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Manipulation technology

My questions are answered by the director of the special programs of the Moscow Center for Protection against Stress Alexei Zakharov.

- Alexey Valerievich, at one of the meetings of the “Russian Intellectual Club” you presented the original concept of the formation of trends in the public consciousness. Why did you study these questions?

- I am a military psychologist, engaged in extreme psychology. From the beginning of 1990, I had to fight a lot (the Ossetian-Ingush conflict, the Chechen wars, the investigation of major terrorist attacks). After the collapse of the USSR, the ideological foundation of our society crumbled. It is no secret that for a Soviet person, ideology was a substitute for religion. Psychology as a science has also been absorbed by ideology. Soviet psychology mainly developed in the field of education. It is not by chance that the Center for the Psychology of Extreme Situations, which I managed in 2003 – 2009, was formed at the Russian Academy of Education.

Intelligence and marketing

In 1990, Russians found themselves psychologically in a very difficult situation, as the ideological foundations of society were lost. I had to work with participants in military conflicts and extreme situations. Psychologists who were engaged in the same, in our country there were only a few dozen people. As a result of communication and analysis of the situation, my colleagues and I identified a number of patterns in the work of our opponents with the population. Many of these technologies were worked out during the Cold War against the USSR, and then spread to the whole world. Now the impact is on the population of almost all countries.

It is no secret that political interests are closely related to economic ones. Information warfare technologies have proven to be a highly sought-after commercial tool. It was necessary to simply change the goals and objectives of the impact. Now, with the help of the developments of the military and special services, people are persuaded to buy goods and vote for the right politicians. Scouts of the United States, Britain and Germany began to actively sell their technology. At the same time, they retain control over the practical application of these technologies to manipulate the public consciousness.

- Information warfare and marketing technologies are absolutely identical?

- I guess, yes. The ideologists of the Cold War noted that the most difficult to implement a successful informational impact on a person is overcoming the barriers that his consciousness sets. It is no secret that the cultural traditions of different nations differ greatly from each other. In particular, it concerns the culture of laughter (for example, it is difficult for the Chinese to understand American humor). That is why they bet on work with the subconscious. The basis of human nature is based on three basic instincts: survival, procreation and domination. These instincts are included in the genetic code and determine both social and biological human life. Impact on these basic, subconscious instincts makes it easy to break through the mechanisms of protection that sets the mind.

I will give a simple example. When you walk past the McDonald's cafe, pay attention to the smell - it always smells of vanilla. At the biological level, you have the hunger reflex, and you begin to look for the source of the "delicious" smell, that is, to act in a controlled manner. And in the ventilation systems of many casinos and nightclubs, oxygen is pumped in, which acts stimulantly on the human nervous system. As a result, he does not want to sleep.

It is no secret that in recent years shopping has become a mass disease, becoming one of the forms of addiction along with alcoholism, drug addiction and gambling. A person in a state of dependence is easily manageable. And the mechanism of dependence formation is always the same. Therefore, an alcoholic can easily be made a drug addict, a gamer, etc. Do you know the secret of curing alcoholism in the organization of anonymous alcoholics? They simply change their addiction to alcohol to a dependency on a group. When a person comes to the group and says: “I am an alcoholic,” he relaxes and other members of the group relieve him of stress. However, as soon as a person stops attending group meetings, he has a “break-up” and he starts drinking again. This fact has been verified repeatedly. On the same principle sects are built.

- So we are talking about psychological dependence?

- It begins as psychological, but gradually turns into physiological. The formation of all types of dependence has the same mechanism. In the human brain is the center of pleasure, clearly fixing any process in the body that relieves stress and pleasure. It does not matter what is the source of this relaxation and relief: alcohol, pills, game. At this time in the body are chemical processes that are remembered. Gradually, addiction occurs at the physiological level. There are, for example, “adrenaline drug addicts” who do not use anything, they simply create extreme situations for the body that are accompanied by an adrenaline rush, and a person gets pleasure. Do not believe the inscriptions on the hypnotic or anti-stress drugs "not addictive." Once again, everything that leads to relaxation of the body and stress relief is addictive.


