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Sniper tube

Sniper tube

Once, Lieutenant Repin returned from the command post, very agitated, and without undressing, approached Nomokonov. For a minute he looked at his soldier with admiration, smiled, and shook his head.

- What, Lieutenant?

“I am happy,” said Repin. - It turns out that you attacked the big Hitler goose. Congratulations! October 25 14 hours 35, in the sixteenth square, a bullet in the head you hit Hitler's Major General, inspecting the front line troops.

- Who said?

“Now everything is accurate,” the lieutenant sat down on the bench. - Our scouts led officer. He knows Russian well, and we talked to him. Specially called me.

He came, he said, that day the general made a noise, shouted at everyone and decided to find out for himself why the heroes of the eastern march stopped in front of the swamp. Bravely paced the general to the forefront, quickly!

“That's right,” said Nomokonov. - Fat was like a boar, and quickly moved.

“The fat was the general,” Repin confirmed, “is true. Important, self-confident, with a beaver collar on his overcoat. I am saying that we will assign the Siberian rifle division! But I did not manage to dispose of it either - a piece of lead clicked him right in the forehead. The prisoner said that it was like lightning on a winter day. No one expected: many different ranks went to the grove on the day of the first snow. And the Germans roamed the trench, protruding. It was quiet. In general, it is true: the "pantach" was overwhelmed. And those that went along with the general were colonels. These are gone.

“Nimble ones,” Nomokonov remembered. - So-so ... In the bushes darted. Colonels, speak? It would be necessary and these. A fat man, right ... He hit his head so that he would not recover. Look what turned out to be!

“The Germans pounded their general in a coffin and sent it to Germany,” said Repin. - conquered. The interesting thing is this: the nazis knew exactly who killed the “pantach”. The prisoner said so: in this area, the Russians have a Tungus sniper — sly as the old lisovin and cruel as Genghis Khan. The Germans know that his name is Nomokonov. They know that this sniper smokes the “tube of death”.

“You are joking, Ivan Vasilyevich,” smiled Nomokonov.

“Listen further, Semyon Danilovich,” continued Repin. “The officer said that behind the head of the“ taiga shaman, ”who at night, like a ghost, wanders through the valley and leaves an animal trail in the snow, the best arrows and scouts hunt. Especially accurate soldiers send the Nazis to your square - some of them also won back. The first night after Christmas, the German scouts attacked your trail, walked along it for a long time, but ran into fire. Now the hunt continues.

Nomokonov realized that the lieutenant was telling the truth, and thought.

On a frosty Christmas day, he became very angry with the Nazis. Having shot down the “butchers” who appeared behind alien prey, Nomokonov and Sanzhiev hid. The Germans fired several volleys at our firing point, from where they hit the machine gun, uprooted several stumps in the neutral zone, fired on the bumps in the snow, showered a bulky tank with bullets. Until the evening, the enemies did not approach the elks, and when the twilight fell, Nomokonov gave way to the insistent request of a restless comrade who demanded "go for the meat."

No one appeared near the moose. The partner was loaded with tightly packed backpacks and machine guns, taken from the killed German soldiers, and Nomokonov was able to separate the back from the male. Crawled back, dragging prey, and already far behind heard an alarming whistle. Immediately rocket shot up, but everything went well. That same evening, at the red-hot iron stove, on which delicious meat was cooked, Nomokonov began to heave his new valenki with elk skin.

“You don’t wear out to Berlin now,” comrades joked.

And the soldier worked for himself and, puffing on his pipe, explained why the German sniper finished his calculations with life: it was given by creaky snow. Nomokonov hemmed the skin to the felt boots with the fur outside, in some places, so as not to slip, cut it, and the hairs hanging from the edge of the soles did not cut off. Do not laugh, guys. They do this in the taiga: the hunter’s steps become very soft and the human smell is less. Wonderful traces are obtained? It's nothing, let ... A bear-rod wanders through the snow, it scares the fear at everyone.

Shortly after Christmas, Nomokonov went to the night search. At night, on the edge of the lake, from somewhere among the snow-covered reeds, a German rocketman was constantly shooting at nights. Taiga tutsan volunteered to sneak close to the enemy and destroy it with a bullet. Surprised, Lieutenant Repin, asked the soldier to take him with him on an unusual hunt.

