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The man who opened fire indiscriminately in Texas turned out to be a marine

The man who opened fire indiscriminately in Texas turned out to be a marine

The American, who shot several cars on the roads of Texas, was a soldier of the US Marine Corps. As a result of his indiscriminate shooting, one person died, another five were injured.

It turned out that the shooter was named Esteban Smith, he was 23 of the year and was assigned to the Camp Lejeune military base in North Carolina.

On the eve of the Marine, he arranged indiscriminate shooting at passing cars from his car. The first shots were fired at Eden. The criminal opened fire on one of the cars and injured an 41-year-old woman who later died from her injuries. Then the man in his pickup truck went to the neighboring city of Brady, where he injured two more people. Returning to Eden, the infantryman continued firing at the vehicles.

The police pursued him for two hours. There were ambushes on the roads. Esteban Smith tried to escape from the state, but was stopped. A firefight began, during which one of the policemen was wounded and the criminal was killed. Later in his car found an assault rifle, a pistol and several hundred rounds of ammunition. Motives for his actions are unknown.

Police are now checking Smith’s involvement in another murder, also occurring in Texas.
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  1. orff
    orff 28 May 2013 12: 25
    Russian will go to turnips drunk, and then on every pocket in the bagpipe.
    1. beech
      beech 28 May 2013 12: 53
      a surge in activity of scumbags ... where do they just come from? ... lan, though it is customary for us to beat turnips, and not to mock from the bagpipes
      1. 11 black
        11 black 28 May 2013 13: 01
        This is what the free sale of weapons leads to - when everyone seems to have adequate arms on the trunk, then when cockroaches appear in his head
        (and after all, almost all people have at least once been in a situation where life seemed to be shit and everything is rolling ...) it usually goes away - well, it will go wild for a week and forget, BUT if at such a moment a person has an automaton at hand ...
        1. VictoRO
          VictoRO 28 May 2013 13: 11
          And here the free sale of weapons is a soldier and could even shoot from a standard gun. The problem is in the head and not in the trunk. A patient on his head or scumbag will always find the trunk without any registration. Everyone who served knows that in all parts there were cases when someone either took the gun illegally or on guard and started to bring down his colleagues - well, and during the prosecution, and civilians. Who knows why his bar fell.
          1. 11 black
            11 black 28 May 2013 13: 28
            Quote: VictoRO
            The problem is in the head and not in the trunk

            totally agree
            Quote: VictoRO
            And here the free sale of weapons is a serviceman and could even shoot from a standard gun.

            But what about a schoolboy who took a pistol at home and went to blame classmates and teachers - after all, his mother even taught him to shoot "to be a true American" - this is the result of the death of children ...
            1. VictoRO
              VictoRO 28 May 2013 14: 25
              Despite the noise associated with the use of weapons in the United States, the number of murders per 10000 inhabitants is less than in Russia (statistics as of 2000, I could not find a more recent one) Look on the left column under the number of barrels per capita in different countries. It's just that in America there are more cases of mass murder, but we have one piece and no such "advertising". And the case with the child is from the field of probability theory, which says that any case can be, only each with a different degree of probability.
          2. Yozhas
            Yozhas 28 May 2013 13: 53
            We had such a case in 1991. in one of the military units of the Ulyanovsk region, two devils escaped from the guard before shooting 11 soldiers and 2 officers in the barracks. Took them two days later. One shot himself, the second second is serving a life sentence, did not have time to execute until 1996.
        2. beech
          beech 28 May 2013 20: 34
          It's not about the trunks of the population ... I have a five-shot at my house at Batey, but I have a double-barreled shot ... but we will only shoot at people if they kill us too !!!
          The fact is that the people have completely blown away the roof!
      2. Larus
        Larus 28 May 2013 13: 39
        When you owe everything to and have been shaking since childhood, it’s not surprising that they all sit on depressants and psychologists are in fashion there.
      3. Apostle
        Apostle 28 May 2013 14: 40
        The answer is very simple: America’s military pharmacology stuffs its soldiers with such rubbish that makes them lose their head after serving ... that's the whole answer, drugs (in this case, it seems to me appropriate, to recall at least a dumbfounded pilot in Afghanistan who was firing at civilians , and such examples hoo).
  2. ars_pro
    ars_pro 28 May 2013 12: 30
    1. shamil
      shamil 28 May 2013 13: 03
      they have time to create reservations for the former military as for the Indians
    2. Phantom Revolution
      Phantom Revolution 28 May 2013 13: 08
      You will kill children in Afghanistan and Baghdad and you will not arrange such a thing.
  3. Ezhaak
    Ezhaak 28 May 2013 12: 32
    And I remembered how actively advocates of the right to bear arms acted. Immediately jumped the question. Which of those killed or wounded did that right help? Which of those with this right has come forward to protect the victims? Or did the owners of the weapons expect, as the same law requires, when the barrel will be directed in their direction?
    This right to bear arms does not save and will not save. The one who shoots first survives.
    1. VictoRO
      VictoRO 28 May 2013 13: 19
      If you have the right to bear arms, it does not mean that everyone carries it without exception. What for ? I have a right - but I only wear it when I go to the shooting range. Under special conditions like riots, revolutions laughing it’s natural that you insure yourself and in ordinary life it’s not necessary to limit yourself (do not drink a glass of beer drinks , do not go to state institutions, always remember that you have a trunk, etc. soldier ) Many times more people die from accidents than from weapons and no one thinks to sit on a tank and drive to be sure that they will not crush you.
      1. Grishka100watt
        Grishka100watt 28 May 2013 14: 57
        And that you always argue that someone is dying from something more?
        Tell me, will there be LESS KILLS IN ACCIDENTS AFTER the permission of the short-barrel?
        Not! they will die as much, and there will be added to them a silent crowd of the dead from gunshot wounds, which might not have happened if the cowardly losers were not allowed to carry a gun to protect their precious skin from insults and slanting looks!
    2. Fox
      Fox 28 May 2013 14: 18
      Quote: Hedgehog
      And remembered

