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The shooter chooses a cartridge

Developed at the department of "Shooting guns" TSU under the leadership of Valentin Alekseevich Vlasov selective power supply system weapons allows you to use it at the same time two different types of ammunition. The shooter himself chooses which one to use at the moment.

The designers have been working on systems for the selective supply of small arms for quite some time. At present, 30-mm automatic guns 2А42 and 2А72 with ribbon selective power are already serially installed on light armored vehicles. In these guns, two ribbons with different types of ammunition (high-explosive and armor-piercing-incendiary) are charged, for each ribbon a different feeder is used. Switching is performed by turning on the feeder of the desired tape.

The shooter chooses a cartridge
Fig. 1. Gun Neostead

The Belgian company FN at the beginning of the 80's. developed the machine gun BRG-15 with selective power. To improve the efficiency, a new cartridge of the caliber 15.5 mm was developed with a high initial velocity of the bullet (mass 50 g). In order to increase the flexibility of tactical use, a circuit with switchable double belt power with an additional mount for optical or night sights was chosen.

In South Africa, in 1991, a Neostead 12 caliber two-magazine battle rifle was created for hunters, as well as army and police units (Figure 1). This gun uses two tubular nadstvolnye shop, with a capacity of six rounds each, located horizontally. Reloading is carried out by the muscular strength of the arrow when moving the forearm back and forth.

The presence of a dual store with a choice of food in combination with the configuration of the bullpup allows tactical flexibility to use weapons: combine ammunition. The big disadvantage of this gun is the impossibility of switching to the second magazine before the selected one becomes empty.

Fig. 2. Store selection scheme: 1 and 2 - two stores; 3 - cartridge cutter; 4 - a cartridge cut-off axis; 5 - thrust; 6 - moving parts of weapons; 7 - spring; 8 - carriage guides; 9 - carriage; 10 - carriage switch; 11 - position lock; 12 - rigid stop plate; 13 - cartridge

In 2010, the American company Kel-Tec for the civil and police market presents the Kel-Tec KSG rifle (Fig. 3). The gun is made according to the “bullpup” scheme and uses a pump-driven reloading circuit with a movable forearm. Two stores are located under the barrel. The switch is located on the underside of the box behind the pistol grip — which is why the shooter will have to release one of the hands, either by releasing the handguard or removing the hand from the trigger, to switch the magazine. The disadvantage is the inconvenient location of the store selector and the lack of automatic switching after the selected store becomes empty.

In Russia at the present time there are no weapons with a choice of ammunition. However, the department "Shooting guns" (SPV) in TSU is actively working to create samples of hunting and traumatic weapons with selective power. Already thought out are different design solutions for store selection mechanisms, supply mechanisms, and different weapon layouts with two magazines. Three patents received. One of the patented store selection schemes is presented in Fig. 2, where you can see that by moving the 3 selector, the shooter closes only one magazine.

There are studies of shotguns with two fixed shops above the barrel, located horizontally (fig. 4), and with two fixed shops under the barrel, located horizontally. To test the operation of the selective feeding mechanism, a prototype of a pump-type hunting rifle with two shops located under the barrel (one above the other) was made at the Department of PWV. The magazine selection switch is located on the right side and moves up and down, including the top or bottom magazine. To reduce the loading error, the upper magazine is filled through the window on the right side, and the lower one into the window at the bottom of the box.

The Tula Instrument Design Bureau of the city of Tula created an assault rifle RMB-93 and its civilian version “Lynx”. The single-barreled shotgun, reloads due to the muscular strength of the shooter by moving the forearm back and forth and is equipped with a self-cocking trigger mechanism. The cartridge is fed from the magazine to the line of fire and the cartridge case is reflected with the help of a rocking descendant as the barrel moves forward.

Now on the basis of a serial hunting rifle "Lynx" in the framework of the Regional Research Laboratory of Schoolchildren and Students at TSU, in the Student Design Bureau (SLE) at the Department of SPS, a sample is being developed with two stores located above the barrel (Fig. 6 and 7). A three-dimensional model of a rifle with selective powering of an 12 caliber has already been developed, where 90% of parts are from the standard “Lynx”, and only the power supply system changes.

The use of selective power will allow: to increase the capacity of stores twice, will give the opportunity to have two different types of ammunition, ready for battle, and switch between them, will increase the rigidity of the structure with minimal changes in design, size and weight.

