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According to the results of HeliRussia-2013


Last week, the sixth international salon of helicopters HeliRussia was held in Moscow. The scale of this exhibition is growing year by year, although this does not appear in all areas. For example, this year 205 companies from 18 countries (including Russian 165) took part in the exhibition - only four firms more than participated in HeliRussua-2012. However, even with such a small increase in the number of participants, the salon continues to grow. For example, this year the event was held in two halls of the Crocus Expo exhibition center, and not in one, as it was before.

Perhaps one of the highlights of the last exhibition is the opening of the first heliport. “Russian Helicopter Systems” together with “Helicopters of Russia” 17 of May opened the country's first mini-airport, designed to receive helicopters. This heliport is located on the roof of the exhibition center and has everything you need to complete the work: it has landing areas, a waiting room, a reception and even a search area. In the opened heliport, there is already its own helicopter taxi service, and in addition it is ready to accept equipment from other airlines.

The exhibition was attended by a rather interesting exhibit - the Ka-226T helicopter of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. This machine is interesting in that it became the first production helicopter of this model. Not so long ago, the factory tests of this helicopter ended, and a few days before the exhibition began, it was handed over to EMERCOM aviators. The Ka-226T helicopter continues the previously laid ideology of the rotary-wing machine with modular equipment. Thus, the sample presented at the exhibition is equipped with a special cabin with medical equipment. At the end of the exhibition, the first serial Ka-226T went to its division of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Kazan.

Helicopter Ka-226T EMERCOM of Russia

It is noteworthy that more than one medical helicopter was demonstrated on HeliRussia-2013. Eurocopter has also shown a machine of this destination. Not far from the Ka-226T in the same exhibition hall stood EC145 with characteristic orange-blue stripes on the sides, also owned by the Russian Emergencies Ministry. This car has been used by Moscow rescuers for several years and during its career managed to deliver to the hospital many victims of road accidents and other incidents.

Another full-size exhibit from European helicopter builders was the new Eurocopter EC130 T2. During modernization, this passenger helicopter received new Turbomecca Ariel 2D engines and a number of design changes. As a result, the EC130 T2 has become one of the quietest helicopters in the world. The advantage in the form of low noise of engines and screws is actively used by the manufacturer for promotional purposes. Eurocopter expects that the quiet EC130 T2 will appeal to those carriers who have to maintain helicopter lines over or near settlements.

Eurocopter EC130 T2

Foreign helicopter builders have already understood the prospects of the Russian market and therefore are trying in every way to attract customers from Russia. Thus, the official representative of the American company Bell Helicopter Textron in Russia - the company Jet Transfer - has signed a contract with the Russian Transas. According to this document, the Bell 407 and Bell 429 helicopters supplied to Russia will be equipped with navigation equipment compatible with two satellite systems: GPS and GLONASS. Thus, firms are going to increase the prospects of Bell helicopters on the Russian market. It is worth noting that one of those helicopters that affect the terms of contracts, was present in the exhibition. In the HeliRussia-2013 showroom, Jet Transfer showed the Bell 407 rotary-wing machine.

Helicopter Well 429

Italian company AgustaWestland together with Russian Helicopters demonstrated the AW139 helicopter at HeliRussia. This car is not a novelty - ten years have passed since the beginning of its operation. Nevertheless, the specimen shown at the exhibition is of great interest. The fact is that it became the first helicopter of this type, assembled not in Italy, but in Russia, at the HeliVert plant. The assembly of AW139 at the joint venture of Russian Helicopters and AgustaWestland in Tomilino near Moscow began last year and there are already contracts for the production of four dozen helicopters, the first of which recently left the shop. Probably, in the future, the order portfolio of HeliWert will increase. It is also impossible to rule out such a development in which Russian Helicopters and AgustaWestland agree to build other types of helicopters.

According to the results of HeliRussia-2013

While some foreign manufacturers of helicopters are trying to divide the market for new equipment, others rely on helicopters that are already in operation. For example, the Ukrainian company Motor Sich presented its project of SME-2, which in fact represents a deep modernization of the Soviet Mi-2 helicopter. At one time, it was built almost on the heels of a half thousand Mi-2, but now the number of used machines of this model is only a few percent of their total number. The MSB-2 helicopter is expected to be equipped with two new AI-450M engines with an 465 horsepower that will give a significant increase in flight performance. In addition, during the modernization of the Mi-2 received a number of major design changes, as well as new radio-electronic equipment. According to the director general of Motor Sich V. Boguslaev, MSB-2 is a completely new helicopter for which the Mi-2 became only a prototype.


To date, the scale of the international exhibition HeliRussia has become one of the largest such events helicopter focus. Admittedly, at the Moscow salon, multimillion-dollar contracts for the supply of equipment are not signed yet, but it has already become a popular platform for displaying its developments and their promotion to the market. The exposition of last week’s exhibition was not limited to the helicopters described above. Also, a large number of commercial proposals were presented in the form of booklets, leaflets and other promotional materials. Probably in the future at the HeliRussia exhibition there will be even more helicopters, other exhibition samples and advertising. But this assumption can be checked only in a year, at the international salon HeliRussia-2014.