- Well, once it is necessary for sniper science. Just do not bother me, commander, crawl away - the art of hiding the beast on the salt licks does not immediately come, not overnight. What are you doing? You can hit the beast and the dark night - on the cod branches, on the barely perceptible noise of steps. Although from the side, at least from the approach. German will not hear, Nomokonov was sneaking up close to grazing red deer.

Did not prevent the platoon commander. In the night, the silhouettes of German skiers suddenly grew in front of him, and the lieutenant shot them twice. Alarmed, the Germans lit up with rockets. A Hitlerite with a “cracker” in his hand, to which the “taiga shaman” was sneaking up, jumped out of the shelter and became clearly visible. He shot Nomokonov, threw the rifle over his shoulder, and slowly went to the dugout. And in the morning everyone saw the corpses: a rocket pilot who fell on a snowdrift, and at a distance - a skier in a white camouflage mask. This at point-blank was struck by Lieutenant Repin.

Successful night front hunting! The battalion commander called Nomokonov's classic shot. Did the enemies discover the “bestial” footprint of a soldier? How did they know that he had killed the “pantach”?

“Probably, the front-line newspaper came to them,” Repin suggested. - Intelligence from the Germans, too, does not sleep. They analyzed some of the events in this sector of the front, learned something.

On the advice of Lieutenant Nomokonov at the time changed the "handwriting".

A stereotype glass will smash someone's well-aimed bullet, remove a German sniper of an observer or a careless machine gunner - Nomokonov hurries to the scene. He appeared in the trenches and on the firing points - small, unhurried and a little ridiculous in his strange gear. A rifle, binoculars, several helmets in hand, a bunch of slingshot with mirrors, ropes and cords in a belt. The soldiers smiled, looked curiously at the "shaman" hung with amulets.

Here, very close to each other, two bullets dug into the log. So, they flew to the right ... Here are traces of blood, a rising soldier was killed for a moment at this place ... And now don't laugh, guys. No random bullet hit your mate. On the right flank of the shooter took refuge, which in vain does not spend ammo. "Professor of War" sniper! Silently laid out Nomokonov his belongings and began to "shaman". A helmet will raise over the parapet, its hat or slingshot with a pocket mirror. With the sound of a bell, knocked helmets rolled into a trench, shards of glass flew far away.

Sniper! But only he is impatient, careless, overwhelmed with anger and thirst for revenge ...

Nomokonov's eyes lit up, hard little cheeks puffed up on his weathered cheekbones. He asked the soldiers to "play a little more" with a helmet, and he pressed himself to the loophole or cautiously, merging with the ground, crawled out onto the parapet. One shot, rarely two ... Nomokonov rolled into a trench, said that the soldiers, when night fell, pulled the war professor from under the snag and brought his sniper rifle into the platoon of Lieutenant Repin. And then, puffing on his pipe, he slowly went to the others — small, in large felt boots with shreds of fur on the soles.

And one of the fights occurred in front of the division commander, Major General Andreev. Once, together with a group of senior officers, he made his way along the message to an observation post located near the first trench. In the din of an artillery fire, no one heard the rifle shots. The adjutant general clutched at his head, the commander of the second rifle battalion collapsed. The German sniper saw some movement in the forefront of the Russians and guessed that he was lining up Russian commanders. The barrage of machine-gun fire did not harm the German. For a while he waited, and then fired again. There were many goals: restless, hot people, worrying about the division commander, were protruding from the trench. The German sniper understood that the Russian commanders would call the most skilful shooters, and the damned "taiga shaman" would probably fight with him. And, indeed, caused by an alarm, Nomokonov came to cross his weapon with a dangerous enemy.

The fight, which was later reported in the front-line newspaper, lasted no more than a quarter of an hour. After examining the corpses of the dead, Nomokonov understood where the German had fired from, and asked that everyone stop the fire and not interfere with him. The soldier cautiously crawled out on a knoll. A trench, a steep descent to the lake, a wire fence on the shore, a strip of sparkling ice ... The opposite shore, pitted with craters ... Where would you choose Nomokonov's position if he were in the place of a German sniper? On the hill, beyond the lake, of course. There are big craters, stumps, broken trees. A Russian trench is clearly visible from the hill.

