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Are Americans leaving Manas?

The Kyrgyz authorities decided not to renew the agreement with the United States of America related to the location of the so-called Transit Center of the US Air Force in Manas. It is worth recalling that “Manas” is a civilian airport, located about a couple of dozen kilometers from Bishkek, in one of the clusters of which American soldiers have settled since December 2001. Initially, the American presence here was called the Manas military airbase, and it was said that the base used to carry out operations in Afghanistan by the coalition forces would last no more than three years in Kyrgyzstan. However, as time went on, Washington was clearly not going to cede the part of the airport that actually came under its control.

About 6,5 years after the discovery of the American aviation Air Force base in Kyrgyzstan, then (at the time of 2008), President Bakiev said that the US Air Force base in Manas should cease operations. At that time, it provoked a positive reaction from Moscow, which, although not directly, accused Bishkek of trying to sit on two chairs (the Russian air base in Kant had already appeared in Kyrgyzstan by that time). As they say, they have already begun to rub their hands and rejoice at how Kurmanbek Bakiev will expel the Americans from the territory, which Russia has long considered its zone of influence. They even allocated a dollar loan at symbolic interest to Bishkek, but ... American "friends" frequented Kurmanbek Salievich immediately after such words, and were able to make him an offer that he could not refuse. The proposal was as follows: rename the military base to the very Center for Transit Transportation, and plus this - increased rent for the presence of American troops and equipment in Manas.

For obvious reasons, Moscow was not satisfied with such a trick from the Kyrgyz president. Well, it turns out: in Russia, Bakiyev says one thing, while meeting with the American "partners" - something else, - began to reflect on the representatives of the Russian authorities. Such a president of Kyrgyzstan, as they say, we do not need. And it just so happened that Kyrgyzstan literally several months after the transformation of the American military airbase Manas into the American military transport center Manas went through another revolution, following which Mr. Bakiyev urgently had to leave the territory of Kyrgyzstan, like many members of his family. His big clan, the new authorities of the country accused of embezzling credit funds (the ones that were issued by the Russian Federation) and abuse of authority. One of those who left Kyrgyzstan (from among the close relatives of Kurmanbek Bakiyev) was his son Maxim, who was put on the international wanted list in 2010.

As is known, Almazbek Atambayev became the next president of Kyrgyzstan after the elections, who at first differed in his tricks directed against Russia, trying to play two instruments at once, but then his policy became more and more mated with official Moscow’s policy. Atambayev said that Kyrgyzstan sees Russia as its primary partner in the region, and is ready to take the path of comprehensive integration. One of these ways is joining the Customs Union, which, according to experts, is just around the corner for Bishkek.

It was during the presidency of Atambayev (that is, now) that the Kyrgyz government sent a document to the country's parliament that denounces an agreement with the American side on finding the air traffic control center in Manas from July 11 of 2014. Now Kyrgyz parliamentarians will have to review this document and decide whether to ratify it or not. Of course, with the composition of the Zhogorku Kenesh (the Kyrgyz parliament), which is present today, ratification can be considered a matter of decision. However, in this case, one should not lose sight of those moments that may prevent this ratification. And there are such moments.

For example, will Almazbek Atambayev be able to resist the “friendly message” of the American authorities if they still want to leave their base in Manas? Does it not turn out that the US Transit Center will now be renamed to some Center for the exchange of international experience? Will Mr. Atambayev's will power not to succumb (like his predecessor Kurmanbek Bakiyev) to another American gingerbread?

So far it seems to be enough, because Atambayev said that even the 60-million (in dollar equivalent) annual losses of the budget of Kyrgyzstan, associated with the possible dissolution of the American TSC in Manas, the country will certainly compensate for other sources. Will Russia become this source? - Very likely.

By the way, in connection with the desire of the Kyrgyz authorities to cover the American airbase (whatever name it is), the question arises: what did affect the official Bishkek, which suddenly decided to show the American fig. Several versions are put forward on this score, which together can give a completely unambiguous answer.
First, the Kyrgyz authorities, who declare their desire to enter Kyrgyzstan into the Customs Union, were finally asked to set foreign policy priorities, choosing their main partners in the region. In other words, Bishkek could well put an unofficial ultimatum: either cooperation with the countries of the Customs Union in the military-technical sphere, or "farewell, membership of Kyrgyzstan in the Customs Union."

