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Russia and NATO. Problems and cooperation

23 and 24 in May in Moscow hosted the international conference "Military and political aspects of European security." Representatives of several countries gathered to discuss the main issues relating to the geopolitical situation in Europe and come to a common opinion regarding their decisions. For obvious reasons, one of the main topics of the conference was the relationship between Russia and NATO. Despite the long-standing cooperation, our country and the North Atlantic alliance have a lot of disagreements that only complicate international relations.

It is a direct and open conversation about the existing differences, as stated by the Chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff, Colonel-General V. Zarudnitsky, can benefit the cooperation of countries. At the present time, according to Zarudnitsky, in relations between Russia and NATO there are three main problems that have a direct impact on all other processes. The first of these is the expansion of NATO to the east. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the North Atlantic Alliance continued to grow. The composition of NATO is constantly expanding, and the organization’s military facilities are being built closer and closer to the Russian borders. Over the years, the problem of NATO expansion to the east remains one of the main stumbling blocks in international dialogue.

The second problem lies in the divergence of views on potential military threats. As the head of the main operational administration noted, NATO regularly conducts military exercises, the course of which directly hints at practicing actions to repel Russian aggression. At the same time, such exercises often take place near the borders of our country. Based on the specifics of the NATO exercises, it is not difficult to guess why Russia does not want to take part in such international events. Joint exercises of Russia and NATO are extremely rare and disagreement in the vision of threats is one of the main reasons for this.

The third problem in the relations between Russia and NATO is the lack of trust towards each other. A striking example of this problem can be considered the current work on the creation of a Euro-Atlantic missile defense system. The United States and Europe do not pay attention to Russian discontent and continue to bend their line. Naturally, such things do not improve the climate in the international arena.

Nevertheless, NATO and Russia agree that further building up military cooperation makes sense. The current situation in this area, despite the differences, allows us to make positive predictions for the future. Zarudnitsky said that now the cooperation between Russia and the North Atlantic Alliance is going in six main directions. First of all, it is a joint fight against terrorism. The second direction is missile defense. There are a lot of disagreements about it, but countries do not intend to refuse to continue the dialogue. In addition, Russia and NATO are cooperating in the fight against piracy, in search and rescue at sea, in logistics, as well as in the field of military academic exchanges.

In recent years, a situation has emerged in which the most well-known manifestation of international cooperation has been the numerous events around the Euro-Atlantic missile defense system. Despite the many statements of all countries involved in the negotiations and discussions, the general course of action can be described as follows. NATO continues to prepare infrastructure and build missile defense systems in Eastern Europe, and Russia continues to demand written guarantees of non-directionality of these systems against it. Over the past few years, everything is going exactly this way and because of this, the parties cannot find a common language.

As the head of the presidential administration, S. Ivanov, said at the conference, Russia intends to secure the signing of legally binding agreements on missile defense. Our country needs appropriate guarantees and therefore, according to Ivanov, full-fledged international agreements are needed, which, unlike scattered steps or loud statements, can really give the expected effect. In addition, Ivanov criticized the Western approach to the implementation of their plans. According to him, Russia is not satisfied with the policy of NATO in the form of the gradual implementation of its plans without regard to the opinions of others. This interferes with mutual trust and, as a result, worsens international relations as a whole.

Deputy Minister of Defense A. Antonov commented on the actions of the United States and NATO near Russian territory related to missile defense, with the words “there is no need to make a shot.” The deputy minister does not understand why the North Atlantic Alliance, allegedly solving its problems with Iran, is not afraid to quarrel with Russia. Antonov noted that due to the recent actions of the leadership of the United States and NATO as a whole, Russia does not have a clear understanding of Washington’s foreign policy priorities. Therefore, we need a predictable US foreign policy, which in the future will allow us to get rid of a lot of diplomatic problems.

Russia and NATO. Problems and cooperation

General of the Army V. Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff, also spoke about the missile defense problem. He said that Russia would reduce its strategic nuclear forces only if the development of a Euro-Atlantic missile defense system could not undermine their potential. In addition, the state of the missile defense of foreign partners may ultimately affect Russia's opinion on international treaties. If the quantity and quality of anti-missile systems reaches a certain limit, then our country will begin to decide whether it will remain in the START Treaty or not. Gerasimov also confirmed that Russia is waiting for guarantees of non-directionality of the Euro-Atlantic missile defense system against Russian nuclear forces.

In the event that the current trends continue in the future, Russia has already created a certain set of military technical equipment that will neutralize the NATO missile defense system. According to General Gerasimov, this complex has already been developed and the military do not hide the fact of its existence. The implementation of the existing project will depend on how events in the international arena will develop in the future. If Russia still does not receive the appropriate guarantees, the deployment of the created systems will begin.

