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The dead don't lie

On the basis of the “specificity” of the contents of the investigation file, a previous article made a hypothetical assumption that all the tourists were killed by high-speed miniature bullets. This is not fiction, such bullets really exist, but almost nothing is known about them. Accordingly, there is no information about the peculiarities of the defeat of victims by such bullets, this can only be discussed using the analogy method.

Their closest analogue is rifle bullets with a speed of 900-1100 m / s., The specific effects of such bullets are well known. The main striking factor of high-speed rifle bullets becomes a “water hammer”, while mechanical damage to the body by such bullets is insignificant. It is natural to assume that with an increase in the speed of the bullet and a decrease in its mass, these two effects, “water hammer” and reduction of mechanical damage, will appear even brighter. Consequently, the absence of visible injuries on the body and the death from “water hammer” are the main signs of the use of such high-speed miniature bullets.

In modern science, for example, in physics, for a long time the object of research is not necessary to present what is called "alive." A typical example is the "Higgs boson", which physicists have been searching for for decades, spending billions of dollars in search. But scientists do not even hope to detect the boson itself, it is considered quite sufficient to reveal traces of its decay. Also in the case of events on the pass, we will try to reconstruct weapon following the characteristic traces of its use.

But there is one small “BUT”, you need to prove that the recorded traces are not an accident, and therefore conduct a series of experiments in which the traces of the object must be repeated.

In our case, the weapon was used many times, in different places, at different times, nine people died from its impact, this is just the series of events of the same type that we need, so even dead tourists will help to figure out what and how they were killed.

People in extreme situations like the events that occurred on the Dyatlov Pass in most cases survive. After that they tell incredible stories what happened to them, but they do not believe, and these stories are gradually forgotten. The human mind is arranged in such a way that it rejects the facts that fall out of ordinary circumstances, it is easier for him to declare a person to be insane than to believe in the unobvious.
With Dyatlov's group, everything happened differently, they all died, but the dead do not lie, the dead can be trusted, you just need to understand what they are testifying to.

Zolotarev - Kolevatov

Again, Zolotarev’s body and Kolevatov’s body found in its immediate vicinity. In the photo, they had already been dragged out of their bodies from the stream bed, but the postures in which they died were preserved due to rigor mortis.

The dead don't lie

Poses strange, Zolotarev in an active, dynamic, but in a very unusual position, Kolevatov in a relaxed position, not involving activity at the moment of death. But here is another photo of Zolotarev explaining the situation in which he and Kolevatov died:

Zolotarev at the time of death was in the pose of a man carrying a heavy load on his shoulder and holding it with his right hand.
According to the memoirs of the search engines, Kolevatov’s body was practically in a “stuck together” condition with the body of Zolotarev, and behind him, this was the load that he was holding on his shoulder.

Here is a photo of the bodies in the creek confirming this:

Tibo lies first on the back, behind him on the right side lies Zolotarev, behind him, Kolevatov's head to head.
Zolotarev, whose ribs are broken and at the same time there is not even a bruise on his skin, remained exactly in the position in which he was caught by death.

Based on these images, it can be argued that Zolotarev died instantly, without agonal movements. Death caught him at the moment of transfer on the shoulder of Kolevatov, already immobilized but still alive.

And one more feature, Zolotarev has injuries to the right side of the chest, and it lies precisely on the right side. A blow to the ribs not only did not throw it away, but also flunked to meet the blow.

The third feature in the locality of the strike, which is on the shoulder of Zolotaryov Kolevatov, did not receive any injuries. It turns out the impact of the broken ribs was localized in a very small spatial region.

Thibault - Dubinina

Here are their bodies after extraction from the stream, posthumous poses survived due to rigor mortis:

Again, very characteristic postures. Thibault, at the last moment of his life, judging by the position of his feet, was torishing in deep snow the path for the heavily loaded Zolotarev, who was following him on the trail. This is more than likely, since they left the flooring along a stream bed clogged with snow, Tibo also received a blow on the right, only to the head, the bones of the skull on the right were broken.

And again, after the impact of the fractured skull bone, the person dies without agonal movements, which is called “falling dead”, and the body again falls in front of the impact received from the right.

The postmortem posture of Kolmogorov is no less characteristic, a snapshot of her body was already given at the place of detection, here he is again:

Immediately about the damage, almost all of the ribs are broken in front and again, as in the cases of Zolotarev and Tibo, the skin over broken bones is intact.

And again the body falls to meet the blow, on the right bank of the stream, again the body falls “dead”, without agonal movements. The legs at the body of Dubinina are brought together, it means that at the time of death she stood still, her arms were raised, apparently she stopped at the time of death, turned towards death, and raised upward hands is the last instinctive attempt to defend against the inevitable.

Man instinctively closes the line of her eyes with her hands - danger, therefore, since her hands are so highly raised, death has come to her from the right and from above.

It can be argued that the weapon was used from the right high bank of the stream, all bodies are damaged from this direction.