Secondly, Bishkek in this regard could well show, let's say, a reasonable initiative. Understanding that the presence of an American military facility on the territory of Kyrgyzstan will contribute to a certain dissonance in relations with the countries of the Customs Union, Almazbek Atambayev could independently make a decision aimed at showing a clear vector of state foreign policy.

Thirdly, one should not forget that quite recently official Bishkek experienced a humiliating course of American judicial bodies. We are talking about Maxim Bakiyev, who in 2010 was detained by the FBI in the UK. In addition to the charges against Bakiyev in Kyrgyzstan, the US Department of Justice also launched his accusation against him. This accusation was a securities fraud. The son of a Kyrgyz ex-president was sent to the United States.

After several court hearings of 13 in May of 2013, Bakiyev Jr., the US justice authorities decided to release with the wording “insufficient evidence base of the prosecution”, despite the fact that in Kyrgyzstan itself Maxim Bakiyev was sentenced in absentia to 25 years of imprisonment. Inspired by his success, Bakiyev even decided to appeal the verdict, which was imposed on him by the Kyrgyz court. His lawyer filed an appeal against the decision of the Pervomaisky district court of the city of Bishkek.

Obviously, the release of Maxim Bakiyev from custody in the United States and the reluctance of the American side to extradite him to Kyrgyzstan became for the official Bishkek something like a frank political spittle. It was after this that the direct rhetoric of the Kyrgyz authorities that the American Transit Center in Manas had no place proved itself. It turns out that the Americans themselves approached their departure from Kyrgyzstan ...

However, we will not be so categorical. The East is a delicate matter. In spite of the fact that the USA (NATO, ISAF) has a dime a dozen all over the planet of air bases and TSCs (CCT in Ulyanovsk, for example), will Washington want to surrender without a fight in Kyrgyzstan? Will only want if Manas finds a suitable alternative in the region until July 2014 of the year. As they say, the troops in Afghanistan come and go, and the influence in Central Asia is a tempting thing ... And if not Manas, then what?

As an option, which has recently been quite actively discussed in the media, the opening of a certain semi-CTP (semi-aviabase) in Uzbekistan, which, by the way, is now well for the United States not even included in the CSTO, and therefore cannot cause censures. But if Islam Karimov is going to “shelter” the American base (in one form or another) on his territory, then for what purpose did he fly to Russia not so long ago to meet with Vladimir Putin? Karimov could well have discussed with his Russian colleague the possibility of locating the American (NATO, ISAF-sky) TST in Uzbekistan with the wording: well, you also have in Russia ...

In general, information about the appearance in the Kyrgyz parliament of a draft law on the denunciation of the Kyrgyz-American treaty on the TPC in Manas, has passed. It remains to wait whether Atambayev really is the Kyrgyz leader, whose words do not differ from the deeds, or is it worth holding “Bakiev's promises” in his head.
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  1. azilan
    azilan 24 May 2013 07: 01 New
    Long overdue!
    1. Romn
      Romn 24 May 2013 07: 32 New
      Obviously common sense finally took up, the news is good, but you can only rejoice when the last American leaves this base!
      1. Canep
        Canep 24 May 2013 08: 28 New
        Good riddance. Had already, Kyrgyzstan or the US base or the vehicle choice is obvious.
        1. Papakiko
          Papakiko 24 May 2013 08: 54 New
          Quote: Canep
          Have already

          They are not there as guests, but as relatives with rights to a share of the property. repeat
          While it seems to be enough, after all, Atambayev said that the country is surely compensating from other sources even for the 60 millionth (in dollar equivalent) annual budget losses of Kyrgyzstan associated with the possible disbandment of the US central heating center in Manas. Will Russia become this source? - Very likely.
          Here on the site there are people with some knowledge about the amounts received by Kyrgyzstan from Russia.
          To them, please: Please share how much "friendship" costs.
          One gets the impression that $ 1 from the "mattress" overlaps with $ 100 from Russia.
          1. Ataman
            Ataman 24 May 2013 09: 43 New
            They are hosted in 700 places!
            And in Manas, close them the air corridor! Let them agree with Iran or China on the free passage of military transport aircraft!
          2. alma
            alma 24 May 2013 11: 02 New
            And 60 million. Bucks can be given by American government bonds.