The official representative of the United States, Acting Deputy Secretary of State R. Gottemoeller, in turn, tried to reassure the Russian side. According to her, which exactly correspond to the official American statements of recent years, Russia should not worry about the future of its nuclear forces. The actions of the NATO countries will not be able to affect the state and potential of the Russian nuclear weapons. As for the problem of missile defense in general, Gottemoeller noted that cooperation in this field is of interest both for NATO and for Russia.

Another topic was also raised at the conference: the situation around the Open Skies Treaty. According to this agreement, 33 member states have the right to conduct observation flights over the territories of other countries included in the treaty. The Deputy Minister of Defense, A. Antonov, noted that last year, out of the flights permitted over 42 over Russia, other countries carried out 37. At the same time, over the other countries that signed the treaty, observation flights take place much less frequently. For example, the UK in 2012 was checked only three times, and Germany - two. Thus, it turns out that NATO countries use the Open Skies Treaty only as an additional way to conduct reconnaissance of Russian territories and objects.

NATO countries do not conduct observation flights over each other, but are only interested in the state of the Russian territories subject to inspection in accordance with the treaty. Because of this, a useful multilateral agreement cannot ultimately perform the tasks assigned to it to build trust between countries. On the contrary, the current state of the Open Skies Treaty may even worsen relations between Russia and NATO.

It is quite understandable that the last conference “Military and Political Aspects of European Security” by definition could not at once solve all the problems and differences existing in relations between Russia and NATO. However, the open announcement of claims to each other and their further discussion, of course, can have positive consequences. Now it is difficult to say which of the statements made at the conference will be the beginning of consultations and negotiations, but it can be assumed that the event with the participation of representatives of several countries will definitely not be ignored.

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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 25 May 2013 07: 30
    [It is precisely a direct and open conversation about the differences that have existed, as stated by Colonel-General V. Zarudnitsky, the chief of the main operational department of the General Staff, can benefit the cooperation of the countries.

    And how many of them, these conversations were earlier, but "things are still there". And it looks like this cart will sit in the mud for a very long time, and it is not known whether there will be points of contact with NATO members.
    1. GreatRussia
      GreatRussia 25 May 2013 08: 08
      According to her, which exactly correspond to the official American statements of recent years, Russia should not worry about the future of its nuclear forces. The actions of NATO countries will not be able to affect the state and potential of Russian nuclear weapons. Regarding the issue of missile defense as a whole, Gottemoeller noted that cooperation in this area is of interest to both NATO and Russia.

      And Russia is not worried. Already worried for more than 20 years, she began quietly expanding the strategic nuclear forces group, upgrading and developing new missiles to overcome the US missile defense.
    2. NKVD
      NKVD 25 May 2013 09: 24
      Enough snot to breed like NATO, it was the responsibility of us to break all relations with this organization, stop cooperation on START, cancel the open skies treaty, install missiles in Belarus and Kaliningrad ... Let's see how they will then "dance" under this "preocles sword" .. ...
      1. a
        a 26 May 2013 06: 54
        do not dance, I think. find how to answer. or do not answer. just ignore us. in our position (with our underdeveloped economy and our modern science) - it will be suicidal
    3. a
      a 26 May 2013 06: 52
      And what do you suggest? stop talking and start fighting?
  2. fenix57
    fenix57 25 May 2013 07: 31
    I don’t understand something:what way you can build up military cooperation with your potential enemy ... request
    I wonder what a fright Acting Under Secretary of State R. Gottemoeller,"trying to calm down" the Russian side, the very fact that the meeting took place in Moscow speaks of "who is worried" to a greater extent ...
  3. Vadivak
    Vadivak 25 May 2013 07: 32
    [.Thus, it turns out that NATO countries use the Open Skies Treaty only as an additional way to conduct exploration of Russian territories and objects.

    Putin signed the treaty on May 28, 2001. One could already somehow understand during this time, and not draw conclusions for 2012.

  4. mogus
    mogus 25 May 2013 08: 29
    exactly. And so they "flirt", and this side, and others closer to us. And they will say something, and then oh, clap-clap eyes ... And why be surprised that we have
  5. Sonik
    Sonik 25 May 2013 08: 37
    But IT IS NATO?
    [media = http: // i = ff8_1369357316]
  6. andrei332809
    andrei332809 25 May 2013 08: 51
    the main problem of the world is the very existence of nata
    1. Frogfoot 255
      Frogfoot 255 25 May 2013 09: 43
      We must allow Ukraine to join NATO, send a Cossack. Ukraine will break up NATO, in two ways smile Potential enemy will be destroyed soldier
      1. Nuar
        Nuar 25 May 2013 10: 07
        Quote: Frogfoot 255
        It is necessary to give Ukraine to join NATO

