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About promises and crimes

Terrorists fired at the factory

As soon as it comes to getting money from abroad by terrorists, they pretend to be “innocent sheep”. They promise to give up terrorism, to punish criminals in their ranks, then to stop kidnapping people. So, after the appearance on the Web of a video shocking the world on which the “rebel” cannibal eats the heart of a dead soldier, they immediately disown the cannibal and assured that they would punish war criminals. But in fact, the price of such promises is negligible.

Terrorists continue to fight civilians, kill workers. So, in the village of Mleha near Damascus 21 in May, they were fired at a garment factory "Vasim". It is hard to say what it didn’t please them, but the result is tragic - three workers died. The 24 person is injured, among them there are those who are in serious condition. Damaged building of the enterprise.

A major crime was prevented by law enforcement. On the road between the village of Harasta and the city of Damascus, two vehicles with explosives were found — one had 600 kg, the other had 700. A day earlier, another car with a ton of explosives was destroyed on the same highway. Militants were preparing for something large-scale and deadly - such mined cars take the lives of dozens of people and can destroy buildings without restoration.

And in the province of Daraa two militants who tried to lay explosives on the expensive, paid for it with life - their device exploded just at the time of installation.

In the same province, during local negotiations with the authorities, the “oppositionists” made an obligation to stop abductions. But soon after that, in the village of Gussum, they kidnapped the father of Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Al-Mekdad. The kidnappers were not embarrassed by the promise made earlier, nor by the fact that this person was already in 80 years.

Any promise made by militants actually turns into a new cynical crime.

Israel continues provocations against Syria

21 May at one in the morning an Israeli car crossed the cease-fire line between Syria and Israel. The car was heading towards the village of Bir Ajam in the previously liberated territory of the Syrian Golan.

The army destroyed the vehicle - the intruder of the border. In response, Israel launched two rockets in the direction of the village of Az-Zubaydia. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

A day earlier, an Israeli car with modern communications equipment was discovered in the city of Al-Xayr during its stripping from terrorists.
Israel, which is supposedly neutral in words, is trying to deny its involvement in what is happening and to help the militants. But with each incident to the Zionist territorial entity, this is becoming more and more difficult.

ATS Army warned that any attempt to violate the country's sovereignty will be repulsed. The statement of the High Command of the army said: "He is mistaken who thinks that he may feel our readiness to defend the honor of the Motherland."

Erdogan's anti-Syrian stance raises protest from the Turkish people

While Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues anti-Syrian attacks, provocations and ridiculous accusations, his own people categorically reject such a policy.

On May 19 a mass demonstration took place in Ankara, the participants of which, in particular, expressed their solidarity with Syria. The event, which was attended by hundreds of thousands of people, was dedicated to the memory of Ataturk, which opposition forces oppose to Erdogan. Among the organizers of the procession are the Republican People’s Party, the Democratic Left Party and the Party of the Workers of Turkey.

The demonstrators protested against the US policy towards Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey itself, whose leadership was only a puppet of Washington. The speakers said that the terrorist attack in the city of Reyhanly 11 in May, which killed innocent people, is the result of Erdogan’s policy, which, by order of the United States, turned the territories bordering on Syria into bases for training and sheltering terrorists. “We do not want a repetition of the Reichanles, where innocent people died as a result of their anti-Syrian policy. It is important for us to preserve the Turkish-Syrian unity, which the US is trying to destroy, ”said the participants. “We do not want war with either Iraq or Syria. Those who oppose the Assad government today are serving American and Israeli interests. We are for an independent foreign policy of Turkey, for friendship with our neighbors. ”

Let me remind you that Erdogan himself, without any investigation, is trying to accuse the Syrian government, not terrorists, of organizing the terrorist attack in the Reykhanly (although there are militants in the territory on both sides of the Syrian-Turkish border who have already proved their ability to the most barbaric terrorist action).

The Syrian side proposed Erdogan to jointly investigate the crime. But the Turkish prime minister least needed the truth about the terrorist attack, so he rudely refused and drove off to Washington to discuss the next measures against Syria.

