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Each for all and all for one

Each for all and all for oneFor many years, every time they ask me what my political convictions are, I answer: "Orthodox communist."

The reaction of the questioner, regardless of his personal political position, of religion and age, as a rule, is always the same: the interlocutor has his eyes on his forehead and he says: “But this is absolutely incompatible things!”

“On the contrary,” I say, “these things are not only perfectly compatible, but even, one can say, inseparable from each other!” Since this question is currently very lively and takes a lot of people seriously, I will try to present my thoughts in this article . I want to emphasize that the purpose of this article in no case is to convert the reader to the Christian faith or to incline him towards the adherents of the communist idea. Simply, since we are talking directly about our country, its fate and its people, I believe that this topic deserves an honest dialogue between people who are in two such - as it seems at first glance - different positions: between Orthodox and communists.

This article is not solely the fruit of my fabrications. In any case, I will try to avoid as much as possible groundless interpretations. Here will be brought together some facts from our stories, and an attempt will be made to summarize and analyze the facts listed.

“Another fruitless attempt to reconcile the two irreconcilable positions! Nonsense! ”- This or that reader will tell. Well, I will answer right away - this article is not for those whose question of belonging to one or the other of these positions is a matter of blind, frenzied faith of the type: “I am good, and they are scoundrels!” This article is intended for those who is able, regardless of their beliefs, to read and logically consider the facts below as impartially as possible. And then again think it over at your leisure and draw some conclusions. And then - more and more often to return in thoughts to this topic. So, let's begin.

More than 20 years have passed since the Soviet Union was gone. There was no country going through communism, a country that embodied the reds, i.e. communist ideals, a country that, at the time of its formation, adopted a nine hundred year old Christian heritage, a country that indicated the path that many countries of the world wanted to take. Twenty years is a long time. But, as before, mutual recriminations between representatives of the Orthodox Church and convinced, ardent communists do not subside. Still sharp as a blade, and not only the fundamental, basic theme of unity of views and actions on the path of joint struggle against the rapidly growing and coming evil, the topic of joint work for the benefit and development and strengthening of our country, Russia, but even the theme of any unification of efforts in any momentary situational union (for example, in actions against the introduction of juvenile justice in Russia).

Position of one of the parties:

Most information sources bearing the opinion of representatives of the Orthodox Church for more than 20 years have been pouring reproaches at the Soviet Union as an implacable persecutor and fighter of the Orthodox faith, as murderers of all saintly people, and of the Soviet era very often - as an era of cruelty and evil. Even on the main Russian Orthodox TV channel, Soyuz, does not even pass a day so that programs will not be broadcast, interspersed interviews are often quite young people about how terrible Soviet times were for all believers. It is clear that in Soviet times a lot of blows were inflicted on the church and on believers, especially in the initial period of the formation of the RSFSR and then the USSR. It is clear that these blows were heavy and cruel, and no one calls for plunging them into oblivion.

But why did a country in which before the revolution more 70% were Orthodox (and more than 80% of the population according to the census of 1897 were Christians) [1], became after the October revolution with such revival and frenzy to destroy the temples, to drop to the shouts of the crowd crosses with domes and bells with bell towers? After all, it is impossible to imagine, if you are guided by common sense, that everyone who, on the scale of our vast Motherland, destroyed and blew up churches, desecrated shrines, ridiculed and arrested priests, denounced and slandered them, were only Bolsheviks who carried out the direct order of the party, bosses! There are still preserved videos of how the people standing around exulted and helped the defilers. Masses of ordinary people across the country took part in these actions. Why? What kind of reasons led them to do it?

Here three factors seem to be important, which can explain a lot.

First, since the reforms of Peter I and, especially, throughout the nineteenth century, obedience [2], the emasculation and the descent of the faith occurred intensively in our country. This is evidenced by serious works and disputes between Slavophiles and Westernizers of the XIX century, as well as the works of our great writers: Gogol, Dostoevsky and others. The church itself in its earthly dimension - as a collection of believers of the laity and clergy - for a long time, steadfastly withstood the onslaught and resisted these temptations. Nevertheless, the departure of the institution of the church from the tradition bequeathed by Christ and the Holy Fathers towards the secular way of life, the dominance of the Western scholastic spirit seriously shaken the faith of every single believer, because a single person, like each of us, cannot stand alone due to human weaknesses temptations coming at him. And the same thing happened to Christian believers: their faith was emasculated, lost its sacredness, people concentrated on the problems of worldly life, forgetting about eternal life. The result was a process that had long gone then in the West - the formalization of faith, that is, Christians began to turn from true believers to nominal ones. [3]

Secondly, in tsarist pre-revolutionary times, illiteracy was widespread among the common people. The general literacy rate at the time of the census of the Russian Empire from 1897 was 21%. [4] Moreover, this was illiteracy not only in the form of inability to read and write: it was also reflected in the lack of understanding of many elementary Christian doctrinal foundations. Most of the workers and peasants did not have the opportunity to receive this education either in the worldly or in the church educational institutions. Hence the "legendization" and folklore in the ideas of the Orthodox faith. That is - a direct rollback to paganism. For example, the “dark country boy” of tsarist times was sure that a thunderstorm with thunder and lightning was the prophet Elijah, who was rumbling across the sky on his chariot and scattering fiery arrows on all evil. And when the same guy received even the slightest acceptable education in Bolshevik Russia, he immediately learned that thunder and lightning are natural phenomena of nature, not caused by the prophet Elijah, as he had before believed. Such knowledge has also become a serious blow to faith, because where there is doubt and distrust there is not far from disbelief.

And, thirdly, we can never forget the fact that the Russian Orthodox Church in the person of the Holy Synod renounced in February 1917 God anointed king and blessed the February bourgeois-democratic revolution. Even without giving any assessment of this fact, it is impossible to ignore it. Within a few days after the overthrow of the monarchy, the Holy Synod met under the chairmanship of the Kiev Metropolitan Vladimir.

The Holy Synod stated: “The Provisional Government in the person of its Ober-Prosecutor V.N. Lviv 4 March in a solemn open meeting of the Holy Synod announced the granting of full freedom to the Holy Orthodox Russian Church in Her government, retaining only the right to stop the decisions of the Holy Synod, which are politically undesirable in some respects to the law. The Holy Synod went in all directions to meet these promises, issued a reassuring message to the Orthodox people, and performed other acts necessary, according to the Government, to calm the minds [5]. Archbishop Arseny of Novgorod spoke about the great prospects before the Russian Church, which opened after “the revolution gave us (the Church) freedom from Tsesarepapism” [6]. Thus, in fact, the Synod recognized the coup d'état as valid and officially proclaimed the beginning of a new state life in Russia, and declared revolutionary events as the accomplished “will of God”. The church swore in the Provisional Government and blessed him [7].

For the common people, who preserved the age-old memory of the king on the throne as an anointed God - completely independent of the attitude of his (people) to the king - this event was a great shock, breaking in his mind: “it means if the anointed God can be quickly thrown off, and the revolution is blessed by the church, now everything is possible and everything is possible! ”But the analogy of the people's attitude to God's anointed and attitude to God is obvious, and the shock from February can be fully expressed by the words of Ivan Karamazov:“ If there is no God, then everything is allowed. ” .. We will not obsu wait for the policies and actions of the last king himself, this is a topic for a separate large study. But these events marked the beginning of a completely new era, both in the consciousness of the people and in their attitude to faith.