In addition to hunting weapons, the use of selective power is also relevant in traumatic weapons.

Fig. 3. Gun Kel-Tec KSG

Fig. 4. Layout with two fixed magazines above the barrel, located horizontally

The variety of situations in which a traumatic weapon is used suggests that it is necessary to develop a traumatic weapon with the possibility of choosing ammunition just before firing.

Civilian weapons for self-defense can be divided into two groups - a barrelless weapon and a gas weapon with the possibility of firing rubber bullets.

The first group is represented on the market by the 4-charging gun "OCA" (Sergiev Posad); 4-charging gun "cordon" (g. Tula); 2-charging gun "Aegis" (Sergiev Posad); 2-charging gun "Guard" (Izhevsk). All of these samples are designed for the chuck 18x45.

The second group is more diverse and is represented here not only domestic (Makarych and Naganych pistols - cal.9 mm), but also foreign (“Walther”, “Stalker”, etc.) samples.

Fig. 5. A prototype weapon with selective feeding, created at the department of SPV

Fig. 6. Location of shops on a carbine with selective nutrition, created on the basis of the carbine "Lynx"

Fig. 7. The appearance of the sample gun 12-caliber with selective power, developed on the basis of the carbine "Lynx"

The stopping power of 18x45 cartridges is better than the 9-mm cartridges used in the “rubber arrow”. This is due to the fact that the former have a contact area with a target of approximately four times more ammunition than the latter. Therefore, if the specific energy of the bullet is equal (for traumatic cartridges used in the Russian Federation, the specific energy of the bullet should not exceed 55 J / mm2), the bullet of the cartridge 18x45 is less likely to inflict a penetrating wound, and therefore more fully uses the accumulated impulse to stop the attacker.

However, the indisputable advantage of a barrel-shaped traumatic weapon over a barrelless weapon is its multiply charged (magazine capacity is at least six rounds). This allows the "rubber shooters" to compete successfully with a barrelless weapon using a more effective cartridge.

A variety of manufacturers "rezinstrelov" has created a variety of ammunition in the market for them. The situation with cartridgeless weapon cartridges is somewhat different. At NIIPH (Sergiev Posad) a light and sound cartridge 18x45 was developed, which is fundamentally different from other traumatic cartridges. In it, instead of a bullet, a projectile serves as a special substance, which, when ignited by gunpowder, blinds the attacker when fired. Also created lighting and signal cartridges. The scope of solitary trauma expanded significantly with the advent of new ammunition. In this situation, a selective power supply system is not at all superfluous for gunless pistols.

The model of a traumatic self-defense weapon with selective power, developed at the department of SPV, has the following dimensions: 291x140x56 mm, weighing approximately 1,5 kg.

In fig. 8 shows the appearance of a barrelless traumatic self-defense weapon with selective feeding. As can be seen from the figure, it is a pistol grip with guides along which the handguard moves. Double-row holder is located above the false-trunk. The sample also has a retractable stock for tighter retention of the sample when firing.

A comparison of the designed sample of a barrelless traumatic self-defense weapon with existing counterparts of a traumatic weapon shows that it has several advantages. Firstly, it uses the most effective cartridge 18x45. Secondly, the clip is designed for eight rounds, which is at least twice as large as that of the existing gunless weapon. And thirdly, selective feeding allows you to have two types of ammunition on “combat duty” at the same time. This is not one of the analogues.

This model is ideal for arming the employees of private security companies, watchmen, special forces for law enforcement, etc. If desired, you can carry it in the glove compartment of the car or keep it in the country.

The current situation in the market for gunless traumatic weapons contributes to the development of tubeless traumatic weapons with selective feeding. It allows you to maximize the use of the full range of ammunition on the market and, therefore, makes it possible to provide maximum protection to its owner while avoiding the unreasonable infliction of grievous bodily harm to the attacker.

Fig. 8. Model of a traumatic gun with selective power, developed at the Department of SPV
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  1. bazilio
    bazilio 28 May 2013 09: 03
    Thank you for the article!

    Ammunition selectivity is a good thing, especially for injuries.
    But for the Neostead and Kel-Tec rifles, he’s unsure. It may be good as a special weapon of limited use, but hardly as a combat option. 12 rounds in both stores is a lot, but imagine how to reload them manually later when they shoot around .. As for me, box war magazines are more appropriate for combat shotguns - changing faster and more convenient.
    1. 29 May 2013 00: 03
      Quote: bazilio
      12 rounds in both stores is a lot, but imagine how to manually reload them later when they shoot around.