One can not understand Erdogan alone - he goes against the opinion of his own people, who understand the true culprits of what is happening. Which did not accept and will not accept explanations that the Syrian government arranged acts of terrorism, and is capable and itself to understand, whose hands this business. And who does not want war with neighbors at all, contrary to the Pentagon’s schemes.
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 27 May 2013 07: 29
    Will these governments come to all these manifestations? On the drum, the mericatos, and the NATO members are such performances of the people.
    They will bend their politics, the politics of war and contention.
    1. Romn
      Romn 27 May 2013 07: 41
      The Turks, by their actions, are digging a hole for themselves, they will destabilize their country in Syria, Russia would now have to hold the opposition in Turkey and arrange some kind of June democratic revolution, so to speak with their own weapons!
      1. Bykov.
        Bykov. 27 May 2013 09: 42
        Quote: Romn
        The Turks, by their actions, are digging a hole for themselves, they will destabilize their country in Syria, Russia would now have to hold the opposition in Turkey and arrange some kind of June democratic revolution, so to speak with their own weapons!

        Unfortunately, the consequences of this step will be the same as in cases of support for Syrian terrorists by Turkey. In a sense, destabilization of Turkey will not lead to order and peace in the region.
        Yes, and besides, the Turks themselves will do a good job, it will come back to them ...
      2. Yarbay
        Yarbay 27 May 2013 12: 10
        Quote: Romn
        The Turks, by their actions, are digging a hole for themselves, with their position in Syria they are destabilizing their country,

        yes there these manifestations (left parties) are not uncommon, were before, will be after!
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 27 May 2013 10: 51
      Islamist group destroyed in Syria heading for aid to militants in Al Quseir

      Militants of the At-Tawhid brigade go to El Quseir

      Large forces of Islamist militants from the Al-Tawhid brigade, sent to help the bandits blockaded in the city of Al-Quseir, Homs province, were defeated the day before by parts of the Syrian army. The Islamist group drove south from the Aleppo suburb in more than 30 different vehicles equipped with machine guns, anti-aircraft guns and mortars.

      On May 22, the leaders of the At-Tawhid brigade decided to send some of their militants to help the bandit formations in El-Quseir "to lift the siege." For this purpose, a "Kataib" ("battalion") was formed of about 150-200 trained and well-armed Islamists from different countries. The convoy of cars left on the same day to the south, accompanied by an ambulance minibus.

      On May 22, the convoy was discovered by reconnaissance by the Syrian army and the next day was ambushed. During the exchange of fire on militants, air strikes were inflicted. The group is partially destroyed, partially dispersed, having lost its previous combat effectiveness.

      In the city of El Quseir, a blockade ring is tightening around the bandit enclave. On May 23, units of the Syrian army and the Lebanese "Hezbollah" stopped the attempts of several bandit groups from Lebanon to penetrate into the area with. Jusiya and the city of El Quseir.

      The command of the Syrian armed forces on Thursday announced the start of the 2nd stage of the battle for this strategically important settlement. The al-Quseir-Baalbek road passed under the control of government forces, which finally cut off the possibility of delivering weapons and reinforcements to the blocked area.
    3. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 27 May 2013 10: 52
      The Syrian army defeated the headquarters of the militants in the north of Al Quseir

      Syrian government troops on Friday, May 24, defeated the headquarters of the militants in the northern part of the city of El Quseir in the province of Homs. National media reports that all the bandits at the site were destroyed. The remaining members of the illegal armed groups fled towards the village of Ad-Dabaa and the eponymous air base located nearby.

      On May 23, the situation in the El Quseir area changed not in favor of government forces. Islamist gangs made a rush to the south - towards the village of Jusiya, located near the Lebanese border. The militants entered the village from three sides and, in the course of an hour-long battle, knocked out the Hezbollah units from it.

      On May 23-24, aircraft attacked the Dzhusiya region, but so far they have not succeeded in knocking out bandits from the village. Thus, the disposition of forces in the area of ​​hostilities on the Lebanese border has changed somewhat. Militants control the southern quarters of Al Quseir and the road to Jusia. At the same time, they tried to break into the city center and its western quarters. Here, in the western regions, which had already been liberated earlier, on May 24 local shootings were recorded.

      Government troops, on the contrary, shifted north. Now, after the liberation of the northern regions of Al Quseir, including the school and vocational school, army units reached the country road from Quseira to Al-Dabaa.

      The Islamist bandit groups, and above all Jabhat al-Nusra, decided to leave the north and relocate to the south - closer to Lebanon, where they have bases.

      At the same time, the bandits are trying to break the areas liberated in Al Quseir into small locations, creating the same chaos as in Aleppo or Daraye, where control over the city’s districts on both sides of the conflict is sometimes conditional - the army and bandit formations often share streets and even houses. The bandits dig tunnels and move through them to previously cleared quarters.

