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18280 project status

By the 2020 year, it is planned to build and commission more than fifty warships. In addition, by the same time, the military department is going to order and receive a little less than a hundred auxiliary vessels of various purposes. These are rescue ships and tugs, support ships and weapons transports, etc. Among other things, the navy has already ordered the construction of two special communications vessels (large reconnaissance ships) of the 18280 project. A few days ago there were new messages regarding the progress of construction.

The Central Naval Portal, citing the general director of the St. Petersburg "Northern Shipyard" A. Ushakov, said that according to the company's current plans, the lead connection ship of the 18280 project "Yuri Ivanov" will be launched in September this year. Then it will be completed afloat and passed to the tests. Delivery of the communication vessel to the customer is scheduled for the next 2014 year. Obviously, the acceptance certificate will be signed no earlier than next fall. It is worth noting, earlier it was said about other deadlines for the completion of the project. Then it was planned to launch the vessel in the 2012 year, and in the 13-m to accept the Russian Navy. However, some production problems led to a delay of several months.

The large reconnaissance ship "Yuri Ivanov" was laid back in 2004 year, but the financial situation of the first years did not allow to pay for work on time and in full. Because of this, over the course of several years, the progress of the work left much to be desired. Another problem that affected the timing, manifested several years ago. OJSC “Kolomensky Zavod” was unable to deliver the required units of the ship’s power plant in time, due to which it was necessary to correct construction plans again. As a result, the construction of the ship and the installation of all the necessary equipment, including engines, is currently continuing.

A special communications vessel (large reconnaissance ship) of the 18280 project was developed at the St. Petersburg Iceberg Central Design Bureau. It has a displacement of about 2500 tons (according to other data - about 4000), body length in 95 and width in 16 meters. The power plant of the lead ship of the project is based on two diesel gear units 5DRA, created at the Kolomna plant. Each unit is equipped with its own diesel engine 11Д42 with more than 2500 horsepower. According to available data, at present the first diesel engine-gear unit has already been delivered to the Severnaya Verf and is being installed on the ship Yuri Ivanov, while the second is undergoing factory tests and will soon also go from Kolomna to St. Petersburg. According to available data, a large reconnaissance ship will be able to reach speeds up to 20 knots, and the cruising range in economy mode will be at the level of 8 thousand miles.

The new special communications vessel is named after Vice Admiral Yu. Ivanov, who for many years led the naval intelligence fleet Soviet Union. Under him, the relevant fleet departments actively grew and developed, and new ships equipped with special equipment were also built. According to reports, the reconnaissance ship "Yuri Ivanov", continuing the development of its part of shipbuilding, will receive a large set of various equipment designed for radio intelligence. Earlier, in early April, Izvestia published excerpts from a conversation with a certain representative of the Ministry of Defense. According to them, the reconnaissance complex of the new ship will be able to track a large number of radio signals in a wide range of frequencies, as well as determine the location and type of their sources.

The specific composition of the intelligence equipment, for obvious reasons, was not announced and is unlikely to become public in the coming years. All the available information regarding the ship’s electronic equipment concerns only that part of it which is not directly related to the tasks performed. So, it is known about the presence of the navigation radar MP-231-3, as well as the use of the integrated bridge system "Bridge-18280". Other details are secret.

The secrecy of the composition of the target equipment is primarily due to the tasks of the new special vessel. According to the Izvestia source, the new large reconnaissance ship will serve in the Pacific and monitor the work of the United States in the field of missile defense. It is argued that the reconnaissance equipment complex "Yuri Ivanov" will allow to monitor the work of the radio components of the American missile defense system located in Hawaii and Alaska.

From the available information it follows that "Yuri Ivanov" will replenish the composition of the navy of Russia not earlier than in a year. During 2013, the Northern Shipyards will launch the second special communications vessel of the 18280 project. So far it is impossible to talk about this with certainty, but there is every reason to assume that the construction of the second reconnaissance ship will take much less time. It is assumed that he will go to serve in the Northern Fleet, where he will probably monitor the activities of the American and European armed forces.

