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When the nation becomes a victim

When the nation becomes a victim

The beginning of the 21st century was characterized by the emergence of a new type of war in which victory is achieved not through the destruction of the armed forces and the economy of the enemy, but by influencing its moral and mental state.

If we follow the classification of wars in terms of changing social formations and technologies used, we have now entered the era of wars of the seventh generation - information network, which resulted from the following factors: the development of computer equipment and communications, which led to an increase in the role of information in life a society that, by the effectiveness of its influence, has surpassed many material types of resources; the successes of psychology in the study of people's behavior and the management of their motivations, which made it possible to exert a given effect on large groups of people; the development of non-lethal means of replacing traditional species weapons.

Hidden, but effective threat

The traditional war against a state that possesses nuclear weapons is extremely dangerous in our time. Modern political technologists, serving the interests of the ruling elites of Western countries, are seeking to transfer aggression from the material space to the information one. First of all, the traditional values ​​of the people are reoriented or destroyed so that the information attack from the outside is perceived by the given society as corresponding to its striving for progress. External aggression in the mass consciousness takes the form of a civilizational transformation of a backward society to others at a higher stage of development.

Technologies of network wars were well developed during the Cold War as a form of total destruction of the geopolitical enemy. Informational network war consists in undermining and subsequent destruction of the basic characteristics of a nation, carried out mainly in a hidden form. Depending on the specific objectives of the impact on the enemy, one or another area of ​​his public life may become a priority object of aggression.

The purpose of the information-network war is to assign most of the country's strategically important resources to the geopolitical aggressor. At the same time, the “transfer” of these resources to the aggressor is carried out by the elite of the victim country largely voluntarily, since it is perceived not as a seizure, but as a path to development. This creates difficulty in recognizing the technology and methods of information-network war compared to the traditional one, as well as the lack of a timely response to the actions of the aggressor, since the victim does not have any measures to counter them. Moreover, if the results of the "hot" wars are challenged and revised over time (examples of this are the First and Second World Wars), then the results of the information-network war are not subject to revision until its aggressors lose their positions.

Signs of an attack

How these positions will be lost is currently unclear. The complexity of the issue lies in the fact that the front of the information-network war is located in the mental space of human society, in which the basic values ​​of the nation-victim have already been replaced by psychological attitudes and myths of the aggressor. Mass consciousness is unable to recognize the fact of implantation of mental viruses in a timely manner. And the political and cultural elites, who became the object of the information-network war, lacking sufficient qualifications to identify informational aggression and organize an adequate response to the network enemy, are doomed to a crushing geopolitical defeat.

In fact, practically all public institutions, primarily the media and religious organizations, cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations, and public movements financed from abroad, are connected to the information-network war. Even scientists working under foreign grants contribute to the destruction of the state. All of them carry out the so-called distributed ataku, inflicting numerous point destructive attacks on the country's social system under the slogans of developing democracy and respect for human rights. Thanks to modern political technologies and accumulated experience of influencing the mass consciousness, the genocide of the population can be carried out without the use of gas chambers and mass executions. It is enough to create conditions for reducing fertility and increasing mortality.

Another feature of information network wars is the absence of a rigid hierarchy in the network structure of the aggressor. This is due to its heterogeneity, which is expressed in significant autonomy of state and non-state elements of this structure, where there are no pronounced vertical links. But there are numerous horizontal, the action of which is irregular. The lack of hierarchy and regularity of interaction does not allow to clearly identify the existence and activities of such a network structure.

driving forces

The source of energy for the considered network structures, it can be said to be “combustible”, is information that circulates in them, and peculiar “fuses” are the masters of the nodal points. An example of this is the social networking servers Facebook and Twitter, which are under the control of US intelligence agencies.

As the British The Guardian reported, advocacy work is already underway in the United States using Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. The control center of this program is the United States Air Force McDill base in Florida, where 50 operators are involved, each of which controls about ten “agents of influence” registered in different countries of the world and leading the information war according to all the rules of political technologies of destruction of states. The cost of this program, according to the British newspaper, is estimated at 2,76 million dollars, providing for each of these fighters of the information war there is a convincing legend and protection measures against disclosure. According to the spokesman for the Central Command of the US Armed Forces, Bill Spix, any impact on the American audience is prohibited by the rules, which precludes the use of English. The information in the system is presented only in Arabic, Urdu, Pashto, Farsi and some other languages ​​depending on the target countries.

