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Syria: the West does not hide oil targets

Almost a month has passed since the EU graciously allowed Syrian “rebels”, that is, outstanding scumbags of all times and peoples who rallied under the flags of Al-Qaeda, to trade in the name of democracy with oil. At the end of April, a meeting of the heads of the European foreign affairs agencies took place in Luxembourg, at which the European officials decided to loosen the sanctions imposed on raw materials for Syrian imports in 2011. By freed from the burden of sanctions, meant, of course, only areas of Syria, "liberated" by the rebels. However, it is hard to believe (no, not at all) that the Syrian opposition, who recently donned black Islamic flags to Rakka, will soon begin to briskly trade in the ministry, for example, with Britain. Even the dumping price of oil - at thirteen dollars a barrel - does not attract potential European buyers so far. Yes, and with investors from the EU something is not thick, but empty. The reason is simple: there is a war in Syria.

Syria: the West does not hide oil targets

Nevertheless, European countries can theoretically conclude contracts with opposition forces. At the same time they can start and supply equipment for the extraction of hydrocarbons. However, no one is investing so far in the opposition. We have no doubt that there will be no such investments in the future.

The leaders of the Syrian political parties - the true face of democracy - gave an appropriate assessment of the decision of European bureaucrats.

They publicly condemned the EU’s decision to allow European countries to import oil and petroleum products stolen by armed extremists from the SAR. SANA.

Comrade Hunain Nemr, Secretary General of the United Communist Party of ATS, expressed himself in the sense that the rulers of Europe, who had gathered to buy oil from the rebels, neglected international law and believed that laws did not exist. Syrian natural resources are the wealth of the people of SAR, and not the politicians of Europe, Comrade Nemr explained to the European pirates.

A member of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation Jamal-ed-din Abdo said that the EU’s decision is a provocative step against the Syrian people, the abduction of its resources by the hands of members of armed groups and the continuation of the colonial policies of European countries. Oil will be bought from a non-Syrian party at low prices or in exchange for weapondesigned to kill the Syrian people.

Syria demanded that the UN Security Council take measures to guarantee a ban on the implementation of the EU decision.

In Moscow, the solution was also met with disapproval. "We proceed from the fact that, until elections are held, there is a legitimate Syrian government, therefore, such unilateral actions, which, in fact, contradict the principles of international law, only bring the situation into a deeper impasse", - quotes "Echo of the Planet" the words of Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov.

A well-known publicist Thierry Maysan the other day explained to the stupid world community the true goals of the West towards Syria. A French publicist in an interview with Iranian television channel Al-Alyam said that tens of thousands of foreign terrorists had infiltrated Syria with one goal - to destroy it in the interests of the West and Zionism, reports SANA.

Comrade Maysan stressed that there are 50 thousands of mercenaries from all countries of the world, including Somalia and Indonesia, in the country. They have special equipment, through which they receive information from NATO through satellites about the locations of the Syrian army.

Western mercenaries, the publicist continues, destroyed everything their hands reached. Motorways, bridges, railways, communication facilities were destroyed.

Meyssan stressed that most of the militants are mercenaries who moved to Syria from abroad in order to destroy it under the pretext of “jihad”. Comrade Maysan condemned France for trying to revive colonial policies. France attacked Libya with the help of NATO, killing more than 160 thousands of Libyans under the pretext of "protecting civilians." Now she is trying to repeat the same scenario in the SAR.

According to Maysan, the goal of Europe is to absorb Syria with its natural resources.

Today, Syrian "oppositionists" claim to control up to 70% of oil fields in the northeast, according to "Vesti" with reference to ITAR-TASS. True, mining there is intermittent. Before the war, Syria produced up to 4 thousands of barrels of oil per day, and now production has declined to less than 2 thousands of barrels.

Rebels set fire to wells in the zone of uncertainty. Undoubtedly, they do it for the good of the Syrian people. It is better to burn, rather than get the "bloody regime."

At the very least, amateur oil trading has already begun.

Ulrike Putz ("Der Spiegel"; Russian source - "Inopressa") said that Syrian rebels sell oil at dumping prices. You can say - by waste.

