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Suppression of information sovereignty is comparable to the conquest of air superiority

Suppression of information sovereignty is comparable to the conquest of air superiority

The information war against Russia continues. Realizing this, I can not stand aside, since I am a supporter of the restoration of full state sovereignty of Russia. In the article I will explain my position.

There are about 200 states in the world. The United States and Great Britain are sovereign. However, striving for world domination, they follow the path of suppressing the sovereign rights of other countries.

Sovereignty happens:
1) military;
2) diplomatic;
3) economic;
4) political;
5) cultural;
6) ideological.

Globalization, which is presented to us as something good, in fact leads to the loss of their sovereignty by countries. The economic division of labor leads to the loss of economic sovereignty, as transnational corporations begin to dominate on the territory of a previously independent state. Their budget may be greater than the budget of a small country. It is clear that to solve their problems they can buy officials, dictate their will, or completely subjugate a previously independent state.

The modern banking system also leads to the loss of economic sovereignty and ensures the well-being of some countries at the expense of others. For example, an unsecured US dollar ensures America’s well-being due to the fact that the Central Banks of other countries, in order to settle and secure the right to print their own money, are required to buy dollars in exchange for real goods.

The same thing happens in other areas. We see that all over the world, Americans are starting new wars, provoking instability. Now they are frantically searching for a pretext for a military invasion of Syria. Earlier, they bombed Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, provoked a violent change of power in other states.

Wanting to conquer a particular country, the United States takes control of its information space. After that, active propaganda is carried out in the media, and the ideology traditional for them is gradually replaced in the minds of people.

For our country, the ideology of liberalism, presented to us by the Anglo-Saxons and publicized by the media, was destructive. The main church of the liberal religion is in Washington. Believing in it, the citizens began to pray to foreign gods. In theory, a liberal can be a patriot. But in practice, it turns out that, at best, liberals treat their country as an underdeveloped and flawed misunderstanding. In the worst case, they betray the interests of their homeland and openly work in the interests of a foreign state.

If we take the analogy with wars, the suppression of information sovereignty is no less important than the conquest of air superiority.

Recall how Libya from a flourishing country turned into ruins.
At first, she lost her information sovereignty. Citizens were told that Gaddafi is evil. Having overthrown him, they supposedly will live better. Through information technology, people have called for armed resistance. Then, carrying out combat missions a day before 200, the “good empire” brought poverty and destruction to the Libyan people, and took control of the oil rigs itself.

The same scenario two years ago, the Americans unleashed in Syria. Now they are trying to bring it to the end of "democratizing" bombing, but this is hampered by the Russian-Chinese veto and air defense systems of Syria.
It should be noted that earlier these states were prosperous, and nothing foretold in them not only civil war, but even signs of mass discontent of citizens. The conflict was provoked from the outside.

Thus, information sovereignty has become so crucial that if you do not have it, then you can completely cease to be an independent state in the traditional sense.

If we recall the recent past, then according to the described scenario, the collapse of the Soviet Union occurred. We lost our information sovereignty at the end of the 80s. The reformatting of our consciousness took place under the slogans of "publicity and restructuring." As a result of enemy propaganda, liberal ideology was imposed on us. The views of the people were then turned to the West. There, it seemed, the sun shines brighter, the sky is lighter, and the carrot is sweeter. Citizens hated everything that they had previously believed and valued. Then there were the collapse of the economy, the State Emergency Committee, the Belovezhskaya plot and the liquidation of the Soviet Union.

To be objective, through the media we were reformatted to such a state that we ourselves destroyed the powerful state ourselves. Without a shot, the Americans defeated the Soviet Union. They took control of the former Soviet republics and the countries of Eastern Europe.

It is known that in the 90-s Russia was under the total control of American advisers. Laws, including the Constitution, were adopted from dictation and with the approval of the Americans. That is why we came to the edge of the abyss. The collapse of Russia was predetermined.