In order to be able to manipulate a person, you need to make him addicted. And any dependence destroys the personality, as it leads a person to a narrow program of action. Deviation from this program immediately causes withdrawal ("breaking"). The whole entertainment system is aimed at getting pleasure. First of all, movies, television, music. All of them are addressed to the three basic instincts of which I spoke. That is why there is so much sex on TV and movies. All advertising is built on instincts. A person who buys something realizes two basic instincts (domination and procreation). After all, he buys a thing in order to "be cooler", that is, to dominate and, as a result, to like someone.

The second type of addiction is relaxation after an overstrain. Some groups of people specifically over-exert, drive into a hopeless depression, and then open for them a certain way out (“window”). If a person works a lot without a normal rest, then he accumulates stress, which gradually develops into a physiological injury. The body needs to compensate for this pressure, find a way to relax: alcohol, drugs, shopping, playing, group communication, etc. This method is clearly fixed by the pleasure center of the brain, and as a result, an addiction is formed.

How both of these systems work can be traced back to the example of Arab Muslim countries. There, one of the main factors for compensating stress is Islam. Moreover, stress is often created by pressure from Western countries. The answer to external pressure is always the same - a protest, a search for the guilty. And the guilty one is right here - the West. All this did not happen by chance. After the collapse of the USSR, the West (first of all, the USA) needed a new enemy to justify the enormous costs of the army and special services. This enemy must be scary to scare the inhabitants of Western countries, but not dangerous for the elite. That is why “international Islamic terrorism” appeared, which the elites of Western countries use to intimidate their own population and solve geo-economic and geopolitical tasks.

- Why are the main news on television of all countries - is it a disaster associated with human victims? Why should a resident of Saratov know that a plane crashed in Argentina?

- The fact is that the human body at the physiological level responds very strongly to the death of other individuals. He gets scared. If you see the death of another person, your body will be scared as if they were killing him. This is the instinct of self-preservation. The main thing for TV is to inflict trauma on a person, which he will seek to compensate, and this is where the dependence is formed. Compensation can be twofold: either relax with the help of something, or sabotage the evil on someone else and thus frighten another group of people. Constant mental injury gradually leads to a contraction of consciousness. A person is obsessed with his injury, begins to see life in black colors, and the simplest way out is suicide. I often came across this when working with combatants or victims of terrorist acts. To take a person out of a terrible depression, he needs to show a way out in the direction of positive activity. This may be help to other victims, some kind of creative work. Through such actions, a person forgets about his injury, he has an expansion of consciousness and life is filled with meaning. He begins to enjoy, his self-esteem rises, and this is again fixed by the brain.

Expansion of consciousness

A known method of healing from alcohol and drug addiction, which is practiced by Orthodox priests. First, they attract a person to the group, that is, they act on the principle of organizing anonymous alcoholics. Then dependence on the group is transferred to dependence on a specific type of activity - obedience. Then gradually increase the activities, expanding his consciousness. For 3 – 4, a person completely gets rid of dependence and can already exist independently. Sectarians and terrorists are working in the opposite direction. Their task is to narrow the mind. They form dependence, fix it and turn a person into an obedient performer of someone else's will. But a person whose consciousness works only for the execution of orders does not live for a long time, as his body disintegrates.

- In the course of globalization there was a mixture of different nations. Today, people of all skin tones live in Europe and the USA. At the same time, they are all equally processed by mass media. What for?

- First of all, then, to turn them into obedient buyers. At the same time, goods are constantly changing and their quality does not play a significant role anymore, the main thing is that the thing “is fashionable”, it is important “to be in trend. And secondly, there are too many people on the planet. In order to provide the population of the whole world with the standard of living of the middle class of the USA or the EU countries, all the resources of planet Earth will not be enough. That is why the mass media system is now working on the problem of population reduction. To do this, undermine the traditional institutions of life, which are the basis of human existence. People say: "You do not need to start a family and have children." The struggle of liberal and traditional ideas begins. The liberal idea is based on the priority of personal desire ("I want"), and the traditional - on interest ("I need"). The first works at the level of reflex and subconsciousness, and the second at the level of consciousness. Social tradition is always an element of development, since it is based on the interest not of an individual, but of a group. The social support of a person is family, traditions, his social status. If there is no tradition, then there is no development, the race begins, which leads to inevitable degradation of the individual.

- But the elite, which introduces liberal ideas into the mass consciousness, is also part of society, and it degenerates with everyone.

“No man admits to himself that he degenerates.” Any criminal considers himself a good person. Although in practice, liberal policy leads to a general degradation. The elite are trying to isolate themselves from society, but still it is part of it and goes to death together with everyone.

