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"The exclusive right of Russia." We are doing too little to protect Russian intellectual property rights in weapons, the expert believes

"The exclusive right of Russia." We are doing too little to protect Russian intellectual property rights in weapons, the expert believes“Why is it impossible to name specific firms involved in counterfeit production of a Kalashnikov assault rifle from the UN tribunes?” Said Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine, member of the presidium of the public council under the chairman of the military-industrial complex Igor Korotchenko, who found out that counterfeit Kalashnikov machines had already started to do and in Latin America.

VIEW: Igor Yuryevich, another country has established the production of the Russian automatic machine, without asking the opinion of the Russian side ...

Igor Korotchenko: The fact that counterfeit production of a Kalashnikov assault rifle is conducted in dozens of countries is not news. But it was amazing to discover on armory exhibition in Lima, a company from one of the Latin American countries, which exhibited in its product line Kalashnikov assault rifles with the signature that these are modernized models, taking, as I understand it, the Russian and North Korean versions of the assault rifle.

Such actions, when such samples are offered to a potential buyer, bypassing the Russian copyright holder - Izhmash, are surprising.

It is one thing when Rosoboronexport or the Izhmash concern would be concerned with the presentation of upgrades on the foreign market. And here, a private company has exhibited these samples and is ready to enter into relevant contracts with potential buyers. This happens in virtually every exhibition, and Rosoboronexport does not get tired to talk about it.

VIEW: What other types of Russian weapons are popular among counterfeit manufacturers?

IK: Very actively and RPG-7 in various variations, portable anti-aircraft missile systems.

There is another side to the issue: the modernization of Soviet and Russian weapons. Here we must pursue a policy so that the options for upgrades offered by Israel, a number of other countries, are subject to deductions in favor of Russian developers. Modernization, for example, on MiG-21 aircraft, Mi-8 helicopters is illegal without the participation of the Russian side.

There are several ways to resolve the issue. Firstly, monitoring is needed: who produces, which enterprises, where these weapons are delivered to. Second: it is necessary to negotiate with specific enterprises so that they either stop production or agree on the payment of royalties. I think there are many opportunities at the international level to influence the situation.

Where it is impossible to resolve the issue amicably, you need to submit to international arbitration in Stockholm.

VIEW: What are the Russian government leverage on the "pirates" in this area?

According to Igor Korotchenko, it is necessary to defend the interests of Russian right holders at the international level.

IK: In any case, nobody ignored the role of public opinion. Why is it that from the UN stands not to name specific firms that are engaged in counterfeit production of a Kalashnikov assault rifle? We must clearly say: there are NATO countries - Romania, Bulgaria - that deal with counterfeit. If economic and political damage is inflicted on us, we must name the manufacturer and send official notifications to the governments of other countries: such and such a country, a particular manufacturer in it is engaged in counterfeit production of a Kalashnikov. We recommend not to enter into trade and economic relations with this company, given that it produces counterfeit. If you need to purchase weapons of this class, please: Russia is ready to fulfill these applications.

We must, through our representative in NATO, bring to our Western colleagues that a particular enterprise of a NATO member country is engaged in releasing a counterfeit.

VIEW: And if the governments of some countries continue to openly buy counterfeit weapons?

IK: In any case, it is obvious that it is necessary to instruct the Russian government to work with specific departments on the legal side of the issue: what can we do, how can we influence. So far, this problem has not been transferred to the legal plane, and it is high time to do this.

It is possible to hold an international conference on illicit trafficking in small arms, to raise this topic in international forums. Our leaders meet within the framework of the G8 - there we can raise this problem.

For example, we transferred a number of technologies to the Warsaw Pact countries. Now they are producing the same weapon with minor upgrades, although the licensed production period has expired. Here it is necessary to negotiate that either the license is renewed on the terms of payment of royalties to the Russian right holder, or the production should be terminated. Why don't we do this in partnership with NATO?

VIEW: Is it possible to somehow imagine the scale of the damage?

IK: It is obviously huge, but who will calculate the specific numbers? According to various estimates, the world has produced from 70 to 100 million Kalashnikov assault rifles. If you look at how much was produced in the Soviet Union, in Russia, the extent of the damage becomes clear.