With the advent of Putin, the situation has changed dramatically. The Americans have lost full control over Russia, but their influence on the internal political and economic life of Russia is still great today.

Both earlier and at present there is an information war against Russia. This war goes on constantly. She never stopped. The ultimate goal of this war is obvious. This is the collapse of Russia, the control over our territory and natural resources.

Western countries, despite the liberal principles, are actively struggling with external influence. At the same time, no one is indignant about the violation of human rights or the oppression of freedom of speech. But as part of the information warfare, they firmly stand up for the defense of “freedom of speech and human rights” in Russia. For example, remember the hysteria about the launch, the law of Dima Yakovlev, foreign NGOs. For all these reasons, the leaders of the United States and Western countries have repeatedly condemned us at the state level. Prominent politicians and artists joined the convictions. As a team to protect the rights violated by the “bloody” regime of rights, “midfielders” financed from abroad stood up. Our media took the side of the “humiliated and offended” and told us about the anti-people’s character of the government we elected and how badly the “civilized world” responds to us.

It is obvious that “freedom of speech” and “human rights” are an instrument of information warfare of western countries, in relation to Russia.

Having lost our information sovereignty, we have not yet restored it in full. Some of our compatriots, under the influence of Western propaganda, do not value the land of their ancestors and are sometimes hostile towards their homeland. However, none of us wants us to destroy with our own hands what our ancestors were able to protect.

Thus, we need to restore our information sovereignty. For this, it is necessary to legally ensure the self-regulation of the Russian media. Ensure the financial activities of the media so that they do not depend on the ratings invented by the Americans. If the media is financed from abroad, then it should be declared a “foreign agent”, otherwise its activity in Russia should be terminated.

And last, while I was preparing and rewriting this article, they came news that the US State Department has once again criticized Russia for limited religious freedom (there are problems with the promotion of extremism and sectarianism). Then, the human rights activists from the Amnesty International criticized us for the situation with human rights (there were difficulties with the destabilization of the situation). The Secretary General of the Council of Europe called on Russia to ensure the right of pederasts to hold demonstrations. Paul Macartney, sitting in his mansion, preoccupied with the fate of Puska Alekhina and wrote a letter in support of her (he has nothing to do?). Tomorrow some more crap will come up.
So the war goes on.

PS: Can we stay away when war is waged against our Motherland? I made a choice (free Russia. Su,
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  1. Vasya Ivanov
    Vasya Ivanov 27 May 2013 06: 25
    It is necessary to do as the Chinese, to send the USA with THEIR HUMAN RIGHTS in the ass.
    1. Romn
      Romn 27 May 2013 06: 38
      Finally, people must understand who is who. Many people are simply so in love with Western values ​​that they simply do not want to see anything else, no matter what. To take even an example, when there was a trial of the guns, a madonna came to us in Russia, who screamed on the stage that they were the best, fagots even better, and all the others, apparently, were not at all, and that all our power was the worst! And what at that moment was in the hall, everyone supported her in chorus, everyone rejoiced at her! Here it is our self-awareness, our pride in the heritage and our everything! Had this happened in a country with one people, with people who believe and love their values ​​and unanimously believe in God, they would bury it right there on stage for such words!
      1. tronin.maxim
        tronin.maxim 27 May 2013 06: 57
        Quote: Romn
        Many people are simply so in love with Western values ​​that they simply do not want to see anything else, no matter what