In the Al-Taur field, not far from Raqqa, the militants of Liwa al-Islam fill every day about 11 Turkish fuel tank trucks. A barrel of crude oil, according to a German journalist, is leaving an average of 13 US dollars.

Militants have learned to turn raw materials into cash, they need to buy weapons, ammunition and food. "Black gold", sometimes extracted by the artisanal method, is sold to consumers in Syria itself and exported to Turkey.

Abu Hamid, the commander of the local unit of Liva al-Islam, says that “the rebels are trying to help with oil sales to people living in areas where there is no longer any power”.

However, neither the National Council nor the Supreme Military Council of Syria has permanent access to the fields. “Instead, various, sometimes opposing, rebel groups proclaim the fields as their property,” the journalist points out.

And what kind of grouping, no need to guess.

As Anna Dymova writes ("ANNA News"), the newspaper Sunday Telegraph published an article in which we are talking about participation in the Al-Qaeda Syrian war. In the province of Rakka, after the seizure of a part of its territory by armed groups, the black flags of Al-Qaida fly over the buildings of state institutions.

British journalists claim that among the spiritual leaders of armed groups are many sheikhs of the extremist Salafi movement. These religious leaders are calling for the restoration of Sharia law and are promoting the introduction of so-called Sharia courts with beatings, cutting off heads, hands and feet, stoning and other delights.

The city of Rakka - the administrative center of the oil province of the same name - is now all hung with Islamic flags. The Europeans who arrived there to gaze at the achievements of advanced Arab democracy saw very little black-green with red stars of the “flags of revolution”. The correspondent of the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph noted that black cloths fly on all lampposts, and absolutely nobody in the city is embarrassed, Viktor Ruchkin points out ("A red star").

Experts, whose opinion leads the TV channel "NTV"It is believed that the withdrawal by the European Union of an embargo on the export of oil from the regions of Syria seized by the militants is nothing more than the financing of the opposition, which consists mostly of al-Qaeda militants.

Black gold is stored in ditches and is distilled under the open sky, poisoning the air. Part of artisanal oil, diesel and gasoline is sold in the north of Syria, the rest is transported by tank trucks to Turkey. The money raised from the sale, as reported by one of the unnamed Western diplomats, is used by the opposition to "conquer the hearts and minds of the inhabitants of the areas they have seized" (quoted from Interfax).

Joshua Landis, an expert from the University of Oklahoma, says about this:

“Those who hold oil, water and agriculture in their hands are holding Sunni Syria by the throat. Now it does "Dzhebhat en Nusra." Therefore, the conclusion from this insane decision suggests one: Europe will finance Al-Qaida.

Konstantin Volkov ("News") cited some data on opposition oil trading.

The field commanders who control the oil areas in northeastern Syria sell black gold at prices ranging from 13 to 50 dollars per barrel. Trade is small: tankers coming from Turkey are filled by hand, directly with buckets.

A member of the opposition Syrian National Council, Mahmoud al-Hamza, explained that the participants of the armed groups “liberating these areas from the troops of Bashar al-Assad”, the proceeds allow not only for the purchase of weapons, but also food for the local population.

If this is true, then this means a calculated purchase of loyalty.

People in these areas, Hamza said, do not receive wages and pensions. They have to survive by any means. He added:

“... the population and field commanders set up mini-refineries in order to provide themselves with gasoline and fuel oil. The product turns out to be of poor quality, production strongly pollutes the environment, but there are no other ways for the population to survive. The plant costs about $ 230 thousand and is capable of processing up to 200 barrels per day. ”

There is also a cheaper way:

“... Around the tank filled with crude oil, fires are made. The oil, when heated, turns into steam, passing through a long metal pipe, which is cooled to produce condensate. The result is low-quality fuel. "

Help from Wikipedia: In terms of oil reserves in the world, Syria is in the 33-th place (0,34 billion tons, according to estimates). For comparison: Iran (3-th place after Saudi Arabia and Canada) - 18,95 billion tons; Libya (4-th place) - 15,75 billion tons. (Estimates at the beginning of 2009).