            Just an opinion ...
            1. Anat1974
              Anat1974 24 May 2013 12: 50 New
              But a reasonable opinion.
      2. Vovka levka
        Vovka levka 24 May 2013 08: 36 New
        Quote: Romn
        Obviously common sense finally took up, the news is good

        Poor you know the East. See what happens next. That's all, it's just trading and guess what the result will be.
      3. Scoun
        Scoun 24 May 2013 10: 29 New
        Quote: Romn
        but it will be possible to rejoice only when the last American leaves this base!

        Bakiev acted like Anvar Sadat at one time ... and Atambayev’s time is still running .. and who knows how much he’s ready to sell ... Sadat sold for three billion dollars more of that money ... so really, rejoice only after the last.
      4. Artmark
        Artmark 24 May 2013 13: 54 New
        God grant that they leave and that they no longer return !!! hi
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 24 May 2013 12: 11 New
      Thanks for the analytics, it was very easy to read, clear and understandable.
  2. Tatarus
    Tatarus 24 May 2013 07: 22 New
    May they not go away so easily. Most likely they will either extradite Bakiev to Kyrgyzstan or move to Uzbekistan.

    Here's another piece of news from the Yankees to Syria sent two atomic boats.
    1. Ataman
      Ataman 24 May 2013 09: 31 New
      Bakiev was hosted by the old man.
      "A citizen of Belarus Bakiev received 24 years in prison in absentia, his brother Zhanysh received a life sentence"
      1. Beibit
        Beibit 24 May 2013 10: 12 New
        This is also an interesting fact. campaign, the presidents of the CU organized the entire mess to drive the United States.
  3. Nursultan
    Nursultan 24 May 2013 07: 27 New
    They will crush us without the Kremlin!
    1. andrejwz
      andrejwz 24 May 2013 07: 32 New
      Quote: Nursultan
      They will crush us without the Kremlin!

      And without the Russian language will you be happier?
      1. Nursultan
        Nursultan 24 May 2013 15: 11 New
        Many in our country know and respect the Russian language. Almost everyone understands the language, both old and young. There are Kyrgyz fellow citizens who know Russian better than their native language. Russian for us is access to education and a means of communication with the whole world. I hope I have exhausted your question.
        Yours faithfully,
  4. treskoed
    treskoed 24 May 2013 07: 28 New
    Kyrgyz authorities have decided not to renew the agreement with the United States of America regarding the location of the so-called US Air Force Transit Center in Manas.

    He promised - did not get married!
    1. Tatarus
      Tatarus 24 May 2013 13: 15 New
      Quote: treskoed
      He promised - did not get married!

      So kalym painfully large requested. Well, there aren’t so many horses and rams in the USA (I'm talking about animals). (Joke) laughing
      1. Nursultan
        Nursultan 24 May 2013 15: 21 New
        about kalym you well mentioned! laughing But here is a consistent policy. After 2 revolutions, they realized who was the brother and who was the matchmaker. The main thing is that Moscow during this period would provide political support, and not Yeltsin’s policy of providing themselves.
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. sashka
    sashka 24 May 2013 07: 33 New
    Probably they will not leave .. It is easier for them to stir up a new "color revolution". Cheaper, anyway.
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 24 May 2013 08: 06 New
      Quote: Sasha
      It is easier for them to stir up a new "color revolution". Cheaper, anyway.

      And it’s easier than redoing all the logistics in Central Asia, there are skills, but you can find those who are dissatisfied, like two fingers on the asphalt.
  7. Dima190579
    Dima190579 24 May 2013 07: 37 New
    Then piss off.
  8. Vasya Ivanov
    Vasya Ivanov 24 May 2013 07: 39 New
    It is interesting how much the decision of the Kyrgyz authorities of the Russian Federation cost. Interestingly paid in cash or will be imported by gastrobayters.
    1. pensioner
      pensioner 24 May 2013 07: 47 New
      Quote: Vasya Ivanov
      imported by gastrobayters.

      And that is a good idea. Especially if exclusively to the mines in the Arctic.
  9. pensioner
    pensioner 24 May 2013 07: 42 New
    Even a dollar loan at symbolic interest was allocated to Bishkek, but ...

    By the way, where is he? I remember that I lost ... And what would I find - I do not remember ..
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 24 May 2013 08: 11 New
      Quote: retired
      By the way, where is he? I remember that I lost ..