        Do you know why this is happening? I will answer! When the USSR collapsed, who started educating people? Americans + local crime. While we were collecting the last thing that was left, the Americans showed how beautifully they live, fed, and now they feed with their food, chips, cola and the rest crap. They raised our generation as we see it now. So is it any wonder?
        1. Romn
          Romn 27 May 2013 08: 23
          Surprise worth it! It is worth resenting! Whoever was that crime, these are people who grew up and were born in the USSR, where is the ideology and education, if there is strength in the family and in the person, there are values, religion. Nothing and nobody can change this. I believe that now everything is changing, not drinking more, not smoking too, sport is gradually becoming the right standard of life in the minds of people, and it is the new generation, and not the old one, that is getting better. It is necessary to conduct a huge and full-scale propaganda, no debauchery, exaltation of all the most the best values ​​and openly through all the channels you need to show that Europe and the United States are enemies, you do not need to be tolerant and embarrassed in words, to survive you need to act! But unfortunately, now it’s not without freaks, those who have cleared their brains have appeared, these are all possible minorities, men and women (like emo, etc.), now we just need to prevent further degradation!
        2. Mairos
          Mairos 27 May 2013 11: 55
          It’s not enough to understand and be surprised. We must act - each in his own place and to the best of his ability - children, relatives, friends, colleagues. To argue, persuade, prove, and just bring the right facts at the right time. After all, water sharpens a stone ..))
          How is it in a good song ".. I quietly partisan .. without shooting or exploding .."
          This is an information war and here everyone is a soldier.
        3. astra
          astra 27 May 2013 17: 30
          Military Review website is also a kind of weapon of defense against foreign mass media aimed at harming Russia.
      2. Vasya Ivanov
        Vasya Ivanov 27 May 2013 07: 00
        Look at what values ​​we have: when we earn money, we forget about our family and friends about our children, sexual relations, everyone laughs at virginity, consider people to be flawed if there were few sexual partners.
        It was said by Allen Dulles: we will discreetly exchange their values ​​with fake ones and make them believe in these fake values.
        And the worst thing is that we all understand, but we don’t do anything.
        1. Karabin
          Karabin 27 May 2013 13: 29
          Quote: Vasya Ivanov
          And the worst thing is that we all understand, but we don’t do anything.

          And we don’t want to learn. And we don't read Dostoevsky. There "Dulles' plan is written." However, an interesting thing, something works that did not exist.
      3. Rus2012
        Rus2012 27 May 2013 20: 22
        Quote: Romn
        Finally, people must understand who is who.

        ... it depends on several parameters:
        1. media ownership. to begin with, let's see who steers the, the, etc. After all, who pays, he orders ...
        2. People selection and media talent. Look how the rashatudey works, a peek :-) That would be like this everywhere.
    2. GreatRussia
      GreatRussia 27 May 2013 06: 53
      The Americans have lost full control over Russia, but their influence on the domestic political and economic life of Russia is still great.

      Although the horns were seriously broken and I really hope they won’t stop there:

      The American non-profit organizations (NCOs), the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the International Republic Institute (IRI), not only closed branches in Russia, but also removed the Russians who worked in them abroad with their families, Kommersant writes on Wednesday.

      As the publication clarifies, we are talking about seven full-time employees (including the heads of branches Tamerlan Kurbanov and Natalia Budaeva). ,,,

      According to Kommersant’s source, after the adoption of laws that complicate the work of NPOs, FSB officers often visited the heads of NDI and IRI departments.

      «We worked in an environment of increasing nervousness. The headquarters in the United States knew that a hostile atmosphere was growing here. Based on the fact that we are not allowed to work, they decided to close the Russian branch. And knowing that we were threatened with charges of high treason, the leadership offered to leave and organized a move to Lithuania, ”the source said in an NGO.

      He clarified that the main cause for concern for the fate of NDI and IRI personnel was amendments to articles of the Criminal Code of Russia on high treason and espionage adopted by the State Duma in the fall of 2012.

      According to them, a person “providing consulting assistance to a foreign organization” could face up to 20 years in prison if it is proved that this structure was engaged in “activities against the security of Russia,” the newspaper recalls.

      Kommersant notes that while the Russian employees of NDI and IRI are in Vilnius.

      “The Lithuanian authorities are deciding on the issue of an employment visa. But we are afraid that they will not want to do this, so as not to run into a new conflict with Russia, from which they buy gas, ”NGO staff told the publication.

