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The results of the Russian-Norwegian teachings "Pomor-2013"

The results of the Russian-Norwegian teachings "Pomor-2013"

At the Hawksonsvern Naval Base (Kingdom of Norway) aboard the North Large Antisubmarine Ship (BOD) fleet (SF) “Vice Admiral Kulakov” summed up the results of the Russian-Norwegian naval exercises “Pomor-2013”. The interaction of the sailors of both countries was recognized as successful.

At the end of the active phase of the Pomor-2013 naval exercise aboard the Vice Admiral Kulakov BOD, which had made a business visit to Hokonsvern, a briefing was held on the results of the international exercise. The final reports of the officers who led the Pomor-2013 exercise from the Russian and Norwegian sides were heard by the Chief of Staff of the Western Military District (ZVO), Lieutenant-General Andrei Kartapolov and the Chief of the Chief Operational Command (GOK) of the Norwegian Armed Forces (ARC) Vice-Admiral Haakon Brun Hanssen.

“We need to expand the scope of cooperation, to proceed to working out the elimination of crisis situations at sea as part of disparate ship groups,” said at the end of the briefing, Lieutenant General Andrei Kartapolov.

"We express confidence that further fruitful cooperation, development of naval skills and tactics of our naval forces will be useful for strengthening good-neighborly relations between our countries and the armed forces," he concluded.

In response, Vice-Admiral Haakon Brunn-Hanssen, head of the Norwegian mine of the Armed Forces, stressed that “mutual understanding and cooperation at sea are beneficial for strengthening relations between Russia and Norway. I am glad that all the goals were achieved by 100 percent. Crews of ships want to complicate the episodes. I consider it my duty to note the high level of training and professionalism of the crews of ships and all units that were directly involved in the conduct of marine operations. ”

The Pomor-2013 international exercise, which started on May 11 in Severomorsk, was attended by the Northern Fleet’s BPC Vice-Admiral Kulakov and the Norwegian Navy frigate Helge Instad. In the Barents Sea, the Senya frigate of the coast guard of Norway joined the exercise. A total of 10 warships and support vessels, as well as maritime planes and helicopters, took part in the exercises on both sides. aviation SF and Norwegian Air Force.

The first doctrine "Pomor", held in 1994, was a separate episode of the interaction of the two ships. Completed the day before, it became a large-scale doctrine on cooperation in repelling air strikes, fighting sea terrorism, artillery firing and search and rescue support measures.

In addition to the crews of the ships, naval aviation units of the Russian Navy and the Norwegian Air Force, marines, coast guard units and sea rescue coordinating centers of both countries take part in the Pomor exercise every year.

Today, in the city of Bergen, more than 200 seafarers from the North Sea from the crew of the BOD Vice Admiral Kulakov will take part in the festivities dedicated to the Constitution Day of Norway.
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  1. Joker
    Joker 17 May 2013 17: 26 New
    Ahaha, just read about the Norwegian traditions and joint exercises there as well. laughing
    1. klimpopov
      klimpopov 17 May 2013 17: 27 New
      Same thought visited laughing
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 17 May 2013 17: 38 New
        Quote: klimpopov
        Same thought visited

        Today this thought will visit everyone on the site laughing
        1. klimpopov
          klimpopov 17 May 2013 18: 00 New
          Now it’s impossible to call them (Norwegian) military. laughing
          1. PN
            PN 17 May 2013 21: 11 New
            Yeah, brave pi ... sy.
            1. k220150
              k220150 18 May 2013 09: 59 New
              For the Vikings, this was a very POP.
        2. Ruslan67
          Ruslan67 17 May 2013 18: 18 New
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          Today this thought will visit everyone on the site

          The main thing that would not be written at night wassat
          1. klimpopov
            klimpopov 17 May 2013 18: 28 New
            If you "dream" at night, then you need to go to the doctor, to the urologist ...
        3. Atlon
          Atlon 17 May 2013 23: 43 New
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          Today this thought will visit everyone on the site

          I also visited ... And you know? Would they like a torpedo or something to board ...
    2. smershspy
      smershspy 17 May 2013 17: 42 New
      There are no words! It causes a smile! And the sediment is that skeleton laughing lsa!
      1. S_mirnov
        S_mirnov 17 May 2013 22: 45 New
        Why didn’t I understand at all, and why exactly were these exercises held? So to speak, a specific GOAL?
        1. bask
          bask 17 May 2013 22: 50 New
          Quote: S_mirnov
          he asked, and for what specifically were these exercises conducted? So to speak, a specific GOAL?