Traditions against liberalism

- What is the alternative?

- Traditional values: family, creative work, love, mutual aid, etc. By the way, last year, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that the liberal idea failed, and in order to survive, the nation (pay attention to this word) needs to return to traditional values.

- And the Chinese offer some kind of alternative ideology?

- They offer nothing to others. They consider themselves the center of the world. This is the only people who, over several thousand years of existence, has not changed the basis of its cultural code: Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. By the way, Chinese Buddhism is very different from Indian. Recently, it is the Indian variety of Buddhism that is actively promoted in the world.

- Why?

- Because he preaches the search for an individual path through withdrawal from active life to a state of calm and peace (nirvana). Indian Buddhism very well justifies egoism, because the main thing is that you feel good (no matter from what and by whom). If in India it is possible due to the climate, then in the northern countries it is not. But due to the fact that such Buddhism is aimed at bringing a person out of society, it is promoted. And not Indian lamas, but immigrants from Europe. For example, Osho - a former drug addict who came to India to get rid of his addiction, and then became a preacher.

- What is the difference between the Chinese version of Buddhism?

- It is based on collective action. If a group is good, then it is good for an individual. The same can be said about Confucianism and Taoism. The communist regime practically did not change anything in the spiritual foundations of Chinese society.

- And what about the Islamic world?

- The Islamic world is heterogeneous, it is divided into Sunnis, Shiites, etc. The main country of Shiites is Iran, which is mostly inhabited by Persians. This is a very ancient sedentary people with outstanding cultural achievements and traditions. Unlike the nomadic Arabs, in whom the system of traditional relations is much simpler. That is why Arabs are easier to manipulate than Persians. And that is why the US hates Iran and pits its allies against this country. By the way, the Arabic version of Islam is being promoted in the North Caucasus.

The conversation was led by Sergey Pravosudov
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  1. Tartary
    Tartary 21 May 2013 07: 37 New
    Russian remember!
    They think that we are ... but, but in fact they tut each other, and at this time, we are getting stronger and stronger ...

    It makes them angry ...
    And they are tearing each other fiercely more and more, trying to convince the whole world that this is not as it seems, that in reality it is the Russians who suffer ...
    But we actually see how ...)))
  2. patline
    patline 21 May 2013 07: 41 New
    Instructive article. Often would have published similar.
    1. SCS
      SCS 21 May 2013 07: 45 New
      Quote: patline
      Instructive article. Often would have published similar.

      I agree! everything is clear and intelligible! Thanks to the author for the article !!! hi
      1. folds
        folds 21 May 2013 10: 33 New
        "Everything elementary is simple" (C) mute
  3. k220150
    k220150 21 May 2013 08: 26 New
    The author’s article expands his attention as he tells us, this is an ordinary information war. She is often shot in the back. People must understand that we are all ON WAR, so we must behave accordingly.
  4. valokordin
    valokordin 21 May 2013 08: 32 New
    An excellent article is an explanation of the essence of the position of the current government. I want, that’s the meaning of elite consciousness. If the country follows filthy liberalism, it will perish. The communist idea is the most correct, it is based on dialectical materialism. The USSR therefore, in a short time (like China), achieved global power. But the ruling Jewish elite of the United States and the heroes needed to eliminate a formidable rival, which they did with the hands of traitors to communist ideology. Now everyone praises GDP, in the hope that he will return to traditional values, but so far the only plus for him is the delivery of weapons to Assad. A big plus is that he did not surrender Syria, like Medvedev Libya. But hope dies last.
    1. vezunchik
      vezunchik 21 May 2013 16: 59 New
      The trouble is that he does not know where and how to move on. The West is trying to revive the corpse of Kudrin - but this is nonsense, he has already outlived his own! It is time to create a coalition government of national unity - but is afraid to share power. This is where stagnation comes from.
      1. not good
        not good 22 May 2013 00: 02 New
        Communists leading the people to the victory of communism turned out to be Pharisees. The communist idea is correct, even the code of the builder of communism is written off from the gospel, but according to article 13 of the constitution, state ideology is forbidden, and there is no holy place. Everything that can be smashed into the heads of the Russians because of a hillock, just to prevent the citizens of Russia from feeling like a single people again. The herd is easier to manage. Our government does not see obvious things or really considers itself a shepherd, blessed is anyone who believes. Until article 13 is canceled, it will be very difficult to unite a country that has no unifying idea.
  5. Rezun
    Rezun 21 May 2013 08: 36 New
    Quote: patline
    Instructive article. Often would have published similar.