So, conflict and internal contradictions, both within the institution of the church and in the minds of the simple baptized people, matured long before the Great October Socialist Revolution. In this regard, the anti-religious policy of the Bolsheviks of the first wave in itself was not so much the root cause as the impetus that initiated an avalanche of persecutions against the church, which were attended by much of the simple baptized people. Moreover, it should be noted that Lenin, with all his personal dislike of Christianity, having accepted a country with a centuries-old Orthodox spiritual heritage, consciously did not abandon all the basic moral, value and spiritual foundations that had existed in Christian Russia for centuries. He considered it absolutely necessary to adopt most of them, making them Soviet values, abolishing or greatly reducing the institution of the church itself.

Yes, then it was very difficult times for the entire Orthodox Church, yes, there were persecutions and desecration of temples. In many ways, as a consequence of the internal contradictions that existed in Tsarist Russia, which was briefly mentioned above. Yes, the times of martyrdom and confession came. But in any way, under no circumstances should we forget or overshadow the fact that if there were no Red Project - the Soviet Union, there would be no Russia at all and, consequently, there would be no Russian Orthodox Church.

Now it is no secret to anyone that since the First World War, and especially during the Civil War, interventionists from different states "sharpened their teeth on Russia." This was accompanied by military operations on the territory of Russia, both of the troops of the countries of the Fourth Alliance and the troops of the countries of the Entente [8]. Those. in fact, the German Empire, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, the Kingdom of Bulgaria, Finland, Great Britain, France, the USA, Japan, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Italy, etc., of all 14 states fought for our territory. The goal of the intervention was not to help the White movement at all. The White Army was simply used for its own purposes by the Western elites. So, the “Franco-English Agreement”, concluded in Paris 23 December 1917, i.e. The agreement on the division of Russia into spheres of influence [9] was only one of the first steps in the division of the "Russian pie" between foreign powers [10]. Is it possible that in this political and military situation someone else may assume that the Western powers, by dividing Russia into a patchwork quilt of their colonies, would leave the Russian Orthodox Church untouched? It is enough to recall what the knight dogs, Polish invaders during the Time of Troubles, civilized Napoleonic armies, etc., have always done with the Orthodox people and with our shrines. The Orthodox Church would be one of the first to be put under the “ax” as an institution that forms the cultural core and crystallizes the ideological core of the Russian people, Russian society, and Russian statehood as such.

The example is not clear enough and there are many controversial issues? Let's take another example. There would be no Red Communist, Soviet project - there would be no our country, and there would be a "Lebensraum im Osten" - "living space in the East" - the Third Reich. According to Alfred Rosenberg’s Ost master plan, there would be burned fields and villages, bombed cities destroyed by 50-60% of Russians in the European part of the Soviet Union, 15-25% deported to the Urals, and 25% of Ukrainians and Belarusians killed [11] . And what would have remained in such a situation — already without Russia, already in the eastern lands of the Third Reich — with a majority of the population to be destroyed and a minority of under-superhumans [12] subject to “ariization” lost in the former USSR — a place for the Orthodox Church?

You will say: “But what about the“ Pskov mission ”?” I will answer: “But what about the exploded, barbarously destroyed and desecrated, turned into a garbage dump by the fascists one of the main Orthodox shrines - the New Jerusalem Monastery?”

Regardless of the attitude towards the Red Army and towards the Bolsheviks, it is necessary to recognize the fact that one of their main goals was to preserve the integral, strong, growing and developing state, which eventually was achieved for a long time. So, had it not been for our Red Victory, the red flag over the Reichstag - there would have been no Russia, there would have been no Orthodox Church.

Many leaders and church hierarchs on the merit appreciated this and openly expressed their attitude towards communism and the USSR in particular. For example, the well-known surgeon, Archbishop Luka Voyno-Yasenetsky (glorified among the saints), who, incidentally, was repeatedly arrested and exiled, wrote: “In the Great Revolution, in socialism and communism, the peoples of the USSR learned new principles of morality based on duty to the Motherland and the state, on the partnership in work and life, in mutual respect ... The destruction of the economic foundations of the evil of the social and the evil of the individual perpetrated by the revolution is immensely great. But just as great is the task of eradicating the sources of evil in the human heart, which is fulfilled by the Church of Christ according to the covenant of His Master and Head. The preaching of love and brotherhood should be a great addition to the preaching of duty and camaraderie. ”[13]. It is no coincidence that the two Patriarchs - Sergius (Stragorodsky) and Alexy I (Simansky) - did not hide their positive, grateful attitude towards the Soviet Union, its merits and personally to Stalin. Above all this is worth pondering.

Position of the other side:

From the side of a large number of left-wing, communist movements, simply fiery communists, adherents of the Red project, as well as people sincerely seeking to revive the Soviet Union, build anew the USSR 2.0, the criticism of Christianity as such and the Russian Orthodox Church in particular, does not subside. It is necessary to hear that the Christian religion is not only obscurantism, but also a way to fool people, forcing them to dutifully "dance to the tune" of the corrupt powerful people. The church is accused of being always an instrument of the state and serving only the selfish interests of the ruling class.

But if everything said hypothetically to be taken for truth, then many things become completely incomprehensible. In what way did the Russian people in all previous centuries, and especially in the 20th century, always display unparalleled valor, courage, bravery and, at the same time, mercy for the defeated enemy, which was not encountered, was not seen in similar situations in other nations of the world? Why did the Russian people, the Russian people every time during the period of grave wars, save not only themselves, but also, at the cost of their lives, the rest of the country and the people? Are such higher manifestations of the spirit possible in an environment where the church served only to fool people?

Thanks to centuries of Christian education, Christian principles of spiritual achievement and growth, absorbing the experience of the Fathers of the Church, teaching about peace, tolerance and love for neighbors (to people of different nationalities and religions), the people of our country created a great and glorious Fatherland - an empire that preserved its culture and science, its spirit and its self, despite the centuries-old opposition to invasions from the West and from the East. Collecting lands, uniting nations, opposing all sorts of lawlessness, holding back the spread of evil that exists in the world - this is the so-called “Russian miracle”. The people of our Motherland are a nation that has long shouldered the burden of the catechon state, the burden of holding [14], the burden of counterbalancing universal evil, the people leading a constant struggle against evil and regularly overcoming it, bringing peace and salvation to other countries. “The state is the means by which people continue and develop their historical mission. Only by understanding this historical mission to the end and bringing yourself back to the state where your Ideal can be subordinated to this historical mission, can you become a nation. But without a state, the Russian people cannot — and more so than any other ”[15]. We became such mainly due to the centuries-old Orthodox heritage. And this fact is recognized by both atheists and people of different faiths.

There are many examples of this. “Take, for example, our Russian sacred calendar: there’s about one half among men — the monks of all ranks, from simple monks to bishops, and the other half — warriors. What is this - an accident? The question, I think, is rhetorical. It is not for nothing that the most glorious people in the history of Russia and in the history of other states have always been the military, that is, those who were the first to give their lives for the people and the Fatherland ”[16].

In Russia, Orthodox monasteries were trained in military affairs. During the raids of nomads temples turned into fortresses. And the monks themselves defended them. In a decisive battle with the Mongol-Tatars, Prince Dmitry Donskoy went with the blessing of St.. St. Sergius of Radonezh, who gave him both for the battle and for maintaining the Orthodox spirit in the army of two monks, valiant warriors: Peresvet and Oslyabyu. What the Kulikovo battle has become not only for Russia, but for all the territories not yet conquered by the Tatars, is known to all. Sergius of Radonezh founded many monasteries in Russia, which served not only to preserve the spiritual and cultural values ​​of the people, but also taught to protect these values ​​and shrines. Those. The monks were taught to fight for the Motherland, and they themselves went, putting on the soldier's vestments, to fight and die for the Motherland, if it was necessary.