Light multipurpose helicopter ANSAT

Robinson R-22

Eurocopter EC130 T2



AgustaWestland AW139 twin-engine multipurpose helicopter

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  1. Firstvanguard
    Firstvanguard 21 May 2013 07: 28 New
    Ka-62 at the Russian Helicopters swell to disgrace wassat
    1. ShturmKGB
      ShturmKGB 21 May 2013 10: 40 New
      It is necessary to create the infrastructure for helicopter transport, the open spaces are large, the prospects for helicopters in Russia are large ...
      1. Joker
        Joker 21 May 2013 15: 09 New
        We must conclude contracts and make foreign companies build factories in our territory.
        1. krokodil25
          krokodil25 21 May 2013 16: 26 New
          If there were more such helicopters of the Ministry of Emergencies, such as the ka-226t, mortality on the roads of Russia would decrease by several times.
          1. egsp
            egsp 21 May 2013 18: 12 New
            to reduce road deaths, normal roads need to be made and less plump
        2. Horde
          Horde 21 May 2013 20: 03 New
          Quote: Joker
          We must conclude contracts and make foreign companies build factories in our territory.

          NOT NEEDED, you need to realize your thoughts, OUR helicopters are the best, and to produce competitors and even on your territory is just stupidity!
  2. Boot under the carpet
    Boot under the carpet 21 May 2013 07: 54 New
    All my life I dreamed of falling for something like that! Article +
  3. vitas
    vitas 21 May 2013 08: 08 New
    photo 4, father good
  4. King
    King 21 May 2013 08: 10 New
    What is known about contracts?
  5. Dima190579
    Dima190579 21 May 2013 08: 18 New
    I always liked helicopters. And I always admire the designers and engineers who build such beautiful cars.
  6. Evgeniy667b
    Evgeniy667b 21 May 2013 08: 54 New
    And we would have to sell everything! Inferiority mania.
  7. waisson
    waisson 21 May 2013 09: 02 New
    we have something to show us there is something to be proud of all over the world MI and KA brands are famous they don’t need advertising
    1. Simon
      Simon 21 May 2013 13: 34 New
      Quote: Evgeniy667b
      And we would have to sell everything! Inferiority mania.
      And what do you keep manufactured helicopters? Now no one works and doesn’t manufacture for free, and no one gives to anyone, everyone works for denyushka. fool
  8. Kair501
    Kair501 21 May 2013 09: 56 New
    not well in the photo where it says that this is 62 obviously mi 26
  9. Dmitry 2246
    Dmitry 2246 21 May 2013 10: 00 New
    Beautiful cars waiting for the "helicopter boom".
  10. Chukcha
    Chukcha 21 May 2013 10: 00 New
    I propose a correction in the heading "2014" to "2013".
    It will be somehow more correct.
  11. USNik
    USNik 21 May 2013 10: 01 New
    Father on 4 photos is in the same bewilderment as I am, where are the helicopters with a pushing propeller, which there were a lot of models at past exhibitions ?? request
  12. Forest
    Forest 21 May 2013 11: 29 New
    In the homeland of Mil and Kamov, producing agusta is idiocy or betrayal.
  13. Takashi
    Takashi 21 May 2013 15: 56 New
    I wanted something of my own helicopter :( :(
    But what the priest does at the exhibition is not clear, I hope I didn’t cross my head on a flight ...
    1. KononAV
      KononAV 21 May 2013 17: 12 New
      he lights up the technique there
  14. KononAV
    KononAV 21 May 2013 17: 11 New
    sorry in the article there are no figures who bought what and how much
  15. stranik72
    stranik72 21 May 2013 21: 43 New
    "we have something to show us there is something to be proud of all over the world for the MI and KA brands; they don’t need advertising."
    The last "splashes" of the Soviet past of the OKB "MI" and "KA" ceased to exist, everyone crushed the maneuvers from Russian Helicopters, look who was at the show, colors and logos, Russian Helicopters. high salaries are maneuvers of BP. Nothing fundamentally new at the exhibition was not and cannot be. The whole trouble is the organization of management companies, in Russia they are created (and select "personnel") to reduce financial flows and are in no way responsible for technical excellence. Officially, the developer of the shown MI and KA are BP. By the way, the TTD on the advertising poster for existing types is clearly overpriced. We have already learned to lie.
  16. Sirs
    Sirs 22 May 2013 05: 40 New
    On the pictures, not ka - 62, but MI-8, i.e. MI-17, isn’t it true.)))
  17. sergey158-29
    sergey158-29 24 May 2013 23: 55 New
    Here someone can clearly explain to me: the Mi-38 helicopter is almost 10 years old, if not more

    They wrote: “the mass production of the Mi-38 will begin in 2009”, now in 2013, the series is postponed to 2015, the question is - which one ... will it not be produced?
    the answer is no, we have money, we have no mind (quote from a yogurt) or we don’t need it, because 8 and so scatters like pies ...

    Quote: “The Mi-38 helicopter is intended to replace the obsolete Mi-8, the resource of units and systems of the Mi-38 is increased by 3-4 times, and the labor cost is reduced by 2 times compared to the Mi-8 ... and who needs it?
    - The answer to any question in Russia, there is no rollback - there is no topic ... sad, because there are so many developments !!!
  18. Karah
    Karah 26 May 2013 23: 00 New
    A lot of progress, with the implementation of trouble.
  19. gridasov
    gridasov 9 August 2013 00: 10 New
    A helicopter is, at its very core, a flying windmill. Not a future. The screw and propeller are a relic of the past. Everyone knows about it, but they are afraid to admit it. And the worst part is that they can not jump out of their stereotypes, and therefore can not solve a practical technical problem.