You can well consider going to the trench of people, perhaps, from the roof of the building. Was the shed once set near a lake, a fishing hut or a winter hut? Burnt, in sight of our artillery, and it seems to be not suitable for a sniper. Seven hundred meters to the hut - no less. Several times Nomokonov lifted a hat on a spear, already shot through in many places, but the German “did not peck”. Then the “shaman” in a roundabout way slid into his trench and out of the corner of his eye examined the terrain in front of her.

On the right, about fifteen meters away, on the slope of the mound, there was a large funnel formed from the rupture of a heavy projectile. It was necessary to attract the attention of the German sniper. At the request of Nomokonov, the soldiers took out two short logs from under the parapets of the niche, put on their padded jackets, fastened them and, on command, rolled them down in different places. The German did not have time to shoot at the man, who rolled to the funnel at the same time with the stuffed animals, but he undoubtedly saw him.

- Now shoot, fascist! - fell Nomokonov.

Having rested, he crawled away to the edge of the pit and quickly installed his rifle there. The butt rested on solid ground, the cord was with him, and the peg was found. The soldier crawled away to the other end of the crater, slightly raised himself, put the binoculars on the roof of the shed and pulled the cord.

At the same moment, tiny lightning flashed on the roof of the attic. She lit up just where there was not enough several boards. The German answered with a shot at the shot: near the muzzle of the rifle, a lump of earth began to smoke, smoked with light dust.

“Gotcha,” Nomokonov said to himself in satisfaction. “Okay, you shoot, but you have no patience ...”

After waiting a minute, he gently pulled the cord, pulled the rifle towards him and, putting a cold tube in his mouth, lay down for a while. Now everything was solved by one shot, and it was necessary to calm the heartbeat.

Slowly, centimeter by centimeter, he began to push his Nomokonov rifle. You could shoot. Mushka closed half of the black opening on the roof of the attic, froze. Suddenly something stupidly struck in the face, stunned. Nomokonov fell to the ground, felt his cheek, crawled to the bottom of the funnel.

Marked and attentive was German - instead of a pipe in his mouth a short piece of a mouthpiece was sticking out. Ringing in the ears, blood oozing from the mouth. Nomokonov spat out the rest of the tube, pulled back a little, instantly raised himself and, pointing the front sight at the opening in the attic, fired.

The bullet mortally wounded the enemy. Clinging to the boards, he appeared in the opening, stood upright, let go of the rifle, and in full view of everyone who watched the fight, fell down. Nomokonov fired a German sniper twice for fidelity and lowered his head to the cold ground.

The muscles relaxed, the tension disappeared, the hoops holding down the body in moments of a short duel. One less fascist. But there is no pipe - an invaluable fatherly gift. Danila Nomokonov, a hunter-trail, from a sturdy, stone-like root of the tree, sharpened it. Then, already on the collective farm, when the hunting brigade was dismissed, the old man went to the taiga to live the rest of his days there. It was then that he came to his son for the last time:

- Maybe you, Simon, and learn to walk behind the plow, drive a tractor, and it's too late for me. In the taiga was born, hunting and die. Take my phone, keep it - happy ...

Out with shotgun. And he died in the winter in the plague, which he set in a remote tract. Ten of three squirrels were a seventy-year old man and sable skin. With honor, Danila Ivanovich finished the last hunting season.

The pipe turned by the hands of the father ... Semyon Nomokonov kept her treasure in a treasured place as treasure. And I went to the front - I took it with me, I smoked it ... And then with splinters it sprinkled in different directions. “Siberian Accounting” disappeared, as Lieutenant Repin sometimes said ...

The soldier got up, shook his fist in the direction of the German front edge and, no longer fearing a bullet from a well-aimed enemy, went to his trench.
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  1. Atlon
    Atlon 18 May 2013 11: 11
    I enjoyed! Article plus.
    1. Corsair
      Corsair 18 May 2013 11: 33
      In a single system, ALL nations and peoples of the USSR. In front of the bestial grin of the enemy, WE were united. What is it that now unites us?
      Where is the starting point from which the merger will begin?
      1. FATEMOGAN
        18 May 2013 12: 22
        Quote: Corsair
        In a single system, ALL the nations and peoples of the USSR. In front of the bestial grin of the enemy, WE were united. What is it that now unites us? Where is the starting point from which the merger will begin?