During the Time of Troubles and the establishment of the Polish authorities in Russia, it was the monks of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra who withstood the 16 month-long siege of the Polish-Lithuanian invaders, withstanding the shelling of the fortress and digging, scurvy, hunger and cold. Those who were besieged, conducting active defense, conducting skillful artillery fire, not only successfully repelled the storming of the fortress, but also made frequent sorties themselves, causing great damage to the enemy. They showed the whole country an example of resilience and unshakable faith and laid the foundation for the spiritual consolidation of the people, and also diverted significant forces of False Dmitry II from Moscow, which prevented the “Tushins” from seizing the Russian capital [17].

When the Russian army defeated Napoleon and victoriously liberated Europe, the population of France awaited with horror what the “civilized” Europeans did in Russia: arson, looting, violence, desecration of monasteries and temples, murders. Imagine their surprise when the soldiers of the Russian army, after serious battles, behaved in France like modest innocent young men invited to walk and lunch [18]. No robbery, violence, desecration of shrines. Is this not a legacy of Christianity?

But what about Soviet soldiers, sailors, officers who lay down on the loophole of the firing machine gun or sent their planes, Tanks and ships to ram? Orthodox priests fought in the same trench with atheists, received military orders and awards, remembering the instruction of St. Filaret of Moscow (Drozdov): “Abhor the enemies of God, slay the enemies of the fatherland, love your enemies” [19]. The Communists attacked the fainted fighters, the first to go into battle under a hail of bullets and shells, repelled the Nazi onslaught to the last bullet, and when the bullets ran out, they blew up themselves and the enemy. I dare to assume that it was on the battlefields of the Great Patriotic War that the final reconciliation of the majority of the fighting believing part of the people of the former Russian Empire, of the very recent peasants who stood with their parents at the liturgies, with the very Bolsheviks, a large part of whom led before the war, took place. active anti-religious activity, which before their very eyes destroyed their own village churches, took the priest to no one knew where, mocked the faith of their parents. And now, these communists, using their only right and privilege [20], were the first to go into battle, the first to die in front of their believing comrades and subordinates. Hundreds and thousands of Gastello and Alexandros sailors, being mostly atheists, communists, truly, in a Christian way sacrificed for their neighbors the most important thing that they had - their life. “There is no longer that love, as if someone would lay down his soul for his friends.” (John 15:13) [21].

Read the Moral Code of the Builder of Communism. You do not have any analogies with the Christian foundations, dear brothers and sisters? And you, dear comrades, do you have any analogies when you see such lines: “Take care not of yourself, but of others” (Phil.2: 4); “He who does not want to work does not eat” (2Fes.3: 10); “Love one another” (John 15: 12); “All you brothers” (Mf.23: 8)?

Therefore, it was in Russia, and not in any other country in the world, that the Red Communist project was implemented, in which the resistance and courage of the Bolsheviks were combined with concern for the humiliated and the offended. The project, which not only kept the empire crumbling to pieces and threw interventionists and invaders of all stripes out, but was able to build a great power that was the only country that could defeat the source of absolute evil - fascism - and freed the entire world from the brown plague, launched a man into space and gave the world great discoveries, became a guiding star to other countries of the world and has reached many, many more. The Bolsheviks received the legacy of more than nine hundred years of Orthodox education of Russia, which formed its cultural core, and, despite all the reforms and processes of emasculation of the faith since Peter's time, our people carried the Christian basis of life and world outlook on the subconscious, on the spiritual, at the genetic level. In no other country has the Red project of this kind failed: it failed miserably in Western countries and was reborn as something different in China.

What is the very concept of "Red Project"? “A red global project is an idea that appeared in the 18th century and aimed at combining the Biblical value system (i.e., restoring the value system destroyed by the Reformation and the Capitalist global project) with the idea of ​​scientific and technical progress The seventeenth century was developed using lending rates ”[22]. Thanks to the Red project, our Homeland received a completely new, unknown to Tsarist Russia and the whole of the West, the movement vector, saving the world of modernity that was rapidly collapsing as a result of the establishment of the capitalist social system.

So what happens - Christianity and the Soviet Red Project are inseparable from each other? A ready answer here will be superfluous: let everyone make his own conclusion himself.

And what follows from this? And only that it is not at all important: how much Orthodox Christians and communists love or dislike each other. The main thing is that, as before, they will have to fight side by side not only against the physical, but also against the metaphysical enemy who purposefully drives our country and the world as a whole into archaic. And after that, we will have to restore our Homeland, robbed and broken, sucked and trampled by our own and Western elites, together.

Where to start? The task is really not simple, but what Russian retreated in the face of difficulties ?! The country is alive, it still breathes, no matter what. We can do the impossible. For a new round of history, we need a "new man." Do not rush to conclusions - we are not talking about any Martians, nanorobots and cloned performers.

What is the "new man"? This is a person who connects the moral code of Orthodox Christians and the moral code of builders of communism (attention: I do not want and do not try to turn the conversation to the Christian path!). So - incredible, but quite feasible. The first Christians, the inhabitants of the catacombs, had confidence: “I know whom I believed” (2 Tim. 1: 12) - this is the main and primary grain, impulse of the “New Man” life. It is adequate to today's reality. A person can and should be ready to die for what he believed, for the sake of his knowledge, his faith and his love. There are more than enough examples in the entire 1000-year history of our country. For example, Alexander Nevsky. Destructive ideas, incompatible with the Russian spirit, the spirit of Russian statehood, the Russian faith, were carried by knightly dogs. And people - not only Alexander Nevsky, but also simple people in his army - understood that it was not the stomachs ripped up by the Mongol-Tatars, but these ideas from the West are terrible. And they made the right choice.

The people accomplished the Great October Socialist Revolution (they grabbed the falling power) only because they had a stronger “ridge”. Whatever opinion the reader might hold about the Bolsheviks, they were ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of an idea. These were the "New People".

Next - the Great Patriotic War. Brest Fortress, Sevastopol, Stalingrad, Leningrad. The best people died. They died first and fertilized with their deaths the ground for victories, laid bones, so to speak, the road to the cosmodrome and thus provided all the possibilities for the emergence of subsequent generations of "New People."

After the war - the race of the nuclear project, the race for space. People did not spare themselves. Interviews and stories of each designer, regardless of the specific field in which he worked (see, for example, the cycle of documentaries "Impact force"), show us these same "New People". Peer closely at faces, especially - in the eyes of these people! These people worked day and night, were undernourished, did not sleep, creating such a state that defended everyone. Including those dissidents who are falling apart their own country. Protected against being bombed and not hung on the pillars "democratic" uncle from the West. That's what New People is.

What to do?

To save humanity of Russia is not the first time. What I want to say is: we have such a value that we can share with the whole world in order to save the whole world and every person in it (everyone can understand the word “escape” differently, because it has many meanings).

The Western route is as follows: Democratization at any cost! Democratization - there is a desire for violent political and social changes aimed at establishing Western values ​​in a historically established society and, along the way, economic advantages for a democratizing power (united by the United States of the West). They impose their values-on-export, it should be noted only in the case when they have a minimum 6-10 -fold superiority in forces. That is, the goal of the West is to impose the predominance of material values ​​over spiritual values ​​and, at the same time, to seize other people's wealth. To put it more simply, eat, say, drink, have fun, my soul, but for now we will master your natural resources, and with them human resources ... For example, donor organs are in great demand in the market for the rich ...