    Quote: SCS
    Quote: patline
    Instructive article. Often would have published similar.

    I agree! everything is clear and intelligible! Thanks to the author for the article !!! hi

    No complaints, just imagine what it is like to knowthat need to do and not be able to implement this. (philosophical remark)
  6. Kaa
    Kaa 21 May 2013 09: 00 New
    The main thing for TV is to cause injury to a person, which he will seek to compensate for, and this is where addiction forms.Why doesn't the government tackle this problem? Or does it suit him? Vremya and other news programs from the Soviet era were bland, but the level of mental health was much higher and the crime rate was lower. And in general, as far as crime news is concerned, the less you know, you sleep better, this is the lot of professionals.
    1. optimist
      optimist 21 May 2013 10: 45 New
      So that's the task of our media: to turn the population into obedient sheep. And we must give them their due, they do pretty well ...
    2. folds
      folds 21 May 2013 10: 54 New
      It’s just that the country's leadership thinks that everything can be governed legally and economically. They do not understand that the people must be educated, then it will be possible to rely on them. I read an article - an analysis of the regular press in Stalin's times and now on the ratio of mentions of various professions. And if then the workers had an advantage, but now - one thing is entertaining in the foreground. Crime is also fun for the masses. Again, the role of TV and the Internet in terrorism. If a bomb explodes, but no one will know about it, the next one is unlikely to explode, because everything is done for show, for news, in order to "draw attention to the problem." Look at any terrorist attack - even amers' ostentatious ones, their goal is not maximum efficiency, but maximum visible effect. There is a good rule - not to talk to terrorists, we need to introduce one more thing - not to talk or show about them, maybe more ordinary people will survive from this.
  7. Orik
    Orik 21 May 2013 09: 53 New
    Thank you, very interesting material.
  8. Pablo_K
    Pablo_K 21 May 2013 09: 55 New
    Quote: Kaa
    Anyway, as far as criminal news is concerned, you know less - sleep better, this is the lot of professionals.

    many idiots themselves bottom that would not have guessed, and then looked at the box and did something like that
    1. Iraclius
      Iraclius 21 May 2013 18: 13 New
      The essence of the manipulation of public opinion through the media is perfectly illustrated by this simple drawing. No comments.
  9. Pbicb2
    Pbicb2 21 May 2013 10: 13 New
    I heard something similar from the lips of other people close to me, but not so intelligibly and in detail! Thanks =)
    1. The comment was deleted.
  10. Ivan.
    Ivan. 21 May 2013 11: 14 New
    Now, with the help of the military and special services, people are persuaded to buy goods and vote for the right politicians. Scouts from the United States, Great Britain and Germany began to actively sell their technology. At the same time, they retain control over the practical application of these technologies of manipulating public consciousness.

    This is done to accelerate the "moronization" of the population, preparation for globalization-total control, and by the hands of the population itself in the name of the prosperity of the economy, the main culprit of the impoverishment of people, including the "spirit". Economics and needs are incompatible concepts.
    That is why they relied on the work with the subconscious.

    This is all, without exception, advertising that we are urged to use in unlimited quantities and to participate in its distribution in view of the incited competition.
    It begins as a psychological, but gradually turns into a physiological

    Between the human body and the mind, the closest connection - "all diseases from the mind" has become a proverb.
    There, one of the main factors in compensating for stress is Islam. And often stress is specially created due to pressure from Western countries

    This is one of the mechanisms for driving people into "true Islam" and, as the reverse side of the coin, the same West creates and constructs traps for these processed people in the form of religions and sects with the desired orientation and provides them with informational support, literature, etc.
    Their task is to narrow the mind.

    This task is set by everyone who is hungry for power from the local deputy to the owners of the Fed. The exploitation of man is primarily the exploitation of his consciousness.
    For example, Osho is a former drug addict who came to India to get rid of his addiction and then became a preacher.

    The only minus of the article is not even a lie, but just nonsense (about the same can be said about L. Tolstoy - he "came" to Russia to be treated for drug addiction and became a preacher)
    1. Ivan.
      Ivan. 21 May 2013 12: 45 New
      I will supplement it with my old comment.
      Ivan April 20, 2013 06:40 | Google is on guard for Russia's democratization
      "requirement to provide your personal data"
      "Paranoia. Who needs you?"