      And in the police service? The villain took a stick or knife with a rubber bullet, and if he pulled out a gun with buckshot. And then one PM and against the stick, and against the gun as it is not humane. The truth is more reliable.
      1. Sanches
        Sanches 17 June 2013 07: 15
        if he still pulls out a gun, then while you make out, he will have time to shoot. According to the situation, it’s not particularly difficult to change stores than switching between handsets, you just need to do this and that in advance.
    2. dustycat
      dustycat 23 June 2013 19: 01
      For Winchester systems, replaceable magazines have long been invented.
  2. avt
    avt 28 May 2013 09: 33
    I heard about such a technical solution in the early 90s, but there weren’t any samples - I didn’t see any pictures, although a very knowledgeable and practical person told me. Per article +
  3. 11 black
    11 black 28 May 2013 11: 12
    I think that such rifles will be of little use in battle - the task of a combat shotgun is to sweep away everything that moves in close combat, its main ammunition is shot and the use of another is simply stupid (this will turn a dead-end weapon into a rather weak and inaccurate rifle with characteristics worse than the three-ruler of the Second World War ) Developing shotguns (Combat) you need to teach them to shoot automatically and with greater accuracy and, if possible, increase the store.
    By the way, one killer thing called AA12 is called - an automatic shotgun with a magazine on the 32 cartridge (Disk), this is a killer thing in close combat.
    1. krot00f
      krot00f 28 May 2013 11: 14
      I completely agree, But what about the saiga?
      1. bazilio
        bazilio 28 May 2013 12: 41
        Quote: krot00f
        But what about the saiga

        Or a boar

        Quote: 11 black
        I think in battle from such guns will be of little use

        You're right. The automatic shotgun should be a kind of "broom" for cleaning buildings and the surrounding area. In an open field, it will be of little use. But this is all about combat shotguns. And those described in the article, I think, have the right to exist as a specialist. weapons of limited use - to have lethal and non-lethal ammunition in one barrel is extremely tempting. For example, you need to take the gang commander alive. group, which is guarded by bearded hares. Zaitsev fired a shot, and when he saw the "client" he knocked him out with a rubber bullet so that he would not shoot and not shoot himself. But I repeat once again, these guns are only for special operations, but not for war games.
    2. IRBIS
      IRBIS 28 May 2013 12: 38
      Quote: 11 black
      it will turn a deadly weapon at close range in a rather weak and inaccurate rifle with characteristics worse than the three-ruled times of the Second World War

      "Worse than the three-ruler of the Second World War" is not a correct comparison, not even admissible for the Mosin rifle. That you "got excited" a little, frankly.
      1. 11 black
        11 black 28 May 2013 13: 19
        Quote: IRBIS
        "Worse than the three-ruler of the Second World War" is not a correct comparison, not even admissible for the Mosin rifle. That you "got excited" a little, frankly.

        Yes, it’s clear that comparing 2 of different classes of weapons is unacceptable, but that’s just a shotgun firing bullets, not a shot, and there is an unsuccessful rifle with poor combat accuracy and a rather weak cartridge. (The stopping action is certainly awesome, but if the enemy has body armor and provided that you get into it laughing he will fall, say ah and run on. For such fights there are machine guns and it makes no sense to shoot bullets from a shotgun.
        1. IRBIS
          IRBIS 28 May 2013 16: 21
          I absolutely agree here.
          1. Ch0sen1
            Ch0sen1 28 May 2013 17: 01
            Regarding the action of a 12-gauge bullet:
            At one time, we tested the strength of the armored Cherokee windshield, and so, the 7.62 saiga bullet did not break the glass, and after firing from the IL-27 at point-blank glass just completely flew inside, could not stand the mount. Such an effect winked
        2. dustycat
          dustycat 23 June 2013 19: 06
          Well do not tell.
          If the bullet is 5,45 bronik if it does not stop from a short distance, then at least it will reduce its lethality.
          And if he stops the 12-gauge bullet of the bronik, life will not save anything. Incompatible damage to internal organs is guaranteed.
        3. Astrey
          Astrey 28 August 2013 14: 33
          A smoothbore with a 12-caliber bullet retains accuracy indicators comparable to 7,62-caliber rifled weapons at a distance of up to 30 meters. For close combat - indoors, whether at short range - enough.
    3. Ilya Mikhalych
      Ilya Mikhalych 29 May 2013 18: 59
      Likely ammo quickly eats, and with automatic firing ogogo return. Weapons for the terminator.
    4. dustycat
      dustycat 23 June 2013 19: 02
      The main ammunition for combat is buckshot.
  4. krot00f
    krot00f 28 May 2013 11: 19
    Here, It is also unified With AK. The main thing Tsmyk Tsmyk is not necessary to do after each shot.)
    1. the47th
      the47th 28 May 2013 12: 37
      Yes, only our specialists do not strongly quote Saigu, the Knight is more compact, lighter, armor penetration is higher.
      1. Aleks tv
        Aleks tv 28 May 2013 13: 47
        Quote: the47th
        Specialists don’t quote Saigu much,

