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Who has the right to wear krapovogo beret?


Twice a year, in the special-purpose unit Vityaz, qualification testing is carried out for the right to wear a maroon beret - the subject of distinction and special pride of the fighters of the detachment. So, quite recently, such qualification tests were carried out on the basis of the mountain training center "Hatsavita", which is part of the North Caucasus Regional Command of the Interior Forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation (Krasnodar Territory).

Practically from the very first days of the existence of a special-purpose training company, which later became the famous Vityaz, the officers suggested using the maroon beret as a distinction. Lieutenant-General Sidorov, who at that time held the post of chief of combat training for internal troops, supported and approved this idea. By his order, one of the enterprises ordered the first batch of spotted berets in the number of 25 pieces.

In the period of 1978-1988, the spotted berets were used only on days when they were holding show classes or on public holidays. At the same time only a small part of the military personnel wore them. In 1988, the subunit was presented with 113 berets (that was exactly the standard number of company fighters) sewn from krapovo fabric. The gift was presented by the father of one of the servicemen, Simanenko. From then on for half a year, the red berets were worn over and without it. The bosses at the same time remained silent. However, soon the situation has changed dramatically. Gradually, studying and analyzing the experience of foreign colleagues, in particular, the particularities of training American "green berets", the leadership of special operations forces and the armed forces, and the servicemen themselves changed their attitude to wearing berets.

S.I. Lysyuk made a proposal to introduce a certain exam, which would help to reveal the most worthy to wear a maroon beret. Thus, it was supposed to raise the authority of the headdress. Instructors from among the special forces supported his proposal, and jointly compiled an examination program, which has survived to the present day, but with minor changes.

Initially, testing had to be carried out not entirely legally, masking them under complex control exercises. And the problem was that the leadership did not take the idea of ​​wearing the spotted beret by the elect, believing that all fighters of the unit without exception, without taking into account their level of training, should wear this headgear. However, over time, the situation has changed. The successful participation of special forces fighters in numerous special operations, a high level of their moral and psychological preparation demonstrated that in reality such tests are very, very necessary. Therefore, very soon they became traditional for the special forces units of the MVD of Russia.

The main objective of the tests is to identify military personnel with the highest level of individual training for actions in various critical situations, in particular, in the process of disarming criminals, and releasing hostages. No less important is the creation of incentives for the education of fighters of high moral and ethical qualities.

Qualification tests are carried out in several stages. At the first, preliminary stage, a final check of the skills of military personnel obtained for a certain period of training under the special forces training program is carried out. It is very important that the overall score for the final test does not fall below four points, and the grade for special physical, fire and tactical training should be excellent. Testing includes such standards as running a distance of three kilometers, the Cooper test (this includes the crouching emphasis - crouching, wringing out from the floor, jumping out of the crouching position), pulling up.

Pre-testing takes place a few days before qualification testing.

Qualification tests are usually carried out in one day. It includes standards such as overcoming the 10-kilometer march (before which a briefing is required, during which the assigned tasks are explained), then overcoming in extreme conditions a special obstacle course, checking the level of preparation for the storming of a high-rise building, hand-to-hand fighting and acrobatics and then the 100-meter sprint. In addition, in the course of overcoming the distance, the fighters also need to overcome "contaminated" areas with gas masks and water obstacles, repel sudden attacks from the enemy, repel an air attack, overcome obstacles, marshland and other natural obstacles. Sometimes at a distance use special obstacle lanes in the form of smoke-filled areas, minefields, fires. From time to time fighters are forced to move under small arms fire in small rushes or crawling. Moreover, a special group works throughout the distance, which deals with “psychological processing”, putting pressure on the special forces. The main task of such groups is to identify mentally unstable people. After overcoming the distance, tests on acrobatics and pull-ups are conducted. The time to overcome the march is determined by the commander, depending on weather conditions, time of year, terrain, but the control time should not exceed 2 hours. All fighters who could not meet in the allotted time, to the passage of further tests are not allowed.

On the whole route, the fighters are accompanied by instructors from among those who wear netting and who monitor the correctness of overcoming obstacles. At the same time, instructors are strictly forbidden to provide any assistance to the participants, to give commands or intervene in the course of the tests.