      -Any serious step is preceded by the collection of information, statistics, and better if it is targeted.
      As well as the population census, and this is also the collection of address information that can be used for the benefit of improving the efficiency of public administration and planning and to the detriment of more effectively manipulating the population, it is easy to calculate the results of possible actions and situations, so the Internet and cellular communications say it was conceived and funded as a tool for globalization and preparation for it. The virtual world is slowly but surely replacing the real one, Internet addiction is no longer an empty phrase for a long time, frantic flows of information form the consciousness of people in a given way, a lot has been said and written about this. And now people easily and carelessly enter their "personality" into global databases.
      And now the information for consideration: every year there are fewer and fewer people who do not have a cell or computer almost permanently connected to the network, and the list of other devices containing a processor and access to networks is also growing.
      A few months ago I watched some kind of our program quite interesting. Part of the transmission was devoted to a device with interesting parameters - you enter sound information into it (it can be a command, sound frequency and their combinations), the device processes it, encodes it, enters it into the sound path and mixes it with the background sound, which can be just noise, speech, music doesn't matter. Our consciousness and subconscious mind is able to fill in the gaps and gaps automatically and therefore the information superimposed on the background sound is perceived as integral despite changes in volume and interruptions in playback. Since it is impossible to detect something even when warned, information is perceived only by the subconscious and we remain defenseless before it. I don’t remember what the organization was for it, but they answered yes to the question whether it is possible to buy this device, the price was affordable, which was about a few thousand bucks. The operation of the device was demonstrated, if not mistaken. They asked if there was a decoder that answered what there were to questions about the price and the ability to buy answered categorically.
      So we found out that there is address information, the possibility of its targeted delivery of the network, the Internet, satellites, the ability to accurately localize the target of GPS influence, encoding-decoding and playing devices, computers, encoding, decoding and inputting of information, or simply radiation of sound or electromagnetic frequency or combinations thereof.
      Many other hacking, snooping, and other features are not necessary; they are not known.
      After that, talking about paranoia sounds unconvincing. And there is also a collection of biometric data, people with an erased memory ...
  11. Gari
    Gari 21 May 2013 11: 27 New
    In the 1990s, Russians found themselves psychologically in a very difficult situation, since the worldviews of society were lost-
    and so on throughout all the former USSR
    moral values ​​were lost, the ideology of the foundation of education
    and in exchange - the main thing: money, s-cs cool car, clothes .....
    all right article plus
  12. Gardamir
    Gardamir 21 May 2013 11: 31 New
    It seems that you know everything, you understand everything, but you read this and think about it ...
  13. Uhe
    Uhe 21 May 2013 12: 27 New
    At the expense of Chinese Buddhism, he is wrong. Buddhism in China came from India. Ch'an is Indian Buddhism, which later received some doctrines from Taoism and other purely Chinese teachings, but it remained essentially purely Indian in essence - not in form. It’s like the Tibetan Dzogchen, who, being essentially his twin brother Chan, outwardly took on forms characteristic of Tibetans exclusively.

    At present, the vast majority of Buddhists in China profess the Tibetan version of Buddhism, that is, tantra, and not like Chinese Chan :) In any case, tantra also came from India. Moreover, she first came to China, and then from China to Tibet. Now she has returned to China from Tibet and has remained the most professed version of Buddhism in China :)

    Considering that the higher castes of India are the same Aryans, extremely close to us, the Slavs, by blood and even language (the spiritual language of "Sanskrit"), and by the spiritual knowledge that we possessed before the adoption of Christianity, then we can come to very funny conclusions;) In general, the Hindus - mind you, not the Indians, who for the most part are captured by the Hindus, that is, the former Aryan Slavs, the Mongoloid peoples - are our brothers, in contrast to the Chinese, alien to us in terms of worldview and blood.