So, three bodies with injuries have the same signs of a murder weapon used against them, this is: instant death, collapsing towards a blow, absence of external damages. The fourth body without obvious damage, but this tourist was no longer able to move and was carried on his shoulder by Zolotarev, respectively, the weapon was not used again for him.


The bodies of two tourists found near the fire are less informative, their dead comrades were already moving their dead. But still there is something to think about; one body fell at the time of death into a burning fire and was burned in the area of ​​the left leg.

So at the time of death, he collapsed into the fire and no longer moved, again a sign of instant death. The second tourist who died near the fire did not come to his aid, which means he either died earlier or they both died at the same time.

Most likely they died at the same time. On the second body there is also a sign of falling into the fire, his hair was scorched and the search engines found a half-burned balaclava near the fire, apparently from his head. So taking into account the break of the branches on the cedar, it can be assumed that people found near the cedar died at the same time and were at the time of the death on the cedar. The weapons used against them not only killed them, but also broke the branches of the cedar (the bodies were found on top of these broken branches).

There is one feature of damage on the bodies of tourists who died near the cedar, no significant fatal injuries were found on them, there are only minor superficial skin lesions, even under clothing. Here's what they looked like:

Even more such injuries such as abrasions and scratches in the three tourists who died on the mountainside, there these injuries correspond to the place of death, - the farther a person has gone, the more there are absolutely incomprehensible lesions on the skin. Of course, it can be assumed that these are injuries from falling onto a hard crust — they fell and skinned, but judging by the localization of these injuries, people do not fall into the snow.

The cause of scratches and abrasions on the skin of tourists was not falling into the snow. That it was not yet guessing, but visually, the nature of surface injuries on the bodies of tourists is almost identical to the picture of damage from secondary fragments, for example, when bullets knock a crumb out of stones and these fragments cut through the skin.

Dyatlov - Slobodin - Kolmogorov

Snapshots of the bodies of Dyatlov and Slobodin at the place of detection are publicly available, a picture of Kolmogorov’s body at the place of detection is not present, although in the investigation file according to the inventory there should be this picture. So we can only talk objectively about the two dead. All three of them went to meet the danger, to meet the fact that they were forced to leave the tent, they went to meet the fact that they were being killed, and all of them were dying and rolled forward, towards a mortal blow, as was the case with tourists in the stream.

Here is Dyatlov's body, as the search engines discovered:

The body is attached to the shrub, it can be seen that it was turned over after death, when it was already completely frozen, otherwise the left hand of which the body rests on the branch was pressed to the chest and raised higher.

Judging by the curves of the body, at the moment of death Dyatlov was kneeling in deep snow, and then fell forward, crushing the snow under him. Again, this pose does not imply any agonal movements, the man fell into the snow and did not move anymore. The position of the hands is almost inexplicable, the only thing that can be assumed is that the person defended his eyes, and during a fall in the snow the forearms fell a little and the elbows remained in the same position.

More informative picture of the body Slobodina:

Everything is obvious here, the left foot is pressed into the snow, the right one is almost in the same plane with the body, this person was walking in deep snow. The left leg was supporting, the snow was deeply pushed through, the right one was pushing the snow moving forward, at that moment the man fell forward and did not move anymore. But he did not die, the investigation fixed frost under the body, this happens if a warm body is in the same position for a long time.
Therefore, it can be argued that the tourist was damaged, lost the ability to move, but still lived for at least an hour.

Apparently it was finished off later, with a shot to the head, only “porridge” remained from the brain, here is an extract from the SudMedExpertis protocol:
Under the dura mater contained up to 75 cm3, a bloody fluid, the pia mater was turbid, red-green. The substance of the brain is a shapeless mass of greenish-red color with indistinguishable contours of the ventricles of the brain, as well as gray and white matter. In the area of ​​the upper edge of the left pyramid, the area of ​​hemorrhage under the bone plate of size 0,3 x 0,4, see. The bones of the skull base are intact.

A picture of Kolmogorov’s body was still found on the ground, so he:

And this is already the body in the morgue, the face is literally all snatched, and symmetrically, and the body lay on the spot of detection on the right side, hence the injuries of the face were received by Kolmogorov before falling into the snow.

The “walking” position of the legs and the body, the straightened shoulders, the arms bent at the elbows of the other do not suggest - at the time of death she moved up the slope. While falling, she even instinctively did not stretch her arms forward, any person does it, even being unconscious.

The blow pushed her forward, she fell on her right side, there, according to the forensic examination certificate, she found a “bruise” measuring 30 on 6 centimeters from the right side to the stomach. So again, the man fell "dead", again to meet the blow.

Dubinina’s face and hands suffered more than the rest of those who died on the mountainside, there are practically no intact areas on the face, all are scratched and bruised. This is not damage on the snow crust, in this case the localization and the form of damage would be different.