Then, after overcoming the route, the status is checked. weapons. All participants line up on the parade ground, and the commander takes turns calling down the fighters. Check is made by shooting of single cartridges. In the event that the weapon misfired, the fighter for further testing is also not allowed.

After that, a test of the skills of military personnel in high-speed shooting against the background of fatigue is carried out. Immediately after checking the performance of the weapon, the fighters move to the firing lines, where they perform special training exercises of automatic firing. Each participant has at its disposal no more than 20 seconds.

Skills storming high-rise buildings are checked on a five-story building. In this case, the fighters use a special trigger equipment. At the same time, at certain stages, they must fire from machine guns, use imitation grenades, knock out a window frame with their foot and successfully descend to the ground. A task is given no more than 45 seconds. Those who did not cope with the task in the allotted time, are not allowed to further testing.

Acrobatic exercises follow: kicks on the mock-up with a further roll, body lifting from the supine position, forward flips from the acrobatic bridge or springboard. In this case, all exercises fighters must perform without stopping.

Great importance and educational fights. As a rule, they last for 12 minutes without a break. At the same time, the 4 partner is changing, including not only verifiers who already have spotted berets, but also fighters claiming this right. The winner in the test is determined by the one who actively participated in the fight and lasted without a knockout.

It should be noted that for special forces, whose age is 35 years and more, there is a special, abbreviated, program that will include 3-kilometer cross, 6-minute training fights, without performing speed shooting, building storming and acrobatic exercises. On the route of the march, such fighters perform only one of the set introductory. And only the passage of the obstacle course is carried out without changes.

To assess the results of qualification tests, a special attestation commission is created in part, the members of which evaluate the participants in each trial. For each stage, fighters get a credit or fails. In addition, during the verification process, each participant may receive comments that are noted in the protocol. If a fighter receives three such comments, he is automatically removed from further testing. Thus, the final reaches the total 20-30 percent of the total number of fighters participating in the tests.

The right to wear krapovogo beret receive only those special forces, who have passed all the tests with an assessment of "test". Presentation of the beret is held in a festive atmosphere with the full construction of the unit. After rewarding, the fighter gets the right to wear a maroon beret, not only with the front dress, but also with a daily uniform. In addition, he receives a certificate in which the identification number is indicated, confirming the right to wear the maroon beret.

But the special forces should not forget that the right to wear a krapovoi beret can not only gain, but also lose. So, in particular, the spotted beret can be lost in such cases:
- manifestation of cowardice and cowardice when performing combat operations;
- reducing the level of special and physical training;
- adoption of rash decisions, as a result of which comrades were killed, the combat mission was disrupted;
- non-statutory relations;
- The use of hand-to-hand combat skills for personal gain;
- systematic violations of criminal law and military discipline.

Finally, we note, krapovogo takes does not bring its owner any additional benefits and privileges: no salary increase, no promotion. This is only moral satisfaction and a reason to be proud of yourself.

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  1. andrey903
    andrey903 30 May 2013 08: 12
    In the internal troops, personnel are selected according to the residual principle, which did not fit the others. I talked with the nettle several times, the guys are rustic, dumb. As a rule, small, large not hardy. Hand-to-hand combat hone on the young. They came to get a job in SOBR, against the athletes are insolvent. On TV they show that the berets are already being sent to berets in prisons
    1. yllo
      yllo 30 May 2013 08: 59
      We can say that Krapovka takes this mark for the exam. And then all the responsibility for who will wear it rests with the examiners. If this exam will be taken as it is now in universities (if you enter the paid department, then they turn a blind eye) then .... The airborne forces were also once an elite, and now these are people who bathe in city fountains and beat passers-by. Do you remember old films about Russian officers? It is clear that in life everything is different, but it would be desirable that our military would have the same life principles as those of the cinema.
      1. Kaetani
        Kaetani 31 May 2013 14: 13
        Do not confuse hot with green.
    2. Alex45
      Alex45 30 May 2013 09: 02
      I do not agree. I came from the experience of communication the opposite opinion. I was present at the celebration of the day of special forces with the owners of maroon berets at home, and my brother and I were proud of the fact that he was the owner. Normal in communication, diverse guys. There are both pitching and medium configuration, and perfectly performing at hand-to-hand combat competitions held at the level of military districts. Many graduated from RVDKU are owners of speckled berets, they train not stupid saldafons but officers with versatile knowledge that they can apply both during the service and in civilian life.
    3. ilf
      ilf 30 May 2013 09: 10
      And you always wrote here your negativity at the expense of maroon, come to our squadron and see which athletes, on average, each detachment of the special forces of the Internal Troops is staffed by 90% contract soldiers, our Ermak detachment is 100% (conscripts for the state), I don't even know which one you are nonsense "on the residual" write we serve those who served in the airborne troops, the GRU, there are tankers in general from the units of the Ministry of Defense, and before getting a job undergo physical and psychological tests
    4. Fox
      Fox 30 May 2013 09: 26
      Quote: andrey903
      They came to get a job in SOBR, against the athletes are insolvent