    In any case, the Buddhism of China is an oiled Buddhism of India at the beginning of our era. But the Chinese have never been Taoists or Buddhists, nor will they be Christians. For the most part, they do not care deeply about any religion. Money and a sweet life are the god of most Chinese. At the same time, they all remain Confucian. It is this deepest Chinese teaching that has allowed and allows the Han people to preserve their nation and state for several thousand years. Not Taoism, not Buddhism, I emphasize once again, but exclusively Confucianism.
    1. Vladimir_61
      Vladimir_61 21 May 2013 13: 14 New
      Quote: Uhe
      At the expense of Chinese Buddhism, he is wrong

      To a greater extent, the author is not right about Hindu Buddhism. There is a religion for the crowds, there is a true religion. The latter has never been based on egoism just because a person cannot rise up in consciousness without helping his brethren. That's right: I realized it myself, help others. Otherwise, the gates of knowledge will close.
      1. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 21 May 2013 16: 24 New
        "There is a religion for the crowds, there is a true religion" T. "Masonic castle". It is used to neutralize entire countries by destroying the spiritual sphere of the authorities and the intellectual elite. I sympathize with you, you are at a dead end and most likely you will not find a way out in this life ...
        1. Vladimir_61
          Vladimir_61 21 May 2013 18: 51 New
          Quote: Mikhail3
          "There is a religion for the crowds, there is a true religion" T. "Masonic castle". It is used to neutralize entire countries by destroying the spiritual sphere of the authorities and the intellectual elite. I sympathize with you, you are at a dead end and most likely you will not find a way out in this life ...

          Your knowledge is insufficient. What spiritual sphere of authority are you talking about? Take a look around. Name at least one country where those in power are inspired. Intelligence is a servant of spirituality, since it was mentioned, and is just an obstacle to the expansion of consciousness, if it prevails. For the future: do not give ratings to strangers just because in your mind it sounds exactly what they attributed to me, because often a person judges from himself. And about Freemasonry. From ancient times, there were white and black lodges, conflicting among themselves. You see the negative pole, while there is not a single phenomenon on earth that does not have its opposite.
  14. Captain45
    Captain45 21 May 2013 12: 41 New
    Quote: patline
    Instructive article. Often would have published similar.

    I am glad that I liked it, offered the site another one on a similar topic. I think they will publish it.
    1. Vladimir_61
      Vladimir_61 21 May 2013 16: 21 New
      Quote: Captain45
      I am glad that I liked it, offered the site another one on a similar topic. I think they will publish it.

      Sorry, I didn’t write in a hurry that indeed, in general, the article is good. Often you need to publish such materials so that people think about grains and tares.
  15. Ezhaak
    Ezhaak 21 May 2013 13: 21 New
    Great article. Thank.
    People are told: "You do not need to create a family and have children."

    If we take this phrase as an example, after all, none of those who hear or see it think about it: And what does the one who invented and promotes this in our minds do ??? I am sure that the exact opposite.
  16. sys-1985
    sys-1985 21 May 2013 13: 38 New
    After reading and realizing this .. you feel not quite comfortable)
  17. yurypetrunin
    yurypetrunin 21 May 2013 13: 47 New
    All is correct. When I am lured by my wife or children to the store, I sviripei to scandal.
    Upon arrival home, duplicate acquisitions are destroyed immediately. In all kinds of markets, only with a list drawn up at home, taking into account the actual needs. No vanilla smell from course after sprat, if it is on the list, can not bring me down. Probably because there is enough pension for everything.
    And for Putin I’m a mountain! And to hell all kinds of manipulators will knock me. Yuri Petrunin Veteran of the USSR Armed Forces. Polar, Gatchina.
  18. Buran
    Buran 21 May 2013 14: 27 New
    I remember we asked our kvzzvoda what x ... every single day we ramming platz, if in battle we will plow the earth with a belly. He explained simply, in the ranks the main feeling of the elbow and coherence, and not beauty and brilliance. So that stupid questions are not asked ...
    I’ve read the article now and I’m thinking, because when I watch the parade, I feel involvement and power. This is mass manipulation driven through the legs. wink
  19. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 21 May 2013 16: 37 New
    Bravo to Zakharov! Feels really cool pros.
    Somehow, scientists decided to investigate the issue ... In general, they created a completely closed "mouse paradise". A kind of city for the mouse population. At regular intervals, a plentiful but fixed rate of food was given. The dangers were completely absent. At first, mice bred. Then they multiplied and more ... At some point, there was no more room, although there was still enough food. Then there was no longer enough food. This is where the interesting began ...
    The mice began to fight. There was not even a trace of hunger, but a slight flaw has already provoked a violent reaction. Then there was ... the separation of the sexes! Females and males were divided geographically, when they met, they fought to the death, tried not to contact at all. After a short time, "paradise" died. Recently, there was a huge surplus of space and food, but the mice did not even try to breed, fights arose when they met already same-sex people, each died completely alone.
    Sound familiar?
  20. Rrv
    Rrv 21 May 2013 16: 54 New
    The article itself is an example of the manipulation of consciousness and the substitution of concepts.
  21. wax
    wax 21 May 2013 17: 23 New
    oxygen is pumped into the ventilation systems of many casinos and night clubs, which acts excitingly on the human nervous system. As a result, he does not want to sleep.