      According to them, in this case they will be ready to consider the option of requesting the status of political refugees in other EU countries.
    3. Siberian German
      Siberian German 27 May 2013 13: 18
      and hacker attacks one after the other one after another - ohhhh nice and we write on the NBS main page Obama blew up 10 times and take a video from a movie (American incidentally) where the white house explodes
  2. Garrin
    Garrin 27 May 2013 06: 25
    The Russian government is the fifth column in the information war. Namely, the reform of education so persistently carried out now. The Unified State Exam system is simply the surrender of our youth to the enemy. How can young minds resist the flow of false information when they are weaned from school to think and analyze?
  3. treskoed
    treskoed 27 May 2013 06: 34
    it is necessary to legislatively ensure self-regulation of the Russian media.

    Or maybe the other way around? TV is already so self-regulating that there’s nothing to watch!
    1. 1tankist
      28 May 2013 21: 48
      Quote: treskoed
      it is necessary to legislatively ensure self-regulation of the Russian media.

      Or maybe the other way around? TV is already so self-regulating that there’s nothing to watch!

      I want to clarify on this issue.

      In my opinion, it would be better for the media to completely untie the American ratings and create their own system.
      However, at the first stage, the State Duma will amend the Law on Mass Media. There, in order to avoid censorship by the state and accusations against the "bloody" regime, self-regulation is proposed (SRO media).
      The meaning of this law is that if the media systematically lies, then it is expelled from the club of the elect. And in the future, the withdrawal of the license will be offered.

      This is not new; SROs (self-regulatory organizations) are already working in other areas of the economy and there is positive experience.

      I’m not as a reproach, but as an explanation. drinks
  4. avant-garde
    avant-garde 27 May 2013 06: 44
    Propaganda has always been, but only from childhood, parents, grandparents, and I propagated in our own way and at school we studied all over the USSR according to the same program and the same textbooks, and there were no misunderstandings as it is now going on.
  5. My address
    My address 27 May 2013 06: 59
    Since the time of Gorbachev, propaganda has been conducted against the country in our (!) Mass media. Even on the central TV channels there are appeals like: "Rus zoldaten, give up!"
    Echo of Moscow and TNT, controlled by the state Gazprom, are corrupting and spitting on the people as much as they can. How much further! Who gave the right to spoil the people for public money ?! Is this a "fifth column" of friends in power ?!
    And the authorities mumble about the independence of the media and the inadmissibility of censorship.
    1. Midshipman
      Midshipman 27 May 2013 16: 47
      Echo - it seems like a liberal scarecrow controlled by the Kremlin and it performs, on the one hand, the role of vaccination for spiritually healthy citizens and a whistle for others. So maybe let them be ...
  6. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 27 May 2013 07: 01
    We will not break through for the first time !! I remember about 10-15 years ago the streets were half empty now the kids in the yards are chasing the mother with strollers ... Our youth is good, they are far from stupid, everyone understands ..
    1. pensioner
      pensioner 27 May 2013 09: 22
      Yes, I agree, I agree! .Russian they are all the same, SPECIAL !! Toko needs help. We, the old ones, must explain to young people that being Russian is not a punishment, IT is good, it is capital, it is a title (which still needs to be earned, it is a guard title !!), it is a calling ... given by God.
  7. Grbear
    Grbear 27 May 2013 07: 13
    It doesn’t require tons of ink to make white black. It is enough to introduce doubt into the mind of a person, and then quietly drip, and the person will think that these are his thoughts. And the inner enemy is created.

    The criterion for the need for all these organizations (human rights defenders, liberals of all sorts, etc.) is always the practical significance of their activities for the benefit of the host country. And if you are here, then work for "here". Otherwise, go where you work.