Is this the way Russia has been going for the last thousand years? Is this our way? So what is it - the path of Russia? The messianic idea for Russia is not something new. Unlike other countries, Russia followed its messianic principles until the first man’s flight into space - both in wars and in the discovery of development paths for the world. And at the moment, no one agitates! We are looking for the meanings that have moved our society over the centuries and that could help us manage to build a starship on the deck of the Titanic that goes under the water.

The newest history is the Soviet Red project. With all of his apparent and declared materialism, with all the controversial, extremely one-sided solution of the main issue of philosophy, the ideal, as well as messianism, was the very core that allowed people to industrialize 10 for years, to defeat the strongest of enemies - united Europe by Fascist Germany in just 4 of the year. It is not a secret to the facts that the people of our country, for example, worked with joy in order to support our friendly countries.

So what happens? There is a comprehensive paradox - the official Soviet ideology proclaims materialism (the primacy of matter before consciousness), and in practice, during the heyday and take-off of the Soviet project, pure idealism reigns in the minds of the very "New People". And, as soon as materialism really penetrated the hearts of the people, they chose jeans and sausage, dollars and boomers. People abandoned ideals and desired capitalism.

It turns out that this is the core that permeates the entire thousand-year history of our country: idealism (manifested, among other things, among the most pragmatic kings and dictators). The combination of idealism and a creative constructive approach for the indispensable realization of their ideas, and not just lofty dreams of lifeless doers who make nothing. The desire to bring their creations to people and share the joy of creation. As M. Gorky said: “The best pleasure, the highest joy of life is to feel necessary and close to people!”, And also - “If you are not for yourself, then who is for you? But if you are only for yourself - why are you? ”[23]

Do you want to change the world? Start with yourself. Dare yourself and change the world around you! Don't be late, it may be too late tomorrow! [24]

9th of December 2012

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      Quote: There was a mammoth
      A few days after the overthrow of the monarchy, a meeting of the Holy Synod was held under the chairmanship of Metropolitan Vladimir of Kiev. "

      Which by the way does not interfere with the assertion, especially of the hierarchs of the Church Abroad, that the Russian people "sinned" when they "renounced" the tsar. Well, but the fact that everything is tied to certain religious traditions, well, it is enough to recall the events of 17. Where the dead were buried. during the storming of the Kremlin by the Bolsheviks? That's right - at the Kremlin wall. So much for the reincarnation of the Wailing Wall in the Bolshevik version. Well, Stalin, as a seminary graduate, built the party in the image of the Order of the Swordsmen. And the current de-Christianization of the Geyvropa is also not accidental and quite fits into the ideology of the satanic sects of the so-called Renaissance in Europe. So if you raise the documents of the Inquisition, then a lot of interesting things could be learned about the case of the same Giordano Bruno.
      1. Atlon
        Atlon 22 May 2013 20: 41
        Quote: avt
        That's right - at the Kremlin wall. So much for the reincarnation of the weeping wall in the Bolshevik version.

        How do you compare the Kremlin wall with the wailing wall? And what does the burial have to do with it? The Wailing Wall is the remnants of the outer fence of Solomon's temple. And nobody was buried there.
        1. avt
          avt 22 May 2013 21: 20
          Quote: Atlon
          In what connection do you compare the Kremlin wall with the weeping wall?

          As a symbol of religious culture. At one time I heard a statement by Pozner, but not television academics but his brother. He discussed the question of our presence in Vietnam, he expressed himself interestingly that as an atheist he considers himself a person of Christian culture and further convinced of the need for our return to Vietnam, taking into account the cultural mentality of the population based on other religious teachings.
          Quote: Corsair5912
          Do not pull the muda to the beard. The Bolsheviks did not give a damn about the weeping wall and the reincarnation, they did not know about it and buried the dead where they considered it worthy of their memory.

          In the literal sense, yes, they sculpted their ideology, but they took their roots and symbols and quite famously applied them.
          Quote: Corsair5912
          Stalin mentioned the Order of Sword-Bearers only in the 50s, in the sense that the party should not be engaged in economic affairs, but should develop and defend a communist ideology.

          good laughing Which once again confirms a clear understanding that culture is built on the basis of religious beliefs, and philosophy is a servant of religion, as smart people said.
      2. Corsair5912
        Corsair5912 22 May 2013 20: 47
        Do not pull the muda to the beard. The Bolsheviks did not give a damn about the weeping wall and the reincarnation, they did not know about it and buried the dead where they considered it worthy of their memory.
        The party was not built by Stalin, but by Lenin, and not in 1917, but in 1903, and not as an order of swordsmen, but as a typical revolutionary organization of that time.
        Stalin mentioned the Order of Sword-Bearers only in the 50s, in the sense that the party should not be engaged in economic affairs, but should develop and defend a communist ideology.
      3. OTTO
        OTTO 22 May 2013 22: 27
        Quote: avt
        the Russian people "sinned" when "renounced" the tsar

        The king was not lucky with the people.
    2. de klermon
      de klermon 23 May 2013 00: 00
      That's really true: live and learn! How ... the author got confused! Orthodoxy is not a political conviction! Any Christian should know what the Faith of Christ is - exactly and definitely, as those who went to death and terrible trials for the Faith! And if this Christian considers himself Orthodox, then he should be guided first of all by the Nicene-Constantinople Creed, and not by the "Code of the builder of communism" !!!
      I understand that, to my deep regret, not everyone will understand me, but ... I could not but voice what I said, that's why: The Symbol of Faith - 1650 years unchanged, the "Code ..." - did not last even 70! The communists in Russia are changing so dynamically and radically that the communists of the 1910s, 1930s, 1960s, 1980s, 90s and today's de facto ideological opponents!
      I will say from myself and to myself:
      1) Russia is alone and everybody needs to love it - monarchist, Soviet, authoritarian, nonexistent (as in the 90s)! Russia = Homeland, and this should be holy for any Russian person;
      2) if you are Russian, you are inseparable from the Faith of Christ already by birth, and this faith is the ORTHODOXITY, the thousand-year foundation of which is the Nicene-Constantinople Creed, regardless of the changing political situation !!!
      Hence the conclusion: for Russian there are two constant constants - Homeland and Vera, the rest is coming! ..
      Dear colleagues, I emphasize once again that the foregoing is my deep private persuasion, count on understanding!
      1. Svobodny
        Svobodny 23 May 2013 06: 32
        Quote: de Klermon
        Orthodoxy is not a political conviction

        but communism is a religion
    3. Setrac
      Setrac 23 May 2013 04: 45
      Quote: There was a mammoth
      I didn’t know. Live and learn.

      Moreover, during the intervention, our church actively agitated to help the interventionists.
  2. rereture
    rereture 22 May 2013 18: 19
    ditty of the beginning of the revolution:

    There is no God, there is no king,
    We’ll kill the governor.
    We won’t pay taxes
    We will not go to the soldiers.
  3. Pbicb2
    Pbicb2 22 May 2013 18: 20
    Pretty interesting article. There is something to think about =)
    1. sergaivenski
      sergaivenski 22 May 2013 20: 08
      Personally, I made conclusions for myself. Maybe someone renounced his beliefs, but not me, reb
      Soviet Union. My grandfather (on his father) was a communist, my father (now deceased) was a communist
      I’ve been an october, pioneer, Komsomol member. I didn’t aspire to the party, because I was tired of long, empty speeches. I saw what was happening in the country, I saw how
      the gaze of those who were still eager for high tribunes yesterday!
      my place was my grandfather on the line of my mother, who died on the Khalkhin-Gol River in 1939. Grandfather was
      educated man, hunting, fishing. With his prey, he’ll bypass all relatives
      He will give everyone. The house brought very little. What does the country see now? Space appetites
      officials, bloated managerial apparatus, corruption! God, where are you looking?
  4. ivanovbg
    ivanovbg 22 May 2013 18: 43
    Orthodoxy is itself the moral foundation of Russia and the Slavs (eastern and southern).