You should also know that there are gas reserves in Syria (45 -th place in the world, 240,7 billion cubic meters; data from the site 2012

Victor Ruchkin ("A red star") cites the opinion of CIA analysts who believe that Bashar Assad will remain in power in Syria until 2020: in the elections of 2014, he will receive 75% of the vote. Such a conclusion based on information from Syria and the results of sociological polls the CIA made in a special report on the Syrian presidential elections alleged in 2014. According to the US Central Intelligence Agency, the Al-Manar TV channel (Lebanon) points out, "there is no other candidate in the country who could be compared in popularity with Assad."

Americans and the West in general do not want to see Assad in power. Hillary Clinton said this a long time ago, and since she left the post of secretary of state, nothing has changed.

The aspirations of the United States and other Western countries, as well as the Arabian monarchies, notes V. Ruchkin, have, among other things, an oil motivation. Moreover, today experts call oil the real purpose of this war.

“... Some time ago, one of the Lebanese television channels reported that a small Norwegian company, which prior to the start of the unrest conducted geological exploration in Syrian territorial waters, found there several promising areas for drilling; the most important are located on the section from the Lebanese border to the Syrian city of Baniyas. ”

There were suggestions that now the level of production could be raised to 6-7 million barrels per day, or to 300-350 million tons per year. (That is, we add, the new annual production level would be comparable to all the oil reserves previously explored in Syria! Such data, if confirmed, can put Syria in the oil table much higher than 33-th place).

Prior to the unrest in 2011, the country's oil complex could have produced about 380 thousand barrels per day, and 95% of Syrian oil was exported to Europe. The main European investors in the oil sector of Syria were "Total" and "Shell".

As for natural gas, only in January-June 2011, 4,9 billion cubic meters were produced. However, Norwegian experts have suggested that there may be a very large field in the coastal zone, which will allow Syria to export liquefied “blue fuel”. That is, gas in Syria is probably much more than previously thought. And then the war began ...

The oppositionist Mahmoud Hamza mentioned above, by the way, does not at all think that oil production will be a simple and easy task. According to him, “the pipes run along the seashore, where government troops are active. You can try to deploy them in the other direction, for example through Turkey. However, in this case, the Assad government will interfere with the pumping of oil: the line will be under the fire of regular troops. ” Therefore, militants often burn wells in the “zone of uncertainty”.

On the fronts of the war in Syria, the position of the Islamists is far from brilliant, the author of the material notes. Syrian military personnel have gained vast experience in conducting operations against bandit formations. Improved infantry interaction, tank and artillery units.

19 May revealed that government forces took the city of El Quseir, which is considered to be a strategically important rebel stronghold. This was reported "" with reference to BBC News.

Capturing the city will allow troops to control the coast of Syria. For the opposition, this city was important, because thanks to it the rebels could penetrate into Lebanon.

Agence France-Presse notes that President Bashar Assad sought to seize the city before the start of a conference to resolve the Syrian conflict. It should pass next month.

If Syria overcomes the thieves in a hard war, the West will finally break its teeth on a toughie. We wish Assad and his fighters victory!

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. krasin
    krasin 23 May 2013 08: 02 New
    We wish Assad and his fighters victory!

    50 thousand mercenaries. Assad will grind them without our volunteers.
    1. CTEPX
      CTEPX 23 May 2013 09: 18 New
      Quote: krasin
      50 thousand mercenaries. Assad will grind them without our volunteers.

      40-70 thousand militants - this is a constant number, supported by continuous rotation.
      To understand how everything will be next, it is worth studying the experience of Spain)).
    2. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk 23 May 2013 14: 45 New
      Quote: krasin
      50 thousand mercenaries. Assad will grind them without our volunteers.