    It would be nice to look at such a function of the state as deprivation of citizenship (especially doubles). Let them be "citizens of the world." Not everyone is like Gerard.
  8. Grbear
    Grbear 27 May 2013 07: 26
    I am not against the Society of Cockroach Lovers, but I will not tolerate if they start teaching me how to live. Or worse, to instill "cockroach" values ​​in my children. My values tested by ancestors, wars and nature. And therefore I'm alive.
  9. Ustas
    Ustas 27 May 2013 07: 30
    If the media is funded from abroad, then it must be declared a “foreign agent”, otherwise its activities in Russia should be terminated.

    With both hands FOR!
  10. pensioner
    pensioner 27 May 2013 09: 12
    I agree with all the provisions of the article and support the author completely. But.
    Sovereignty happens:
    1) military;
    2) diplomatic;
    3) economic;
    4) political;
    5) cultural;
    6) ideological.

    What is it like?? Is political sovereignty possible apart from the military? What about the economic? A ideological ??
    1. Atlon
      Atlon 28 May 2013 00: 25
      Quote: retired
      Is political sovereignty possible apart from the military?

      Quite. Many believe that England is the US satellite, although the situation is quite the opposite. At the same time, England cannot compare with the United States not in terms of economy or in terms of military power.
      Cultural sovereignty.
      Take Jews, or Arabs, or Negroes, or Chinese. Being in a foreign country, they practically do not assimilate, they live in enclaves, according to their own laws. Except the Jews, perhaps. Those supposedly assimilating, completely subjugate the local authorities and the economy.
      And so on, for all points, examples can be given.
      1. pensioner
        pensioner 28 May 2013 07: 13
        Maybe, maybe ... But not as a rule?
  11. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat 27 May 2013 09: 22
    Apparently, it is necessary to introduce harsh censorship at the state level and to close those media outlets in which propaganda of amer values ​​and denigration of Russia is taking place. The only question is not to succeed "as always" when an official is pointed out to the bad roads for which he is responsible, and he demands the closure of the media for "denigrating".
  12. Grishka100watt
    Grishka100watt 27 May 2013 09: 39
    Here ...... bow to you for such an article yes good
  13. Gorinich
    Gorinich 27 May 2013 10: 45
    The article is good. the author is even excusable for a slight fawning towards power :). In general, Mendel and Pu, this is the roof of today's liberoid thief, we all need to get rid of them.
  14. Mairos
    Mairos 27 May 2013 12: 01
    “There was an ordinary Turtle and was constantly dragging a heavy shell on its back. The shell pressed it to the ground, and every step was hard for the Turtle. Therefore, her life, measured by the number of these difficult steps, was also not easy.
    But then, when a hungry Fox came running from a nearby forest, the Turtle hid its head under the shell and calmly waited for danger. The fox jumped around, tried the shell on the tooth, tried to turn its victim over, in short, used all the intrinsic methods of the aggressor, but the Turtle stood its ground and remained alive.
    Once Lisa brought a big wallet with her, brought a lawyer and, sitting opposite, offered her services for the purchase of a shell. The Turtle thought for a long time, but due to poverty of fantasy, she was forced to refuse. And again the redhead left with nothing.
    Time passed, the world was changing. New technical telecommunication facilities appeared in the forest. And once, leaving the house, the turtle saw a television screen hanging on a tree, where flying turtles without shells were shown. An annoying woodpecker, choking with delight, commented on their flight: “What a lightness! What a speed! What's the beautiful! What a grace! ”
    Day the tortoise watched these programs, two, three ...
    And then in her small head the thought was born that she was a fool, since she was carrying a similar weight on herself - a shell. Isn't it better to dump it? Living then will be much easier. Fearfully? Yes, it’s a little scary, but in the latest news, TV presenter Owl stated that it was as if Lisa had become a Hare Krishna and had already become a vegetarian.
    The world is transforming. The forest also becomes completely different, less and less trees and original animals remain in it, and more and more homeless dogs and jackals become similar to each other.
    Why not fly? The sky - it is so big and so beautiful!
    "It is enough to abandon the shell and it will immediately be easier for me!" Thought the Turtle.
    "It is enough to abandon the shell and it will immediately be easier to eat!" - thought the Fox, signing the bill for another advertisement for flying turtles.
    Eve one beautiful morning, when the sky, as never before seemed large, the Turtle took its first and last step towards freedom from the defense system.
    The turtle did not know and will never know that information warfare is a purposeful teaching of the enemy to that. how to remove the shell from yourself. "