      Who told you that they lost, everything lies, everything is under control wink
      1. pensioner
        pensioner 24 May 2013 08: 50 New
        Yes, there were media reports, like they wanted to spend it on something, poked in - but there is no money! There were, were ..
  10. nemec55
    nemec55 24 May 2013 07: 54 New
    Well, as I understand it, the Kirghiz’s money ends - blackmail (who will) go to the USA or Russia.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 24 May 2013 08: 12 New
      Quote: nemec55
      Well, as I understand it, the Kirghiz’s money ends

      And what did they have? When? Where?
      1. nemec55
        nemec55 24 May 2013 09: 32 New
        They were under the Soviet Union and lived well, and the local bahs were even gorgeous. Financing of the Union republics was many times better than the regions of Russia. Yes, and now I think that Bakiev was still paid by the Americans for silence about the base. And maybe ours also financed initially so that base generally arose.
    2. omsbon
      omsbon 24 May 2013 08: 21 New
      Quote: nemec55
      went blackmail (who will) US or Russia.

      Blackmail is such an unpredictable thing, they can give you money, or they can "... lolly" heap.
      1. nemec55
        nemec55 24 May 2013 09: 20 New
        When the tail is clamped, you have to either bite it off or die.
  11. King
    King 24 May 2013 08: 01 New
    So the Yankees just won’t leave. They will look for different ways to stay in Kyrgyzstan.
  12. a
    a 24 May 2013 08: 04 New
    I think that the complete departure of the Americans from Manas to Russia is not profitable. You just need to reduce the base contingent. Limit the number of vehicles on the base. Why? To some extent, the Americans will remain in Afghanistan. then you need to somehow supply them. if there is no base in Manas, they will start looking for it in another place - Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan. Why do we need to give Americans an extra reason to get closer to other regimes in Central Asia? Let them sit in a limited form in Manas. And the fact that the Americans will remain in Afghanistan is also better for Russia. If they leave, then the Dushmans will climb through the Panj. And then Russia will need to do something with the threat of the penetration of Islamists through the southern borders of the former USSR. In the meantime, the Americans in Afghanistan, local Islamists have something to do besides Central Asia
    1. ale-x
      ale-x 24 May 2013 08: 21 New
      States do not fight with dushmans in Afghanistan.
      Those troops that remain will protect themselves, there will be no forces and means there to contain the threat to their northern neighbors, and the States are not interested.
      And about the move, so let them spend the money, this also needs to be decided.
      So they will have to leave the Republic of Kazakhstan, they will use Ulyanovsk for the time being .....
      1. a
        a 24 May 2013 09: 10 New
        and who said that they should fight with the Dushamans there? even if they are just there they will be the first goal for souls
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. Suhov
    Suhov 24 May 2013 08: 09 New
    Does Mr. Atambayev have enough willpower not to succumb (like his predecessor Kurmanbek Bakiev) for another American gingerbread?