        knit with grass
        1. Frogfoot 255
          Frogfoot 255 25 May 2013 12: 02
          But seriously, NATO is not so long left to live. Allied allies have been playing their "parties" for a long time. Take the British or the French, they have their own "cinema". Amers are now losing ground on all "fronts". Take Syria, Europe, Africa, the Asian region, the crisis in the United States. Therefore, they are trying to negotiate with Russia. The Amers are going "Great Kachum" smile If you inflate the balloon a lot, it will burst. That's about NATO smile
          1. a
            a 26 May 2013 07: 00
            do not hope so much. Western peoples are much more pragmatic than we are. so I think they can hold on. the crisis is a cyclical phenomenon and will not greatly undermine the power of NATO. Europeans, of course, are not so active. but the Americans are strongly cementing the military "underdevelopment" of the European part of NATO. they need to have a couple of loyal allies in Europe. Great Britain and Poland. very well suited for this. and with other countries they very often have common interests. Take the same France.
  7. nickname 1 and 2
    nickname 1 and 2 25 May 2013 09: 36
    And the casket then opens ....

    Military-industrial complex, does it need to spur an arms race?
    They are sure that if they run out of Russian, they’ll come up with something.
    So ours give a signal = done! come up with! It remains to ensure that our deployed a missile defense system against their missile defense! Merikos immediately bequeathed = they can destroy us! And let's get your buck for our defense!

    Why is it necessary to talk and frighten and shout all the time and do an incomprehensible pose?
    We must not do what is being sought from you, but exactly the opposite! Because Well, we will do it, deploy the latest system, and they will come up with our system on our system! And this is an arms race! Have we already played the race?
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. Dimitr
    Dimitr 25 May 2013 11: 02
    In general, the "Russia-NATO confrontation" is an excellent, well-promoted brand that always brings excellent profits! That NATO members have these legal guarantees, they always handed them out easily and then they just as easily cheat them, you just need to create the right atmosphere! And again, advertising for potential buyers of weapons! In short, like in a cartoon: "Buy our elephants!"
  10. gregor6549
    gregor6549 25 May 2013 11: 23
    There are undoubtedly problems. There was no cooperation, no, and cannot be. Not for that, NATO was created and is still being preserved. God forbid not to start shooting at each other and that's enough
    1. builder
      builder 26 May 2013 15: 38
      Can you comment?
  11. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 25 May 2013 11: 34
    What are you talking about gentlemen. After all, for a long time, as the imnerator Alexander-3 used to say, Russia has only two allies: its ARMY and the FLEET. And everything else is bullshit! Where are our former "allies" in the socialist camp?
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. Dimy4
    Dimy4 25 May 2013 12: 49
    Warranties are a tricky thing. The Americans, the owners of their word, wanted to give guarantees, they got sick, they took it back. A reduced missiles can not be returned.
  14. individual
    individual 25 May 2013 12: 55
    NATO missile-based scheme.
    Russia is obliged to respond asymmetrically.
  15. individual
    individual 25 May 2013 12: 56
    Let there be light at the end of the tunnel.
  16. Alikovo
    Alikovo 25 May 2013 13: 14
    the hypocrisy of the West turns the whole world into a battlefield - ow. Makarov cod: mw3.
  17. Alew
    Alew 25 May 2013 13: 58
    But does Russia need cooperation with NATO ???, And cooperation is somehow one-sided in their favor.
  18. 1goose3
    1goose3 25 May 2013 21: 38
    The third problem in relations between Russia and NATO is the lack of trust in each other.

    A man spits in the face of another and while he is dumbfoundedly wiping, he makes him hook, but unsuccessfully. After that, he tries to explain to the spat that he didn’t understand everything correctly. Russia and NATO have exactly the same situation, they spit in her face, etc.
    There were two military blocs, the Warsaw Pact and NATO, the goal of neutralizing each other's threats. The first is gone, the threat has ceased to exist, but NATO is not only not disbanding, but expanding. The question is, who are they friends against? The answer is against Russia, and no illusions. Everything else is fiction. stop
  19. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 26 May 2013 14: 18
    I look at this comedy called-Russia and NATO. Problems and cooperation and I wonder. Which may be problemswhich may be cooperation with potential ENEMY? It seems that military people in NATO and RUSSIA became bored with life. War, thank God there has long been no (thanks to our fathers and grandfathers), in the future, the war does not seem to loom. So our military and potential opponents gather (at the expense of taxpayers, that is, us). Some are broadcasting on the podium, others are cleverly peeing in their notebooks. And everybody keeps a muzzle in their pocket. really comedy. And I want to say: Shakespeare is not enough for you, comedians!
    1. Galinanp
      Galinanp 26 May 2013 16: 29
      ivanych47 RU Today, 14:18 New
      I look at this comedy called Russia and NATO. Problems and cooperation, and I wonder. What problems can be, what cooperation with a potential ENEMY can be?

      Why potential? NATO was, is, and will be an obvious enemy.
  20. Galinanp
    Galinanp 26 May 2013 16: 26
    NATO was, is, and will be a real enemy.