        An attempt to unite patrites is being done, for example, by the Izborsk Club, which was held recently in Yekaterinburg, during which Starikov gave a short interview on the main topics of the club, in the first place of which: Reconcile the Reds and the Whites

        Nikolai Viktorovich, why was the regular meeting of the “Izbortsevs” held in the Urals?

        Nikolai Starikov: The current meeting of the Izborsk Club is dedicated, in my opinion, to the most important problem - the reconciliation of the Reds and the Whites. In the broad sense of the word: the Soviet and imperial principles in our history and culture. It is necessary to stop the civil war, which many years ago ended in a hot phase, but still continues on the pages of books, newspapers, in the Internet, and most importantly - in the head. And in this sense, Yekaterinburg is the symbolic point at which the tragedy of the execution of the imperial family took place, so it was he who was chosen to hold this meeting.

        What is the essence of the tragedy of Russian history, which happened twice in one century - in 1917 and in 1991? The fact that Russia has become a lot. What alternative could a Russian have in 1812? Here is Russia, and here is the enemy. And in 1917, he could be for Russia “red” in the Bolshevik version or “pink” in the version of the Left Socialist Revolutionaries, for “green” Russia Makhno's fathers, for Russia “white”. And the patriots began to fight each other. The same thing happened in 1991. Under the slogan of national independence, a single people was divided into several parts. And now the most important thing is to make Russia once again become one.

        Members of the club were still persona non grata for the authorities 15 years ago, the press called you “red-brown”. Today you are received in the House of Sevastyanova - the residence of the Russian president in Yekaterinburg. What does this mean? That the authorities in Russia and the regions began to listen to the patriots?

        Nikolai Starikov: First, the world has changed. If 15 years ago we had been seriously discussing the collapse of the eurozone, the collapse of the dollar and the next global military conflicts, we would probably have been taken to an insane asylum. Today it is a reality, and it pushes the authorities towards the state-minded patriotic opposition. On the other hand, we must pay tribute to those people who, even in moments of general insanity, continued to say that white is white and black is black. I mean, first of all, Alexander Prokhanov. The combination of such people largely helped to reverse the situation: there is an enlightenment in the minds of others, and blinders are falling from their eyes. Well and the most important thing - after all, 15 years ago in Russia was another president. Therefore, the factor of change in the Russian elite also played a big role.

        Full version -
        1. FATEMOGAN
          18 May 2013 12: 23
          How do you feel about the president's initiative to create a single history textbook?

          Nikolai Starikov: This is a major initiative, but the question arises: who will write this textbook? If Mlechin and Svanidze write it, then such a textbook is definitely not needed. Because slander and lies will suffice without it. If the textbook will be edited by Echo of Moscow, I think it is also not needed. It is very important to form a group of experts standing in patriotic positions who can impartially and truthfully tell schoolchildren the history of our country. At the same time, it is very important to achieve reconciliation of the red and white. Because in a single textbook should be given a true assessment of the October Revolution. It is necessary to tell that the external forces made every effort to ensure that it took place. And that revolutionaries acted as a destructive force that destroyed our statehood. But then the same revolutionaries by the will of fate became the statesmen. And you need to choose both from red and from white who are worthy of being called heroes: let them be on opposite sides of the barricades, but they honestly fought for the kind of Russia they wanted to see it.

          Your books are actively read by the older generation, for whom the personality of Stalin is more connected with the positive, with the great achievements of the Soviet people. But for several generations of Russians brought up in denunciations of the Soviet regime. Are they ready, in your opinion, to reconsider their attitude to the history of the country?