      If only 50000 ... there are too many dumped human material in the world ready to bandit for a penny. One pleases the Syrian people do not give up.
    3. Yarbay
      Yarbay 23 May 2013 21: 16 New
      Quote: krasin
      50 thousand mercenaries. Assad will grind them without our volunteers.

      count as many Syrians connected with the bandits at least and it will not be so much fun !!
      Among them are many military !!
  2. kostyan77708
    kostyan77708 23 May 2013 08: 04 New
    The aspirations of the United States and other Western countries, as well as the Arabian monarchies, notes V. Ruchkin, are among other things oil-related. !!!Fat!!! Moreover, today experts call oil the real goal of this war. Fat - maybe a little? correct the mistake
    1. Mart
      23 May 2013 08: 38 New
      Yes, typo, thank you. I corrected.
  3. King
    King 23 May 2013 08: 07 New
    If there were no natural resources from Syria, Iraq and Iran, Libya, then the West would not give a shit about "human rights" democracy, etc. in these countries. previously fought for territory and right now for resources and no one hides this. Here is an example when they overthrew Kadaffi, which primarily the NATO military contingent defended the facilities? Correctly, oil storage tanks, etc.
    1. igor.borov775
      igor.borov775 23 May 2013 11: 27 New
      Here, the whole infrastructure is much more serious here, the option with Libya does not work, There, in Libya, somehow freedom advocates tried to get closer to a large oil refining complex, Summary Aviation of friends quickly spread the convoy, And they turned out to be like a KADAFI convoy, The lesson learned quickly to the oil and gas objects cannot be approached as a taboo, but here, on the contrary, everything is destroyed, it’s a completely different thing here, they destroy the foundation of the state directly without any cover for propaganda
    2. zvereok
      zvereok 23 May 2013 13: 11 New
      Always fought for resources. Slaves, Opium, Metals, Trade routes, Territorial location - these are all resources.
  4. SANAY
    SANAY 23 May 2013 08: 16 New
    Twenty five again. But when will the monosexual homoparliamentarians of Europe with their own spineless politics realize that they are digging a hole for themselves ?????? They make any decisions only from the "opposite": no conscience, no shame, no ethics, no morality. It will be interesting to see how they sing and what they will do when these same mercenaries appear in their backyard. Poor Syria, poor people.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 23 May 2013 08: 24 New
      Quote: SANAY
      But when will the monosexual homoparliamentarians of Europe, with their own spineless politics, realize that they are digging a hole for themselves ??

      When they lie in the grave, then they will.
    2. zvereok
      zvereok 23 May 2013 13: 15 New
      They won’t sing anything. They will simply forget about their “Humanism” and will shoot immigrants at the border. Now they are trying to deflate the latest dividends from tolerance and liberalism, because they understand that the system malfunctions, and then they become embodied in the Nazi.
  5. SANAY
    SANAY 23 May 2013 08: 19 New
    By the way, yes! “Oil background”, how often do we hear it. Ours are silent? Shame ...
    1. CTEPX
      CTEPX 23 May 2013 09: 23 New
      Quote: SANAY
      "Oil background",

      The war in Syria, of course - the war for oil!
      But not for production, but for control of its logistics in the beginning of the 3rd world)).
    2. igor.borov775
      igor.borov775 23 May 2013 11: 33 New
      In Syria, the central point of oil transportation From Iraq and Iran. This is the main reason. There is no other key to the oil pipelines, but what is written is simply a withdrawal from the main one,
  6. atalef
    atalef 23 May 2013 08: 19 New
    There were suggestions that now the level of production can be raised to 6-7 million barrels per day, or up to 300-350 million tons per year

    Article delirium sucked from a finger. In Syria, oil reserves are negligible and no one will fight for them. The article itself states
    Help from Wikipedia: Syria ranks 33rd in terms of oil reserves in the world (0,34 billion tons, estimates)

    Syria about to pump all its oil for a year? (300-350 million tons)
    The author carefully read your own article. Syria is struggling to provide for itself and is pushing for export (somewhere in the billions of crude oil), refining is negligible.
    Do not wishful thinking.
    As for natural gas, only in January-June 2011, 4,9 billion cubic meters were produced. m. However, Norwegian experts have suggested,

    Oil - suggested, gas suggested.
    Gas and oil around without assumptions just heaps. Could incidentally attack Lebanon, as the goal is much simpler, and gas there (already without ASSUMPTIONS) - heaps. I’m not talking about the Israeli fields already working.
    Oleg, your articles are usually interesting, but personal desires do not need to be put above the facts.
    1. Don
      Don 23 May 2013 10: 49 New
      Quote: atalef
      Article delirium sucked from a finger. In Syria, oil reserves are negligible and no one will fight for them. The article itself states