There is financial and reputational damage, and, most importantly, brand damage. Because the Kalashnikov brand is, I think, quite comparable to the value of the Coca-cola brand. Because the word "Kalashnikov" is known to children all over the world without translation. Of course, we need to defend the position that the sale of weapons under this brand is the exclusive right of Russia.
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  1. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 24 May 2013 09: 09 New
    An important topic ... Brothers and Romanians have been threatened with a finger more than once, but at least henna!
    1. GreatRussia
      GreatRussia 24 May 2013 09: 13 New

      We must clearly say: there are NATO countries - Romania, Bulgaria - that are engaged in counterfeiting. If economic and political damage is inflicted on us, we must name the manufacturer and send official notifications to the governments of other countries: such and such a country, a specific manufacturer in it is engaged in counterfeit production of a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

      Well, this still can and should try to bill.
      But with the most important counterfactor - cunning China, it is unlikely that it will succeed. )))
      1. Bykov.
        Bykov. 24 May 2013 09: 34 New
        Quote: GreatRussia
        ... But with the most important counterfactual - the cunning China, it is unlikely that it will succeed. ))) ...

        If we want, it will turn out with China and other Bulgarian "arsenals".
        The decisions of the Russian Court on the territory of Russia are binding. There is harm done to our copyright by state-owned enterprises in China, and therefore there is its monetary equivalent and we can collect it both in Russia and abroad, establishing an arrest on the property of the Chinese and other plagiarists. Remember how the "Leg" arrested, everything and everyone belonging to Russia? So we, in such cases, should do it, of course, it’s a long and difficult matter, but still it’s possible ..
      2. Fox
        Fox 24 May 2013 11: 24 New
        China is the only country to buy an AK license.
        1. elmir15
          elmir15 24 May 2013 12: 13 New
          Quote: Fox
          China is the only country to buy an AK license.

          And Venezuela seems too. If we set a precedent - we will begin the prosecution of counterfeit firms for the production of clones of our weapons - other countries are more willing to ask for a production license from us.
    2. patline
      patline 24 May 2013 09: 14 New
      Everything correctly says, only what tough measures can be applied against counterfeiters who ignore claims - I did not say.
      And it turns out again with a hundred-fortieth Chinese warning that they say - ay-ay-ay, it's not good to do that ...
      1. Bykov.
        Bykov. 24 May 2013 09: 52 New
        Quote: patline
        ... Everything correctly says, only what tough measures can be applied against counterfeiters who ignore claims - I did not say.
        And it turns out again with a hundred-fortieth Chinese warning that they say - ay-ay-ay, it's not good to do that ...

        Well, swing this plagiaristic boat, you still need to. Nobody needs a scandal, especially in business. At armament exhibitions, more often we need to stigmatize the vile counterfeiters, ridicule their artisan crafts and begin to file lawsuits against them. I remember somehow? They forced the packs to get out of the exhibition, together with their “fantasy” on the theme of the legendary RPG, as well as the stand of the Bulgarian Arsenal, and they occupied the techies with fair claims, and so on.
    3. Garrin
      Garrin 24 May 2013 12: 22 New
      Quote: Uncle Lee
      An important topic ... Brothers and Romanians have been threatened with a finger more than once, but at least henna!