It can be assumed that this is the effect of the passage of high-speed bullets in the immediate vicinity of the human body, apparently warning shots over the head. Pyrophoric substances used in high-speed bullets to reduce friction with air (used, for example, in bullets for Ascoria) during combustion may well cause such a picture of damage.

But again, this is only a hypothesis, then you can make mistakes.

It is believed that the three tourists on the slope just froze, but Slobodin had an intravital fracture of the skull, again without damaging the skin, and in Kolmogorovaya zoster bruising in the lumbar region the size of 30 by 6 centimeters, in other words, she got “kidney”. Only Dyatlov's body was described by the forensic scientist as having no damage.

In conclusion, the reason for the death of these tourists is “death from hypothermia”, but this is a dubious conclusion, poses do not imply such a cause of death, tourists lost the ability to move during action, they did not have a phase of inhibition of activity and falling asleep.

After they fell into the snow, none of them moved, so did not freeze.

For all nine tourists, there is a momentary loss of the ability to move the body, even agonically, all of which they called “fell dead”. This is a very characteristic sign of a high-speed bullet. Such bullets pierce the body through with minimal visual damage. Death does not come from injuries and blood loss, they may not even be, but from the so-called "water hammer" completely and instantly destroying the nervous system, because of which the muscles lose their ability to contract. Apparently this happened to the tourists.

So far it sounds like a fantasy, but the Internet is full of videos with the visualization of a “water hammer” on the example of the passage of high-speed bullets through gelatin blocks at a density equivalent to a human body, look if you do not believe ...

All the bullets could not hit the target precisely, especially given the assumption of warning shots. There should have been traces of the use of these bullets on the ground, and they are, already mentioned by the breaking of the branches on the cedar:

The locations of the broken branches found under the cedar were marked, the breaking itself was at a height of 3-5 meters from the surface.
And here is a photo from the materials of the investigation with a signature about the traces of tourists going down the slope:

These are clearly not traces of a person or animal. They begin and end on an even surface, and even extend them across, and not along the route. Breaks in the nastya can be roughly estimated at 20-30 centimeters in diameter, and the bevelled outlines indicate that the “bullets” hit the crust at an acute angle.

Apparently these are traces of warning shots falling into the snow, which drove the tourists down the slope.

Is this the only explanation for the death of nine tourists? Probably not, you can push other versions.

Now we can confidently speak only “from the reverse”, - If tourists were killed, such high-speed miniature bullets, then the picture of their deaths would be completely consistent with the facts and would not contradict them.

So far, only a small part of the actual material at our disposal has been considered, relating only to the bodies of the dead tourists themselves. But the facts are much more, in order to test the hypothesis of the use of high-speed miniature bullets, you need to reconstruct the events and see how it fits into the overall picture of what happened.

This will be the topic of the next, fourth part of the cycle.

And in conclusion we summarize the obvious result, in 1959, neither the USSR nor the USA had such high-speed kinetic weapons, they appeared later. In the incident at the Dyatlov Pass, an unknown to us “THIRD POWER", Which has at that time a much higher technological level.
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  1. Boot under the carpet
    Boot under the carpet 20 May 2013 08: 35 New
    How many people - so many opinions!
    1. T-100
      T-100 20 May 2013 17: 53 New
      And in conclusion, to summarize the obvious result, in the 1959 year neither the USSR nor the USA had such high-speed kinetic weapons, they appeared later.

      We do not know anything and cannot say with accuracy that there was no such weapon. After all, 80% of the archives of the Lubyanka have been classified since 30.
  2. smershspy
    smershspy 20 May 2013 08: 53 New
    Interesting version! But why kill tourists if you could test on prisoners. A lot of puzzles! I hope that answers to many questions will appear soon!
    1. krokodil25
      krokodil25 20 May 2013 12: 26 New
      Quote: smershspy
      But why kill tourists if you could test on prisoners. A lot of puzzles! I hope that answers to many questions will appear soon!

      In conclusion, the author cites the words: in 1959, neither the USSR nor the USA had samples of such high-speed kinetic weapons, they appeared later. In the incident at the Dyatlova pass, the unknown THREE FORCE, which at that time had a much higher technological level, was directly involved.
      From this it becomes that according to the author, the bloody GB-nya has nothing to do with it.
      1. agrindler
        agrindler 5 June 2013 12: 56 New
        I read that Mansi could, but hardly. The wounds on the bodies of tourists are very specific, there are no such weapons yet, but anything can happen! Who and why did this is not given to us to find out. And you should not engage in * string * on this topic and think that GB or other services are involved in this! FUNNY! laughing
    2. Uncle
      Uncle 20 May 2013 21: 18 New
      Quote: smershspy
      But why kill tourists if you could test on prisoners.