    But the public organization is worth considering. Pure communism will not work. Best of all, it seems to me the so-called. "social market economy" is a free private initiative in everything, but to reasonable limits, which does not allow financial oligarchy. Some key industries like the defense industry, energy, natural resource extraction, and banking are only in the hands of the state. But education and health care should be free and publicly available.
    1. baltika-18
      baltika-18 22 May 2013 21: 40
      Quote: ivanovbg
      "social market economy"

      Alas .... There is no social market economy.
  5. Dimitr
    Dimitr 22 May 2013 18: 48
    The article, of course, is interesting, there are many new facts for me, only it sounds invitingly and placard somehow! Although in the end, I think, the main idea is correct: "If you want to change the world, start with yourself !!!" Here three times "FOR"!
  6. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 22 May 2013 19: 05
    The expression of the author "" Orthodox-communist "... the first time I read this very apt expression of the worldview .. what was in the days of the USSR .. My father was a party man (and remained in my soul) he was baptized and in those days he was sometimes God I remembered it was wild to hear it of course .. Communist and suddenly this .. .. The ROC remembered Stalin when the Germans stood near Moscow .. The USSR fell I think also because people were drummed that there is no God ... The Church, of course, should be separated from the state but .. Orthodoxy is the only thing that unites us Slavs and holds all our enemies .. It is not for nothing that in recent years there has been a persecution (both in the Western and especially our media) of the Orthodox Church .. I was baptized in my mature years .. (of course I do not observe fasting) I'm just "Orthodox-communist"
    1. Atlon
      Atlon 22 May 2013 20: 45
      Quote: MIKHAN
      The expression of the author "" Orthodox-communist "... for the first time I read this very apt expression of the worldview ... what was in the days of the USSR.

      And you read the "Moral Code of the Builder of Communism", it does not differ so much from Orthodox values ​​... wink
      1. Svobodny
        Svobodny 22 May 2013 20: 57
        Quote: Atlon
        not so much he differs from Orthodox values

        And there is at least one word about Christ ??? what are you talking about? ... you mean by Orthodox values ​​something completely different, if you really think so.
        1. Atlon
          Atlon 22 May 2013 21: 09
          Quote: Svobodny
          And there is at least one word about Christ ??? what are you speaking about?...

          And in the Christian commandments, there is at least one word about Christ? What are you speaking about??? It seems you have not read the one, not the other! Go read, then we'll talk.
          1. Svobodny
            Svobodny 22 May 2013 21: 38
            Your next argument is a parallel with the 10 commandments ... Expected and predictable. Old song. Well, let's compare something.
            Commandments: 1. I am the Lord your God; may you have no gods other than Me.
            2. Do not make yourself idol (statues) and no image of what is in the sky above, and what is on the earth below, and what is in the waters below the earth; do not worship and do not serve them.

            Code: Commitment to the cause of communism, love of the socialist homeland, to the countries of socialism.

            The Communists instead of the Lord - the cause of communism. And their idol - Lenin.

            Code:Intolerance to the enemies of communism, the cause of peace and freedom of peoples.

            "Intolerance" - in Christianity there is no intolerance, but there is patience and humility. EVERYTHING IS DIRECTLY OPPOSITE. The words "intolerance" and "intransigence" are repeated several times in the Code of the builders of communism, it turns out that the commandment DO NOT KILL is also denied - intolerance and intransigence are quite demonic traits that can lead, among other things, to murder.

            Communism is a religion that has absolutely nothing to do with Christianity. And general words about brotherhood and collective help for the common good - this is not a reason to call communism the highest form of Christianity, as some do.
            1. yak69
              23 May 2013 16: 46
              Quote: Svobodny
              and the commandment DO NOT KILL - also denied - intolerance and intransigence are completely demonic features that can lead, including to murder.

              More stupidity and can not be imagined! You, dear one, do not understand the commandment "Do not kill" at all. This refers to the deliberately planned action of killing for the sake of self-interest or anger. Destruction of an enemy who has encroached on your own life and the lives of your loved ones is not considered MURDER! These are all priestly perversions - to talk about Humility and Not Murder from the point of view of animal humility. The Bible and the Gospel have at least three meanings (!!) and what lies on the surface is most often interpreted so that it is convenient for the authorities to keep the people in check.
              It is necessary to delve deeper into the meanings and read more of the same Apostles and Saints in order to understand these meanings.
              Jesus said, "He who is not with me is against me." These are HIS words.
              And you do not need to cover up your personal hatred of the Soviet country with all sorts of cleverness!
      2. Rezun
        Rezun 22 May 2013 21: 18
        And you read the "Moral Code of the Builder of Communism", it does not differ so much from Orthodox values ​​... wink[/ Quote]

        I also thought: "... communist-Orthodox.
        .. "
  7. dredge
    dredge 22 May 2013 19: 06
    I don’t understand anything. Why should I change the world, starting with myself? I feel good in this world too, I’m not lazy, I work. I don’t understand Western "social" - once you are a citizen, go get unemployment benefits. On which you can quite live for yourself. This develops parasitism and a consumerist attitude towards the state. And what did you yourself give to this state? Aren't all sorts of different "oppositions" trying to sell us these values?
    1. djon3volta
      djon3volta 22 May 2013 20: 29
      Quote: dredge
      go get unemployment benefits. On which you can quite live yourself.

      Quote: dredge
      Aren't all sorts of "oppositions" trying to sell us these values?

      Of course, these. When you read comments about the salaries or the economy of a country, comments like “ARE THERE MINIMAL OF 1500 EURO ... And THERE ARE ALLOWED TO THESE 1200 EURO..And in Russia all the poor, salaries 5-7 thousand rubles , allowance of 2000 rubles, a state like does not care about us, we must bring it down from rush .., Putin is a thief, officials are thieves, down with everyone, give a revolution, shoot everyone, hang them ...
      it is correct that in Russia there is no allowance of 15-20 thousand, otherwise the sex of the country would not work at all, and gastric people would live in Europe as well.
      but who shouts? those who neither earn nor steal can laughing here he is turned back from anger, that someone earns more and steals, and they don’t give him (a deposit) for free laughing
    2. Atlon
      Atlon 22 May 2013 20: 47
      Quote: dredge
      I do not understand the Western "social networks" - once you are a citizen, go get unemployment benefits. On which you can quite live for yourself. This develops parasitism and a consumerist attitude towards the state. And what did you give this state? Aren't these values ​​we want to sell all sorts of different "oppositions"?

      Recently in the news, the British Prime Minister complained that in Britain there are too high social benefits that do not stimulate the search for work. According to him, in England there are families that have NEVER and ANYWHERE worked, already THREE (!!!) generations! Moreover, these are usually not English ...
  8. vezunchik
    vezunchik 22 May 2013 19: 11
    Interesting idea. My great-grandfather went to Lenin and talked with him, he came and said - this power is for a long time. When the aliens began dispossession of the dispossession, he gathered all his relatives and said - Christ and Lenin, these are two people who died for the people. Lying to them, and those who are now doing all this will go into oblivion.
  9. Svobodny
    Svobodny 22 May 2013 19: 17
    “Another futile attempt to reconcile two irreconcilable positions! Nonsense!" –– one or another reader will say.