      If the Islamists achieve this, they will be able to turn the liberation operation of government forces into protracted urban battles, which means they will gain time in order to receive the promised Western aid in the form of weapons and ammunition.
      1. orff
        orff 27 May 2013 11: 14
        Syria Battlefield: Map of the Fronts

        Yellow - under the control of Assad
        Blue - under the control of the rebels
        Green - under the control of the Kurds
        Purple - war zone
        White - desert laughing
    4. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 27 May 2013 10: 53
      Syrian army knocked out militants from Al-Dabaa air base north of Al Quseir

      On May 25, units of the Syrian army finally broke through the defenses of the militants north of Al Quseir and captured the villages of Ad-Dabaa, Al-Hamidiya and the air base located between them. Already on May 24, government troops fought on the outskirts of Ad-Dabaa, and the next day they knocked out gangs from the village and from the territory of the military facility.

      The Al-Dabaa airbase (after the name of the nearest village, or “El-Quseir” after the name of the nearest city) has been under the control of the Jabhat al-Nusra and the Syrian Free Army gangs for several months since 2012.

      In mid-April, when the government offensive began in the province of Homs, the base was liberated, but on April 17, large Islamist forces from Al Quseir seized it again. According to the militants, during the assault on the air base, they managed to kill 27 troops. Thus, from April 17 to May 25, the object was again in the hands of bandits.

      Currently, the airbase is not functional, but its long enough runway can be restored and used for its intended purpose. At the beginning of the war, the 825th and 826th squadrons of the Syrian Air Force were based here, the armaments of which were mostly outdated MiG-21s. Also from here helicopters took off for combat missions.

      To date, the northern regions of Al Quseir are almost completely cleared of gangs - from vocational schools to the market. To the north of the city, the Quseir-Dabaa-Hamidia triangle and villages along the coast of Lake Cattina passed under the control of the army.

      The situation is still unknown in the area of ​​al-Bouweid al-Sharqiyah (north of Quseir), which has been repeatedly changed hands in the past month and in the village of Dzhusiya (south of Quseir), which was captured by Islamists on May 23.

      The operation to clean up El Quseir is slow, the militants, during the retreat, mine everything and everything, snipers are actively working. Nevertheless, on May 25, government forces intensified rocket-artillery shelling of militant positions. Now strikes are being applied to each building or area where at least some kind of combat activity has been noticed.
    5. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 27 May 2013 10: 54
      Abu Sakkar, a cannibal, is heavily wounded in Syrian El Quseir

      During the fighting in the city of El Quseir, the Syrian province of Homs, among the many wounded bandits was the cannibal militant Khaled Al-Hamad, nicknamed Abu Sakkar, who became widely known thanks to the publication of a video in which he cuts and eats the heart of a dead soldier.

      According to Anna News, Al-Hamad was seriously injured in his lower limbs and is facing amputation of his leg. Together with him, on May 26, many fighters of the Al-Farouk brigade were killed and wounded, including the field commander Bilal Idris, nicknamed the Second Bin Laden.

      Khaled Al-Hamad is considered the founder of one of the most combat-ready and at the same time one of the most brutal formations of Islamists "Kataib Al-Farouk" ("Omar Al-Farouk Battalion" or "Al-Farouk Brigade"). This armed formation was created in the province of Homs in early 2012 with the support of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. For her militants, uniform T-shirts and caps with the symbols of the formation were even sewn, which, however, did not go to everyone.

      The Al-Farouk group operates mainly in the Homs region, but its individual bandit groups are also fighting in the provinces of Hama, Aleppo, Raqqa and Hasakah. They are responsible for a series of massacres of civilians and the organization of provocative shelling of Turkish territory. It is the militants from Al-Farouk, together with Jabhat al-Nusra, that make up the backbone of the grouping blocked in Al-Quseir.

      On May 26, government forces liberated most of the northern regions of Al Quseir, including the city hospital and the Ba'ath Party headquarters. To date, the army controls the entire north, central and part of the western regions of the village. In the south and east of the city, bandit groups are moving and constantly changing firing positions and shelters.