The identification and qualification of acts of information warfare are the task of the special services of each state that cares about its security. This is all the more important because, due to the unrevealed nature of information aggression, it is not perceived by society as a direct threat to the existence of the state. The expert community and intelligence agencies must show these threats, explaining them to the country's leadership to take appropriate measures.

Spheres and methods

The struggle is conducted in the following spaces: geographic - for establishing control over the territory through global (including space) information and intelligence systems; separatist movements and terrorist activity in various forms are encouraged in the enemy’s territory; the organization of popular unrest and "color revolutions"; economic - by imposing enslaving credits on the enemy, imposing an embargo, organizing economic sanctions and provocations; ideological - through slander, distortion of information, the substitution of concepts, the introduction of mental viruses and myths into the minds of the enemy’s population; network - due to hacker attacks and the introduction of computer viruses in computing and communication systems and databases.

Whatever the ultimate goal of an information-network war, the immediate task is always to make it difficult for people to access reliable information. The importance of this is explained by the fact that the efficiency and quality of decisions made at all levels directly depend on the completeness and reliability of the information provided.

The main methods of information confrontation.

1. Hiding critical information about the state of affairs in this area.
2. Immersion of valuable information into an array of so-called informational garbage in accordance with the principle of "hiding a sheet in the forest."
3. Substitution of concepts or distortion of their meaning.
4. Distraction on insignificant events.
5. The use of concepts that are known to the public, but have not only definitions, but also significance.
6. Filing negative information that is better perceived by the audience than positive.
7. Reference to factors devoid of real meaning, as well as to incorrectly conducted sociological and marketing research.
8. The introduction of taboos on certain types of information, despite their well-known. This is done in order to avoid a broad discussion of issues and topics that are critical for certain structures.
9. Frank lie with the aim of preventing negative reaction of the population and foreign public.
10. In the arsenal of information wars there are such means as the "information bomb" and "information mine." The first serves as a detonator for the avalanche-like growth of the process in society, while the second is laid in advance and works during the process that has begun to bring it to its logical conclusion. Information mines have become leaks from official government agencies or from sites like WikiLeaks.

A typical example of the use of technology information-network war are the uprisings of the masses in the countries of the Middle East. If in the case of Tunisia and Egypt, these technologies were not sufficiently manifested, then in Libya there was a "general run" of the wars of the seventh generation. The Libyan "revolution" appeared on the screens of the world media as a kind of simulator, a photo copy "without original", the course of which was presented by global mass media without any correlation with reality, but in exact accordance with the script written by Western political technologists.

Triggered by "revolutionary" speeches by informational attacks from social networks Facebook and Twitter, Arab societies triggered a revolutionary wave in the Middle East. The explosion on Arab Street showed that social networks have become a “fuse” for the restless atmosphere of the Middle East. Practically in all countries involved in this whirlpool of events, a protest flash mob was organized by sending out messages about upcoming rallies and protest actions through social networks, email and mobile phones. It should be remembered that the managing servers of the global electronic networks Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail are located in the United States and are controlled by US intelligence agencies. This allows you to organize the sending of messages to a pre-selected "clientele" - to their agents of influence in the countries of the Arab East, who receive a critical mass of people at the right time in the right place at the right time using a so-called word of mouth for this.

The people of the Arab street, most of whom know nothing about the Internet, social networks, and often not having computers and cell phones, are ready to beat shop windows, burn cars and throw stones at the police, because they felt they had the opportunity to get even with the power of the poor. which they were doomed to the ruling regimes. The security services of the invaded states were powerless to resist violence in a new form of organization of the protest movement, which immediately acquired an avalanche-like, uncontrollable character. It turned out that it was impossible to foresee the beginning of street riots, as well as the sources for sending inflammatory messages, and disabling access to the Internet and mobile communications after the outbreak of riots did not solve anything, since the process had become a wildfire.

Social support

The modern world is explosively saturated with people with a highly inharmonized inner world. "Young lumps", as sociologists call them, are a declassed mass with unmanifested social roots, without clear moral concepts and political guidelines. The activity of such elements in everyday life extends from the usual commercial fever to speculation in the stock and currency markets. With the growth of a revolutionary situation, their anti-systemic protest charge, which develops against the background of unrealized ambitions, increases.

So it was in the case of self-immolation of Mohammed Bouazizi - a Tunisian young man with a higher education who was forced to trade vegetables. Such people, being in constant search of their place in life, essentially become puppets, falling under the influence of social networks, crowd moods or ideologies of radical movements. And if they have no inner moral core, then it is impossible to imagine which motives will prevail in the next moment.