    The article inspired by:
    The conspirators carefully kept the secret entrusted to them. Even Mr. Atambayev, whom and it was tempting lay out his secrets to the first comer. However, recalling the tin look and the mighty shoulders of the GDP, Mr. Atambaev strengthened. He took away his soul only in conversations with the fortuneteller.
  15. albertvodinov
    albertvodinov 24 May 2013 08: 19 New
    well, as they say, good riddance laughing laughing
  16. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 24 May 2013 08: 28 New
    And I think that we don’t need amers at our side, enough to damn water in Central Asia, especially considering that there are plenty of these people from Central Asia in Russia, they are in all structures in the form of cheap labor, no one notices them, and this is the best way to conduct reconnaissance, and, if necessary, sabotage.
  17. Aeneas
    Aeneas 24 May 2013 08: 33 New
    A holy place is never empty. I will not be surprised if the Ketays are registered in Manas. And it will be much more difficult to "smoke" Mao Tse Tung people back to the Celestial Empire.
  18. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 24 May 2013 09: 02 New
    When did the Americans leave voluntarily from somewhere? Air and other bases, it’s like a cancer tumor, where do the metastases of American influence grow from, does the cancer leave voluntarily? It can only be excised.
  19. Kovrovsky
    Kovrovsky 24 May 2013 09: 06 New
    Let's see if the Kyrgyz have enough political will! Will they not be gagged at the last moment with "carrot"?
  20. aszzz888
    aszzz888 24 May 2013 09: 09 New
    Yes, how much Afghan "stupidity" the Merikatos have transported, and how much more they would have pumped out.
    It was necessary to drive them away in a long time, but better later than never.
  21. JonnyT
    JonnyT 24 May 2013 09: 16 New
    may they not leave from there!
    The United States will come up with another delusional reason to stay! Money still tossed! Withdraw troops from Afghanistan, where are they going ??? Right - to Central Asia
  22. Beibit
    Beibit 24 May 2013 09: 28 New
    Recently, so much information does not even know who is for whom. Well, tell me ... why Russia can't send the USA three letters. Instead, it plays "giveaway" as some sites say. Medicine, education, science, industry are all going to hell. Laws are adopted that contribute to this ... Is it possible that the wrong people are sitting at the top who just put on a show and make an appearance ... well, you get the idea.
    1. a
      a 24 May 2013 09: 36 New
      But how is the decay of medicine, education, science, industry related to sending the United States in three letters? we cannot allow them to be sent now.
  23. Gunxnumx
    Gunxnumx 24 May 2013 09: 49 New
    I welcome the departure of the Americans, but is the entry of Kyrgyzstan into the Customs Union fraught for us? Won't everyone hang on the neck like Greece in the EU?
    1. treskoed
      treskoed 24 May 2013 12: 46 New
      Do not rush to greet, once it was announced about leaving, but it turned out that only the signboard was changed!
  24. Beibit
    Beibit 24 May 2013 10: 10 New
    who do you think people work for who promote laws leading the country into the abyss and why these laws are adopted by the government, gos. Duma and the president? and when can you send them? when will medicine, education, science, industry and the military-industrial complex be finally destroyed?
    1. a
      a 24 May 2013 10: 14 New
      we can never send. and it’s wrong to send it. you need to take the best that is.
      for whom do people write laws, government, president? I think that they work for their narrow-clan interests.
      1. Beibit
        Beibit 24 May 2013 10: 25 New
        this is the whole problem ... why were they chosen so that they work for clans or for the interest of the state and people? Stalin is not enough ...
        1. a
          a 24 May 2013 10: 28 New
          no really. Stalin is not necessary.
  25. Semyon Albertovich
    Semyon Albertovich 24 May 2013 10: 17 New
    Surely nothing will come of it - the Kyrgyz elite was bought in the bud by the States. Where they get in, they never leave.
  26. Beibit
    Beibit 24 May 2013 10: 35 New
    What do you think about the reform of Serdyukov? Is he guilty or not? as I know from the media, he goes like a witness ?! What do you think about that?
  27. Day 11
    Day 11 24 May 2013 10: 52 New
    I remember recently Zhirinovsky offered to take Issyk-Kul for their debts. Although he is a clown, he is far from being a stupid person. Through his words, the Kremlin’s official position was usually voiced. This could frighten them and they became more accommodating
  28. Dim1
    Dim1 24 May 2013 11: 02 New
    They won’t leave. They will give money and stay.
    1. Beibit
      Beibit 24 May 2013 11: 08 New
      they’ll leave ... after which they will send fighters through Tajikistan or Uzbekistan as to Syria.
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 24 May 2013 11: 12 New
        Quote: Beibit
        they’ll leave ... after which they will send fighters through Tajikistan or Uzbekistan as to Syria.