          The goal is one, MONEY on the WIND, and END IN WATER.
          1. S_mirnov
            S_mirnov 17 May 2013 23: 51 New
            Very similar. Something I have little idea of ​​what tasks at sea we can carry out together with the Norwegians. Unless they could save the sailors from the Kursk nuclear submarine, if not for the betrayal of the president.
            1. elmir15
              elmir15 18 May 2013 12: 49 New
              Laughter, laughter, but their quirks of upbringing are unusual. Somehow the Norwegian Coast Guard Inspectorate landed on our ship with a check. So the most unusual thing that surprised me was that they walked on the bridge and the ship in socks! without shoes! except the deck of course. Later, in Norway, he himself was convinced that they take off their shoes when entering buildings: cafes, bars, shops, etc. in shoes they don’t go there. Such a story)))
          2. andrre122
            andrre122 19 May 2013 01: 32 New
        2. andrre122
          andrre122 19 May 2013 01: 31 New
          It seems that they did not abandon the idea of ​​a fixed entry into NATO.
          Today, on the echo of the Motsa, in the “military council”, Alexander Postnikov said suspicious things. In particular, on the unification of the rear supply with NATO.
          It seems to comrade Tukhachevsky’s laurels that they don’t give rest. What a direct disease.
          Woodpecker, damn it.
  2. avt
    avt 17 May 2013 17: 30 New
    Quote: Joker
    Ahaha, just read about the Norwegian traditions and joint exercises there as well.

    Yeah, and when you consider how they ,, Pomeranian people "create, from local Tolerastov generally ..... request
  3. omsbon
    omsbon 17 May 2013 17: 33 New
    “What is moving toward us, or the nightmare of modern Europe” is a cool addition to joint exercises. All this is anecdotal!
  4. orff
    orff 17 May 2013 18: 01 New
    indeed, after that article about Barnevarn, every Norwegian can be considered a Breivik. And if one controls a cruiser?
  5. rpek32
    rpek32 17 May 2013 18: 37 New
    Yes, it's funny. Question: is it worthwhile to produce and strive for further integration of relations with such "neighbors"?
    We live in some kind of parallel universes. On the one hand, the rights of Russians living in Norway are violated, on the other, joint exercises. It's weird what
    1. Alexander IV
      Alexander IV 17 May 2013 19: 28 New
      You need to know the likely opponent in person. Here are our students
      1. Retx
        Retx 17 May 2013 20: 59 New
        Sorry of course, but a likely "ally." Yes, yes, in the battle for the Arctic we must be on the same side with the Norwegians, we must push them out of NATO. We don’t need an enemy bridgehead under our nose. It may sound rude and dirty, but it’s better in our interests. The borders of Russia should not have enemies, even potential ones ...
        1. Suhov
          Suhov 17 May 2013 22: 24 New
          Quote: RETX
          Sorry of course, but a likely "ally." Yes Yes, in the battle for the Arctic, we must be on the same side with the NorwegiansWe need to push them out of NATO. We don’t need an enemy bridgehead under our nose. It may sound rude and dirty, but it’s better in our interests. The borders of Russia should not have enemies, even potential ones ...

