2013 19: 28
    Quote: Sour
    By the way, it says about the Luftwaffe.

    All in good time.
    I'm preparing a few more articles on Frommer's pistols.
    As soon as I sort and compose the material, I will publish the continuation.
  9. Sour
    Sour 1 June 2013 19: 32
    Quote: Mister X
    All in good time.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the trouble. smile
  10. The comment was deleted.