        Those. you want to say that the US is preventing the sending of militants to Syria fool And from Afghanistan the Taliban on whose planes get to Syria, not American on the hour?
        1. Beibit
          Beibit 24 May 2013 11: 18 New
          No, you did not understand me or I did not put it correctly. I wanted to say that as soon as the US leaves the terrorist attacks in the CIS countries will begin. Then they will write to the media that the United States has left and everything has become destabilized. And they will say well, if you want, we will go and do everything so that everything is quiet there.
  29. Beibit
    Beibit 24 May 2013 11: 10 New
    Of course, before that they must destroy Iran. to seize oil and gas. And then Russia and China (which means everyone else) will piss to their tune. because lowering the price of oil can destroy the economy of Russia, and raising the economy of China.
  30. creak
    creak 24 May 2013 11: 13 New
    In the Customs Union, only Kyrgyzstan was not enough. We will make mini SNG out of it. Why? Our country already resembles a passage yard.
    1. Beibit
      Beibit 24 May 2013 11: 21 New
      Kyrgyzstan is important not in the economic but in the defense sense.
      1. Abakanets
        Abakanets 24 May 2013 16: 57 New
        Visas will remove this problem.
    2. a
      a 24 May 2013 17: 27 New
      there is nothing wrong with the fact that Kyrgyzstan will be in the customs union. the purpose of the customs union is not to support someone, but to promote its products throughout the union. since Kyrgyzstan produces little, they are unlikely to compete with us. but we can supply our products there without duties. these are incomes for our enterprises, taxes, salaries to state employees
  31. Beibit
    Beibit 24 May 2013 11: 13 New
    If this scenario does not happen, then the United States will follow the path of the USSR. Divided into several states and all. New players will be Russia, China and India.
  32. pensioner
    pensioner 24 May 2013 11: 14 New
    I remembered something. Not the topic, but ... I once conducted physics in a platoon of Kyrgyzs (special unit. Russia trained future officers for money). Somewhere in the middle of the lesson I see - one hefty Kyrgyz is sitting, eating seeds and HARKET on the floor. I ordered him to get up. Got up (like got up - half got up). The castle platoon commander ordered him to stand up as it should, but somehow hesitantly. I see he is afraid of him. By his authority, he wrote him 2nvo and sent him to the training department. When he left, he told me to go on ... It was impossible to leave such a thing without consequences. But how? Do not fight with him? (Yes, and the result is not clear .. and I’ll lose authority). And then I (of course not good, but ...) figured out how. He told the Armenians about this incindet in the next lesson. The result of the educational work that they conducted with him, I saw quickly. Well, even before the heap, someone flew in. The fighting were guys. All fought in Karabakh. Communicated with them sincerely. Find out how their life turned out. But how? I thought, thought to print or not ... Ah, let it be ...
  33. Strashila
    Strashila 24 May 2013 11: 35 New
    Uzbekistan is at hand ... they will settle there.
  34. creak
    creak 24 May 2013 11: 35 New
    Quote: Beibit
    Kyrgyzstan is important not in the economic but in the defense sense.

    And what do we have with Kyrgyzstan in the defense plan, in addition to constantly providing her with new loans and writing off accumulated debts? Yes, there tomorrow everything can change by 180 degrees, as has already been done more than once. Does the example of Uzbekistan teach us nothing? And once again the Bryansk man will pay for economic losses. Russia is a generous soul.
    1. Beibit
      Beibit 24 May 2013 13: 50 New
      In Central Asia, from the former CIS countries, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan more or less retained the army. and Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan completely lost their fighting ability as an army. If what is happening in Syria is going to happen in these states, then they will not last long. And if this happens, these states will become a crossing point for militants in Kazakhstan and Russia. And for the Russian Federation to fight in their own country with the militants oh how it is not necessary. Who needs extra devastation and terrorist attacks in their cities. So the enemies must be stopped far beyond the borders.
  35. Grigorich 1962
    Grigorich 1962 24 May 2013 11: 52 New
    Kyrgyzstan and with it Manas is a Russian zone of influence and there is nothing for the American eagle to stick its rotten nose ..... let them host their bases .... and saturate their markets with empty dollars
  36. sys-1985
    sys-1985 24 May 2013 13: 22 New
    The United States is not an option to leave from there at all, but I really want to. Number of den. signs will solve this issue for a certain time.
  37. Beibit
    Beibit 24 May 2013 14: 12 New
    Kyrgyz people understand that the United States uses them and that’s all, they don’t like this option. So the likelihood of the US leaving is greater.
  38. Beibit
    Beibit 24 May 2013 14: 22 New
    Well, what are the citizens of the USSR ... who will explain to me the situation, who is for whom ... Putin, Medvedev, Serdyukov, Shoigu, Chubais? For whom are they for the people of the USSR or do they still support Western politics.
    1. Abakanets
      Abakanets 24 May 2013 16: 56 New
      The USSR has been dead for 20 years, it will NEVER be over.
      1. Straus_zloy
        Straus_zloy 24 May 2013 16: 58 New
        And here we will see
      2. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 24 May 2013 17: 01 New
        Quote: Abakanets
        The USSR has been dead for 20 years, it will NEVER be over.