Mass media and information on social networks, covering such events, further intensify the atmosphere of mass psychosis. This is facilitated by shots taken by cell phone cameras with no one knows where and where, reports of the numerous victims who fell at the hands of government forces but not shown “for humane reasons”, reports from cities allegedly captured by the rebels, indiscriminate firing of anti-aircraft machine guns to demonstrate the combat situation action, wreckage of allegedly shot down government aircraft aviationthat bombed the rebels, the "transition" to the side of the people of Gaddafi's son, the flight of Libyan diplomats to the United States and France. However, if you look closely, you can see that a virtual war is being played out in the media, mounted and retouched on computers and thrown into virtual space as information chewing gum to justify UN Security Council sanctions.

If Tunisia and Egypt were the first samples of transatlantic directors of this pseudo-revolutionary performance, then Libya is the first real combat operation of the world information network war of the West against undesirable regimes. While in the Balkans, in Afghanistan and Iraq, Washington uses all the means and methods of global redistribution of the world, with the goal of changing leaders in countries that are of strategic interest to the United States, then in the states of the Middle East, the West initiates bringing to power the leaders of a new generation, replacing those Those who received education in the USSR are technocrats of the western formation and western mentality, who are called upon to strengthen the position of the United States while at the same time pushing China, the EU, and Russia. This is an example of an attempt to implement an information-network strategy of "controlled chaos", which turned out to be a new means of preserving global American leadership with minimal financial costs, not counting the costs of advancing aircraft carriers to the shores of Libya and the costs of the global economy from rising oil prices.
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  1. Ruslan67
    Ruslan67 23 May 2013 15: 29 New
    All these network and information wars have the opposite effect - as a result of such attacks, the organizers themselves receive a whole layer of their own citizens zombied with all sorts of rubbish. And when the goals abroad are achieved, then in the interval between the two wars, in order not to lose their shape, they begin to destroy their Geyropa countries. example With which I congratulate them love wassat
    1. T-100
      T-100 23 May 2013 16: 23 New
      Somewhere I already read it, somewhere here ....
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 23 May 2013 16: 39 New
        hello Ruslan, but with the DPRK this "trick" will not work .... there are no social networks tongue
        1. Interface
          Interface 23 May 2013 22: 26 New
          No, do we now have to close all social networks? Then dear users will not be able to go to this site, including. But to separate the Runet from the rest of the Internet, as in China, there are their search engines, their social networks, and youtube is censored. Disable all tags like "echo of Moscow," rain "," parnassus "and so on and so forth, and the task of educating our descendants will be our business, and not perverse strategists with pointers from the oval office.
          1. antimatrix
            antimatrix 16 June 2013 21: 17 New
            it's not about social networks, as such! the concept of information-network wars should not be taken literally! this definition is rather arbitrary (like many other things in this world, rather even - like everything in this world)! in my opinion, the concept of "information war" is more appropriate. And the networks themselves are some kind of wires, a way of distributing information. There are other ways to zombify. Censorship won't help either, Interface !!! Let us recall television, on which there are no television programs at all that are not involved in zombifying the population. Not even as intricate as "Field of Miracles". Global governance is carried out in structureless methods. Long topic. (BER information)
      2. SPACE
        SPACE 23 May 2013 19: 48 New
        Quote: T-100
        Somewhere I already read it, somewhere here ....

        Yes it was. "When a Nation Becomes a Victim. Conceptual Foundations of Information and Network Wars, dated May 2, 2013.
        Well, I repeat ... "Perhaps this site is also a battlefield. And each of its participants, warrior, good or evil, who is himself and who is not just like that, or just lost his way. Armed with words, in disputes we give birth to truth. Each individual opinion expressed here has little power, but when put together form a powerful information flow that can influence people's thoughts, change and strengthen their views. Perhaps we are those who today form correct judgments, understanding and vision on things, landmarks for others. But do not forget about planners of info war, be vigilant "... This is our line, our line of defense.
  2. polly
    polly 23 May 2013 15: 41 New
    Times are changing, and instead of horned knights in armor, now gay boys are straining their brains and fingers to create some kind of rubbish for the death of humanity: chaos is not chaos, networks are not networks, everything can get away with it, while they are in one, destructive for they will not move in direction. For there is such a WAVE on the planet as Russia, and who has forgotten history, we are not to blame ...
    MIKHAN 23 May 2013 15: 59 New
    They tried to untwist Russia in the recent past .. (as I recall, there was such a squeal on the Internet) .. now they have calmed down like hehe .. But seriously, this very serious threat is a global brainwashing in all countries .. especially youth .. (already starting with online games for children ml. age)
  4. JonnyT
    JonnyT 23 May 2013 16: 11 New
    The choice always remains with the person. If a person has strong moral convictions, then no social. networks will not have an effect. The Internet so far plays a small role in the upbringing and formation of personality (but its influence is increasing). Parents bring up, the street, earlier also school.