          Nikolai Starikov: Actually, only one of the 11 of my books is dedicated to Stalin. I do not write only about one person, but I try to give the reader an idea of ​​economic and political processes. It was just that at a certain stage a desire arose, and the readers asked to tell about the figure of Stalin as about a certain point where history, politics, and geopolitics broke. As for young readers, they are more actively seeking to learn something. And I must say thank you to the de-Stalinizers for this: they poured so much of every possible negativity that people inevitably have a desire to find out the truth - well, this can not be, because only they did not eat babies, did everything else! A negative attitude towards Stalin often results from ignorance - and then it changes when immersed in the material. Or there is a conscious unwillingness to change your perception of this period of history. That is, Stalin is a litmus test: tell me how you feel about Stalin, and I will tell you who you are according to political views.
          1. crazyrom
            crazyrom 21 May 2013 04: 54
            Starikov plus.
            The article is also a plus.
            Yes, and I wrote earlier, such stories should be included in the compulsory school curriculum, let the young learn who saved their country.
    2. crazy_fencer
      crazy_fencer 18 May 2013 11: 38
      This is not an article. An excerpt from a book written about Nomokonov in the 60s (or early 70s). If I am not mistaken, the Molodaya Gvardiya publishing house has released it.
      1. nickname 1 and 2
        nickname 1 and 2 18 May 2013 13: 46
        Quote: crazy_fencer
        This is not an article. An excerpt from a book written about Nomokonov in the 60s (or early 70s). If I am not mistaken, the Molodaya Gvardiya publishing house has released it.

        Sniper as fighters in antiquity! They were of great importance for raising our spirits!
      2. Proud.
        Proud. 22 May 2013 23: 44
        Thank you. Found. I downloaded.
        1. Oddyrash
          Oddyrash 26 May 2013 17: 48
          Hello dear Gordey! Post a link to this book here, please!
          Thank you in advance!
          Regards, Alexey.
    3. Andrey from Tver
      Andrey from Tver 18 May 2013 11: 50
      This is not an article, but an excerpt from a whole book. The whole book is even more interesting. That's what it's called: "Sniper's pipe"
      1. Boa kaa
        Boa kaa 19 May 2013 19: 38
        Quote: Andrey from Tver
        This is not an article.

        Yes, Andrey, this is not an article - this is the truth of life, talentedly told by S.M. Zarubin. It costs much more agitation of the patriots about war, because the feat of the modest taiga Nomokonov is organic and not discreet, like the work of a soldier. This is the truth of war. These are the stories that should make up a book for extracurricular reading of the future history textbook.
  2. AnpeL
    AnpeL 18 May 2013 11: 11
    One spirit is read. Pts interesting! good
  3. Mitek
    Mitek 18 May 2013 11: 14
    Thanks to all of them .. And snipers, and infantry, and flyers, and tankers. To all, Russians, Uzbeks, Tatars, but in general then there was one nationality - the Soviet Soldier .... And eternal memory.
  4. Shatelxx
    Shatelxx 18 May 2013 11: 18
    Thank. Interesting article.
  5. shpuntik
    shpuntik 18 May 2013 12: 38
    Yes, exactly described. Tungus they are like: "shot and forgot." Even if this is an excerpt from a book, it is still a plus.
    PS Not so long ago on one forum, a Lithuanian wrote: "... you will send us all to Siberia ...", I had to answer him: "Who needs you there in Siberia? Just spoil everything. Simple peoples live there, from which dirty tricks once in a hundred years from one bad thing, and then - maybe ... "These peoples divide a person into two types: good or bad. They know that a bad person will not survive in the taiga, they know from centuries of experience. In the winter hut, it is customary to leave NZ: salt, matches, cereals, someone can leave something. Do not touch this stock unnecessarily, and add to it from themselves - people unfamiliar to each other.
  6. PValery53
    PValery53 18 May 2013 12: 39
    Smart Chukchi, did not like to spoil the skin of a fascist beast with an extra shot, he saved ammunition ... and his life. Well done!
    1. family tree
      family tree 18 May 2013 16: 05
      Quote: PValery53
      Smart Chukchi, did not like to spoil the skin of a fascist beast with an extra shot, he saved ammunition ... and his life. Well done!