      As I understand it, the essence of the article is not in oil reserves, but in the fact that the rebels were allowed to sell oil. If there is a civil war in the country, an embargo is usually imposed so that not one of the parties could receive income to finance the war. But the West scored it and once again took the side of one of the parties.
  7. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 23 May 2013 08: 30 New
    What human rights can be talked about with cannibals from the USA and geyrops, and the moral of their post is to seize, rob and reject all those who disagree in the Stone Age. And the Syrians deserve all respect and help, beat their guys in the tail and mane.
  8. shurup
    shurup 23 May 2013 08: 47 New
    Previously, people died for metal, but now for oil. The West does not hide what is obvious, and the Russian Federation should draw conclusions and prepare without too much fuss.
    Although no, several loud hard landings along the MO line would not hurt. The front so far passes in the rear, and there are enough Colorado beetles.
    1. SANAY
      SANAY 23 May 2013 17: 09 New
      Absolutely right! There are enough problems in the rear. for example, Kazakhstan didn’t just steal the Tobol River, it simply blocked it with water reservoirs. From Tobol in the summer, one bottom remained. It's not oil! There is fresh water !!!
      1. shurup
        shurup 24 May 2013 01: 47 New
        I do not advise you to freely use the word "stole", especially with a close neighbor. You risk getting a document certified under Tsar Gorokh’s nose with all the necessary attributes. There is no adequate comment! Here is a freshwater troll !!!
        1. SANAY
          SANAY 24 May 2013 10: 43 New
          I advise you not to advise. Read carefully. I did not write that someone “stole” something. Similar problems exist in every region. Though "shut up."
        2. SANAY
          SANAY 24 May 2013 10: 45 New
          The word "inadequate" is written together ...
  9. aszzz888
    aszzz888 23 May 2013 09: 00 New
    However, no one is investing in the opposition yet. We have no doubt that there will be no such investments in the future.

    Mericatos and their minions love to war. But to invest the loot in the muddy opposition forces of Syria, no one will do it. Then they will count the money!
  10. pensioner
    pensioner 23 May 2013 09: 22 New
    West does not hide oil targets

    When these stsuki get pumped - then finally!
  11. JonnyT
    JonnyT 23 May 2013 10: 22 New
    In my opinion, oil is not the main reason!
    The main reasons are to take a foothold, build pipelines on the territory of terrorism as they like, break off China and the Russian Federation.
    Buying oil from terrorists is a pathetic attempt to help and of course earn extra money
  12. Dima190579
    Dima190579 23 May 2013 10: 34 New
    Until the fire in Syria is extinguished from behind the hillock they will not stop throwing firewood. And firewood is thrown to those who benefit from it. And who benefits from this? Those who criticize Assad the most. Qatar runs out of oil and they want to take over the good of others. And all the rest of Europe and America understand that oil will run out from Qatar; everyone else will have to buy it from anyone. That's worried. I just don’t understand why the USA left Iraq.
  13. krez-74
    krez-74 23 May 2013 10: 43 New
    The ultimate goal of the "democratizers" is Iran! Syria lies on the way to it ... And Iran stands like a bone in the throat, because it has its own oil, and moreover, it trades it as he wants, with whom he wants, and for what currency he wants (not the dollar) !!! The rulers of the world have one task, to save the noose around the neck of the peoples, which is called -dollar. So think, build a chain of those who fall into a number of "undemocratic" countries.
    1. igor.borov775
      igor.borov775 23 May 2013 15: 03 New
      Of course YOU are right, but the matter is much more complicated, Iran hardly sells its oil, There is an embargo on it, Who can be the main buyer of Iranian oil can be counted on the fingers, Turkey gas and some oil, India and CHINA and a few more countries, American currency is closed to it , Iran after RUSSIA has enormous gas reserves, but so far it uses very little, builds a gas pipeline to Pakistan to improve the situation around it, the blockade hits the country hard, and the country's economy is in a very difficult situation, oil is sold not for dollars but for local currency,
      1. krez-74
        krez-74 23 May 2013 17: 54 New
        And you are right! But, the devil is not so terrible as he is painted! The embargo, in most cases when there are natural resources, turns out to be only pluses ... Nothing was reflected in Iran’s food stocks. They began to do a lot themselves. And as for consumer goods not produced by themselves, the market is now so arranged that they will bypass all and all, if only to sell and earn money, which means there will be no shortage of this.
        The only thing that can shake Iran’s position is the many peoples living in it (you can play it!), And that, in the traditions of the Persians, intrigue behind the scenes. They will be together, united, stand, and no one will dare to move them! But if they are not united, then this state should not be ...
        By the way on this, they are trying to play against Russia! Now we all want autonomy, authority, and much more, forgetting that the greatness of Russia, in its multinationality, has been so for centuries!
  14. Curculum
    Curculum 23 May 2013 10: 59 New
    Help from Wikipedia:

    Dear Oleg!
    Let me recommend that you use more legitimate links than "wiki" - it itself contains links to sources that sometimes, to put it mildly, are not serious.
    Do not take for edification ... hi
  15. Suhov
    Suhov 23 May 2013 11: 03 New
    Recently, among Arab youth,
    Popular Russian song again:
    "Namaz is given to him to the West... "
  16. mabuta
    mabuta 23 May 2013 11: 09 New
    British journalists They say that among the spiritual leaders of armed groups there are many sheikhs of the extremist Salafi movement. These religious leaders are calling for the restoration of Sharia law and are promoting the introduction of the so-called Sharia courts with beating with sticks, chopping off heads, hands and feet, stoning and other charms.

    Here they are worried, and the fact that heads are cut nearby in Saudi Arabia are not worried. request
  17. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 23 May 2013 11: 53 New
    If you look at the map, the whole policy of the West around Iran becomes visible at a glance. In the south, the Persian Gulf is controlled by the US and NATO fleets, there is also the US-friendly Saudi monarchy, shaking in fear for its power, completely dependent on the United States in all respects, to the west of Iran, the pro-Western Kuwait and Iraq, which was defeated in anarchy and is occupied by NATO troops, do not need to comment on the NATO country here, in the north-west Iran borders on Armenia and Aiserbadzhan, they can be calm here, for there are no problems with either Armenia or Iserbadzhan Russia does not need it and most likely the transit of Russian aid through these countries will be possible. Further, the Caspian Sea, our main supply line is a kind of "uncle Ho path." Northeast of Turkmenistan, both Russia and China can put pressure on it, everything should be calm. Further to the east, Afghanistan is occupied by NATO forces, but in my opinion it’s a swamp from which NATO’s will not come out for a long time because they’ve got stuck in poop to the ears, although they can create some instability. And Pakistan is the last to go there now, it’s unclear, but India is unlikely to calmly look at any of its movements, so it’s most likely not to flurry. From the map you can also see what exactly Syria is the key moment of aggression against Iran and with its loss, such aggression will only be a matter of time, and with the loss of Iran, the Americans will create such a hotbed of Islamic aggression in the Middle East that just hold on. So we will defend Syria, we will not allow aggression against Iran, we will save Iran we will save the Caucasus, in general now we have nowhere to retreat.
    1. SANAY
      SANAY 23 May 2013 18: 30 New
      Always loved geopolitical layouts. When I asked the village boy where to hit the birch deck with a cleaver. He replied that everything was written there. Where the crack is there and beat. You can’t argue with the political map and analysis of what is happening. And when you look at it carefully with a squint, and suddenly enlightenment, and immediately thinking: "Aaaaaaaa! So there it is, as it turns out !!!" Everything is sewn with white thread. I completely agree!!!
  18. Bekzat
    Bekzat 23 May 2013 11: 56 New
    Greetings to all, the West was more likely to put pressure on the "opposition" so that they pay off with them for arms supplies, especially since they buy at a low price. For the most part, it is beneficial for Turkey to buy oil and gas at a low price. And the fact that the war was and is going for resources, this is a no brainer.
    1. Yarbay
      Yarbay 23 May 2013 21: 20 New
      Quote: Bekzat
      Greetings to all, the West was more likely to put pressure on the "opposition" so that they pay off with them for arms supplies, especially since they buy at a low price. For the most part, it is beneficial for Turkey to buy oil and gas at a low price. And the fact that the war was and is going for resources, this is a no brainer.

