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PM-T: almost real Makarov

The traumatic pistol PM-T is the fruit of the joint work of PKP AKBS LLC and ZID OJSC, which developed it taking into account forensic requirements at the time of the design. The main goal in creating this weapons self-defense was the maximum preservation "historical values ​​”of the gun by minimizing alterations and interventions in the original design.

PM-T: almost real Makarov

The appearance of the traumatic pistol PM-T on the Russian market of self-defense weapons became a real sensation. For the first time, citizens of the Russian Federation were given the opportunity to purchase a rubber-pistol made from combat PM by simply replacing a rifled barrel with a barrel with a smooth channel having a pin behind the chamber and weakening the grooves to eliminate the possibility of firing bullets from solid materials. In fact, the traumatic PM-T pistol differs from the Makarov pistol only by the cartridge used — the traumatic P.N. 9mm. instead of combat 9x18. Due to this, PM-T is the most authentic version of a PM pistol chambered for a traumatic action.

No less important circumstance, which caused a great interest in the novelty, was the fact that the PM-T pistols have not only the properties of self-defense weapons, but also have a collection value. They were made of Makarov's pistols of release from the beginning of the 1950s to the end of the 1980s. Most of them were converted from PM pistols made in 1960-1970-s. The surface treatment of the frame and shutter-casing saved, no grinding and new coating. Saved and original numbers. In addition, Makarov pistols, made during the Soviet era, are of high quality steel, surface fabrication and surface treatment. This applies in particular to weapons manufactured from 1950 to 1970. Unfortunately, the modern versions of the PM and 1990's pistols are not even close in quality to the weapons manufactured in the Soviet Union.

The result was a seemingly uncorrupted Makarov, with a broad “antiglare”, “bearded” strap, with numbered details and native blueing. Apart from small external differences in the form of laser marking on the right side of the frame, filled with a letter “T” or numbers “1” in front of the pistol number on the left side of the casing, as well as a smaller bore diameter, the PM-T buyers received almost identical fighting Makarov rezin-gun. The value of PM-T has become clear from the first announcement posted by the manufacturer on the Internet, on its website and the popular weapon forum. Modest information about the plans for the release of such a pistol has caused serious excitement on the part of weapons lovers. Especially those for whom its historical value is not indifferent.

Interest is not in the least warmed up by a legislative ban on the manufacture of pneumatic, signaling and gas weapons with the possibility of firing rubber bullets from the main parts of military weapons. This amendment to the Law on Weapons, together with other changes, came into effect on July 1 2011, and AKBS, together with ZiD, should have time to make the maximum number of PM-T copies before the designated “black day”. In fact, the PM-T is a small-scale weapon. As a result, since the appearance of the PM-T pistols in the gun shops, customers have been queuing in the morning and “snapping up” them regardless of the state of coverage, the year of production of one or another specimen and price. Those who managed to buy one of the PM-T pistols, which were produced around 5000 units, were not lost. Currently, the price of these pistols is only growing. If in June the cost in the gun shops the average was 16000 - 18000 rubles. Now, from the hands of the PM-T they sell already for more than 30000 rubles.

Details of the weapon bear traces of time in the form of scuffs and minor scratches, which gives this instance of the "well-worn" old pistol

Automatic pistol PM-T works on the basis of the use of recoil with a free gate. The return spring is left dear, from combat copies. Worn springs were replaced with new ones. The resource of these recoil springs is very large, due to the significantly smaller recoil momentum of the patron of the traumatic action 9mm RA, compared with the combat one. But many owners are faced with a problem caused precisely by a strong return spring. There were delays in shooting due to missing cartridge. This is especially true when using low-power traumatic cartridges. The solution was the installation of a return spring from an air gun MP-654K.

Unfortunately, many pistols of the first batch had a poor quality of production of the new barrel, which caused delays due to sticking the cartridge in feed. However, AKBS company managed to very quickly influence the manufacturer, and soon PM-T pistols were spared from the above-mentioned shortcomings (this concerns pistols manufactured from the beginning of June). But the barrel bore and the bevel of the chamber of pistols of a later release, nevertheless, require refinement by polishing, for the best accuracy of shooting and reliability of sending the cartridge into the chamber.