    Nerds - directly depend on the Internet and social networks, but no fighters from them
    1. stranik72
      stranik72 23 May 2013 20: 11 New
      According to psychologists, what you are talking about depends on the psychotype of the personality, and there are no more than 7% of such stable in modern society (in any case, this is an assessment of specialists from the USA) and they should be heard, if it were different, then the USSR has existed to this day because the "morally convinced" by 0 multiplied these liberals by their number. So, you just need to help our sworn friends in organizing network wars on their "territory", with our goals and according to our templates, so that at the right time their tagged or drunk appears to drain into the toilet of the country.
      1. Atlon
        Atlon 24 May 2013 17: 37 New
        Quote: stranik72
        So, we just need to help our sworn friends in organizing network wars on their "territory", with our goals and according to our patterns, so that at the right time their tagged or drunk appears to drain into the toilet of the country.

        In fact, there have been no "their territories" for a long time, and the "marked" is not needed there. Can't you see that everything is much more serious? Ask yourself a question:
        Why does Europe need pi-do-ry? What is the ultimate purpose of this? Why does the West need a stupid and zombie population? Why do they need terrorists and scumbags of all stripes? Why food with chemistry and GMOs? The truth is that the world, as a collection of countries with different interests, has already been destroyed! There are only one interests - world domination. And only one of them - the Jewish-Masonic financial "elite". So everyone will be "merged"! Both the USA and Europe. We are witnessing the final stage of the conquest of the world, when everyone is against everyone, the population is degrading, the world is plunging into chaos.
        Aliens have seized the earth?
    2. antimatrix
      antimatrix 16 June 2013 21: 41 New
      The choice is always made by a person himself - the truth! BUT! Remember, so-called moral convictions are not constant and not precise! It transforms over time, changes in the social environment, etc. And also, and in this I am absolutely sure that not without the help of some structures. I will give a simple example, and it will become clearer what I mean. Let's remember the times of duels, it was not so long ago. So, at that time, the dispute was resolved in this way and it did not go beyond the framework of moral or ethical norms. However, now, for us, this is not acceptable! The fact is that in what information-matrix environment, in the environment a person was born and raised, so he orients himself in this world. I mean, you can impose a pseudo-morality on a person and he will perceive it as real moral values. Global management is carried out in CONSCIOUSNESS BYPASS. Your avatar shows a fragment of this control. "Stole, drank, to prison - romance" here it is, informational matrix influence. (cheat. Conceptual Power)
  5. Vtel
    Vtel 23 May 2013 16: 29 New
    We are still sitting in the swamp of this informational mud, which is pouring day and night from TV boxes and other electronic stuffing, fooling our youth. All our kosher media works for the depraved West according to the plan of Comrade Brzezinski, who "loves" Russia and everything Russian. So, our enemies do not have to make great efforts under our current pro-Western government. One hope is for the Lord God and patriots that they will not let Russia die. Holy Russia will rise from sleep and build a bright world without this dirma on the rubble of the liberal.
    1. antimatrix
      antimatrix 16 June 2013 21: 51 New
      They will not let the world die, not just Russia! And not patriots, but Russians. Russian is not a nationality! Russian German, Chinese, Greek, Italian, etc. By the way, there is no longer a word inclined to any and all nationalities ...
  6. Net
    Net 23 May 2013 16: 30 New
    The stupidity of the population is a sure way to manipulate it. Learn, study, study! And above all, think!
    1. antimatrix
      antimatrix 16 June 2013 21: 54 New
      Yeah, here you are an example of such DAPPING. We check the grammar!
  7. Bort radist
    Bort radist 23 May 2013 17: 01 New
    Forums, in our time, are trenches. There is no one outside the war. "Wherever you are, no matter what you do, there is a war between earth and sky" V. Tsoi. The destruction of education is a springboard for the seizure of territory. You cannot be complacent about this, the enemy is very strong, elusive and poisonous.
    1. antimatrix
      antimatrix 16 June 2013 22: 04 New
      There is no war, there is global governance. We read the COB, conceptual power. It is not necessary to swing the pendulums (egregors) of war with such thoughts. I have nothing against Tsoi's words, but these phrases are too superficial. Plus, he was a drug addict, and it's like a preacher with a bottle of beer. (Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs were introduced three thousand years ago as one of the six priorities of conceptual power - this is genetic weapons - the fifth priority after military weapons; there are four more, read and listen to "Conceptual Power")
  8. AK-47
    AK-47 23 May 2013 18: 08 New
    ... the peculiarity of information and network wars is the lack of a rigid hierarchy in the aggressor’s network structure ... due to its heterogeneity, expressed in the significant autonomy of state and non-state elements of this structure, where there are no pronounced vertical links ... there are numerous horizontal ones whose action is irregular . The lack of hierarchy and regularity of interaction does not allow to clearly identify the existence and activity of such a network structure.