    This article could end, because really WRONG!
  10. Des10
    Des10 22 May 2013 19: 21
    Even in Soviet times, the code of the builder of communism and Christian commandments were compared.
    The idea was good, the execution is not very.
    And the unifying idea of ​​the state should be, but not material.
    Unfortunately, there are no leaders, there are proteges and the choice of evils is less. The future is uncertain. Until.
    Because - I agree, we must build ourselves and around - in conscience, at least - try. You have to start somewhere. There is no hope for bosses.
  11. dredge
    dredge 22 May 2013 19: 36
    Well, that's what everyone calls on to build from themselves, I don’t understand. Everybody carries garbage. What do I have to change in myself, what would the world change? Become a Wahhabi? Well, heresy.
  12. vezunchik
    vezunchik 22 May 2013 19: 39
    Scheduled for May 22, the visit of satirist writer Mikhail Zadornov to Saratov was essentially thwarted by local authorities. As the artist himself explains what happened, this is probably due to jokes to local authorities posted on Zadornov’s blog.
    On the eve of his visit to Saratov, the comedian posted on his blog several sharp jokes about the head of the region, Valery Radaev. The first concerned his name. “The governor of the Saratov region always walks with such a sad expression on his face that many call him not Radaev, but Rydaev.
    In addition, the satirist, referring to the inhabitants of the Saratov region, noted that Radaev is popularly called "Volodin's remote control", thus hinting at the real power in the region.
    The governor did not appreciate the writer’s jokes and overshadowed Zadornov’s visit to Saratov in various ways. At first, under the pretext of repairing emergency pipes, he was not allowed into the conference room, where a press conference was to be held, and a meeting with local students broke down.
    The satirist himself in his blog noted that for about 20 years he had not encountered anything like that, comparing this to the Soviet era.
    Meanwhile, the mayor of Saratov spoke out in defense of the first person in the region, who in absentia answered Zadornov on his blog.
    "Why did the TV stars suddenly decide that they are experts in absolutely everything, why did they begin to teach everyone around how to manage a city, a country, form a budget, fly into space?" Now, it means that moral standards are not obligatory for them, are they already giving nicknames to cities and governors? ", - wrote the mayor of Saratov, Oleg Grishchenko.
    At the same time, the mayor suggested that the townspeople joke about the "artist Podzaborny".
    Not in the mood
    It is worth noting that Zadornov is not the first satirist who was disliked in the Saratov region. His fellow artist Gennady Khazanov, who once called Saratov "the village of Gadyukino" based on his old monologue, also angered the Saratovites.
    "I think that such a reaction of an official to a relatively harmless joke is overly emotional. Mikhail Nikolayevich Zadornov should not have spoiled the program because of this. This only characterizes a specific person from a negative side - in this case, the governor," the artist said in an interview with Firstnews.
    At the same time, Khazanov does not see any general trend in this, believing that this is only an unpleasant accident that any artist can encounter.
    “Apparently, he just got into a time when the governor was not in the mood,” he suggested.
    Not in your own skin
    In turn, the deputy director of the Center for Political Technologies Alexei Makarkin does not see anything special in the behavior of the local authorities, believing that in this case Zadornov found himself in the opposition's “shoes”.
    “The problem here is that Zadornov ran into the regional authorities, although he doesn’t snarl at the federal ones. Here either you come, joke, they meet you, take a photo with the governor, pleasant for both, or you criticize the local authorities and she treats you as an oppositionist. And so it happened - Zadornov found himself in the shoes of an oppositionist and paid for it, "the expert said.
    1. derik1970
      derik1970 22 May 2013 20: 54
      and where does Zadornov ... he’s somehow sideways with this article ...
    2. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka 22 May 2013 21: 41
      Quote: vezunchik
      . So it happened

      You minus for the flood. See the topic. If there is nothing to say on it, do not post non-topic related information.
  13. treskoed
    treskoed 22 May 2013 19: 44
    Each person has his own internal convictions and are far from always identical with the ideology professed by him: they killed both in the name of Christ and for the building of communism. And on this and on the other hand there were humanists and animals in the form of a human. Each person is individual and there is no need to customize him to various dogmas.
    1. Svobodny
      Svobodny 22 May 2013 20: 39
      Quote: treskoed
      killed in the name of Christ and for the building of communism

      Do not be deceived: in the Name of Christ they did not kill, but they died. AND
      Quote: treskoed
      beasts in the guise of a human
      were only on the one hand, everything is extremely simple - there is good, and there is evil. It’s time for us to finally understand what is what, where the Lord and the immense love for our neighbor, and where the hatred of man! It is impossible to be a Christian and at the same time justify Bolshevism.
      1. Tverichanka
        Tverichanka 22 May 2013 21: 46
        Quote: Svobodny
        in the Name of Christ they did not kill, but they died.

        What period are you talking about? Express yourself more precisely, little is clear from your post. And I want to ask, what didn’t the witches burn in Europe? Who burned? By whose name? If you say that they are Catholics, yes! But they believe in whom? The same applies to Protestants and other movements of Christianity. So again, be more precise so that there are no misunderstandings.
      2. derik1970
        derik1970 22 May 2013 22: 02
        I completely agree with you, justifying the affairs of the Bolsheviks is completely inappropriate.
        1. treskoed
          treskoed 22 May 2013 23: 05
          Do not generalize, the Bolsheviks have many good deeds!
      3. Setrac
        Setrac 23 May 2013 05: 00
        Quote: Svobodny
        Do not be deceived: in the Name of Christ they did not kill, but they died.

        In the name of Christ, whole continents (America, Australia) were cut out with the name of Christ, the Moors were carved out in southern Europe. It is good that the Asians were numerous enough to fight back the "educators".
  14. Corsair5912
    Corsair5912 22 May 2013 20: 32
    It was foolish to go picking ideologies and comparing which one is better, especially when they are already in the past.
    I know that my ancestors were pagans, Orthodox Christians and atheists.
    I respect the memory of all my ancestors and it does not matter to me what and how they believed it was not for me to judge them.
    The main thing is not what a person believes, but what he does for his country, for his people and for his family.
    I do not pray to idols or icons, I do not believe in God, but I am ready to defend what my grandfathers and great-grandfathers believed in because I am their descendant, and there is no one else to protect them.
  15. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 22 May 2013 20: 40
    Well, do not know the Slavs and Orthodoxy .. these are synonyms .. I am unfortunately a bad believer, but still I think it unites .. Remember at the end of the war in the dock. films well and in thin. "Slavs forward" .. maybe I'm wrong ..
    1. Tverichanka
      Tverichanka 22 May 2013 21: 49
      Quote: MIKHAN
      at the end of the war at the dock. films

      The names of the doc. Films in the studio, pliz. I would like to familiarize yourself.
  16. shurup
    shurup 22 May 2013 20: 41
    Orthodoxy is not only in the Russian Federation. Each Orthodox people has its own historical path, which is not reflected by the author.
    Orthodoxy and the Russian Orthodox Church are not identical, and, in some cases, even antipathetic.
    The Nazis and the Bolsheviks tried to attract the ROC to their side. When this did not succeed, the property of the Russian Orthodox Church was plundered, and those who disagreed were repressed.
    At present, the ROC and not only are also being subjected to violent "democratization", which causes a latent rejection by the flock of calls for resistance under the banner of Orthodoxy.
    But, I repeat, the ROC may be "old" and "neo" and even "ultra", but Orthodoxy will remain, since does not depend on any trends.
    VADIMKRSK 22 May 2013 20: 53
    Atheist himself, mom, dad too. But I seem to act in a Christian way ... Sometimes I worry so much for whatever act or even intention. Genes of conscience or what? From grandma ...
  18. Svobodny
    Svobodny 22 May 2013 21: 01
    Quote: VADIMKRSK
    Genes of conscience or what?