      my friend, is still very worried that he didn’t pass Krapovy Beret (a misfire). 20 years have passed. Now he’s the head of the State Tax Committee in the city. You can’t call him stupid, if you wish.
    5. Krapovy32
      Krapovy32 30 May 2013 09: 33
      Quote: andrey903

      Andrei, again you crawled out of the den. Apparently something we greatly annoyed you. You’re either a commando or lieutenant colonel. And how many orders of courage do you have and do not count according to your own words lol You're just offended by some kind of life.

      Special Forces TE !!!
      1. andrey903
        andrey903 30 May 2013 10: 16
        Yes, everything is fine, just don’t have to get stuck on berets, jewelry to competently train, without busting. There is no antipathy, sometimes it's just funny. There are only 2 orders for the Dudaev Palace and May Day
        1. Krapovy32
          Krapovy32 30 May 2013 12: 07
          Quote: andrey903
          Yes, everything is fine, just don’t have to get stuck on berets, jewelry to competently train, without busting. There is no antipathy, sometimes it's just funny. There are only 2 orders for the Dudaev Palace and May Day

          Do you know how many times you contradicted yourself? I do not believe in your stories and I myself do not boast about what I was awarded and for what. When I asked you to provide data, documents, etc. d. you moved off topic. Therefore, I do not believe you. This is a young blow in my ears, but not for me.
          1. andrey903
            andrey903 30 May 2013 16: 07
            What documents, I have an office at home, It's just that the guys from the GRU and Pennant are closer to me quietly without screaming and costume jewelry doing their job. And what do you believe or not, you yourself understand me ....
            1. Krapovy32
              Krapovy32 30 May 2013 18: 16
              Yes you closer justify .. and shit. Already learned you. Everywhere you have one I. I am such and such. Enough of jabbing about the lives and deeds of many fighters you won’t hear from them. And you just yak and boast, like that canary. Many terrified salazhats of the first Chechen deserve more respect than such a walking fake like you. They fought in practice, and you only in words.
    6. Hon
      Hon 30 May 2013 13: 03
      Quote: andrey903
      I talked with the nettle several times, the guys are rustic, dumb. As a rule, small, large not hardy. Hand-to-hand combat hone on the young. They came to get a job in SOBR, against the athletes are insolvent.

      What dumb guys and athletes? SOBR is equipped with officers and warrant officers.
      1. andrey903
        andrey903 30 May 2013 16: 29
        Of course, hundreds of thousands are different everywhere, especially in the explosives. I just saw krapovye from the side, painfully noisy noisy, very high self-esteem
        1. ilf
          ilf 30 May 2013 19: 10
          I don’t understand, so according to your words you are a former SOBR member, so there they also rent for the maroon, probably the “bream” you were given by the sobrovtsy-krapoviks so hold your offense wink
    7. kavkaz8888
      kavkaz8888 30 May 2013 16: 33
      A real fighter will tear up any athlete. It’s one thing when the battle for the medal and quite another when for life.
    SIBIR38RUS 30 May 2013 08: 41
    Maroon beret - honor, dignity and glory! Special greetings to the guys of military unit 3179 "Vityaz"! drinks drinks drinks neighbors from military unit 3421. 60th educational regiment. bully Glory to ODON!
    SIBIR38RUS 30 May 2013 08: 47
    Quote: andrey903
    In the internal troops, personnel are selected according to the residual principle, which did not fit the others.

    You tell our guys from ODON and Vityaz say !!! Ripples along the way do not taste ....
  4. LaGlobal
    LaGlobal 30 May 2013 09: 15
    Who has the right to wear krapovogo beret?

