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Airplane crashed at international airshow in Turkey

The famous Turkish pilot Murat Ozturk died as a result of a plane crash at an aviation festival in honor of Youth and Sports Day. The tragedy occurred during a demonstration flight with aerobatics in the province of Adana in southern Turkey.

According to eyewitnesses, the plane Ozturk collapsed, crashing into an orange tree during a low flight above the ground.

About the type of aircraft is not reported. The video shows that this is a small biplane for performing aerobatics. After a sharp climb, the plane crashes into a tailspin, from which the pilot gets out too late, experts comment.

On board was 60-year-old Murat Ozturk - a famous acrobatic pilot in Turkey, reports AP. Rescuers arriving at the scene discovered his body.
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  1. Canep
    Canep 20 May 2013 12: 04
    Regrettably, condolences to the pilot's family and friends.
  2. fortunophile
    fortunophile 20 May 2013 12: 05
    Human factor. It’s a pity for the pilot, but re-evaluating one’s own capabilities and bravado always lead to accidents and disasters.
    1. VAF
      VAF 20 May 2013 16: 57
      Quote: fortuneophile
      It’s a pity for the pilot, but re-evaluating one’s own capabilities and bravado always lead to accidents and disasters

      Absolutely agree! But ... in the "extreme" time, the level of training in the Turkish Air Force is very noticeable ... is weakening, especially after the massive layoffs of the flight personnel.
      here is the video, fresh. Minaret was not "demolished" request

  3. il grand casino
    il grand casino 20 May 2013 12: 06
    Rest in peace
  4. Ivan.
    Ivan. 20 May 2013 12: 35
    However, the word Turkey itself is not very pleasant to me, however:
    Onboard was the 60-year-old Murat Ozturk

    In his years, doing this - deserves respect, his death at the helm at the age of 60 when performing aerobatics is not so bad - perhaps pilots in love with the sky dream of it.
    1. Shturmovik
      Shturmovik 20 May 2013 19: 49
      But our network is no worse than pilots, General Kharchevsky is over 60 and he performs aerobatics on combat fighters.
  5. Bort radist
    Bort radist 20 May 2013 12: 52
    Rest in peace! Maybe he decided to leave "nicely" in the last seconds. Condolences to loved ones.
  6. Ezhaak
    Ezhaak 20 May 2013 13: 58
    Sorry for the man. May the earth rest in peace.
  7. Yeraz
    Yeraz 20 May 2013 14: 57
    Allah rehmet elesin. But at the age of 60 he did such a thing, a man with character was. Perhaps he dreamed of such a death.
    1. xetai9977
      xetai9977 20 May 2013 19: 23
      ALLAH rehmet elesin. May the earth rest in peace.
  8. pinecone
    pinecone 20 May 2013 17: 11
    It is unclear why the title refers to the international air show, while the disaster occurred during the festive events on the annual Youth and Sports Day.
    60 years old for the pilot is considerable. The Turkish press suggested a heart attack, as the plane suddenly lost control when performing the last aerobatics.
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. Alexey Prikazchikov
    Alexey Prikazchikov 20 May 2013 18: 59
    Minus one.
    HAIFISCH 20 May 2013 23: 43
    like that, there was no, one moment.