      Then I agree with you !!
      Look first at the Iraq war, Turkey was categorically against any autonomy of the Kurds, but as soon as they were given a decent oil jackpot in Erbil and Mosul, they immediately diplomatically closed their eyes !!
      The same story is possible here!
      1. Day 11
        Day 11 23 May 2013 21: 58 New
        Greetings to you, Alibek. I here (on the next branch) already asked dear Rauf about Shiite Sunnis. He basically gave the alignment. If you are not in a bump, go to the "Georgia will do everything the United States wants." Just yours is interesting opinion
  19. MG42
    MG42 23 May 2013 13: 25 New
    The wars for resources have been waged for a long time, the Middle East attracts them with their presence, as Libya was the main target in the “Arab spring” series because of oil, so here in Syria there are pipelines and oil refineries, but this is only part of the structure that Iraq’s oil needs to be loaded, and even better Iran, perhaps Iran is the main goal here. Iran has proven reserves of oil 4 place in the world. Total reserves amount to 370 billion bar. The economy requires resources = raw materials, and here the source from which everyone wants to take a sip, even China. The reason, as always, is for example a nuclear program. Iraq’s oil reserves were 143 billion barrels, almost 2,6 times less than Iran’s! Oil and oil again, everything else is secondary.
  20. Apollo
    Apollo 23 May 2013 14: 38 New
    quote-If Syria defeats the healers in a difficult war, the West will finally break its teeth on a tough nut.

    awareness gradually comes Oleg!

    German intelligence believed in Assad

    Syrian President's Position Strengthens Ahead of Geneva Conference

    Gerhard Schindler, head of German BND intelligence, said his service radically revised forecasts for Syria. Earlier, this intelligence service predicted the collapse of the Assad regime at the beginning of this year. But now the estimates sound different: the position of government troops has stabilized and they are able to conduct successful offensive operations. This conclusion significantly strengthens the position of official Damascus on the eve of the international conference, which will be held on the initiative of Moscow in the first ten days of June in Geneva.


    for the review, plus Oleg. good
  21. MIKHAN
    MIKHAN 23 May 2013 14: 43 New
    The West has become completely insolent ... no longer hiding its true "shitty" goals. It supplies weapons openly to poison peoples and even laugh ... under the USSR, there was nothing
    1. SANAY
      SANAY 23 May 2013 18: 36 New
      Meehan, and who is now "in the old" way with us? No one. Remember how many of us drove in the face of the battery. SERBIA !!!! Now it’s less, of course, but only because they repaid debts. And then it came to a ridiculous point - the European Parliament and all sorts of euro-funds issued decrees - which law to adopt in Russia or the “correction” is dibyloid. All to the detriment, all to evil ..........
  22. Rico1977
    Rico1977 23 May 2013 18: 02 New
    Yes, stupidity - not oil goals, the main thing - the main thing is Iran and the Caspian - and there is China nearby and Afghanistan and us .. And the pipelines are not bad either - but they aren’t the main thing - it will work out well, it won’t work out - it’s not scary. The goal is different and we always do not go linearly, but have several options at once (maximum, medium and minimum - depending on the degree of implementation) and always several ways to achieve the desired. They are well-thought-out guys ... It seems that it’s obsolete with Syria .... smiling - and Assad didn’t leave and we didn’t surrender .. here you can’t get a minimum either (that is, a simple collapse and a war of all against everyone, and build gas pipelines under the guise of ) ... Now they are being activated - they do not quit what they started
  23. deman73
    deman73 23 May 2013 21: 17 New
    who would doubt that they want to build shit democracy on blood and oil, but Assad is well done and we must help him
  24. NKVD
    NKVD 23 May 2013 22: 41 New
    I have long wished and now sincerely wish that I would grind Assad roosters of the human race
  25. fisherman
    fisherman 25 May 2013 15: 15 New
    The successes of the Syrian army are encouraging. Victory will be theirs!
  26. fisherman
    fisherman 25 May 2013 15: 16 New
    The successes of the Syrian army are encouraging. Victory will be theirs!