      So it is necessary not with a finger, but with a club, and even better - with a “Mace”.
  2. Denis
    Denis 24 May 2013 09: 10 New
    Of course, you can say something from the UN stands, but the fact that this will help us is not a 200% fact; economic sanctions must be imposed on those states where our Kalash is produced.
    1. stroporez
      stroporez 24 May 2013 12: 24 New
      yeah))))))))) on an industrial scale copy their software, music, films, and money --- to the treasury. and for all claims ----- this is not theft, this is compensation for damage. And yet, all the "ripped off" to sell on the right and on the left ......
      1. Ezhaak
        Ezhaak 24 May 2013 17: 47 New
        Exactly and not otherwise! Here, even the United States will bite on such a hook. They also copy AK.
        One thing is bad. Well, no matter how you twitch, it is impossible to apply another method in the form of sanctions. There is nothing so industrial that the supply of those countries could suffer. To our shame. In some cases, they are even ahead of Russia in some places.
  3. avant-garde
    avant-garde 24 May 2013 09: 10 New
    Russia is a generous soul and that says it all, that's why we forgive everyone!
    1. Belogor
      Belogor 24 May 2013 10: 28 New
      I would say that we forgive not only for the kindness of the soul, but for many other reasons (lack of will, leverage, political reasons and many others). Other countries in this regard are tough, act without sentiment. It would be nice to learn from them, in defending their interests.
  4. pensioner
    pensioner 24 May 2013 09: 12 New
    Horror, what's going on! Yes, amers are ready to bomb anyone because of the scorched sididisk, but here are the weapons! it's time to put things in order, it's time. At least a little bit.
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. idealist
    idealist 24 May 2013 09: 15 New
    Somehow late they realized (((
  8. smershspy
    smershspy 24 May 2013 09: 21 New
    Lord! I always said and still say that it is necessary to protect intellectual property and protect our developments, which will lead to an increase in the role and influence of Russia in the world. Russia needs to become a superpower, which will be respected throughout the world! Enough for us to remain "procurement", we need to increase our authority in the world and not squander our technologies! I have the honor
  9. vjatsergey
    vjatsergey 24 May 2013 09: 26 New
    Yes, full of leverage, pressure on countries where weapons developed in Russia are produced. It would be a desire and will to restore order in this. China to cut off oxygen for timber export, turn off the circuit breaker for electricity supply, prohibit the sale of gold-bearing areas in the Magadan region and so on, also for other countries you can find something to pin down.
  10. erased
    erased 24 May 2013 09: 32 New
    Ah, how wrong they are! Or just play in ignorance!
    Huge money is behind illegal arms production! And part of this money is deposited in the pockets of those who seem to have to ensure that our weapons are not copied. So to talk about what would have to be done ... it's just to shake the air. Those who are responsible for this area in Russia may receive money for silence.
    That’s the whole story. That is, the previous problem - the government does not want, because it wants. She doesn’t want to do something, because she wants the dough.
  11. Vanek
    Vanek 24 May 2013 09: 53 New
    There are no mummies in museums,
    And no scarecrows,
    And even casts of casts cannot be found,
    And copies of copies as much as you want.

    Kalashnikov assault rifle copy all and sundry. What is this talking about? We know. It remains to hope that the copy is always in second place after the original.
  12. Per se.
    Per se. 24 May 2013 10: 01 New
    "Pirates" with fakes is, of course, bad, but how to explain the maniacal desire of our officials to sell modern equipment, which is still small or not in their army, along with production technology? For example, a recent topic on SU-35 for Brazil. "Friendly and fraternal" China, so those without buying technology, our clones are riveting, but we are still friends with them and still want to sell other equipment. If we ourselves, figuratively speaking, pour them in buckets, we won’t collect them with thimbles. First of all, you need to deal with your Oboronexport traders, and then talk about expired licenses.
  13. orff
    orff 24 May 2013 10: 07 New
    Where serious money is anticipated, then copyright does not give a damn to everyone, especially in the arms business. But you will feel really high-quality weapons right away. Chinese or Romanian AK can not be compared with Izhevsk or Tula.
  14. Roll
    Roll 24 May 2013 10: 23 New
    request Copyright is now outdated, and talking about copyright protection in the military is stupid. Here is an example, we sold a china line for the assembly of dryers; 27,105 sets were sold to it and we want him not to infringe on copyright. We found a client, he thought he was a fool, and he turned out to be Suckers. Here are amers, if they keep the secrets of F 22, then they don’t sell it to anyone, but we want to sell it and keep the secrets. This does not happen. Then, in order to run into China, you need to buy at least 1 ji 11b from him, but he doesn’t sell it to us either, and without a sample, the talk about copyright is an empty bazaar. Then we have everything in the copyright law confused, it is not clear which patent offices protect it, it is not clear that our effective managers sold quietly. Therefore, talking about our copyright is blah blah blah. Yes, and let's say, well, let’s say that China violates our copyrights, and what we can do. Prohibit production? vryatli, get an extra bit of dough? and it’s worth butting for it.
  15. JonnyT
    JonnyT 24 May 2013 10: 52 New
    All FSUs - nothing really can be done here.
    The only way is to create new weapons and oust competitors from the market. Yes, and technology does not give out right and left
  16. rpek32
    rpek32 24 May 2013 11: 00 New
    And what is NATO / striped doing in this case?
  17. Geisenberg
    Geisenberg 24 May 2013 12: 04 New
    Seamless article from resource. If only something new was added.
    1. Ezhaak
      Ezhaak 24 May 2013 18: 02 New
      Quote: Geisenberg
      Seamless article from resource

      Original source So below it is written, right under the article.
  18. Lapotnik
    Lapotnik 24 May 2013 12: 34 New
    Russia does not yet have sufficient weight or leverage to resolve such issues. First you need to restore the situation in the geopolitical arena no less than what was under Brezhnev. Huge work has already been done and is progressing. I think in 4 years we’ll show, maybe we’ll show it to the maximum.