    Yes, not oxygen is pumped there. Where only the drug committee, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Education look? Is the destruction of the consciousness of youth and our state policy?
  22. Roll
    Roll 21 May 2013 17: 29 New
    laughing I liked the article, although for me, in principle, nothing new. About some conclusions. Well, firstly, to reduce the population there are other more effective methods. As for resources, they will be enough for 10 billion of the population, if they are allocated correctly. As for the elites, there are elites who are in sight, they really are dumbing with the people, and there are world shadow elites, they are not threatened with dullness. Then the population is now in Europe and we are being exiled by emigrants, this is preparation for a world government. And all the distortions that are now characteristic of the Arabs, Caucasians with total chipization of the population and the establishment of total control will quickly be reduced to zero. Try to show off, whether you are thrice rolling, and a fighter, if after even the smallest violation you were released from the European police department with an electronic bracelet on your leg in which there is 20 grams of plastid and one bell and no legs. But before that, another 10 years.
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 21 May 2013 18: 16 New
      Everything secret degrades, decomposes, becomes dull and rots ten times faster than the obvious. The secret is devoid of the most important mechanisms for monitoring effectiveness, therefore, existing for some time inevitably collapses. Moreover, no knowledge and skills, albeit centuries ahead of the rest, help.
      China has secluded a whole gigantic empire. So what? At the beginning of the 20 century, it was just a bunch of stinking rubbish. A few people, even several thousand people ... 30-40 years and a completely secret structure will turn into a bunch of cunning asses, managed by an almost illiterate, but the most cunning, vile and treacherous bastard. If such a structure has even trillions, from meaningful actions it will only get its own members and massacre without practical meaning.
      If you want to see how a "mature" cryptocracy works, the SGA is at your service. Their power is not completely secret, therefore it is not completely rotten yet. But there are enough signs ...
      1. Roll
        Roll 21 May 2013 18: 34 New
        bully I agree with you in many ways, there is nothing to discuss here, but if secret structures create self-cleaning systems, then the negative is minimized. For example, the structure of the Chinese Communist Party. The leadership of the leader for no more than 10 years and no degradation, our Communist Party in its time such a mechanism. In secret societies such mechanisms are worked out to the smallest detail. Otherwise, the empire of the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Masson and various clubs such as Bildelbersky would have degenerated long ago, and they rule in the prime of life. The fact of the matter is that in secret organizations the control mechanisms are worked out, otherwise death.
    2. yurypetrunin
      yurypetrunin 21 May 2013 20: 24 New
      Kina has seen enough? So in the movie, collars with plastid on the neck clung, and in pairs
      programmed. You will move further than necessary from the owner of the double collar, and both kirdyk! Even the police and the court are not needed, - bandits can clutch their collars, and the Chinese can make them! Cheap and cheerful. However, the heroes of this film deceived everyone, and a happy end was achieved.
      Yuri Petrunin, a frightened veteran of the USSR Armed Forces. Polar, Gatchina.
      1. Roll
        Roll 22 May 2013 09: 16 New
        laughing Why kina. Here, for example, we put on our opposition of Udaltsov an electronic bracelet, though without plastid, but this, in principle, is unnecessary so far.
  23. Dimy4
    Dimy4 21 May 2013 20: 31 New
    I read an article in the journal of the American author on this topic. So he claims that the first developments in manipulation appeared in the USSR in the mid-70s. And the Americans urgently had to catch up with us.
  24. slaventi
    slaventi 22 May 2013 03: 25 New
    Since the 90 years, Russia has been the object of monipulation, we have no ideology, it is prohibited by the occupational constitution. Traditional values ​​are being destroyed, a liberal model is imposing itself on our people. In order not to be an object of manipulation, to preserve our cultural code and country, we first need to gain independence. This process has begun. Yes, we have no other choice.
  25. jusper
    jusper 20 January 2014 20: 49 New
    Tell me, does this author have any kind of literature?