      The fighting continues to the north of Al Quseir, in the area of ​​the air base and the village of Ad-Dabaa. On May 25, militants attempted to immediately recapture the area, occupied part of the airfield, the villages of Hamidiya and Ad-Dabaa, and even shot a video refuting the message about the release of the air base by government forces. However, the very next day they were again driven out of the military facility and suffered heavy losses.
      1. Ulysses
        Ulysses 27 May 2013 13: 30
        Yes, there it hooked slightly along the tangent.
        And the show-offs immediately ended.
        Hospice. crying
        With a pen, it seems, the size of insurance shows to the Qatari sponsors.
        1. DEfindER
          DEfindER 27 May 2013 14: 29
          Quote: Sith Lord
          During the fighting in the city of El Quseir, the Syrian province of Homs, among the many wounded bandits was the cannibal militant Khaled Al-Hamad, nicknamed Abu Sakkar, who became widely known thanks to the publication of a video in which he cuts and eats the heart of a dead soldier.

          Yes, he is now a YouTube star, now all liberal media will follow his fate. It’s possible that something will start to be advertised .. As you know, good deeds cannot be made famous!
          But it didn’t seem to hurt so seriously, I recently saw a dude who fell off a bicycle unsuccessfully, something like that was on his leg ..
    6. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 27 May 2013 10: 57
      Lebanon rocket attacked Israel

      On the night of May 27, Lebanon launched a rocket attack on an unknown target in Israel. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the Lebanese TV channel Al-Mayadin. An attempted rocket attack was made from South Lebanon - the launcher was located near the city of Marjayoun.

      According to Reuters, an explosion was heard at night in northern Israel near the city of Metula. The exact location of the rocket's fall is unknown. Israeli Defense Forces scour the area in search of its wreckage.

      According to the Israeli side, voiced in the Western media, the shelling could have been made from a mortar. Who exactly launched a shell or a rocket at Israel is unknown. Several Palestinian groups and the Hezbollah movement operate in southern Lebanon.

      Recently, armed clashes between Sunnis supporting Syrian militants and Alawites supporting Syrian government forces have intensified in Lebanon. On the morning of May 26, unknown militants fired two Grad missiles at the Shiite Dahiya district of Beirut, which is under Hezbollah control. Five people were injured as a result.

      The Syrian Free Army militants claimed responsibility for the shelling. FSA spokesman Amar Al-Wawi said that the launch of the missiles is a warning to Hezbollah head Hassan Nasrallah, who in his speech the day before expressed support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

      Clashes continue in the Lebanese port city of Tripoli. During the week of street fighting between the Sunnis from the Bab at-Tabbane region and the Alawites from the Jebel Mohsen region, 26 people have already died on both sides.
    7. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 27 May 2013 10: 59
      Turkish missile boat invades the territorial waters of Greece

      On Sunday, May 26, at about 07:00 local time, the Turkish ATAK missile boat invaded the Greek territorial waters, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the General Staff of the National Defense of Greece.

      A combat boat violated the border between the islands of Naxos and Mykonos, and then passed near the islands of Sifnos, Serifos, Keas, Kintos and at 14:25 left the Greek territorial waters between the islands of Andros and Euboea.

      In total, the boat stayed in the neighboring state for more than seven hours. The Greek Navy ship and one combat aircraft escorted a Turkish boat throughout its voyage between the Greek islands, taking no action.

      Turkey claims to be part of the Greek islands and calls them Turkish on the grounds that ethnic Turks live on them. Istanbul insists on a new demarcation of the border in the Aegean Sea, relying on significant military-technical superiority.

      Turkish ships and planes periodically violate the water and air borders of Greece. On May 23, 4 Turkish fighters 40 minutes were in Greek airspace. The Greek authorities constantly protest and repeatedly (although to no avail) appealed to international organizations about the violation of their sovereignty.
    8. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 27 May 2013 11: 03
      Hezbollah leader statement

      Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said his organization would enter the war on the side of Syria in the event of aggression against it. Such a statement immediately speaks of two very important points.

      First, the internal struggle at Hezbollah over attitudes toward Syrian events is over. At least at this stage. Before that, there were two similar points of view. Both of them proceeded from the fact that Hezbollah must seriously take care of its future in the light of the possible defeat of Syria. One part of Hezbollah’s leadership concluded from this that in this case all the efforts of the movement should be directed to strengthening the defense capabilities of southern Lebanon and tackling the strengthening of Hezbollah’s military power. Syria must be left to its fate. The second part believed that it was in Hezbollah's interests to help Assad defeat the Islamists - in this case, they simply could not attack Lebanon. Nasrallah actually balanced between these points of view and could not speak out definitely until now.