Trigger trigger type, double action with automatic triggering on a safety platoon. Descent with a warning. Descent force when shooting with a pre-cocked trigger in single-action mode is 2 kg, and when firing by self-cocking - 4,5 kg. The course of the trigger at the PM, made in the USSR with 1955 g., Is smooth and short enough for the trigger gun. All parts USM pistols release to 1980-x. made by milling. On the left side of the frame is the slide stop lever.

The trigger, the fuse and the ejector have red bluing, which is typical of the PM release of the USSR

With the proper quality of the performance of the “new” barrel, the PM-T pistols function as reliably as the combat PM, unless they fail the cartridges

In order to more reliable extraction of spent cartridges, it is possible to recommend to owners of PM-T having a slide delay with a wide “tooth” of the reflector, to replace this part with an earlier one, with a narrower and longer reflector. Although I personally have a native "blown" slide latch with a wide "tooth" works fine. The fuse of the traumatic pistol PM-T, located on the left of the gate, when turned on, blocks the drummer and safely pulls the trigger from the cocking. In the on position, the fuse blocks the sear and bolt-casing, and the trigger does not touch the drummer. It is turned off by moving the lever to the lower position, that is, by the natural movement of the thumb of the hand holding the weapon of the arrow.

Aim devices consist of a fixed front sight, made as part of the bolt-casing, and the rear sight, fixed in a groove of the “dovetail” type with the possibility of making lateral corrections. Single row magazine holds eight rounds. In the shop shaft, it is fixed by a spring latch at the bottom of the handle, which is a more reliable method than fixing with a side latch at the base of the trigger guard. The downside is the slower store replacement speed when reloading weapons. Pistols PM-T staffed only one store. Subsequently, the owners acquired additional stores separately, mainly corresponding to the period of issue of the purchased pistol. The most common are stores of the sample 1954-1985. with punching on the left side. These stores correspond to the majority of PM-T and cost no more than an average 500 p. Anyway, the gun PM-T is valuable accessibility spare parts. Original parts made during the Soviet era are easy to find, and they are inexpensive.

The PM-T pistol is equipped with a barrel with a smooth channel, having a pin behind the chamber and weakening the grooves to eliminate the possibility of firing bullets from solid materials

In addition to high quality, large service resources and historical value, the PM-T pistol is a reliable and fairly effective weapon of self-defense. The pros and cons of the PM-T are almost the same as that of its prototype. The disadvantages include a rather long course of descent, with a sufficiently large applied force, which also, like the combat PM, affects the accuracy of shooting. It is necessary to get used to the narrow handle with a small angle of inclination, if before that the owner used a more ergonomic weapon. Small-size, in fact rudimentary, aiming devices with a narrow and low front sight and a small slot in the rear sight also have a negative impact on the accuracy of shooting. Such sights are not suitable for maneuverable conducting high-speed shooting at close distances. However, if you want to achieve accurate shooting and accuracy with high-speed shooting, you can quickly get used to the pistol, and its shortcomings are compensated for by the skills in handling weapons.

One of the most important advantages of the gun, created by Nikolai Fedorovich Makarov, is the reliability of work in the most difficult operating conditions. This quality has been proven not only on the tests and in the operation in the army, but also in the harsh combat conditions in various countries. Makarov pistol combines the best qualities of personal short-barreled self-defense weapon. It is compact, very reliable, durable, safe, easy to use and maintain. All this is true for traumatic PM-T. It does not seem like a plastic toy or a cheap light alloy craft. It is a durable and reliable gun that you can rely on. And here, in theory, a much more powerful ammunition is needed than the currently available traumatic 9mm RA ammunition, since even the new model pistol barrel is able to withstand much greater loads. But this question, unfortunately, is beyond the competence of those who wear their pistols to protect the life and health of themselves and their loved ones.

In order to ensure reliable extraction even with thin ammunition, the native return spring is replaced by a weaker one. Additionally, a second store was purchased (1954-1985 release)

In my personal opinion, the PM-T pistol today is the best example of the self-defense weapons on the Russian market, made on the basis of combat models with a steel frame. Having studied the advantages and disadvantages of various traumatic pistols and revolvers, I came to the conclusion that it was the PM-T pistol that meets all my requirements, namely: maximum reliability of work in any operating conditions; ease of use and maintenance; compactness and stealth when hidden; high accuracy at real distances of self-defense; base - only combat pistol; frame material - only steel; historical value.