      From Felix Edmundovich did not expect another ...
      1. agrindler
        agrindler 5 June 2013 13: 08 New
        Amused the old man! laughing
  3. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 20 May 2013 08: 54 New
    Another hypothesis, undoubtedly interesting, but a number of questions arise: who, why?
    1. smirnov
      smirnov 20 May 2013 22: 32 New
      I think that many will agree with me, this whole story is extremely illogical, the main question is not "how" but "why", until there is an answer to it - we will not find out the truth ...
  4. shinobi
    shinobi 20 May 2013 09: 17 New
    With all due respect to the author, I allow myself to draw his attention to the following fact: When passing high-speed kinetic targets through a person’s body, a clearly localized wound channel always remains visually detectable even in the absence of external signs of injury. An ordinary 5,45 bullet has an internal wound channel from hydrodynamic shock when passing through the body with a diameter of 2,5-3 cm in the largest part, the wound channel itself resembles a spindle in shape. A person dies from the shock caused by such an injury That’s all right. But the speeds assumed by the author for such weapons should be much higher. As the military experience shows, when hit at such speeds the object, a hydrodynamic shock simply completely destroys it. The version is very interesting, but in my opinion the version with modified by the German acoustic cannon. The Germans had a strike radius of about 60 m. Make it mobile and more powerful and voila. A powerful infrasound strike, and the tourists panic together in panic, throwing everything and everything, and so on. according to the text of the death of the Dyatlov group .. At the same time, the military might not even know that someone was hit under the test zone.
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 20 May 2013 22: 02 New
      I agree with you. Moreover, when examining the bodies, experts easily find even traces of syringe injections. Do not find the wound channel - nonsense. Water hammer is a sudden change in fluid pressure. It manifests itself during the passage of a wave of pressure changes in the channels, is expressed in a change in the geometry of these channels. In this case, in the human body such channels are blood vessels and even the cells themselves. That is, a huge trace would immediately form around the wound canal - extensive hemorrhage from torn vessels to at least torn cells. Body tissues would have boiled ...
      It is really very similar to infrasound. It is hardly possible at all to get the desired frequency instantly. And before reaching deadly, the infrasound causes uncontrollable terror. We escaped from the tent, not understanding what drove us out. "Shot" stopped - they sat out, came to their senses. The younger and more adventurous went in the direction of the noticed activity, those who were more experienced decided to sit out and figure it out. And the testers started up the device again, already at full power ...
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. AK-47
    AK-47 20 May 2013 09: 28 New
    In the incident at the Dyatlova pass, the unknown THREE FORCE, which at that time had a much higher technological level, was directly involved.

    There are not enough arguments for such a statement.
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco 20 May 2013 18: 36 New
      In my opinion, everything could be much simpler, as one of the options, they could get drunk and tear apart, given that the guys were from the Polytechnic University, and everything was in good standing, as in the case of sex which was not in the USSR, just as students graduates of the polytech could not, in principle, be drunk. When viewing materials, and other programs about the Dyatlov Pass, I immediately got the impression of a booze. In favor of alcohol, the fact that they were sitting in a tent in shirts, that is, undressed, from personal experience while fishing in the tent in winter, at -20 with a stove, we never undressed before shirts, this is 1. we had a case of stripping, running in the snow and other pranks, only in a drunken stupor it is 2. And I had to collect kolegs and drag them into a tent. Well, very similar. For some reason, only once was there a mention of a flask with alcohol, and then these facts were hushed up, first by the fact that someone was supposedly an outsider and left alcohol, but there are no traces of outsiders there.
      1. Fregate
        Fregate 20 May 2013 19: 45 New
        Oh, so they fought so much that they killed each other? I do not really believe in such a version.
        1. smirnov
          smirnov 20 May 2013 22: 34 New
          And the last one cleared himself?)))
      2. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 20 May 2013 22: 15 New
        A drunken brawl leaves a characteristic picture that any opera and investigators know as a primer. Hematomas, knocked out teeth, characteristic odor ... etc, etc. This whole story would have been framed as a drunken brawl. (though it’s some kind of indescribable fight, as if some superhumans fought - they killed each other completely) To hide this because of a booze, it is not enough that its participants are students. In the USSR, drunken excesses were not hidden, they were stigmatized for them and tried to get an educational effect. They would try to hide the brawl of candidates for membership in the Central Committee of the CPSU, what kind of secret academics, astronauts ... For the students they would have severely entered the head of the party organization, they would have thrust the Komsomol into the ground, the tourist club had been dispersed to hell ... but they would not have been secret what.
  7. report4
    report4 20 May 2013 10: 02 New
    Conspiracies. Conspiracies.
    Ammunition, especially high-speed ones, leaves unambiguous marks on the human body.
    If we accept the version that these traces were discovered, but then were removed from the protocols, then building some theories based on the edited data is incorrect.
    Well, the theory that the cedar branches were shot down by bullets was somehow pulled because if the ammunition had enough power to break thick enough branches with ends, then the body would simply be torn to pieces.
  8. Volkhov
    Volkhov 20 May 2013 10: 47 New
    The article is indirectly useful, conspiracy theological, in the entire series under the guise of obvious nonsense, factual material is given ... Only those who are in the subject can use it, very few.
    A simple training manual on what to do with this natural phenomenon is by no means allowed into the masses.
    In short, they had to hide in a tent in sleeping bags and breathe through a rag.
  9. scliss
    scliss 20 May 2013 11: 25 New
    These are clearly not traces of a human or animal.