      Once a statement, so even so definite, is made, this means that Hezbollah managed to come to a common point of view.

      The second point is that the adoption of an agreed decision clearly indicates that, from Hezbollah’s point of view, the turn in Syria has either come or is close, and that’s why the supporters of Assad’s help were able to convince the supporters of the opposite point of view.

      Nasrallah also said that part of the movement's militia units are taking part in the operation in Al-Quseir. There is no secret here, let alone bewilderment. Al-Qusayr is home to a significant number of Lebanese Sunnis from Mustakbal. Hezbollah is more interested than anyone else in their staying there.

      In general, this logic is more than reasonable and rational. Not so long ago, the head of the FSB of Russia announced that there are 200 militants from Russia in Syria, and he is worried about their possible return. There are actually much more Russian militants - about an order of magnitude. Only two days ago, in the same Quseir, 20 North Caucasian militants were killed. On hearing there is "kataib Sheshen", there are groups of Tatar takfirists. Logic dictates that since there is interest in not returning this public, it must be supported by the presence of Russian special forces in Syria, engaged in the destruction of "their" militants. This is our problem, and it is up to us to solve it. How Hezbollah solves it.

      Nasrallah’s response to his statement came just two hours after his speech - two missiles were fired at Beirut Christian-Shiite areas.
    9. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 27 May 2013 11: 12
      Fresh video from Syria

      Assault on terrorist fortified area

      Target attacks on militant positions

      In Syria, there are fierce battles for the city of Al Quseir
      Both Ankhar Kochneva and Elena Gromova visited this group of journalists in combat positions.

      Fights in Syria. Reporting from the forefront. Al Quseir
    10. Yarbay
      Yarbay 27 May 2013 12: 08
      Quote: aszzz888
      Will these governments reach all these manifestations?

      not so simple!!
      The organizers of the demonstrations are left parties, most of which are somehow connected with the PKK !!
      these parties are very weak and this will have, alas, the opposite effect, the patriotic part of the population, in view of the fact that it is these parties that act, will not support these performances!
    11. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 27 May 2013 13: 58
      Government propagandist killed in Syria

      Syrian journalist Yara Abbas, who worked for the state television channel Ihbaria, was killed on the morning of May 27 in the vicinity of Quseir (Homs province), according to the Associated Press.
      The Syrian Ministry of Information confirmed the death of one of the leading employees of the TV channel, which the rebels considered one of the main propagandists of the current government.
      According to the ministry, Abbas and her film crew covered the assault on Quseir by government forces and Hezbollah militants. While working at the Dabaa air force base, Syrian rebels who killed the journalist were attacked by journalists and military personnel accompanying them.

      Whether anyone else died during this attack is not reported. Additional circumstances of the incident have also not been disclosed.
      The battle for the strategically important city of Quseir began in mid-May. Government sources have announced several times that the city is about to be captured, but the rebels have repulsed attacks several times, regaining control of this village.
      1. elenagromova
        27 May 2013 22: 36
        What scoundrels are those who wrote this! So, if she loved her homeland, then she was not a journalist, but a "government propagandist"? Ugh, cynicism of democracy!
        ... We saw her in Homs on Saturday morning ... There was an idea to go together, but we were not allowed ... And so ... In general, shock.
      2. elenagromova
        27 May 2013 22: 44
        Clear. This was written by Ivan Yakovina from Shame shit! cynical and dirty, no other words. He would go there ... Although he did not deserve such an honorable death, let him die under the fence.

        And Yara showed what a journalist should be. If you die, it is like this: at a fighting position.
  2. treskoed
    treskoed 27 May 2013 08: 02
    Any promise made by militants actually turns into a new cynical crime.

    Only the physical destruction of bandits, no concessions!
  3. tomket
    tomket 27 May 2013 08: 41
    who knows with-300 still send or not?
    1. Scoun
      Scoun 27 May 2013 10: 18
      Quote: tomket
      do we send s-300 or not?

      why guess .. "chickens are considered in the fall"))))
    2. Ulysses
      Ulysses 27 May 2013 12: 16
      They have long been there.
      Together with the semi-annual training course in Syria in Russia and our military advisers that took place in Russia. repeat

  4. demon ada
    demon ada 27 May 2013 09: 29
    I wonder if there are people in Turkish society who offer strengthening ties with the Russian Federation.
    if there is something to support these people, let them win the election.
    good neighborly relations have not hurt anyone.
    1. Yarbay
      Yarbay 27 May 2013 12: 26
      Quote: demon ada
      I wonder if there are people in Turkish society who offer strengthening ties with the Russian Federation.