    Rstorguev S.P. "Information war"
  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. Boa kaa
    Boa kaa 27 May 2013 12: 20
    Quote: Romn
    Finally, people must understand who is who.

    The article is topical. The media, bohemia with pop music today, in many respects form the worldview of modern youth. So that no one bothers them, they diligently destroy the system of education and school education. There is a substitution of values, consumption, enrichment, permissiveness are cultivated ...
    But this does not happen on its own, and someone is planting, is being implemented. And if you take a closer look, you can immediately see a satisfied erysipelas rootless cosmopolitanand then ears of the State Department stick out. Analyze: who is at the head of leading television channels, central newspapers, and it immediately becomes clear why the airtime was given to representatives of one nationality, why you will not find a single patriotic article on the pages of newspapers.
    There is a spiritual enslavement of the people. From it gradually, but steadily, they make (a fattened chewing animal, cooked for slaughter). Napoleon correctly said: “The music of the victors sounds over the defeated cities.” Listen, and you will understand where the common people are leading us.
    Lost spiritual immunity . Therefore, we need a well-thought-out system of spiritual healing of the nation: plantings of our national values, folk traditions, culture, education. Without this, Russia will face the fate of the USSR. Such plans have long been made up by human beings.
  18. Karabin
    Karabin 27 May 2013 13: 24
    Can we stay away when a war is being waged against our homeland. I made a choice

    Another unfinished soldier on the information front. With a plastic machine gun and wooden grenades. Information warfare requires professionals and clear goals. It seems that Russia is fighting in scattered partisan detachments, and each detachment sees the goal in its own way. And the "big land" signed a capitulation, forgetting to tell this to Alexander Chepurny and other partisans. Or maybe she didn't want to.
    Sovereignty happens:
    1) military;
    2) diplomatic;
    3) economic;
    4) political;
    5) cultural;
    6) ideological.

    I agree with the pensioner, how is it? You can’t be a little pregnant. Well, God be with him, we will accept the author’s interpretation. It follows from the text of the article that imperialists are constantly shaking the sovereignty of countries, including ours. (as if they had not done this before).
    It is known that in the 90s, Russia was under the total control of American advisers.

    With the advent of Putin, the situation has changed dramatically.

    And what is the sharpness of change?
    1. Military reform. Total liberalization of relations. The overgrowth of the department with commercial firms, trade in property left and right, replacement of the old management system with an indistinct new one, with elements of a rollback to the previous one, the destruction of the military education system, and unlimited theft. "Serdyukovshchyna" approved by two presidents.
    2. Diplomacy. Unwillingness to go across the "partners", no matter how they spit. Constant appeals to law and conscience. As a result, there are no reliable allies, and allies, the cat cried.
    3. Economic. It’s even inconvenient to point out to the author blindness. In your anti-globalism, you don’t notice the entry into the WTO by V. Putin and Edrom? This is not counting 18% of the Anglitsky ones in Rosneft, a cooperative superjet and the presence of foreigners in key Russian enterprises, including those working for the defense industry.
    4. Political. Oh yes, here we are sovereign. All oppositional patriotic is suppressed. And swamp clowns can mock what they want.
    5. Cultural. I understand that the author probably does not watch TV and does not go to the movies. If I watched, I would see to which baseboard the level of TV has dropped over the past 10 years, and tracing-paper from whose programs the ball is running there and whose films are mainly broadcast.
    6. Ideological. In addition to the ideology of dough, the authorities can not offer anything. But this is the ideology of globalization, which the author opposes.
    Article minus. For inconsistency, for confusion of cause and effect. The desire to wage information is not enough; much more is needed. The sphere is too thin.
  19. Stalin
    Stalin 27 May 2013 13: 47
    I don’t understand one thing, can anyone explain? Why does Putin still allow Echo and Rain to exist? Why is absolutely all the media under Putin corrupt our people? WHY?
    1. slaventi
      slaventi 27 May 2013 14: 44
      Because Putin doesn’t have full power. The entire political system was formed by the Americans back in the 90 years. All the central media have long been under them. The media are targeting rating agencies located in New York, as well as NGOs receive billions of dollars in disruptive work against Russia. Perhaps soon the issue of nationalization of the media will be resolved.
      1. Karabin
        Karabin 27 May 2013 15: 22
        Quote: slaventi
        Because Putin does not have full power