    No, Vadim. This is Vera. Fear of God.
    As they say, every soul is by its nature a Christian.
    1. Setrac
      Setrac 23 May 2013 05: 07
      Quote: Svobodny
      As they say, every soul is by its nature a Christian.

      And this soul must contribute church tithing to the foundation of the church.
      The Christian Church has never fought for any souls. The Golden Calf is the god of Christians. Church tithes, land belonging to the church, serfs (slaves) - that is what Christian church organizations fought for.
  19. k220150
    k220150 22 May 2013 21: 18
    We should be united by a sense of kinship, both white and red. Some have Kappel and Slashchev, while others have Mironov and Dumenko. Everyone loved Russia and were ready to die for it. I still can’t understand who was more right and who I would be with.
    Conclusion: It is not necessary to decide who was more a patriot, but this is exactly what the enemies of historical Russia want, and the problem will disappear along with the subject, as it already happened with the Union.
  20. individual
    individual 22 May 2013 21: 18
    The article is too personal. It makes you think, reason for yourself.
    There is something controversial, but there are revelations that allow us to understand in a new way first of all ourselves, to delve into ourselves.
    Project lived more than 60 years with the same history of Russia to modern reality.
  21. Wild boar
    Wild boar 22 May 2013 21: 29
    Finally I read what he himself had thought of repeatedly. The author was able to formulate in a rational
    form what we perceive internally. Very important and correct article. Thanks to the author!
  22. derik1970
    derik1970 22 May 2013 21: 56
    ... the author clearly heaped (wrote) from the heart ... tried to unite the incompatible and misled people ... too different goals for the communist society and Christian, spiritual, Orthodox ... the church could not renounce the king, could not. .. no need to turn everything upside down ... Tsar Nikolai, was God's anointed. Article: The Anointing of God means that the earthly power of the sovereign has a divine source. The renunciation of the Orthodox monarchy was a renunciation of divine authority. From power on earth, which is designed to guide the general course of life towards spiritual and moral goals - to create conditions that are most favorable for the salvation of many, a power that is "not from this world," but serves the world in this highest sense. Of course, “all things work together for good to those who love God,” and the Church of Christ makes salvation under any external conditions. But the totalitarian regime and, in particular, democracy create an atmosphere in which, as we see, the average person cannot survive.

    And the preference for a different kind of power, which ensures first of all earthly greatness, life of its own, and not of God's will, of its lusts (what is called "freedom") cannot but lead to rebellion against God with established authority, against the anointed of God. A revolution has occurred - a revolution in the divine and moral order, and at what depth this revolution is revealed today, there is no need to explain to anyone.

    Most of the participants in the revolution acted as if unconsciously, but this was a conscious rejection by God of a given order of life and God of established authority in the person of the king, the anointed of God, how conscious was the rejection of Christ the King by the spiritual leaders of Israel, as described in the gospel parable of the evil winegrowers. They did not kill Him because they did not know that He was the Messiah, Christ, but precisely because they knew it. Not because they thought it was a false messiah that should be eliminated, but precisely because they saw that it was the true Messiah: “Come, kill Him, and our inheritance will be.” The same secret Sanhedrin, inspired by the devil, directs humanity to ensure that it has a life free from God and from His commandments - so that nothing prevents them from living as they want.

    This is the meaning of "betrayal, cowardice and deceit" surrounding the emperor. For this reason, St. John (Maximovitch) compares the sufferings of the sovereign in Pskov during the abdication with the sufferings of Christ Himself in Gethsemane. In the same way, the devil himself was present here, tempting the king and all the people with him (and all of humanity, according to P. Gilliard), as he once tempted Christ Himself in the wilderness, the kingdom of this world. Full article: http: // ACKNOWLEDGE OF THE CONFESSION OF THE TsAR-PASSENGER NICHOLAS II IN ITS DISCLAIMER FROM THE THRON and still continue the educational program.
    1. The church did not renounce the king.
    2. The church prays for many, including power. Since the tsar denied being the head of state, it became legally impossible to pray for him as ruler accordingly. Prayer for him, of course, continued, but as an ordinary Christian.
    3. Canonization is a completely separate process and this question in such a formulation does not make sense. And in those days the distant "blessed" all and sundry, the church, by definition, cannot participate in political life (power is given from God and only God has the right to establish this very power. And actually what they wanted and got it.) ... After the king's abdication, a split occurred in the church, and some, say, priests went into politics and proclaimed (blessed) what they wanted, like they had freedom ... In general, let's say the author fantasized. Christian values ​​have always been attractive, so they were used for their own purposes by many parties striving for power (often stupid slogans, for example, in paganism).
  23. My address
    My address 22 May 2013 22: 00
    Much far-fetched. But the article as a whole is not bad. Communist ideas are, in many respects, the development of Christian, when the individual is more important than caring for others.
    1. derik1970
      derik1970 22 May 2013 22: 12
      Well, no, my friend, it’s just that the Communists used everything that is attractive in Christianity ... they couldn’t develop anything, everything had been invented before, just use it as you see fit and no more, the same love for your neighbor, care for him ( love is not carnal, I beg you) ... For example, the Gospel, the parable of the Samaritan ... one of the famous parables of Jesus Christ, mentioned in the Gospel of Luke. She talks about mercy and disinterested help to a person in trouble from a passer-by Samaritan - a representative of an ethnic group that Jews do not recognize as co-religionists. According to theologians, this parable shows that "examples of human kindness are found in all nations and in all faiths, that the law and commandments of God are fulfilled by people of different nationalities and different faiths."
  24. lexe
    lexe 22 May 2013 22: 02
    Christianity and communism are not identical. Communism made its way in our country in very dirty ways. In the 1st World War, the military caste was exterminated, which in 1905. did not agree with the "new faith" and showed who was the boss. But even those castemen who survived the front did not change their oaths. There are lists of losses of the guards units, they were deliberately stupidly driven to slaughter. But the revolution was prepared not only here . The German Guard, too, resignedly at the expense of ours. But they still did not work with the revolution. Why? It seems there were more workers (close to the class) - but just such a massacre of the officer corps as we had. That is, the revolution was prepared for a long time and carefully, using the capabilities of (by no means all) officials. Remind you of what asphalt of paganism the Christian faith broke through? and in what ways? and for what money? I do not mean the zeal of the popes - they have already rolled their asphalt there. They saddled the process, so to speak, when faith had already made its way. Here there is a certain similarity.
  25. Vladomir
    Vladomir 22 May 2013 22: 04
    There are two world civilizations that are antipodes. Like all dualities, from the unity and struggle of opposites. History and modernity show that the Anglo-Saxon civilization is built on the robbery and destruction of others. The actions of England, the mistress of the seas and oceans, still holds the pound sterling with the most expensive currency due to the centuries-old robberies of the whole world. After the Second World War, the role of England was taken over by the USA - a product of England. Destruction for enrichment is the alpha and omega of the Anglo-Saxon civilization. Russian, Eastern, Orthodox-Communist civilization is built on the ideals of justice and unity, patriotism and self-sacrifice for the life of the Russian state together with all the nations and nationalities of the country. Moreover, the Russians did not enslave or destroy the nation, but assimilated them into their family, helped formation and development. The purpose and mission of Russian civilization is to do good and to bring good, justice and humanity to all the peoples of the planet Earth. Not by force of arms and blood, but by the power of example and the height of thoughts.
  26. ilya63
    ilya63 22 May 2013 22: 11
    the article is chaotic, many controversial facts - Prince Dmitry Donskoy went with the blessing of St. Rev. Sergius of Radonezh, who gave him both battle and to maintain the Orthodox spirit in the army of two monks, valiant warriors: Peresvet and Oslyabyu, but the question is whether they were monks, in no document including the annals of St. St. Sergius of Radonezh there is no mention of these two knights as monks before the Battle of Kulikovo, but in the Russian Orthodox Church hierarchy, be like in the army so that you can be promoted to the rank of monk you need to go a long way from serving, but there is a mention of the hero Oslyablyu, who has nothing to do with the Russian Orthodox Church I didn’t have it since I was a pagan, so history is a thing in itself (who needs to be rewritten like that), and as for the ROC, each has its own attitude to it, regardless of whether the believer or not.
    “For complete happiness, a person needs to have a glorious fatherland” Simonides Knossos (IV century BC) throughout the existence of the Russian state who just didn’t climb to us trying to snatch a piece better, and almost always got it in the teeth or in the snout (differently I can’t call these Hari), and now they export the country's natural resources and national wealth as they want, so the current system has no future and the Russian Orthodox Church in the form in which it exists now also has no future
  27. konvalval
    konvalval 22 May 2013 22: 41
    The article is interesting. Something in it is rational for the Russian soul.
  28. Svyatoslavovich
    Svyatoslavovich 23 May 2013 00: 22
    Interesting facts, but in general the article is past. The very concept of "Orthodoxy" was usurped by the Christian Church from the Russian people, Russians were Orthodox long before the forcible baptism of Russia and Christianity is not in any way here. Moreover, assertions are constantly heard that the entire culture of Russia, its distinctive features, the character of the people, everything that we put into the concept of Rus is the brainchild of a wonderful symbiosis, the "Orthodox" church and the Russian man. But this is a LIE, the whole history of Christianity in Russia, this is the history of the struggle of the Church with the culture, history, and religions of the Slavs. It got to the point that the concept of Rus appears in the Kiev version only from the ninth century. And before that, they say there was nothing here. There was, there was what the Europeans called the country of Gardarika (the country of cities), there were many things, but all this was emasculated from our history primarily by the priests.
    1. Setrac
      Setrac 23 May 2013 05: 23
      Quote: Svyatoslavovich
      It was, it was what the Europeans called the country of Gardarika (the country of cities), there were a lot of things, but all this was emasculated from our history primarily by priests.