        Never say never! Brzezinski also said that Russia is over, but figs to you tongue
        1. Abakanets
          Abakanets 24 May 2013 18: 03 New
          Eurasian Union of Necrophilia.
  39. vkusniikorj
    vkusniikorj 24 May 2013 14: 38 New
    people yes you are absolutely stunned! from which fright the amers will leave. they must pay extra, we must bang everyone and stay.
    this is Russia looking around, as if Che pi..T.E. European gays did not say.
  40. pinecone
    pinecone 24 May 2013 15: 20 New
    Another Kyrgyz tender. Next time, participation of China and Turkey is not ruled out.
  41. Abakanets
    Abakanets 24 May 2013 16: 56 New
    We must also leave Russia, let them eat independence.
  42. regsSSSR
    regsSSSR 24 May 2013 18: 36 New
    I look amers recently just do a lot of gathering where to go, but is it really a question or is it their next ephemeral game of kind and fluffy, or is Uncle Sema really so bad ?? By the way, it would be nice for them to get out of Ulyanovsk as well, but something on this issue is just about shas silence on the air !!
  43. albai
    albai 24 May 2013 20: 19 New
    Kyrgyzstan was essentially one of the self-sufficient republics of the USSR. Livestock (mainly) and slightly agricultural, slightly industrial state (mainly defense plants transferred during the Second World War). The population was enough. The collapse of the USSR destroyed everything. The factories stood up, the land was dismantled, the cattle (there were 5 million heads of small cattle and cattle) were dismantled and cut. The first "hot spot" Osh - 91, according to all data, provoked from the outside, were able to extinguish with the help of the Tula airborne regiments. Akayev became the first president. under him the sprouts of "north-south" clan showdowns, large clans, which had not been completely extinguished by the communists for 70 years, arose. But little by little they got better, by the middle and end of the 90s, growth began in everything. But the Afghan invasion of the United States began, they asked us to type a piece of the airport for transport services to troops in the IRA. With the condition: they will clean up after the end of operations in the IRA Akaev, as a supporter of the multi-vector development of international cooperation, allowed, and immediately agreed to open a CSTO air base on the territory of a military airfield since Soviet times in Kant, (the east is a delicate matter). Amers first paid somewhere up to $ 10 Lyamas. They began to expand to build capital buildings, soldiers began to wander around the territory with weapons on a Humvee, walking around the city, all sorts of coalition warriors, of different skin colors. I mean, they are not going to leave, it was clear that they bought the top. Akayev, seeing this first aloud, and then in action, swung sharply towards the Russian Federation, and quickly in 2005. there was a coup, Bakiyev sat down, according to rumors amers, hammered 5-10 Baku Lyams into this business. Bakiyev nimbly raised the rental price to 60 lyamas, but amers are not stupid grandmothers began to give clothes (uniforms, shoes, equipment, sleeping bags, etc.), and training by all sorts of instructors, all kinds of courses at bases in Europe and America. Bakiyev realized that the amers were far away, the Russians were nearby, and the Akaev agreements, the contracts were ending, and for the idea of ​​building hydroelectric power stations from Russia he took 380 Baku lyams, safely invested them in his banks and quietly brought them out, putting them in his pocket. His former six, appointed by him as an "oppositionist", began a booze, Bakiyev put about a hundred young people, brought but handles, and having arranged a blood bath in Osh, rushed off to his father's second young wife, (the elder wife of "baibiche" Tatyana left for her fatherland in Kuibyshev, it seems) with money and lives happily ever after, laughing. Atambayev, who had arranged a booze, came to power, and ... the third part of the Marlezon ballet began "the same rhetoric, the same body movements, the same facial expressions." Sick comrades. The power in Kyrgyzstan must be taken by the military who served in the USSR. No other is given.
    1. Frunze
      Frunze 24 May 2013 22: 49 New
      Everything is correct !!!
  44. knn54
    knn54 24 May 2013 20: 35 New
    Through the efforts of Rosa Otunbayeva and Omurbek. Tekebaev in Kyrgyzstan more and more supporters of the rapprochement of the republic with SSA / NATO. Americans can organize a sortie of militants and immediately offer assistance in their elimination. It is still unknown who poisoned Atambaev in his own cabinet in the Government House when he was prime minister under Bakiyev ...
    But Atambayev should take a hit, and not refuse to make statements. Otherwise, there is no need to speak about any prospects for development, and about Kyrgyzstan as a full-fledged state.
    PS I have a vague suspicion that they might connect Erdogan. The pro-Turkish lobby in Kyrgyzstan is rapidly gaining strength.
    Or / and suddenly Karzai will begin to cry in front of the whole world that Afghanistan without "Manas" is nothing ...
    1. albai
      albai 24 May 2013 20: 46 New
      Quote: knn54
      Through the efforts of Rosa Otunbayeva and Omurbek. Tekebaev in Kyrgyzstan more and more supporters of the rapprochement of the republic with SSA / NATO. Americans can organize a sortie of militants and immediately offer assistance in their elimination.
      I agree. Otunbaeva, Tekebaev, agents of influence p..sov. In previous articles, it was said about the concentration of 2500 militants in Afghanistan on the border with Tajikistan, so they will be sent. Atambayev hron, travailed in the south with low-quality vodka. And Erdogan and his comrades are holding him for me ... well, he has all the business with the Turks. In short pogzh ... to him good is needed.
  45. SIBIR38RUS
    SIBIR38RUS 24 May 2013 21: 18 New
    They are being expelled from Manas and creep away from Ulyanovsk .... And we are gradually rising drinks Pancake RUSSIA !!! OH YES YOU CAN! I'm proud !!!!
  46. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 25 May 2013 10: 32 New
    Beibit KZ
    ... Well, tell me ... why Russia cannot send the US three letters. Instead, it plays "giveaway" as some sites say. Medicine, education, science, industry are all going to hell. Laws are adopted that contribute to this ... Is it possible that the wrong people are sitting at the top who just put on a show and make an appearance ...