My personal acquaintance with this gun took place in mid-June. Like most of the PM-T, the specimen I chose bore traces of time and operation in the form of a worn coating and minor scratches on the thermosetting handle. However, this only gave the weapon anturazhny and charisma. “The Viewed”, this Makarov pistol was made in 1972 with excellent quality and from excellent weapon steel. The first impression of a pistol is a real, normal weapon, a reliable and proven Makarov pistol! And even the fact that this is already a PM-T, shooting rubber bullets, did not add a spoon of tar. The pistol is simple, but at the same time elegant in its own way, with the pronounced charisma of good Soviet weapons from the time of a great country that is no longer there. Beautiful black bluing, wide anti-glare plate, a large beard in front of the casing ... The trigger, safety device and ejector have original red bluing, which is typical of the Soviet PM. Even a rather narrow grip does not seem inconvenient when you hold not a cheap plastic hack of modern consumer goods, but a reliable and high-quality Soviet pistol made of excellent steel weapons.

On the same day, shooting was done with powerful cartridges, which showed excellent accuracy at a distance of seven meters. Automation worked on "excellent." However, later, due to the spread of power of cartridges and in order to ensure reliable extraction even with low-power ammunition, it was necessary to change the native return spring to a slightly weaker one. The sound of the shot is very loud and biting, and the recoil resembles the shooting of a combat PM. For shooting, I used the most powerful of the available patrons 9mm R.A. - AKBS Magnum for Inna. In combination with such cartridges, the PM-T pistol is a very effective weapon of self-defense. The results of the shooting do not give reason to doubt it. In general, I want to shoot a gun again and again. Of course, now on the market of self-defense weapons you can buy “with hands” and more powerful pistols with capacious two-row shops, such as “Thunder-02” v4 caliber 9mm R.A. without pins and “teeth” in the barrel or Slovak Grand Power T-12 chambered for 10х28Т. However, in my personal opinion, the quality of steel, the manufacture and processing of surfaces of the PM-T release of Soviet times, surpasses the Thunderstorm pistols. In addition, the v4 trunk option is mainly sold at extremely inflated prices, given the absence of any historical value. The T-12 pistol is really good, but its very large dimensions, especially width, in most cases do not allow using this weapon for concealed carrying.

The PM-T pistol is bought by ordinary citizens in self-defense, and by collectors, weapons lovers in general, and Makarov pistols in particular. But today, among the available for purchase by ordinary citizens of the Russian Federation samples of rubber-pistol pistols made from military pistols made during the Soviet era, there are several rather interesting models. These are “Leader”, “Leader-M”, MP-81 and MP-82, made of TT pistols. As well as APS-M and MP-355, made from Stechkin automatic pistols. However ... All TT-based pistols have too many changes, which minimizes their historical value. All of them require a certain amount of refinement for reliable operation and at least an approximate correspondence to the historical original. The situation is similar with the APS-M pistol, which, moreover, due to the design of the new barrel, tearing rubber balls, is simply a working layout of the APS, but not a weapon of self-defense. The MP-355 pistol is devoid of some of the flaws of the APS-M, but at the same time all the original stamps and numbers, which again minimizes its historical value.

Against this background, the PM-T gun looks like the best choice. It is valuable both as a collector's item and as a reliable weapon of self-defense. It is pleasant to hold it in hands, it is pleasant to shoot from it. PM-T is convenient for hidden wearing, both in a holster on a belt or armpit, and in a waist bag. It is quite light and easy. For him, there is the largest selection of cartridges that can be bought at any weapons store across the country. For me personally, PM-T is primarily part of the history of a great country, which I am proud of, despite everything remaining my homeland. So far, Russian citizens have not been returned their legal right to own and carry short-barreled rifled weapons - pistols and revolvers firing live ammunition with hard bullets, and the Makarovs, Gloks, Walters, and Colts did not appear on the shelves of gun shops and Smith-Wesson, the PM-T pistol is one of the best self-defense weapons available to ordinary citizens.