      the absolute majority for strengthening!
      Quote: demon ada
      if there is something to support these people, let them win the election.

      since all parties are, in principle, alas, the political elites are tied to the USA!
      I think only after the military-industrial complex of Turkey can fully provide the army with everything necessary on its own and can solve the internal problems, then there will be great hardships !!
      And so whoever came to power would not be a big change!
      1. ayyildiz
        ayyildiz 27 May 2013 15: 27
        Turkey does not like amers!
  5. Yozhas
    Yozhas 27 May 2013 09: 44
    In modern wars, half the success is the information war. Formed in advance the opinion of people that there are only aggressors around them. Russia is still weak in these media wars.

    PS Long before the attack of Michael on Ossetia, back in 2002. In America, a game came out as Russia attacks Georgia. The goal is to pre-form in people such a development scenario in their brain. It’s no secret that many games are funded by the Pentagon.
  6. Grishka100watt
    Grishka100watt 27 May 2013 09: 52
    You burn 100 years in hell, murderers !!!!!!!
    1. Scoun
      Scoun 27 May 2013 10: 20
      maybe just -
      Quote: Grishka100watt
      Burn in hell, murderers !!!
  7. valokordin
    valokordin 27 May 2013 09: 53
    Helen is well done, you need to crush this scum, and the Turks will hang the Erdogan themselves.
  8. orff
    orff 27 May 2013 11: 11
    We are waiting for a new round of sharing the Middle Eastern pie:
    88-year-old King Abdullah Ibn Abdel Aziz Al Saud was in a state of clinical death, Iranian Press TV reported referring to the Saudi newspaper Asharq Alawsat.
    1. Yarbay
      Yarbay 27 May 2013 12: 27
      Quote: orff
      We are waiting for a new round of sharing the Middle Eastern pie:

      do not wait, alas, this cake is still in strong hands!
  9. stroporez
    stroporez 27 May 2013 11: 39
    nada israel to belch feed with your own corpses ---- you see, the playfulness will diminish, this American "bastard" I think everyone got it. not a country, but some kind of uncontrollable teenager, with a knife in his pocket ........
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  10. revnagan
    revnagan 27 May 2013 12: 33
    Israel is faithful to the precepts of Harry Truman, who said "if we see that the Germans are winning, we should support Russia. If we see that the Russians are winning, we should support Germany, and let them kill each other as long as possible ..." In accordance with this program, Israel is acting - helping the militants so that in the future Syria, even that defeated the militants, is extremely weakened and does not pose a threat to the Zionists.
  11. vdenisov56
    vdenisov56 27 May 2013 13: 21
    In my opinion, the position of the Turkish government depends more on the position of Israel than on the United States. If Israel will more support the militants from Al Qaeda, then in the world of Islam, a split along the Shiite-Sunni line will occur faster. And then it will not matter who is in power in Ankara. Jihad - he will not show little to everyone: to the Turks, and Syrians, and Iranians, and to the whole East (Israel is no exception). Those who call for an end to Israeli aggression in the Middle East are right.
  12. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 27 May 2013 13: 35
    Interestingly, I understand the United States is far away, but Israel continues to manically create centers of Islamic aggression around itself, do they think it’s better to deal with fanatical Islamists than with statesmen? Arab countries, they simply will sweep away Israel from the face of the earth. A very revealing example is the Kingdom of Jerusalem of the Crusaders, which existed under approximately the same conditions as modern Israel.
  13. fisherman
    fisherman 27 May 2013 14: 16
    "divide and rule"...
  14. Ulysses
    Ulysses 27 May 2013 14: 26
    This morning in Al Quseir died Yara al Saleh-Abbas.
    Let us honor the memory of a real front-line correspondent.
    The girl last year managed to be in captivity, but the liberated SAA continued to fulfill its duty to the country, the people.
    Today she is gone.

    Her latest report.
    1. Scoun
      Scoun 27 May 2013 16: 47
      Quote: Ulysses
      Honor the memory real front-line correspondent.

      Very brave girl. I really liked / like watching and listening to her reports from the scene .. and even though I haven’t a drop of a bilmes from Arabic .. but her gestures of her intonation, I literally stuck to the screen and headphones ..
      My condolences to her family and friends and to all who followed her reports .. to the Syrian people.