    These facts do not surprise me, but BEZYAT! And the main thing is to give it to the people as a "good", day and night "work" on how to kill what is still good!
    And about the Amers that they will leave - I do not believe! aMeasures, if they cannot "outbid" the decision on the base from Russia, they will intimidate Atambayev with another "colored" one, or a variant with the opposition, as in Libya and Syria. They will arrange provocations and pass them off as the president's actions and begin to "save" democratic "rudiments" ... I think Atambayev is firmly in the "clutches" of the Amer, unfortunately!
  47. Mergenchi
    Mergenchi 25 May 2013 10: 50 New
    The fact that amers still leave Manas is hard to believe. This is their usual feint - to say one thing and do the exact opposite. I remember back in 2009 when they, even under Bakiev, promised to leave at the same time, took land for rent in hectares and concluded contracts with builders. The construction work that is carried out for the base is not taken into account anywhere and they do not pay taxes.
  48. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 25 May 2013 12: 03 New
    Beibit KZ
    Well, what are the citizens of the USSR ... who will explain to me the situation, who is for whom ... Putin, Medvedev, Serdyukov, Shoigu, Chubais? For whom are they for the people of the USSR or do they still support Western politics.

    It seems to me that about Medved, Chubais - definitely - pro-Westerners, I would even say the country's pests, I will not give arguments and facts now, everyone knows the results of their activities. Serdyukov - I don’t understand yet: either just a thief on an especially large scale, or deliberate sabotage of the country's defense capability. Putin for me is still a "dark lady". I perceive some of his steps "with a bang", and some introduce what is called "IN THE STUPOR". In the face of Shoigu I still see an honest man, all his actions, even though the post of the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, even at the current post, cause me APPROVAL, except for the fact that he said that Serdyukov was "misled", but here on Shoigu they could have simply " press "to" otmazat "from Serdyukov's responsibility. So Putin and Shoigu are most likely for the people of the USSR, but the remaining "friends" are unlikely, otherwise Medvedev would not have awarded the hunchback for the collapse of the country, and Chubais and Serdyukov would not have tried to harm the country as much as possible! But this is my personal opinion.
  49. Knucklhead
    Knucklhead 25 May 2013 12: 25 New
    And who will protect the Kyrgyz ?????????????????
    1. albai
      albai 25 May 2013 17: 14 New
      Kyrgyz people do not need to be protected, they need more fuel and lubricants, BP, equipment, uniforms, modern weapons, and adequate civilian and military leadership. To let more of the RDP groups in the mountains let out with full shops and bellies. And change them more often with turntables. There are enough fighters. Full control of possible penetration sites is needed. By the end of May, almost all passes will be cleared of snow. In advance, we will not increase l / s in dangerous directions, we will chase each other for a long time. In a word, the usual mountain DB tactics.
  50. Alew
    Alew 25 May 2013 14: 09 New
    If amerikosy somewhere get them out of there then as cockroaches can not drive out.