    - ONLY Worthy of Worthy!
  5. O_RUS
    O_RUS 30 May 2013 09: 17
    Krapovy beret - a symbol of courage and professionalism!

    In addition to passing the mandatory test, the speckled beret can also be awarded according to the decision of the board of speckled berets in the following cases:

    For courage and courage shown by a military man in the performance of military duty in military operations and special operations.

    Upon receipt of serious injuries, injuries or shell shocks by military personnel during special operations or during hostilities that do not allow, for reasons of health, to undergo tests for maroon beret.

    The servicemen of the compounds, districts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia - for special merits in the development of subunits and special forces.
  6. George
    George 30 May 2013 09: 20
    Hello all.
    I beg your pardon for my naive question, so only the one who serves in "Vityaz" can become a speck?
    For some reason I thought that the maroon beret was a sign of the highest soldier's valor, and any soldier who passed the exam could deserve the right to wear it. I had to see the process itself. As a person who ran a throw-march, he did not give up, because he did not pull the pin from the thrown grenade, well, Of course, the "handling" during sparring endured many.
    SIBIR38RUS 30 May 2013 09: 57
    Quote: Speckled32
    Special Forces TE !!!

    ++++ I support! angry
  8. roninas
    roninas 30 May 2013 10: 24
    Andryusha is certainly sweeping a snowstorm. About the internal troops. According to the residual only in the "convoy" they could recruit. He served in the SMCM 1987-1989, our call consisted of almost 80 percent of athletes, and different from boxers to skiers. Despite the fact that previous calls were not weaker. I will not say anything about the special forces company.
  9. leonardo_1971
    leonardo_1971 30 May 2013 10: 40
    I’m a SOBR fighter. A former. Retiree. Worked in Chechnya with special forces VV. Young people. Literate fighters. I bow to you and respect!
  10. Kovrovsky
    Kovrovsky 30 May 2013 10: 45
    Real men!
  11. AK-47
    AK-47 30 May 2013 10: 47
    In 1988, the unit was given 113 berets ... The gift was presented by the father of one of the servicemen, Simanenko.

    A worthy deed.
  12. gych
    gych 30 May 2013 11: 00
    here it was written above that in the special forces, wooden, stupid serve?! yes nuna ...! special forces are in the mine to wave a shovel! in the special forces, like chess, you need to think over all the moves to the front, because your life and those around you depend on it! my friend served works together in the Organized Crime Control Department "SOKOL", although he did not finish school with a gold medal, but his head understands what is needed!
  13. smershspy
    smershspy 30 May 2013 11: 41
    Lord! Krapovy beret - a symbol of courage and honor! It’s not easy to get it - it’s a tremendous job!
    I once rode with a special forces on a train - highly educated, athletic - it's nice to look at such people! Their friendship is worth cherishing! Glory to the special forces! I have the honor!
    OLDTODD 30 May 2013 13: 20
    Krapovikam RESPECT! Upon completion of service in military unit 6681 (1995-1996), I began to prepare with a comrade to take the beret, they even wrote a report. But then there were misunderstandings with a service life of 1,5 or 2 years. And since we arrived from the Caucasus for six months, we mowed and sent to demobilization. So the beret didn’t work out.
    This I mean, that even then and now I consider Krapovy Beret to be one of the highest symbols of VV.
    PS Not long ago I bought camouflage for my son, on a shelf in the store he twisted berets (different) and among them Krapovy. The son molested: - Dad buy, he's so cool. I explained to him in detail that you can’t just buy such a beret ... It is interesting that after a conversation he didn’t want to take another beret, now he walks in my olive. I hope to grow and realize my dream !!!
  15. Vtel
    Vtel 30 May 2013 14: 50
    Black berets, speckles, and the essence is one thing that Russia should live!
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. The comment was deleted.
  18. Massik
    Massik 30 May 2013 16: 22
    -decrease in the level of special and physical training;
    - non-statutory relations;

    I honestly say it all depends on the unit and on the commanders, people are different, including those who have the right to wear a speckled beret, they infer respect for some and without any beret, and he only emphasizes their authority, with some (unfortunately I met a lot of them) it’s difficult to communicate, trying to avoid them, they begin to suppress you not wanting to listen to anyone else’s opinion except their own, knocking out thoughts that they think are superfluous from you. There are also those whose belly sticks out through the belt, pulls themselves up 5 times and they proudly wear a beret as something deserved, there are others who seem to have surrendered sometime or received as a result of special merits, but don’t wear it because they do not consider themselves worthy ...
    whose age is 35 years or more, there is a special, reduced, program