    These are traces of a man in large shoes (felt boots with a galosh or shoe covers) over a slightly frozen (wind-blown) crust. A person who has the experience of hunting and fishing agrees with me.
    It’s time for the author to stop drawing circumstances by the ears.
  10. Yozhas
    Yozhas 20 May 2013 12: 34 New
    The third or fourth force acted on tourists; it all remained in history and not when no one knew about it. And for every argument presented in the article, you can always find another - instead of a high-speed weapon, there may be a high-speed ax or hammer. And if, for example, you hit with a butt or a stick on a well-dressed person in winter clothes, then the bruises may not remain.
  11. Evgeniy-111
    Evgeniy-111 20 May 2013 12: 38 New
    And did not try to find out why the locals this place is notorious? What is it based on (not just legends of spirits and demons)? Why is it necessary to test some kind of weapon?
  12. Kushadasov
    Kushadasov 20 May 2013 12: 44 New
    author, you again rave. And this pearl is generally beyond praise:

    Apparently these are traces of warning shots falling into the snow, which drove the tourists down the slope.

    How do you imagine the footprints in the snow from MINIATURE bullets ?! Have you ever shot snow, sir?
  13. report4
    report4 20 May 2013 12: 53 New
    Well, the most believable version sounds:
    During the night, the temperature dropped from 0 to -30 degrees, while there was a hurricane wind (reliable metrological data). They put themselves on a slope completely not counting on such a thing and their tent was in very poor condition (again, facts). For some reason, they went down, and no longer can go up due to the wind. The failure and the subsequent icing of part of the group with the icy mass to prepare the deck for transferring the tent to a place protected from the wind down the slope (those who suffered fractures of ribs and head injuries) were considered to be a reliable reason for the trip. guys, which is natural if they were sent to a hurricane to do the flooring). The rest of the group ran to save them, well, the famous ending.
  14. xoma58
    xoma58 20 May 2013 13: 23 New
    Of course, this is the third force, and this force is called the force of nature, cataclysm, snowfall, in general, as you wish.
  15. Thunderstorm
    Thunderstorm 20 May 2013 13: 28 New
    Version without a third high-tech force.
  16. vomag
    vomag 20 May 2013 13: 40 New
    After they fell in the snow, none of them moved, they freeze. I completely agree, but the weapons were pulsed, therefore the absence of wound canals. It was not the pioneers who went to the pass, but a well-trained group, so the conversation about the weather was not good, and with what fright they began to scatter on different sides? stupidly santa claus scared to death and at the same time turned one of the group into a mess porridge?
    1. shinobi
      shinobi 20 May 2013 17: 46 New
      Speaking of impulse weapons. There is such a device called the "Vortex Cannon", and even its amateurishly executed versions give quite interesting results in experimental shooting.
  17. Evrepid
    Evrepid 20 May 2013 13: 57 New
    I read the article with interest. Such a view of the death of the Dyatlov group. Interesting.

    If you take this assumption for truth, then where is the weapon, where did it go, why is it still not declassified, where is it used?

    Some believe that the Chelyabinsk meteorite was shot down by some kind of high-precision, high-speed and powerful projectile. But what if?

