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High Power in Bulgarian

In previous articles on Bulgarian pistols, two models were discussed. weaponswhich clearly show that Bulgarians are perfectly able to copy both other samples and to create their own, and with a rather complex structure, rarely used by weapon manufacturers. So, an example of how well the Bulgarians can copy, is their version of the Makarov pistol under the designation P-M01, created by the company Arsenal. But this is not the only copy of a weapon made in Bulgaria; in addition to this gun, others were also copied. Let's try to get acquainted with another sample of Bulgarian pistols, this time already produced by another company, namely Arcus.

I think that no one will argue that Browning is one of the brightest representatives of firearms designers, and the gunsmith did not focus on one class of weapons, but created and developed a wide variety of samples. Having made a huge contribution to the development of firearms, the designer left behind a huge number of models, many of which have not lost their relevance to this day, while others have served as the basis for creating new designs. Browning's most famous development pistol is the Colt M1911. However, there is a later version of the weapon is not less well-known, namely the gun High Power. This gun is, in fact, the latest weapon that was created by Browning, but if you look only at the years of release of the gun. In fact, Browning has long been engaged in the modernization of the automation system, which is used in the M1911, in order to reduce the cost of producing weapons and reduce the number of parts that it used. The result of the work of the designer was the replacement of the locking larva, on the tide under the chambered chamber with the shaped neckline, into which the pin set in the frame of the weapon passed. Unfortunately, Browning did not live until the release of this gun, but this did not make the weapon bad. It was the gun that they decided to create at Arcus.

Naturally, full copying would not be the most reasonable thing, since by no means could they have fought with FN Arcus. But the company could improve the weapon, at least outwardly, in accordance with its ideas of beauty and the latest trends in weapon fashion, which was done. First of all, it should be noted that, according to the manufacturer, the gun had to “cling” precisely with its appearance, because several versions of weapons were created in various finishes. And a little later they made a compact version of the pistol, although in reality it was not so compact, they just slightly trimmed the barrel and shortened the cover-slide, changing its shape. Initially, the gun was made with wooden or plastic overlays on the handle, which differed little from the original, and subsequently made the handle more comfortable by making recesses for the fingers in front and also covering the handle with non-slip material. The changes concerned the casing-shutter, which began to have a "square" look, the back side became flat and straight. The safety bracket also received a rectangular shape and a deflection in the front, for a more comfortable holding of the weapon when shooting with two hands. It is noteworthy that the slide gate lever, which is the main element by which you can recognize the weapon, remained unchanged, but the fuse switch changed its shape, although it remained in its original place. In addition, the fuse switch is duplicated on the right side of the weapon. The store eject button began to protrude more from the weapon, which, however, had no effect on convenience, nor did it cause problems because of its sufficient rigidity. The sights of the pistol were also changed. The fly became longer and changed its shape, the pillar became removable, installed on the casing-slide on the dovetail seat, so if desired it can be replaced with a more convenient or adjustable one, although it’s not a fact that this procedure will be possible without natfilya On the other hand, High Power also had a variety of sights, including with the entire interchangeable.

High Power in BulgarianThe weapon works as follows. In its normal position, the bore is locked due to the protrusions on the barrel engaging with the shutter casing. When fired, the barrel and the shutter-casing begin to move backwards together, while the finer cut in the tide under the chamber begins to interact with the axis of the shutter lag lever, which leads to a decrease in the barrel's apparent portion and, as a result, the shutter-casing disengages. The barrel is braked in a twisted state, and the bolt continues to move backward, removing the cartridge case and throwing it through the window to eject the cartridge case. When the cover moves backward, the return spring is compressed, and the trigger of the pistol is cocked. Moving under the action of a rectifying return spring forward, the shutter-casing takes a new cartridge from the magazine, inserts it into the chamber and rests against the breech, pushing the barrel forward. Due to the interaction of the figure cutout in the tide under the chamber and the axis of the bolt lag lever, the breech block rises, and the barrel engages with the gate casing, which ensures reliable locking of the barrel bore.

The weapon has a total length equal to 203 and 186 millimeters for a full-size and shortened model, the barrel length is 118,5 and 101,5 millimeters. It feeds a gun from stores with a capacity of 13 or 10 cartridges. The weight of the weapon is 970 grams for the full-size version and 920 grams for the compact version.

Naturally, at the beginning of the release of this pistol, a lot of problems were discovered, but they were all rather quickly resolved, which resulted in a simple, unpretentious, accurate and cheap pistol for relatively powerful ammunition. Even though this is only a copy of a weapon, it cannot be underestimated, since this sample gave the Bulgarian designers experience in using an automation system with a short barrel stroke, so copying can be very useful.
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  1. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 23 May 2013 07: 53
    I did not know that the Bulgarians are a kind of European Chinese. Article +.
  2. the47th
    the47th 23 May 2013 08: 00
    They, bastards, also stole Kalashnikov.
    1. bazilio
      bazilio 23 May 2013 10: 24
      Quote: the47th
      They, bastards, also stole Kalashnikov.