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  1. VohaAhov
    VohaAhov 20 May 2013 08: 44
    It's bad when there is no specifics. "Probably", "maybe", "soon", "presumably" somehow all this is wrong. Already the displacement, length, width, draft, speed and composition of weapons could be communicated to the people, on whose funds the ship is being built.
    1. Armata
      Armata 20 May 2013 09: 54
      Quote: VohaAhov
      It's bad when there is no specifics. "Probably", "maybe", "soon", "presumably" somehow all this is wrong.
      And where did she come from? We are fed tales of 50 ships. So, let's take 8 years (this is 96 months), and so for the sake of laughter we get that they should launch the ship every 2 months approximately. It is naive to believe it. And with the same 18280, laid down in 2003 (the author was mistaken here, or I’ve bookmarked the information from Wiki), 2004 resumed construction and delivery only for 13 year (before that there was 14). What specifics can we talk about?
      1. elmir15
        elmir15 20 May 2013 17: 14
        As for the speed of construction, perhaps not quite on the topic, but I will say - as the old captain who made work under the USSR told me. So he said that once every 2 weeks a new fishing vessel came, the navigators did not have time to cook, then they created shuksy and in 4 months they prepared the navigators in haste))). Of course, it is impossible to compare the speed of construction of military and civilian vessels, but the speed of buildings is still impressive.
    2. starshina78
      starshina78 20 May 2013 21: 20
      Why do you need this? That from this you will live better? Such ships have always been in a special position. The brigade of the KIK (control and measuring complex) ships and the spy ships (as we called them were based here, in Kamchatka), were enmeshed in mystery. Some ("Chumikan" and "Chazhma") even had a civilian paint, not a combat one. Their departure to the sea was always accompanied by warships and boats. A secret, a military secret - is and will be.
      1. Bad_gr
        Bad_gr 21 May 2013 17: 09
        Roughly, the appearance of the ship.
        1. Snake4
          Snake4 24 May 2013 18: 33
          I don’t know what you copied, but this is clearly a completely different project, it can be seen from the current photos. Ivanov is much smaller and, as it were, more elegant.
  2. JonnyT
    JonnyT 20 May 2013 08: 48
    Now the spies have flocked there like flies on ... just! does not place misinformation to throw so that "partners" incur losses
  3. capitosha1rang
    capitosha1rang 20 May 2013 09: 02
    Born into a family of sailors, he drummed in the Navy for 17 years and love him until oblivion.
    But, in modern Russia, it seems to me, as a private person, it seems that such a fleet can not afford.
    Comrade Stalin raised funds "for a pretty penny" to launch a program for the construction of battleships of the "Soviet Union" type (who would doubt that He would be supported).
    Who and whom is ready to support now?
    Who dreamed of ocean voyages and power over the sea?
    Where are the financiers and economists to advise strategists?
    The ship is, of course, a spectacle of delightful and breathtaking, but, relatively speaking, the conditional death of the human unit of any enemy, in case of using means of bacteriological warfare, today is only 10-18 rubles.
    In the case of an "individual" order, when it is required to destroy a specific person, the cost rises to $ 1000. With a 100% guarantee of "order fulfillment".
    Let's balance
    1. eretik
      eretik 20 May 2013 09: 38
      Personally, I’m always ready to take off for the construction of the fleet, if there is a guarantee that they will not be taken away. I think many will support me, so let him ask the supreme one and guarantee that the grandmas are used for their intended purpose.
      1. Pilat2009
        Pilat2009 20 May 2013 21: 16
        Quote: eretik
        Personally, I am always ready to chip in to build a fleet

        Better Gazprom or Sberbank, with a profit of 300 billion
  4. pinecone
    pinecone 20 May 2013 09: 18
    Some kind of feverish state in all branches of the defense industry at the same time. "Golden rain" was poured on all structures of the complex, both on customers and on suppliers of military equipment. It may make sense to pause, think hard, revise programs, choose priorities.
  5. Wolland
    Wolland 20 May 2013 09: 39
    Not everything is right, you need to build as many high-quality ships as possible, and then you can think about it, the Fleet should be different, I’m rereading the first sentence more and more and I really want this in real, so that not 3-4 ships leave for Syria but 10-15, and the apposition got into his pants at the sight of them.
  6. WIN969
    WIN969 20 May 2013 11: 10
    Revive power, wait and believe!
  7. ivantitanium
    ivantitanium 20 May 2013 11: 43
    The Russian fleet is very outdated, perhaps more than any other military branch .... And it is vitally necessary to update it, in today's geopolitical situation in the world!
  8. Ruslan_F38
    Ruslan_F38 20 May 2013 13: 38
    As always, we crawl, but you need to run already!
  9. sys-1985
    sys-1985 20 May 2013 14: 21
    Is it possible to organize such a quick start ???? There’s nobody to work! I really have a desire to go to study in a working specialty. Wife says i'm sick what
  10. Ilyukha
    Ilyukha 20 May 2013 14: 37
    [this. [/ quote] And where did she come from? We are fed tales of 50 ships. So, let's take 8 years (this is 96 months), and so for the sake of laughter we get that they should lower the ship every 2 months approximately. It is naive to believe it. And with the same 18280, it was laid down in 2003 (the author was mistaken here, or information from Wiki, I myself was on the tab), 2004, construction was renewed and delivery was only 13 years old (before that it was 14). What specifics can we talk about? [/ Quote]

    I am glad that the site has healthy and realistic people.
    1. Armata
      Armata 20 May 2013 15: 37
      Quote: Ilyukha
      I’m glad that there are healthy and realistic people on the site.
      Thank. It’s better and more useful to tell the bitter truth.
  11. luiswoo
    luiswoo 20 May 2013 15: 11
    Hmm, yet the Ural missile defense system was slightly larger. Once per 12 for displacement. The ability to monitor the near space. Autonomy - half a year ... In general, the name BRZK for diesel, with a displacement of 2500-4000 tons, 18280 It looks a little strange.
    1. Armata
      Armata 20 May 2013 20: 32
      Quote: luiswoo
      Hmm, yet the Ural missile defense system was slightly larger. Once per 12 for displacement. The ability to monitor the near space. Autonomy - half a year ..
      And they miscalculated, now God forbid, we should at least put THIS on water to 13 or 14 on water. This is, well, where Anti is two finger batteries and their leader is paper Yesaul.
  12. pinecone
    pinecone 20 May 2013 15: 58
    Without a revival of the military education system and a parallel solution to the problems of manning and training personnel, as well as material support and the creation of appropriate infrastructure, military equipment and weapons will become piles of scrap metal.
  13. Best novel
    Best novel 20 May 2013 18: 56
    What progress has come to! TTX still publish everything, since the photo (I hope that deza) posted! It remains to publish photos and all passport data of all graduates of Russian intelligence schools or similar institutions. Although at such construction periods and with this regime of secrecy, there are already in each a rivet bug stands.
  14. DMB87
    DMB87 30 September 2013 15: 21
    Today, in St. Petersburg, at the Severnaya Verf Shipbuilding Plant OJSC, a large reconnaissance ship Yuri Ivanov of the 18280 project was launched. The ship with the serial number 787 was laid down on 27 on December 2004, becoming the first reconnaissance ship laid down for the Russian Navy after the collapse of the USSR.