    I wonder what principle such a weapon can be built on. As you know, a powder charge will not allow to disperse a bullet / projectile faster than 2000 m / s.
    Very interesting.
  18. vomag
    vomag 20 May 2013 14: 22 New
    so degenerates began to minus negative
  19. Nickanor
    Nickanor 20 May 2013 14: 40 New
    I'm interested in something else:
    In connection with this, around this case, after more than 50 years, such excitement flared up?
    On the net, on TV, the Americans shot the film (rare rubbish, by the way). Entire thematic shows on the central channels twist ...
    1. Volkhov
      Volkhov 20 May 2013 15: 53 New
      It was an element of the comet explosion, there is very interesting physics and for sure there are similar bodies to the west of Chelyabinsk under the explosion point. About the new - a secret, about the old - you can.
  20. elk
    elk 20 May 2013 14: 51 New
    The first channel, ren TV, many sites, including this one, do not just discuss the involvement of flying saucers, mountain spirits, American spies, secret weapons. By attracting readers and increasing traffic, the site makes money on advertisers, this is understandable. The second question is the reputation of the site when it is ready to stand on a par with the same ren TV. The author trivially manipulates the facts to pull what is desired for the reality, not restricting one’s own flight of fantasy either by the laws of physics or logic, categorically interpreting facts in a convenient way or even distorting them.
    A study was conducted with the participation of honored masters of sports in tourism, the study of declassified data on launches from space training grounds in the USSR at that time, with court comments. Honey. Experts with experience in researching criminal remains, with the conclusions of specialists in education and avalanches, with documented data from meteorologists in this region. And even with answers to mysterious questions about radioactive traces. Studying the accident of the Dyatlov detachment is available online. There are no aliens. Spies. Secret mission agents shooting back with secret weapons. But it's all so boring .. the site itself produces the creation of trolls, discrediting itself as a source of information, yielding yellow.
    1. dmb
      dmb 20 May 2013 15: 13 New
      I agree. Spectators and readers, "bursting with a mass of impressions, quietly growl." Of course, there are a lot of inexplicable phenomena in our life. Some of them are inexplicable due to insufficient information, some due to insufficient knowledge of humanity. Ufologists and other "funny guys" often come up with their own fantasies. in which they themselves gradually believe. As for the bullets, such a "ufologist" wondered how much they cost, and what for was it spent on Dyatlov's group? Further, they kill in order to hide. Again, they just do not understand that mass murder will draw to the place of concealment, apart from hordes of sovereign people, a lot of curious people.
  21. sys-1985
    sys-1985 20 May 2013 14: 53 New
    . Everything strange and incomprehensible at first glance could be very simple. People in extreme conditions are extremely logical. Not a famous weapon ?! Where? Why there?
    GB? Why were you killed? Too brutally murdered. Easier to shoot! Moreover, judging by the forecast, it was by no means a walk under the moon. All IMHO.
  22. Ilyukha
    Ilyukha 20 May 2013 15: 08 New
    AMAZING ARTICLE! I can’t give another assessment. As a person who worked for many years in the investigation and firsthand experience with forensic medicine, unfortunately, I examined a lot of places of incidents with the dead.
    The author’s version is an illiterate distortion of facts at the request of profane people in such cases.
    The author’s main Wishlist will rise due to bothering the gullible public with another sensation on this matter of bygone days.
    P.S. question to the admins: are you rogues and schizos among the authors of the site are able to distinguish?
    1. 20 May 2013 22: 37 New
      Quote: Ilyukha
      P.S. question to the admins: are you rogues and schizos among the authors of the site are able to distinguish?

      Yes, we have one prominent figure, speaker of parliament, only the Commission of the Russian Academy of Sciences for the fight against pseudoscience opened its eyes to friend Petrik lol What do you want from admins? They are not psychiatrists! laughing
  23. vomag
    vomag 20 May 2013 15: 14 New
    damn it wasn’t extreme in conditions, they walked in a group more than once and not two were ready. look at the photo some even don’t have shoes, what’s to be understood? very quickly some left without a winter jacket !!!! they cut a tent on board to catch an avalanche there?
  24. vomag
    vomag 20 May 2013 15: 36 New
    dear Ilyuha, maybe you really saw something there and worked for many years, I believe you, and now let's think, at first things were the same as your comrades who, in addition to being there and having drunk drunkards who saw nothing in the snowdrift, did exactly the same conclusions that you too! but seasoned wolfhounds arrived from Moscow and made completely different startling conclusions! and pathological anatomists confirmed them (albeit indirectly) and so confirmed that they had to secretly impose a signature stamp means that they were killed at the weather, not space black holes
  25. ivanovbg
    ivanovbg 20 May 2013 15: 56 New
    This is the most logical and reasoned version:
    1. Chukcha
      Chukcha 20 May 2013 18: 34 New
      It looks very logical.
      But who is there and what will he analyze now?
  26. Tuzik
    Tuzik 20 May 2013 16: 32 New
    a local shaman tambourine pounded for a sacred hill -3 force
  27. Hort
    Hort 20 May 2013 17: 16 New
    on the topic of the Dyatlov group was an interesting article in the Russian newspaper. The journalist who tried to investigate this incident back in those days told. Moreover, he talked with some parents of the dead tourists and a female forensic expert.
    So, the version of the journalist - came under the influence of some kind of test weapon, possibly a neutron one. And then the bodies were dragged by the "specialists"
  28. Middle-brother
    Middle-brother 20 May 2013 17: 52 New
    This topic has already been discussed here. The conclusion is elementary: the cause of death were little people, recruited by a bloody fucking cattle lol
    Yes, and the film recently took place in cinemas, all on the shelves laid out. laughing
  29. Yozhas
    Yozhas 20 May 2013 18: 06 New
    Around where, in May, a documentary film about the Dyatlov group, expelled due to death, passed through the first channel. So there is a version that the military removed the group since there was a secret training ground in this area. And the main defendant Zolotarev there, he joined the group at the last moment and previously no one was familiar with him. In addition, Zolotorev was a member of the Second World War and served in Germany for some time, and as an option, he returned from there recruited by other intelligence.
    1. ded10041948
      ded10041948 20 May 2013 19: 14 New
      Meaning? On the way back, a small accident is arranged and no problems. There are enough specialists for such tasks.
    2. AK-47
      AK-47 20 May 2013 19: 31 New
      Quote: Hedgehog
      Zolotorev was a member of the Great Patriotic War and served in Germany for some time, and as an option he returned from there recruited by other intelligence.