        Yes you give up.
        According to the constitution, use it only for eyes. Another question is whether GDP is capable of this. A more realistic option: the current system is Putin's system.
        1. Mairos
          Mairos 27 May 2013 18: 03
          Not so simple. You are not a small child. )))
          There are also a lot of conventions - connections and mutual obligations, etc. - all this must be taken into account. We do not know this and often shout - "Why ?? !! Down with !!" ))
          1. Karabin
            Karabin 27 May 2013 19: 27
            Quote: Mairos
            There are many other conventions - relationships and mutual obligations.

            Speak frankly then - the GDP should be the grave of life for those who brought it to power. Only from which side do you find yourself? Do you ensure the legitimacy of mutual settlements between political and economic partners in elections?
        2. slaventi
          slaventi 28 May 2013 02: 35
          There is no real power. Many government ministers have been trained in the United States. Most have been appointed to coordinate with the State Department. In light of recent events, I think GDP is capable.
    2. shinobi
      shinobi 27 May 2013 14: 53
      Because then the fifth column will switch to the "kitchen opposition" mode and it will become much more difficult to track it. They will creep in corners, huddle in cracks like cockroaches, poison them later. With such a fifth column, it will be easier for foreign intelligence services to work. All Internet resources are easy to track. unreal, but they are all in plain sight. The events on the marsh and their predecessors did not just happen, they were allowed to happen. This was just a classic of tactics from the "treatise on war" by Sun Tzu. "If you are strong, pretend to be weak. Then the enemy will lose caution and will gather for a decisive blow in one place. Then you will embrace his forces from all sides and destroy. "
      1. Karabin
        Karabin 27 May 2013 15: 24
        Quote: shinobi
        It’s easier for foreign intelligence to work with such a fifth column

        It’s easier to work with an offshore government. There is something to put pressure on.
  20. Rattenfanger
    Rattenfanger 27 May 2013 15: 28
    Modern wars do not begin with a landing in the rear or with a slashing strike of tank wedges. So they end, and they begin with articles in newspapers, stories on TV, computer games and films where the good guys urinate the bad. And only when everyone around knows very clearly who the hero is and who the villain (even if not understanding why ), on the head of the doomed and demoralized Serbs / Arabs, etc. rockets start to fall.
  21. MAG
    MAG 27 May 2013 19: 20
    What nonsense is economic security? some banks will probably be launched in 2 years, so Volodka decided. Our economy will not stand the competition, and with the entry into the WTO it became clear even to a hedgehog. In the meantime, people will crush the prices of housing and communal services with frantic interest in banks to raise taxes on production. It is necessary to build modern factories, and not sochi and summits, they will be involved in the World Cup. Some idiocy is like in Greece — why do you have production for tourism? The crisis struck the flow of tourists fell and the economy collapsed and we saw money for infrastructure facilities that will never bring money.
  22. Karabin
    Karabin 28 May 2013 13: 01
    Quote: slaventi
    Many government ministers have been trained in the United States.

    Is Putin forced to form such a government? Or do you think he is?