        I don’t know how the specialists do, but I have no problems with Saiga.
        I use Saiga-12С and Saiga-12К.

        Good cartridges must be chosen, that's for sure.
      2. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 28 May 2013 14: 01
        Quote: the47th
        armor penetration is higher.

        Why the hell armor penetration for a shotgun?
        1. bazilio
          bazilio 28 May 2013 14: 41
          Quote: Vladimirets
          Why the hell armor penetration for a shotgun?

          So I also thought about it. Fraction of body armor will not break, so this is not required from her. Yes, it seems to me that after shotgun shot at a target with an armor, the latter will simply be very bad from a strike
      3. Rattenfanger
        Rattenfanger 28 May 2013 19: 53
        Yes, only our specialists do not quote Saiga much

        But the Americans are spinning from it, like a boa in glass wool (like from the SCS, however), even stores with 30 rounds are issued.
  5. krot00f
    krot00f 28 May 2013 11: 33
    Although, given that the students of the model are of such a level, they are not badly trained .. But the idea is of course a pair. "Developed in the Department" is it like? The department is not a plant, but an educational institution, without production, all this has zero result.
    1. dustycat
      dustycat 23 June 2013 19: 15
      The tasks of the department are not only taught, the tasks of the department also include scientific work.
      Graduate school and doctorate.
      During my extramural studies at the Department of Automated Electric Drive, doing my thesis, advanced science a bit on the topic of automated drive of mechanisms with a variable moment of inertia (these are not only mine elevators, these are also guidance systems for tank and naval guns). Simplified the modeling algorithm in the upper level language a little. The program has become 2 seconds faster to count. Although the result is all one had to wait 2 minutes. But it was believed on the 386 processor.
  6. Mizhgan
    Mizhgan 28 May 2013 13: 40
    Time will pass and everyone will say: everything new is a well-forgotten old (I'm talking about Kalashnikov), And everyone will forget about selective ... So changing the "horn" or having in this case a paired installation with a different type of ammunition is the most optimal than to waste time on reloading types of ammunition ... And this, respectively - alas, unnecessary parts, unnecessary body movements of the mechanism, reliability falls ...
    1. dustycat
      dustycat 23 June 2013 19: 17
      Well, if it comes to liquid propellants, then changing the type of shot can become very important.
  7. alex-cn
    alex-cn 28 May 2013 16: 16
    the sense of a shotgun as a military weapon in a very quick application - the minimum aiming time - it takes about 0.3 seconds for a trained shooter to shoot. By the way, Americans who are more enthusiastic about shotguns consider them to be an ideal anti-sniper weapon in the city. It very well discourages a more precise aim.
    in the 80s in the USA, the CAWS system cal.12x89 was developed. her cartridge with 7 mm tungsten buckshot per 100 meters pierced the standard NATO body armor. and the last ... there are two stores, one - buckshot, the second - rubber ... if you need to quickly - just do not mix it up?
  8. uzer 13
    uzer 13 28 May 2013 19: 04
    Beware of all kinds of exotic models if you’re not tired of living. The same applies to rubber bullets - forget about them forever, it’s better for you. They are unsuitable for defense, and you can easily earn 2-3 years in prison. then Saiga and buckshot, but this is an extreme case.
  9. georg737577
    georg737577 29 May 2013 01: 08
    Quote: uzer 13
    Saiga and buckshot

    So far, the enemy SPAS 12, loaded with buckshot, I do not see the need to change to something "selective" ... Ideal self-defense weapon.