      Semen Zolotarev is a front-line soldier. He had 4 government awards. Where these awards are now is unknown. Zolotarev belonged to that generation of young people born in 1921 who were called up in 1941 and miraculously survived after going through the meat grinder of the war .... I got on that tragic last trip at the last moment, three days before going on the route. Changed the group. According to witnesses, he was satisfied with the Dyatlov group’s campaign dates, shorter than those of the Sogrin group, with whom he initially wanted to go. Semyon Zolotarev wanted to go camping faster, get the USSR Masters of Sports, and then leave forever south, home to his family.
  30. shinobi
    shinobi 20 May 2013 18: 17 New
    I will throw my opinion into the common piggy bank of conspiracy theorists. So, for general deductive development. In the Third Reich, there was such a comrade Zippermeer, who worked closely on the creation of a "vortex cannon" where the striking element is ordinary air. And he was going to shoot from it a little bit on heavy Allied aviation .Working models, that is, completely movable by a car, at distances of 150-200 meters, they carried oak dies of an inch thick (2,5 cm) into chips. As a matter of fact, today on the Internet I saw a video about one quite compact, in size and shape resembling a faustpatron with a butt , a homemade product that can successfully stun a person at a distance of 10-12 meters. And imagine that if our military man was engaged in business, what could they do? Even from the point of view of hand weapons? If amateurs are playing with might and main. From the point of view of military use, this is of course not ice, it takes a long time to reload, like a flintlock musket approximately in time. As a non-lethal weapon, it’s that. Ksati, in the law of the Soviet Union and in the last There is an interesting article about the permissive frequencies for infrasound / ultrasound and baric limits for non-military devices.
    PS: I completely forgot to add, hitting from such weapons on the subject’s body leaves no traces. Baric strike and all that.
  31. alert_timka
    alert_timka 20 May 2013 18: 59 New
    It’s clear that the matter is dark. I don’t even know where the truth is! Weakly believe in an avalanche, cataclysms, etc. if they would have been killed by the locals, they would have been more likely to be arrested and later could be sentenced to a tower for this. So, that is also unlikely. Looks like something else here and there were completely different people involved there (if they were directly involved).
  32. My doctor
    My doctor 20 May 2013 20: 13 New
    Would we have Hollywood so many blockbusters would be removed drinks
  33. Yozhas
    Yozhas 20 May 2013 20: 51 New
    Quote: AK-47
    Semen Zolotarev is a front-line soldier. He had 4 government awards. Where these awards are now is unknown. Zolotarev belonged to that generation of young people born in 1921 ......

    This is not my version that he was a bad person (spy) - this is the opinion of the director of the documentary.
    1. AK-47
      AK-47 20 May 2013 21: 57 New
      Quote: Hedgehog
      ... he was a bad person (spy) - this is the opinion of the director of a documentary.