    Conclusion: the bald horse is not on foot.
    1. antimatrix
      antimatrix 16 June 2013 22: 06 New
      Is your conclusion such a joke? I hope ...
  9. ded10041948
    ded10041948 23 May 2013 19: 49 New
    And what, in normal, human language, was it impossible to write this? The article is correct, for this it is a plus, but it was written in such a way that my USSR higher education was not enough to understand everything the first time. I had to reread it again. In principle, we observe everything described in the article in everyday life. Only in our country the older generation has some kind of immunity against this infection (those who do not have sufficient immunity are collected in the authorities and the government), but the younger generation will completely shake these foreign innovations in 3-4 years. If you do not take any radical measures to save the brains of young people, to change the criteria of universal human values, etc., then as one movie hero said: "We are on the verge of a grandiose nix" ("Wedding in Malinovka", Popandopulo)
    1. antimatrix
      antimatrix 16 June 2013 22: 29 New
      The fact is, Grandfather, that global governance is bypassing consciousness! And that any human insight is always associated with the introduction of a new TERMINOLOGICAL APPARATUS. And in order to convey the lexical meaning of the word to another person, it is necessary that a common image emerges in the head (reflect) Imagine how difficult it was for Copernicus, Galileo to explain to mankind that the Earth has the shape of a ball, revolves around the sun, at a time when all the arguments were only about whether it rests on whales or elephants! New terms were introduced, for example, the solar system. Now also introduced. For example, conceptual power. Humanity at the beginning of an era of new insight! And this became possible only because the FREQUENCY of CHANGE of TECHNOLOGIES became less than the FREQUENCY of CHANGE of GENERATIONS (25 YEARS). Whereas before, technology changed for a thousand years, then for centuries, for decades ... And only in 1900-1940 did this frequency become equal (25 = 25), and then became less, and now it’s about 5 years .. And this one the period was called the Apocalypse. I advise you to read about this phenomenon.
  10. MIKHAN
    MIKHAN 23 May 2013 20: 11 New
    Yes, they don’t care about their drones and foreign attacks .. they’re afraid of us and that’s all (that's why the young people press us ..) it almost turned out morally economically in the 90s .. we drank a lot of whiskey and got orders ... and now again twenty-five we they are again slowly squeezing morally economically politically .. are now provoking war .. well, well ..
  11. sams
    sams 23 May 2013 20: 11 New
    This war has been waged for a long time and with full force. Moreover, the brain is washed by people around the world. True, special attention is paid to the Russian people here.
    They want to wipe it off the face of the earth (to deprive of its own past, identity, rights to the territory, moral-volitional qualities, ... the future) as dangerous, for someone fool nation.
    1. vilenich
      vilenich 24 May 2013 04: 44 New
      Quote: sams
      This war has been waged for a long time and with full force.