          After the joint Russian-Norwegian naval exercises
          Norway joined NATO ...
          rocket ...
        2. Alexey Prikazchikov
          Alexey Prikazchikov 18 May 2013 00: 24 New
          Good kament, you need to surround yourself with a belt of friends. So more likely to survive. Yes, friends are always looking nearby, but they keep enemies away from themselves (USA).
    2. andrre122
      andrre122 19 May 2013 01: 35 New
      While we are conducting exercises, they are stirring up separatism at that time. The Pomors are not Russian. They even came up with a language.
  6. Restor
    Restor 17 May 2013 18: 54 New
    It is not necessary to conduct exercises with them, but to use these pedo-Vikings in their exercises as a likely adversary.
  7. individual
    individual 17 May 2013 19: 06 New
    After the article has been read, the word "Norway" causes an emetic reaction.
    In my opinion this is a non-shaking state entity, its morals are akin to savages not yet described by researchers. And our iPhone gave them the shelf of the Barents Sea and not only. Very bad associations from these savages.
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. Delink
    Delink 17 May 2013 21: 03 New
    The complication of the episodes must be carried out without them. Otherwise, we will be considered a read book.
  10. Apollo
    Apollo 17 May 2013 22: 01 New
    stock footage on the above topic

    1. Containers
      Containers 18 May 2013 01: 03 New
      "The surname of Kalashnikov we know." You do not know, you are afraid and respect.
    2. Douste
      Douste 19 May 2013 21: 11 New
      I remembered youth! I once drilled a helicopter on the Kulakovo.
  11. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 18 May 2013 04: 36 New
    I was always touched by these, all kinds of different “joint” exercises with, like “partners,” for show. Especially if you look at the tasks - ".... repelling air strikes, combating maritime terrorism, artillery fire and search and rescue activities."
    I wonder what kind of aviation, together with the taxes we will reflect? Isn't it the USA? or DPRK? Or embezzlers fleeing to the Virgin Islands? And the pirates, mean, by chance, are not those who have bargains on the islands rummaging around, such as Breivik and Co.? So I imagine: Breivik goes around the island, sings a song, shoots "moose", and the police- "Help, help, at least someone!" And then, bang-our BDK bursts out of the Pechenga and paratroopers land on the island, which "break" the foul Breivik ... Or breaks in the BOD and carries artillery the whole island, along with Breivik and all its inhabitants. What time! Interaction.
    1. Retx
      Retx 18 May 2013 12: 08 New
      Quote: Monster_Fat
      I wonder what kind of aviation, together with the taxes we will reflect? Isn't it the USA?

      There is such a chance that they will come for the Norwegian shelves. And Norway will have to share its good from good to good, and not on decent terms. The country is small, I agree - there are no options. But with Russia, it can send virtue-seekers on foot to places familiar to everyone.
      An iPhone with a shelf nakosyachil, but what has been done is done. So we trade with them well, so there is a chance to lure the ancestors of the Varangians to ourselves, maybe we will save people from tolerance ...
      1. v53993
        v53993 18 May 2013 17: 24 New
        Unfortunately p ... r, gay, blue are diagnoses that are not treated. This category can only be eliminated as Sodom and Gommor.
  12. pinecone
    pinecone 18 May 2013 06: 40 New
    You'll look, so directly it’s kind of like the Brotherhood of Arms exercises of the Warsaw Treaty countries. And on the other hand, the BPC “Vice Admiral Kulakov” made a BUSINESS call at the Norwegian port of Hokonsvern. What is this to understand? Something went by for the goods, or vice versa, to throw something off.
  13. k220150
    k220150 18 May 2013 10: 05 New
    Normal people do not distinguish between combat ... or non-combat. Teaching with the Norwegians is an abomination.
  14. v53993
    v53993 18 May 2013 17: 14 New
    I am ashamed and offended that our guys were forced to come in contact with these men, gays and gays in one bottle.
  15. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 18 May 2013 21: 54 New
    I am absolutely sure that the so-called "joint" exercises are a creeping expansion in the Russian Navy. These "events" are held under such a primitive program that even a non-military person will see: bullshit. Recently I watched our old (30-th) movie about love. The joint exercises of our Navy with NATO remind me of this film. It was not funny ...
  16. andrre122
    andrre122 19 May 2013 01: 24 New
    Shame 2013.