    In 2011, an elderly sniper (41 years old) who served 2 years in the squadron wanted to pass the preliminary test (gives the right to wear a special uniform and a distinctive chevron "Combat unit"), he was not given any discounts, he had to run with all 12 km, even and he was expelled for 8 km ...
  19. SIBIR38RUS
    SIBIR38RUS 30 May 2013 16: 49
    Quote: Marssik
    I honestly say it all depends on the unit and on the commanders, people are different

    I completely agree!!! + per comment. I am proud that I served in ODON (Dzerzhinka) and proudly dress in a uniform with a white panther on a black background! But unfortunately we had enough fuckers and frostbites ... The most frostbitten and offended at everything were those who were flooded from the "Vityaz" (written off in shame for lawlessness) and transferred to the regiment. Why was it written off ?! because they were engaged in lawlessness .. moral and physical destruction of personnel! Ours is not the same as in most military units in Russia. BECAUSE WE HAVE A BROTHERHOOD IN ODONA !!! and hazing is not welcome! White Panthers and Vityaz have always been the pride of Dzerzhinka.
  20. azilan
    azilan 30 May 2013 19: 37
    I envy wild white envy, Guys do real Men's work!
  21. Dimkapvo
    Dimkapvo 30 May 2013 20: 48
    I talked with the guys from Reutovo-6, though quite a while ago. My comrade melee, an officer, his son served in Berkut, also communicated with the St. Petersburg SOBR. The weak, stupid and unworthy did not meet !!! By the way, my comrade is developing good knives, some of them are now serving in the CH GR. If anyone is interested I will throw a link to a forum where they are being discussed. In general - the guys are super, who speaks poorly of them, either a wimp with complexes, or just a hollow !!!
  22. Ghost of darkness
    Ghost of darkness 30 May 2013 21: 23
    Real men !!! Respect and honor!
    1. albanech
      albanech 6 June 2013 10: 56
      Hit the point! laughing
      1. albanech
        albanech 19 August 2013 08: 48
        Such guys will always be an example for the younger generation! Honor and praise! I know that there are many educated, highly intelligent people among them! There is someone to be proud of!
  23. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 30 May 2013 23: 40
    Quote: andrey903
    What documents, I have an office at home, It's just that the guys from the GRU and Pennant are closer to me quietly without screaming and costume jewelry doing their job. And what do you believe or not, you yourself understand me ....

    In the GRU special forces, those who have not passed the KMB do not receive blue, they continue to serve (and take the oath) already in the infantry, and this process of "resettlement" from specialists continues throughout the service, up to demobilization. As for the maroon, only the ideal is written about them in all sources, but we are all people, and there cannot be everything ideal in everyone, all the more physics and endurance take it, and not a comprehensive assessment of the personality, as for GRushnikov, there is no there is a lot of noise, they just do their job, and yet, S. Kozlov, a veteran of the GRU special forces, in his books describes this type of troops from both the good and the bad side, he does not say that all are ideal, he describes the fighters, since who deserves it.
  24. Tao
    Tao 31 May 2013 09: 53
    Carp berets protect immigrants from the People. So whatever they were, all one mode jackals
    1. Volyna
      Volyna 31 May 2013 14: 56
      You probably haven't served? Where was he hiding?
  25. SlavaP
    SlavaP 1 June 2013 21: 25
    as they say in Odessa "so as not to offend your mother ..."
    After watching the video, there is a dual feeling. On the one hand, respect for the guys and a desire (alas, unrealizable) to run the entire cycle itself. On the other hand, it left the impression that 90% success depends on simple endurance and 10% luck. That is, for whom the liver and heart work, it will pass, and for whom the brain is not.
    1. Grigory_78
      Grigory_78 12 December 2017 17: 52
      Tell me how the video can convey the need to think, the ability to assess the situation?
  26. albanech
    albanech 13 August 2013 17: 37
    Glorious guys are modest heroes!
  27. doog
    doog April 4 2014 23: 42
    hi, did anyone hear about the fabs fabs? also a really serious structure ..