      I will pay attention to the pagan Russia - Gardarika (although the Vedic culture is clearly not paganism), Christian Russia is an almost uninhabited territory. And where did the people go? Christians destroyed all those who disagree - three-quarters of the population. The Civil War and World War II are trifles compared to the Christianization of Russia.
      1. Svobodny
        Svobodny 23 May 2013 05: 54
        Quote: Setrac
        Christians destroyed all those who disagree

        It seems like a literate person ... What are you collecting nonsense? What "Vedic culture", who created it? Name at least one source. Who researched your "Vedic culture"? By the way, where did she disappear to, why didn't she leave behind a single monument, artifact?
        1. Setrac
          Setrac 23 May 2013 06: 18
          Quote: Svobodny
          It seems like a literate person ... What are you collecting nonsense? What "Vedic culture", who created it? Name at least one source. Who researched your "Vedic culture"? By the way, where did she disappear to, why didn't she leave behind a single monument, artifact?

          Monuments and artifacts of the sea, there is no desire to study what does not correspond to the "party line". Numbers, positional calculus, which the Slavs invented, which we all use, google "semi-positional calculus", I also believed earlier that the numbers were invented by the Arabs, yeah, the Arabs invented cannabis to smoke.
          1. Svobodny
            Svobodny 23 May 2013 06: 35
            Quote: Setrac
            Monuments and artifacts of the sea

            Sources in the studio
            1. DeerIvanovich
              DeerIvanovich 23 May 2013 14: 01
              What do you want to say that you are unfamiliar with such an artifact of Vedic culture as the Rigveda, Avesta?
              and why then unbelted?
              1. derik1970
                derik1970 23 May 2013 16: 16
                Vedic civilization is an Indo-Aryan culture associated with the Vedas, the earliest sources about the History of India. Most scholars place Vedic civilization from the second to the first millennium BC. e., although some Indian scholars divert the beginning of Vedic civilization to the VII millennium BC. e. Vedic Sanskrit continued to be used until the 1th century BC. e., when culture began to acquire the classical forms of Hinduism. Rigveda language. The Rigveda, the oldest source of texts, contains the most common Indo-Iranian elements, as in the language. and in the content, which are then not present. The creation of these texts could take several centuries, and with the exception of later books (10 and 1500), they could be created by XNUMX BC. e .. Archaeologically, this period can be correlated with the cave culture of Gandhara, and the subsequent civilization of the Indus River, the culture of burial H, the Punjab culture and the culture of ocher painted ceramics (ORC) further to the east. WELL AND WHY SPEECH THAT. And here the Vedas. The Vedas are witches, sorcerers and witches, and briefly these are pagans. Pagans are sacrifices, shedding of blood, worship of idols, demonism. This is the road to the past from which Glory to God came out. Avesta - a collection of sacred texts of Zoroastrians, the oldest monument of ancient Iranian literature, compiled in a special language that is not fixed anywhere else, which is called “Avestan” in Iranian literature. You can agree on a lot of languages, every tribe in this business was perverted as it wanted. But the essence of avesta is pagan texts, worship of Satan. ALSO THE MOST ONLY WITH GOD, Paganism with all the ensuing consequences, no progress. If you want to become a pagan, welcome to Africa, there cannibalism also thrives in places, the very thing that is necessary for a pagan. Nowadays, everything is turned upside down and homosexuality is welcomed and it is considered a homosexual to be not shameful, everything is perverted, including religion. Maybe it’s worth stopping, or continuing ... we’ll continue to revive paganism and then in the future everyone will have sorcerers and shamans at work, and so on ... But this is not progress. This is absurd.
                1. Svobodny
                  Svobodny 23 May 2013 18: 36
                  What does all this have to do with the Russians?
              2. Svobodny
                Svobodny 23 May 2013 18: 38
                Quote: DeerIvanovich
                Rigveda, Avesta

                I'm talking about historical falsifications from the so-called. "Slavic Vedas". And the ancient Eastern texts you named have nothing to do with the Russian people, with our primordial spirituality.
                1. DeerIvanovich
                  DeerIvanovich 23 May 2013 20: 18
                  Quote: Svobodny
                  What "Vedic culture", who created it?

                  Isn't that your comment? what they wrote, then in return and received
        2. derik1970
          derik1970 23 May 2013 15: 59
          that's right, and what was that ... there were temples and other types of centers of pagan culture, where they made sacrifices to Satan, shed blood ... such centers were wiped off the ground, destroyed when the eyes were opened what was really going on in these centers. ..and Vedicism, this is paganism, Satanism and nothing more, "their" followers are damn scoundrels, they talk beautifully, embellish, remember our ancestors ... and they themselves worship demons, idols ... lately paganism is just going foolishly ...
          1. Svobodny
            Svobodny 23 May 2013 18: 41
            Quote: derik1970
            recently, paganism is just foolishly climbing ...

            I agree. This is what we are talking about. "Slavic Vedas" and other nonsense - from the same opera.