      Yes, but who just did not steal it)))
    2. scrabler
      23 May 2013 11: 45
      Let's evaluate soberly, Europe copies just like China, just smarter. It’s not a matter of whoever has the idea of ​​slyamzil, but how it has been implemented, and if they don’t hide, they openly say that we made a copy or on the basis of this and that, then it only respects)
  3. avt
    avt 23 May 2013 09: 48
    Browning for centuries! Even the Bulgarians could not spoil it, only glanced. laughing
    1. scrabler
      23 May 2013 11: 43
      In such an automation system, the quality of the metal is important, so if it is appropriate, then it turns out to be a miracle, not a gun, and if it is possible to wait from a melted can from canned food then I would love to feel the Bulgarian version of a pistol, that’s right with very great pleasure, especially since I had the opportunity to touch the beautiful smile
      1. Timeout
        Timeout 23 May 2013 12: 02
        Good gun, in good performance. It is convenient at deduction, has no shortcomings of the progenitor of all 3 brands. And most importantly, cheaper than other HP-based pistols. Very good at odds in the US and LA. By the way, steel and alloys are used even at a very high level. The quality of processing is approaching the level of leading companies.
  4. bazilio
    bazilio 23 May 2013 10: 32
    Yes, Ivan Moiseevich Browning was a talented gunsmith. I think I will not be mistaken if I say that 90% of modern pistols work using the automation system that Browning invented. Yes, and his samples are still produced and applied to this day. If the M1911 or High Power today are mostly used as civilian and official weapons, then its M2 machine gun still serves not only in the US Army but also in 40 countries.
    According to this, it is safe to say that John Moses Browning is a legendary designer
    1. scrabler
      23 May 2013 11: 40
      Honestly, no offense to other designers, but I would put Browning first on the list smile Yes, a little and even a lot of entrepreneur, but I also want to eat wink
  5. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign 23 May 2013 13: 31
    Test gun! This applies to both High Power and the Bulgarian replica.
    In the first picture, you can really see that the fuse box is duplicated on two sides (right-left). In the remaining pictures (where the gun is with a light anodized coating on the frame) - only the left side. Judging by the photo, the quality of the finish of metal surfaces is good, which indicates a well-thought-out technology, equipment and competent technologist Arcus.
    I don't remember exactly, but it seems that the High Power short magazines had two varieties for 11 and 7 (8) rounds. (the latter went only to the "compact"). The Bulgarian version of the "compact" is still quite compact, and the "lateralized" version of the main pistol.
    At the same time, the characteristics of the rubber-plastic in the version from the lower pictures are interesting - "how it will behave at sub-zero temperatures" - it will harden and become slippery or retain its normal properties for holding the pistol. I would also like to know about the "weight distribution" of this sample and the convenience when shooting ...
    The Bulgarian HP-DA makes a very good impression (in the pictures). Thanks to the author for the cultural enlightenment!
    Eh, still to shoot from such ...
    D.M. Browning - FOREVER!
    1. Timeout
      Timeout 23 May 2013 14: 24
      All the models in the photographs are in the single-action article (without self-cocking) Arcus 94. The difference from HP is that there is not a safety catch, but a safety trigger and a magazine of not 13, but 15 rounds, the Bulgarians got a little excited and shortened his beaver tail. In the Arcus 98 DA variant, the tail was put back in place. At the moment the price of a Bulgarian pistol in DA is 300 bucks. Those who have not saved up for authentic Browning, bought a Bulgarian and do not regret it at all!
      1. Ch0sen1
        Ch0sen1 23 May 2013 16: 30
        For most people, the problem of buying a gun is not in money but in our legislation sad
        1. Timeout
          Timeout 23 May 2013 17: 10
          Russia is something with something, it’s just that the authorities are afraid to give weapons to people up to a loose chair. They say, Vanka will surely get drunk and go to blame everyone for a heck of a lot ... Nonsense, I drove enough to different countries and looked at where and how they handle weapons. Compared to some nations, the lambs are generally sinless. I have a neighbor living through my house, a Ukrainian. So he had a police outfit on duty for three weeks, a friend had the imprudence to show a scythe-Lithuanian, her neighbors counted him a wunderwafer, and they themselves had several trunks. It’s just that the Peruvians still have a memory of Russian officers and soldiers who showed the Latins how to fight during the Chuck War, and are still respected! And they believe that in the hands of a Russian, any object turns into a weapon of mass destruction.
  6. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign 23 May 2013 15: 41
    Timeout, thanks for the comment. The absence of self-cocking somewhat dropped this example of "pistol" craft in my eyes. So the pistol is rather a variant of civilian weapons. So, consider the abbreviation "DA" removed from your comment. Best regards, Dread Ensign.
    1. Timeout
      Timeout 23 May 2013 16: 02
      Here is the Arcus 98 DA (self-cocking), the offset barrel in all respects!
      1. Timeout
        Timeout 23 May 2013 16: 05
        And this is his compact brother Arcus 98 DAC
        1. Ch0sen1
          Ch0sen1 23 May 2013 16: 36
          Give both, two copies good
          Self-plating is the only modernization that HiPower needed yes
          1. Timeout
            Timeout 23 May 2013 16: 43
            You are welcome! laughing
            I sometimes shop here .... yes
  7. uzer 13
    uzer 13 23 May 2013 21: 34
    Russia also had experience using a Browning pistol. It was the Browning of 1903, which was armed with the police. It looked very much like the TT and, apparently, the TT was designed on its base. The difference was in the locking system. The Browning had a free shutter, and the TT is interlocked, similar to that used on the Colt pistol of 1911. After that, Browning pistols began to be forgotten, apparently, for political reasons.
  8. jagdpanzer
    jagdpanzer 25 May 2013 20: 02
    Quote: the47th
    They bastards also stole Kalashnikov
    not stolen but the USSR gave with the bounty of the lords