      and thought: even for the vaunted marines, he is a shitty shooter.
      1. krot00f
        krot00f 28 May 2013 16: 33
        Shitty shoots. +1
  4. Mr. Truth
    Mr. Truth 28 May 2013 12: 33
    Semper Fucked Up!
    1. sergo0000
      sergo0000 28 May 2013 13: 17
      Full ......!
  5. shamil
    shamil 28 May 2013 12: 40
    Much has been said about the moral character of the American infantryman: alcoholism, addiction, mental breakdowns. How many military psychologists are wiping their snot on American bases around the world. Photos are scandalous on the Internet as they mock prisoners and corpses. They fight for money citizenship and not for their homeland. The world is bombed and raped And at home, no one needs these crazy people.
    The Chinese conducted a large study on the morale of the American marine in the event of war.Their result is as follows: morally weak, not ready to fight, does not know what he is fighting for except for money and for the inspired victory of democracy
    Such freaks they will have a lot more, they in America, no one needs
  6. Grigorich 1962
    Grigorich 1962 28 May 2013 12: 44
    When innocent people die it is always regrettable. But when it comes to the United States, it seems logical .... how much grief this regime has brought and will bring to millions of people all over the world ..... or something. Well, in general, I would like to say more to you, dear Americans of such marines ...
  7. Ghenxnumx
    Ghenxnumx 28 May 2013 12: 47
    In time, they recalled them from Iraq (Afghanistan) - they didn’t have time to shoot there, but in the Kumar they saw themselves on the territory of the enemy. Now they start veterans murderers return to usyu after serving the golden Amerian calf.
  8. Mr. Truth
    Mr. Truth 28 May 2013 12: 48
    The entire Marine Corps lives in an illusory world where they are strong and omnipotent, this one apparently rolled out of it and decided to do what they have power for, shooting civilians.
  9. shamil
    shamil 28 May 2013 12: 49
    They were taught to kill around the world!
  10. shamil
    shamil 28 May 2013 13: 10
    I am bloodless, I love animals, nature, summer, but when they have tornadoes, hurricanes, disasters, strange mysterious snipers and all kinds of disasters there. I don’t have anything inside, somehow ... ....
  11. waisson
    waisson 28 May 2013 13: 16
    mean in the army there are problems that go into civilian everyday life
  12. Malleus
    Malleus 28 May 2013 13: 27
    And apparently, the guys didn’t have much fire training ...
  13. Vtel
    Vtel 28 May 2013 13: 31
    The Yankees make soulless fighting robots from their soldiers, and here he has a program in his brain that has interposed.
  14. Andrew 121
    Andrew 121 28 May 2013 14: 08
    Where is education in the army and instilling love for the Motherland? Where are the American politicians looking? Although he may just be a scumbag in life.
  15. lecturer
    lecturer 28 May 2013 15: 40
    YES, Yankee citizens - "You reap what you sow!"
    But the fact that one of you "disgraced the sea - bitch ..."!
  16. VictoRO
    VictoRO 28 May 2013 17: 18
    Quote: Grishka100watt
    Tell me, will there be LESS KILLS IN ACCIDENTS AFTER the permission of the short-barrel?

    This is the same relationship as the effect of the sun on a mutton egg. laughing
    In the world in general, for some reason people admit the possibility of dying in traffic accidents, moreover with a multiple probability more than from weapons. But life is one and it doesn’t matter what it is taken from - therefore, it is not necessary to differentiate - they say it is possible in an accident but there is no bullet. It’s reasonable to start by reducing the numbers to more statistics, i.e. with accidents, but the emphasis is on weapons.
    This is more like a policy where rulers can’t steer normally and provide a normal life for their people and all the time they’re imposing the image of some kind of enemy. It’s easier and people are being led and this method has been tested for centuries.
  17. Rattenfanger
    Rattenfanger 28 May 2013 18: 08
    Should this surprise us?
    When they were told about the "Afghan syndrome", they only smiled condescendingly and dismissed them dismissively.
    More than 30 Afghan and Iraqi veterans have lost their homes since 2008. Does it look like anything? And do not be surprised. Never did an uncle from Wall Street or Rublyovka care about the fate of a kid with a tattoo "Semper fi" or "For the Airborne Forces" after "the Moor did his job." This is capitalism, dear ones.
    As a result, a guy returning from another tour of the sandbox or camp sees more and more houses with boarded up windows or "For Sale" signs. Rights he has as a much smaller than living on benefits nigger dealer or gay spidonosets. And regularly there are liberal pacifists who remind him that he is not a soldier doing a duty, but a sadist with maniacal inclinations. As a result, once a guy breaks a flag.
    I sincerely hate the United States. But people are still sorry.