Key Features:
Caliber: X. NUMX mm P.A. (9 * 9)
Weapon length: 161,5 mm
Barrel length: 93,5 mm
Weapon height: 126,5 mm
Weapon Width: 30,5 mm
Mass without cartridges: 730 g.
Store capacity: 8 cartridges
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  1. avt
    avt 1 June 2013 09: 47
    I always asked lovers of traumatic PM but one question. Well, well, but God forbid the situation when you get your own and your opponent's fighting, will he figure out what you have "Makarych" instead of "Makarov"? If you have the opportunity - wear a combat, no - do not go into a fornicator with a specific weapon, if you are not a specialist in special operations.
    1. omsbon
      omsbon 1 June 2013 10: 33
      Why are you negative? I think the opinion expressed is correct and true!
      1. igordok
        igordok 1 June 2013 13: 25
        In my humble opinion, this type of weapon (traumatism, gas, pneumatics), so as not to provoke, should look very different from a military one.
        1. builder
          builder 1 June 2013 17: 46
          I also wanted to know, the windows of this color lining on the handle of a traumatic weapon (I thought that they should be black)
  2. avt
    avt 1 June 2013 11: 39
    Quote: omsbon
    Why are you negative?

    Well this is just understandable. Unfortunately, the traumatic weapon, which came like gas, stun guns from the special services, has become a kind of military style object, like wearing camouflage clothing. In this case, two factors are completely dulled. Firstly, it’s really a weapon, and by using it correctly or by accident, they can be killed and fall under excess of self-defense, proving for a long time then that they did not want to. Secondly, the layman doesn’t regard him as a weapon, believing the advertisement that, like the smartest one follows Klinsky, the weapon is not lethal, which means they cannot be killed and you can grab it for any reason and show your status toughness like fake crusts of fake special services. But here it begins. Just as real specialists put the owners of left special crusts on the ground, a very similar injury plays a cruel joke with the owner. not knowing how to correctly apply it, the owner can really pay for his health, especially in the version I mentioned in the previous comment, no one thinks that you can get in return not an elastic band and that the reaction of a person who sees him and Makar going to him will not be a stupor in waiting for a long and angry speech about his relatives.
    1. bazilio
      bazilio 1 June 2013 13: 11
      Dear avt! A topic with traumatism and permission to carry a short-barreled shotgun is a topic already circled far and wide. In general, I agree with you - the trauma man can be useful if you can handle him and be ready to use it, not only be able to charge, cock and shoot, but also have psychological training, be able to assess the situation and choose the right model of behavior. And throughout this discussion, one important point is often forgotten.
      Quote: avt
      Well, good, but God forbid the situation when you get your own and your opponent has a fighting one, he will figure out that you have "Makarych" instead of "Makarov"

      The most important question is where does the opponent have a combat PM? I understand that when confronted with such an opponent, the question of where he gets the PM from will be of last concern. But if you look at the situation with the issue of authorizing a short-barreled firearm in general, if the state does not want to give citizens arms with firearms for self-defense, then why does the state not concentrate all possible efforts on combating the proliferation of illegal firearms. Simply put, you don’t want citizens to protect themselves - make it so that there is no need to defend
      1. avt
        avt 1 June 2013 13: 57
        Quote: bazilio
        The most important question is where does the opponent have a combat PM?

        Well, why again PM? request Yes, anything, so I saw an aggressive person in his hand with something reminiscent of PM and what? Ask him for an injury, not an injury? Yes, all that is at hand to weld, from the fighting and smoothbore, to the board from the fence. And only then, after running away, you might think, but didn’t he have Makarych? laughing And moreover, the chances of such an opponent, with the level of training carriers of injuries, are much higher. An example of this is the composer Antonov, who then otmazatsya, they say the keys in the hand of the Land Rover were not injuries. laughing
        1. sams
          sams 1 June 2013 17: 12
          I know a real case somewhere around 20 years ago.
          In the courtyard of a residential building there was a domestic conflict (not even a conflict, but some kind of fuss with noise). One of them had a plastic children’s model of a pistol in his hand and he aimed it at his opponent.
          At this time, about 15 meters away, a policeman with a service weapon was passing by. Seeing what was happening and assessing the situation as a threat to the lives of the surrounding citizens, he shot at the "attacker" from his PM and killed him.
          This officer did not incur any punishment, as his actions were assessed by the prosecutor's office as lawful, in accordance with the law "On Police".
        2. bazilio
          bazilio 3 June 2013 11: 35
          Quote: avt
          Well, why again PM?