      Evenk, actually, well, never mind, Russian, in short hi
  7. vjatsergey
    vjatsergey 18 May 2013 13: 00
    Here is a story! Read in one gulp
  8. treskoed
    treskoed 18 May 2013 13: 39
    These works must be studied at school!
  9. Jrvin
    Jrvin 18 May 2013 14: 19
    Nomokonov is my fellow countryman, I live 20 km from his homeland, I am proud of my fellow countryman.
    1. datolith
      datolith 18 May 2013 23: 43
      Tell me where is his homeland?
  10. aviamed90
    aviamed90 18 May 2013 14: 24
    Real hunters have not yet transferred to Siberia!
  11. Sirozha
    Sirozha 18 May 2013 15: 34
    Read in one go! I have not heard about the book from which the passage. Now I’ll definitely find and read it completely!
    Thank you!
  12. sashka
    sashka 18 May 2013 15: 48
    The muzzle somehow cuts the ear. Probably the trunk would be right.
  13. mogus
    mogus 18 May 2013 15: 49
    A native of the Chita region. Countryman.
  14. family tree
    family tree 18 May 2013 15: 59
    And Semyon Danilovich began not at all with a sniper, but even with a medical orderly. And he picked up a three-line, leaving the environment. And I didn’t want to change for a long time, for a rifle with optics. And when replaced, greased the old one abundantly, wrapped it in oiled matting, and dug it in the open field, it wasn’t listed anywhere else. The most interesting thing was after the war, when he arrived at the places where he fought, at some kind of event, he pointed exactly to the place where Mosinka was hidden, although the landscape had changed by that time. This is the memory of the uncle. Navigator, apparently at birth, was built into the head what . In general, no GLONASS, what for he does not need.
    1. mogus
      mogus 18 May 2013 16: 09
      with orientation. For those who regularly go hunting or work in the forest, if they are closely connected with the forest, then the compass appears inside. It is not possible to explain it on the fingers, for men, apparently instinct wakes up, for women I have not seen this. We walk through the taiga, no compasses, no maps. It is not that you would feel the direction, but simply know the direction.
  15. Kowalsky
    Kowalsky 18 May 2013 17: 32
    I read this book. There is an interesting ending. After the war, Nomokonova found the mother of that German sniper and asked to talk about that fight. And his rifle, with which he went through the entire war, was allowed to take home, even some general issued a special permit.
    1. family tree
      family tree 19 May 2013 01: 03
      "In August 1945, operating on the Trans-Baikal Front, sniper S. D. Nomokonov destroyed 8 soldiers and officers of the Kwantung Army. By order of the front commander, S. D. Nomokonov, as a taiga hunter, was given a personalized sniper rifle No. 24638, binoculars and horse. Request to allow the hero of the war to cross the border unhindered. "

      Complemented. hi
  16. Sinbad
    Sinbad 18 May 2013 18: 23
    Good article, right! These were the People-Winner. Alas, the enemies managed to divide, quarrel this great nation, to turn their little people. I hope that we will all the same rise and the Great Victory People will be again.
  17. waisson
    waisson 18 May 2013 18: 56
    a patriot would remember more of such. write. make movies hi
  18. albertvodinov
    albertvodinov 18 May 2013 20: 47
    YES there were many heroes about whom it is necessary to make films. Until recently, there was an article about such a hero of the Siberian who voluntarily came to Grozny and there terrified the militants with his rifle.
  19. individual
    individual 18 May 2013 23: 12
    There was a time!
    Life and death are near. In the difficulties of life, they were careful not to insult and humiliate each other, because who knows when you will find yourself in one trench.
    There were no jokes about the Chukchi, about Petka, Chapaev and generally respected any nationality. They laughed good-naturedly at each other and nothing more. Yes, and ideology did not welcome national hostility.
    And now the perestroika slogan "marked" is in effect - "everything is allowed that is not prohibited." And go and figure out what it is, how it is. And everyone lives with the motto "I have the right". Everyone has forgotten that before the right ... - you have to fulfill obligations without any subordination.
  20. konvalval
    konvalval 19 May 2013 01: 08
    Yes, there were people in our time ...
  21. 19 May 2013 21: 49
    Thank! I agree! As for the heroes - just such examples are needed! I will bring up my little boy on this. At least - I will try very hard, which is what I wish for you!
  22. Oddyrash
    Oddyrash 26 May 2013 17: 43
    Thanks for the story! I’ll find and read the book.
    From childhood, he was interested in the life of the northern peoples. And to the skills of the taiga Evenki hunters, I can add that before the arrival of the Russian Cossacks, Siberian peoples fought among themselves. Warriors even put on armor made from hollowed-out walrus skins. So, with fighting spirit and military honor, Nomokonov was all right!
  23. Silkway0026
    Silkway0026 5 July 2013 00: 03
    Thank you for the article.