      But do not you think that Gorbachev, with perestroika and acceleration, was one of the stages of this war.
      1. antimatrix
        antimatrix 16 June 2013 22: 39 New
        Gorbachev did not understand what to do! He did not know about conceptual power and global governance, which is conducted from a supranational level. It all started much earlier! Only Stalin knew about conceptual power. And Putin knows, by the way.
    2. antimatrix
      antimatrix 16 June 2013 22: 34 New
      They do not want to erase, and not as dangerous! And what you wrote further is a conceptual power technique. Read or listen to this to stay informed. Efimov - Lecture of the FSB. Very interesting! One of the best videos!
  12. individual
    individual 23 May 2013 20: 16 New
    The Octopus of the Information War goes into the world.
  13. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 23 May 2013 20: 17 New
    Interesting examples, especially Libya, well, a bunch of thugs gathered, they were immediately dispersed, then the militants were driven into Libya, they were also dispersed, and then NATO entered the business with all its might, only then the "revolution" took place. So what did the internet influence matter in this case? but none, the same in Syria, who was raised to the revolution, just those who did not have the Internet. Who is fighting there now, 80% are foreign thugs, in the truest sense of the word. which in most computers have never been seen. So all these are fairy tales and horror stories that with the help of the Internet you can raise the people of a country to a riot. Internet users are mostly literate people and understand very well what revolutions lead to. But uneducated savages are precisely the main force of any "revolution"
    1. antimatrix
      antimatrix 16 June 2013 23: 10 New
      Ha! Are you sure that reality is shown on TV and networks? Or maybe it's some kind of movie, with decorations. What do you! Understand, in most cases it's just a movie. The goals are different, but one goal is always present - disinformation! The scheme of deception is as follows: there is a Lie, there is Truth, and so that the people do not "hesitate" in this dilemma (otherwise it would be easy to understand where what), confusion is made in this way: Lie is divided into Lie # 1 and Lie # 2. Maybe I will surprise you now, but everything that happens in the East is connected with the plan of the Global Predictor to belittle Karan's importance. This is a book, it is like a bone in their throat! Actions are developed approximately as follows: there is a conflict, there is a conflict, then they will need one eastern state to take up arms against another eastern state. Further, an armed conflict on a global scale, and all this will be presented under the auspices of Karan! So that everyone thinks that Karan is inhuman and so on. Like this . And uneducated savages - that's how they showed them on TV. Educated savages will be more dangerous, however. But this is how anyone understands. One way or another, it's not about education. If you didn’t know, but school and further education is part of the brainwashing. What kind of education is this? This is anti-education!
  14. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 23 May 2013 20: 27 New
    The United States has put the Internet at its service. After all, we all review sites. How much all sorts of moor, lies and hypocrisy does the Internet contain! wassat . In Russia, laws are being adopted that make it possible to block dangerous (especially for young people) sites. Timely. This work needs to be continued.
    1. antimatrix
      antimatrix 16 June 2013 23: 15 New
      And it will help !? I don’t think so! Can pass a law on the need to throw TVs out of the window?
  15. Gorinich
    Gorinich 24 May 2013 10: 06 New
    The article is bad because the "defeatist" one has long needed to have its own similar and more advanced technologies. But thieves usually don't have time ...
    1. Atlon
      Atlon 24 May 2013 17: 42 New
      Quote: Gorinich
      But thieves are usually not up to it ....

      Hey, your hat is on you !!! belay
      1. Gorinich
        Gorinich 27 May 2013 10: 09 New
        Do you know me? Not. Therefore, do not croak.
    2. antimatrix
      antimatrix 16 June 2013 23: 19 New
      She is not defeatist, she informs about the existence of such processes. New words, terms, people should know about it and the sooner they find out, the faster we get out. And there is technology, do not piss! It’s just that it’s not registered. So it is necessary. Overtake without catching up! Remember and know!
  16. Zubr
    Zubr 24 May 2013 19: 30 New
    Quote: Atlon
    Quote: stranik72
    So, we just need to help our sworn friends in organizing network wars on their "territory", with our goals and according to our patterns, so that at the right time their tagged or drunk appears to drain into the toilet of the country.

    In fact, there have been no "their territories" for a long time, and the "marked" is not needed there. Can't you see that everything is much more serious? Ask yourself a question:
    Why does Europe need pi-do-ry? What is the ultimate purpose of this? Why does the West need a stupid and zombie population? Why do they need terrorists and scumbags of all stripes? Why food with chemistry and GMOs? The truth is that the world, as a collection of countries with different interests, has already been destroyed! There are only one interests - world domination. And only one of them - the Jewish-Masonic financial "elite". So everyone will be "merged"! Both the USA and Europe. We are witnessing the final stage of the conquest of the world, when everyone is against everyone, the population is degrading, the world is plunging into chaos.
    Aliens have seized the earth?

    Moreover, in CHAOS, very well managed by this elite. A solid game on human vices.
    1. antimatrix
      antimatrix 16 June 2013 23: 28 New
      WE are observing not the final stage of the seizure of the world, but THE INITIAL STAGE OF A NEW HUMAN ENVIRONMENT! After all, Global Management has been going on for three thousand years, and began to understand only recently, and only because the frequency of technology changes has become less than the frequency of generations. And so it was not possible to fool people! This period was called the Apocalypse manipulators! So no panic! This is just the beginning!