          I mean, where did the aggressor come from when the gun barrel can not be bought legally? Why the state does not allow citizens to arm themselves legally, but at the same time the criminal element has the opportunity to buy a barrel on the black market. If the state does not want citizens (law-abiding) to arm themselves and defend themselves, then why not cover up the illegal arms market?
          1. anomalocaris
            anomalocaris 3 June 2013 15: 51
            And where do the bandits come from? Remember, they don’t give a damn about the law, so they may have everything. Up to grenade launchers and tanks.
            We, law-abiding citizens, have no nichrome.
  3. old rats
    old rats 1 June 2013 12: 36
    the strong is not needed, the weak will not help.
    1. bazilio
      bazilio 1 June 2013 13: 12
      Well, not really, if a weak person (physically) knows how to use competently and is mentally prepared to apply injuries, then it will help
      1. Argon
        Argon 2 June 2013 00: 52
        But it’s a good remedy against stray dogs
        1. anomalocaris
          anomalocaris 2 June 2013 10: 50
          Against stray dogs, a BLOW with pepper shot is enough. Checked.
          1. Argon
            Argon 2 June 2013 11: 59
            In winter, the gas gun didn’t help the son and daughter-in-law in the garages. The bride got her coat torn off, the son says that he put 5-6 seconds on his face and then rushes again.
            1. anomalocaris
              anomalocaris 2 June 2013 12: 09
              Me. A BLOW is not a gas pistol, and a cayenne pepper extract is not tear gas. And regular CS does not work on dogs, as well as on stoned and drunk. But what’s there, he acts very weakly on an ordinary person, the same is checked on himself. At least, after getting a jet (shot as it should be according to the law), I was able to tear off the arrow head. By the way, it was after this experiment, conducted about 20 years ago, that I refused to purchase this expensive toy.
  4. anomalocaris
    anomalocaris 2 June 2013 10: 34
    I fully agree with the respected avt.
    Traumatic, "non-lethal" weapons are harmful and dangerous. It is not for nothing that traumatic and gas pistols are simply prohibited in many countries. And if we also take into account our laws ... There was a case, I was one stub, who went to success (that is, just knocked out money from passers-by for a dose), broke his jaw and two ribs, struck two blows. Then he got tired of proving that he did not have brass knuckles, did not use a club, was sober and, in general, not a camel ...
  5. uzer 13
    uzer 13 2 June 2013 10: 52
    Such a gun is indeed of interest to collectors as a real-life model of a Makarov pistol, but nothing more. For self-defense, traumatic weapons are unsuitable. Globally, pistols are used for civilian use with a 9 * 17 reduced power cartridge. In Russia, you have a limited choice : or you have illegal means of self-defense and will be at odds with the law, or you and your children will be killed in an attack. Everyone must make their choice. I advise you not to lay special hopes on the help of the police and Russian justice.
  6. _KM_
    _KM_ 3 June 2013 11: 15
    Quote: avt
    I always asked lovers of traumatic PM but one question. Well, well, but God forbid the situation when you get your own and your opponent's fighting, will he figure out what you have "Makarych" instead of "Makarov"? If you have the opportunity - wear a combat, no - do not go into a fornicator with a specific weapon, if you are not a specialist in special operations.

    How many topics for holivar! laughing

    In order. The need to protect your life arises not only from a specialist in special operations. Therefore, our compatriots wear what the State allowed. But it allowed such a palliative. sad
    1. anomalocaris
      anomalocaris 3 June 2013 15: 56
      The best traumatic pistol is the Colt M1911A1 .45 caliber. Well, very traumatic and very sobering ...
  7. ULxaw86
    ULxaw86 4 June 2013 19: 01
    Copy-paste article, already "-".
    And personally, for himself, PM-T would have acquired only because each instance has a story! Maybe he saved more than one life! And, in the end, he is already a rarity !!