    Or maybe earlier ... It depends on how it turns in the Middle East.
  19. shurup
    shurup 24 May 2013 12: 56 New
    As far as I remember, the inventor of the M-16 has 1 dollar. with every unit produced in the world. Most likely this is not a bike and he has good agents, impressionario.
    This is a legal issue, and having a prime minister-lawyer, a past president, had long had to be resolved once and for all. But the fee should be moderate. If officials try to "bull", then we will have what we have.
  20. tank64rus
    tank64rus 24 May 2013 13: 53 New
    In Russia, inventors are treated like cranks and that’s it. For years, we can offer our Defense Ministry military inventions that are already patented, publish articles, etc. But everything is very well monitored abroad. My amers ripped off one patent. Recently I looked through one site about Chinese samples, I also saw a very familiar one. But what can I say about the 42-year-old bauminki inventor tried to introduce his ammunition. Introduced into production abroad, but not in Russia. If at least 10% of what the inventors had given Russia a breakthrough about which they say would have been implemented, it would have been a settled matter. However, they do not prefer Skolkovo.
  21. sigizmund472
    sigizmund472 24 May 2013 13: 59 New
    "The exclusive right of Russia." We are doing too little to protect Russian intellectual property rights in weapons, the expert believes

    Yes, we don’t do anything for this “protection of intellectual property on weapons” ...
  22. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 24 May 2013 16: 06 New
    Nothing will come of AK, blowing cheeks on this subject is guaranteed to get a giant vat with shit in your face. One hundred years will not go round ... the USSR did not bother with foreign copyright at all - mercilessly stole everything that it could reach. China? Yes, the Chinese are small children compared with the indestructible Union. Trillion fines will be rolled out in response to us and they will be completely and completely right. Given that the mass of weapons is still being produced ... we do not have as much gas in the bowels of the earth as we have to pay. The author of this idea is simply stupid like a navel, which is, alas, the norm for the harsh minnets of our defense industry.
    You can carefully try to protect modern designs that have just been developed. And it’s better not to raise a wave - it’ll wash it off to hell ...
  23. Pimply
    Pimply 24 May 2013 17: 16 New
    Well, now let's leave the fairy tale. And back to the harsh reality.

    For starters, patents have a limited duration. Usually they are 10-25 years for exclusive production. Firstly, they did not patent AK, and secondly, all the terms for its patents came out. What do Izhmash and inventors have patents for? On individual structural elements of new, hundredth models. And only on them.

    Igor Korotchenko has an extremely controversial reputation, especially when it was revealed that he, a zealous fighter for preventing the legalization of weapons in Russia, has an award trunk. It was justified by the fact that some have the right, but the rest of the people - no.
    1. Ezhaak
      Ezhaak 24 May 2013 18: 07 New
      Quote: Pimply
      has an award trunk

      Do not distort, premium weapons and freely acquired, from the store, two big differences.
      1. Pimply
        Pimply 24 May 2013 18: 58 New
        Yeah. Do you know how much a premium gun costs? He says that the mentality does not allow the Russian people to have weapons. 8) Do you have a look?
        A lot of fun.
        1. Ezhaak
          Ezhaak 24 May 2013 20: 03 New
          Quote: Pimply
          Do you know how much a premium gun costs?

          No matter how much it costs. This is a reward. How many Jews were granted that weapon! In any form. Both firearms and cold. Also, will we discuss and condemn them? Do you know how much a Hero Star costs? Etc.
          Everyone can have an opinion. But to discuss other people's rewards, low.
    2. cooper
      cooper 24 May 2013 19: 58 New
      support + 100
      I’ll add more from the Sebyatina, didn’t think how much WE produce counterfeit ??? Bill Gates is really shocked :))))))))
        SASCHAmIXEEW 24 May 2013 21: 43 New
        And how much? Who will say that and how much we produce counterfeit? Nobody knows!
  24. LINX
    LINX 25 May 2013 18: 13 New
    According to the laws of the Russian Federation regarding the protection of intellectual property, the following is said: a patent for intellectual property is granted for 10 years, with a possible extension for another 10 years, after which the equipment becomes publicly available.

    Therefore, talking about the intellectual property of Soviet technology is useless, no one in 20 years has the right to it.

    Any country in 20 years from the release of a product / obtaining a patent can take and produce this product.