      I do not believe.
      He was awarded the Order of the Red Star for the feat accomplished on April 21, 1945. He led the crew of 9 people during the assembly of the ferry on the Oder River under the fire of the enemy who discovered the place of work. When 2 runs and the flooring were broken by a shell, with the Red Army soldier Kornev they dragged the necessary structures from the ferry broken down at 300 m into the water and continued assembly, the steam was promptly put into the bridge line. The award sheet was signed by the regiment commander Lt. Col. Schukin.
  34. piotr534
    piotr534 20 May 2013 21: 56 New
    The first article was intriguing and I wanted to get acquainted with this story in more detail, using the link kindly provided by one of the members of the forum For all interested, I recommend it. A version of what happened was professionally and reasonably filed, not a long time, but it’s worth reading to the end.
  35. tomket
    tomket 20 May 2013 22: 27 New
    The Mountain of the Dead got its name and received bad fame even before the appearance of both "Bloody GB-no" and before the manufacture of a wunderpool)))) Regarding the exotic method of destroying any witnesses, far-fetched. About the landfill - unambiguously. Why the hell to shoot from prototypes in the place where you can't even take off the parameters and results of the application ??? In general, as a child, he lived about 30-40 km from the scene. Due to my childhood, I did not know about this case. Yes, and my father found out relatively recently, although he was at the felling of prosiki in the places directly indicated in the route sheet. Interestingly, another thing, at the end of 80 g there was just some kind of invasion of glowing balls. It came to ridiculous when in school the story about the ball he saw by someone became commonplace and did not cause any lively interest. How are you? The ball saw, Well, I saw and saw, who did not see it then. I saw myself three times. the first time at night when the children were playing snowballs, a ball flew by then, with a short interval, three planes in the same direction. the second time it was more effective, on one side of the luminary, the moon, on the other side, a pulsating ball floated out, from which waves of light came, moved parallel to the ground above the edges of the trees, well, and the third time flew at great speed, silently leaving luminous stripes. -31, just an article was published in the technique of young people describing this high-speed aircraft. But then I still realized that a supersonic aircraft usually makes noise, and quite loudly. The most sensational story in the village was like a ball chasing a bus for quite a long time. in general, there is definitely something there.
  36. Ataman
    Ataman 20 May 2013 22: 48 New
    Enough nonsense to print. Here is a brilliantly written essay in which a meticulous investigation of the events at the Dyatlov Pass is given
    1. tomket
      tomket 20 May 2013 23: 25 New
      The CIA version is no better than the version about the luminous balls, and it is tempting to ask, Powers must have landed.
  37. Crang
    Crang 21 May 2013 19: 51 New
    There is a version that it was a fall of a space rocket (and in 1959, of course, not very serviceable) with the corresponding shock wave. The rest were bent from rocket poisoning.
    1. tomket
      tomket 21 May 2013 23: 06 New
      looking for traces of fuel - not found
  38. Joker
    Joker 23 May 2013 15: 29 New
    The most likely scenario for testing thermobaric bombs. I met an article somewhere. At least this version answers most of the questions (instant loss of movement, etc.).
  39. Traveler
    Traveler 29 September 2013 20: 55 New
    Let's speculate ... what was the reason for the sudden and panicky flight of tourists from the tent? Apparently, the threat was such that a group of 9 people could not physically cope with it. What was it - an avalanche? No, she would have destroyed the tent itself and scattered things. In addition, people safely and without injuries managed to move to a safe distance. Invasion of other people? It is unlikely - terrible cold, night, the places are not just abandoned, but simply wild. And what is the reason for someone to attack at night, if it was possible to do everything in the daylight? Version of missiles, chemical weapons, etc. untenable, since there were no such polygons in the Urals, and could not be. In any case, the group would simply not have been allowed to enter the secret facilities, since the route had been agreed in advance. And of course it was not difficult to arrest all the participants, put them in a psychiatric hospital, that is, to deal with traditional methods. The nature of the injuries of people suggests that they were not faced with people. With whom? With superhuman strength. Speaking in the Orthodox language, with demons. Everything that is now hiding under the names of UFOs, Bigfoot, etc. - the essence of a phenomenon of the same order. In ancient times, people were much smarter than us and understood what kind of power lives in such places, and never visited them. There are only two supernatural forces - the world of angels and the world of demons. It's just that modern people have become so stupid that they do not understand the obvious things. They would rather believe in UFOs than ask how their ancestors looked at similar phenomena. Do you remember the conclusion of the commission, according to which "tourists became victims of a spontaneous force that they could not overcome"? With all the ambiguity, this is the most accurate definition of what was there.
  40. Traveler
    Traveler 29 September 2013 21: 11 New
    The only difference is that this elemental force, which they could not overcome, was not inanimate, but on the contrary - animate. She deliberately and methodically killed people, broke ribs, pulled out eyes and tongues, deprived people of the will to resist. Unfortunately, no human version can provide other explanations for what happened. And the case is also classified because the authorities do not dare to tell the society the terrible truth. Let's remember that time: Khrushchev's persecution of the church, when priests were exiled to prisons, tortured, when Khrushchev promised to show the last priest on TV. The triumph of the militant atheists? And here is such a case! naturally, we decided to keep it classified and not make it public. And this, in turn, gave rise to rumors that the military had dealt with the tourists, that they became victims or witnesses of a secret weapon test, etc. This is all nonsense. The version about the military is promoted mainly by liberals who frighten themselves and others with stories about the "bloody gebn", and the version about the secret weapon is apparently told by those who have never been on the test of such a weapon, and judged by articles from the yellow press. For testing all nuclear weapons, there was already a ready-made test site on Novaya Zemlya, and research tasks were being solved in Sarov. Missile technology was tested at Baikonur. All this is not even hundreds, but thousands of kilometers from the site of the tragedy. Who in their right mind would conduct such tests at night?
  41. Traveler
    Traveler 29 September 2013 21: 17 New
    I understand that the site is about weapons, but you shouldn't neglect logic either? Two simple questions to the author of the article: 1. Why kill people with this strange weapon (if it exists at all!), If they could be eliminated with the most ordinary pistol? I don't even stutter about motives. 2. If these were tests of this most secret weapon, wouldn't it be easier to train not on students, but on prisoners? Or will the version of the "bloody gebn" emerge again? Well then, the direct road to Novodvorskaya - she probably shares such "versions"))
  42. Traveler
    Traveler 29 September 2013 21: 26 New
    Quote: Hedgehog
    Around where, in May, a documentary film about the Dyatlov group, expelled due to death, passed through the first channel. So there is a version that the military removed the group since there was a secret training ground in this area. And the main defendant Zolotarev there, he joined the group at the last moment and previously no one was familiar with him. In addition, Zolotorev was a member of the Second World War and served in Germany for some time, and as an option, he returned from there recruited by other intelligence.

    These are fables. How many such "documentary" films have now proliferated! Was it some Svanidze and Mlechin who directed a film? And what was Zolotarev's goal? Lead the people to a secret training ground, and then destroy everyone and die himself? Well, it's utter nonsense!